"Gore Effect" strikes again: new coldest ever December record low temperature in Cancun

God indeed has a sense of humor. From Weather Underground:

Here’s the actual METAR data, showing 10°C (50.0°F):

According to the Mexican National Meteorological Service, the record low temp for December is 12°C (53.6F) see table here: Cancun_climate (PDF)

According to this page lowest for December is 52°F (11°C)


Either way, 50°F is a new record for December low temperature, and it couldn’t happen at a more inconvenient time for the Cancun COP16 climate conference.

h/t to Ross Hays


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I like inconveniient facts. I specifically requested a blizzard, but this is almost good enough.
John Kehr


This is just awesome to watch.
Did any of them pack a jacket? I hope they freeze their (expletives) off…

Fred from Canuckistan

Marco . . . . Polo
Alllll . . . . Gore . . . .
He has to be there somewhere.


It is unfair to attribute all this to Al Gore – two of our (UK) prize idiots Chris Huhne and John Prescott are actually in Cancun.


…and here in our little corner of Ohio we’ve had about
two weeks of “below average” temperatures, with at
least another week to go.
Even so, I’m sure most skeptics will agree this will be
one of the warmest years in this century !

Oh thank you, thank you . . ! ;0)
Over the next hours this comment section will be the funniest and best reading on the web.
Judging from the first few comments I think we’re already in Pulitzer Prize territory.

This is not funny though – go to Bishop Hill – we are about to be royally [SNIP] at Cancun

How many days left? Hopefully a 48 deg.F would make it. Gaia wants their children to enjoy the tropics 🙂


My converter puts 50°F at 10C. Brrrrr!


You all know weather =/= climate, right?


Not exactly Copenhagen weather, but not beach weather, either. It would seem the pagan rites at the opening of the conference may have backfired: “Christiana Figueres…invoked the ancient jaguar goddess Ixchel…noting that Ixchel was… “the goddess of reason, creativity and weaving…”
The goddess is evidently not pleased by what she’s seen.

Daniel Bengtsson

Mr Watts,
Why is it so cold? Do you have an explanation?


Either way, 50°F is a new record for December low temperature
Except, of course, until after the data is “homogenized”.


I don’t know why the delegates at Cancun are talking of spending billions on dealing with global warming when there is a much cheaper solution – just clone Al Gore and send the clowns (sorry I meant clones) to different parts of the globe!


Hmmmm!! And this man won a Nobel Prize? I wonder if he is still having his $3,000 home electric bill with all the lights on nowadays.
Had enough of corrupt politicians & climate nuts then you’ll need to read a new book just out about Americans who actually take a stand against tyranny. Great thriller about today’s events & about each of us taking a stand. I recommend it.
Remember back in the ’70’s we were going into a climate freezing? Good article!

Bob the Swiss

Snow and cold records in France (sorry it’s in french 😉 ) :
Anyway, the températures and snow cover records can be easily readable.
Strange records for one of the hottest year …


Only two weeks? We’ve had below average temps for at least a month now here in the Netherlands. At last the temperatures are coming up below freezing for the days to come now but after the weekend the snow and freezing will continue. Normal temps for this time of year is about 6 C.

I have to disagree with you, about it being inconvenient for COP16. It is completely irrelevant to COP16. COP16 is not about temperatures, and it certainly isn’t about cold temperatures. It is about hot temperatures – a totally different subject.


This is cold weather is caused by anthropogenic global warming – and it’s worse than we thought!


There is a Wikipedia page devoted specifically to the “Gore Effect” used in two broad and contradictory meanings. The first meaning is as inferred here. The second refers to the general uptick in acceptance/support of/etc. AGW among the public as a result of the work of Al Gore and particularly as a result of his movie.
The thinly covered bias of the page is generally affirming and supportive of the latter and dismissive and hostile to uses related to the former. This latter hostility takes the form of suggestive deficiencies of the users of the term and dismissive quotes from those whom the reader is supposed to understand as both authoritative and correct. It is also stated that anyone who might take the phenomenon seriously is guilt of falling vicim to either the availability heuristic or the confirmation bias.
I don’t suggest that there actually is a scientifically deterministic linkage between the presence of Al Gore or other prominent AGW proponents at AGW events or speeches propounding AGW and cold/harsh weather events, but just for giggles, how hard would it be for us to develop a reasonably exhaustive list of such events and related weather at those events?
Does anyone have available a fairly exhaustive list of major AGW events and/or Al Gore appearances related to AGW that might serve as a basis? If we could generate a list of such events and demonstrate that a statistically significant fraction showed unseasonably cold/harsh weather at that time/place I would love to place it on the Wiki page to stir the pot.


Coolest November on record in Brisbane, Australia. Never cracked 30 degrees C in Spring, NOT ONCE. Very unusual. Obviously not yet homogenized.
It’s also blowing way too hard, and I have been unable to go fishing, so I am getting extremely GRUMPY!

Guys and gals – this is IMPORTANT
Read it
It did seem too quiet at Cancun.
The power hungry tyrants learnt from Copenhagen. They realized that they have a far better chance of success by underselling the expectations and sliding in long impenetrable documents in front of underling bureaucrats. Due to the importance of this I have reproduced Christopher Monckton’s words in full as reported at SPPI (see below).
The UN wants nothing less than 1.5% of our GDP.
That’s $212 billion from the USA every year ($2700 per family of 4).
That’s $32 billion from the UK every year ($2000 per family of 4).
That’s $13 billion from Australia every year ($2400 per family of 4).
Figures calculated from the CIA world Factbook
The Secretariat will have the power not merely to invite nation states to perform their obligations under the climate-change Convention, but to compel them to do so. Nation states are to be ordered to collect, compile and submit vast quantities of information, in a manner and form to be specified by the secretariat and its growing army of subsidiary bodies.
and much much more – read Monckton’s summary.
[SNIP. Kindly clean up the language. ~dbs, mod.]

Brian H

Gore’s legacy: a phrase which describes someone who inspires the universe to disprove his beliefs everywhere he sets foot! The Gore Effect is on its way to becoming immortal.


Roy says:
December 9, 2010 at 1:15 pm
I don’t know why the delegates at Cancun are talking of spending billions on dealing with global warming when there is a much cheaper solution – just clone Al Gore and send the clowns (sorry I meant clones) to different parts of the globe!
Roy, here is a much simpler and cheaper solution.
It’s thermometers….
Where there are thermometers, it’s cooler.
Where there are no thermometers, it’s hotter.
So the obvious solution, is more thermometers…………………..

And many governments from poorer countries sent dozens of delegations to Cancun to witness the “global fight against man-made warming.” I wrote to the Deputy head of the Philippine delegation who went to Cancun, who paid for their trip, hotel, etc. there, the Mexican taxpayers or Filipino taxpayers, he did not reply, http://funwithgovernment.blogspot.com/2010/12/philippine-delegation-to-cancun-51.html

old construction worker

Tell congress to set my CO2 free. Declare CO2 a non pollutant.


What a delicious vision! AGW’ers wailing to the Mayan moon goddess in the cold wind (and signing petitions to ban dihydrogen monoxide).

Brent Hargreaves

Bob the Swiss,
Thanks for the French news. On sites such as WUWT we get a very clear picture of the public’s mood in the English-speaking world. But what of France? Is it a hot topic of conversation? Are warmists or sceptics in the ascendent? Is AGW considered a real threat or a wacko scare story?
Five years ago I explained to German colleagues that we Brits were putting the finishing touches to our Swine Flu reaction plan, working on the assumption that 30% of the population would be wiped out. They thought I was pulling their leg; Germany was not expecting a Great Plague. Do the French see Global Warming as a uniquely Anglo Saxon panic?

Henry chance

We have been presented with 3 problems.
1 It must be getting very hot and not very cold
2 Why was the forecast wrong?
3 Why was this not specifically forecasted?


s’funny how temps in Mexico are also at a low – the same as the UK. You’s thing a few thousand miles would make some difference!
Currently, our local station is showing december Average temp as more than 6 degrees C BELOW average. (but thats only based on 8 yrs data) – interestingly – November was supposed to be 5 degrees below average too! Of course, these figures are only real unadulterated ‘local’ figures (this is a local weather station for local people – UK readers will understand! – for others – google League of Gentlemen! LOL), so anyway, I will watch with interest to see how the metoffice and CRU spin this one away over the next few weeks!


I mentioned the “Gore Effect” is striking Cancun to my son and his explanation: “Too many cold dead hearts in one location.” I can’t refute that logic.

bob paglee

It’s still too warm for ice skating there — but they must be patient…..

Sixtus Beckmesser

So there’s this little global warming alarmist and he goes to his dad and says “Dad, am I a global warming alarmist?”. His dad says “Of course you are, what kind of a daft question is that?” and cuffs the little global warming alarmist, so he won’t ask stupid questions.
Oh dear thinks the little global warming alarmist. I don’t think a’ll ask any more questions here and goes to find his mother.
“Mum” he asks “Am I a global warming alarmist?”. “Well of course you are dear” says his mother “Whatever makes you think you’re not?”. “Well” says the little global warming alarmist “It’s just that I’m bloody freezing”.


[My typically stupid comment]
At least above zero degree C, so no girl in Cancun will lost tongue on a lamppost, as happaned in Norway:
WARNING: Horrible picture of a lamppost! 😉


Last winter, more than 25,000 people died in England and Wales as a result of the cold temperatures. Most of them were aged over 75.
Nigel Stafford, from the British Red Cross, said: ‘We all need to look out for each other during the severe weather and make sure those less able than ourselves are not forgotten.’
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1336705/UK-big-freeze-Army-standby-coldest-December-100-years.html

16F here in Nashville this a.m.


They, (the delegates), must feel they are being left out in the cold.
They, are being shunned by the successful economies of the world, which enable their presence.
They, who willfully forego their freedom.

James Sexton

You guys and gals can call it what you will, I see Divine intervention.
Hey guys, try Libya next….no wait, they sell oil there. Maybe Madrid……no, they just ate a whole bunch of windmills and solar panels. What about Venezuela, there’s a good totalitarian, capitalist hating country! Dang, they sell oil there, too. Well, maybe India…….hmm, Pachy isn’t too popular there. We can always try Iraq…..dang, back to oil sellers.
I just wish they’d have this stuff during the N.H. summer, that way the global cooling weather would be welcomed. Do they realize how cold the rest of us have to be for it to get down to 50 in Cancun this time of year?


You’ve got the wrong mythology. Man Bear Pig is constantly battling the Ice Queen of Narnia. She follows anywhere an IPCC convention settles just to disturb their religious mania.


So the UN, an organisation I used to respect decades ago, now wants to take my hard earned cash by fiat? Yeah, right….
“No taxation without representation!” Jonathan Mayhew, 1750.


I’m really bummed… headed to Cancun on Saturday.
At least the beer should be cold.


Funny how “The Weather” keeps following those “Climate-ologists” around.

Henry chance

Do I remember last year alGore had a presentation and the room was closed? No recording? This year he can’t go because of the high risk of being ambushed by a reporter with a recorder.


Misquoting or ridiculing Al Gore does not help in your case against AGW. You lose credibility every time you do it.

Dave Springer

Records for Cancun only appear to go back to 1974 then get spotty. For instance if you change the date to Dec. 8th, 1973 there is no data. There’s some data for November 1973 but I didn’t find any before that.


John says:
December 9, 2010 at 4:42 pm
Misquoting or ridiculing Al Gore does not help in your case against AGW. You lose credibility every time you do it.
John, if that were true, then the proponents of AGW would have been discredited
a long time ago.
Besides, he’s the one that made it so easy to do……….


So is there now more empirical evidence for “The Gore Effect” than for AGW?
Somebody should run the statistics.

Evan Jones

The goddess is evidently not pleased by what she’s seen.
What do you expect? They didn’t even sacrifice a virgin.


John says:
December 9, 2010 at 4:42 pm
Misquoting or ridiculing Al Gore does not help in your case against AGW. You lose credibility every time you do it.
You say we have credibility, who knew.
Al Gore owes science a debt, he can never repay.

John says:
“… ridiculing Al Gore does not help in your case against AGW.”
John, thanks for reminding me:
No censorship here, John. Visit realclimate if you want folks to be censored.