Hump day hilarity: Science by astroturfing

Josh writes:

A bit of an anniversary cartoon as it was a year ago this month that The Tree Hut Gang (Skeptical Science) were exposed in Opengate. Now they have branched out into Spamvertizing (H/t Lucia) with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. Read about on BH here, Lucia’s here and WUWT here.


Let’s hope they keep up this kind of tactic, it is so entertaining.

Cartoons by Josh

35 thoughts on “Hump day hilarity: Science by astroturfing

  1. Matthew W says:
    March 6, 2013 at 7:28 am
    That’s what a Ron Paul swarm used to be !!!”
    Glad with Obama 2.0 so far?

  2. So, who did spam the nomination process at the bloodies?
    Did these children leave voluntarily?
    Who created disposable email addresses for the purpose?
    If past and present behaviour are any guide, these are the boys.

  3. Man Bearpig: Since Gore is golden for Google I doubt that they (google) want to hear any complaints about him (Gore).

  4. I have it on good authority (i.e. i made it up) that the red lunch box contains three drink boxes, kool-aid made from Ohio ground water, bovine growth hormone milk, and soya milk from roundup ready soybeans. Also there are three sandwiches; H1N1 chicken from Cambodia, mystery nitrated meat from the UK, and GM pulled pork from Texas, with hospital grade Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae on lettuce as well as aluminum resistant tomatoes. All have a ‘secret’ sauce that Nestle says is goody 4 u. More please…

  5. Baa Humbug says:
    March 6, 2013 at 8:44 am
    What’s in the red box?

    I was wondering the same thing…..

  6. “marchgeo says:
    March 6, 2013 at 11:20 am
    More humour…
    Bwahahahahahaha. I wonder if they realize that is a perfect example to use for all the FAILED cAGW(or whatever they are calling it today) predictions ever made? Nah. Probably not. Hard to find reality at 33k feet jetting with a martini to your next climat conference.

  7. lucia liljegren (@lucialiljegren) says:
    March 6, 2013 at 1:24 pm
    I think we now know why John Cook is concerned about unfair voting in the bloggies. He’s set up spamming systems and so knows how it is done!

    I just wanted to ditto that. (So hillarious and so true)
    Remember way back when it was the Bad Astronomer versus Steve Mac ? They cheated the system then. Can’t think of a reason they couldn’t do it now.

  8. Sean says:
    March 6, 2013 at 3:00 pm
    CBC defends host David Suzuki, who faces accusations of “procuring girls to be his escorts” while he spoke at Montreal`s John Abbott College last fall.
    Perhaps THAT is the Nature of Things.

  9. The Rapid Response Network found a rich backer?
    John Cook:

    The Rapid Response Network would be a good way to coordinate this kind of activity [‘Crusher Crew’], identifying new articles, logging responses, supporting each other. Can i suggest if a group engage in this, that they use the RRN as beta testers to he’ll me develop and refine the system?

    SkS user Paul D:

    I would be careful.
    It can become obvious that a ‘group’ is invading a forum or blog.
    That has happened at Deltoid once or twice.

    Leaving the door open to your scheming can make it obvious too.

  10. Tom Curtis insists it’s not Astroturfing:

    Foxgoose raises the issue as to whether this is a type of astroturfing. The answer is no, it is not. Astroturfing is the use of paid employees to give the appearance of popular, grassroots support whereas Reality Drop attempts to give tools to the assumed pre-existing popular acceptance of, and willingness to do something about AGW.

    – Popular acceptance will naturally manifest itself in the climate dialogue to the extent it exists.
    – The required “tool” is a web browser.
    – Reality Drop attempts to distort the popular consensus with boiler plate contributions from vested parties who wouldn’t otherwise have been involved i.e. Atroturf the discussion.
    Skeptical Science supports Astroturfing. (BTW, John Cook most definitely is paid to spread that message, Hello, “Climate Communicator”!)

  11. @oldfossil
    Of himself Cook states on SkS

    After graduating, he majored in solar physics in his post-grad honours year

    seems to leave it open.
    Wiki says

    he is motivated by his Christian beliefs … and is an evangelical Christian

    He’s certainly a zealous advocate on cAGW.

  12. Spammers all!
    Facts at 50 paces!
    Words are all they have – to neo-Mrxists/Post-Modernists words make reality.
    (Of course they don’t live their daily lives that way, they don’t say “that’s not a truck coming down the street, since I want to cross it now”.
    Certainly is a need for succinct
    Perhaps some here:
    but the blame-humans-for-nature crowd will claim their “facts” are just as valid, since the human mind cannot determine true reality.

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