The morphology of "global warming"

Obama’s science Czar John Holdren has decided the new name for global warming, er, climate change shall be:

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( John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, says that the term “global warming” is “a dangerous misnomer” that should be replaced with “global climate disruption.”

I have a new name for Mr. Holdren, sort of like a superhero name: “Johnny Desperate”.

From CNS news and the American Thinker, barf bag optional.

WH Science Czar ‘Global Warming’ is ‘Dangerous Misnomer’

By James Lewis, American Thinker

John Holdren, our official fraudulent “Science Czar” for our  equally mendacious President, has dumped “global warming” as a “dangerous misnomer.” Ah, yes, that would be it then. It’s not the facts but the words that are wrong, says America’s official Doctor Science.

In scientific terms this means John Holdren has run up the white flag and is begging for mercy. “Warming” is something we can measure scientifically. “Global Warming” is a lot more speculative, but with satellites, weather balloons, and plenty of ocean buoys, we now know that it’s just wrong. Global Warming has been shot down in flames by scientific skeptics who resorted to an unfair tactic called “facts and observations.”

The wild hypothesis of “catastrophic anthropogenic global warming a 100 years from now,” is so obviously harebrained sci fi that no sane person can believe in it.

Dr. Holdren’s newest brainstorm? Forget all that warming stuff. No, we are now supposed to believe in something called “global climate disruption.”

That way some wildly overpaid “internationally respected” climate modeler can predict that in a hundred years things will get two degrees warmer, colder, or neither one or the other, and still predict the end of the earth. That’ll be a couple of hundred million dollars for more life-saving “research,” if you please.

The media are banging on “scientific” doors for another cataclysmic headline, right now, to feed their hunger for the Scare of the Day.  Their whole business model depends on it. The New York Times is talking about giving up their paper edition entirely. ABC has fired its “News” chief. They desperately need another Scary Hobgoblin to goose up the ignorant masses, or they might go belly-up tomorrow. Let’s hope they do go down tomorrow, because it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. That why free markets have losers, and boy, are these people ever losers.

I suppose that’s why Dr. Holdren thinks that old and toxic phrase “Global Warming” is now “dangerous.” But dangerous for whom? Not dangerous for the real world, that’s for sure. Not dangerous for developing countries that build another coal-fired power plant every day to feed their billions of hungry people. They can see people dying on the streets in Calcutta, but they can’t see two degrees warmer in a hundred years being such a big deal. Maybe Dr. Holdren thinks that “Global Warming” is now “dangerous” for the corrupt politicized faux-scientists who have built their careers on ecological hobgoblins? That sounds more like it.

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WH Science Czar ‘Global Warming’ is ‘Dangerous Misnomer’

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  1. I thought the new name for ( A) Global Warming ( B) Climate Change or (C) Global Climate Disruption, was reduced to one word which everyone can relate to, but is not controversial , and says nothing about climate or weather or global or warming..I heard the new buzzword was ” sustainability ” …….get ready, you are about to hear a lot about sustainability in the near future……

  2. If it warms like a duck and cools like a duck, it’s…
    Global Climate Disruption! Watch Global Climate Disruption destroy a city near you!
    I rather like it. Has a certain Emmerich ring to it.

  3. The problem is, global temperatures are not rising up to match the predicted hockey stick. So let Bob Dole suggest a better name. Instead of GCD, call it GED (Global Erectile Dysfunction).

  4. What will be the next headline then? “Insert weasely-worded euphemism here”
    You can’t have “climate disruption” as they operate on two completely different time scales. It’s like having a “long-term acute illness”, or a “gradual impulse”.

  5. Whoa! Gave ’em both barrels didn’t he?
    Personally, I prefer the old “climate chaos” term to “climate disruption”. It’s short, it’s zippy, it’s alliterative (CACC vs CAGD or CAGW; or better yet, CCC), and reminds at least some people of Agent Maxwell Smart’s evil foe, CHAOS. Hah, take that, evil!
    Of course more than a few politicians and climate scientists also remind us of Agent Smart himself and his organization, CONTROL…which, come to think of it, may explain why Holdren prefers “climate disruption”.
    Never mind.

  6. Don’t forget about “Global Weirding”. Not sure who coined that one but it got a lot of play for a little while.

  7. OhhhKaaay, so, Mr. Holdren, what is the link between man and global climate disruption? The same old same old or something new?

  8. GeoFlynx says:
    September 16, 2010 at 1:48 pm
    REPLY: finally, we agree on something. – Anthony
    GeoFlynx – Yes, this time we do.

  9. Dammit, my “CAGD” above should be “CACD”. Climate disruption is obviously causing catastrophic calligraphic chaos.

  10. At the core of this claim is a fundamental political necessity – it’s the fault of mankind. They have chipped away at the periphery and implicated other gases (e.g. CFCs, methane, NOx and SOx) but their primary target remains CO2. If you control CO2 you control energy and if you control energy you control the world’s economies. Control of economies is the ultimate measure of control (right up there with food and water).
    Trouble is…CO2 (in theory) can only do ONE thing – make the planet slightly warmer many, many decades in the future. How does one extrapolate this into “global climate disruption”? They used “climate change” as they thought it might cover their butts in the event that it became cooler or didn’t change. Most sentient individuals now see “climate change” for the gigantic fraud that it is. Honestly, even if the IPCC’s wildly inflated claims were true, who in their right mind is going to get upset about the planet becoming 1-2 deg warmer in their lifetime? Man, it’s a tough sell! Time to go back to the ol’ playbook and start blaming every untoward weather event on humans.
    Holdren doesn’t even have a tattered theory to hand his hat on this time.

  11. I’d suggest that the only thing Dangerous in that announcement is that one John Holdren. Notice it is the White House Office of Science and Energy POLICY ! Not the White House Office Of Science and Technology.

  12. This one will be easier to shoot down that Global Warming because there is more variation in climate than trend over a short period of time. Let them try and define “normal variation”. I sense another shot in the foot coming on for AGW.

  13. Talk about planned obsolescence. This term will be short lived as soon as people start figuring out that the climate is the same as it ever was, which shouldn’t take too long.
    Since terms for what we formerly knew as Global warming are having shorter lifespans with each succeeding rename it could be said that the rapidity at which this climate related phenomenon is renamed is increasing at a rate, which is worse than we thought.

  14. He is trying to scare the hell out of us. The climate in the white house is probably badly disrupted and mr holdren no longer is wishing to hide the truth . Kudos for mr Holdren , may his confessions bring him fortune .

  15. Oceania has always been at war with Global Warming.
    Oceania has never been at war with Global Warming, Oceania has always been at war with Climate Change.
    Oceania has never been at war with Climate Change, Oceania has always been at war with Global Climate Disruption.
    Man, Orwell was an optimist.

  16. Our country is slipping into a Great Depression. We are dependent on foreign energy sources for our lives. Our military is bogged down in two wars that will never end. The Federal government is obviously bankrupt. True unemployment is heading for 20% while the home foreclosure and poverty levels skyrocket. Our industrial capacity has been decimated by foreign competition. We cannot fulfill our Social Security, Medicare, or pension obligations long term.
    And the Obama administration is spending time, money, and resources…coming up with new, more effective propaganda for the theory of anthropogenic global warming.
    Stick a fork in the Obama administration and in the Democrat controlled Congress. They are done.

  17. How about “Wrath of Cthulhu ” ?
    That has a nice ring , and doesn’t commit to anything but the worship and veneration of Cthulhu.

  18. p.s.
    New paper from L&P gives following prediction :
    The magnetic probability distribution function (PDF) is show for the IR measurements of sunspots during Cycle 23. With the assumption discussed in the text, we can produce PDFs for Cycles 24 and 25. A simple scaling using the total number of spots suggests Cycle 24 will peak with a SSN of 66, and Cycle 25 will peak with a SSN of 7.

  19. I propose Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Anomalies, or CACA for short.
    This wouldn’t be the same John Holdren who wrote these gems, would it?
    “The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control. The capsule could be implanted at puberty and might be removable, with official permission, for a limited number of births.”
    And this:
    “The law regulates other highly personal matters. For example, no one may lawfully have more than one spouse at a time. Why should the law not be able to prevent a person from having more than two children?”
    And this:
    “Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.”
    And this:
    “One way to carry out this disapproval might be to insist that all illegitimate babies be put up for adoption-especially those born to minors, who generally are not capable of caring properly for a child alone. If a single mother really wished to keep her baby, she might be obliged to go through adoption proceedings and demonstrate her ability to support and care for it. Adoption proceedings probably should remain more difficult for single people than for married couples, in recognition of the relative difficulty of raising children alone. It would even be possible to require pregnant single women to marry or have abortions, perhaps as an alternative to placement for adoption, depending on the society.”
    And this:
    “Perhaps those agencies, combined with UNEP and the United Nations population agencies, might eventually be developed into a Planetary Regime-sort of an international superagency for population, resources, and environment. Such a comprehensive Planetary Regime could control the development, administration, conservation, and distribution of all natural resources, renewable or nonrenewable, at least insofar as international implications exist. Thus the Regime could have the power to control pollution not only in the atmosphere and oceans, but also in such freshwater bodies as rivers and lakes that cross international boundaries or that discharge into the oceans. The Regime might also be a logical central agency for regulating all international trade, perhaps including assistance from DCs to LDCs, and including all food on the international market. The Planetary Regime might be given responsibility for determining the optimum population for the world and for each region and for arbitrating various countries’ shares within their regional limits. Control of population size might remain the responsibility of each government, but the Regime would have some power to enforce the agreed limits.”
    Those were just thought experiments though, of course. Just harmless brainstorming. Yikes!

  20. Jimash says:
    September 16, 2010 at 2:42 pm
    If you revise the WUWT I said it long ago. THE OTHER GODS ARE HERE!

  21. Is this an admission that the predicted troposheric hot spot doesn’t exist and the prediction was a failure? I kinda think it us – and that the theory is falsified.
    “radiative forcing” was supposed to cause warming. Everything else was a consequence of warming. No warming, no catastrophe.
    And to Dr Dave (“me ‘ole mucker”) – SOx keep your feet warm in these cold British winters we seem to be getting again 😉

  22. Is that Global Climate Disruption or Catastrophic Global Climate Disruption? Or maybe Super Deep Dark Climate Disruption with Shivers Up the Spine and Mild Disorientation?

  23. Another unfalsifiable term. The difference between this term and the others is this one can always be blamed on humans. Well, since they seem to want to rename their religion, I have a few ideas.
    * Unnatural Climate Anomalies
    * International Climate Alteration
    * Abnormal Climate Variations

  24. I am for this new term. When the term global warming is used to describe anthropogenic influences on the climate then it implies that if the globe is warming that humans must be responsible for the majority of that warming. Climate change is even worse because it implies that if the climate is changing then humans are responsible. Global climate disruption is a little better but I would prefer Anthropogenic climate disruption.

  25. “Overseas contingency operation” …
    I think the new face for this propaganda mission should be Janet Napolitano, who is clearly the most competent administration official to continually “deny the obvious”.

  26. latitude says:
    September 16, 2010 at 1:55 pm
    If it walks like a duck………

    …then it probably has been sitting on a horse too long…
    Is it just me, or are these recent events starting to taste a little of desperation? Or is there some other theme here that I’m missing?
    We’ve had the “chicks dig global warming” report, the “disagree with global warming and you’re a fruitcake” report and finally the “calling global warming ‘global warming’ is dangerous” report.
    It is a bit 1984, but also a bit Alice in Wonderland.

  27. Enneagram says:
    ” a Planetary Regime-sort of an international superagency for population, resources, and environment. Such a comprehensive Planetary Regime could control the development, administration, conservation, and distribution of all natural resources,If you revise the WUWT I said it long ago. THE OTHER GODS ARE HERE!

    I think I do remember that.
    galileonardo says:
    John Holdem (sic)says
    ” a Planetary Regime-sort of an international superagency for population, resources, and environment. Such a comprehensive Planetary Regime could control the development, administration, conservation, and distribution of all natural resources,”
    Who knew that the Presidents advisor on matters scientific fancied himself a comic book villain ? That sounds a lot like a Lex Luthor plan to me.
    Only the demonic chortle os missing.

  28. More of this is going on elsewhere. The Guardian has now started to refer to warmists as climate realists.
    “Only one of the 48 Republicans seeking a seat in the Senate has dared to stand on the side of climate science or support climate change legislation – and he was knocked out of the running yesterday. The losing climate realist, Mike Castle, served nearly two decades as the state’s lone member of Congress…” (my emphasis)

  29. So, the “global climate” is postulated to be unchanging?
    And if it does change, then it is our fault because we control it?
    Think, then vote, while you still can.
    Thanks James!

  30. John Holdren is quite correct it is a dangerous misnomer. All misnomers are ultimately dangerous. Danger lurks in all corner and re-branding is one that can be even more dangerous then redefining. Someone needs to send these boys and girls back to school for a refresher course in marketing and advertising. My consulting firm will be glad to organize it for them. Of course I will need a big retainer up front. In Canadian dollars too.

  31. Can’t we change it to Quisling? That has surely worth more points at scrabble 😉

  32. From the rest of the story not posted here, but well worth repeating.
    “John Holdren is the guy whose stellar career started with Global Cooling in the 70s, and who has managed to surf the wild waves of ecological hysteria for decades, making a damned good living at it. ”
    Just like the rest of the snake oil salesmen. I’m so absolutely sure of it this time, I’m willing to bet your entire socio-economic future on it! Just like last time!
    For those pinheads wanting to save the future generations of horrible hardships, deaths, diseases and conflict, LOOK OUT THE WINDOW, YOU TWITS!!! Why don’t you try fixing some of those before you worry about a tomorrow that exists on in the fantasies of Luddites and Malthusians.

  33. Uh, this disaster of a White House administration doesn’t use the word “stimulus” any more either. Seems the American people wiped the lipstick off that pig too.
    Wordplay may be a clever game inside the beltway but main street is realizing (maybe too late) that they are financing these bozos and their clever games.

  34. I am SOOOO glad they’re tossing the “Climate Change” term! I don’t care what they call themselves or their movement as long as the implosion continues and they look more ridiculous by the day. Soon their acolytes will be so confused they won’t know who or what to believe.

  35. Bruce says:
    September 16, 2010 at 3:24 pm
    More of this is going on elsewhere. The Guardian has now started to refer to warmists as climate realists.
    “Only one of the 48 Republicans seeking a seat in the Senate has dared to stand on the side of climate science or support climate change legislation – and he was knocked out of the running yesterday. The losing climate realist, Mike Castle, served nearly two decades as the state’s lone member of Congress…” (my emphasis)
    Really! We were discussing the various merits of the terms “skeptic”, “realist” and “dissident” with respect to climate months and months ago on this site, and “climate realist” was never a term directed at a warmer–that’s a total perversion of the term. The biggest lies are now told by the government, from “health care reform”, to “stimulus”, to “hope”. I’ll just add “climate realist” to their list of perverted definitions.

  36. ( – John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, says that the term “global warming” is “a dangerous misnomer” that should be replaced with “global climate disruption.”
    We just went through that (the economy).
    Now we need to recover (any ideas ?).
    Stop trying to scare us, we are plenty scared already.

  37. so first they called it global warming, and then since the evidence wasn’t supporting it they called it global climate change, and now they’re calling it global climate disruption? that’s the worst term, we have no idea what the climate would be doing without the increased CO2, so how do we know if CO2 is disrupting it.
    How about they call it “global, ‘i have no idea what is actually happening so here is some propaganda’ climate variations”, at least then they wouldn’t be lying to the world

  38. CO2 layer depletion!
    Hmmm, Halloween is coming. How about pushing the zombie apocalypse? We can get five or six weeks out that before people realize there are still plenty of Twinkies.

  39. ” My money was on “extreme weather””
    But everybody knows we don’t control the weather.
    Just the climate.

  40. I got it! Global Climate Anomaly! Yes! Then people who know the meaning of the word ‘anomaly’ will see that Holdren and friends do not know what the heck they are talking about. (An anomaly is a fact that resists all scientific explanation and threatens to bring down existing theory.)

  41. D. King says:
    September 16, 2010 at 4:05 pm
    [snip – off topic, flame bait]
    Yes, John Holdern’s writings are.
    •Flamebait is a message posted to a public Internet discussion group, such as a forum, newsgroup or mailing list, with the intent of provoking an angry response (a “flame”) or argument over a topic the troll often has no real interest in.
    I’ll head back under the bridge.

  42. I have a better one: Air Churn. Kinda like a Butter Churn except thinner. Also it sounds like the name of a rock group, which should garner a few votes from the air guitar crowd.

  43. Climate disruption? Hmmmm … blame it on Igor! He’s disrupting SST’s and current flow and is about to disrupt the tranquility of Bermuda.
    Had to scrub plans to go jogging; the rain disrupted that idea.
    And think of the disruption of a major east coast snowstorm.
    Yep, all those weather events sure can be disruptive and after summing it all up after thirty years you’ve got a disruptive climate average.

  44. Leave it to Holdren to find something that has always been known for extremes, and claim it is now extreme for the 1st time.
    Like the weather has never gone ape torquing haywire bonkers before.
    Now, we ARE talking weather, for it is storms or lack of storms that makes the really rough stuff.
    Name it: Hurricanes, tornadoes, super downpours and hailstorms, freak winds, megadroughts, arctic & antarctic blasts, heatwaves, etc.
    This is all about the weather itself.
    Forget about climate, it’s too darn slow, and besides, it’s not doing what the anthropogenic warming orchestra proclaimed.
    It’s all man’s fault.
    Expect 60mph killer glaciers, whole mountains turned to mud, instantly frozen or baked cities, 100 foot snowfalls, sinkholes the size of Rhode Island, 200 foot waves.
    George Lucas has his work cut out for him.

  45. Re climate disruption being caused by Cthulu..oh good, I’ve always felt this deep seated desire to ululate.
    But this is really getting insane. So, now we are being told that global climate disruption is doubleplusungood. These people are Orwellian in the extreme. Most of us take Orwell as a cautionary tale, these folks seem to view it as an instruction manual.

  46. For a number of years Joe Bastardi has used the term “Climatic Hardship” to describe the weather which was likely to reoccur, in many ways like the 1950’s, with the east coast more likely to get hurricanes, and the warm PDO and warm AMO giving way to a cold PDO and cold AMO, which led to the cold that peaked in the late 1970’s.
    The so-called “quiet sun” may throw a wrench into the correctness of some of Bastardi’s predictions, because nothing like that occurred in the 1950’s and 1970’s. However Bastardi’s main point was that we don’t need “Global Warming” to be facing a threat. Ordinary climate cycles will be quite challenging enough, and therefore we should be aware “we are entering a time of Climatic Hardship.”
    It must be obvious to Holden that the hope of “Global Warming” lasting long enough to get certain laws passed is slim, and getting slimmer. Therefore he must change the threat to “Global Climate Disruption,” and hope like heck people are willing to believe passing certain laws can keep these “disruptions” (Climatic Hardships) from occurring. When they do occur, he hopes he can blame those who oppose him for the bad weather.
    Is this madness or what?
    I have no problem with people turning to a Higher Power for help, whether it be with rain dances or prayer meetings.
    However when supposedly responsible people blame their fellow man for bad weather, and seek retribution, I do have a very big problem with it. It’s nuts, and needs to be stopped.

  47. Bob Dole says:
    September 16, 2010 at 2:05 pm
    The problem is, global temperatures are not rising up to match the predicted hockey stick. So let Bob Dole suggest a better name. Instead of GCD, call it GED (Global Erectile Dysfunction).
    The end of the hockey stick is failing to go Erect? 🙂
    Okay then, I guess folks like me can officially no longer be called “warmists” but “disruptionists”? AGW is now AGDisruption, or, as the skeptics would prefer, Another Goofy Dillusion…
    This is all good fun, yet it changes nothing in the physics of what it actually going on, and that’s all that matters in the end. AGW skeptics will either be the greatest heros or the greatest fools mankind has ever known…not much room in between.

  48. Too right it’s a dangerous misnomer. As there is no “global warming” it’s best to talk about something else – climate change didn’t hack it as climate always changes. Disruption sounds more violent and less common.

  49. R. Gates, it changes nothing that is in the computer models, which lack an awful lot of physics and contain a whole host of self-serving assumptions.
    The whole scam is based upon positive feedbacks, that obviously don’t exist or the planet would have boiled billions of years ago. Understand how positive feedbacks work, in this case:
    The hotter it gets, the even hotter it gets; it’s a run-away effect that all engineers understand.

  50. galileonardo says:
    September 16, 2010 at 2:46 pm
    I propose Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Anomalies, or CACA for short.
    This wouldn’t be the same John Holdren who wrote these gems, would it?…..
    I always thought these gems were appropriate:
    “A massive campaign [CAGW] must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States. De-devolopment means bringing our economic system (especially patterns of consumption) into line with the realities of ecology and the global resource situation. Resources and energy must be diverted from frivolous and wasteful uses in overdeveloped countries to filling the genuine needs of underdeveloped countries.”
    “The need for de-development presents our economists with a major challenge,” they wrote. “They must design a stable, low-consumption economy in which there is a much more equitable distribution of wealth than the present one. Redistribution of wealth both within and among nations is absolutely essential, if a decent life is to be provided for every human being.” [the UN’s Agenda 21 or “sustainability”]
    OR the best one yet. Holdren’s definition of a human:
    ” “The fetus, given the opportunity to develop properly before birth, and given the essential early socializing experiences and sufficient nourishing food during the crucial early years after birth, will ultimately develop into a human being. Where any of these essential elements is lacking, the resultant individual will be deficient in some respect.”
    Notice he says “the resultant individual will be deficient” NOT the resultant human….
    I guess we do not rate as “REAL Humans” in Holdren’s book because we did not get the correct brainwashing ERRrr “the essential early socializing experiences” to be good little “team players”

  51. The beauty of “global climate disruption ” is that it means nothing . Like “climate change” it covers everything that nature can throw at us . As someone commented the other day , a theory that explains everything explains nothing . And Holdren has nothing .

  52. Global Climate Disruption… Disruption?
    Static Klingons! I knew it. They’re not only firing Disruptors at Earth, they’re firing at the Sun.

  53. Old lies, the same as new lies. Different words, different branding. But by and large it’s the same lies.
    I guess we aren’t going to burn up and melt now, so they going to switch back to the going to die because of the coming ice age this go? Al gore is going to have to rejigger his lift jack and charts.

  54. He has something there:
    “global climate” proponents’ disruption of our governments,
    “global climate” proponents’ disruption of our economies,
    “global climate” proponents’ disruption of our corporations,
    “global climate” proponents’ disruption of our sciences,
    “global climate” proponents’ disruption of our very lives.
    Disruption of our climate system? Baloney. Scientifically disproven.
    Few would have trouble telling the people of the world how “global warming”, “climate change” and “global climate” proponents have disrupted our world. Would the leaders of “The Great Disruptors” please stand.
    Dangerous? You bet.

  55. I’m not much of a Sci Fi fan; the real thing is a damn side more entertaining; but do I recall correctly that a Disruptor is some sort of bad Arse Sci Fi weapon that basically messes horribly with your Valence electron connections; so you become all disfunctional in the worst possible way.
    Gavin and the AAAS are really playing for keeps.
    Climate disruption as a public Health issue. Over the weekend, I watched this fascinating “sports” program about a handful of climbers; maybe about six or so; who set out to climb some totally insane mountain peak somewhere; and somewhere in the 22,000 feet range as I recall. In the caourse of this sports show, these guys were all together inside a tent about the size of a dsmart car, hnging from a rope on the side of some ice cliff miles up in the air; in the middle of a howling storm; and they were stuck in there for days; because it was too damn dangerous to come out or even to open the tent flap to see how bad the storm was. And I dare say if anybody jiggled too much, the whole thing likely would have come unstuck and dropped them all some 5,000 feet or so down on to a glacier that they had actually climbed up from up this near vertical wall.
    Eventually the weather improved to where they could come out after a week or so, and continue climbing; and the climbing was like walking up the side of the Empire State building. In the end they had to climb another big long near vertical ice wall held on by nothing but their crampons; because there wasn’t any place to stick much of anything. After several days of this during which time several of the chaps took on the task of leading the free climb up this insanity to get the ropes and stuff to the top of the ice; where a very short bare rock climb would put them on the summit.
    So they got to the top of this ice wall; and the base of the summit nipple; only to discover that what looked like a simple hop skip and jump up this final pimple; was a rock with not a molecule of ice anywhere on it; for one simple reason. It was pretty much just s thorn sticking up in the air; like the tusk of an elephant; and you probably couldn’t climb it if it was sitting in your back yard; rather tahn 20,000 feet plus up in the death zone; it looked like 100-300 feet high; but nothing these chaps were in any condition to try and climb with what they had remaining in resources. So they wisely decided to give up on that last little step; and maybe come back some other day to try it again.
    If they had had parachutes, they could all have simply jumped from where they were and landed at their base camp.
    They did toss some bags of equipment down onto the glacier to save carting it down; and then they had to go down this monstrosity.
    When they finally got to their basecamp all frost bitten and beat up; they found it had snowed and their whole base camp was buried in snow so they had to try and figure out exactly where they had put the darn thing so they could try and dig it up before nightfall.
    Now the whole purpose of this shaggy dog story is to point out that human beings have quite a tolerance for disruptive weather and climate; and it is quite likely that we could figure out how to survive anything smaller than Pluto colliding with the earth.
    Why doesn’t the AAAS start a project to try and make their operation seem like Science to the General Lay Public; or even to those of us who have some ideas about what constitutes Science.

  56. R.Gates 5:33 p.m.: “AGW skeptics will either be the greatest heros or the greatest fools mankind has ever known…not much room in between.”
    What? Skeptics can be neither. All we say is show me. The room in between is The Truth. Bring on the raw data, the analytic methods, and the conclusions — full disclosure. No whitewash when “hide the decline” and “bury the real scientists” is discovered. Then let’s attempt to disprove the theories. Openness, full public discussion, full disclosure of everything that goes into the computer models and how those models have predicted “the climate future” thus far. It is Climate Change Religion that is the current danger.

  57. First Warming, then Climate Change, now Global Climate Disruption:
    John Holdren has seized a political option.,
    So when shove comes to push,
    He can blame it on Bush,
    In case of a major volcanic eruption.

  58. This is like telling your investors to buy Brand X stock, as the market will be totally disrupted, and you are going to lose your shirt no matter which way things go. So, you might as well put all your money down on Brand X. Don’t settle for being a little loser, when you might be the lucky one and become a Big Loser, and get bailed out.

  59. has nothing .
    rbateman says:
    September 16, 2010 at 6:35 pm
    Global Climate Disruption… Disruption?
    Static Klingons! I knew it. They’re not only firing Disruptors at Earth, they’re firing at the Sun.
    You beat me too it. But I have a CCP and will keep my disrupter handy. Do you prefera 9mm or a .45 disrupter.

  60. How about a 700 meter wide piece of space rock slamming into the Earth. Now that’s climate disruption!

  61. May be off topic, but reading this thread took me to other places:
    Someone should send Mr. Holdren to check on the climate in Afganistan to ensure the troops are not subject to climate “disruption”.
    May be off topic and snipable, but sometimes when I see people like Holdren spouting off about stuff like this, I think about our men and women from the NATO countries sweating it out in Afganistan, and I wonder about all the people focusing on “Weather” when there are so many other things of current importance we should be spending our time and money on. Of course, in here in Canada, and especially on the prairies, we do start just about every conversation with discussion of the weather.
    Still, it would be nice to see some of the Ivory Tower dwellers like Holdren get their boots on the ground. Even at home. Wonder if he has ever gotten dirt on his hands? ( and I mean the silica based kind).

  62. I wish thay would call it global warming again as its freezing down under most of australia is in the grip of a very cold spring middle of australia is the coldest september on record.

  63. “Global Climate Disruption” looks like a term specifically designed to be impervious to any assault based on recorded data or objective facts.

  64. “AGW skeptics will either be the greatest heros or the greatest fools mankind has ever known…not much room in between.”
    Ditto for the alarmists.

  65. Anyone for ‘Anthropogenic Climate Interference’?
    It has occurred to me that the recent change in the favoured terminology, from the dramatically-predictive ‘Global Warming’, to the less-specific ‘Climate Change’ may have been prompted by legal advice.
    Those who have been scaring the gullible public into handing over their money, by telling them tales of catastrophic global warming, may now have been warned by their lawyers that if that global warming does not continue, or if it is not sufficiently catastrophic, they may be liable to charges of criminal extortion.
    You can get away with that sort of thing if you’re simply threatening hell or promising paradise in the afterlife, because nobody ever comes back to complain that they were really just boringly dead.
    But if we don’t actually get further, serious global warming, or if the catastrophic consequences that we have been told to expect do not occur within the given timeframe, the public may demand their money back.
    The legal profession could have a field day!

  66. For these elitist statists, the question doesn’t matter.
    It’s only the “solution” that counts: a powerful global government which controls all aspects of life and business…. So the elite can run things for the little people.
    As long as they get their answer, the question is irrelevant.

  67. Global Warming, Climate Change and now Global Climate Disruption.
    They never really had a case, now they have no concensus.
    I should call Holdren’s move Political Streaking, Weather or not he’s got his bases covered.
    The ’cause’ now has 3 camps in it. They may not see eye to eye on the whether.

  68. It’s entirely possible that Holdren could be taken to the woodshed over this. “Climate Change” was a carefully selected term, meticulously vetted by marketing research and focus groups. It is universally used by NGOs, Obama himself and virtually all the follows on the eco-Left. Who is this upstart to come along and mess with THEIR chosen nomenclature? I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Holdren’s term catches on or if it will be ignored.
    It was a big day for Holdren. We haven’t heard from in a while and then today we have two video releases of him, one promoting this “global climate disruption” nonsense and another (less than 2 months before an election) advocating the “de-development” of the United States. Not exactly politically astute in my estimation. I can’t believe it was simply pre-election sop to the eco-left. That base has nowhere else to turn. But it could very likely put off a lot of independent voters.
    I don’t know…it sure seems like a lot of reckless rhetoric.

  69. Since climate is chaotic it probably has two Lorenze Attractors. So maybe the new terminology should be: A Strange Attractor Coming Soon to the Globe!

  70. They must’ve seen the prediction for February 2011 at If you think January/February 2008 was bad, 2011 is a disater in the making. BTW, why have updates stopped as of Tuesday? It seems to affect the entire CFS forecast site. Tuesday was also the last update for the Nino 3.4 forecasts as well.
    About this “climate disruption”… it’s the old glib-lib-rename-game. If something developes a bad reputation, don’t stop doing it, simply rename it. Remember…
    * discrimination against white males, which became…
    * reverse discrimination, which became…
    * affirmative action
    and race quotas, which became “target numbers”? Same principle at work here. Global warming has a lot of negative baggage. So they’re renaming it. Can we come up with a play on “the artist formerly known as Prince”? We need to remind people that this is the same crew, with the same economically disastrous ideology. Howsabout “The Climate Disruption formerly known as Global Warming”?

  71. galileonardo says:
    September 16, 2010 at 2:46 pm
    I propose Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Anomalies, or CACA for short.

    Your suggestion gets my vote is for most appropriate acronym.

  72. Current Google results for:
    “Global Warming” About 21,300,000 results
    “Climate Change” About 60,400,000 results
    “Global Climate Disruption” About 397,000 results
    “Catastrophic Global Warming” About 226,000 results, of which three results on the first page point to articles that do not contain the phrase “Catastrophic Global Warming”
    Those articles are at,,
    I guess Google just thought they would “adjust” their search AlGoreithm and we wouldn’t notice!

  73. They do this sort of thing for 1 of 2 reasons. They either believe we are too stupid to see through the charade or there are a lot of people out there that are actually too stupid to see through their charade.

  74. Is it possible to “disrupt” a chaotic system?
    How would that look?
    Would everything suddenly become ordered and predictable?

  75. Holdren believes that everyone born since 1972 (or something) are earthly leaches that should be eliminated. The man is evil and hates people. Especially the people that he is forced to inhabit the earth with. His selfish world view is insane.

  76. President Obama (I refuse to use OhBummer out of respect hehe), being the leader of the free world, has a lot of very very serious business to attend to on a daily basis.
    Middle East peace, rise of Iranian nukes, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Al Qaeda, recession/deficits at home etc etc. The man needs some comic relief, rather like monarchs having court jesters…….enter Holdren stage left.

  77. On a serious note, Global Climate Disruption isn’t as bad as REGIONAL Climate Disruption. Remember, the upcoming AR5 will concentrate more on regional predictions, (yes predictions, not projections).
    They’ve had 10 years of regional studies via the CLIVAR group. Just imagine if they predict a single monsoonal flood or a regional drought or some such climate extreme. The headlines would be excruciating, “The IPCC predicts Pakistan Floods” “The IPCC predicts heavy snowfall in South France” etc
    Ssshhh!!! don’t tell them REGIONAL suits their purposes better.

  78. vukcevic says:
    September 16, 2010 at 2:22 pm
    The WSO is reporting new facts on the sun’s magnetic polar fields observations, showing sudden steep decline […] it appears that the SC24 maximum is not far off.
    If one corrects for projection effects the polar fields at the end of August the past several years have been:
    2003 61
    2004 58
    2005 52
    2006 60
    2007 55
    2008 55
    2009 48
    2010 44
    The slight recent decline is not a harbinger of solar max being just around the corner. Rather we are just the slow decline to the usual reversal sometime in 2013-2014. But, of course, 3-4 years is not ‘far away’.

  79. vukcevic says:
    September 16, 2010 at 2:44 pm
    Cycle 24 will peak with a SSN of 66, and Cycle 25 will peak with a SSN of 7.
    What L&P are saying is that the SSN will no longer be a good measure of solar activity, because most spots will be below the 1500 Gauss that is necessary to make the spot visible, but the magnetic regions will still be there, the solar wind will still be blowing, cosmic rays will still be modulated [as they were during the Maunder Minimum], so solar activity is not going away, just the visible spots.

  80. I can buy the disruption business because that must include all the hobnobs who think they can “fix back” the climate to what it, according to their own buggy model software, statistically homogenized average once was.
    It means prison time for the aerosol maniacs, right? Otherwise I take it all back.

  81. If many AGW proponents really wanted an honest term for their position, I suspect it would be “Atmosphere Change” without regard to any proven harmful effects on the climate or the environment in general because *they* believe that any measurable changes in the natural composition of the Earth’s atmosphere caused by man must be inherently irresponsible and in some way deleterious to our ‘sensitive’ natural environment.
    For some, I imagine, this issue may be just a tool for accomplishing other ends and they really do not care what it’s called as long as it sounds good.

  82. After the previous talk of reprogramming (sorry educating) us to understand it is man made. Now this new speak it is all getting very George Orwell. I don’t know if we will be the ones on the receiving end of the half hour hate or not but they seem to be working hard on it.

  83. Huge research grants have been awarded – not to find out the facts but to “prove” global warming. Sorry, “Climate Change” – that way the “experts” will be proved right, even if the Earth is actually cooling.
    Actually, it’s called “climate change” because a Republican PR consultant called Frank Luntz focused grouped peoples reaction to various words, and discovered that people found the phrase “climate change” less scary than “global warming”. He therefore advised anti-global warming pundits to adopt the phrase and use it exclusively. This they did, and the phrase has now become common. Check out this video for an interview with the man himself.
    Does changing the description of something actually work? Fox news tried a similar thing a few years ago, trying to turn “suicide bomber” into “homicide bomber”, but it didn’t take.
    In Britain, the public is becoming quite clued up as to what is really going on, and what is being demanded of them:
    What we think of whenever the word “Climate” is used…
    “Climate” = Corruption; of science, of education, of business, of politics, of administration, of law-making, of publishing, and of communication.
    “Climate” = Regulations, new laws, more bureaucrats, and “Climate” is the alibi used by politicians to destroy significant freedoms which have been taken for granted by the public for generations. (Just like their other great alibi “Security”).
    “Climate” = The media lying on a massive scale not seen since the end of Communism, scare stories, guilt-tripping, and the industrial-strength brainwashing of children and young adults alike.
    And most of all…
    “Climate” = TAXES!

  84. Leif Svalgaard says: September 17, 2010 at 12:04 am
    As a scientist of repute you are building too much on single set of measurements (not reproduced anywhere else), the trend during the last few years certainly is not definite or conclusive.
    You are jumping to a conclusion far to enthusiastically (possibly motivated by some other reason), your solar fraternity is somewhat in a disarray in understanding of the recent let alone the Maunder minimum. Not another case of ‘cold fusion’?

  85. They’ve entered the truly silly politico phase where they’ve moved beyond folks shaking their head to simply laughing at them. And not in a good way laughing.
    Think of the political slogans and sayings. Holdren testifies before Congress and states “There’s too much global climate distruptin’ goin’ on out there and it must be stopped!” (hat tip to one of the those old, dead, flowery southern Senators). He likely will get a Nobel if he doesn’t laugh, combs his hair, and shaves.

  86. Will Global Climate Disruption continue after Holdren has managed to “De-Develop” the United States?

  87. Anthony, you have missed two marketings terms in your graphic above.
    1. —> Global Cooling
    2. Global Warming
    3. Climate Change
    4. —> Global Weirding – dropped, reflected too closely the type of guys behind it.
    5. Global Climate Disruption
    The antonym of disruption is calm, so this new marketing speak is to insinuate that Global Climate Calm is the norm. They dig deeper and deeper. We need to embrace the term “Global Climate Disruption”, because it is the laughing stock of all terms to date, unless they start to use, Bold, Bold Climate.

  88. ‘Global Climate Disruption’, AKA ‘unusual weather effects’, can presumably be made to work as a public meme if the public’s experience of weather is normally associated with sudden, violently changeable, or extreme phenomena.
    However, this may not have much traction for those of us whose lifetime stand-out memories of climate/weather events are associated with periods of stability. In the UK the periods which stick in my mind are: i) the winter of 62/63, where there were three months of continuous snow including two weeks where the daytime temperature never got above freezing, ii) the summer of ’76 with no rain for 14 weeks and temperatures as high as 90F (~35C), iii) the summer of ’88 where it rained steadily with complete cloud cover (no sun) for over a month.
    The disruption comes not from the peaks of extreme cold/heat/rain, but from its stability in the respective mode. Now if John Holdren really wanted to get me onside, he should be peddling the line that increasing CO2 somehow caused the weather to be more likely to flip between differently damaging modes, and stay in those modes for much longer than the normal. This would be good from his point of view in that factual temperatures/rainfall/sunshine-hours, would not matter, just the relative length of time it was hot-cold/rainy/sunny/cloudy.

  89. Has no-one made the connection with the UK Met Office new study of “extreme weather” versus time that was written about on this very site ? Clearly this is all connected behind the scenes.
    They know full well that the warming hypothesis is about to be exposed by the facts. So they have to change tack to fiddling the figures on the frequency of undesirable weather instead !

  90. Conveniently, the new name has the same acronym as Global Climate Disorder, which may well be added to a psychiatric manual in the future (although it would probably have to be a skeptic’s manual).

  91. (cont.)
    This could lead to any number of whimsical conversations, like:
    “We’re all gonna suffer because of GCD!”
    “No, it’s just you who are suffering from GCD.”

  92. Oft times disruption is a good thing. Dynamic systems often settle into sub-optimal steady states. The optimum can never be acheived unless the system is somehow disrupted.
    Given the great net benefit of increasing CO2 and warmer temperatures to the primary producers in the food chain the anti-disruptionists won’t get the right handle on it until they call it “Global Climate Improvement”. Global Climate Improvement doesn’t preclude there being some losers among the winners – you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. The take-home lesson is that there are far more winners than losers in Global Climate Improvement. As Commander Spock serving on the Starship Enterprise once said “The needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few.” Clearly the needs of the many are a warmer world with higher CO2 partial pressure to say nothing of needing an economical source of energy. This must outweigh the needs of the few.

  93. From: Allen on September 16, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    Uh, this disaster of a White House administration doesn’t use the word “stimulus” any more either. Seems the American people wiped the lipstick off that pig too.

    Here in Pennsylvania, the Democrat ads against Senate candidate Toomey and House candidate Barletta are mainly focused on how Bush tried to privatize Social Security. A topic they boringly pushed for the previous three Congressional election cycles, despite “privatize” being mis-used to being an untruth (it was a an option to divert part of your payroll deductions to carefully-chosen market-based funds). Oh, and Pat Toomey was a Wall Street executive, at a time when we’d appreciate having anyone in DC who knows anything about making real money.
    Meanwhile the Republicans are getting good traction campaigning against anyone who voted for the job-killing energy bill…

  94. Holdren should just go directly to “Evil Climate Upheaval of Evil” and leave it at that. It’ll appropriately ratchet up the anxiety levels; and it’ll save a bundle on letterhead in the long run.

  95. “I have a new name for Mr. Holdren, sort of like a superhero name: “Johnny Desperate”.”
    Great new name, I laughed out loud!

  96. Well. We are having a little local climate disruption here in southern Alberta this morning. It’s snowing. Ordinarily we would all be greeting each other with the common sardonic expression “Love this Global Warming, eh?”. The Climate Change terminology never really reached the street. Perhaps I’ll try “How about this Global Climate Disruption, eh?” this morning with people I meet to see if the new term has legs. But I expect I’ll get an annoyed look of frustration back with “You mean this blankety blank Global Warming don’t you, eh?”. It’s going to be an uphill battle to dislodge Global Warming as the “man on the street” term for whatever it is the Harden is selling. And the man on the street doesn’t even have to look out the window or study the science to know the jig is up on Global Warming. It has become a common culture joke of global proportions. One of the things that ties us together as a global community. Thanks Al and James and Phil and Gavin et. al. for providing this great bonding experience. Of course it would be nice if the Prime Ministers, Presidents and Senators of the world would look out the window, or even get down on the street once in a while to see that the people are not following the logic of rushing into a crippling reversal of human progress to right a wrong that isn’t happening. Although I guess, in a real way, changing the cry of wolf to Global Climate Disruption, and declaring that “Global Warming” is a dangerously wrong term is, in a real sense, just such an admission. They are backing down. Not honestly or gracefully. But they are are backing away if you think about it, all the while screaming and waving their arms in great meaningless bluster, as one might, backing away from a large wild animal. A real wild animal.

  97. It is a RETRO to me! I used to live under a communist dictatorship. Ono of the top sacral value was so called socialistic social order which should be always protected against disruption. If someone had committed anything politically incorrect it was declared as a disruptive act. Everybody was call upon to be on guard against disruptions. There was also watch-cry: “We won’t allow our socialism to be disrupted.”
    The prepared climatic socialism is the longer the more similar to the Bolshevik socialism.

  98. Simplified definitions:
    Too hot = GCD
    Too cold = GCD
    Too humid = GCD
    Too dry = GCD
    Too windy = GCD
    Too calm = GCD
    GCD = OCD + (1984)^2 + WTF^3

  99. “Global Climate Disruption”
    That way no matter what happens -he predicted it.
    When the temperature changes, it will either be hotter or colder. Take my word for it -I’ve never been wrong.

  100. Yes, the elitists will never stop believing they’re smarter than the rest of us – smart enough to keep us in thrall just by changing the Newspeak terminology yet again.
    Heads up you miserable b*stards: you’re wrong on all counts.

  101. Robert of Ottawa says:
    September 16, 2010 at 5:51 pm
    R. Gates, it changes nothing that is in the computer models, which lack an awful lot of physics and contain a whole host of self-serving assumptions.
    The whole scam is based upon positive feedbacks, that obviously don’t exist or the planet would have boiled billions of years ago. Understand how positive feedbacks work, in this case:
    The hotter it gets, the even hotter it gets; it’s a run-away effect that all engineers understand.
    On the other hand: with negative feedbacks and a thermostat
    effect as skeptics suggest, how to explain the great & abrupt climate
    variability events of the past, which you love to invoke?

  102. I think Kate got it right. A little OT but can’t we get the Tea Party interested in Global Warming? Here in the Northern lattitudes of the UK, I would much appreciate a little warming being a bus pass holder (over 60). I still work for my living and at 7am I am stood waiting for the bus it feels really chilly – God knows what Jan and Feb will be like. So for global warming, I’m all in favour. Bring on those coal powered generating stations.
    Seriously, the warmists have it wrong. We are heading in to a down turn in temprature. They have to realise it’s not the CO2 – it’s the bloody Sun and the sunspot activity. In my declining years, I do not look forward to a colder Earth – get that CO2 going. And I would guess that the Tea Party draws most of its support from the 50+ age group who have lived a little bit. So get ’em going – we need more CO2 and a warmer climate. Oops, did I mean weather?

  103. Gary Hladik says: reminds at least some people of Agent Maxwell Smart’s evil foe, CHAOS.
    Wasn’t that Kaos? It was a long time ago for me (for anyone who remembers it).
    GCD – Great Cow Dung!!

  104. galileonardo said on the 16th at 2:46 pm
    I propose Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Anomalies, or CACA for short.
    CACA!! I love it!
    And as the sun is the source of our atmosphere’s energy how about – Interplanetary Climate Exuberance, or ICE for short. Then some day soon we might read a headline that says: NASA Says Global ICE Producing Massive CACA!

  105. I think the new symbol of GCD will be the polo mallet, as the hockey-stick of the global warming/climate change of yore has been thoroughly debunked. And we do want to stay with team sport instruments for traditional reasons.
    The polo mallet has numerous advantages for GCD:
    1. The end goes both up and down, and therefore can’t be debunked as easiy as the hockey stick.
    2. The hammer shape symbolizes disruption much better.
    3. Rotating it 45 degrees, shortening the handle and crossing it with a sickle is a simple modification for the next step in the movement.

  106. Jackie says:
    September 17, 2010 at 4:23 am
    4. —> Global Weirding – dropped, reflected too closely the type of guys behind it.

    I like Global Weirding. It says nothing and too much – all in the same sentence…

  107. RSweeney says:
    September 16, 2010 at 8:06 pm
    For these elitist statists, the question doesn’t matter.
    It’s only the “solution” that counts: a powerful global government which controls all aspects of life and business…. So the elite can run things for the little people.
    You think this isn’t already the case and has been the case for as long as there has been human civilization? Which is a more powerful symbol (economically speaking, which is all that matters)– the flag of Canada or the IBM or GE logo? The elite always have and always will run things, and simply find new ways to motivate and entice the “little people” to assist the elite to stay powerful and more importantly…wealthy. Best way to assist: stay in debt and consume consume consume.

  108. Tim says (September 17, 2010 at 1:00 pm): “Wasn’t that Kaos? It was a long time ago for me (for anyone who remembers it).”
    Yes, I remembered some time after posting that Maxwell Smart’s arch-nemesis was indeed KAOS, not CHAOS. *sigh*
    But all is not lost. The alarmists can still enlist Kardashian fans to kampaign against Katastrophik Klimate KAOS. After all, who could not be against something with the initials “KKK”? 🙂

  109. Anybody noticed “Climate Cynic” yet………………..
    There are actually some media messages coming out now now and it is very deliberate, planned. ‘Global Climate Disruption’ I imagine was NOT an off the cuff remark.
    Anybody else come across; ‘Climate Cynic’ yet,
    you know, the new way of saying ‘Climate Deniers’ without the holocaust denial smear…
    From a green media company – Futerra:
    Sell the Sizzle – The New Climate Message
    “Cynics versus Activists
    If you think the climate argument is won, then think again. Myriad climate battles continue to rage. On the science, or the policy response to the science, on the responsibilities of business, government and people, on the right moment to act, on who gets the blame, on who pays, on who benefits…
    However, these battles have largely taken place beneath the public’s radar. Played out between CLIMATE CYNICS and Climate Activists in boardrooms or staterooms but only recently in living rooms.”
    These guys Futerra were way ahead of me…
    They provide their service to the UN environment Program, UK Government,
    In fact, the UK government used them in creating the UK Climate Change Communications strategy.
    Futerra – Rules of the Game.
    “Futerra and The UK Department for Environment published the Rules of the Game on 7 March 2005. The game is communicating climate change; the Rules will help us win it. The document was created as part of the UK Climate Change Communications Strategy.”
    I mentioned DECC earlier – The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) was created in October 2008, bringing together energy policy previously with BERR and Department for Environment.
    And yet, Futerra still can’t quite help themselves though….
    “Sell the Sizzle – The NEW Climate Message”
    “Climate Change Deniers
    Unfortunately, these guys are back (if they ever went away). The edge of this group are the conspiracy theorists who are sure that climate science is an excuse for either (a) the environmentalists to curtail consumption or undermine our way of life, or (b) for the developed world to hold back the developing world.”
    Fun Quotes From – Branding Biodiversity
    “Need is essential
    for policy makers
    and business”
    My favourite:
    “Our audiences are
    emotional rather
    than rational.”
    About Futerra.
    “Futerra is a communications agency. We do
    the things great agencies do; have bright ideas,
    captivate consumers, build energetic websites
    one day and grab OPINION FORMER’S attention
    the next. We’re very good at it. But the real
    difference is that since our foundation in 2001,
    we’ve only EVER worked on green issues,
    corporate responsibility
    and sustainability.
    Not that I’m trying to point it out, they advice the UN ENVIRONMENT Program.
    “Futerra, in partnership with the UN Environment Programme, published Communicating Sustainability: How to produce effective public campaigns in September 2005.”
    So a reasonable, direct from the source, bit of evidence that the ‘creative’ tools of PR are being used by government and the UN, (futerra since 2001) see their client list (Greenpeace, etc) has/is being used to ‘win’ the AGW consensus amongst the public..
    As a bit of popular culture. Anybody remember when ‘carbon footprint’ actually started being widely used…?!?!
    Futerra focus grouped it in 2007….. in ‘Words That Sell’

  110. Try translating them as:
    Global Warming = We know what is going to happen
    Climate Change = We know something is going to happen, but don’t know what.
    Global Climate Disruption = We think something is going to happen, but are not sure.
    and at least they might be heading in the right direction.

  111. Even from their own point of view, I think “Climate Disruption” is a bad choice of words. Who wants to see federal tax money spent to disrupt the climate? Who wants federal grants issued to advance the science of climate disruption?
    Perhaps Republican PR consultant Frank Luntz may have done us all a good turn when he wittingly or unwittingly got them to rebrand the familiar “Global Warming” with the obscure designation: “Climate Change.” [See: Kate (September 17, 2010 at 1:03 am) above.] That change, apparently, did not buy them the enhanced public acceptance they were seeking, so now we have a new name. I suspect this one will even be less successful.

  112. Very anagram friendly 🙂
    global climate disruption
    guilt balanced oil imports
    carbon militia gulped lots
    boiling matriculated slop
    balanced stimuli grip tool
    radicals mount bilge pilot
    maladroit bungle politics
    imploding ritual obstacle
    ballistic gumption reload
    build paternalistic gloom
    liars uncoiled gambit plot
    limp guillotined acrobats
    despotic orbital mulligan
    stall looming pubic tirade
    palm oiled carbonist guilt
    giant custom billiard pole
    gloom slid turbine capital
    outed blip magician trolls
    total carbon pugilism lied
    limping coot radiates bull
    cooled tribal mauling tips

  113. galileonardo says:
    September 16, 2010 at 2:46 pm
    “I propose Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Anomalies, or CACA for short.”
    galileonardo’s suggestion is a tough act to follow, but I’ll put in my 2 cents anyway. How about Global Climate Constipation?
    Why? Because climate in the real world, outside of tidy little computer models, is too bloody irregular!

  114. … or you could have:
    calming editorial subplot
    proclaimed globalist unit
    glacial mindset politburo
    coal tribulation glimpsed
    disclaim rebuttal looping
    caution balloted pilgrims
    ignoble dictatorial slump
    midpoint glacial troubles
    gullible antacid impostor
    lubricated igloo implants
    implacable solid tutoring
    linguistic meatball droop
    blurting localised optima
    botanical god multipliers
    glum tabloid replications
    moralist polecat building
    bloated optical misruling
    alarming publicist tooled
    proclaim disabling outlet
    totalling bum periodicals
    dourest political blaming
    board implicating sellout
    empirical globalist donut
    mortician adopts gullible
    panoramic bulldog elitist
    illogical drumbeat points
    blame toiling duplicators

  115. Inspired by AJB
    A poem
    GLOBAL CLIMATE DISRUPTION (anagrammatically)
    I mount radical bilge plots
    Carbon militia gulped lots
    Guilt balanced oil imports
    Liar’s gambit uncoiled plot
    Total carbon pugilism lied
    Stall looming pubic tirade
    Giant custom billiard pole
    Blip ousted magician troll
    Limping coot radiates bull
    Mortician adopts gullible
    Gloom slid turbine capital
    Balanced stimuli grip tool
    Imploding ritual obstacle
    Marital lip bung diet cools
    Gumption reload ballistic
    Meatball droop linguistic
    Unit proclaimed globalist
    Political blaming dourest
    Tabloid replications glum
    Totalling periodicals bum
    Dourest obligate pill Manic
    I slim grout balloted panic
    Al god multipliers Botanic
    Bulldog elitist panoramic
    Ignoble dictatorial slump
    Despotic orbital mulligan
    Global idiot cultrine spam
    Bungle politics drat, lo I am?

  116. I guess the wiki list that includes Australian Cattle Dog, Autoregressive Conditional Duration, Automatic Call Distributer, Anemia of Chronic Disease, etc. will now have to make room for Anthropogenic Climate Disruption…

  117. Inspired by NoIdea’s verse IV …
    The Balloonist’s Daughter
    Bald unripe climatologist,
    bilingual competitors lad.
    Subtropical model tailing,
    collapsible tritium gonad.
    Platinum bridal ecologist,
    boasting coral multiplied.
    Marital bodices polluting,
    coastal troubling implied.
    Timorous billing placated,
    collating polarities dumb.
    Glamor biscuit pollinated,
    dialing courtliest aplomb.
    Abrupt oscillated moiling,
    logistic ballad importune.
    Cordial lumpiest bloating,
    pleading altruistic bloom.
    Glum pediatric balloonist,
    lubrication galled impost.
    Placid tribunal gloomiest,
    impartial beclouding lost.
    Modulating calibre pistol,
    ballistic proton lug aimed.
    Diabolic seating rump toll,
    lusting lip oil cobra tamed!

  118. For AJB with many thanks.
    [i] Inspired inspiration inspiring [/i]
    Anagrammatically awesome and perfectly defined
    Ideally metered, superbly writ and lovingly rhymed
    That you inspired me, to inspire you, is truly sublime
    Ashamed to think outside the box, it becomes a crime
    If our thoughts are not green and warm inside our mind
    Then we must be eradicated by the brain cops to be kind
    Or it is time to get like them? Talk hot air from our behind!

  119. Could Climate Disruptus be the same as Coitus Interruptus?
    Or, putting it another way, could Climate Interruptus be the same as Coitus Disruptus?

  120. RE: Spector: (September 18, 2010 at 11:06 pm)
    “I guess the wiki list that includes Australian Cattle Dog, Autoregressive Conditional Duration, Automatic Call Distributer, Anemia of Chronic Disease, etc. will now have to make room for Anthropogenic Climate Disruption…”
    It looks like the Australian Cattle Dogs are safe from having the same acronym as the latest name for global CO2 emission phobia because I missed the fact that the full name appears to be “Global Climate Disruption” (GCD) or “Anthropogenic Global Climate Disruption.” (AGCD)…

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