The scandal deepens – IPCC AR4 riddled with non peer reviewed WWF papers

All the years I’ve been in TV news, I’ve observed that every story has a tipping point. In news, we know when it has reached that point when we say it “has legs” and the story takes on a life of its own. The story may have been ignored or glossed over for weeks, months, or years until some new piece of information is posted and starts to galvanize people. The IPCC glacier melt scandal was the one that galvanized the collective voice that has been saying that the IPCC report was seriously flawed and represented a political rather than scientific view. Now people are seriously looking at AR4 with a critical eye  and finding things everywhere.

Remember our friends at World Wildlife Fund? Those schlockmeisters that produced the video of planes flying into New York with explicit comparisons to 9/11?


The caption in the upper right reads: “The tsunami killed 100 times more people than 9/11. The planet is brutally powerful. Respect it. Preserve it.”

Well it turns out that the WWF is cited all over the IPCC AR4 report, and as you know, WWF does not produce peer reviewed science, they produce opinion papers in line with their vision. Yet IPCC’s rules are such that they are supposed to rely on peer reviewed science only. It appears they’ve violated that rule dozens of times, all under Pachauri’s watch.

A new posting authored by Donna Laframboise, the creator of (Toronto, Canada) shows what one can find in just one day of looking.

Here’s an extensive list of documents created or co-authored by the WWF and cited by this Nobel-winning IPCC AR4 report:

  • Allianz and World Wildlife Fund, 2006: Climate change and the financial sector: an agenda for action, 59 pp. [Accessed 03.05.07: filelibrary/pdf/allianz_rep_0605.pdf]
  • Austin, G., A. Williams, G. Morris, R. Spalding-Feche, and R. Worthington, 2003: Employment potential of renewable energy in South Africa. Earthlife Africa, Johannesburg and World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Denmark, November, 104 pp.
  • Baker, T., 2005: Vulnerability Assessment of the North-East Atlantic Shelf Marine Ecoregion to Climate Change, Workshop Project Report, WWF, Godalming, Surrey, 79 pp.
  • Coleman, T., O. Hoegh-Guldberg, D. Karoly, I. Lowe, T. McMichael, C.D. Mitchell, G.I. Pearman, P. Scaife and J. Reynolds, 2004: Climate Change: Solutions for Australia. Australian Climate Group, 35 pp. publications/acg_solutions.pdf
  • Dlugolecki, A. and S. Lafeld, 2005: Climate change – agenda for action: the financial sector’s perspective. Allianz Group and WWF, Munich [may be the same document as “Allianz” above, except that one is dated 2006 and the other 2005]
  • Fritsche, U.R., K. Hünecke, A. Hermann, F. Schulze, and K. Wiegmann, 2006: Sustainability standards for bioenergy. Öko-Institut e.V., Darmstadt, WWF Germany, Frankfurt am Main, November
  • Giannakopoulos, C., M. Bindi, M. Moriondo, P. LeSager and T. Tin, 2005: Climate Change Impacts in the Mediterranean Resulting from a 2oC Global Temperature Rise. WWF report, Gland Switzerland. Accessed 01.10.2006 at
  • WWF, 2004: Deforestation threatens the cradle of reef diversity. World Wide Fund for Nature, 2 December 2004.
  • WWF, 2004: Living Planet Report 2004. WWF- World Wide Fund for Nature (formerly World Wildlife Fund), Gland, Switzerland, 44 pp.
  • WWF (World Wildlife Fund), 2005: An overview of glaciers, glacier retreat, and subsequent impacts in Nepal, India and China. World Wildlife Fund, Nepal Programme, 79 pp.
  • Zarsky, L. and K. Gallagher, 2003: Searching for the Holy Grail? Making FDI Work for Sustainable Development. Analytical Paper, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Switzerland

Finally, there are these authoritative sources cited by the IPCC – publications with names such as Leisure and Event Management:

  • Jones, B. and D. Scott, 2007: Implications of climate change to Ontario’s provincial parks. Leisure, (in press)
  • Jones, B., D. Scott and H. Abi Khaled, 2006: Implications of climate change for outdoor event planning: a case study of three special events in Canada’s National Capital region. Event Management, 10, 63-76

Not only should Pachauri resign, the Nobel committee should be deluged by world citizenry demanding they revoke the Nobel prize granted to the body that produced this document.

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Patrick Davis

This was one of my very first thougts when I read about the IPCC using rubbish graphics from Wikipedia and then the Himalayan glaciaer “error”. I mean, what else could possibly be wrong in IPCC reports/statements etc?

As the tip of the Climategate iceberg melts away, we see an international alliance of politicians, scientists and publishers using public funds to manufacture “scientific certainty” of CO2-induced global warming.
Nearby was the world’s new saviour – Mr. Al Gore.
That’s how it looks from here,
Oliver K. Manuel
Former NASA PI for Apollo


Typo in third paragraph. “… are supposed to relay on…” should be “…are supposed to rely on…”
[Fixed, thanks. ~dbs]


It looks like the WWF has removed all the linked documents. They’re quick.


Sorry! They’re simply desorganized. This one works: filelibrary/pdf/allianz_rep_0605.pdf

Phil's Dad

I think I would give the last two more credence than any of the sixteen preceding ones.

Craig Moore

If Alfred Nobel were still alive, he might say this is dynamite. Will there be a recall?

Richard Sharpe

Yet IPCC’s rules are such that they are supposed to relay on peer

Fluffy Clouds (Tim L)

the temps are dropping and so will the house of cards built by the cagw team!


I wonder exactly how many WWF “papers” show up in the reference lists over the whole WGs 1, 2 and 3 Reports…….

Honest ABE

I came across this from NASA:
Their chart description amusingly says the antarctic has been losing ice since 2002, but it actually shows it gaining mass for several years before losing mass.

I find that most of the links are now inactive. Wondering if this is happening because of the attention. It seems like IPCC referenced material ought to be available.


@Patrick Davis: It might be easier to list what the IPCC got right.
Frankly, if the IPCC were to declare that water is wet I would insist on independent verification from a non-UN/non-WWF affiliated organization before believing it.

Tom G(ologist)

“Not only should Pachauri resign, the Nobel committee should be deluged by world citizenry demanding they revoke the Nobel prize granted to the body that produced this document.”
And the one given to Gore – The imbecile’s imbecile.


from a bishop hill comment re Dr Murari Lal:
From the WWF web site:
Climate Witness Science Advisory Panel (SAP)
Prof. Dr Murari Lal, specialises in global and regional climate variability, scenario development, regional environmental change, sectoral vulnerability assessment (water, biodiversity and agriculture), landscape ecology, biophysical remote sensing – GIS applications, ecosystem modeling, regional adaptation & mitigation potential, water resource management; Environment and Carbon Trading Group Halcrow Consulting India Ltd., India
About Prof. Murari Lal
Lead or Co-ordinating Author on several chapters of IPCC Assessment Reports
About Halcrow Consulting:
“Environment and Carbon Trading Group Halcrow Consulting India Ltd., India”
Carbon Trading is part of the Environment Division, now that is a surprise.
From the CRU website we see the WWF funds the CRU. I wonder where a charity gets the money to fund climate research?
The WWF funds the CRU
Murari Lal->WWF->CRU
Murari Lal-> Halcrow Consulting->Carbon Trading
How about we skip the middle man:
Carbon Trading-> Halcrow Consulting-> WWF->CRU->IPCC
And simplify.
Carbon Trading->WWF->CRU->IPCC
Carbon Trading->CRU->IPCC
Carbon Trading->IPCC
Carbon Trading->IPCC->Carbon Trading

In light of the continuous stream of revelations about the IPCC, it is worth a second look at the IPCC’s Organization webpage:

Mick J

This article at the London telegraph reports the senior Chinese CC man as saying the science is not settled, the reaction is interesting and also the comment that such a statement undermines the BASIC countries seeking of remuneration from the West!
Now that is a surprise!
The four countries have joined forces to intensify pressure on the United States and Europe to fulfil promises to cut their emissions and give more than $10 billion (£6.2 billion) to those countries worst affected by climate change by the end of this year.
Environment ministers from the four countries voiced their frustration at the US for failing to lead the way with carbon emission reductions despite being responsible for much of the emissions most scientists believe to be the cause of global warming.
But Mr Xie, China’s vice-chairman of national development and reforms commission, later said although mainstream scientific opinion blames emissions from industrial development for climate change, China is not convinced.
“There are disputes in the scientific community. We have to have an open attitude to the scientific research. There’s an alternative view that climate change is caused by cyclical trends in nature itself. We have to keep an open attitude,” he said.
“It is already a solid fact that climate is warming. The major reasons for this climate change is the unconstrained emissions produced by the developed countries in the process of industrialisation. That’s the mainstream view [but] there are other views. Our attitude is an open attitude”.
India and South Africa’s environment ministers appeared to be baffled by his comments.The Indian delegrate, Jairam Ramesh, said he did not believe his Chinese counterpart had meant what he said, while South Africa’s minister Buyelwa Sonjica said she could not “second guess” what Mr Xie had meant by his comments.
They appeared to undermine the new group’s main argument, that Western developed countries should pay for poor countries to switch to low carbon models because its emissions had caused climate change.

When I see “WWF”, so help me, I still think “World Wrestling Federation” …


This one:
examines temperatures in the mediterranean. Most of it is done with IPCC GCMs so it’s all computer fairytale anyway. They compute a temp anomaly of +2 deg C reached between 2026 to 2060. Which is ludicrous IMHO but, well, how can you argue against a fairytale.


Couldn’t agree anymore, i noticed that the Australian finally started reporting on this.

It is easy to get confused between the World Wildlife Fund and World Wrestling Entertainment. Here is how to tell them apart: One gets crowds wildly excited with staged antics, bizarre plot lines and unbelievable hype. The other stages wrestling exhibitions.

Isn’t it funny how most dam breaks start with one little leak………

K. Bray in California, High up, USA

I removed an extra space before “file” and it seems to work.

Roger Carr

Tom G(ologist) (18:37:25) : And the one given to Gore – The imbecile’s imbecile.
That may be the lad’s only defense, Tom, but it will be difficult to make it stick.
imbecile — a person with limited mental capacity who can perform tasks and think only like a young child


“When I see “WWF”, so help me, I still think “World Wrestling Federation””
The pity of it is, that the highly scripted antics in the WWF ring, now seem to bear more resemblence to reality than the pontifications of the IPCC in AR4.

R Dunn

Too bad they lost that lawsuit years ago over the initials “WWF.” I think the World Wrestling Federation would have been a more credible source.
It’s not science, it’s entertainment.

K. Bray in California, High up, USA

That’s the first time I have seen that image of NYC with the airplanes and I feel like vomiting… Who are these guys???!!!


pat (18:37:29) : ;
Yes, pat I put that there.
This list of documents goes beyond just one carbon trader.
So was the money and influence from more then one carbon trader being channeled through the WWF to both the CRU and the IPCC?
Has the WWF become no more than and money and influence launderer for Big Carbon?


The opinion is settled.

Patrick Davis

“David (18:48:51) :
Couldn’t agree anymore, i noticed that the Australian finally started reporting on this.
While coverage like this is good to see in the Australian MSM, we need to see more of it on the idiot box for it to be noticed.
Hummm, thinking about that for a moment….won’t happen, too much cricket, tennis, cycling etc etc on TV to be bothered with real news.

Mike Bryant

The IPCC is a laughingstock… Any climate scientist with even an ounce of credibility left must wash his hands of CAGW TOMORROW…
Monday, January 25, 2010…
Any scientist or scientific organization that doesn’t speak up quickly will be considered part of this laughable hoax…
The clock is ticking guys…

JRR Canada

Image.. an earthen dam as the seepage first turns to a torrent.As Jerome notes.The false authority of the IPCC and the Agenda are crumbling,the fraud is dead.Far sooner than I imagined while reading the CRU tape letters.Way too funny.Their sacred earth has a sense of humour,something these lying eco-nazi types really lack.2010 is the new end of the world,for the nutjobs who tried to claim science when they spout religion.Note to can and will be verified/falsified not made up to suit your belief.Post modern science sure got old fast.


[snip – lose the label, and you can post it again]

For those of you who haven’t seen the offensive WWF 9/11 video, which the WWF has tried to suppress:
Here’s WWF’s admission and apology:
If you donate to WWF you are funding alarmist propaganda, not preserving wildlife.

Patrick Davis

“K. Bray in California, High up, USA (19:04:15) :
That’s the first time I have seen that image of NYC with the airplanes and I feel like vomiting… Who are these guys???!!!”
Have you seen the animation with polar bears falling out of the sky? That’s a corker too.

L Gardy LaRoche

BEN PILE guest posting on Pielke Jr site

What attracted our attention most, however, was this claim
According to the IPCC, climate change could halve yields from rain-fed crops in parts of Africa as early as 2020, and put 50 million more people worldwide at risk of hunger. [Pg. 2]
We looked to see if it was true. All we could find in the IPCC report was this:
In other [African] countries, additional risks that could be exacerbated by climate change include greater erosion, deficiencies in yields from rain-fed agriculture of up to 50% during the 2000-2020 period, and reductions in crop growth period (Agoumi, 2003). [IPCC WGII, Page 448. 9.4.4]


Suddenly, out of the blue this
From: Phil Jones
To: “Michael E. Mann”
Subject: IPCC & FOI
Date: Thu May 29 11:04:11 2008
Can you delete any emails you may have had with Keith re AR4?
Keith will do likewise. He’s not in at the moment – minor family crisis.
Can you also email Gene and get him to do the same? I don’t
have his new email address.
We will be getting Caspar to do likewise.
I see that CA claim they discovered the 1945 problem in the Nature paper!!
takes on a life of it’s own.
Makes you wonder who was responsible for getting all that WWF stuff in AR4.

I think one kind of news story “gets legs” is one simple enough to be covered in the minute or two that can be allocated on the nightly news. Trying to explain why rising CO2 leads to warming (or why there’s no warming despite rising CO2 of course) requires a lot of time.
The UN relying on a WWF magazine article that was wrong fits in the newscast. To explain all the steps and how screwed up the final product is takes quite a bit more time, but the complete story isn’t necessary.
Throw in a director who insists it’s just one little mistake, and now you have conflict to provide some human interest beyond the scientific and environmental interest.

DJ Meredith

As Michael Mann would quickly point out, the issue is a result of a simple typo, and doesn’t change the science.
The IPCC standard is not “peer-reviewed”, it’s “BEER-reviewed”.
WWF it would seem would also be more accurately described as World Wide Fibbers.

D Boon

You’re reading the chart wrong. The growth becomes negative (or in other words Antartica is losing ice) since mid 2006, not since 2002.
At least according your link (

a jones

As I observed elsewhere this is a great scientific, financial and political fraud. And as with all frauds once the dominoes start to topple the collapse accelerates with terrifying speed.
So fast that I at least can hardly keep up.
And although there is immense inertia in those who have invested so heavily in the fraud, from the political activists to the Meeja to the politicians themselves once there is sufficient impetus in the avalanche they have to give way. The politicians will say they were deceived but acted in good faith, the Meeja never apologises for anything, and the activists will say they were only trying to get a point across, see WWF announcement over glaciers.
Yet possibly for the first time we are seeing what t’internet and the WWW can really do.
The Indian press is hot on the story, something we would have never known even a few years ago.
Isn’t modern technology a wonderful thing?
And if you want to commit an old style worldwide fraud like this then you are a little late, today the world talks instantly around the globe: and a very good thing too.
Because in the end this fraud was exposed by small toilers in the vineyards around the world slowly but surely putting the pieces together. Via the WWW. Lots of pieces but lots and lots of toilers. Some greater than others, some less, some mistaken, some misguided and some with only a small contribution to make.
No matter, that is the way of the world, and they gradually built their case, brick by brick, into a formidable body of knowledge that confounds the fraudsters, forgers, charlatans and mountebanks and the financiers, scoundrels and politicians who sought to profit from it.
Now these corrupt creatures are learning they are not the masters of the universe anymore. Nor since it has seen the writing on the wall for many years is the Meeja.
Science, natural philosophy, is a wonderful thing, and not the exclusive province of so called experts however highly paid.
So it is a brave new world my friends and I hope a better one.
But I am afraid like original sin fraud, forgery, and self serving politicians will always be with us and no doubt they will change their tune too. Adaptation or evolution do you think? We can debate that in due course.
For the moment let us rejoice in the confusion of those charlatans and mountebanks who not only deceived the world but are now found out.
Or good riddance to bad rubbish as gran’mere used to say.
Kindest Regards

D Boon

Amusing how 1 minute after posting I now see what you meant. My apologies for TheGoodLocust…


Shrinking Glaciers, Shrinking Arctic; Science so simple that even Mark Twain could do it.

“Therefore, the Mississippi between Cairo and New Orleans was twelve hundred and fifteen miles long one hundred and seventy-six years ago. It was eleven hundred and eighty after the cut-off of 1722. It was one thousand and forty after the American Bend cut-off. It has lost sixty-seven miles since. Consequently its length is only nine hundred and seventy-three miles at present.
In the space of one hundred and seventy-six years the Lower Mississippi has shortened itself two hundred and forty-two miles. That is an average of a trifle over one mile and a third per year. Therefore, any calm person, who is not blind or idiotic, can see that in the Old Oolitic Silurian Period,’ just a million years ago next November, the Lower Mississippi River was upwards of one million three hundred thousand miles long, and stuck out over the Gulf of Mexico like a fishing-rod. And by the same token any person can see that seven hundred and forty-two years from now the Lower Mississippi will be only a mile and three-quarters long, and Cairo and New Orleans will have joined their streets together, and be plodding comfortably along under a single mayor and a mutual board of aldermen. There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.”


in NW California, just out of the snowline, USA
K. Bray in California, High up, USA (19:04:15) :
Those people are tasteless and rather crass, never ones to let a good crisis or disaster go to waste.

Not Amused

Holy ripped nylons, Batman !
*spews coffee all over keyboard*
Opinionated propaganda piece (otherwise known as AR4) is finally getting revealed for what it is.
Where’s George Carlin when we need him ?

Patrick Davis (19:20:42) :
“Have you seen the animation with polar bears falling out of the sky? That’s a corker too.”
That’s this one from Plane Stupid:

Warmists have had no shame and they will receive the comeuppance that they deserve…

What is it with people from Toronto? First Steve M and now Donna L? I’m going to have to step up here and do my bit for our city.

Of course, the WWF is now distancing itself from the problem, as well.
This is the erratum:
On page 29 of the following report WWF included the following statement:
“In 1999, a report by the Working Group on Himalayan Glaciology (WGHG) of the International Commission for Snow and Ice (ICSI) stated: `glaciers in the Himalayas are receding faster than in any other part of the world and, if the present rate continues, the livelihood[sic] of them disappearing by the
year 2035 is very high.'”
This statement was used in good faith but it is now clear that this was erroneous and should be disregarded.
The essence of this quote is also used on page 3 in the Executive summary where it states: The New Scientist magazine carried the article “Flooded Out – Retreating glaciers spell disaster for valley communities” in their 5 June 1999 issue. It quoted Professor Syed Hasnain, then Chairman of the
International Commission for Snow and Ice’s (ICSI) Working Group on Himalayan Glaciology, who said most of the glaciers in the Himalayan region “will vanish within 40 years as a result of global warming”.
This statement should also be disregarded as being unsound.
WWF regret any confusion this may have caused.”

Heh. “unsound”. The WWF staffer who had to write this must have been choking on bile….
See the full WWF glacier .pdf at
Pathetic creatures.

David Ball

The wheels were long gone, the bus is now being torn to shreds. The MSM has to take notice eventually, don’t they?