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Emerging Solar Panel Technology

A guest post by John Goetz Anthony has mentioned previously that he installed solar panels on his roof and, when he was a Trustee for Chico Unified School District, he spearheaded their first ever solar power installation at Little Chico … Continue reading

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Warming On 11 Year Hiatus

Tilo Reber writes in comments: Using the May data, I now get no temperature change for the last 11 years for HadCrut3, RSS, and UAH. Click for a larger image Even with the warm spike 1998 El Nino year … Continue reading

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CBS News sinks to new low; publishes crackpot global warming story, attributes it to Associated Press, kills it with no retraction

Yesterday I posted a story from CBS News: Quake n’ Bake: Global Warming Causes More Energetic Earthquakes? The main headline was this: Seismic Activity 5 Times More Energetic Than 20 Years Ago Because Of Global Warming This drew a lot of … Continue reading

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Quake n’ Bake: Global Warming Causes More Energetic Earthquakes?

At first, when I got an email message pointing out this topic of global warming driving more earthquake energy, I thought it was satire. Then I saw it was on CBS News, so I knew it couldn’t be satire, but something else altogether. … Continue reading

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Month of May, Global Temperature Recap

Since I’m traveling at the moment at have a combination of occasional Internet connectivity and exhaustion, I’ll defer to Joe D’Aleo’s excellent writeup on UAH, RSS, GISS, and HadCRUT. – Anthony Global Data All In – NASA GISS Biggest Outlier Again By … Continue reading

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HadCRUT for May 08 is out

2008/05  0.278 Writing from airport, more later- Anthony MORE- here is the link for those that can’t find it: Reference: HadCRUT3 anomaly data which can be found here description of the HadCRUT3 data file columns is here 2008/01  0.053  2008/02  0.192  2008/03  … Continue reading

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A Window on Water Vapor and Planetary Temperature

Here is some interesting news; according to data from NOAA’s Earth System Laboratory, atmospheric water vapor is on the decline globally. You’ve probably heard many times how water vapor is actually the  most important “greenhouse gas” for keeping our planet … Continue reading

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Surveying USHCN Stations From My Desk

In How Not to Measure Temperature Part 65, I showed a COOP-A station near Manhattan, KS at Tuttle Creek Lake that had been surveyed. In actuality, that survey was a “miss” and the intended target was the USHCN station in … Continue reading

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How Not To Measure Temperature, part 65

Mike Smith, a meteorologist for Weatherdata Services Inc. surveyed Tuttle Creek Lake near Manhattan, KS. It is COOP-A station (#148259) at the US Army Corp of Engineers Office for the reservoir there. He had a little trouble getting photos: Click for a larger image … Continue reading

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Giant Sucking Sound

  For Immediate Release: June 17, 2008 For Further Information, Contact: Adam King, 615.383.6431 Energy Guzzled by Al Gore’s Home in Past Year Could Power 232 U.S. Homes for a Month (Above is not my stat, could also be: “19 homes … Continue reading

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How Not To Measure Temperature, Part 64 – Estimating biases and comparing to GISS Homogeneity Adjustments

If you had the task of choosing where to put a climate monitoring thermometer here at the USHCN Climate station of record #469683 in Winfield, WV where would you choose to put it? Certainly the parking lot would not be … Continue reading

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NYT: Gore to Appear With Obama

I wonder if Obama will create a new cabinet position for Gore? I’m sure he could find a staff, as you can now get a degree in Global Warming from the University of Mumbai. Gore to Appear With Obama By … Continue reading

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More Signs Of The Sun Slowing Down

In my post from yesterday, I highlighted a paragraph from a NASA press release which touched on one of the final findings of the soon to be ended Ulysses spacecraft mission to study the sun: “Ulysses ends its career after … Continue reading

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Ulysses exits with insight into our next solar cycle

“Ulysses ends its career after revealing that the magnetic field emanating from the sun’s poles is much weaker than previously observed.  This could mean the upcoming solar maximum period will be less intense than in recent history. “ click for … Continue reading

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Genetic Building Blocks Found In Meteorite

Conjuring up images from the movie “It came from Outer Space“, it turns out we may all be from space. Some of us are “spacier” than others. This news of finding the building blocks of life in a meteorite comes … Continue reading

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June 14th

Is a special day that many forget about, some people never even know about it. To see what is special about June14th, see my new blog Weather Picture of The Day. Don’t forget yours.

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I’m considering a blog policy change

Preparing to launch a “flame”. A couple of things have happened this week that has made me look at this blog just a bit differently than in the past. I’ve had to ask for help for the very first time in moderating … Continue reading

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Renowned Atmospheric Scientist Dr. Reid Bryson Dies At 88

Reid once said:  ‘You can go outside and spit and have the same effect as doubling carbon dioxide.’ From Roger Pielke  Professor Greg  J. Tripoli of the University of Wisconsin – Madison has shared this sad news with all of us. … Continue reading

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Surprise: Leaves Maintain Temperature, new findings may put dendroclimatology as metric of past temperature into question

Dendroclimatology: thermometer or hygrometer? Hot climate or cold, tree leaves stay in comfort zone From the Google Climate Discussion Group, see an article also in Science News Paris, June 11; Agence France-Presse A new study that shows their internal temperature … Continue reading

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Weather Channel Founder Makes Another Challenge to Gore

  A guest post by John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel, and Chief Meteorologist of KUSI-TV in San Diego. See his previous challenge published here called “An Open Letter to Environmentalists“ Note from Anthony: I know John from way … Continue reading

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