Henrik Svensmark collapses at Copenhagen

This is tragic, and hard to watch.

[NOTE: I’ve moved the video below the “read more” line, don’t go there if you don’t want to watch. I’ve put up his picture here instead. -A]

Good news- I found this Danish News report. (Google Translation)

He’s apparently OK for now. He wears a pacemaker and apparently it did something.

Good luck and godspeed to him.


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Erik Anderson

So glad to learn of Svensmark’s recovery. He is a hero among researchers. I’m going to mail out a Get Well / Appreciation card first thing Monday; I hope he receives hundreds more in kind.
Henrik Svensmark,
Danish Space Research Institute, Juliane Maries Vej 30,
DK-2100 Copenhagen.
Phone +45 3532 5741 Fax +45 3536 2475
Email: hsv@dsri.dk

Peter Burns

God save him for he is a real scientist!


Genuine good wishes to Mr Svensmark.
My disagement with his positions >.——————————————–<


That did not come out right…..
The formatting failed badly there……


Hope that Dr.Svensmark recovers fully from his pacemaker incident.

Speedy recovery, Mr Svensmark!

Glad to hear he is OK. Maybe he should think twice about hanging around big particle accelerators and transformers.
Henrik, take it easy! Let Jasper Kirby do the legwork!

EH Lee

Lovely commenters at youtube are calling it a “sign from above” and the like.
Nice people. Just like the CRU folk.


Poor guy – hope he recovers fully.

Thank God he’s going to be alright!

David P

My father has a defibrillator that engages when condition it’s meant to combat manifests itself…it doesn’t happen very often, maybe twice, but it looks like that. Hopefully he fully recovers.

Charles Rossi

My thoughts are with him

ron from Texas

Pacemakers, as a rule, do not fail. But they can be messed up by microwaves. Hence, the warning on convenience store doors that a microwave oven is in use. This is to avoid complications for pacemaker patients.
Microwave generation requires a focusing attenna. So, a microwave generator is essentially a microwave gun with razor-sharp accuracy.

All good wishes, and hopes for a speedy recovery.
I am worried. I am in dispute with the ‘Economist’, and have yet to speak to Emma Duncan (deputy, and editor of current edition). My subscription ends in June 2010. When I log on, the message is that my access (goes with the subscription) has expired.
Big business, including big oil, saw which way the wind would blow long ago, and changed tack. Look out, folks! Trillions at stake.

glen martin

Reading the translation of the article I suspect he has a implanted defibrillator.

OUCH !!!
That’s scary !
Good luck on a great recovery !


Any word on his condition?


Change the way this reads please “good news”, stated right below a video of a human being having a heart attack.
And I say this as a non believer in the mmGW hoax.
Have some tact please.
I hope you’re okay Henrik Svensmark.

Doug in Seattle

What up with the guy who touches him just before he fell?

One of the few Danes in that bribery shop who can see clearly. May Grundvig, Hans Andersen, Saxo Grammaticus be with him! He will know these other clear-sighted Danes who could see the dross, the bad, the corrupt, and still hold integrity proudly in the rabble, and with great, creative imagination.


Glad to hear he’s ok. Pretty tough crowd there, might make me skip a heartbeat.


His theories about cosmic influence on earth’s climate have been attacked by AGW proponents because he’s a threat to them. They’re probably having a party at UEA’s CRU right now. I wish Henrik a speedy recovery.


The Edgar family wishes Dr. Svensmark a prompt and speedy recovery, Also, Thanks Erik for the mailing address, we’ll be sending a card as well.

Thomas J. Arnold.

Seems it was getting personal.
Whether he is right or wrong, he is a true scientist and not given to ‘cooking’ the books unlike some………. .
I wish you well Mr. Svensmark.


Oh my god. 🙁


Get well Dr. Svensmark

glen martin

The link must have caused my comment to be eaten by the filter.
Reading the link at the end of the post it sounds like he has an implanted defibrillator.
[Reply: several comments were in the spam filter. They’re posted now. ~dbs, mod]

I’m a little squeamish about watch the video. Feels too much like rubber-necking. Apparently people are watching it on the internet for the shock value.
The stress he’s experienced with his oppositional stance to the AGW crowd may prove to be lethal.
Let’s hope he lives to be vindicated.


David P (15:59:41) : My father has a defibrillator…
Right. It was the defibrillator doing its job. I wish you all the best Dr. Svensmark. I saw your excellent TV documentary – fantastic piece of work!


EH Lee (15:50:19) :
Lovely commenters at youtube are calling it a “sign from above” and the like.
Then they are completely deluded. The God of the Bible is one of truth and faith not convenient lies and panic.


Best wishes and a full recovery for Dr Svensmark.

I wish him well and a speedy recovery.
Just picked this up from an Indian newspaper
looks like the premiers of India and China are probably not going, which should kill this lunacy off hopefully.

Dave F

Glad to hear he is doing better.

Got a friend who’s got one of those implanted – and it went off.
He said it was like Zeus firing off a thunderbolt. It gets your attention, and how!

david atlan

I wish Dr Svensmark a speedy recovery, hopefully it looked worse than it really was and the defibrillator worked well.


That was disturbing to watch 🙁
I really hope he recovers soon.
Those youtube comments were also very disturbing. I cant believe how many people lack empathy these days. I would never wish something like this even on my worst enemy.


That was obviously a high stress situation, and as many others have said, Get well Dr. Svensmark!

I’m pleased you moved the video. It doesn’t belong here IMHO.


Yes, the defib did its job. My wife had a defibrillator/pacemaker and although it never went off, she was advised it would feel like a mule kick in the chest if it did.


Well the formatting on my post came out very badly but I offer the best of wishes to Henrik. A credit to science.

My best wishes for a speedy recovery to him and his family.

photon without a Higgs

Erik Anderson (15:34:56) :
Thank you for posting his email. I’ll send him my best wishes.
My prayers are with him!


Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!


God bless and a speedy recovery


were all dying, but must you get so dramatic.
who dies on live video.
this IS very upsetting stuff, but stick with us. please?

Robert Morris

I offer my sincere wishes for a swift recovery and a return robust good health!
As for those who think there is some sort of “justice” in this I can think of no worse punishment than to be them.

Worked under contract at a local pacemaker maker (there are THREE in Minnesota) for about a year.
Contract involved “radiation effects on semiconductors”.
Primary problem, cosmic ray induced neutrons.
Lots of exposure to cosmic ray intensities, variations, etc.
Lots of background in pacemakers too as a result of the work. One article said Dr. Svensmark has a “brachycardia”.
I hope this is the case! The first implanted human was Arne Larson (from Sweden) in the mid ’50’s. Arne had brachy and was 43 at the time. Wise move for Arne, he lived to be 86. (So I think Dr. Svensmark’s prognosis is good.)
Irony is that cosmic rays can effect everything from climate to pacemakers.
One other great thing to know however, is that unlike the simple pulse generator first installed on Arne Larson, the modern pacemaker has a vastly capable microcomputer in it. Unless it fell into “safe mode” for some reason, the likelihood is that the whole incident was “caught” on the recording function in the pacemaker. Henrik’s cardiology team will probably be able to make some changes which may keep this from happening again.
GodSpeed Dr. Svensmark. Remember: WE NEED YOU!

photon without a Higgs

Cathy (16:50:45) :
The stress he’s experienced with his oppositional stance to the AGW crowd may prove to be lethal.
This may be part of this health issue. Also he has been having troubles for years getting funding. He’s going against the flow all the time. If he wanted to he could have found a way to connect his work to global warming which would have made funding money come easier. But it appears, IMO, his integrity won’t allow him to do that.
He is a mensch to keep going all these years. But he’s human too.

photon without a Higgs

dorlomin (17:14:28) :
I offer the best of wishes to Henrik. A credit to science.
Hear hear!


I think I would remove the video it has no intrinsic value to any of the discussion here