What is angry, hot, and green?

First, apologies in advance.

No, not Lou Ferrigno. Not Shrek either. Green Hornet? Monbiot? Romm? nuh uh.

In marketing, they say “sex sells”. Global warming now “climate change” is all about marketing and being “green”. Our carbonic hero Al Gore does scads of green marketing.

So, it was only a matter of time before sex, green, and global warming merged. It was inevitable really. Soon, we’ll probably see the “green issue” of Playboy.

Brace yourself for the next level in green marketing…


Witness AngryGreenGirl.com

Yes that’s right, a green “skin” website advertising itself as “We’re hot green, and shameless”.

NBC in Los Angeles describes it as:

The goal is to use a little flesh to bring attention to a good cause — eco-friendly products. As part of the AngryGreenGirl.com launch, bikini models provided car washes Tuesday morning in Hollywood. There was a catch — you had to be driving a hybrid or electric vehicle.

The owner of this angry green hot marketing tool, Sofia Pernas says:

“Our whole motto is provocative with a purpose,” said Pernas, a 20-year-old actress who lives in Los Angeles. “We’re females exploiting what we’ve got to grab any sort of attention.”

“What better way to induce people to come than girls in bikinis washing their cars?” Pernas said.

Here’s one of the videos:

As I said, it is only a matter of time.

What is the message being marketed? I have no idea.

68 thoughts on “What is angry, hot, and green?

  1. OMG She’s like sooo hot. I wanna be green too…
    Here’s a great example of garbage reporting/green propaganda on CNN:

    It’s wrong on so many levels and something tells me that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Buckle up and let’s see where the green propaganda machine takes us next…

  2. Hmm, hot and spicy… just the way I like it…
    Coming up: “Green Girls Gone Wild”… $19.95 S&H included. Place your order now!

  3. Maybe a little ot- but isn’t Lucia kickin at
    and i’d like to propose a quote of the week- though it didn’t happen here-
    “Screw him and screw you. This is science and nobody is going to pull punches when we see wrong crap being promoted and disseminated like this latest dreck from Tamino.
    You get bloodied up in science sometimes. It’s part of the art.”
    Carrick (Comment#18431) August 24th, 2009 at 12:15 pm to
    Arthur Smith:
    From the Blackboard in regard to Tamino

  4. Lame and desperate. Must be Monbiot’s number one site to visit when he isn’t driving his wife and kids up the wall with his egomaniacal rambling at home.

  5. Cults have always used sex as an enticement to join…. This is no different.
    Join the AGW sex cult today…..
    Science pimps it’s climate Pro;-)
    Sigh. It’s so sad to see.

  6. The Swiftboats are out in full force. Anybody can launch them.
    Trouble is, when folks see them now, they know Watts Up With That.
    They did not work the last election.
    They may backfire heavily if I have the political winds gauged right.
    Being that the people making the decisions are not elected, it makes it ever more apt to blow up on the originators.
    Once stooped to that level, there’s no climbing back up.

  7. Actually, the silly video never said anything false. It wasn’t about global warming; it was about normal conservation things.
    They do have a global warming video and it’s a hoot. What is it with stupid people thinking they are smart, anyway?

  8. What is angry, hot, and green?
    OMG….That’s my ex-wife at an embryonic stage.
    Just The Facts (21:41:46) :
    What can you say…an iceberg cleaving. The sad
    thing is, he really doesn’t know how foolish he

  9. The house that the video was filmed in seems pretty spacious… how much dirty fossil fuel will it take to keep it warm during winter times? This from an urban dweller who is confined in his rather shabby 100-year old, 300-sq. ft. apartment (with no dishwasher and AC)…

  10. Yep, a website hosted on a server powered by…. Electricity. Probably generated by coal fired power station.
    Available to PC’s everywhere powered by…. Electricity. Generated by lots of coal fired and nuclear power stations.
    Which can be accessed on a network that needs electricity to run. Generated by even more power stations.
    How green can you get?
    Hypocricy, thy name is green

  11. Wait a minute. Aren’t sex, drugs, and rock and roll the means by which the (world) population got dumbed down in the first place?
    Frivolity and easy morals are not the solution, although they are fun. If it feels good, do it. But please get out of the way when the adults are working.

  12. What message is being marketed?
    “What better way to induce people to come than girls in bikinis washing their cars?” Pernas said.”
    What an interesting turn of phrase the lady has…

  13. I thought it was a novel way to discuss sensible conservation issues of the domestic variety……a way to reach a new target audience.
    She keeps mentioning ‘saving money’,but is anybody impressed by saving $50/year on a water saving showerhead ?,did they even listen to what she said ????
    She could even be employed with the right financial incentive to change sides, humor and sex could be used to dispel AGW myths

  14. “What is it with stupid people thinking they are smart, anyway?”
    Everyone has a right to an opinion, but no duty to think before they speak.

  15. One must wonder if air-head Angry Green Girl advocates not using paper towels? Instead, use an old t-shirt (not that she has any, of course). Then, wipe up the mess with the old t-shirt and …. oops, can’t wash it because one must ONLY wash with a full load of clothes. So, just drop the messy t-shirt into the dirty clothes hamper until wash-day.
    Never mind the smell.
    Never mind the unsanitary air she must breathe, and bugs and other critters attracted to the filthy t-shirt.
    They’ll earn my credibility when they practice what they preach: give up all products derived from petroleum, walk or bicycle everywhere they go (no public transportation – hey that uses petroleum!), grow their own food (cannot shop at stores because goods arrived there in trucks powered by petroleum), and spin, then weave their own fabrics (no synthetics made from petroleum), and never ever set foot on a carpet (made from synthetic fibers). No medicines or pharmaceuticals (also made from that evil petroleum). No makeup, hair coloring, shampoos, conditioners, rinses, or other “personal products” (also made from petroleum).
    Go ahead, greenie-weenies. Show me. Be my instructor. Give up every single thing in your life that is made from petroleum.
    Next week we’ll work on life without that evil eco-destroying thing: electricity from fossil fuels.
    Then we will work on growing your own food without any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or herbicides — all made from petroleum or natural gas (which, contrary to confused San-Fran Nan Nancy Pelosi, really IS a fossil fuel).

  16. I understand that Angry Green Girl is currently shooting a video in the Arctic. It features her pole dancing.

  17. I wonder what range of services will be on offer. I suppose it’ll be anything from a quick spit-and-polish to a full buffing.
    Hot, green and angry. It’s Hulk III — the Hulk goes to Texas.
    I doubt they realise that by cleaning electric cars that are actually cleaning cars that are 60% coal-powered. Surely they’d be better off cleaning solar-powered, wind-assisted, biomass enhanced bicycles.
    What about vehicles 100% fuelled by famine (sorry, I meant ethanol)? What service will they get? [snip]

  18. Sticky keyboard this morning guys again, me thinks – don’t read anything into that!!! I have had a minor power outage as I typed.
    Frederick Michael:-) I agree she hasn’t actually said anything controversial but somewhat practical.
    jorgekafkazar;-) I was always taught that the most important organ measured only 6″! The brain.
    I was a little dissappointed in the rather sarcastic & slightly racist humour that only people in the uncivilized world do not wash their clothes, & taken to the logical conclusion, themselves also. So that’s some Christians, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddists insulted just for starters. Hot, Angry, Green, & prepared to insult anybody around the world. Splendid! I dare say it all depends on where she wishes to draw the geographical borders between what she considers civilized & uncivilized.

  19. Will I get a carwash if I drive up in something like a Volvo V50 DRIVe Station Wagon that gets me 60 mpg (US)? Thats 70 mpg in the UK.
    The 2009 Prius only gets 50 mpg(US) and it has lots of extra stuff in it that takes energy and CO2 to manufacture.
    The V50 is of course a common-rail Diesel and will not be imported to the US because yanks a bit…………………..

  20. I thought Star Trek (T.O.) did the Green Girl thing like, in the 70s…

    You know, when The Jet Age was just getting started…
    FWIW, I’ve mapped the growth of thermometers at Airports by latitude and found that AGW is really measuring the growth of The Jet Age…
    Not only do the thermometers migrate south to the Tropics over time, they move in ever larger numbers onto Airports…
    I think we need to start documenting the effect of AHI (AIRPORT Heat Island) effect on the temperature record…

  21. Top Gear on the Prius:
    Prius more Enviromentally damaging than Bmw m3

    Are hybrids really more fuel efficient?

    The last movie is the best test. (not from top gear)

  22. I just clicked “No” on their poll question about paying extra for recycling and it came back 100% yes, 0% no.

  23. I remember the pilot episode of Star Trek TOS (repackaged into the episode ‘The Menagere’) that featured a green dancing slave girl. What was the name of those green aliens? Now that was green and hot!

  24. You know, if the greenpeace girls here decided to wear bikinis when they try to get people’s money in front of the local supermarket, they would probably have a lot more success from the male demographic!

  25. The girl in the main video went on and on about shoes. She wanted us (men) to save money so we could buy her shoes. Well, sweety, all those shoes require resources and energy to make.
    Why aren’t these goof-offs promoting minimalism? They always find a way to return to materialism, like, “Look for the Energy Star!” or, “Buy this one, it has the ‘green’ sticker of approval on it!” It has become a money-making extravaganza. It’s all a bunch of nonsense. Truly, if we wanted to “go green” we’d quit our jobs, take off our clothes and return to the jungle. If that cute brunette is willing – then so am I!

  26. Mark, I also clicked “No” on their poll and was not reflected in the percentage. We should all go vote “no” and demonstrate how skewed this thing is.

  27. Young men have always volunteered for left-wing causes they care nothing about if they think they can score with hot girls!

  28. Okay, that’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.
    If you need an arrogant, insulting woman to tell you that you can save money by not running the dishwasher and washing machine until they’re full, then you’ve got serious problems.

  29. These people … they have no clue… I live in Vancouver and “Green” Girls are everywhere and without any sort of malice I can say they are “difficult” at best.
    Hey no matter how hot a girl is if they are nagging and criticizing you about your car, your travel, your water use, your BBQ and want you to pay more for stuff becuase it is green… they get REAL UGLY REAL DAMN QUICK.
    So the entire concept will never work because nothing is uglier than an Angry Green Girl. IMHO as always.

  30. The message being sent is that if girls think that the planet is getting warmer, there will be more girls in bikinis.

  31. @Roger Sowell (00:38:07) :
    I have always wanted to attend one of those big green rallies/demonstrations with a big bin to collect people’s phones, MP3 players, DVD players, TV’s, etc., etc.
    I could print a big banner on the bin that says “Just do Without.” Let’s see how many of these passionate people are willing to walk the walk and how many are just doing what’s popular.

  32. OK. I went there to vote no in the poll with the same results as posted above. That’s a least 3 known ‘no’ votes and yet the results show 100% ‘yes’, 0% ‘no’.
    If anything is getting hot, it’s the ‘stacked green poll results’ scandal that is beginning to boil on the back burner.
    Where are all those hard-hitting MSM investigative reporters when you need them, hmmm????

  33. Voted “no” and got same response. 100% yes, 0% no.
    What a sorry website they have there. I wonder how much the traffic has increased since being posted here?

  34. Kaboom (02:01:56) :
    Boudo (01:13):
    That was just deliciously obscene on so many levels.
    Well done!
    Just be glad she cancelled her proposed vist to Lapland . . . !

  35. I take this as a good sign. Really.
    Once the marketing reaches this level, it’s a good sign that only the really really gullible are going for it. Think about it. This is an appeal to the basest of emotion and understanding.
    My question is ‘what are they selling’? They’re clearly not interested in scientific debate or understanding. Are they recruiting for poll numbers and votes? My opinion is that somebody is trying to make a buck here.
    Once it becomes commonly accepted that the AGW movement is nothing more than a power grab and marketing ploy, the movement is dead. I think we’re getting close to that point. The smart money’s going the other way. Again; that’s just my opinion, I ‘ve been wrong before.

  36. Trey (10:03:25) :
    “Voted “no” and got same response. 100% yes, 0% no.
    What a sorry website they have there. I wonder how much the traffic has increased since being posted here?”
    See! I’m tellin’ ya, this story has got legs!

  37. Just wait until these girls link up with the “pee in the shower” campaign they’re running in Brazil. Now *that* will be an interesting video.

  38. Ken, your comment about “peeing in the shower” would almost be obscene if it weren’t true. I remember a video recently with some celebrity dude saying he would flush “only on a #2, never for a #1.” It’s all nuts, I tell ya!

  39. The bikini-carwash-for-hybrids ploy reminds me of an episode of “Futurama”: Fry joins the army to get a 5% discount on a 40-cent pack of gum. 🙂

  40. The symbolism from that site is interesting.
    What is mothered is alive. Earth is our mother. Green is the color of earth. Environmentalism uses green as the color of their agenda. Feminism came about the same time as environmentalism. Warming is greening the earth and C02 is helping. The earth is covered by vegetation. Environmentalists are concerned with superficial things beyond their control. Superficiality seeks to exploit insecurities. That website seeks to gain by exploitation of feminitiy for their own agenda.
    Yikes! What is our agenda? (Take the paragraph above with a grain of salt. I’m just tossing around thoughts for someone else to swirl around in their mind.)

  41. John Galt,
    I have a few opportunities, as for example at an upcoming conference of environmental lawyers. I ask them how they arrived, and they all say by plane or by car. I ask them why they did not walk or ride a bicycle to show leadership in eliminating evil hydrocarbons from their lives. This year I’m taking a digital voice recorder to record their fiery outbursts in response.
    I also ask them at what point do jobs and the economy count for more than their precious environmental laws. This year will be really great for watching their responses. Unemployment at record highs, and environmental regulations blocking business expansion and growth.
    California has gone even further off the deep end when a judge ruled last year that air pollution permits for new projects must be withheld because the local air district (AQMD) failed to properly write an environmental assessment document. As a result of that ruling, no new facilities can be built, nor expansion built, not even public works that are needed for public safety. The greenies are showing us all just how grand the world will be with them in charge.
    This is too much fun.

  42. Well, I found it educational. And here I was reading about ENSO’s and PDO’s, and the answer was there all the time.
    But I don’t think such challenges can be left unanswered. Anthony should produce his own, competing video, which we can hope RealClimate will post as a trojan (no pun intended!) horse to seduce AGW believers over to WUWT.

  43. RE: Steven Kopits
    Fight fire with fire? Interesting….sounds seductive. But. Our values at WUWT are more old school. We’re unfazed. Unrattled by emotional hysteria. Calm in a sea of screams we are. And better we are for it. May our calm nature spread to the screamers when they grow tired of screaming.

  44. Lying hussy ! I bet she runs harder than that when her telephone rings; not a drop of sweat (excuse me; perspiration) anywhere on her body.
    And doesn’t she realize there is a water shortage; so why is she out running, and thereby increasing the CO2 content of the atmosphere, as well as depleting precious water supplies.
    She’s almost as annoying as that rotten little kid at the day care center; whose mother has just picked him up after her bridge afternoon; who keeps on screaming; “the future is green energy”.
    NO it isn’t; that’s where we started; competing with the monkeys for the tastiest figs; until we got smart, and let the monkeys gather the renewable free clean green energy (figs); then we killed their little A**** and ate them; much more sensible !

  45. Well, I just discovered that that porno flick is even worse if you actually watch it, so why didn’t she just walk (no run) down to the river, and wash her hot sweaty clothes; and her dirty mind, in the river. I’m sure her sweat is bio-degradable; her message is pretty degrading anyway, so she could be feeding little water gremlins from her detritus.
    Did I detect that her “plate” was actually made from fossil fuels; she could have used the paper from an abandoned wasps nest, and stuck it all together with gum from a Eucalyptus tree (gum tree to you mate).
    Only a trollop would strip for a camera like that; even with nothing showing; it’s the thought that counts.
    I’m afraid this message went in and out of a second storey window far above my head.

  46. Doesn’t sex sometimes lead to little people who grow up to have more little people, who … in a few generations amount to more consumption on the earth’s natural resources? The greenies should use old ugly (snip) in their spots to repress this reproductive urge!

  47. “I also like to think of myself as a great listener — and respect other people’s points of view, even if they’re different from my own.” – Angry Green Girl
    “Of course, none of the above is true.” – Angry Green Girl a paragraph later.
    At least she is honest when she is not being dishonest.

  48. Well they’re not appealing to minds at all. I think its tacky to appeal to people’s ethics through a not very well disguised sexual appeal.
    The context is ridiculous as AGG appears to live in the lap of luxury while exhorting the rest of us to live in poverty.

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