California USHCN Survey – three to go

California USHCN Stations  

After getting some very remote and elusive stations in the past two weeks, I’m left with just three stations to go in California for my project: Blythe, Brawley, and Santa Cruz.

I recently surveyed Death Valley, Cedarville, and San Luis Obispo Cal Poly during my travels. Death Valley was surprising, Cedarville was surprising, and San Luis Obispo Cal Poly – well lets just say just like the scientists at University of Arizona Tucson, with the station in the parking lot, the ones at Cal Poly should know better too. It was my second trip to Cal Poly because on the first trip I found three weather stations, none of which were the USHCN station.

I was able to do Livermore, Tejon Rancho, and Needles with the help of NWS B44 forms with sketches, COOP pictures, and closeup satellite imagery. More on all of these in subsequent posts.

In other news, surveys still are coming in around the USA, I expect we’ll pick up the pace as people travel for the holidays. I’m already getting requests for help in locating stations.

Look for a large update on front page soon.

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Evan Jones
November 18, 2007 11:23 am

The only thing I find surprising, Rev, is that you find it surprising. But that is rhetorical flourish. You can be no more surprised than I am.
I wish I could won a piece of this, but, alas, I have no car and no camera. And for now I am poor, saved from serious hardship only by the widening gap between rich and poor. (And Four Cheers for the blessed Gap; may it widen to Five!)

Evan Jones
November 18, 2007 11:25 am

“own”, not “won”. I wish there was an edit function (sigh).
Looking forward to those subsequent posts.

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