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Russ Steele writes:

Cop15_logo_imgDuring the UN Climate Change Conference 2009 (COP15), the Danish government invites the entire world to send their greetings to the conference. Greetings are submitted through and are composed of 150 characters of text.

Here is the greeting I sent:

“Please no economic suicide. Do nothing as soon as possible, and return to your home countries confident you have saved the planet.”

Please share the greeting that you sent in the comments to this post.  The greetings are subject to editorial review by the COP15 Committee, and I will bet most will never be posted except on this blog.

300 thoughts on “Send a greeting to Copenhagen Conference

  1. I sent this:
    “Please PLEASE stop and think what you’re doing. Think of the majority of us at home who DON’T want you to sign away our freedom and economy on this nonsense. It’s not Carbon Dioxide that’s the enemy, it’s Marxist socialist thinking, such as that currently represented in Copenhagen. Leave it alone, go home for all our sakes.”
    Bet they filter out all the anti stuff, and it never gets seen.

  2. Another scam, like Pen Hadow diretly from the ice? If you click NEXT, you get to see about 20 messages, always the same ones, despite claiming they have 5000+ already. No way to see them all or search them. Are you surprised I can’t see yours Anthony?

  3. Sadly, if your post does not support the predetermined COP15 agenda, I suspect the comments will not be posted. I spent several minutes reviewing posts and could not find a single one that didn’t support a binding agreement.

  4. Has the greetings site been hacked? I went to leave a message expressing my disatisfaction with the COP15 agenda but before I actually typed anything the CAPTCHA verification words were “deniers We”! Very funny!
    I have a screen print bmp and jpg but i don’t know how to post the pic on this comment’s thread.

  5. I know it’s too much to hope for, but I hope our elite politico-scientists’ climate change prevention aspirations reach a tipping point in Copenhagen, that the world sees IPCC for what it really is, that their influence tips into a permanent, irreversible decline that cannot be hidden, and that the world’s left wing environmental hacks spiral into a frenzy of passionate focus on feeding and caring for starving children, ending slavery, and helping societies cope with our dynamic, ever-changing world without first driving it into economic and social collapse.
    Greetings, Copenhagen.

  6. My message to the CCC…
    Please do not wreck the Western economies and damage democracy based on unreliable science. I for one do not want “global governance” by the UN.

  7. To paraphrase, I sent one asking for free cinema tickets in appreciation of the past 5 years worth of personal CO2 reductions I have made, which have now been offset by one celebrity jetting into Copenhagen!

  8. Sent moments ago:
    “Earth has had hotter years in the past, as we Portuguese can testify. Manmade warming is an illusion, as Climategate proves. Solve more urgent issues!!

  9. Why not leave something saying you agree with the official position of the Saudi government, i.e. that Copenhagen should not come to any firm conclusions until the emails have been fully investigated?
    Presumably they would have to publish that, otherwise it can just be forwarded to the Saudis to show how they being discriminated against?
    Also you could say you agree with the official position of the Indian government that’s there is no problem with the the glaciers – same logic.

  10. This was my contribution, exactly 150 characters in length:
    «I hope you realize that the names of all of you will make History. Either as heroes or as clowns. Be wise. Think again. You still have time to change.»

  11. I sent, “Please do not destroy the economy or transfer hard earned taxed wages to the 3rd world in a misguided attempt to counteract interglacial warming. ”
    Message said they’d post it. We’ll see! 🙂

  12. my contribution:
    AGW is a hoax – contrived by a bunch of silly blokes – return to your domiciles now – and deal with the emissions of the farting cow
    Please do not publish for profit without sharing any royalties. I really thought about the artistic value of this poem

  13. “Dear leaders of the world,
    “We know you’re using this trumped-up ‘scientific’ pretext to grab more power for yourselves. Enjoy your caviar, jerks.”

  14. timheyes (09:13:08) :
    I agree. I had to refresh my page several times and the confirmation words were pretty funny, considering. I can’t think of any of them now, but they were all on the lines of what you had, but not quite as obvious.
    Also, it is quite obvious that the editors must be hard at work with what messages actually get displayed.

  15. Ecotretas (09:18:30)
    I have a bit of Portuguese in my blood,there hasn’t been many places on this planet
    that hasn’t been visited by Portuguese Sailors first.There is even a story of Columbus
    when he was a young man-worked on a Portuguese fishing boat-off the Grand Banks!
    waay before 1492! There hasn’t been much that hasn’t happened before-including warm/cold…

  16. Here is my message;
    Save the forests! Grow more food! Let developing nations use fossil fuels to wipe out starvation, disease, and lack of education! Gaia loves CO2!

  17. I sent:
    Remember Ecclesiastes, Chapter 1, verses 1 – 10.
    As its ‘churchy’, it may get through.
    Verse 10 is especially appropriate:
    ‘Is there anything of which one can say “Look! This is something new!”?
    It was here already, long ago;
    it was here before our time.’
    … like the MWP, or ice ages …

  18. Please don’t criminalise CO2 when we don’t know if a crime has been committed. Focus on poverty and hunger instead. Our children will thank you for it
    Exactly 150 characters

  19. Here’s mine….”You’ve got it wrong. Stop what you are doing and address real problems. Climate change exists and no Marxist dogma is going to help solve it.”

  20. “The gig’s almost up, enjoy the party and get ready, because 2010 should be a long walk off a short pier. Stay warm and don’t eat the yellow snow…”

  21. My message:
    Don’t believe the politics masquerading as “science”. “Scientific consensus” is an oxymoron. The carbon footprint of COP15 shows there is no crisis.

  22. “Don’t do anything rash. The science upon which you are basing your actions is hardly settled. Enjoy your trip but DO NOTHING you will regret.”
    That’s what I sent. Had to curb my inner angst.

  23. The American people, even the left leaning ones, aren’t too big on the idea of global governance, where we have no input whatsoever as to the officials making decisions that affect us directly. Expect much pushback from this, should you make decisions to institute this framework, or engage in your ‘social justice’ under the guise of environmental policy, as we will be the ones footing the bill.

  24. My message:
    Stop this madness! CO2 is life. Don’t deny natural climate change. You hope to manage because you are weak. Build schools instead. That is real hope.

  25. First: The comments go to an editorial board before being posted?
    Second: The ones that are already on there are so sweet as to make my teeth hurt, almost as if they were written by an editorial board!
    Third: I wote something like –
    Be pragmatic, money, science and politics don’t mix well. make decisions on facts not on hopes.

  26. Your little party at CO15 is nothing more than a sham . It will achieve nothing save the ruination of Western economies .

  27. Go home immediately before you ruin the economies of the world’s civilised nations, based on scientific lies. Stop wasting taxpayer’s money.

  28. Don’t bother. It’s like canned data from the Catlin expedition. I tried to cycle some messages and i only get a few in a loop. Carefully selected, of course! (except for one)

  29. “What you are doing is WRONG… please don’t sign away our freedoms…We the people elected you after all.”
    Thats sent…

  30. My greeting:
    I have reviewed a good selection of research and find the CO2 theory to be unsupported by the evidence. Get a life and stop trying to con us all.

  31. I just slicked through some of the comments already on the site, it said ther were 5000 or so. it seems that only a dozen or so loop through. kind of reminds me of some live biometric data on another site a few months back

  32. They are simply cycling a dozen or so ‘on message’ comments.
    The one I really really liked was:-
    Please help the world take the action that is necessary, including working towards plant-based diet for everyone.
    If this garbage really is on a screen in the conference centre, it will be just likethe big screen in “Big Brother”. so, if you’re not scared of AGW, you should be scared of that.

  33. “Free university,historically fountainhead of free ideas,experienced a revolution. Government contract becomes substitute for intellectual curiosity. ”
    second sent:
    “I want my children to have a future, a freedom-like future not a 1984-like future. Do nothing, stupids”

  34. Dear Leaders of the World,
    Please think for a minute – would Noah be able to build his ark if he had to pay carbon tax?
    disclaimer: I’m not religious but I think it’s a nice allegory 🙂

  35. I think they count spaces as characters I had to shorten mine to
    “If there is so much solid scientific proof of AGW why has every government categorically refused to have an unbiased public hearing on the subject.”
    They would let me add “When there is so much money at stake.”

  36. Probably in the garbage bin:
    There is no proof of man made warming,there isn’t even warming for the last 10 years. Save our taxes for real env. problems and polution by toxic wast

  37. “Pick up an STD while there!”
    Just joking I sent the following:
    “If YOU really believed in man made global warming you would not have generated so much CO2. Why not stay home and talk via cyberspace with each other.”
    In all honesty why don’t these fellows get a World of Warcraft account and talk online instead of flying from all around the world to meet there. At least it would add SOME cred to their claims that they themselves are ‘true believers”

  38. My contribution:
    If the Prime Minister of Australia signs anything in Copenhagen, the citizens of Australia will charge him with TREASON.
    Somehow I don’t think that one will get through.

  39. I sent the following:-
    “”” Have a fun time in Copenhagen; and then go home and forget about CO2; we need all of it we can. It’s the WATER (H2O), silly! “””

  40. Sent – “I am an AGW denier and proud of it…”
    Received – “Your greeting has successfully been sent to the COP15 editorial team. It will be posted on the website shortly.”
    Think it was message 16 out of 150 on the Dragonfly series…

  41. We smell fraud! Follow the money! You arrive in stretch limos, jets with plans to tax us heavily, co-opt resources. Time reveals evil schemes-always.

  42. It was very hard to edit my comment down to 150 letters. In the end it stated,
    ” For the average worker, conspicuous consumption’s a loud necktie. Polar bears aren’t hurt by bad taste, unless its a seal. Do nothing and go home.”

  43. I posted this:
    “Don’t do it. Making a policy off a lie is about as smart as asking to kick in the shin repeatedly. (But I know you will ignore me, someone educated.)”
    I used the dragonfly.

  44. “My species is NOT threatened or endangered. Stop using us as propaganda.”
    Short and sweet. Now back to my ringed seal…

  45. I sent the following: “Please have the courage to do nothing. Return home and be happy knowing that doing nothing at this time was the best possible decision.”

  46. My message:
    Buy yourselves some carbon credits and use them to fill your garages with CO2. Breathe deeply, repeat until you start releasing methane.

  47. “Today: Unexplained lack of warming for 10 years. Future: Sun decreasing next 2-3 cycles, PDO negative, AMO to follow in 5 years. NO GLOBAL GOVERNMENT!”
    It’s amazing what you can’t fit into 150 letters!!!

  48. Dear Leaders of the world,
    Place the Cyanide punchbowl at the center of the meeting and party like it’s 1999! At the stroke of 12, spaceship Gorvana will drop in to pick U up!

  49. Followed up my first with: “Don’t take this ther wrong way, but “consensus is the refuge of scoundrels” – your move.”

  50. Dear Leaders of the World,
    please remember the people you supposedly represent while you tour Copenhagen in your limousines. Don’t ask us to live up to standards you cannot.

  51. You can browse some of the entries, but I can only scroll through roughly 20 of them and they are all of one bent…it will be filtered and cherry picked.
    3rd party anyone? We need some boots to the rears boys and girls!!! I have my Sorels ON!
    Climate justice my #$%!

  52. 150 characters? Piece of cake:
    Copenhagen prostitutes offer free sex to anyone who produces a ‘Be sustainable – don’t buy sex’ postcard and their COP15 identity card. GO TO IT LADS!
    Piss take? You bet.

  53. I have looked at the other comments posted to their site. When you click back to go through them, you get a random selection of about 25 pro-warmist messages being repeated, despite the bit at the bottom claiming thousands of messages. Not one critical message was shown.
    Looks like the “live” Arctic medical data on the polar expedition website to me!
    More warmist lies?

  54. I also sent this one: “The real prostitutes in Copenhagen are not those working in red light district, but are those attending COP15. How much for a hot air BJ?”

  55. Using the false pretenses of catastrophic AGW to put money in the hands of despots only prolongs the poverty of the 3rd world. Stop THIS!!

  56. Message sent. Sham that not of the politicians will take a blind bit of notice.
    I wonder how much more tax people will be willing to part with?
    I hope they remember that we are many, and they are few.

  57. “The world does not want and will never accept global governance. GO HOME NOW before you set down in history the start of World War III.”

  58. Please stop at once. The world does not need a self serving political solution to an unproven hypothesis. You do all in the world a historic wrong.

  59. Here’s one at least
    Rob Thomas
    I will believe in the climate crisis when you people start acting like it is a crisis and modify your personal lifestyles. Until I see that, sod off.
    United Kingdom

  60. Please enjoy your visit to lovely Copenhagen. Make no decisions. Return to your home countries certain that you have saved the planet and it’s people.

  61. I said something like :Each of you produced more CO2 on this visit than my entire household does in a year. Stop being hypocrites, go home, and leave us ALONE.
    It was exactly at 150. 🙂

  62. In honor of this day and all that it stands for I will necklace a tree with an automobile tyre.
    Down with the Transnational Socialist Feudal State.
    End the Elitist aparthied rule over the middle class.
    It’ll make the Mandelas proud

  63. I put this :
    Please, stop politicizing climate. Also, remember that what we ignore about the climate is much bigger than what we know.

  64. I sent
    “Please save us! You, our mighty and holy overlords, have to prevent the earth from catching fire and burn us! For the sake of our children, I beg you!”

  65. I said: The climate is fine. The world economy is not. Go home and fix your economy and the climate will take care of itself.

  66. I simply used Russ’s second sentence and added support for the Saudis and Indians positions. No doubt non-supportive greetings will never get to the “Leaders”.

  67. by the use of contractions and sweat, I got it down to 150 characters. I posted on my facebook too.
    “CRU leak shows the warmist “science” is fraudulent. Please don’t compound the crime by ruining the worlds economy too. You’ll be held accountable”

  68. Millions of people need health care and clean water. Do not waste trillions trying to alter natural climate. A crime to humanity. Shame on you all.

  69. My two penneth worth:
    “I fear you have been mislead by your advisors. Please take time to re-examine the facts and your conclusions. Have the courage to do nothing.”

  70. This is scary. Has anyone found any climate sceptic comments? I have looked at as many as I could stomach, couldn’t find one. I shouldn’t have been so naive I suppose.

  71. So how come when I click ‘Next’ it just cycles around the same twenty (very pro Copenhagen) messages. At the bottom it say message 1 of 5583 messages. I suspect a ‘Live from the Ice’ type scenario here !

  72. My Message
    “I just got back from a meeting with the Earth. She doesn’t care what you think. Go home. Do something meaningful. Get your financial houses in order”.
    Robert Dunn

  73. This is the one I sent “”Climate Change” which means “Catastrophic Human Caused Global Warming”is a FRAUD! To tax us in its name is a SCAM! Go home you fraudulent scamsters!”

  74. Enjoy the Danish shopping and hookers at my expense. Do not sign anything. Do not return home. You are not wanted here.
    Somehow, I doubt they’ll get the message.

  75. My message…..
    “To avoid adding to the CO2 level, please hold your breath until you return home in your private jet.”

  76. Ecotretas
    When I clicked your link it brought up a screen full of text of what appears to be other responses. I kept adding 0’s to the end and eventually got to a point where it quit adding more text. Copy and pasted it to a text file for future reading. Not sure what was really there but I recognized a few of them from the View Greetings screen. It would be funny if it were all of their responses.

  77. Not in my name! Climate change fears have grown to hysterical levels and you are responsible for it. There are far bigger problems in the world.

  78. As a follow up to my email, there are denier postings in what I gathered. Anthony, is there some place that I can post this for someone with some program ability to batch this out and sort it. Right now I just have a giant wall of text.
    Here is a sample. I extracted the common format of one listing. The second quoted section shows what multiple listings look like. Not sure what the number formatting is, looks like a date but maybe it’s the time in a format that got converted….?
    “Ursus maritimus My species is NOT threatened or endangered. Stop using us as propaganda. 7-12-2009 2 Canada”
    “Elizabeth Raine Please find a way to work together and fix this problem. 4-12-2009 4 Australia Leitner Ingrid All of us should be thinking about the climate change,what could we do now.So please make a plan to alleviate the effects. 2-12-2009 1 Austria Thank you for your diligent work on this important topic! On behalf of children and the leaders of tomorrow, we thank you! 7-12-2009 2 United States of America Jim Vavra Just get on with it please! 6-12-2009 2 Canada ZHAN Wenjing please think about our children . do a great decision for them 5-12-2009 4 China”

  79. My message: sustainability, sustainability, sustainability.
    1. Sustainable construction.
    2. Sustainable recycling.
    3. Sustainable forestry.
    4. Sustainable energy, including providing for the next 20 years.
    5. Sustainable access to clean water.
    If you focus on those five, with all upstream and downstream implications factored in, you’ll help to make the world a better place.
    If you obsess about carbon dioxide and millimetre rises in sea-level, you’ll help bring the world to its knees.
    Common sense, not mantras.
    Pragmatism, not religion.
    Action, not rhetoric.
    Open science, not monotheistic imitations of science.

  80. A Yamal remake methinks.
    — Collect data.
    — Eliminate the “data” (comments) that do not fit the AGW mantra.
    — Conclude 100 percent consensus in the “summary for policymakers and media.
    As others have noted, bet that if this “survey” goes anywhere, the media and politicians will only see the manipulated info and the “decline in support” will be hidden.
    Hide the “declining” comments. ☺ ☺

  81. I sent this:
    “Much thanks for all of your hard work in-between the train rides and the limo rides and the prostitutes. Down with gluttony and lust and carbon!”

  82. The climate doesn’t need your help. Go home and use the holidays to improve your knowledge of climate science before you make a very big mistake.

  83. Have a proper look, at the data on climatechange. You’ll find a reason there to stop scaring our children with your “end- of-the- world” predictions.

  84. Sent.
    “This carbon life form loves CO2 as do most living things. Life proliferates with more CO2, which historically has been the position on Earth.”

  85. My message:
    Pack your bags now before it is too late and a tipping point is reached. Save us from the lunacy of the global warming scaremongerers and don’t agree to anything which means higher taxes.

  86. I submitted :-
    Please think again. There is now clear evidence that much of the historical land-based temperature record has been corrupted.

  87. “If you make policy based on scientific fraud, then you’ve proven the science wasn’t what motivated you in the first place. STOP.”

  88. My message:
    Please do NOT act on the dubious CO2 scientific “consensus”. More research, yes. Other climate research hypothesis need to be vetted and tested.

  89. 1,200 limousines and 140 private jets. I hope you kleptocratic tax sucking government parasites choke on your caviar.

  90. Enjoy your private jets, limos, hookers, and blow while telling the unwashed masses that we shouldn’t be allowed “luxuries” like electricity or fuel!

    Pointless, but it felt good nonetheless.

  91. My message:
    Do the right thing, help the planet by coming home now, Making expensive decisions on inconclusive evidence is not only irresponsible but cruel.

  92. My message was:
    Please do not make any agreement to reduce carbon emissions. The time and money would be better spent on relieving poverty and disease.
    Well done, Mr Watts, for highlighting this.

  93. I posted:
    ”It’s a sad day when ”Climate Change” has become a code for reducing / controlling just about everything EXCEPT expansion of intrusive government.”
    FOOTNOTE: After earlier saying ”3 cheers for the CRU whistleblower, I now add:
    Three cheers for the Saudis @ COP15, who officially broached the ClimateGate scandal; and said ”hold on”. Stay tuned.

  94. Maybe when the doors are prised open after no delegates emerge for several days they will all be found dead from a saccharin overdose.

    25 characters, unless they count caps as 2 each.
    In reviewing several greetings, I did note 2 skeptical: 1 from UK and 1 from USA.

  96. I sent another one:
    “The majority of you were not elected by the majority of the people. So, you don’t represent or talk for the majority.”

  97. I said:

    After Climategate, I urge President Obama and world leaders to investigate the misconduct exposed. Wait for the results before making pledges. Please.

    I hope they really forward it.

  98. I did not want them thinking I was disloyal, so I faithfully reported the following message:

  99. Democratism, NOT liberalism!
    Democratism, NOT diktat!
    Democratism, NOT dictatorship!
    Democratisation, NOT globalisation!

  100. I am not convinced that humans are causing significant climate change and I’m concerned that politics have influenced the science.

  101. Please don’t do anything until climategate is resolved. You are rushing ahead with expensive plans that seem to be based on bad science.

  102. I placed a message to effect ‘check the science first’. Then I noticed circularity in ‘view messages’. Then I sent them the following through CONTACTS page:
    On the website there is a way to send a message to COP15. Which I did. But on ‘view other messages’ there is no way to see them all, just about 20 running in cycle – and all in support. Isn’t it a deception? I did not expect such dishonest treatment of the public.

  103. Enjoy the free hookers and caviar, and go home.. We won’t pay insane global taxes so you may do more of the same while we are forced into serfdom.

  104. They are definitely blocking skeptical views. Nearly two hours later, only 20 more greetings but much more stating here they have done a greeting.
    On more great scam!

  105. “2000 limos. 150 private jets. Well done.”
    who am I kidding. The editorial team will never approve it.

  106. Here is mine. Signed it Captain ClimateGate:
    ClimateGate: When a Scheme unravels attempts are made to marginalize the evidence that unveiled the Scheme. All cover-ups are bubbles that burst.

  107. How about this:
    “Please don’t take away our most precious nutrient, CO2 — without it we’ll die!!!”
    Signed “The Boreal Forest”

  108. I think it’s pretty clear the elites intend to steamroll over the opposition at Copenhagen. I read an article a few months ago which said the proponents were concerned that they had lost the momentum in the climate change debate and this explained the increasingly dire predictions of cataclysmic climate change in the media. The elites are concerned that if they didn’t get what they want this year (a cap and trade system) then they never would. I’m sure the CRU emails increased their concern and they started up the steamroller.
    You can send all the messages to Copenhagen you want. It won’t make any difference. The elites usually get what they want and I’m turning my attention to figuring out a way to profit by it.

  109. Of the hundreds I read, only a few skeptical ones made the cut:
    One day the World will wake up and realize what you have done. You will not be able to cover this up for ever. Global taxation is not the way forward
    To every single attendee : publish the carbon footprint of your attendance
    If you are serious about this FRAUD why is this not a teleconference? Oh yes, that would not allow the photo opportunities and the fancy dinners
    Enjoy Copenhagen. Then fly your private plane somewhere else where you can lecture us all on the effects of carbon consumption.
    I hope you realize climate change is all a big hoax and Copenhagen will just put a tax on the developed world all for a big, fat lie
    I am a 12 yr old boy and i am extremly worried about climate change, i would be so grateful if all of you use more renewable energy

    This endeavor started about a month ago (from the time stamps) and seems to include a lot of elementary school projects.
    Then there are this one:
    Earth has a fever and we humans are the infection. The leaders of the World have the Power to Cure this Infection – India

  110. I watched the messages for as long as my stomache could stand it.
    Not a single dissenting message. Not one!!

  111. My message.
    Canute didn’t believe the PR. From your excesses nor do you! Come home BEFORE committing treason! G, Brown! treason is still a capital offence!

  112. This is totally illigitimate. You have no right to regulate the atmosphere, water, or energy production in these United States. We will not comply.
    Thanks for the post and link, I needed to give them a piece of my mind!

  113. My Greeting:
    It was -30 C here in Calgary last night. Why arenn’t you here enjoying our weather?
    I can’t imagine what this scam will do the industrialized economies.

  114. Tried to send this one… Not sure it worked.
    CO2, Plants love it, trees love it, all live loves and need it. All life expels it and use it. Don’t try to stop life, not worth it. Go home please

  115. Using the XML feed,
    1. Save the file as HTML.
    2. With a text editor, replace all tags up to the “arrayofclimategreeting” tag with the “?xml version=”1.0”? tag (inside &lt &gt delimiters), and delete the “/body” and “/html” tags at the end.
    3. save the file as an XML file
    4. Open the file in MS Excel and let it create the data dictionary.
    You can now sort by any field. None of the messages posted here are in the list yet.
    While the count when from 5583 to 6008 on their web site, the number of messages that can be retrieved has stayed static at 2246.

  116. Use all your hot air as a cheap renewable source of household heating for the locals. Wait..sorry ! Hold that CO2 dudes !

  117. I opted for a haiku to appeal to their artistic side:
    In Copenhagen
    Bleating, Marxist, eco-sheep
    Waste time and money
    By the way, the phrase I had to type was “full swindle”!!!

  118. they just show me like dozen greetings over and over again.
    i think they are having their favourites right now. and that’s it .
    i send:
    “Try honesty! the climate is changing and we people are changing, too. ”
    and i want to get rid of the fact, that the germans seems to have no clue about climategate, or don’t want to face it. it seems to me like.. if you are not able to understand english you can’t find any objective infomation on this topic.

  119. they just show me like dozen greetings over and over again.
    i think they are having their favourites right now. and that’s it .
    i send:
    “Try honesty! the climate is changing and we people are changing, too. ”
    and i want to get rid of the fact, that the germans seems to have no clue about climategate, or don’t want to face it. it seems to me like.. if you are not able to understand english you can’t find any objective infomation about this topic.

  120. sent this:
    Hello, help to clean the air, but don’t fool yourself by thinking that you can rule the climate.

  121. I saw this greeting on COP-15:
    “I hope you realize that climate change is all a big hoax and Copenhagen will just put a tax on the developed world all for a big fat lie”
    A fellow Canuck!
    There is hope!

  122. Shout from every Private Jet, every stretch limo, the penthouse suites, at each lavish feast, “Save the Earth, save it for the little people.”
    Cap I. Talism

  123. I’m afraid the non-good wishes emails will all be peer-reviewed and rejected. Even this is a scam – they will be able to say that the world “consensus” was overwelmingly supportive. It concerns me that Climategate is essentially being ignored or spun out of existence by these case hardened grifters – my hope that it would kill the Copenhagen conspiracy against America is faltering. The Nobel prize for Obama was in itself a shameful bribe and the “investigations” at UEA and Penn State will be whitewashes that will only encourage more emboldened climate larceny. I am now beginning to understand the message of Planet of the Apes.

  124. To Climate Summit Goers,
    Please find one of those blue postcards, redeem it with a whore, have a nice dinner, go home, and save the world.

  125. The proportion of GDP spent by government needs reducing. Every dollar wasted by needless bureaucracy comsumes energy and resources. A 50% cut please

  126. “All silencing of discussion is an assumption of infallibility.” – John Stuart Mill in ON LIBERTY

  127. I sent them this.
    “”” How nice of you to choose Dec 7 to launch a new sneak attack on the United States of America. Go home before anybody notices how silly you all look.

  128. The Maldives are low lying while the ‘scientists’ aim high
    Gores been proved to exagerate while his finger’s in the pie
    142 luxurious limos with Polar Bear trim inside
    145 trillion dollars now just who’s being taken for a ride?

  129. Here is mine. Signed it with my full name.
    “Stop wasting and money on this pseudo-science. There’s no anthropogenic warming. 1000 years ago is has been warmer! Consensus is a lie.”

  130. Eddie (11:38:06) :
    >Try this link
    >I’m getting a wall of text that looks like what everyone has submitted. It’s more interesting than what you see when you click the link to view other submissions [emphasis added]
    This is an xml file. You may add a style sheet to make it more readable. View source, and save it as “cope.xml”. Then, in your text editor, create a file with this content:
    ClimateGreeting {
    display: block;
    margin: 1.25em;
    author, message {
    display: block;
    Save it as “cope.css” in the same directory as cope.xml.
    Now open cope.xml, that you saved earlier. Edit the first line to read
    <?xml-stylesheet href=”cope.css” type=”text/css”?>
    Now you can open cope.xml in your browser and each message will be in its own block.

  131. Message of Hope & Change:
    I will be sure to think of you all while burning a few old rubber tires in front of my cave tonight.
    Fredie Flinstone

  132. Do not ruin the western economies. Poor countries need cheap energy to lift themselves from poverty. Freedom & cheap energy promote innovation!

  133. I had to edit it before sending,sorry:
    The Maldives are low lying, the ‘scientists’ lie high
    142 luxurious limos with Polar Bear trim inside. 45trillion dollars? redistribution(sly)

  134. Declare victory over climate change, turn in your limos, fly back home first class or in your private jets, and tell your constituents that you have saved the planet.

  135. I applaud those of you who will return home having made no agreement at this summit. The economy of the world is in your hands. The climate is not.

  136. It will be a true miracle if anything like this pass through….
    For some reason, there is no net global warming since about 1997. Please consider recent global temperature measurements before any serious decision.


    Your greeting has successfully been sent to the COP15 editorial team. It will be posted on the website shortly.

    I won’t hold my breath.

  138. Leaked emails from UK show AGW is in question. Please agitate for real science! Get politics out of science, and let’s verify all data again first!
    [Thanks for the info on how to communicate, Anthony. Even if it will be deleted in Copenhagen, it is a satisfying feeling to be able to “throw the hammer at the screen or Big Brothers face”, so to speak.]

  139. I went to the COP site and read the comments “submitted.” They are a total sham, just like AGW. They are all in a closed loop of a couple dozen comments that are repeated over and over, every comment being supportive, every one is in English but purporting to come from many differerent countries around the world. Pure hogwash.
    Here’s what I sent as a waste of time:
    Why not consider a fix for the real culprits behind climate change (if there really is any need) — control the sun in space and the clouds on earth?

  140. This is just hilarious:
    Your vote will be presented to world leaders at the COP15 UN climate summit in Copenhagen, telling them to seal a fair and effective climate deal.
    Only just over seven thousand in the USA or Canada????
    Twenty six thousand in Europe???
    Over one million voters in China. [snip]?
    No way to opt out by the way.

  141. Think of how many schools and hospitals could have been built for the cost of this conference. Do something useful instead.

  142. “please verify the causes of climate change before dooming us all to more economic turmoil. The case for man made climate change is NOT settled.”

  143. Crikey, looking at some of the comments on the page Ecotretas refers to, one might think that they have all been written as a class exercise for brainwashed school children, or even sayings from Mao’s Little Red Book. Weirdos. Peace and love, man, and pass the spliff…
    Just seen the “drive 5 miles less a week” ad – in the middle of Tony Robinson’s programme (where, incidentally, there appears to have been a lot of warminh without contributions from 4 x4s and SUVs – I hope the programme doesn’t degenerate into an AGW message). They don’t half milk these ads, and you can’t answer back.

  144. Wake up! Global warming is a hoax that is being used to shift United Nations funding from dues to a world-wide tax base.

  145. This was my message “The evidence is in. There is a concensis. Now is the time to act. Thank you attending members at Copenhagen for saving my planet!”
    Oposs Itofabove

  146. Here’s another
    Man made global warming is a fact.
    Take scheming environmentalists and a dishonest computer programmer. Enter the data and massage it. Add one printer. Now hit enter and out pops man made global warming.

  147. Just been reading some of the messages…..not a single one of dissent yet.
    They sound like they’ve all been written by the same PR team

  148. I sent this, ain’t holding out much hope for it appearing in “Hopenhagen” though:
    December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. December 7, 2009, a date which will live in hypocracy.

  149. He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. T. Jefferson.
    Review the data after Climategate

  150. When the Medieval Warm Period ended, the Vikings all packed up and moved back to Copenhagen, so some of the locals will have ancestors still buried in Greenland cemeteries that are now permafrost.

  151. So, I did a search through those first 1,000 entries. On “scam” I got bupkis. On “gate” (related to climate-gate, not delegate, 🙂 ), I got two, and on fraud, one. On “CRU” or “tape”, there were none One thousand comments, and only three mentioning climate-gate. fraud, scam, CRU, or tape? Seems unlikely those key-words would be so sparse, unless we clear headed ones were simply slow off the mark.
    edit: Ran the searches on 6,000 messages, and there are a few more, but no where near a proportional increase.

  152. one polar bear to another: ‘have you heard about climate change? they say it’s man-made.’ ‘So was that old igloo i bedded down in last Winter but it still didn’t have a fecking toilet.’

  153. My message:
    Please do your very best to ignore the posturings of the lunatic fringe, such as the crowd. Good luck!

  154. Here’s mine: “Why are you people still trying to sell the world an uncovered hoax? You are embarrassing yourselves. You can’t keep denying the truth forever.”

  155. It’s just another hoax. It says that they gor several thousand greetings, but once you try to read, the site only rotates about two dozen of (of course) very positive and friendly ones.

  156. Please have courage to do nothing. There is no proof CO2 is a major climate driver. Don’t cripple world economy. The people will not thank you for it.

  157. Turn out the lights,pensioners freeze.Blighted crops,needless disease.Then Al Gore makes a speech.

  158. Cranky (14:02:13) :
    My message:
    Please do your very best to ignore the posturings of the lunatic fringe, such as the crowd. Good luck!
    Brilliant Cranky, what better way to send people to the source of truth. You are a genius!

  159. I sent
    “Leave well alone. Come back without agreeing anything. You won’t be paying, so you shouldn’t be saying.”

  160. Enjoy your time in Denmark. Remember that we count on warmth to grow bountiful crops. A little more CO2 may be insurance against crop failures.

  161. Dear Leaders of the world,
    Stand tall! Have the courage to do nothing. World now no warmer than MWP. Stop using AGW hoax as pretext to institute global tyranny. Stop charade!

  162. There is no consensus, the science is not settled; it was never about science, was it? Your crimes against the people of the world are not unnoticed.
    Yeah, a little harsh, I know.

  163. Hey, i speak from Brazil, and i sent to COP15 this:
    Dear leaders, please, don’t cut off our freedom and don’t make a new world order, back to home and take care about your people that need food and health!

  164. I was looking at the published comments – not one was a dissenting voice. Welcome to the future of the world.

  165. As True Believers in the Church Of Global Warming, show the courage of your convictions to reduce man made CO2. Stop exhaling now! Have a rainbow day!
    Feedin Theflora

  166. Found in the 6427 messages so far:
    Michael Powers Please require that all source data and source code from climate-change research/modeling is made publicly available for independent confirmation
    24-11-2009 1 United States of America
    Steve Banwarth We need to save the planet! Let us all recognize that the world climate may not be controlled by man’s activities, and open debate to prove it.
    7-12-2009 4 United States of America
    James Smith Glad to see you all care so much about the “climate” to come in a shitload of petrol-guzzling limos and jet planes. Ever heard of “carpool”? Twats.
    7-12-2009 1 United Kingdom
    Susan Hedgecock I want you to know that I am very concerned about the US ceding its’ soverignity to a world body. If Obama signs this, I will work to impeach him.
    7-12-2009 1 United States of America
    Andrew Hibma A very simple question; What is the temperature suppose to be?
    7-12-2009 3 United States of America
    Edward Reid MacAulay Please do no harm. Send your delegates back with open minds to explore the fact that CO2 is an insignificant component of natural climate cycles.
    7-12-2009 1 Canada
    TitiXXXX I want my children have a future, a freedom-like future not a 1984-like future. Do nothing you stupids
    7-12-2009 4 Switzerland
    Nikolaj Holtermann Climategate! Welcome to my country Denmark. I hope you are aware, the “global warming” myth is a scam, a hoax. Please be on the right side of history.
    7-12-2009 2 Denmark
    Charles Flemming Do not ruin the world’s economies based on fraudulent “science.” Stand firm for freedom, scientific integrity, and true democracy. 7-12-2009 2 United States of America
    info wars . com Global Temperature is de clining, Research Climate G ate, this is a F R A U D for G L O B A L T A X !!
    7-12-2009 4 Canada
    John Galt Please stop dihydrogen monoxide pollution of our air.
    7-12-2009 1 United States of America
    Gerald Hogan If the climate is really in crisis you would be holding this conference by video, and allow the world to sit in. You’re a bunch of hypocrits. 7-12-2009 3 United States of America
    John Davis Will you allow negative comments? Or is that not “scientific?” Man made global warming is bunkum!
    7-12-2009 3 United States of America

  167. One lucky fellow got his up and away
    ‘Americans do not want a treaty that will circumvent their constitution and promote a world government! This treaty is atrocious and treasonous!

  168. Why the censorship of dissenting greetings? Are you afraid of honest discourse or is Prof. Jones of the CRU “peer reviewing” these messages?

  169. I sent: Save the tree’s. Tree growth has increased 50% in response to the nominal increase in C02. The planet is trying very hard to return to normal. Please do not hinder her by lowering C02 emissions.
    But I had to take out a Save the tree’s and shorten other words to get under the 150 word limit.

  170. This is not a poll. They have invited messages to the delegates. I’m sure most of us have more than one message we’d like to send…

  171. I sent the following
    The famous words of George Carlin “The planet is fine. The people are …” Trying to stop CO2 going from 0.0012% to 0.0013% of air will not alter it

  172. Have found this nice piece, must be an expat from North Korea:
    “I am humbled and exceedingly honoured to text to you.
    I appreciate all the plans of you ,our leaders,to make the world a better place to live in.”
    Looks like a sort of template we all should use …

  173. Here is what I wrote:
    Science first IPCC, otherwise stop talking because you are emitting CO2
    They replied the words were not correct. What did I do wrong?

  174. The planet’s increasing albedo and trapped CO2 go hand in hand. Higher albedo means cooling and trapped CO2 means heating – which of these two is dominating now and what is the prognosis?

  175. I sent the following:
    If you have a shred of common sense, do nothing and go home. There is no man made crisis to fix.
    Nobody will read it in Copenhagen, I’m certain.

  176. the food’s price has doubled, we have new taxes, co2 emissions are still high, the climate got colder. stop this masquerade, we didn’t vote for this.

  177. Message to Copenhagen:
    Greetings delegates. Do nothing. The corrupt data from the CRU underpins the UN IPCC decisions.
    This message will, I’m sure, trigger the automatic delete function.

  178. Thank god this is a testable hypothesis. No excuse or qualificaiton will be able to prevent your shame and condemnation forever. Doomed zealot leming

  179. I’m filing a FOI request to see how you adjust, hide and delete messages.
    Please stay in Copenhagen forever – enjoy the limos and prostitutes! We don’t want you back, ever!

  180. My message:
    ‘Think very, very hard: scientific opportunism does not make for good policy’
    I chose the deer stamp. Don’t they realise they are ruminants, belching and farting all those nasty gasses!

  181. Stop trying to calm the weather gods like our ignorant ancestors did. Don’t protect the climate, it’s always changing. Protect democracy instead.
    But can you imagine this:
    “The Climate Greetings will be shown on large screens throughout COP15 as well as at various other venues in Denmark and around the world.” We had this sort of political propaganda here in Germany from 1939 – 1945, and again, this time in East Germany only, from 1945 – 1989. And now they’re at it again.

  182. Jack McLeod (15:54:16) :
    . . .
    “They replied the words were not correct. What did I do wrong?”
    Sounds like it’s referring to the ‘capcha’ security words that must be typed in to post displayed above the line ‘Enter the words above:’

  183. My addition: “Since the Earth’s climate is dominated by a positive feedback of H2O and CO2 lets build a greenhouse over the ocean and create perpetual energy”

  184. Care for poor before Gore. Children first climate last. Require Copenhagen Consensus WHO Benefit/Cost. Open audit validate and restore IPCC integrity.

  185. In Regina Sask it is -29 and I sit with my furnace cranked up high to keep warm. I sincerely hope your efforts result in complete failure.

  186. To the UN
    The day I see Al Gore or David Suzuki tilling their subsistence plots with crooked sticks, hauling water by hand, no electricity, no heating, a burlap sack over their back and a coolie hat to protect them from the elements, then and only then will you have my full and undivided attention.
    I had to cut it down to 150 words

  187. I sent:
    Don’t fall for the biggest scientific fraud of all time. Don’t wreck economies. C02 is not a pollutant. DO NOTHING and go home.

  188. Sent my message: “Keep all that CO2 plant food out of the air by drinking it up in your beer and champagne. Walk home to your country afterwards and save the planet. “

  189. Let us see if this subtle comment gets by:
    “May the Creator open your eyes fully to Truth; may you have courage to stand for Truth. Will those who deceive their own people not also deceive you?”

  190. I think they may actually generate them randomly. The ones I saw included some negatives. Here’s what they say for the journalists:
    “Climate Greetings as RSS
    Climate Greetings can be fetched as an RSS feed, for example for use by media or similar. 20 greetings are provided every 15 minutes, and these greetings are selected randomly from all greetings submitted.”

  191. Re: Denbow WOW account comment
    OH, I WISH! My sons and I would SO pwn them. They’d have to get their own server.

  192. Stop this fraud… Climate change is as old as the Earth itself. If man is causing the current modest warm we are enjoying, what caused the warming in the Medieval Period, or the Holocene warm period? Both much warmer than today.
    This is a disgraceful waste of public money and in the no too distant future the world will come to realise this.
    I’ll bet this posting never makes it to the public postings page.

  193. The PDO has flipped, cold has returned, UEA has flopped, please “do” the sites – not more. There is no Global Warming, the books are all that’s cookd

  194. I sent:
    If this summit were held during the Medieval Warm Period, today’s weather would be more pleasant.

  195. “As the world inevitably cools, you won’t fool the people any longer. They will hold you accountable for your needless illogical actions and burdens.”
    ~ Somehow, I don’t think it will make it past the editors (censors).

  196. The people now know about this scientific fraud of the century. Freedom loving people everywhere will fight your unelected world government.
    It’s damn hard to shoehorn my rage and disgust over this issue into 150 characters or less. Australia was the first government to go down over this issue but will by no means be the last.

  197. “It is now proven that scientists have been falsifying the data. Manmade climate change is now completely in doubt. Another tax is not the solution.”

  198. Connection interrupted. It sent, but the site’s return to me did not come. Don’t know if errored or not.
    anyway, here’s my message:
    I have bound my feet and now my carbon footprint is smaller. How much will you pay me? Thank you.

  199. Here’s what I sent. I wonder if the people of the world will get to see it.
    Be afraid, be very afraid for the EPA will be taken to court by 50,000,000 people in a class action suit to prevent CO2 being declared a pollutant!

  200. I tried again and realized I had left off my name, so I’m sure the first did not go through. Sent the same message and it was accepted.

  201. “You carry our futures with you. I urge you not to tax us without doing further rigorous work on climate science. It is not just about carbon dioxide.”

  202. Dear ‘Leaders of the world’ (I thought they were our elected representatives???)
    “Stop wasting inordinate amounts of tax payers money on a non-problem, go home and tackle real issues that matter. No to global governance!!!”

  203. My message:
    CO2 is the life blood of all plants, and it has little effect on the climate. Your delusion of ‘saving the planet’ is the real threat to mankind.

  204. Well I posted…
    “Fools. In your opening video wank-fest, you show a little girl watching a TV broadcast which shows an African child crying. LiveAid 1980s get it right”
    Utter morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. Funny. I sent a greeting, and then wanted to view some of the 7800 that are supposedly there. It just cycles through about 12 different ones.

  206. The COP-15 site says there are 7698 messages. It is only possible to view 20 of these messages. Does this mean they only got 20 messages of support and the rest are negative. That’s 0.26%, including one from a 3 year old girl. Hmm, maybe its just a moderation delay.

  207. Take no notice of the sceptics, keep on filling your boots and running the gas guzzling sedans. You should not worry, there are enough idiots like Gordon Brown to back you up.

  208. I sent this message:
    How can you be so stupid as to fall for this transparent fraud. The climate is ALWAYS changing and it ALWAYS will. Stop lying to yourselves.

  209. Mine went something like:
    Dear Great Leaders,
    Stop messing with this anti-CO2 claptrap.In order to develop alternatives to fossil fuels we’ll need to use every resource available – coal, oil etc.

  210. I put:
    The word for what you are doing is shenanigans. Please go home and stop wasting other peoples money.
    Won’t do any good though. Sorry with the negative vibes, man (watched Kelly’s Heroes AGAIN last night)

  211. Ecotretas (06:16:39)
    Yes that’s right, no sign of my comment, or ANY critical comments
    that you lot has put in. I did a word search and couldn’t find anything.
    I also added the list to 100000 to see if I got any more comments,
    and still virtually no critical comments turned up. Probably they
    are trying to massage the ego of the delegates, and don’t want
    them to see the critical comments of the many “skeptics”.
    Can’t the blogmeisters see that they are repeating what Phil Jones
    and the rest of them had done at East Anglia University ? This
    kind of proves a point doesn’t it ? that they are willing to censor
    the truth when it disagrees with their fantasy notions.

  212. Just retrieved another dump from the “list” URL. Compared it with yesterday’s fixed dump. They bumped the number of messages released to 2800. I performed a diff against yesterday’s dump. About 32 new skeptical comments, not counting the “go veggie” ones. Of those, I think about 16 were from this comment section. Obviously, a huge amount of filtering of the ones posted here.
    I think we need to press the editorial board to release more. Trumpeting selective censorship would be a start. Andrew Bolt? George Will? Stossel? O’Reilly?

  213. To Whom It May Concern ,
    What I want for Christmas is that the COP15 summit would recognize that
    ALL scientists and their data within the Man-Made Global Warming/ Natural Climate Change community be reviewed Before making a decision on whether or not there is a CLEAR consensus on the Global Enviorment .
    Research and Data materials were obtained from the University of East Anglia’s Hadley Climate Research Unit in Norwich , UK . three weeks ago that makes it quite Clear that temperture change data from around the world was manipulated , falsified or destroyed by a very few scientists within and outside the CRU to sway a one sided opinion on the current issues of Anthropological Global Warming . I would think that a meeting of this importance would realize that a majority concensus of scientists around the world is required and while the IPCC is firm on their side of the AGW , their information may be based on the CRU’s conclusion.
    I had also emailed my concerns on this issue to Mr. Al Gore , but I understand that Mr.Gore isn’t attending the meeting either due to unforeseen changes in his schedule or the great annoyance that are the University of East Anglia’s Hadley Climate Research Unit data and materials .
    Thank You

  214. Oh, and BTW, at least 30% of the new ones from UK & US are skeptical. If you remove the elementary school postings, it’s greater than 50%

  215. Please do no harm! Enjoy your conference, renew friendships, enjoy the good food and storytelling. Then go home and leave us alone!

  216. “Instead of paying people to be poor, why not help them to be rich? Good governance is the problem, not human greenhouse gas emissions. Happy Christmas”
    Do I get a prize for having exactly 150 characters????

  217. Hello from Calgary, Canada – enjoying -30C weather tonight – car is plugged in, furnace cranked up, face is falling off with the cold – am so glad that it is warming in Europe – could it be the Bermuda Warming Current which I learned about in first year geography at University – back in the dark ages of the 70’s which were also F***ing cold!

  218. “Climate change is mostly driven by natural forces. What little we add can be reduced through innovation, not oppressive taxes under world government.”
    It’s hard to fit any of the things I wanted to say into a mere 150 characters.

  219. I wrote “I would be most grateful if anyone at this conference can show me the unequivocal, scientific evidence that CO2 is responsible for global warming.”
    ..but I’m not holding my breath( although given the way carbon dioxide is being demonised I may soon have to!)

  220. I beg you – no economic suicide. Do nothing as soon as possible, and return to your home countries and spend more money on malaria research.

  221. Apparently they don’t get sarcasm. Amidst all the continually recycled mindless “save the planet” pablum is this missive: “O Vanguard of the Climatariati, smite the denialists and lead the masses. O forward-looking shepherds of a mindless flock, go forth and cool the earth!”
    I made my comment successfully, but forgot to copy it. Something like: “what you are doing is wrong, and will only cause great harm. Climate science is corrupt. Just go home.” They are obviously only interested in cheering the troops on, so will not post anything negative. No surprise, as they have no moral scruples whatsoever, and not an honest nanoparticle in their entire bodies.

  222. My message submitted:
    For humanity’s sake, please let temperature rise 0.5 C and increase global food production by 30 per cent. How? Make sure CO2 doubles – DO NOTHING.

  223. This brings back memories: “Oil-for-Food”. Remember that? Maruice Strong. Remember him? He was Gore’s partner in the current Generation Investment Management LLC. Research that.

  224. Please do not re-impoverish billions of people and halt the economic development that cleans the environment and curbs population growth. Do nothing.

  225. It appears that they are selectively censoring. Of the supposed 9590 greetings posted so far, only 3853 are available for download. Does that mean that >60% of the greetings are against the whole concept of AGW/COP15/CRU/IPCC? Very few of the messages posted here have made it into their list feed.

  226. Al Gore is really Cobra Commander!! He is using the Weather Dominator to wreak havoc on the world’s climate to gain global domination! Can G.I. Joe stop him???
    PS> Barbara Boxer is actually Baronness (She HAS NOT aged well..)

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