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Fixing the Firefox 7 and 8 missing http://

Earlier today I got zapped by what I considered a “bug” in Firefox 7 (and now today, 8) when I copy and pasted a URL to Bob Tisdale’s blog into a short post this morning. Thanks to a new “feature”, … Continue reading

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Asteroid near miss – the movie

There’s no danger that the asteroid will strike Earth, but Sky and Telescope reports that if it did, it would “deliver a kinetic-energy punch equivalent to several thousand megatons of TNT … the kind of potential threat that outer-space sentries … Continue reading

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The Durban Game

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach In the run-up to the next-to-last big meeting of the UNFCCC (United Nations Frequent Climate Change Carnival) held in Copenhagen in 2009, I showed the following graph under the title “Why Copenhagen Will Achieve Nothing“ … Continue reading

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China’s climate ca$h blackmail

Who says you can get rid of entitlements? WUWT covered this issue over HFC-23 production previously in The biggest environmental scandal in history. It seems it is about to get bigger. China just decided to blackmail the brilliant minds soon to … Continue reading

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A note from Bob Tisdale

My shortest post ever. Please click

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Shame and Witches (Nature Climate Change)

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein A copy of the journal Nature Climate Change> landed in my mailbox just in time for Halloween. According to them: (1) almost any kind of climate change is likely to cause increased conflict, and (2) … Continue reading

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