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Cooking In New York

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve been thinking about the idea of the urban heat island (UHI) as a result of my post on the bogus temperature “record” at Heathrow. The “urban heat island” refers to the fact that cities generally run warmer than the surrounding countryside. This is from some combination of the direct heat…


Think UHI doesn’t affect the climate? Think again.

From AGU: More urban heat; less summer fog, on California coast Larry O’Hanlon writes on the AGU blog Geospace: The summer fog that shrouds coastal southern California – what locals call the June Gloom – is being driven up into the sky by urban sprawl, according to scientists who have studied 67 years of cloud…

UHI – worse than we thought

Remember when I measured the UHI in Reno, NV? It seems the normally alarmist “Climate Central” is just now getting around to recognizing UHI, but of course, they have to put in the obligatory disclaimer that it cannot possibly contribute to the global warming signal. Well, they are just flat wrong about that, but that’s…

UHI and heat related mortality

From Arizona State University Study links urbanization and future heat-related mortality TEMPE, Ariz. – Phoenix stands at a parched crossroads. Global scale climate change is forecast to bring hotter summers and more extreme heat to the Valley, but regional urbanization also will impact temperatures experienced by residents.