All of Britain covered by snow

No it’s not a time warp photo of Dicken’s time, it’s from the NASA MODIS satellite imager this week. This is like one of those “spot the cow in this photo” images, looking for the UK in a sea of white.

click to enlarge - the outline of the UK is clearly visible right of center - image: NASA

It must be having quite an impact in the UK. According to UK resident and WUWT commenter “borderer”:

Every single newspaper in the UK has published the following satellite image of the UK today – it shows the entire country in glowing white – snow and ice now appears the entire British Isles from John O’ Groats at the Northern tip of Scotland – to Landsend in Cornwall.

Despite this – and we are now in our 25th day of sub zero temperatures – the MET Office put up a spokesman on Newsnight last evening claiming that their forecast for a ‘very mild winter’ had ‘only been a probability!!

In other news, the Met Head gets paid extra even for botched forecasting. Remember the “BBQ summer” forecast?


“Mr. Hirst, you predicted a barbeque summer for 2009 – we don’t remember that – and a mild winter for this winter, which hasn’t happened. Why did you get a massive performance related bonus?

h/t to Kate at SDA


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Would Al Gore and the MET Office be willing to take questions now?
Oliver K. Manuel

Can anyone else see Michael Jackson’s face in that photo, or is it just me?

On one hand I love how wrong the Met office was, on the other hand I feel so bad for the people in England. That must suck.

We’ve got more snow coming Sunday, and guess where is going to be hit hardest?
Wait for it…
East Anglia…right where the CRU is! There IS a god.

… muor’ please!


BBC at lunchtime, UK and Europe is cold but Canda is warm so it all balances out. Doh


Quite a change in albedo. Now what did those warmers say about feedback??

D. Ch.

Where’s Ireland?

Ian Innes

“cough” —- Scotsman here,
I can assure you we have some snow here to and minus 22 Celcius last night, It’s just we deal with it better than them “doon south”. And sure the Welsh have a dusting as well. As for Northern Ireland?
Perhaps UK covered or Britain covered?
Excellent site btw keep up the good work

Michael S

Incredible. Might want to change the headline to “All of Britain” to emphasize that Wales is covered as well.
REPLY: Good suggestion, done. -A


Actually it is not merely ‘England’ which is buried in snow and ice; it is England, Scotland and Wales – separate kingdoms -each with its own devolved parliament – but collectively known as the ‘United Kingdom’ – or UK. Not being pedantic but the Scots and the Welsh get very pissed off when Americans refer to the UK as ‘England’.


See that top bit – that’s called Scotland
See that bit 3/4 of the way down to the West – that’s called Wales

Richard Sharpe

Despite this – and we are now in our 25th day of sub zero temperatures – the MET Office put up a spokesman on Newsnight last evening claiming that their forecast for a ‘very mild winter’ had ‘only been a probability!!

I guess that there is only a probability that the Met Office is worth all that money that the UK spends on them, then.


On the BBC TV news last night, the Ever-More-Idiotic David Shukman trotted out the well-reheased, ‘Weather and climate are not the same thing’ mantra to justify that one severe winter does not change the facts about climate change (Warming!)
Yet how often in the past has he siezed on a one-off weather event (hotter-than-usual-summer or heavy rainfall creating flash floods) to ‘prove’ man-made climate change?
If only he realised how stupid he appears he would chuck it all in and take up something useful like needlework.

Peter Whale

I think that the MET office are probably warmist propagandists. But then I don’t have a billion pound computer/ budget running duff models to do my thinking for me so I could probably be much more accurate about them than they are about the weather/climate. The sad thing is they are paid out of my taxes.


Yes, I watched Newsnight last night, particularly the debate between apologist A and apologist-apologist B (I can’t remember their names), with Jeremy Vine asking the questions. Much of the discussion centred on use of probabilities in weather forecasting. Vine asked an important question however, with respect to how confident we could be in the very long term climate models, given the abject failure of the short and medium term models. The apologist and the apologist-apologist pointed out that the models were “validated”, so there was nothing to worry about. We can have much more confidence in them than in “forecast” models, such as those used to predict the weather a few months in advance.
HAHA (sorry for the demented laughter),
I wrote a letter of complaint to the BBC about article bias, as they didn’t front anyone to explain how useless the models are in general, including the very long term models, when it is obvious to all but the most stupid cretin that these people do nothing other than spout crap. I also pointed out that the models are calibrated to past temperatures not “validated”. Calibration is, in essence, an excersise in curve fitting.

Alan the Brit

“Despite this – and we are now in our 25th day of sub zero temperatures – the MET Office put up a spokesman on Newsnight last evening claiming that their forecast for a ‘very mild winter’ had ‘only been a probability!!”
Damned ^&*%$ and F£!$%*%$ every last one of them, & those are just the polite words you can use in front of your Great Aunt! At least Andrew Neil of the Politics Show is starting to do his homework with his figures & roasting the Head of the Met Office, who kept droning on & on about how recognised the Met Office is around the world for its leading ability to make accurate short-term weather forecasts, but of course sidesteps the issue about Climate Change forecasting by claiming it is a different area (& an infant one at that) of science. I for one would like to know just who are the independent sources who have verified this amazing claim! The IPCC & the WMO I suspect.


So the glaciers in the UK are not yet melting?


Amy chance you could change your headline to reflect both the photograph and the article? It’s not just England.


It looks like a kind of a new “Greenland”. Are the members of the Catlin expedition down there?

Ed Zuiderwijk

O s..t, the next ice age has started without us noticing it. Today must be the day after tomorrow.

Alan the Brit

BTW, just refer to us as the British Isles as that way you cover everybody as even Ireland is in that part.


Thanks for changing the headline.


Each with its own devolved parliament, Borderer? I think not. Scotland and Wales, yes……England, No!
South of the border we are lumbered with a cabal of incompetent Scots led by Gormless Brow.
Still, not for much longer!


There is a good article with this photo describing the appalling state of the weather in the UK – here:
Here in the Scottish Borders we are suffering our 27th day when the temperature has rarely risen above zero and this is our 23rd day of continuous snow cover. Many main roads have been closed and side roads are only passable by 4WD or tractor. Cattle and sheep are in grave danger as it is now very difficult for farmers to reach hill flocks – and with 4 feet of snow on the hills they cannot feed themselves.
“Britain is facing the coldest night of the winter so far tonight as the death toll from the freezing weather continues to rise.
Temperatures are expected to drop to lower than -20C in the Scottish Highlands tonight, following lows of -17.7C in Benson, Oxfordshire and -15C in Manchester overnight – the same temperatures found in domestic freezers.
Meteogroup forecaster Andy Ratcliffe said the Scottish Highlands will be worst hit by tonight’s icy blast.
He said: ‘It Scotland it could be the coldest night of the winter for Britain, with temperatures as low as the minus 20s in the Highlands.
‘Snow showers will creep in to parts of East Anglia, Kent and Scotland again overnight and tomorrow.
‘There will also be a windchill factor going into the weekend making many areas, even in daytime, feel like minus 7C.’
Roads, trains and airports were also subjected to another day of havoc.
Huge queues formed at Eurostar terminals after a train broke down inside the Channel Tunnel for two hours earlier today. It comes just weeks after thousands of passengers were stranded after a number of trains broke down before Christmas.
Nearly all train companies reported disrupted services, with commuters suffering from both a reduction in frequency on routes and problems caused by broken-down trains. Southeastern trains cancelled several services in Kent, while snow chains were fitted to buses on major routes in Brighton.
By 12.30pm today, the Automobile Association had attended around 11,000 breakdowns since midnight. British Airways axed flights at Gatwick and Heathrow and EasyJet cancelled around 70 flights at Gatwick.”

P Wilson

‘very mild winter’ had ‘only been a probability!!
Thats reassuring. The whole AGW is based on probability.
Dr. Bob (08:07:15) :
Yes, we’re enjoying this phase of global warming. At the moment it is whiter than Greenland here in the UK

At -21c UK is as cold as the South Pole: Biggest freeze for 30 years wreaks havoc (and there are 10 more days to come)
By Beth Hale
Last updated at 9:53 AM on 08th January 2010
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Deep freeze Britain was as cold as the South Pole as temperatures plummeted to a staggering minus 21c.
Amid increasing fears of an energy crisis, the country is locked in the biggest chill for nearly 30 years.
The mercury sank to minus 21.2C (minus 6.2F) in parts of the Scottish Highlands – considerably colder than some home freezers – with bitterly cold temperatures everywhere else on another day of widespread weather disruption

Henry chance

Joe Bastardi predicted this. He is now being denigrated and flogged for this over at Climate Progress. They hate Joe.. Not just the snow. it is the frigid air that came along.
Just drink the koolaid and feel the warmth.

John Galt

.001 chance is still just a “probability”


That’s the consequence of a negative feedback from anthropogenic CO2, as models have shown, so it is the final proof of Global Warming as preached by the illuminated (not by electricity-just in case-) most revered Saint “Al Baby” Gore; be praised in his glory!

Richard Tyndall

Dr Bob,
don’t feel sorry for us. Anyone with any sense has made sure they are prepared for this and to be honest those who weren’t only have themselves to blame.
Actually it is no where near as bad as the media like to make out. Remember for them everything has to be a disaster. Yes it is inconveniencing people and shutting a lot of schools etc, but people are generally just giving themselves more time to get about, helping each other and being a bit more resourceful than usual.
And of course it make sthe Met Office look very very stupid which is always a bonus.
It is likely to last at least another 10 days and I for one am loving it. Mind you I work much of my time in Norway so perhaps I am not the best person to reflect on this 🙂

Douglas DC

Nice day here in NE Oregon, we haven’t had our real winter-yet. Local
warmists are screaming EL NINO!Hansen!Algore!-they are riiight!Ok.
Wait.This is a 1960’s/70’s pattern. I have lived this.That said I am very sorry
that the United Kingdom has to put up with this.I Hope the politicians there learn from this.I don’t have much hope for the USA-until the election…

Retired Dave

I know you Borderer’s don’t think your Scots or English, but Scotland and Wales might have their own devolved parliament, but us English don’t. Only being picky mate, and a little tetchy perhaps!!.
For non-Brits on here.
Great Britain is Scotland, Wales and England
United Kingdom is the same, but adds in Northern Ireland as well.
Which is why a UK passport says Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the front.
On topic – What a fantastic image!!!!! You can still see why Ireland is called the Emerald Isle though, or perhaps they are still getting Global Warming??

Nothing to see here, move along. Warmer is cooler, white is black, up is down.
Obviously, the current spell of extreme CAGW warm-cool is a denialist plot. I blame the Republicans. If only we had more windmills. BTW, the predicted cannibalism should be getting underway soon. Pass the Worchestershire sauce.

North Bound

More of the Gore , Obama puppet show.
I think it may be Al’s hand effecting the flapping of Obama’s mouth and ear’s.


Will that photograph be presented as a proof in the prosecution against those implicated in the “Climate-Gate” conspiracy?


I think part of the reason we are not prepared for this, with adequate numbers of snow ploughs and supplies of grit and salt, is that local councils like everyone else, have been fooled into thinking there would be no more snow in British winters. Certainly in the south of England. I’m now on my third day of working from home this year, have cancelled flights to Dublin for next week, and have sent husband down to the supermarket to do battle for a loaf of bread (I’ve been on conference calls all afternoon). I am sort of worried that this might be the reversal-in-direction-of-the-gulf-stream thing that warmists have warmed us about, as northern Canada seems to be getting our milder weather. Should I be worried?


Make it a ton of snow (metric ton) for East Anglia! All Hail Discordia!


I live in England and I am now quite fed up and tired of all this compulsary sledging (its usually a given that you have to sledge for the few hours of yearly snow) but its been three days now and as I’m unemployed, I’m legally bound to continue sledging for as long as it remains… this is truly unheard of conditions.


Saw a piece on BBC World (cable TV) the other day that did the usual ‘global warming is still happening’ routine. I’d cancel my sub to this channel, but it is marginally better than CNN for non-weather related news.
Looking closely at the sat photo, it’s interesting to see that while the Isle of Man is covered in snow, Ireland seems to be clear. You can also see the major urban centres as light grey areas. Really cool.
I wish we had some of that snow here in the NW coast. Our winter has been fairly typical. Wet.


Yesterday it was -31 C here in Norway.
Thats the point where we from the northern part put on the T-shirt.
Not sure whether this has been mentioned before here at WUWT, but the NYT has been busy declaring a melting Arctic;


Interesting also that on that picture you can see grey splodges where the cities are. At least I’ve told myself I can see Manchester, Stoke, Birmingham, Liverpool / Wirral, Leeds / Bradford and Aberdeen picked out from the overall whiteness.


Freezing is the NEW warm.
The Met office relationship with the BBC can be summed up in the slogan, ” We decide, you report.”


In their desperation to avoid any undermining of the theory of CAGW, the BBC’s David Shukman (a so-called Environment Correspondent) has kindly reminded us that this is all weather not climate although he seems to forget that distinction when reporting about other weather events. Heather the Weather (Scots will know who I mean) told us at the end of the summer that the weather we’d had in Scotland was just what we would expect from global warming. Wonder what she would say about the winter if she was still working for BBC Scotland. Everything short-term which can be twisted to support global warming is twisted and anything else is just “weather”.
Nice to see all the comments pointing out the difference between Britain/UK and England. But how many times do we have to keep pointing this out before it gets taken on board?
P****d off, indeed!
Obama, President of Rhode Island, anybody? (Bet a lot of people wish that that was, in fact, all he was. But maybe that’s unfair to Rhode Island – or did they vote for him?)

K. Bray

I see “Puff the Magic Dragon” talking to “Winnie the Poo” with a bow tie on his head. All imaginary… just like AGW.


Wow, is that a tough interview given to a man who has no points on his side whatsoever.


Re JohnH & BBC
Actually much of the Canadian prairies have been well below seasonal for quite a while. Here in Edmonton we’ve had well below average temps for 19 of the last 20 days according to the weatherman on last nights CTV news. Good news is that we’re reverting from “weather” back to “climate change” with a warming trend in the forecast 🙂


Re; Veronica
Good views of urban heat islands ??


So that’s 840 miles of continuous snow driving from John o’Groats to Land’s End or close on 95,000 square miles of ice and snow.
Here in Edinburgh, we had snow again last night and I’m keeping a close eye on one of the Met’s official weather stations at the Royal Botanic Gardens. In their “Curiosities” section ( they state that the longest snow cover is 21 days in January 1984. Living about half a mile from the place, we’ve had snow on the ground since December 17th – that’s day 23 now. I wonder if they’ll update it? Also – deepest snow cover 5cm? I’ve got about 5 inches still in my garden.
Fortunately, the Met office are giving us a good explanation of what’s going on:
Note the inclusion of the areas that are warmer than normal for the time of year:
“……However, it is not cold everywhere in the world. North-east America, Canada, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and south-west Asia have all seen temperatures above normal – in many places by more than 5 °C, and in parts of northern Canada, by more than 10 °C.”
Then note how cold weather “doesn’t tell us anything about climate change”. Er, an observation that surely applies to warm weather too then:
“…..Climate change is taking place as the earth continues to warm up. In the UK, 2009 as a whole was the 14th-warmest on record (since 1914). This above-average temperature trend was reflected globally, with 2009 being the fifth-warmest year on the global record (since 1850). The current cold weather in the UK is part of the normal regional variations that take place in the winter season. It doesn’t tell us anything about climate change, which has to be looked at in a global context and over longer periods of time.”

Steve Goddard

It is very clear that the BBC man has been reading WUWT and has taken it to heart.