“New Dark Age Cometh”: Nobel Prize Biochemist Cancelled for Covid-19 Wrongthink

2013 Nobel Prize winning Stanford Biophysicist Michael Levitt has been disinvited from a bio-design conference, because other speakers threatened to quit rather than share a stage with a Covid-19 heretic.

Here's a chance for Michael Mann to get his own Nobel Prize medal

After being told by the IPCC in no uncertain terms that he can’t make claims like “Nobel Prize Winner”, now with enough cash, he could at least make the claim…

Quote of the week – meet the new 'deniers'

Oh, this is hilarious.

Comedy gold: APS president attacks "inaccurate characterization" of APS position, doesn't realize he's attacking an APS quote

Guest Post by Alec Rawls When German ex-climate-alarmist Fritz Vahrenholt came out last week as a climate skeptic, he related his moment of epiphany, when he was firsthand witness of…

Does this treatment sound familiar?

Yeah, consensus science never fails.

Gorefail: The state of the global green movement is "shambolic"

Via Glen Reynolds at Instapundit comes this excellent essay by Walter Russel Mead at the American Interest. The Failure Of Al Gore: Part One. It must be as perplexing to…

Is Global Warming Starving Science?

Posted by Dee Norris This article concerning the Nobel Prize for Chemistry caught my attention this morning: Twenty years ago, Douglas Prasher was one of the driving forces behind research…

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