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Editorial: ‘Hansen is simply wrong’ and ‘his hypothesis is a complete and abject failure’

UPDATE: 9:55 AM  PDT 8/8/12 A graph of Palmer Drought Severity Index -vs- GISTEMP data has been added from Dr. Michaels. Looks like another “GISS miss”. There’s a lot of blowback against James Hansen’s recent (non tested) PNAS paper, trying … Continue reading

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Shocker: The Hansen/GISS team paper that says: “we argue that rapid warming in recent decades has been driven mainly by non-CO2 greenhouse gases”

Note: This will be a top post for a day or two, new stories will appear below this one – please scroll down. ============================================================ No, this isn’t a joke, it isn’t a fake document, and it isn’t a misinterpretation. It … Continue reading

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Gavin Schmidt issues corrections to the RealClimate Presentation of Modeled Global Ocean Heat Content

Guest post by Bob Tisdale For years, Tamino (aka Grant Foster) has complained about the placement of the GISS model projection at the start of the ARGO-era OHC data. Well, Gavin just discovered an error in his presentation of the … Continue reading

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NASA Astronauts Announce Second Letter to NASA at Heartland Conference

This will be a top sticky post for a day or two, new stories will appear below this one. At the Heartland Conference in  Chicago this morning, four of the forty-nine signers of the March letter to NASA Administrator Charles … Continue reading

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Gavin’s big wild Yamal yawner

I think Gavin Schmidt got up on the wrong side of the bed today, either that or he was so mad when he wrote the latest piece on Yamal at RC, he was so mightily angrified that he set himself … Continue reading

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A Blast From The Past: James Hansen on ‘The Global Warming Debate’ from 13 years ago

Guest post by Floyd Doughty Some years ago when I was investigating the climate change issue in my spare time, I ran across a short article by James Hansen on the GISS website under “Education Resource Materials”, dated January, 1999. … Continue reading

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Hansen’s ‘Game Over for the Climate’ op-ed

This op-ed appeared in the New York Times today, and since it was written by a government employee, using his NASA title at the end of the article, I consider it a public domain work reproducible here. I see what … Continue reading

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‘One could even ask whether the effort that we have put into RealClimate has been in vain.’

From The Legend of the Titanic at RealClimate (bold mine): However, if the notion that information makes little impact is correct, one may wonder what the point would be in having a debate about climate change, and why certain organisations … Continue reading

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Tisdale on Polar Amplification

Polar Amplification: Observations versus IPCC Climate Models Guest post by Bob Tisdale We’ve illustrated and discussed polar amplification in a few posts in the past. See here and here. Wikipedia has a short blurb about it: Polar amplification is the greater … Continue reading

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NASA chief scientist Waleed Abdalati is clueless about what James Hansen is doing with his position at GISS

UPDATE: 11:30AM 4/12/12 Predictably, Andrew Revkin from the New York Times joins in with the poo-pooing consensus saying it is “utterly unremarkable ” (yet he writes a article about it – go figure). From Revkin’s shuttered in world of living … Continue reading

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The Right Stuff: what the NASA astronauts say about global warming

Given the high profile story today about the 49 NASA astronauts, engineers, and scientists who wrote a scathing letter to NASA director Charles Bolden, Jr. saying Jim Hansen and NASA GISS are exemplifying the “wrong stuff”, I thought I’d share … Continue reading

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Hansen and Schmidt of NASA GISS under fire for climate stance: Engineers, scientists, astronauts ask NASA administration to look at empirical evidence rather than climate models

Looks like another GISS miss, more than a few people are getting fed up with Jim Hansen and Gavin Schmidt and their climate shenanigans. Some very prominent NASA voices speak out in a scathing letter to current NASA administrator Charles … Continue reading

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An update on my Climate Reference Network visualization project

Readers may recall that when Peter Gleick first sent out the stolen Heartland board documents and the fake document to give the story “legs”, there was a mention in there of a project that I asked Heartland to help me … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – Dr. James Hansen of NASA GISS, unhinged

“The Oceans will begin to boil…” – yes he actually said that, along with some other silly things. Watch this video:

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Friday Funny- Gavin Schmidt on: Polar Bears, Martha Stewart, and Me

Oh, I found some comedy gold posted on the NASA website What on Earth is That? It features a talk by NASA GISS warmist Gavin Schmidt, who apparently took a trip to understand that all important metric of the Arctic … Continue reading

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Skeptic Strategy for Talking About Global Warming

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein What should a responsible Skeptic say to an astute audience? When recently invited by the “Technology, Engineering, and Science Plus” group in my community to give a talk and answer questions, I knew I would … Continue reading

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On ocean heat content, Pinatubo, Hansen, Bulldogs, cherrypicking and all that

Self proclaimed “Hansen’s Bulldog” (now oddly deleted but available at the Wayback machine via this link), the blogger known as “Tamino” loves to bloviate his views about imagined cherrypicking whenever he thinks we aren’t showing everything we are supposed to, … Continue reading

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NASA’s Hansen thinks sea level rise will be accelerating – I think not, offering a new paper and updated story on Hansen to show why

Dr. James Hansen, NASA scientist, advocate, and protestor with a rap sheet released a new paper (non peer reviewed) on his website recently. A video report follows. The paper is titled: Earth’s Energy Imbalance and Implications (click for PDF) Here’s … Continue reading

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Forget CO2, US Debt “Causes” Warming

Guest Posting by Ira Glickstein Total US Debt (public and private) as a percentage of US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) correlates with NASA GISS US Annual Mean Temperature Anomaly better than CO2 levels! So, if we want to reduce warming, … Continue reading

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Controversial NASA temperature graphic morphs into garbled mess

UPDATE: Repaired – see below What happened to that image? Back in 1999, Dr. James Hansen of NASA penned a report on surface temperatures still located on their servers. However, the critical figure for the report, a GIF image, has … Continue reading

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Global Warming is a Pussy Cat

Guest post by Ira Glickstein Thanks to WUWT readers who posted estimates of how much of the supposed 0.8ºC Global Warming since 1880 was due to Data Bias, Natural Cycles, and AGW (human-caused warming). I am happy with the results … Continue reading

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Normal Seasons of the Sun (GW Tiger)

Guest post by Ira Glickstein PhD. We had joy, we had fun, we had Seasons of the Sun. But the mountains we climbed were but whimsies of our minds. That song (apologies to Terry Jacks) could well be the theme … Continue reading

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The PAST is Not What it Used to Be (GW Tiger Tale)

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein. Time machines are a staple of sci-fi. Someone travels back to the past and changes some momentous historical event, expecting his or her heroic action will improve the present and future, usually with disastrous results! … Continue reading

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Tale of the Global Warming Tiger

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein. Once upon a time, long ago and far away, three brave warriors decided to do something about the tiger that was terrorizing their village. The first approached the tiger’s head and whacked it with a … Continue reading

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Arctic Oscillation spoiling NASA GISS party

Note: I want to thank everyone who commented here and elsewhere regarding my last post about GISS that sent everyone into a tizzy. All that is very helpful. Here’s more on GISS and the AO. -Anthony Effects of the Positive … Continue reading

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Quote Of The Week – AGW statistical futility

Here’s a quote related to the McShane and Wyner discussion brought to light thanks to Gavin Schmidt and Michael Mann at RealClimate that I happen to agree with. Yes I know, that’s a shock to some. This quote is from … Continue reading

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NASA GISS being sued over FOIA failures

CEI’s Chris Horner sends word of this development, via The American Spectator: Last night the Competitive Enterprise Institute, through its outside counsel Gibson Dunn, filed its brief arguing against NASA’s rather scattershot and contradictory effort to dismiss our lawsuit requesting … Continue reading

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