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Excerpts from Salby’s Slide Show

UPDATED – see below Monckton provides these slides for discussion along with commentary related to his recent post on CO2 residence time – Anthony There is about one molecule of 13C in every 100 molecules of CO2, the great majority … Continue reading

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Murry Salby responds to critics

Jo Nova writes: Murry Salby was sacked from Macquarie University, and Macquarie  struggled to explain why, among other things, it was necessary to abandon, and strand him in Paris and hold a “misconduct” meeting in his absence. Since then he … Continue reading

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Macquarie University responds to Murry Salby termination issue

This just released a couple of hours ago. While the reader can make up their own mind, my view is that it seems pretty weak, especially since his student researcher was also apparently terminated as I’m told her email address … Continue reading

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Professor Murry Salby who is critical of AGW theory, is being disenfranchised, exiled, from academia in Australia

People send me stuff. Just last week we heard that Dr. Robert Carter had been blackballed at his own university where he served as department chair, and now we have this from Dr. Murray Salby, sent via email. Between John … Continue reading

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Dr. Murray Salby on Model World -vs- Real World

Pierre Gosselin (and commenter Bill_W) tips us to this: Die kalte Sonne website here has just posted the video presentation of Murry Salby in Hamburg in April. If anyone ever demolished the dubious CO2 AGW science, it’s Salby! Most of the … Continue reading

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What – you mean we aren’t controlling the climate?

Correlation of Net CO2 emissions with climate properties shows that the growth in CO2 may be natural Story submitted by WUWT reader Steve Brown The narrative of the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming has been challenged at many levels but this … Continue reading

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