"Gore Effect" on Steroids: Six straight days of record low temperatures during COP16 in Cancun Mexico – more coming

The irony, it burns. Do you think maybe Gaia is trying to send the U.N. and the delegates a message? One record low was funny, three in a row was hilarious, a new record low for the month of December was ROFL, but now six straight days of record lows during the U.N. COP16 Global Warming conference? That’s galactically inconvenient. The whole month so far has averaged below normal:

Here’s today from Weather Underground, Today’s low was 55°F and the old record was 60°F in 1999:

And here are the other 5 days, and more record lows are forecast, see below:


The forecast for Cancun is not encouraging:

Existing record lows for the next two days are:

Dec 11 57 °F (2003)

Dec 12 55 °F (2008)

It is likely we will see a full week, possibly 8 days of record lows, and another new all time record low for the month of December is possible also.


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Has anyone compiled a list of the Gore effect events?

Pull My Finger

Just imagine what kind of apocalyptic weather would occur if they had these things in say Denver or Saskatoon (which I’m sure has a bustling winter convention scene) in January. -40 degree temps (conveniently where C and F match), 5 feet of snow, Imperial Walkers appear on the horizon, but alas Al Gore’s Tauntaun collapses under his heft and the Rebellion is crushed!


1999°F? Why, that’s almost 0.08% of the temperature of the interior of the earth! (at least if you assume that ol’ Al literally meant 2,000,000°F when he said ‘millions of degrees’)
REPLY: Cut and past error made that typo, fixed thanks – Anthony

Richard A.

“Has anyone compiled a list of the Gore effect events?” – Mark Bowlin
We did, but we threw it away and just kept the value added data.


you simply could not wish for such a scenario to happen at precisely the right time! LOL

Tom in Florida

Interesting how low the dew point is during this spell. Once again water vapor soundly trumps CO2.

Colin from Mission B.C.

“Galactically inconvenient”
Mr. Watts, two days in a row I bow to your clever wordsmithing. Yesterday was your “knobs” double entendre. Today, this.
Regarding the Gore Effect, it is truly getting creepy in its predictability. In a good way, of course, but creepy nonetheless.

Nik Marshall-Blank

Do not confuse weather with climate!
These temperatures are completely consistent with Global Dooming.


has al gore visited england lately? that would explain a few things.


What is more noteworthy is the huge temperature swings in an area close to the ocean. You usually don’t expect that. It’s going from ~50F to ~77F through the day, that’s like a temperature swing in a desert.


Didn’t any of them pack sweaters?
Oh well, let them eat Rosca!

Douglas DC

Here’s Dr.Roy Spencer on Cancun:
note:”Give peas a Chance!”
You will pry my grass fed beef out of my cold, dead fingers,,,


It must be the oil companies. They have devised a weather-modification machine which they can move about to follow these conferences, in an attempt to undercut the movement.
Nothing else can account for these “coincidences”.

Down at the shindig in Mex
Lookin’ forward to sand surf and sex
The delegate’s jaws dropped
When Cancun copped
The coolest of Al Gore Effects

Henry chance

Last year during Copenhagen, I said they need to do their theater in July. It is too risky in the winter.
It is very difficult to ignore this reality.


Given our extreme left “friends” at Cancun who want (a) the UN tax us, (b) destroy the US economy and (c) stop the economic development of the west, I say let them freeze their doohickies off.

tallbloke says:
December 10, 2010 at 8:03 am



@Mark Bowlin
‘Has anyone compiled a list of the Gore effect events?’
I once tried but the ink in my pen froze solid. I tried warming it up a little, but stopped when this chill run up my spine. I’m not superstitious but . . .


This helps me get over the fact that so many bureaucratic parasites are down there junketeering on my dime. I am sure the Canadian delegation is large, given the alternative for these useless government drones is to be doing nothing in freezing Ottawa. May you all get food poisoning, puking is about the only thing productive you will ever do.

I bet the Mexicans will be glad when the climate gringos have gone home.

Mike Reese

Apparently the conference prayed to the wrong Mayan god…


I like the 48 deg forecast in 2 days’ time … that is 7 deg cooler than current!

M White

“Japan targeted on Kyoto climate stance at Cancun Summit”
“Cancún climate change conference: Russia will not renew Kyoto protocol”
Dominos and all that


Much colder and that deadly DHMO will start to crystallize.

Fred from Canuckistan

Cancun is proof that the greenies believe they are entitled to their entitlements.


This has GOT to be more than just coincidental. GOT to be.
I’m betting the day after the conference ends, typical temperature will prevail in Cancun.

Skeptic Tank

If they want to get their point across, why not hold the conference in the Maldives during an astronomical high tide?
(You know, … the ol’ long walk / short pier thing.)

The delegates went off to the sun
To enjoy all the talks and the fun
But the logic was flawed
In the models adored
So Gaia turned down the temps in Cancun
[Reply] Equally brilliant if not more so! 🙂 ~tallmod


Amazing, global warming?
Gore, precedent?


If these people were told they could get inspiration by hitting themselves between the eyes with a hammer they would do it.
Look for the next meeting of these political power hungry hacks to be on the equator in mid summer. And look for it to snow.

Sam Bailey

This story induced a fit of Giggles that grew to full blown hysterical laughter , followed by cough fit… sadly.. this extreme episode of exhalation did use of my carbon credits for the day..


It’s an early birthday present.

Cold in BC

I sure hope it warms up before I go down there at the end of January……


THis is a local event people. Globally local, but local.

John Blake

Our witty and puissant comment is .01 cm from surfacing to consciousness, mounting a gigantic tsunami of Warmist drivel. At this rate it will be undeniable, fully settled, in a mere 10,000 years.
Ban Ki-moon (drum-roll) asserted in September 2009 that absent $10-trillion [yes, trillion] deposited post-haste to UN coffers, by January 2010 Planet Earth would become a baking desert. Climate? Weather? As towering dunes submerge the deflowered Champs Elysees while Americans in Paris flag down camel caravans, who’s laughing now?

Rhys Jaggar

And apparently the 14 day period November 24 – December 7 2010 in the UK was the coldest in the Central England Temperature record, which dates back to 1659.
The world is not all like us, of course. But most of Europe north and East of the Alps has been fairly chilly for the past 4 weeks………

James Barker

Perhaps gloom and doom psyche have a quantum effect on the weather and they reached their tipping point :0)


Cuddle around the CFL. That’ll keep you warm.

John Doyle

Illuminating content. I don’t know why I bother with this site.

mike g

How do we know these records are valid? If American meteorologists were too stupid to take accurate temperature readings for the first 80 or 90 years of the 20th century, then surely all the past Mexican temperature readings are suspect and must be adjusted by the all knowing James Hansen.

Mike from Canmore

I’m starting to believe in this Gaia theory. Seems like she does the opposite of whatever the “experts” predict. Coincidence? Hmmm.


@ Kath says:
December 10, 2010 at 8:07 am

Given our extreme left “friends” at Cancun who want (a) the UN tax us, (b) destroy the US economy and (c) stop the economic development of the west, I say let them freeze their doohickies off.

First, you are assuming they have doohickies; and 2nd, that they could find their doohickies with both hands and a flashlight. 🙂


Has Gore risen into the sky to meet the sun?

Eric Anderson

Lighten up, John. It is perfectly reasonable to make fun of a high-profile, government-sponsored farce.

R. Gates

What’s more inconvenient is the causes behind the cool weather in Cancun. High pressure over the Arctic has once more (like last winter) opened up a pipeline of cold air to the south. At the same time we are seeing record lows in Cancun, we’ve been seeing record warmth is areas of the north like Greenland. Are these related? Probably. Are they related to AGW warming? Possibly. Cold air in areas not used to it is NOT a sign that AGW is not happening…far from it. I think some AGW skeptics should get beyond a simple linear way of thinking of the effects that the 40% increase in CO2 could be having on global weather patterns. One thing that must happen though, if AGW happening is an acceleration of the hydrological cycle. Look for extreme floods, rains, snowfalls, etc.


Serves them right.
Last time, they booked Copenhagen in mid-winter, and got a whole load of Global Warming at least 25cm deep. Red faces all around.
This time, they thought, ‘ok, lets meet before winter sets in, and lets go somewhere warm. Somewhere where journos cannot keep joking about snow in an AGW conference’.
So they go to the coldest Cancun ever recorded. Are they Goons, or Cancoons?


The only thing wrong is that they need a good plastering of sleet.
Would be nice if it could be localized to the convention so as to save the locals the discomfort.
I will contribute $1000 to the first person who manages to develop a usable long-range remote-controlled personal-size cumulonimbus cloud.


Each year this just gets better and better. Like a poster in another thread I’m thinking of taking up the Gaia religion because that broad has one funny sense of humor! Mother Nature FTW baby, all the way!
I do hope that our buddy Monckton brought his wool socks with him.


The God of Climate has a great sense of humour.

Brian S

Olen, as I understand it next year it will be Durban’s pleasure to host the circus – sub-tropical but still a long way from the Equator. Rather than snow, pray for 100% humidity – not pleasant, even for the locals. Some visitors might call it suicide weather…………….