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The reality of wind turbines in California – video

As many know, I was on a road trip for two weeks. On my return into California, I traveled a road I had done many many times – California Highway 58 through Tehachapi pass, one of the windiest areas of … Continue reading

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My biggest pet peeve on running this blog

I have to fix this several times a week…please read and heed. I’m hoping that if I announce this as a post, it will reduce the problem.

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Waterspout in San Francisco

Soon to be linked to “global warming” by some MSM type no doubt. Watch the video:

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The Perigee Moon aka “Supermoon”

Perigee Moon left, Apogee Moon, right. Picture Credit: Galileo Project, NASA Thanks to WUWT regular “justthefacts” for assembling this story. – Anthony There has been a lot in the news about, “Saturday’s full moon will be a super “perigee moon” — … Continue reading

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The minimal solar activity in 2008–2009 and its implications for long‐term climate modeling

This is a new paper in Geophysical Research Letters by C. J. Schrijver, W. C. Livingston, T. N. Woods, and R. A. Mewaldt. WUWT readers may recognize Livingston as the creator of one of the datasets we regularly follow graphically … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – note to the media, this 23 year old English teacher from Japan gets it, so stop the hype

From my town newspaper, in the story covering a young English teacher who was just now able to return home after being in Japan during the earthquake. She gets it, why can’t the media?

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An Open Letter to Google

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Dear Googlefolk; Recently, you have decided to take sides in a scientific debate. That in itself is very foolish. Why would Google want to take either side when there is a disagreement between scientists? I … Continue reading

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The fireball network: an opportunity for citizen science?

This is an interesting project put on by NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Project (MEO) using some low light B/W video cameras placed into a skyward looking weatherproof housing made of a clear dome and some PVC pipe fittings and connected to … Continue reading

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