Lots of new cold and snow records in the USA this past week.

From the “weather is not climate” department. 815 new snowfall records, 304 low temperature, and 403 lowest max temperature records were set this week.

Here’s a summary:

Record Events for Sun Dec 6, 2009 through Sat Dec 12, 2009
Total Records: 2601
Rainfall: 992
Snowfall: 815
High Temperatures: 36
Low Temperatures: 304
Lowest Max Temperatures: 403
Highest Min Temperatures: 51

Data from NOAA via the HW map generator


UPDATE: Puzzled by the single odd record high temperature in West Texas of 80F in Sheffield, TX on Dec 9th, I called the NWS office in Midland/Odessa, TX to ask about it today (Monday). The meteorologist on duty was very helpful. While he first throught it may by a typo, perhaps a 3 that got turned into an 8 on a report, a review of the synoptic conditions that day revealed some very strong southerly winds ahead of the Arctic cold front that day. At a pass in the Pecos, winds were clocked at 112mph. Thus it appears that this station go a brief benefit of some very strong warming southerly wind.

I’ve seen this effect happen before. In fact it can result in a record  or near record high temperature being achieved on the same day as a record or near record low temperature if the front is moving fast enough and has a strong temperature gradient.

The record high there does not appear to be in error. – Anthony


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Hmmmm, kinda reverses the 2-1 high temp to cold temp records argument eh?


Make Love
Not Warmed Graphs

And yet this evening on some godforsaken network, Nina Totenberg claimed this is the warmest decade in recorded history. I wonder how she reconciles 2,600 cold and snow records just last week alone with her pseudo-scientific theology.


OK, All together now,

Doug in Seattle

Give the record cold in the NA record for this year, I am certain that the GISS folks are working overtime fixing the African, Siberian and Asian station records to make sure 2009 is the warmest ever year.


“Weather is not climate”
The WMO certainly makes a fuss about weather, pages 4 and 5 map of the world:
“Some places in Turkey experienced their coldest January nights in nearly 50 years…”


You ain’t seen nothin yet, have a look at good ol Copenhagen LOL


I live in that little blue dot in NE Ohio: Ashtabula, OH. I have no idea where they’re getting 0.7″ from! (If you drill into the NOAA site, it says the previous record of 0.5″ was broken with 0.7″).
We had 6-8″!!! Schools were closed. See for yourself:


This, of course, will be translated by James “The Weather Clown” Hansen into the second or third warmest since the year 1. And he will have a graph to prove it. Just like the January that set 3,000 cold records became the warmest in history.

John Egan

Don’t you know?
It’s now called “Climate Change” not “Global Warming”.
That way, no matter what happens –
Anywhere in the world –
It can be claimed as proof.
No religion has ever had it so good.

Jim B in Canada

Ya, and we are at the head of the cold front with -46C in Edmonton. 10 degrees below the last record! Which was set last year 🙁

Edmonton breaks record by 10 degrees – 13 Dec 09 – “To break a temperature by 10 degrees is very exceptional,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Pierre Lessard. It was colder in Edmonton Sunday than anywhere else in North America.
Sunday also marked the coldest Dec. 13 in Edmonton’s history, said Lessard.
Environment Canada recorded a frigid -46.1 C, or -58.4 C with wind chill, at the Edmonton International Airport at 5 a.m., Lessard said. The old record of -36.1 C was set last year.
h/t Not by Fire but by Ice


Back to the ’70s.
Ya missed me by the thickness of a few degrees. Nobody was amused here, though, as we didn’t set a record. It was bone-chilling cold enough.
I’d like to think that the worst of the cold is over, but this was only early December, and my weather history says flip a coin for heads-no more, tails-
you get another one worse than the 1st one.
Yes, it’s just weather. All of it. 1910’s ice-age scare, 1930’s heat scare, 1970’s ice-age scare, 2000’s AGW scare, and the 2010’s freezer burn scare.
Give the knuckleheads a few more years of this, and they’ll be crying their eyes out over Global Colding.

Even though it’s only weather the Edmonton International Airport beat the previous Dec 13th record by 10℃ hitting a low of -46.1℃. Interestingly the previous record was set in 2008 at -36.1℃. I can hardly wait for winter to start 🙂

Leon Brozyna

And in SE Australia, with a week to go till the solstice (southern hemisphere summer) they managed to get some snow. But that’s just weather, don’t you know.


Sleet in Copenhagen on Tuesday and snow on Friday and Saturday. Blast the conference is ending Thursday. But they have changed the forecast thrice in as many days – so lets hope they get snowed under.
And the Northern hemisphere is looking pretty white here:


You say its cold, I say its hot.
It does not matter what you say because I have control of the “con” sensus

Richard deSous

I saw John Stossel’s Global Warming show on Fox last Thursday. It was very good but I hope he has Anthony on his show sometime soon. I want to see Anthony explain why the NASA/GISS/NOAA temperature data are bogus. As we know, Anthony’s surfacestations.org site reveals that 85% of the stations are not to siting specifications so how on earth can NASA/GISS/NOAA claim their reports are accurate?


If you think about it, the data is so bad now that we just better start over completely, so everyone will really be getting records for a while.


If it’s cold, it’s just weather. If it’s warm it’s an indication of WARMING.
Not having one’s cake and eating it, by any chance?

George Turner

Would this be a good time to adopt a pet penguin? They’re soooo cute!
I’d adopt a polar bear but my landlord says I can’t keep one here.

Nick Stokes

Leon Brozyna (21:48:18) :
Yes, it’s just weather. And that means when it’s cold somewhere, it’s often hot somewhere else. Here in Melbourne, just near that mountain top where it snowed, we had our hottest November average, by 6C, which is huge for a monthly average. Beat the record by 2C. And we’re having a hot year. Wednesday’s forecast is 39C.

eric anderson

I just read a funny comment over on Zero Hedge…
Those who say Climategate is nothing should from henceforth be known as “Climategate Deniers.”


Watching the Gemanids in Manitoba, it is super clear — always nice and clear when it is cold like this (-28 atm).
Oh, but please you guys in Edmonton, don’t include wind chill in temperature measurements! I think I hate the wind chill adjustment almost as much as the warming adjustments. Can’t we all just be happy the way we are? : )
The meteors are worth a look if you are rural, clear, northern and night — they originate in Gemini (between Orion and the Big Dipper), but are streaking pretty much anywhere in the sky.

Jim B in Canada

Good Grief! How many guys from Edmonton watch this site?
BTW was it cold or what! I was out at about midnight last night you don’t know bone numbing cold till you’ve felt -40 with out a wind chill!
Here’s the difference between +40C vs -40C. If you are outside in+40C after 15 minutes you are hot sweaty and thirsty, in -40C you’re dead.

photon without a Higgs

warmers better start praying for sunspots 😉


Simple. Those are the effects of strong winds from the north which are in turn an indirect effect of previous warming. You are going to see all kinds of extremes. (Kidding this time.)


They may have missed some records. I thought the lack of rainfall records broken was strange, what with all the slippery stuff falling this last week.
“According to the National Weather Service, 1.12 inches of rain was recorded at the Palm Springs International Airport as of 8 p.m., surpassing the previous 1992 record of 0.90 inches on the same day.”
“The record came at midnight Saturday after more than 2 inches fell during the day.
The recent rains have pushed the city’s total to 73.63 inches since Jan. 1, according to the National Weather Service office in Peachtree City, Ga. That breaks the previous mark of 73.22 inches set in 1964.”
“More than 2 inches of rain fell on an already saturated Eastern Shore of Virginia…
December’s 4.28 inches already exceed the 69-year average of 3.42 inches for the month.”
“In fact, it set a record as 1.38 inches of rain fell at Lindbergh Field, topping the previous record for a Dec. 7 of 1.15 inches, set in 1992, the NWS reported.”


It’s what kind of weather in what kind of years that matters, Leon.
And it matters when it happens.
Shifting winter into fall and late spring is a telling statistic.
Tells me what kind of a year it is.


Come of folks… you can’t believe this weather rubbish. The raw data need to be homogenised and have some value added before they can be taken seriously…

photon without a Higgs

Anyone live near Sheffield, Texas where the lone red dot in Texas is? I’m wondering where that temperature station is located.

Polar bears and BBQ sauce

A bit nippy here in Seattle too… I see some red dots down in FL. Time for a trip to the keys…

Dave F

“Young described the icebergs as uncommon, but said they could become more frequent if sea temperatures rise through global warming.
Something tells me that this is just a local NH hemisphere event. All those snow records? Not at all indicative of a lack of warming. The warming is there. It is in the pipeline. The pipeline is just a little frozen at the moment.

JB Williamson
Patrick Davis

NA is not the only place experiencing a bit of a chill, Sydney, Australia today is ~8c below average. But this is only weather of course.


Environment Canada recorded a frigid -46.1 C, or -58.4 C with wind chill, at the Edmonton International Airport
How much colder does it have to get before the CO2 starts to fall out of the air like snow?
REPLY: It is not possible on Earth, due to the low partial pressure of CO2 becuase of its low concentration. This has been proven by experiment right here on WUWT.


Am I mistaken in the thought that if CO2 was as strong a greenhouse gas as they claim it is, that it would be in winter time, when the H2O in the air is lowest should be where we would be seeing the most record high temperatures?

David Q.

This should help everyone. Snow anomoly for all of the northern hemisphere.
The amount of blue (extra snow), is unusual and has been so most of this fall.
I know WUWT tracks Arctic ice anomoly. But this is fun too, especially when the Arctic is a bit low on ice still.

Pamela Gray

These kinds of extended sub-zero cold fronts may have been part of the oscillating ice damns in Canada that when broken, brought huge torrents of water down into the lower 48, flooding most of Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Oregon.
A side note, the rivers in Wallowa County are beginning to freeze so badly that they are rising above flood stage. One house near the river is stuck in a glassy ice yard that extends from the foundation to the fence. I have never seen that before.


Could we see a breakdown of these records by how years old the previous record was. If the globe has warmed yet 50+ year cold records are being broken then the climate has not warmed more than natural variability.
The first sign of any significant warming (ie. greater than natural variability) would be NO cold records at all.


Here is another sign of global warming…
The temperature at the Edmonton International Airport dipped to -46.1 C at its lowest point, smashing the -36.1 C record set in 2008.

Neil Jones

All these recent articles showing an indication of cooling to come explains the “Circle of Commitment” (Circle the Wagons?) politics going on at Copenhagen.
They are trying to lock at least part of the world into their “New World Order” before the cooling becomes undeniable, even to the acolytes of their new religion.
(I once had a Politics Professor who said the simplest way to tell if a person was a Fascist was to ask about their view of the world. “If he wanted to construct a “New World Order” he was one, if he was happy with the current world order he was still sane.”)


There’s something wrong with NOAA’s “records”. Every time I look I find a problem. Looking at the current Ham weather map, it shows a record high min temp at Raystown Lake on 9 December of 43 degrees. That is probably wrong. Nearby stations are reporting 9 December lows of around 30F. The high temperature for 9 December in nearby Altoona was 44 so it looks like they might have got the min/max reversed or something.
NOAAs records are way screwed up.


Oh, and the above temperatures for Raystown Lake and Altoona are in Pennsylvania. That orange dot in south/central PA.

Steve Oregon

Extreme storms and flooding
In January, 1.3 million square kilometres (km2)
in 15 provinces in southern China were covered
by snow. Persistent low temperature and
icing affected the daily lives of millions of
people who suffered not only from damage
to agriculture, but also from disruptions
in transpor t, energy supply and power
In Canada, several all-time snowfall records
were set during winter, reaching more than
550 centimetres (cm) in many locations,
including Quebec City. In Toronto, it was the
third snowiest winter on record for the past
70 years. At the end of January, Prince Edward
Island was struck by one of the worst ice
storms in decades.

photon without a Higgs

well here in chistchurch n.z i still have my heatpump on 2times a week and they say its summer . Today lighting and heavy hail in places air temp now 8.8c.

My 2009 – 2010 winter outlook, and why, link to all maps at bottom of comment.
One of the problems with the current models is the reference time frame is very narrow for initial conditions, and changes with in the past three days, a lot of times, will introduce presistance of inertia, to the medial flows, for several days, consistent with the actual flows, as the Lunar declinational atmospheric tides, make their runs across the equator from one poleward culmination to another.
Then as the tide turns and we have the severe weather bursts at declinational culmination, they get confused, or surprised, as the initial inertial effects reverse for about four days before the sweep to the other pole, that brings back the smooth flows, the models understand.
So that when the Lunar declination went to Maximum North on December 3rd, turbulence and shear introduced into the atmosphere, from the turning tide, (the models do not know about), surprised them with the usual couple of tornadoes. Now (12-13-09) that we are ~20 degrees South Lunar declination, the models have a full buffer, of five days of linear inertial movement, from the Moon’s trip South across the equator (12-09-09) and is slowing it’s movement.
Coming up on the Southern extent culmination, producing a secondary tidal bulge in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing us to the mid point of a 27.32 day declinational cycle (one of the four routine patterns that cycle on an 109.3 day period). This particular one (#1) that started back on Dec 3rd, has incursions of polar air masses that come down from Western Canada, through Montana and the Dakotas, to make up the Northern part of the atmospheric tidal bulge.
So I would expect to see a large invasion of cold dry air sweep almost all the way to the Gulf coast again, then the produced frontal boundary with the interesting weather, that includes change state intense precipitation. Freezing rain, where the warm over runs cold, and snow where the cold undercuts the more sluggish warm air, still moving North East by inertia alone, severe weather to form in that trailing edge of the warm moist mass, that gets over taken from behind by the polar air mass that tries to follow the tidal bulge back to the equator, which for the next 4 of 5 days powers up the cyclonic patterns generated by carolis forces, and finishes out as the Moon approaches the equator again.
Expect the same type of interaction again for a primary bulge production by the passage back North, culminating on 12-30-09, pumping in a solid polar air mass very consistent with the pattern we had on 12-03-09, (the North “lunar declination culmination”)[LDC], then (#2) the next Rossby wave / jet stream regime pattern, comes back into play with much more zonal flow, and air masses invading from the Pacific, (of the two sub types of) phase with lesser amounts of Gulf moisture entrainment in this one, more in the other #4.
The (#3) third 27.32 day pattern with polar air masses invading in from the Minnesota / Great Lakes area and sweeping out through the Eastern sea board, and mostly zonal flow out west, from 01-27-10 till 02-23-10, comes next.
The fourth 27.32 day cycle, that looks very similar to #2 but with much more moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, usually has more hail and tornadoes associated with it than Pattern #4, and typically flows up Eastern side of tornado alley. Will be in effect from 02-23-10 through 03-22-10, and should produce the first big surge of severe tornado production, from about March 20th 2010, until about March 26 or later as the Next polar air mass cycle is coming out of western Canada, and should make for steep temperature gradients, and ion content differences.
Richard Holle
Link to site with the daily maps for the next 4 years.


It’s one of the paradoxical effects of Global Warming that, as the climate keeps getting warmer and warmer, the weather keeps getting colder and colder.


Heard a guy on the CBC saying the science of CO2 and climate change are long known (and settled), first in 1952 when President Johnston commissioned a large study on it. Didn’t mention it was thought to be driving cooling for most of that time, and got a complete pass from the interviewer of course.
That said the guy was a self described green advocate and scientist (not sure how he keeps those separate) and yet he said that the ‘catastrophe scenarios’ are basically very overstated. Also if he had one dollar to make the world a better place, he’d spend zero on climate change.
It seems to me there is a bit of a retreat from hysteria in both the ‘science’ and media. I think the worry is (besides the imminent failure in Denmark) that this may turn to a ‘cold fusion’ situation. Aka zero ‘climate change’ funding for 30 years plus. Seeing as there isn’t a lot of work in the public sector for people that bad at math and ethics (esp since the financial industry collapse) maybe they are looking for a soft landing.