WUWT Poll: What should we call the current solar minimum?

Solar state: cue ball quiet

Although we’ve been covering this quiet sun issue for over a year on WUWT, the light bulb seems to have gone on for mainstream media right about now.

There is growing press coverage about the current state of the sun, most recently from Charles Osgood of CBS News as well as the BBC and other major outlets. While the sun slumbers deeper and has missed its cyclic snooze alarm, our media is finally waking up to the solar somnolence.

Here is a short roundup of news articles on this subject today:

‘Still Sun’ baffling astronomers

Scientists warn sun has dimmed

Sun ‘at its quietest for 100 years’

Has the sun gone in? Earth’s closest star ‘dimmest it’s been for a century’

So the question arises, now that this has been identified, what should we call it?

There have been some good ideas, such as naming it after Jack Eddy, who coined the phrase “Maunder Minimum“. There’s been some discussion of a “Gore Minimum”, but I don’t like the idea of giving Gore credit for something he has nothing to do with, or even likely understands. There’s been suggestion of “The Hansen Minimum” which makes a little more sense, since he’s an astronomer by training. On that note, Leif Svalgaard predicted this, so maybe it should be his honor.

So, I’ve decided to have a poll, and I’ll take suggestions for other names than what I’ve listed.


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Gore Minimum

M White

Gore Minimum

Philip G.

I suggest we call this the “Caused by Anthropogenic Emission of CO2” Minimum


Naughty Minimum.
It started in 08, naught eight, or naught nine, 09. And it is certainly naughty as it will upset a lot of people who were convinced that the sun had nothing (naught) to do with AGW.


How about the Millenuim Minimum. Has a nice ring to it.

Ken Hall

Yes this quiet spell is garnering a lot of media interest. However they are using a big caveat that “THIS HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH GLOBAL WARMING”
I mean, how ridiculous that the sun would effect temperatures on earth and variances in the solar output (electronic, magnetic, radioactive etc) would have ANY variable effect on the earth’s systems that could in turn act as a catalytic method for temperature variability. What utter tosh!
Go back to sleep people, nothing to see here. Go back to sleep, we are still destroying the planet in a unique way that can only be remedied by taxes and surveillance of the ignorant masses, ignore our large planes and huge palaces and our constant jet-setting around the world, YOU, yes YOU in the little car, YOU MUST PAY MORE, YOU must let us monitor your travel, because only by doing this will the global molecules of CO2 really know that we mean to tackle climate change.
Now shut up and pay your climate taxes.

It kinda turns my stomach to immortalize either Gore or Hansen like this. And “Modern” is too generic – in addition to being “modern” only until the next generation at which time it would be no longer “modern”. That leaves either “Eddy” or “other”.
I prefer “other” – but what other? That requires some thought.

Claude Harvey

I still like “Gore Maximum”. It would force a footnote of explanation (exposure) every time it showed up in print. If I can’t have that, I want “Goracle Minimum”.


Landscheidt minimum after Theodore Landscheidt.

Glen Blackburn

Gore Minimum


Gore minimum (motion carried?)

The Ignored Minimum

Roger Knights

The Inconvenient Minimum
(This fits in with Osgood’s theme of how it will upset the AGWA apple-cart.)


The Mann-minimum


Hmmm… “Gore Minimum”… Hard to beat…
Hmmm… I give up. 🙂

Roger Knights

The Watts Up Minimum


Hey yall,
Read this interview with Jack Eddy before you decide!

Alec, a.k.a Daffy Duck

Eek!!! The Mayan Minimum!

Brian Edwards

I kind of agree with the point about not giving Gore credit, but the “Gore Minimum” is too good to resist although the Hansen Minimum has a nicer ring to it.


I don’t think it is shown yet to be a significant minimum, grand or lesser. It’s just a bit slow on the uptake to Cycle 24, and the spots may or may not be turning invisible.
If it turns into a real Minimum, my vote is for the Eddy Minimum. Jack Eddy liked words, and he is the one who popularized the idea that the sun has minimums. His extensive work should be recognized. Gore deserves to be remembered with scorn, or at the least, forgotten.


Upon reflection I’d like to rescind my vote for “Gore minimum.” There is a long and honorable tradition in science of naming things after their discoverer. “Gore min” and “Hansen min” are intended to be ironic and disparaging, and “Modern min” is just typical self-centeredness and recentism that won’t make sense in another hundred years. Eddy would be good choice, maybe Salvgaard as well. And maybe we should not be quite so sure of ourselves. The Maunder minimum lasted 70 years, it would be a shame to hang a nametag on this one and have it turn out to last 17 months.

Dave D

Gore Minimum. There’s no credit being associated with what may turn out to be the start of a new ice age. Minimum’s bring misery and steal prosperity, no sane person would want his name on one. That qualifies Big Al.


In Theodore Landscheidt’s ‘Sun, Earth, Man’ published in 1989, and his 2003 paper ‘New Little Ice Age instead of Global Warming’ Energy & Environment , Vol 14 no 2&3, he makes the prediction that the sun will enter either a Dalton-type or Maunder-type minimum in the first cycles of the 21st century. He predicted that 1990 would be the peak of sunspots (cycle 22) and that cycle 23 peaking in 2000-2001 would be lower, and that cycle 24 would be much lower, with 25 leading into the minimum. He reckoned there was an 85% chance that it would be a Maunder-type minimum and that by 2030 we would be in the depth of a new Little Ice Age.
He also predicted the 1998 super El Nino and said that there would be one more in 2002, less strong but obscuring the cooling which would not be obvious until 2007!
He has been correct in all his projections.
So I nominate this minimum as the ‘Landscheidt Minimum’.
His projections were based upon Newtonian physics – the transfer of angular momentum from the giant planets to the solar sphere. The mechanism whereby this might affect the magnetic layers of the sun is not known, but his correlations and calculations of past patterns coincide with the previous Little Ice Age as well as other problematic climate events in the 5000 year history of agrarian civilisation – there is more in the book than in the paper.
Recent work on the accretion discs of newly forming stars is showing that the angular momentum of orbiting matter can be transferred by magnetic fields (I am not a physicist, so can only guess that this means if there is a low point in the angular momentum pattern (it varies according to the interplay of angles the planets make to each other), then maybe that also feeds back to the magnetic field – and if that operates on our own solar disc, then we are approaching a mechanism for affecting the sunspot frequency.
Irrespective of the mechanism, Landscheidt deserves credit for his predictions.


Algore Minimum.

Can we call it the “Gore is a fraud minimum”?
I don’t want people a couple hundred years from now to get the impression that he got anything right.


Absolutely NOT “gore” anything.
You name things after people worth remembering. Or, in science, as an homage to a scientist.
“Gore Minimum”, from what I can see, refers to his IQ.

Bill S

How about “Congressional Minimum” – because of the dimness of the body

Doug Janeway

The “Politically Incorrect Minimum”

Dave D

I am curious if those readers more versed in Solar Physics have any expectation on when temps should start moving down. I saw david archibald’s short term perdiction – an action I applaud – but how does the theory go? Are we looking at reductions after this cycle (24 the one just trying to start) ends or does it trial 2-3 years from the lower output which started a few years ago – ideas?
All the AGW crowd seems to think that the levelling off (cooling, by not warming) data is proof the sun’s output will (has) not impact (ed) the Globe. I had thought the cooling was in the pipeline, but would lag… Am I in error with the theory?

Dave D

BTW that is “prediction” and “trail’, respectively!

Paul S

Of course, even with the news articles above, the AGW drumbeat rolls on, oblivious to the fact that the earth has been cooling for nearly a decade and oblivious to the fact of good correlation of minimums and colder era’s. One can only hope some sanity returns to media.

I believe Leif should get the honor. Let’s face it, he publicly made the forecast for the current very low level of solar activity at a time when few others would do so. He should feel vindicated!
Speaking of that, Leif mentioned in another recent thread that Hathaway had publicly admitted in an e-mail that he (Leif) was right and Hathaway wrong. I do extend my congratulations to him, and suggest that in this circumstance it is perfectly acceptable to feel vindicated, and indeed, perhaps even a bit smug. This should rightly give Leif immense personal and professional satisfaction.
Again, my congratulations!
Dan Murphy

David Quist

It is an unfortunate reflection of our time that this is such a pertinant topic. Science has been, to higher degree than normal, misused by politicians. The name of the minimum should perhaps stand as a reminder of our eager but premature folly to understand or even control nature. My vote is for the Gore Minimum.

Roger Knights

The In-A-Minute Minimum


It seems perverse to name a developing solar minimum after those who deny the role of the Sun in climate


In honor of the man who called AGW the greatest scam in history – Coleman Minimun

Barry Foster

Gore Minimum

A Stoner

The end of the good times minimum.


Deniers Minimum


I will third that: “Gore Minimum”

Luis Dias

Gore Minimum is bad. Real bad name. Remember, this will, if it will, be in the history of sol, so why give Gore just for the sake of the joke? It’s bad humour really.
Same about Hansen.
The obvious sane choice is Svalgaard Minimum.

Fred from Canuckistan . . .

The Gore-Hansen Minimum would be a never ending reminder of these two bozos and all the crap they have spewed.
It would be a permanent reminder of how science can be perverted for fame, fortune and ego.
The name wouldn’t make them famous, it would make them infamous.


Well, given that we have been Gored by the bull^%&…

Gore Minimum
Aron and M White beat me to it, but I assure you that was the FIRST thing popped into my mind.


How about the “Gore Effect Minimum?”


Voted for Gore Minimum but OT anyone else notice that Catlin Survey has changed from “live from the Ice” to “Latest from the Ice” Woot for WUWT in pointing out the fake datastream. JG


It´s clear for me. It should be the “Landscheidt Minimum”, named after Theodor Landscheidt who predicted almost 10 years before the weak solar cycle 24 and also several weak cycles after that what will create a Maunder type solar minimum.

Mark Wagner

Landscheidt Minimum. I think he was among the first to predict the coming decline in solar activity some 20 years ago.


The Anthony Minimum