Increasingly Powerful Tornadoes???

. As a result of this finding, the conclusion from the authors that tornadoes are becoming increasingly more powerful should be rejected outright.


“attribution of certain classes of extreme weather (eg, tornadoes) is beyond current modelling & theoretical capabilities”

Were the Recent Tornadoes the Result of Global Warming?

From the Cliff Mass Weather Blog Powerful, long-lived tornadoes struck western Kentucky, southern Illinois, and the vicinity on Friday night.  And within hours, major media outlets, national politicians, and several…

A Critical Gap in Tornado Warning Technology: Lessons of the Recent Tornado Outbreak

The smartphone could not only provide a warning of imminent tornado passage but could provide information on the best direction to flee if no sheltering location is available–generally at right…

Kentucky Tornadoes, Climate Change, And Pressure Systems

. Jim Steele The video examines the weather dynamics that that led to the outbreak of tornadoes devastating Kentucky and the Mississippi River Valley region. Unusual cold, not warmth, plus…

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