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Add your own ‘Radar Channel’ to your TV

I’ve mentioned in the past that my weather technology business has been hit hard by the current economy and that from time to time I would be using WUWT to announce new products or product reviews that might interest readers. … Continue reading

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Venus Envy

By Steve Goddard ESA’s Venus Express mission has been studying the planet and a basic atmospheric model is emerging. Venus has long been the CO2 bogeyman of climate science.  In my last piece about Venus I laid out arguments against … Continue reading

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Climate Actually Changes! Film at 11:00!

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Last month (April 2010), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put out a study called “Climate Change Indicators in the United States” (13 Mb PDF). I read through it … depressingly bad science. To start … Continue reading

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