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Hey dude, where’s my solar ramp up?

Guest post by David Archibald The prognostications based on spotless days are now a distant memory. From here, given that the green corona brightness indicates that solar maximum will in 2015, the big unknown is what the maximum amplitude will … Continue reading

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Sea Ice Graphs Have Limited Predictive Value

By Steve Goddard I like to watch the sea ice graphs as much as anyone, and have wondered how much value they have in forecasting the summer minimum. So I researched it a bit and discovered that their predictive power … Continue reading

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Off to the conference

I’m about to leave for ICCC4, which is predictably being billed as “denialpalooza” by our friends in alarmist world. Heh. Maybe smearapalooza might be a good label for their response. This year, the conference is in Chicago, and it appears … Continue reading

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NIWA’s Kiwi Kaper

It should be noted that NIWA is not the official Meteorological Service of New Zealand. From their FAQs:  Is NIWA the Met Service? No, the MetService is a separate company which can be found at http://www.metservice.com. NIWA does perform climate … Continue reading

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