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Notes on the February Global Temperature Anomaly

Guest post by John Kehr With two completed months of the year there is starting to be discussion of how 2013 is shaping up for the annual anomaly.  Several comments around the web have caught my attention as they demonstrate … Continue reading

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NASA satellite data shows a decline in water vapor

Guest post submitted by Ken Gregory, Friends of Science.org An analysis of NASA satellite data shows that water vapor, the most important greenhouse gas, has declined in the upper atmosphere causing a cooling effect that is 16 times greater than … Continue reading

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Dr. Roy Spencer’s Sea Surface Temperatures

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Over at Roy Spencer’s excellent web site, Dr. Roy has a post up showing a sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly calculated from AMSR-E, TMI, and WindSat. Here’s his post of the results: Figure 1. Global … Continue reading

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Hump day hilarity: Science by astroturfing

Josh writes: A bit of an anniversary cartoon as it was a year ago this month that The Tree Hut Gang (Skeptical Science) were exposed in Opengate. Now they have branched out into Spamvertizing (H/t Lucia) with Al Gore’s Climate Reality … Continue reading

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February solar data shows the Sun to still be slumping – but NASA says ‘twin peaks’ may happen

The data from SWPC is in, and it is lethargic at best. Sunspot numbers took a hit, down to about 42,  a delta of ~50 lower compared to the red prediction line. 10.7 cm solar radio flux took a similar … Continue reading

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‘Ground Zero for Global Warming’? State of Alaska temperatures in 2012 refused to cooperate

People send me stuff. While some claims have been made that “Alaska is Ground Zero for Global Warming” it turns out that the state of Alaska was significantly below normal in 2012. For example, Fairbanks had the coldest year in … Continue reading

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