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Study: Climate engineering can’t erase climate change

The idea that climate engineering can’t really do anything is well founded, the idea that we MUST do something, not so much. This looks like another press release timed to fit discussion of Obama’s war on energy. – Anthony From … Continue reading

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Study: ‘Climate Engineering': minor potential to reduce warming, major side effects

GEOMAR researchers show limitations and side effects of large-scale climate intervention With global greenhouse gas emissions continuing to increase proposals to limit the effects of climate change through the large-scale manipulation of the Earth system are increasingly being discussed. Researchers … Continue reading

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Yes, but what about all that extra UHI that water vapor will cause?

Not to mention the water pollution…from Springer Select: To curb China’s haze and air pollution, use water New geoengineering research suggests pollution-control measures inspired by watering a garden A new idea to cut back on air pollution: spray water into … Continue reading

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Hacking (or quacking) the planet with geoengineering

Hack the planet? Geoengineering research, ethics, governance explored by Hannah Hickey Hacking the Earth’s climate to counteract global warming – a subject that elicits strong reactions from both sides – is the topic of a December special issue of the … Continue reading

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Geoengineering approaches to reduce climate change unlikely to succeed

From the EGU: Heavy rainfall events can be more common in a warmer world (Credit: Annett Junginger, distributed via Reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the planet’s surface by geoengineering may not undo climate change after all. Two German … Continue reading

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National Laboratory pans ocean carbon sequestration scheme

Questions rise about seeding for ocean C02 sequestration – Argonne National Laboratory LEMONT, Ill – A new study on the feeding habits of ocean microbes calls into question the potential use of algal blooms to trap carbon dioxide and offset … Continue reading

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Another geoengineering idea – gaming coalition modeled

From the Carnegie Institution  comes a nutty consensus type idea, modeled in game-theory, implemented by an equally nutty future coalition. Law of unintended consequences anyone? Geoengineering by coalition Washington, D.C.—Solar geoengineering is a proposed approach to reduce the effects of … Continue reading

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Another nutty geoengineering idea – Olivine dust

From the Institute of Physics Researchers analyse ‘rock dissolving’ method of geoengineering The benefits and side effects of dissolving particles in our ocean’s surfaces to increase the marine uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2), and therefore reduce the excess amount of … Continue reading

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Sunshade geoengineering people apparently have been in the midday sun too long

From the Carnegie Institution , not just aerosol injections, but effective aersol injections. Law of unintended consequences be damned. Improving effectiveness of solar geoengineering Washington, D.C.— Solar radiation management is a type of geoengineering that would manipulate the climate in … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week – Environmentalist ignores international moratoriums, dumps in the ocean

From the Toronto Star, an example of holier than thou environmentalism in the name of carbon sequestration. Environmental controversy erupts on Canada’s Pacific coast Raveena Aulakh Environment reporter The Pacific Ocean, just off Canada’s west coast, has a new suspect … Continue reading

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Geoengineering: ‘computer-based virtual worlds’ tell us how much sunblock Earth needs

From the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Earth sunblock only needed if planet warms easily Planet’s sensitivity to greenhouse gases will determine how much shading could be needed to slow temperature rise RICHLAND, Wash. – An increasing number of scientists are … Continue reading

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The Hoegh-Guldberg device – shades of Rube Goldberg

From the ocean weather will eat this idea alive department comes a ridiculous bit of wishful thinking from the world’s lead scientist on “the coral reefs are going to die and its all your fault” discipline. Yes, it is our … Continue reading

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Ship sprayed seawater cloud making V2.0

Willis covered this before on WUWT, with Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud. Its baaaack. Figure 1. Artist’s conception of cloud-making ships. Of course, the first storm would flip this over immediately, but heck, it’s only a fantasy, so who cares? … Continue reading

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Green revolt against geoengineering – letter to Pachauri

WUWT readers may recall this story on geoengineering on WUWT that referred to at the time as “batshit crazy“. It seems others in the green community agree. This Open letter to IPCC on geoengineering has had over 100 signatories, many … Continue reading

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Leaked: smoke and mirror geoengineering ideas from the IPCC

Must be IPCC week. When it rains the stupid, it pours.  From the Telegraph: IPCC ‘considering sending mirrors to space to tackle climate change’ Reflective aerosols would be sent into space under a series of radical “geo-engineering” measures being considered … Continue reading

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Another cloudy-maybe geoengineering scheme

UGA scientists find missing links in biology of cloud formation over oceans UGA News Service Scientists have known for two decades that sulfur compounds that are produced by bacterioplankton as they consume decaying algae in the ocean cycle through two … Continue reading

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Pielke Senior on Geoengineering

Guest post by Dr. Roger Pielke Senior Comment on The BBC News Article By Richard Black On Climate Geoengineering There is an article on BBC News on April 6 2011 by Richard Black titled Climate ‘technical fix’ may yield warming, not cooling … Continue reading

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