What Australian Media is saying about Rudd, Gillard, and ETS – which looks dead for now

Via the GWPF and Dr. Benny Peiser – here is a summary of articles discussing the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) future in Australian politics. ETS looks “deader ‘n a doornail” right now.


Left, new PM Julia Gillard. Right, Ex PM Kevin Rudd.

This graph (courtesy of David Archibald) may help you gauge the impact of the proposed ETS in Australia:

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Anti-Green Putsch Down Under: Climate Change Delayers Topple Rudd

Julia Gillard has made no concrete commitment on when to put a price on carbon emissions, despite former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd urging his party to try passing an emissions trading scheme after the election. —Tom Arup, The Age 24 June 2010

In the inner sanctum, Julia Gillard had urged that the Rudd government not honour its election commitment for an emissions trading scheme unless the opposition’s Tony Abbott agreed to one. The deputy prime minister argued strongly with her cabinet colleagues that the government should dump the scheme “because it’s hurting us too much” politically, according to cabinet members. Mr Rudd and the Finance Minister, Lindsay Tanner, opposed her inside the so-called Gang of Four ministers which in effect ran the government. –Peter Hartcher, The Sydney Morning Herald, 26 June 2010

He could not have realised it at the time, but Kevin Rudd presaged the misstep that would ultimately trigger his downfall at a hastily convened news conference well after midnight on the final day of the politically disastrous Copenhagen climate conference. — Adam Morton The Age, 26 June 2010

On Monday green campaigners hit the halls of Parliament House with an air of optimism. Kevin Rudd was opening a window on climate change and they had arrived to ”consult”. Most had been invited into the government’s tent. Instead, drama descended on Parliament House on Wednesday night. A coup was on and Rudd looked finished. Was Bourne and the environment movement watching the window slam shut? —The Sydney Morning Herald. 26 June 2010


Of course, my presence in Australia doing a tour presenting factual skeptical arguments on global warming during all of this drama is completely coincidental – Anthony

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  1. Hmmmmm……. Jooolia Gillard in her acceptance speech has stated that she will be “Prosecuting a carbon tax policy” with vigor and at the first available opportunity.

  2. Do these people really think controlling CO2 emissions in Australia is going to make one bit of difference on a global scale? Don’t they realize the coal they’re scheduled to sell to China will far offset any reduction in CO2 they’re proposing for themselves? If that isn’t the height of hypocricy and lack of logic, I don’t know what is.

  3. Those articles your have picked out in your lead peace are from Australia’s warminist press. The Age and Sydney Morning Herald are part of the Fairfax media empire – a warminist supporter.
    Interesting to note that in one of the articles it is stated that the Australian electorate overwhelming support the global warming theory – this is not the case as has been shown by polls.

  4. However do we know anything really ? I guess the key is community consensus. Hard without bipartisan support from both major parties and the greens. How likely is that?
    from: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/politics/carbon-pricing-only-after-public-consensus-gillard-says/story-e6frgczf-1225884127606
    “Ms Gillard, in her first press conference as Prime Minister, said she believed in climate change and expressed disappointment that Australia did not have a price on carbon.
    “And in the future we need one. But first we will need to establish a community consensus for action,” Ms Gillard said.
    Climate Institute chief executive John Connor said Ms Gillard’s words could be code for either delay or action.
    He said the government would need to put a detailed plan on how it would address climate change in its next term if it was to be taken seriously.
    “We’ve seen lack of action cost two prime ministers and two opposition leaders their positions. I hope it is a lesson that is learned by the new Prime Minister,” Mr Connor said.
    WWF Australia chief executive Greg Bourne said Ms Gillard should be given the benefit of the doubt. But he said recent polling showed up to 70 per cent of people supported an ETS which represented a “firm consensus” on taking action on climate change.”

  5. The ETS was the beginning, so don’t write your imprimatur off that lightly Anthony.
    No one could believe it would happen, a mutiny, The new PM who in effect killed off the ETS and to be honest has very little dirt on her hands with it, or even the new miners tax but raw economics dictates over this feely feely touchy stuff.
    They are bleeding left and right. She has had a honeymoon bounce but absolutely nothing like the Primaries and 2PP her predecessor had for most of office term.
    Everyone has to wear some blame, that ETS is one poison rim mug, aaargh, it’s not off an oppositon leader and now a PM.
    The election will be decided in Burbs region and bush. Australia grew up it votes policies and who best to deliver them.

  6. Coincidence? Maybe, but why risk it? I suggest that you take the factual skeptical tour to Washington D.C. ASAP just in case it was NOT coincidence but the proverbial camel straw.

  7. I watched this saga unfold, and I listened very intently to what the new PM had to say about the ETS.
    What she emphasised on more than one occasion is that there “had to be a community consensus” on an ETS.
    To me, that means NO ETS for Australia in the short to medium term.

  8. Actually, the ETS had very little to do with this though it was used to paint KR as back-flipping on climate, which he had termed ‘the greatest moral challenge of out time.’ A proposed tax on mining profits (with adverse implications in Western Australia and Queensland – two mining revenue dependent states) plus KR’s growing unpopularity with the electorate led to the ALP’s (Australian Labor Party) factional (like the the US Democrats’ Tammany Hall) coup. Also, Julia is seriously smart, tough as nails, and a much harder opponent for the Liberal’s Tony Abbott who has his own problems with the electorate – his nickname used to be ‘People Skills’ (Australians make irony into an art form).
    Julia is the supreme pragmatist despite coming from the so-called Victorian Left (and thus theoretically more ideologically driven) faction of the ALP. She’s also managed to unseat a Prime Minister in his first term elected by a landslide – no mean achievement – unless you subscribe to the view that she will be but a puppet of the factions.
    Climate change will henceforth be accorded but a symbolic place in Australian politics akin to our meaningless habit of acknowledging the traditional owners of our land (ie, the Aboriginals) before every public meeting when we have snip-all intention of giving the tiniest portion of any useful land back to them.
    We’re far too dependent on selling our coal and minerals to underwrite China’s industrialisation. Our Green vote is increasing – however, while the Greens may well end up holding the balance of power in our Senate in this year’s Federal election, they’ll probably win at most symbolic concessions.

  9. Rudd intended to pass the ETS and it would fill Lake Eyre. Isn’t it slick how we can now legislate climate change and eliminate drought?

  10. As overjoyed as I am to see Rudd fall, still to be fair we have to acknowledge that it was the Miner’s Tax that was at least as responsible for this turn of events. (if not more responsible)
    This was a confiscatory tax that would have dramatically damaged Australia’s most important industry, and probably would have created a localized depression if enacted. What’s more, the mining interests were organizing to spend an unlimited amount of money to guarantee Labour failed in the next election – that’s what sparked the in-house mutiny.
    Without the mining tax and without ETS, Labour doesn’t have the money it needed to finance all of it’s other plans. That’s why Rudd pushed those two so hard – and now without them, Labour’s entire house of cards is coming down no matter who is in charge.

  11. wws says:
    June 26, 2010 at 8:29 am
    As overjoyed as I am to see Rudd fall, still to be fair we have to acknowledge that it was the Miner’s Tax that was at least as responsible for this turn of events. (if not more responsible)
    And the problem with any tax on a natural resource, particularly mining, is that is reduces the amount of that natural resouce. What happens is a process called “high grading”, wherein only the highest values in the deposit are mined and processed; the rest is left as it is considered “low grade” or “protore” since the tax makes it uneconomical. Since mineral deposits tend to have a lognormal distribution of values, albeit there’s a continum from low to high, the low grade material is covered up by reclamation after mining ceases, unlikely to ever be utilized in the future. The party most affected? Society in general.

  12. They are only trying to “Lead by Example” to get the Big Bad Wolf (China) –excuse me ‘Dragon’– to do what is right and proper and not take over a polluted world too soon. In the persuit of political ideology, everything is fiction.

  13. I agree with the way Chris1958 laid out the scenario, along with wws, and I would point out the whole CAGW push was losing steam among the average Australian public, but bolstered in the MSM by the Age Newspaper and the government supported ABC that virtually suppressed or dismissed any sceptical opposition to CAGW (very biased in that respect) with the Australian newspaper and the Herald Sun as the only ones that would give some media space to views debunking CAGW. We also had to contend with a very vocal group who like the CRU scientists consider they own the funding and climate science as their own and the new wave of government employed environmentalists who toe whatever scientific line that suits the more socialist extreme of a government in power. This is also apparent in the education system with attempts to confuse environment care and concern with the need for children to become Eco warriors in the fight against the scary CO2 that was ruining the whole world (with lots of socialist undertones of course) so a walk up start to selling any scary scenario against our culpability because we use cheap “brown coal” to produce the bulk of our electricity and even if Hydro power is cleaner, you can’t build dams as that is not an environmentally sound way to go!!
    Hardly surprising that there is a hard core of environmental green party supporters just waiting for an opportunity to wield the balance of power in forthcoming elections and with both major electoral parties recently electing new leaders, who must try and capture at least some of the environmental “high ground” or risk having their incoming government hobbled by the need to pander to the green left in either the House of representatives (Lower House) or the Senate (Upper house) if the greens representatives get enough members elected to hold the balance of power (a real prospect, and a shame if it happens) So I think almost mandatory for both of the major parties to at least look like they are embracing and ETS or some form of Carbon Pricing, so its not completely off the table.
    What would be a smart move is to put the scientists on notice that an incoming government will place science under greater scrutiny to weed out junk science claims, by reviewing all funding allocations to “ensure the Australian public has the benefit and service of the best science available, rather than the fanciest and most political that money can buy”

  14. Sorry. Not trying do disown the comment; ‘a, June 26, 2010 at 11:33 am’ is me. Must pay attention!

  15. Canadian MSM ran a story on this a few days back and made the whole thing sound a lot different – as if Rudd had changed his climate stripes [and gone skeptic] — and then that led to a mutiny by climate alarmists who pushed him out. So funny seeing the opposites in spin. Media is at-best entertainment these days – worth consuming solely for an opportunity to have a very hearty laugh at the pure nonsense folks think they can sell. Most people are more concerned about the highlights in their hair than about global problems – just follow the money.

  16. RockyRoad says: “Do these people really think controlling CO2 emissions in Australia is going to make one bit of difference on a global scale? Don’t they realize the coal they’re scheduled to sell to China will far offset any reduction in CO2 they’re proposing for themselves…?”
    And the coal will be sold at distressed prices, too, just as China wanted.
    Cap and Trade: the ripoff that keeps on ripping.

  17. New PM Julia Gillard is saying that an ETS should only be introduced if there is a more widespread international agreement on emission reductions. This is precisely what a lot of us ‘denialists’ have been saying for years, in the face of abuse from Greens and their unquestioning media cheer squad, often taking the form of the term ‘denialist’ with its infuriating holocaust-denier overtones. Australia’s contribution to world CO2 emissions is a paltry 1.4% anyway.
    As previous posters noted, prior PM Rudd’s downfall was primarily due to a scuffle with the miners and a mooted sharp tax impost on them (plus increasingly erratic personal behaviour). However, many Rudd fans of Green hue were already disillusioned when he – after pronouncing AGW to be the greatest moral crisis of our times – deferred the ETS to 2013 to balance the budget.

  18. Don’t forget that Gillard/Swan were one-half of the “Kitchen Cabinet” gang of four (Rudd and Tanner being the other half).
    Gillard has her hands all over the ruinousr policies that brought down Kevin Rudd – for a glimpse see this Ocober 2007 report
    She is clearly an “eat the rich” closet Marxist, who has her hand-prints all over the Resources Super Profits Tax currently doing the rounds.
    Just watch over the next few weeks as her past is sanitised, and effectively “disappears”. Do a screen-cap of her current wiki entr, and come back and compare in two weeks.

  19. Unfortunately, both sides of politics (Liberal and Labor) still have an ETS in some form in their platform; neither are stating they absolutely oppose or disagree with the CAGW rhetoric.
    We can only vote for a party member and not the individual policies propounded by the party, so our vote is not necessarily that we agree with everything they say they stand for. I vote for the party that is most aligned with my view of the world but still have reservations and/or disagree with some aspects of their policies.
    Whichever party gets in, they will state they have a ‘mandate from the people’ to impliment every policy they mentioned in the runup to the election, even though a poll on a specific policy might show ‘the people’ do not agree with that particular policy.
    We still need to push to have the ETS/CPRS or any other policy with the same intent removed from party platforms before it is truly dead.

  20. Les Francis: “Interesting to note that in one of the articles it is stated that the Australian electorate overwhelming support the global warming theory – this is not the case as has been shown by polls.”
    I think the Fairfax papers confuse support of the electorate with support of their readership.

  21. lets face it. does anybody believe what the papers print. god bless australia because nothing will save labour.

  22. a (Allan M) says “Baa! No more KRudd747 jokes”
    Yeah now we have to start up on the “Pommie Commie” jokes 🙂

  23. Like most of our governments they are simply following UN global governance policies. If the UN wants it then they will bring it in any way possible. Look at the EPA and America. In Australia already on our electricity bills there is and ETS component.

  24. Where it’s at in Oz right now:
    1) Rudd dropped the ETS legislation … he was too chicken to push this as an election issue as he support evaporating for the tax as the economy started teetering in the GFC. He took a beating in the polls.
    2) Rudd then picked a fight with the biggest boys in town (mining) in order to make the deficit budget look better after huge spending on schools and insulation schemes during the GFC.
    I said at the time that this would be Rudd’s “last big mistake.” Understandably the mining industry did not like the idea of being the most heavily taxed in the world and lashed out with copious advertising.
    3) Rudd fought back with ads of his own despite promising not to use taxpayer funds for political advertising prior to the last election.
    Game over … Gillard saw the opportunity when the polls started showing a loss of faith in Rudd and she plunged the dagger in swiftly.
    The thing is, the policies have not changed with the incoming first female (and red head) PM. She was part of the inner circle that developed all the bad legislation in the first place. Abbott (opposition leader) will have to push that all the way to the next election without looking like he is being nasty … cos she is female. He’ll probably have to stop flirting with her too LOL

  25. “david elder says:
    June 26, 2010 at 3:20 pm
    New PM Julia Gillard is saying that an ETS should only be introduced if there is a more widespread international agreement on emission reductions. This is precisely what a lot of us ‘denialists’ have been saying for years, in the face of abuse from Greens and their unquestioning media cheer squad, often taking the form of the term ‘denialist’ with its infuriating holocaust-denier overtones. Australia’s contribution to world CO2 emissions is a paltry 1.4% anyway.”
    Meanwhile over in Little Ole New Zealand. The Politicians here and the National Govt are still hellbent on making us ‘World Leading Guinea Pigs’ by bringing in ETS on July 1st. Heck our emissions are only a measlely 0.2-0.4%!

  26. One side comment on gender issue, the move to install Gillard was based on polling numbers with a play to a nascent fem or vogue thing.
    Kevin Rudd had lost Queensland support, there are on enough marginals in our bloody great state to take Labor out of the game, Western Australia is a mining state, therefore ETS and the new Mining profits tax in a truly conservative state, would insure change of government. There other seats in S.A and Tasmania and northern NSW as well.
    But where the panic really set in in is western Sydney and Parts of Victoria in seats labor Power brokers hold, were in danger, The ALP has ever had a Melbourne Sydney focus.
    So they are seeking a fem vote on gender issues, Julia Gillard was insurance from the get go for this. May work but not in Queensland, we had the trick with premier (Governor) a dismal failure and WA.
    Having said that Prime Minister Gillard was hard left socialist in her student days, but she appears pragmatic as she has aged.
    Those marginals I described before vote policies. There are many in Labor who don’t believe in AGW and who appear it’s strongest defenders but that is because they need green preferences to survive. That is the raw politics of the situation.
    Correction for before, “poison rum mug” and “knocked off an opposition leader and Prime Minister”.
    The ETS is delayed right over Horizon.

  27. I do not think that Climate Change featured much in the downfall of Kevin Rudd or will it be a major issue in the election.
    Polls on how important Climate Change is to people are all over the place and depend on who is conducting them. I believe that except for the Greens who represent 12% of the population, the rest couldn’t give a hoot on an ETS and will have many other issues ahead of it when they vote.
    The bottom line will be that Australia will not go ahead on a carbon price, no matter who wins, unless the rest of the world goes with it. It would be economic suicide to do so. And the way Copenhagen went and with Obama’s other pressing problems, I do not think this is about to happen soon. No doubt however it will remain on the back burner.

  28. tango,
    A nit-pick here: The ALP no longer has anything to do with labour.
    They changed the spelling to reflect the change in direction some decades ago.

  29. New Zealand goes ahead with its ETS next week, July 1st, despite a lot of public opposition.
    Government projections for emissions for 2020 are for them to remain the same as 2010 levels.
    Cost? Billions. Outcome? Zero impact on the environment, huge cost to the consumer.

  30. “TWE says:
    June 26, 2010 at 7:11 pm
    Yes she is, it may be nice to see KRudd fall but she will be just as bad or worse. She as good as admitted she is a Fabian Socialist – http://newzeal.blogspot.com/2010/06/red-julia-new-aussie-pms-socialist.html#links
    I tend to agree Gillard appears to be in a similar mould of sorts to our Former NZ Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark. She was a rabid Fabian socialist and did a lot of damage with her control freak ‘driven’ ways this end.
    Of course only time will tell as far as things go. To close to call. It would be prudent IMHO to make sure she doesn’t get elected and be on the safe side when she calls for an OZ election and save yourself a lot possible ‘bigtime’ trouble. 🙂

  31. Did you see the perth weather headlines a couple of days ago – coldest day in years

  32. I should add this to the last post -“Voters have delivered their own to-do list for her.
    Topping the priorities is sorting out the mining tax debacle – a particular threat to Labor’s chances in several marginal seats in resources-rich Queensland.
    Thirty per cent of poll respondents said negotiating a settlement with the mining industry was an urgent must.
    Fast-tracking the health reforms outlined by Mr Rudd is seen as key by 24 per cent of people. Other priorities include getting the Budget back into surplus (18 per cent) and a tougher stance on asylum seekers (13 per cent).
    Introducing an Emissions Trading Scheme – Mr Rudd’s big unfulfilled promise from the 2007 election – is top of the list for 11 per cent of voters.”

  33. Politicians get in trouble when they issue ultimatums …. which turn out to be ‘not true’.
    Gordon Brown : “We have 50 days to save the world” ……………. really ?
    Kevin Rudd : “Tackling climate change is the greatest morale challenge of our generation” ……………. clearly it isn’t.
    I’m not sure what Obama has said … but he should think carefully.

  34. A lot of credit for the change in Australia’s attitude towards AGW needs to be given to radio station 2GB anchored by former Australian football coach Alan Jones. The station was founded by the Theosophical Society which has a long history of scientific scepticisim. The US needs a voice like this.

  35. I find it interesting that Gillard, in her “acceptance speech”, said: “I believe in Climate Change.” Rather neat confirmation that to some politicians, Climate Change is a matter of belief, rather than knowledge. I interpret her comments on the Emissions Trading Scheme as follows:
    (a) It confirms the Rudd administration policy (3 years delay, which in politics means indefinite postponement).
    (b) The “community” needs to be persuaded of Climate Change before an ETS can be implemented. So perhaps we will see more initiatives of the kind seen in Victoria (seminars to public servants on how to deal with “denialism”). Victoria is where Gillard has her seat (I don’t know if that is relevant).
    (c) If (b) fails, the ETS will be dumped (because it too risky at the polls).
    (d) Gillard is holding out the promise of an ETS, in an attempt to attract “green” swing voters at the forthcoming election (which may be very soon). Or at least in order not to lose Labor votes to the Greens.
    Paul Deacon, Christchurch, New Zealand (we hope Anthony will visit us one day…)

  36. In 2.5 years, Labor gave us 160 Billion in debt and a huge list of promises that were either dumped or delivered so badly that all credibility was lost.
    The irony about the electorate mentality downunder is that no matter how bad the track record we will almost certainly vote Labor back in with a new leader based on another new list of promises followed by more debt, as has been the case here in NSW with the state Labor govt. This seems to be Labor’s successful approach to renewable government . 🙂
    In the mean time, the only local realistic means of reducing CO2 (if you believe this is an issue) is new fuel cell technology which has been developed by an Australian company ( http://www.cfcl.com.au/BlueGen/ ), and has been refused by the Labor government as a alternate source of energy for our home grid feed-in solutions because it’s not renewable. This is despite the technology being able to reduce CO2 by over 60% due to improved efficiency of local generation, removing the huge grid system transmission loss. BlueGen industries is now planning to sell it’s technology to Germany. I wish them all the best of luck. – I’m assuming that this technology which threatens the existance of a grid system is seen as a big risk to government owned power utilities, and this is probably why the goverment has run shy on this. This will probably be the case in most other countries.
    We certainly live in strange times !

  37. Can someone please tell John Key, PM for New Zealand, how unpopular ETS is? He’s determined to see it through.

  38. Jeef says:
    June 26, 2010 at 11:14 pm
    Can someone please tell John Key, PM for New Zealand, how unpopular ETS is? He’s determined to see it through.
    Oh he knows all right, so does Nick Smith. They actually don’t care what we think about it and Smith even said he knows the Emissions Trading Scheme will never be popular. They’re going to do it no matter how many people don’t like it, and they know it can’t really be an election issue because they watered down Labour’s ETS by 50%, so that’s our alternative if they get voted out. We’re stuck, no escaping it unfortunately. Even if all our politicians decided to reject CAGW (which will never happen anyway) and all related legislation, how would we look to all the other countries? It would destroy the ‘clean & green’ brand on which our economy relies and would open us up to all sorts of economic attacks from a vindictive UN in future. I know it sucks, but I see now that the current government really doesn’t have a choice regardless of what they believe about CAGW. Smith says NZ can’t be a leader in ‘fixing’ climate change (hence the watering down of Labour’s ETS), but in my opinion we also can’t be a leader in rejecting it, we’re just too small. All NZ’s hopes rest with the complete collapse of CAGW, and international rejection of it.

  39. Les Francis says:
    June 26, 2010 at 5:46 am
    Hmmmmm……. Jooolia Gillard in her acceptance speech has stated that she will be “Prosecuting a carbon tax policy” with vigor and at the first available opportunity.
    Yes i head this said to.
    So far here in new zealand only 2 power companys have put the ETS tax on to customers the rest are holding off sofar. Once this ETS starts on thursday their no turning back. The flow on effect will be huge 🙁 .

  40. Oh, Mr Watts!
    Do you remember the vote of thanks from Mr Small after your talk in Hamilton?
    His plea to your audience to think for themselves and not place their trust in the media or politicians.
    Australia will have an ETS after the next election when labor is re-elected. 🙁
    The election will not be fought on the ETS.
    It will be introduced perhaps in the same manner that is outlined above by TWE for New Zealand.
    It won’t matter that it is not electorally popular, the Government simply wants the money and the control.
    And there do seem to be a surprising number of people on blogs and in the media adamantly stating that there is no way Gillard will bring in an ETS …now.
    Ho Hum.
    Please, read the posts and comments at the Left leaning Australian Blogs “Lavartus Prodeo” and “Club Troppo”.
    We must continue to keep the reality of the dubious temperature data front and centre.

  41. “Climate change” is only a hyped political tool for useless politicians who have nothing consistant to tell….
    Has Australia a kind of younger J.HOWARD ?
    Socialists are has been ,out of touch, who led europe to the current mess with their uncontrolled lunatic wellfare states!
    And OBAMA will not stay long despite the MSM bias

  42. Jeef says:
    June 26, 2010 at 11:14 pm
    Can someone please tell John Key, PM for New Zealand, how unpopular ETS is? He’s determined to see it through.
    Jeef – I wrote to John Key recently. The letter was also published in the July issue of Investigate magazine, should you wish to read it.
    Paul Deacon, Christchurch, New Zealand

  43. I didn’t expect ETS to fly since late last year when it suddenly went from smooth sailing to an alomst walkout. I’m glad Rudd went simply becasue he appointed Conroy, who truly scares me.
    I think in the next election my vote will go to whoever can keep him as far away from government as possible

  44. spill
    1 a archaic : kill, destroy b : to cause (blood) to be lost by wounding

    True, and from within PM Rudd’s own party
    2 : to let out : divulge
    True, the secret is out, AGW policies make no sense to Australians
    3 : to relieve (a sail) from the pressure of the wind
    True, if the labor party face losses in the next election with Rudd, putting in a new face relieves some pressure
    4 : to throw off or out
    Or is that really him with a red wig
    So that is a “spill.” It’s just that I am not familiar enough with Australian politics to understand or appreciate any real gain to the voters.

  45. « Gillard: how to lie and stab your way to the topGillard’s ‘sustainable population’ idea = more abortion
    June 27th, 2010
    A population control pressure group has issued a call for the Australian government to institute a one-child policy to ensure the continent’s environmental and economic “sustainability.” Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) said this week that Australia’s 22 million people must be reduced to 7 million and that restricting each couple to one baby, as China does, is “one way of assisting to reduce the population” and avoiding “environmental suicide.”
    And now its coming out whats its all about.

  46. I am surprised. I predicted KRudd747 would be but a one term wonder, but who’d a thought he’d be less than a one term wonder? Gillard is a dangerous person, and I feel Australia will suffer greatly. Gillard was one of the party backstabbers which helped end the ETS as it was.
    On another matter, the big chill downunder. Sydney had it’s coldest June morning in 27 years.

  47. Until Russia, India and China are willing to change their ways, no binding global carbon tax is meaningful. Thanks goodness the politicians in some realise that introducing an unfair tax will cripple their economies. The tide is finally turning on the global CAGW climate change scam – heads must roll…

  48. I think it is clear that Anthony needs to have a fully funded tour of the entire world. Do it for the children…. and the polar bears…
    Wonder what would happen if Anthony attended a speech by Al Gore? The implosion on stage would be an awesome sight 😉

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