Daily Archives: May 14, 2010

Now it’s caterpillar outbreaks caused by global warming

I recall one summer when I was a boy in the 1960’s where we had a tent caterpillar outbreak in our town. Global Warming wasn’t on anybody’s mind then. This story is from the Independent in the UK. Caterpillar plague … Continue reading

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Satellite Temperatures and El Niño

By Steve Goddard RSS April 14,000 Foot Anomalies UAH and RSS satellite data have been showing record warm temperatures in 2010, despite the fact that many of us have been freezing – and CAGW types have been quick to jump … Continue reading

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A surprising change in the ‘eye roller’ public slogan of NOAA

I got this regular press release from NOAA this morning announcing an upcoming press conference. Ho Hum…but wait, buried at the bottom of the copy is a little nugget that brings me some hope. I know many NOAA employees read … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week – New Scientist: The Denial Depot Edition

New Scientist has a barrage of articles on “denialism”, including one from DeSmog Blog misinformer Richard Littlemore, who runs with the tired old comparisons of today’s skeptical public to tobacco industry campaigns. He bashes what he calls “manufactured doubt” while … Continue reading

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Now it’s more CO2 that will threaten crops

Sometimes I wonder if science hasn’t been infected with some sort of mass delusion about CO2. Watch this amazing video on CO2 and plant growth from CO2Science.org, then read below the claims made in this UC Davis press release. Rising … Continue reading

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