Just in time for the Gore-a-thon, Facebook shuts down a significant portion of email story alerts

Perhaps Facebook was concerned that Al Gore was convincing thousands of unsuspecting dupes to hand over their Facebook account control, which would mean “post at will” on thousands of user accounts, resulting in millions of SPAM messages being send out to friends of the FB enabler. Here’s the pitch from Al:

This is what it looks like if you “allow” Al to “borrow” your Facebook account.

Just one day before TheClimateRealityProject.org hits the Internet, Facebook has made a bold move today to turn off automatic emailing. This is a screencap on my email from Facebook just minutes ago:

Kudos to Facebook for the timing and for reducing SPAM in general.

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43 Responses to Just in time for the Gore-a-thon, Facebook shuts down a significant portion of email story alerts

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    I am not on Facebook, but I guess Zuckerberg is learning! He has enough bad ink about the privacy stuff – just think if he became spam central! Talk about companies black listing him!

  2. Brian H says:

    Agree! There wasn’t even an “opt-out” on that Allow menu. It was all or nothing.

  3. HB says:

    What a relief, was thinking I’d get “reality” spam all day!!

  4. Nuke Nemesis says:

    Climate Reality Project, aka CRP.

    They left a letter out of the acronym.

  5. Kev-in-Uk says:

    Facebook? f******k morelike! (mods I hope this is ok, otherwise please adjust!) [adjusted. REP, mod]

    I am on facebook to keep in touch with a few long term genuine (real not virtual!) friends – but the privacy policy and privacy controls need very careful scrutiny!

  6. PaulH says:

    Link to a video debunking Gore and his fellow travellers…


  7. Pull My Finger says:

    Good move Facebook.

  8. Dale says:

    Just to note, this has been available to some people for a few weeks. The wife and I were “forced” onto this by FB 2 weeks ago. Though it’s easy enough to revert the setting through the user settings.

  9. Robb876 says:

    Don’t see how this impacts goreathon at all….

  10. Sonicfrog says:

    I have a number of liberal friends / relatives. I have as of yet to see any of them link to this or send out notice that they’ll be watching / participating in any way.

  11. Beesaman says:

    Al who?

  12. DCA says:

    Climate Reality Project, aka CRP.

    They left a letter out of the acronym.

    Climate Reality ALGORE Project.

  13. DirkH says:

    Zuckerberg must fear that the Gore spam carries the Gore Effect with it; freezing all his servers.

  14. Mike M says:

    When it comes to Facebook – count me in with Stan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT_cp2x0qso

  15. —long time lurker— says:

    So it wasn’t shit, it was spam hitting the fan—hard to tell the difference really.

  16. dtbronzich says:

    I am on facebook, and find it a wonderful way to keep up with my interests, but I turned off my email notifications of ALL kinds from facebook as my email box was filling up with notifications from groups and individuals, which I see whenever I log into it. So I’m glad they took that step!

  17. suyts says:

    Cool, I might go back to using my FB account. It got so bad, I just let my wife use it for one of those games like farmville or something.

  18. DJ says:

    How long before Al Goon’s cohorts, smelling the scent of fresh media, try to bend “climate change” into a national emergency and weasel some law or executive order that allows them to penetrate the social networks to send out their message anyway?

    Once behind the firewall…..they’ll spread like a plague trying to infect unsuspecting, and untrained, minds everywhere…and wasting valuable bandwidth.

  19. Brian H says:

    That video was a pretty weak debunk. A lukewarmist trying to sound restrained and rational, almost. He’s right that this is an attempted comeback by a long-faded star, of course.

  20. Bennett says:

    1) “This is a pretty new concept so let me explain…” – Scary!
    2) “By proceeding, you agree to the Climate Reality Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” – Really Scary!

    Isn’t this like giving a pill head your wallet and car keys?

  21. Mark Baker says:

    Zuckerberg is no fool

  22. AnonyMoose says:

    They also wanted to be able to access personal FB information. But the snippet here only mentioned that they would send only their climate messages. They didn’t say that they wouldn’t read and store all available information. Do the CRP terms of service mention the FB personal information? (I don’t see mention of Facebook on the CRP web site, but I don’t know if there are different terms of service in their Facebook group)

  23. What time zone does it start in? It’s Wednesday the 14th over in Europe even as I type… It should have started by now.

  24. St Henela Island is just now getting Goralized!

  25. fp says:

    I don’t think this affects Gore-a-thon. It looks like they’re just consolidating multiple emails into single-email summaries. You still get all the same spam, it just gets consolidated into fewer messages.

    The “access my basic information” permission is something that all facebook apps require. I don’t think you can make an app that doesn’t request that. “Access my data any time” is pretty unusual though; that means the app can take actions like post to your wall anytime without you being logged in. I guess that’s what they mean by “donate your facebook account”. “Post to your wall” also allows the app to post to your friends’ walls, unless they have that disabled.

  26. Anthony Watts says:


    It will affect it, becuase for those that have new post messaging enabled, and their friends, there won’t be instant notices of new CRP posts constantly…it will be consolidated.


  27. David Davidovics says:

    Facebook taking a stand against AlGore????? maybe I’ll get an acocunt some day after all…..

  28. TomRude says:

    The Deep deep climate guitarist unveiled a deep deep scandal:


    “The activities and the marketing campaign continued until 2007, when a complaint from an Internet blogger using the name “Deep Climate” prompted the university’s administration to audit the accounts and shut them down after concluding they were being used for partisan activity.”

    Woaw, what a huge donation!!! $175,000… considering that Al Gore charges $145,000 per speech, that research grants given to scientists amount to millions of dollars -including the polar bear scandal or the “rotten ice” peer review project out of Winnipeg-, the $57 million given by Tides Canada to the Suzuki Foundation – http://fairquestions.typepad.com/rethink_campaigns/david-suzuki-foundation-70-million.html
    this is truly peanuts!

    Let’s not forget the $10 million donation by Paramount Riddell to the Winnipeg science building home of the climate group that allowed some PhD seeking Canadian flag poster to spend most of his time on line at Deep deep climate…

    How much did it cost the University of Calgary to send their students Tara and Kate to Gore’s boot camps in Quebec? http://www.ucalgary.ca/blogs/fieldnotes/taraandkate
    Let’s quote their own blog:
    “Tara Moran and Kate Sinclair are both working on PhDs in glaciology and climate change research under the supervision of Dr. Shawn Marshall at the University of Calgary. They are among 220 Canadians being trained to deliver former U.S. Vice President Al Gore’s famous Inconvenient Truth presentation through The Canadian Climate Project in Montreal April 4-6, 2008. Tara’s research focuses on temperature reconstructions using of stable water isotopes from an ice core drilled in the Canadian Arctic. Kate’s specific research area is the analysis of stable water isotopes in Rocky Mountain snowpacks and their relationship with storm pathways. Both Tara and Kate are interested in the broader implications of global climate change and its societal impacts. They both wanted to be involved in Al Gore’s training initiative because they believe that climate change science should be widely available and accurately communicated. To read more about the Canadian Climate Project, visit: http://www.climateprojectcanada.org.
    To request a presentation from Kate or Tara please contact either of them by email at: kate.sinclair@ucalgary.ca or tamoran@ucalgary.ca
    Parting thoughts
    Submitted by Tara and Kate on Mon, 2008-04-07 08:20. ”

    And that is not political from the good U of C doctor?

    Oh and of course I forgot the pride of University of Calgary, the jewel of global warmist carbon projects that is of course non partisan (hum, hum), the David Keith run ISEEE that manages to invite every zozo paddler who sees a dead bird and the who’s who of alarmist scientists and activist PR.

    And all this was in 2004 and ceased in 2007! Talking about canned stuff!
    The post media journalist is of course as biased as they come but the best is when de Souza (not Linda) quotes a Greenpeace Canada campaigner as if being an authority:

    “This was never about science,” said Greenpeace Canada climate and energy campaigner Keith Stewart. “It was about implementing a political strategy invented by a Republican spin doctor to cast doubt on the science so governments wouldn’t force polluters to clean up their act. I am surprised that a university would channel donor dollars to support this kind of anti-science agenda.”

    Ridicule does not kill anymore but one thing is certain: Post Media, De Souza is all doing it on cue, just in time for the Gore promotion.

  29. rbateman says:

    Wow. Fear not, Al Gore wants you to donate your identity, to help save the planet of course.
    You’re in good hands with Al’s ClimateState.
    Included with each identity handover is this nifty ration card.

  30. Matt says:

    Why are people on FB anyway? FB sends me a message by email that I, well, received a message at FB – I can even read it in my email, but then have to go to FB, log in, in order to reply. I think EVERYBODY doing this is deeply stupid. They sold you something you don’t need, something you had in the first place. You can’t even sign up to FB without email ! So there.

    And for what? Your sad attempts at exhibitionism… who cares about your naff pictures or status updates? “I hatez Mondayz..” yeah, whatever. I haven’t seen more infantilsm by a pretty much adult crowd anywhere else. Now, I had an FB account as well, because my post grad group would only communicate through FB without good reason and so I was forced to sign up for school reasons. But I also deleted my profile again afterwards. What a load of drivel by supposedly smart people. You know who you are…

    Not Gore is the problem, FB is the problem. Check the present inquiry into FB in Ireland, they gather plus 1000 pages of info on you! YOU are the problem if you are on FB.

    There is not one thing communication-wise that would not be dealt with better by email, and the rest? You will be ashamed of it in a few years time :) Or it might cost you your job or job opportunity if curious employers get to see what an embarassment you are outside work ;)

    Hit the delete buttom, it’s a sign of character and smartness. Anyway, FB numbers are on the decline, at least in Europe, the 3rd world didn’t get the message yet…

  31. Pete H says:

    So not fair to Gore! After all, It is HIS Internet

  32. Lubos Motl says:

    If you think that the application could still be distributing spam or otherwise harm users’ privacy, go to its web page


    and click at “report application” in the left sidebar. You will be offered one more screen to check a button describing in what sense the application fails to be kosher. A Facebook account is needed. Don’t be afraid to click the link above but never click at “allow” [the climate reality virus app].

  33. John Silver says:

    I have commented this before here: I will not join Facebook for any reason.

  34. Espen says:

    Matt, FB can be a great way to get in touch with old friends, not so easy to google up their email… agree about your exhibitionism comments, though.

    FB did great job here. I think they might not only be afraid of the spam avalanche, but maybe also quite p***ed off that the Climate Delusionists asked people to give away their FB accounts.

  35. AncientOfDays says:

    Does anyone want to bet that the Obama reelection campaign will not try something similar?

  36. Bloke down the pub says:

    For shame Anthony, you mean you didn’t sign over your account to Al? I should think that the least you could do to save the planet is take a day holiday and hand over the keys of WUWT to the Goreacle.

  37. Al Gormless says:

    So they want to resort to ‘hacking’ to promote their cause – just hacking by permission!
    What numbnuts would ever allow some bunch of freaks to access their personal accounts and details to post a load of gumpf & click some ‘like’ buttons on their behalf to pretend they support something?! “Yeah sure Al, while you’re at it here’s my bank details, mother’s maiden name, and a file with all my passwords in, take as much as you want…”

    The only thing innovative about this is that allows an organisation, group, or cause on facebook that would otherwise bomb to PRETEND to be popular and sit on top of the list among the actually popular ones that have been recommended or liked by people for valid reasons. No suprise though here & the underlying theme and priority with the alarmists is the need to market / promote / lobby to PRETEND when they are lacking in evidence, science, and integrety to get people to (literally) buy in to the idea.

    They clearly miss the point of social media; if China or some other communist regime were to create a social media system: this would be it. I am wholly disappointed that facebook would even allow such a system to operate on their network.

    Simple solution: IGNORE!

  38. Jeff Alberts says:

    Matt says:
    September 13, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    And for what? Your sad attempts at exhibitionism… who cares about your naff pictures or status updates? “I hatez Mondayz..” yeah, whatever. I haven’t seen more infantilsm by a pretty much adult crowd anywhere else.

    Apparently you’ve forgotten about TWITter.

    I agree with you though. I have an FB account, and am on the verge of deleting it. The only thing I’ve used it for are “like”ing WUWT stories.

  39. Pete says:

    kudos to facebook.

  40. Sonicfrog says:

    Simple solution: IGNORE!
    That should be the unofficial Al Gore slogan… IGNORE ME!!!!

  41. Spector says:

    Perhaps law enforcement might establish numerous fake Facebook accounts where they release the kind of information that would attract those criminal types using this medium to search for victims of opportunity.

  42. Dave Worley says:

    It’s getting to where you cannot even subscribe to a magazine without them hiring a lobbyist and claiming to have your support/proxy for their cause du jour.
    Case in point- AARP and Obamacare.

  43. TomRude says:

    Ahhh Reuters, Thomson Reuters, never late to alarmist BS:


    And i thought this was about envisat data showing a lack of sea level rise… It’s worse than we thought! LOL

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