New Australian continent wide low temperature record set for April

Minus 13 degrees – the coldest it’s been in April

From Weatherzone – Brett Dutschke,

Wednesday April 29, 2009 – 14:58 EST

File:Charlotte Pass 2008.jpg

Charlotte Pass, 1,837m, Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Australia

A new Australian record was set early this morning, a temperature of minus 13 degrees, at Charlotte Pass on the Snowy Mountains.

This is the lowest temperature recorded anywhere in Australia in April and is 13 below the average. Nearby at Perisher it dipped to minus 11 degrees and at the top of Thredbo it dipped to minus 10.

Across the border, on the Victorian Alps April records were broken at Mt Hotham where it chilled to minus eight degrees and Mt Buller and Falls Creek where it got as low as minus seven.

charlotte_passA few other locations set April low temperature records also. In Tasmania Lake Leake was as cold as minus six, Sheffield and Dover both reached minus one and Flinders island got to zero. Hobart had its coldest April night in 46 years, recording a low of 1.7 degrees, seven below average.

While much of inland NSW and Victoria will be colder tomorrow morning than it was this morning under clearer skies, the Alps should be a little warmer due to a rise in humidity.

Note, all temperatures in the story above are in Centigrade. Photo and map added by Anthony.

Here are the all-time highs and lows for the continent of Australia (source Perth Weather Center)


  • Oodnadatta, South Australia 50.7 C (123.3 F) on the 2nd January, 1960


  • Charlotte Pass, New South Wales -23.0 C (-9.4 F) on the 29th June, 1994

While this is certainly a significant new cold record this early in Australia’s fall going on winter, one must always remember that weather is not climate. – Anthony

(h/t to WUWT reader “Chuck”)


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Falls Creek, a resort just a little to the south of Charlotte’s Pass and Perisher in Victoria had 1metre of snow over the last 2 days. Unprecedented almost I would think for April. Also some of the same towns just north of Melbourne that were badly damaged by the fires in February have now also received snow.
Looking forward to a great ski season in Aus. As stated earlier at the time of the fires, our deadpan Climate Change Minister, “Penny Wong” reportedly said at the time of the fires that the fires were “Climate Change in action”. She’ll probably say that this cold weather is evidence of the variability of Climate Change. Thats the trouble, Global Warming (aka Climate Change) is a non-falsifiable theory, everything supports Climate Change.
Oh well, at least the skiing will be good. Perisher is a top spot if any people want to come over.


Don’t forget, those temps are all Celsius in Aus. We don’t refer to Centigrade in Australia.


I reiterate my post from another thread, it *has* been cold this spring, summer and now autum is proving to be quite noticeably colder thans last year here further east in Sydney. Winter will be cold too, it’s inevitable as we move further away from a “quiet” Sun. Seems to strike a familiar cord with the NH, so much snow, in your winter.

Oz, the giant cruise ship heading for Antarctica !


Also, we don’t use the term “Fall” in Aus at all. It is “Autumn”.


I clearly remember the hot records that were broken in Australia at several locations were not reported here at all, although they were all-time absolute maximum temperatures. Now, a record cold for April is the headline. Weather is not climate, we all agree on this. But where does this tendency to “forget” hot records come from?
REPLY: I dunno “Flanagan” where does your tendency to be an annoying phantom Internet troll coward come from? People send me things, I notice things, I report them, such as the recent California heat wave and the recent cold snap in Australia.
Ask the New York Times why they reported on the California heat wave and not the Australian April low. Lets see it Flanagan, put that question to them and post the answer here. Do something useful that backs up your snark for a change.
My point to you: If you don’t like what is or is not reported here, don’t visit. – Anthony Watts


I can see the headlines now…”Ozone Depletions Responsible for Record Low in Australia.”

We all know that record highs (no matter how localised) are proof of global climate change and proof of man = bad and record lows are proof of temporary changes in local weather = irrelevant . This is the AGW Alarmist viewpoint and nothing short of a return to a full blown ice-age will change that.

Laurence Kirk

I look at this Bureau of Meteeorology graph for Southern Hemisphere cooling and I reckon we are in for a cold one here in Western Australia this winter.
It will be very telling if Bluff Knoll, the 1,000 metre high point in WA’s southwest gets more than its usual one or two days of snow. This has not happened in the 29 years that I have been here.

If this were 13 degrees above average and a new warm record for Australia it would be milked by the AGW religion till the cows came home. Just like the Victorian Bushfires got blamed on AGW when it was simply a stationary high pressure system in the Tasman redirecting hot air from up north. With a cooling PDO, quiet sun and Lake Eyre filling it looks like being a cold, wet (read snowy) year for Australia. But then last year Mt Ruapehu in NZ had a 5m snow depth record – 1.5m more than the snow record pole – so I suppose its not that unusual 🙂

Isn’t the northern hemisphere still getting significant snowfalls?
So we are getting winter conditions in both hemispheres at once – isn’t this at least a little worrying!


“Trevor (05:18:35) :
Also, we don’t use the term “Fall” in Aus at all. It is “Autumn”.”
I leave the “n” off Autumn so as not to confuse people. That’s my excuse and I am stciking to it *ahem*.


Silly Aussies. Don’t you know the SH temperature anomoly for April is going to be +0.3?

Leon Brozyna

Leave it those folks down under — always having to do things in a big way. Wonder how many winter weather records they’ll smash this winter season.

vukcevic (05:17:27) : Oz, the giant cruise ship heading for Antarctica !
So…you are really insinuating something very important: For it to be true temperatures should have “migrated” southwards: From antarctica to Canada, from Canada to the USA, the equator way south (The magnetic equator it is at latitude 12°30´south) . Does temperatures follow magnetic fields?


Off the topic … can someone tell me where sunspot data was collected earlier in the 20th century (e.g. 1913) … where were the observatories located?


Trevor give us a break with the semantics Gerard also in OZ

vukcevic (05:17:27) I forgot to follow going down: The south pole then would be traveling to Australia !!

vukcevic (05:17:27) In my where antarctica, read Artic.

John Galt

How much colder will it get if we don’t stop AGW now?


“. . . one must always remember that weather is not climate. – Anthony”
Unless we are members of congress – then it is “climate change” or “evaporation”.


I actually heard about this first on the ABC news (Aus), which is a little surprising as its usually the first to jump on the warming bandwagon.

Pamela Gray

Australia’s climate can be found in any Atlas or 5th grade geography text book. It has not changed. There have been weather pattern variation, but no climate change. Unless someone managed to shove the continent (or just parts of it) to a different latitude, longitude, and/or altitude. In my opinion, the only thing worth discussing is weather pattern variation. Carry on Anthony. You post exactly the kinds of topics I LOVE to read and discuss.


Good photo – but surely the snow cover thickness is thin and surely it is only first or second year snow.

Craig Moore

Things have been a bit wintery in Montana this late April too:;
Also, see:
Monday evening, the flakes started falling. By Tuesday night, the snowfall was within striking distance of a record for the calendar date. By 9:30 Tuesday evening, the National Weather Service office in Great Falls had recorded more than 6 inches of snow since the storm began, and more than 5 inches since the stroke of midnight.
The record for April 28 in Great Falls stood at 7.7 inches, and with continuing steady snow predicted, meteorologist Dave Williamson said there was a good chance that record would fall.
He also predicted another six to 10 inches of snow before the storm tapers off, probably early Thursday morning.
“It has the potential of being a pretty good juicer,” he said.
The Browning and Babb areas are among the hardest hit so far, accumulating about 2 feet of snow, Williamson said. Hobson reported 10 inches and towns along the Rocky Mountain Front including Choteau and Dupuyer had a foot of snow.
Schools in Power and Conrad sent students home early Tuesday, and the Dutton/Brady, Power, Vaughn, Ulm, Fairfield and Sun River districts all canceled today’s classes.
So, if we have record cold and snow as far south as Australia and as far north as Montana at the same time, how much more GW can we stand???


Anthony, et al,
just thought you might want to know what was on the local news here in salt lake city last night – Mr. James Hansen was in town giving a presentation at the university of utah on global warming. at some point, Mr Hansen joined a support protest for a U of U student who disrupted an oil and gas bid process by the BLM, driving the price of selected parcels up substantially. Mr. DeChristopher, the student bid several million dollars knowingly and intentionly, not having the money to pay which cost legitimate bidders substantial amounts of money. the parcels in question were near national parks in utah – so the reason for the ‘protest’. Mr Hansen stated that he supported this civil disobedience because ‘ we dont have to extract every bit of oil and gas in this country’. you might want to take a look at the footage, it was on Fox news last night here in salt lake city.


OOOOH, I just love when we talk about the weather!
After several non-summer trips to WET WINDY NZ (brrrr), I sure won’t be headed back thataway until January, knowing that the quiet sun is at least closer during SH summers, some 500,000km?
NZ reports 1400 excess winter deaths from cold. I’d like to hope for just enough cold worldwide to stop this AWG insanity in the press, but not enough to kill off children and elderly.


NOT Off Topic (unless you believe the Sun Doesn’t Count)
Cycle 24 just threw-up another minispot in the middle latitudes.
What’s the latest sunpot (days into the cycle) ever recorded?
Just wondering, as this almost seems WORSE than no spots at all.
It’s as if the spot polarity is meta-stable between the two cycles.
What would it mean, for example, if we are still seeing SC23 spots a year from now, say alternating with mini SC24 spots of roughly the same magnitude as we are seeing now? That can’t be good.
Houses are cheap in South Texas, y’all.

I guess it all depends on who is measuring what.
According to the Environmental Defense Fund:
MYTH: Recent cold winters and cool summers don’t feel like global warming to me.
FACT: While different pockets of the country have experienced some cold winters here and there, the overall trend is warmer winters.
Measurements show that over the last century the Earth’s climate has warmed overall, in all seasons, and in most regions. Climate skeptics mislead the public when they claim that the winter of 2003–2004 was the coldest ever in the northeastern United States. That winter was only the 33rd coldest in the region since records began in 1896. Furthermore, a single year of cold weather in one region of the globe is not an indication of a trend in the global climate, which refers to a long-term average over the entire planet.
But according to NOAA the warmth in the northeast may be OVERSTATED by the EDF:
And according to my own local measurements, both EDF and NOAA seem to SIGNIFICANTLY OVERSTATE the warmth:
February –
January –
December –

Robert Bateman

The 2 most significant things going on right now are subservient to the whim of the current agenda: AGW.
Cooling of the Globe and Waning of Solar Activity.
Like 2 trains on the same track going in opposite directions, the signals missed, the collision imminent & the damage will be significant. Not a simple derailing.


“If this were 13 degrees above average and a new warm record for Australia it would be…” ignored by this blog. You do love to highlight places where it’s colder than average, apparently with the aim of proving that the world is not warming. To assess the significance of these cold records, you could always read the quite perceptive analysis posted here.

After a very hot news-making week here in California, where many records were broken, we are now experiencing colder than normal temps, which do not make the news. To be fair, the lows aren’t as low as the highs were high..

The D Man

The Australian BOM claimed that we will have a mild winter. We will have to wait and see.


When I read this, I thought about
No continental record high temperatures recorded since 1974. Any ideas on whether record low temperatures have been recorded?


I live in Fremantle Western Australia and I have to say that it certainly has not been a cool autumn here. We re now well into Autumn have had very little rain and temperaures are still aroun 26 Celsius. Please don’t forget WA in the “Australia widew stories” as many of us who live here who are very supportive of this blog’s ethos.

Ed Scott

Global warming alarmists out in cold
Andrew Bolt
April 29, 2009,21985,25401759-5000117,00.html
Name just three clear signs the planet is warming as the alarmists claim it should. Just three. Chances are your “proofs” are in fact on my list of 10 Top Myths about global warming.
And if your “proofs” indeed turn out to be false, don’t get angry with me.
Just ask yourself: Why do you still believe that man is heating the planet to hell? What evidence do you have?
So let’s see if facts matter more to you than faith, and observations more than predictions.

Just Want Truth...

“weather is not climate.”
Yes, I am aware of it. But all this cold from around the world the past 2 years is adding up to something.

George Tobin

This is confusing.
Hearing dire Australian govt and media pronouncements, I thought Australia was supposed to be the first major victim of AGW with the first wave of Aussie boat people due here is early 2010.
That’s why we should never pay attention to actual temperatures and just meditate on the models instead. It’s so much simpler.


How come your sunspot reader has ‘000’ sunspots for today but the spaceweather site has 11? Even their pic doesn’t show 11, only the one ‘protospot’ they had for yesterday.
It’s been a colder than average spring here as well. Usually have to run the a/c by now on a regular basis. Still waiting to plant my little tomatoes in the garden but the nights have been too chilly.
And we’ve had snow 3 winters in a row. Which hasn’t happened since the 1910’s.
Must be that evil old climate change. Cold is warm, wet is dry, humans are evil.
It’s amazing to me that the press excoriates the right wingers for not wanting anyone to have any fun (sex, drinking, smoking) but gives the gaia worshippers a pass on wanting everyone to simply stop breathing.
Now that the EPA has designated exhaling as polluting…can genocide be far behind?


We have seen TWO winters with a preponderance of colder/snowier than normal weather events in the Northern Hemisphere and one…(going on two ?)… winters of colder/snowier than normal weather events in the Southern Hemisphere.
The Antarctic ice mass and extent appear to be much larger than normal. The Arctic ice mass and extent appear to be on a suprisingly fast rebound from the last five years.
The SST have leveled off over the past 6 years, the sea level rise appears to be leveling off as well and all the major temperature monitoring databases have shown a global decline the past 5-10 years.
The sun’s quiet period is extending daily into more rarified historic levels concerning magnetic fields/solar wind/solar wind speed/ sunspot proponderance/TSI, etc. and along with it the possibly associated cosmic ray-cloud impact all leaning toward less solar energy reaching the Earth than we may have seen in quite some time.
There have even been an increase in media majors willing to question the models/theory/science/hysteria about the all-consuming devotion to CO2-caused GW.
You think that maybe we should re-evaluate our current understanding of climate theory?
Let’s see what the rest of your Aussie winter delivers. A colder than normal season will add a tremendous doubt to the CO2 theory…


OT but we’re still getting cycle 23 sunspots!

Pearland Aggie

meanwhile, the ESA has come up with another article on the Wilkins Ice Shelf disintegration…and area of “newly” formed icebergs about 700 sq. km in area.
Satellite imagery shows fragile Wilkins Ice Shelf destabilised
However, it is still unclear how the situation will evolve. Humbert noted that, “We are not sure if a new stable ice front will now form between Latady Island, Petrie Ice Rises and Dorsey Island. If the connection to Latady Island is lost, the projected loss of 3370 sq km of ice might be greater – though we have no indication that this will happen in the near future.”
….despite its uncertainty, we will mention it anyway. timed to facilitate passage of cap-and-tax legislation?

just Cait

Cold here in Healesville, an hour and a half-ish drive north-east of Melbourne. Right now my fingers are so cold it’s hard to type. My heating bills are going to be horrendous this fall/winter season. I don’t remember previous Aprils being as cold; but then again, the 100+ days in February was a new one for me, too.
The high pressure system may have made it hot, but that didn’t cause all the fires. The two main bushfires were caused by a downed power line and an arsonist. My area was hit by the power line fire.


Are comments disabled?

Markedly quiet on the Temperature Profiles for the South Pole region.
Are they hitting -70 C as I have ‘heard in passing’??
Would this not be about 2 months early? (Usual -70 C at June/July?)

Heraldo Ortega

Quick, put more Coal into the Power Stations, get into your vehicles, get this planet back on WARMING now !!.

P Folkens

Meanwhile, take another look at the AMSR-E Ice Extent graph on this blog’s side bar. It’s colder on both sides, South and North.

Paul James

Any theory that is deemed to be proven correct under all test conditions is either perfectly defined or not scentifically valid.
As the Warmists claim that all weather outcomes prove the validity of their theory. Can they also prove under challenge that their theory is perfectly defined ?
If they can’t then their theory is not robust enough to be considered valid.
Given the chaotic and multifaceted nature of the Earth’s Climate inluencing one variable, CO2, and expecting a result is analagous to expecting to alter the trajectory of an aircraft in flight by moving the tray table in front of your seat up and down.


Unfortunately, explaining this to most AGW believers is the same as talking to a brick wall. Yes, we joke about it here, but it’s painfully true.
I really never will understand the mindset that EVERYTHING different or outside of records MUST be bad, and caused by human activity… and more important, we have to do whatever we can to end it.
As I’ve posted before: Calgary had record snowfall this winter, records began in the 1870s… the mountains to the west are still white, just waiting for the spring melt to cause flooding along all the rivers, assuming we get enough warmth. This has been, and will continue to be, a cold time.
I mock those who keep harping about warming climate while we’re experiencing cold records much more frequently than warm.

Mark (07:47:03) : OT but we’re still getting cycle 23 sunspots!
Or…a cycle 25 spot due to high latitude. No one knows…