The war against the internal combustion engine by CARB and US EPA is not based on real scientific evidence—examples

Guest post by Albert Parker There is the impression that the “science” of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), as well as of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has been “settled” recently to favor specific Californian Green Mobility companies, rather than to pursue legitimate air pollution goals. In the ploy, the German car makers…


The Great Green Diesel Swindle

Date: 24/07/17  Chicago Tribune German carmakers colluded on diesel controls, technology for decades: report Another week, another scare from the German car industry. What began with Daimler’s massive recall of more than 3 million diesel cars to lower their emissions, ended on Friday with Audi also embarking on a voluntary recall of 850,000 vehicles. Adding…

Friday funny – Fiddle me this

Josh writes: Volkswagen has been found cheating on US emissions tests, but with the Green Blob fiddling everything from Renewables to Global Temperatures, it’s no wonder they thought this was ok. Some like Stephen Glover at the UK’s Daily Mail blame green zealots directly. Cartoons by Josh