Scientific American: “What Climate Change Does to the Human Body”

Dr. Neelu Tummala, Climate advocate and ENT doctor with George Washington Medical Faculty Associates

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon; Dr. Neelu Tummala, MD claims she can see the effects of climate change increasingly impacting the bodies of her patients.

What Climate Change Does to the Human Body

An ENT physician sees the effects in her patients all the time

By Neelu Tummala on August 29, 2020

I vividly remember a patient who came in late for her appointment during a July heat wave. When I walked in, she said, “I’m so sorry I’m late, I was up all night walking my grandbaby around the train station.” Without air conditioning at home, the child was sweating through her clothes in the heat of the night, putting her at risk for dehydration.

Heat affects every part of our body. It can lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, anxiety, impaired cognitive function and even premature death from heart and lung disease. Across the country, the health concerns of the climate crisis are increasingly being recognized, pushing thousands of medical providers—doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, medical students—to become advocates for change.  

In my own practice, I explain to patients how the climate crisis affects their health. For example, apart from contributing to global warming, rising carbon dioxide levels increase the amount of pollen that plants produce as a consequence of higher rates of photosynthesis. This rise in pollen levels can lead to worsening allergy symptoms. Another example is fine particulate matter (known as PM2.5) associated with air pollution, much of it linked to the burning of fossil fuels that help drive the warming. When we breathe in these particles, they travel down the airway and settle in the tiny air sacs called alveoli of the lungs, causing inflammation and potentially worsening asthma symptoms. The explanations are simple, but the health risks are widespread and complex. Ground-level ozone pollution, which is worse in hotter weather, can also harm people with asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Climate action is required of our elected leaders, and we must mandate it of ourselves. It can be as simple as educating family and friends, while making sustainable shopping and traveling choices. 

Neelu Tummala, M.D., is an ENT doctor with George Washington Medical Faculty Associates and a climate advocate with a special interest in the intersection of climate and health. She is a Public Voices Fellow with The OpEd Project and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. Follow her on Twitter @NeeluTummala.

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As someone who suffers severe asthma I am outraged when a doctor lends the weight of their professional qualifications to such sweeping and in my opinion grossly misleading generalisations.

Warmer temperatures would help many asthmatics. Different asthmatics have different triggers. My biggest trigger is dry cold winter air mixed with smoke emitted by people trying to keep warm, which is one of the main reasons I moved to the edge of the tropics. Warm, moist tropical air for me is just like one of those steam vaporiser masks, it helps control my symptoms. No matter how extreme the heatwave I do just fine, so long as the air is humid.

Humans have far greater capacity to handle heat than most people realise. Our ancestors evolved in the extreme tropics, many anthropologists believe our ancestors survived by persistence hunting, using our superior ability to handle extreme tropical heat to run prey into the ground – a tradition still practiced by some remote tribes. Anywhere outside the extreme tropical zone where we evolved, we have to wear clothes to stay warm. If you feel too warm, give your body’s superb heat management system a chance, drink lots of water and remove items of your cold climate clothes until you feel comfortable.

I have no doubt Dr. Tummala sometimes sees patients suffering heat stress or suffering the effects of pollution triggered asthma. But to blame all this on climate change, and to suggest a warming planet would be certain to make it worse is just absurd.

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  1. Can anyone in their right mind imagine this level of quakery passing as medical science. Just when one thinks the height of absurdity has been reached, an incomprehensibly stupid individual raises the bar.

    • Quack-ery. Quakery has more to do with oatmeal. Point taken, though. Can’t list the vast number of wide-eyed pseudo-scientists who can “just see” effects than can only be caused by their pre-conceived. Elsewhere this is known as faith.

      • The ” impaired cognitive function” is well in evidence. It has been rising exponentially since the mid 70s so is clearly attributable to rising CO2.

        To go by the photo this woman was born with ” impaired cognitive function” . If someone came to me with a face like that, claiming to be an MD, I’d ask to see her papers.

        • can toasters write papers? most toasters are empty and hollow and cant make good toast

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        • I cancelled my subscription decades ago. Before “global warming/climate change” became “science”. Back then they were clearly becoming a leftist political rag with the lead articles frequently being some kind of socialistic or anti-western civilization, non-scientific blather. Even the science was screwed up. I remember one article about quantum mechanics that was such a logical mess as to be hopeless.

    • Just wait until all academic requirements and MCAT scores are abandoned because they’re racist.

      • Originally the Quakers were a worthwhile Protestant sect. These days they have evolved into a political movement. I say that as somebody who is a “birthright Friend”. I have been unable to stomach meeting for the past 50 years. They have become just another post-modern woke grievance movement whose only “inner light” is the torch of socialism, “climate justice” and mob violence.

        The Unitarians have gone the same way.

        Truth be known I have come to settle on the philosophy of Spinoza as being the only thing worth the effort now.

    • Yes as a physician for the past 35 years, I can not only imagine it but witness it on a regular basis. Having “M.D.” after one’s name does not guarantee that every verbal morsal that passes one’s lips is anywhere close to an actionable truth, rather than just a whim justified by the speaker’s overvalued ego.

      She stated: “In my own practice, I explain to patients how the climate crisis affects their health.”

      If you visit a physician who’s feels the need to warn you about a non-existent “climate crisis” and then lists off their imaginary understanding of what that means to your health, you may, with good reason, take anything they say about your health and measures to improve it with a large amount of skepticism and, perhaps, seek a second opinion.

    • All one has to do is reflect how our species thrives in climates from desert to polar to realize how this “expert’s” opinion is just a bunch of end product from a bovine.

  2. Intense heat makes me unable to process complex ideas where different things need to be put together. I tend to brain freeze/reinit from heat.

    Doing sequential memorized stuff is OK. Or linear computations.

  3. “I vividly remember a patient who came in late for her appointment during a July heat wave”

    Heat waves are weather events constrained by time and place. It is not possible to relate their health and anatomical effects to AGW or fossil fuels. For that she will need global data over a period longer than 30 years, preferably 60 years. Pls see

    But I would be pleased to add her research to my list of climate research that exposes the dark and un-scientific nature of the climate movement

  4. Right up there with Greta seeing CO2. I can see a new Marvel Climate Super Heroes franchise coming soon.

    • Beat me to it.

      And this: “Across the country, the health concerns of the climate crisis are increasingly being recognized, pushing thousands of medical providers—doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, medical students—to become advocates for change. ”

      Changing to what? Less expensive and more reliable air conditioners? More reliable electricity? Was that poor baby during the July heat wave in Kalifornia?

      Is she really a doctor? A medical doctor or just playing one after staying in a Holiday Inn Express. Sheesh, what an idiot.

  5. “Seeing” things where they are not is an ancient pastime.
    Skrying for portents in entrails is a good example.
    This doctor is doing the same thing.
    Don’t forget that Greta can also “see” CO2.

  6. It’s funny – funny strange, not funny ha-ha – how people can be so smart in one area and so dumb in others. And as for wisdom, often it’s the smart people who don’t realize how foolish they are.

    I hope I am never in a position where I have to rely on this doctor for anything, in any field.

    • Some of the dumbest yet most arrogant people I have met have been doctors. For some reason a large proportion of them are hard Marxists.

      • A doctor dies, and finds himself in a long line waiting to see St. Peter. The doctor ignores the line and walks straight up to the Pearly Gates. St. Peter rebukes him, asking what possessed him to try to bypass the queue. He replies, “Well, I’m a doctor!”, to which St. Peter replies, “Go back and wait your turn“.

        The doctor grumbles and returns to the end of the line, finding himself several places further back than before.

        After a long while, an old bearded man strolls up to the gate in a white coat, and is immediately admitted into heaven. Incensed, the doctor rushes back to St. Peter to protest. “You just let that doctor in, why are you making me wait?”

        St. Peter chuckles and explains, “That wasn’t a doctor. That was God. He just thinks he’s a doctor. “

  7. What Climate Change Does to the Human Body

    An ENT physician sees the effects in her patients all the time

    By Neelu Tummala on August 29, 2020

    Uhh … make it wish you’d bought more sweaters?

  8. I blame gravity for impacting my body.

    Interestingly though, the article reminded me that I have not bought any Flonase nasal sprays this year for my pollen allergy. I usually need one or two of them during the season. Particularly interesting given how verdant has been the foliage around here in N. California.

    • Funny how when you get older the ground gets further away. It a lot harder to get down and a lot harder to get up. Jumping out of pickup boxes, that ended about 20 years ago.

      • That’s so true. Because we’re just not tackling the climate emergency, the ground is expanding due to the heat and, therefore, there’s more of it. Any idiot can figure out that if there’s more ground then there has to be more gravity. My cheek jowls are tracking closely with human CO2 emissions. How can anyone dispute the connection between CO2-induced gravitational effects and cheek jowl descent? Come on folks on here. Science is real.

        • My problem is methane, especially if I accidentally watch CNN, the smell is awful from the TV. Just like when your RV hot water tank sacrificial anode reacts with accidental mineralization in the water and disintegrates causing a real stink.

  9. I terminated my subscription to the “Scientific” American in 1995 after they devoted a whole issue to denouncing “The Bell Curve”, a book by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray. Their arguments were mostly name calling and righteous indignation, not a glimmer of science. 25 years later that approach is bearing a poisonous fruit.

  10. People live in virtually every climate. You can’t ‘see’ climate change. Holy crap, they just keep piling on with blather that will, eventually, knock their house of cards down.
    The problem is that the writers actually BELIEVE what they are writing. I’m 76, and have lived through ‘global’ cooling and ‘global’ warming. Still here, doing fine. I lived in Hawaii, Connecticut, California, Washington, and Oregon. All have different climates. I was hot in Hawaii. It was dry in California. Mt. St. Helens erupted when I was in Washington. I’ve been in Oregon since 1980, where I was born. in 1949, there was over 40 inches of snow here. Some years we don’t see a flake. I’m still doing fine, because sooner or later, the averages catch up and we get dumped on.
    I still remember Obama complaining about his daughter’s asthma being made worse by climate change, but I also remember that he moved his daughter from Hawaii to Chicago to DC. How’s that for climate change???

    • global warmists – it’s rain, it’s rain, it’s rain
      Me – but you’re peeing on my leg
      global warmists – it’s rain, it’s rain, it’s rain

      keep saying it, pronouncing it, spewing it, teaching it to innocent minds – sooner or later they are going to tip over into the global warmist camp

      • Only works for a while. Once Warmunism becomes the state religion it becomes dogmatic parent think for the next generation of kids to rebel against. I think we’re already seeing early signs.

        • I hope you’re right. The stupidity and arrogance of climate hypochondriacs is a syndrome I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

      • Poverty rates in Washington DC are actually fairly high. About 18% of the population is below the poverty line. This rises to ~25% for families with children. The local economy is centered almost entirely around government and servicing government workers. There is almost no local industry in DC.

      • When I was young and living in and around Washington DC most cars had no air conditioning. There was a magnificent technology called a wing window. If one’s car was moving at all this window could be adjusted to direct drying air on the body. At the same time the wing window effectively exhausted tobacco smoke. It was sad to see these wings disappear even though more recent cars all have AC.

        I understand one can still get wing windows on some very high end cars but I’m not in that financial league.

        • Probably worked real well on those few days in Washington, DC when the humidity wasn’t high.

          Normally, however, the humidity is so ridiculously high you get swamp ass walking 100 feet to the mail box.

  11. I vividly remember a patient who came in late for her appointment during a July heat wave. When I walked in, she said, “I’m so sorry I’m late, I was up all night walking my grandbaby around the train station.” Without air conditioning at home, the child was sweating through her clothes in the heat of the night, putting her at risk for dehydration.

    I didn’t live in a house with AC until I was in my 20’s. (I’m past mid-60’s now.). But they all had, and still do have heat. Cold kills.

    • I found that quote from the article very telling in that it and no where else in the article does it explain just where the doctor was seeing patients. While the article mentioned USA numerous times, the exact place where the doctor was seeing this patient was never stated. Also a bit odd that train stations in the USA are not the places of luxury that have air conditioning for people to walk about in. Add in the suspect people that frequent bus & train stations at night, a single older woman with a young child would be easy prey for all sorts of things, heat being the very least of her problems.

      While “a July heatwave” is mentioned, it doesn’t say which year. The next paragraph leads one to only assume that July 2019 was the hottest on record, again it does not state where.

  12. My contention is that higher CO2 in the air in recent decades has caused greater tooth growth, as seen in humans born since 1990 or so. See image of author for an illustration.

  13. Funny. I made an instantaneous climate change move to a much warmer climate. My allergies and asthma got so much better. I don’t even notice them over a decade later.

      • Cold trigger my asthma, as I gotten older it does not take much cold to do it. High ozone also does and it often comes with the heat, but it is not the heat, it the ozone, low ozone high heat no problem. I will admit in high heat 110 + it does bother one eyes rather fast, they do adjust out of it. Here in Arizona I wait for the heat to show up and morn when it is gone, I am a life long asthmatic. It cold that give me problems.

  14. Scientific American stopped being scientific and stopped being American long ago.

    Nest ussue– how space aliens can increase climate change and racism.

  15. So we can make up stories about climate change while blocking curative approaches to COVID19. A sad state of affairs that the focus of importance has drifted to such a political low.

  16. A lot of Canadians vacation in Arizona to escape the Canadian winters, so all these people voluntarily expose themselves to abrupt, dramatic climate change on a regular basis.

    I love those blogs that explain to climate change believers how to get regular people to care about climate change, and the usual prescription is, make it personal. The story is always, climate change Is affecting your life for the worse right now. Since this is obviously not true, the personal angle works only on people who are extremely suggestible which, come to think of it is a fair description of people who believe in a climate emergency that is obviously not happening.

    • Lived normally, just did not do as much in the heat. The mechanics that work on my vehicle do a summer in 100+ temps and no AC this summer were had a string of temperatures in the teens. They all work outside granted not in the sun but outside.

  17. NUTS!
    Reference: Anthony McAuliffe.
    “Nuts” McAuliffe was a senior United States Army officer who earned fame as the acting commander of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division troops defending Bastogne, Belgium, during the Battle of the Bulge. He is celebrated for his one-word reply to a German surrender ultimatum: “Nuts!” {an official military response}

  18. What an ignorant person. So anecdotally a woman has a bad night because she doesn’t have aircon. Therefore we must have a Green New Deal. Yes, follow the science. Revoke her license to practice!

  19. Moving to the Philippines, I left my California/Oregon allergies behind. I hear that from many expats. Warm, humid is good for the sinuses.

  20. The good doctor should tell all her patients to move somewhere much colder.

    Then, they and she will discover cold kills more people than hot.

  21. I moved to Florida a couple of months ago. It’s hot and humid. I live at the beach. I breath better here than in Western NC, my previous home. I think I’m allergic to fescue (Kentucky 31). I love breathing salt air and swimming in the ocean. My body is back home. I will not miss the cold.

  22. until she does a randomized double blind study she is just a quack (like all the hydrox doctors are called) …

  23. The second inane article in a week taken from the pages of Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. Last week it was “An Industry Out of Control: 13 Major Climate Reports in 2020, and 42 Minor Reports” by Michael Svoboda, PhD (a freshman English teacher from George Washington University). Yale has apparently lost all semblance of being a prestigious institution of higher education, unless the real disciplines there are just tolerating the fools. Unfortunately, my own traditionally conservative alma mater has started down that road as well, even employing one of the most rabid, outspoken climate alarmists.

    If a young person has been prepared and equipped with a strong world view and an acute nonsense detector, he or she may still be able to attain a good education.

  24. So, “counseled” the mother on global warming, allergens, and air pollution.

    Didn’t even try to find out WHY she didn’t have air conditioning – maybe something to do with the high price of electricity?

  25. Oh, wait! Dr. Neelu Tummala is ALSO from GWU, just like Michael Svoboda. Is there a pattern here?

  26. The climate of DC is definitely getting hotter. /sarc
    My guess is that the climate as experienced by the people of DC is getting colder in the summer because of A/C.

  27. “Climate Change™” seems to cause major issues with leftist psycho-phants.

    Seems to turn their minds into a sort of fetid green goop/sludge.


    Or was it that way to start with ??

  28. Methinks the good doctor should take a generous spoonful of castor oil and have a good lie down.

  29. GH gasses dont increase maximum temperatures, they lower them. They increase the lows, and the average for sure, but look at Tmax on the moon with no gases at all. 105 C.

    Compare the tropics to a neighbouring desert zone. The desert has a higher Tmax and a much lower Tmin. GH gasses even out the extremes, and increase the average. They do not increase the maximum temperatures.

  30. While raised in the Atlanta, GA area, Dr. Tummala’s surname originates in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states of India, where summer temperatures commonly exceed 40-45C (104-113F). Washington, DC where she lives now has temperatures nowhere close to her ancestral states of India. By her logic, everyone back home in India must be dead or dying from the heat already. Good thing for her that her family escaped the deadly heat to come the U.S. so that she could grow up and then contribute to the destruction of this country. If my doctor started preaching global warming to me like she does to her patients, I’d quit that quack. Just stick to the practice of medicine, please.

  31. Dear Dr. Neelu Tummala,

    You are an idiot. You are an easily mislead, biased and uneducated person in the field you are blaming – that of climate change. The very people you claim to see the effects of a mostly natural and extremely slow temperature change on could just as easily be people who travel south for a short time into a warmer climate, or people who go from an air conditioned area to the out-of-doors. Do you claim you can look at people and tell me with certainty what latitude they are from? If not, how could you possibly know that there “effects” have anything to do with climate temperature change? Mostly people go out into a hot day and just over stay, over work, and over sweat leading to the effects. Apparently you believe this never happened before 1960? Did it ever, EVER occur to you that the sudden expansion of air-conditioning in the 1960’s might account for people not being acclimatized to hot days in 2020?

    Apparently not. You just had to use your “professional credentials” to make an absurd statement – you couldn’t help yourself. We know this as “attention needy”. I am so glad I do not depend on you for medical attention – there is no telling how needless, random, and bad it might be as you apparently do not use science to base your decision making on.

  32. ‘…she said, “I’m so sorry I’m late, I was up all night walking my grandbaby around the train station.” Without air conditioning at home, the child was sweating through her clothes in the heat of the night, putting her at risk for dehydration.’

    That’s a problem for an increasing number with the rising cost of unreliables and yet still needing to insure it with dependables not to mention the blackouts it causes. Refer to California or South Australia for enlightenment about that doc.

    • And the assumption of the “evil” of 2.5 particulate relies on the absurd Linear No (Lower) Threshold theory.
      “Show me the bodies!”

  33. Can anyone with a medical degree be THAT stupid? Certainly,but in this doctor’s case I’d suggest “follow the money.”

  34. Neelu Tummala is a full on climate change activist who has decided to ascribe any of her patients worsening conditions to an increase in CO² in the air. She isn’t bothered it would seem about using their private medical problems to invent stories that bolster her own political agenda.

    Monday, September 23, 2019 Sierra club article:
    “Dr. Neelu Tummala with the Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action discussed the many health consequences of climate change and fossil fuel pollution. Dr. Tummala told a story of one of her first patients, a 14 year-old boy who she described as “one of the many faces of the climate crisis.” Due to worsening asthma, Michael had to give up his passion of playing soccer, and leave a team that was central to his identity and social belonging as a teenager.”

    This is her activist group website:

    She could roll out articles like this every week:
    Are seasonal allergies getting worse? Blame climate change
    The Times-Tribune 16 Aug 2020 BY NEELU TUMMALA

  35. I live in the North, the climate changes every year. It is called winter and summer, and yet people here not only survive, they they thrive and repopulate.

  36. I, too, can see evidence of Climate Change related illness every time I read an article which makes such risible conclusions, I suggest the author seeks urgent psychiatric help.

    To paraphrase Winston “Never in the field of human newspeak has so much been so falsely linked to so little”

  37. Some information for Dr. Neelu Tummala:

    There are 2 simple yes/no questions that NO Alarmist (including climate scientists) will answer. Can you guess why they won’t answer them?

    Simple yes/no question 1 – Did humans evolve near Kenya, in Africa?

    Simple yes/no question 2 – Should humans be able to tolerate temperatures similar to Kenya’s?

    The obvious answers to these 2 simple questions, are Yes and Yes.

    But no Alarmist can manage to say the answers. Can you see why?

    The real absolute temperatures for Kenya (in degrees Celsius) are:
    winter = 14.7
    average = 21.5
    summer = 29.1

    Nice and warm !!!

    The temperature in Kenya is almost always above 14.7 and the average is 21.5

    Humans evolved in a hot country. And many humans migrated to colder countries. But we didn’t evolve in a cold country.

    That is why humans can tolerate heat, better than they can tolerate cold.


    Over 2.5 billion people (1/3 of humans) live at an average temperature of 15.0 Celsius or lower.

    This is more than 6.5 degrees Celsius LESS THAN the average temperature in Kenya.

    This 1/3 of humans could warm by 6.5 degrees Celsius, and most of them would still be LESS THAN the average temperature in Kenya.

    Are these people at risk from global warming?

    Or are they at risk of freezing to death?

    Alarmists ignore all of these people !!!


    There are many more interesting temperature facts on my website.

  38. Dear Mr Worral

    “Without air conditioning at home, the child was sweating through her clothes in the heat of the night, putting her at risk for dehydration.”

    Remove clothes. Job done? For further suggestions watch In the Heat of the Night:

    Born and brought up in the tropics, my night attire was underpants and a single sheet (optional). No air-conditioning or fan, just open windows and doors.

    When helping with hay making one sunny summer I had a face cloth liberally soaked with water on my head under a straw hat.

    Recent days in the 90’s (UK) have been bliss: not having to work in it helped.


  39. What she saw was the health effects of expensive or scarce energy. If people can afford to buy and use a small window AC unit, a heat wave is not threatening, only uncomfortable.

  40. My middle son suffered from childhood asthma. He had two severe attacks every year, along with normal attacks at other times. The major attacks were in May, around the time of the FA Cup Final, and the other on my dad’s birthday the 19th of September. I don’t know what the trigger was for either possibly pollen in May and fungi spores in autumn

  41. She appears to suffer from a rather severe case of climatardia, which causes people to spout all manner of nonsense about climate. I think there are drugs for that, and perhaps counseling would help. At minimum, she owes that much to her victims patients.

  42. There are hucksters in all disciplines. I have met plenty of scientists who are simply hustlers, generally activists; also M.D.s, DDS, and hucksterism isn’t unknown among engineers. We don’t even need to mention lawyers or educators.

    Anyone who takes advice of professionals without a degree of skeptism and a little independent research or perhaps a second opinion, is just asking for trouble.

  43. “she can see the effects of climate change increasingly impacting the bodies of her patients”
    Let me fix that.
    We can see the effects of FEAR OF climate change increasingly impacting their BRAINS.
    Psycho. Call it the Greta Syndrome. There must be a good paper in that.

  44. Penrith is 50km west of Sydney (NSW, Australia). The coastal temperatures are more moderate compared to the foot of the Blue Mountains (eg. Camden, Penrith, Richmond). These western Sydney areas can be 10C warmer on the hottest summer days and upto 10C colder overnight in winter. People move house and move states all the time with little concern with the different climates. Plants & animals seem to cope with a wide range of climate across where they live (different growth but far better than expected). Shading from another tree or building, slope, rock, soil, water runoff are just as important to the perceived climate.

    I could move 25km and mitigate the potential of 100 years of a warmer climate. You could stop population growth in Sydney: 25% population growth = everyone has to use 80% of the water per person per year compared to baseline. I could save about 50% of my heating+cooling if our house was on the coast. They build more homes out west with no insulation in the walls & no 2+ layer glass and they wonder why we use more power than coastal locations with better climates!

    • tygrus

      Local climate conditions may mean that you can negate 100 years of global warming by moving just 25 km. But in general, you must move further than that. More like 200 to 300 km. And it depends on the latitude that you live at.

      If you live in Sydney (New South Wales, Australia), latitude about 34S, then you would need to move a little under 250 km towards the South Pole to negate 1 degrees Celsius of global warming.

      I have used real temperature data from 36,000 locations all over the Earth, to answer the question of how far a person would need to move towards the nearest Pole to reverse one degree Celsius of global warming.

      There is even a nice graph showing how the distance varies with latitude. The article can be found here:

  45. Can she truly be that vapid?its scary as hell to think some whack job like this could affect your life through medical practice and I mean practice

  46. Dr. Neelu Tummala is obviously not fully aware of the dangers that increased temperatures pose to humans. It is far worse than she thinks.

    The IPCC has issued an urgent travel warning. Many people are foolishly travelling to countries which have an average temperature which is more than 2 degrees Celsius warmer than their home country.

    This is highly dangerous, and could result in the deaths of millions of people.

    The IPCC suggests that people limit their travel to countries which have an average temperature which is less than 1.5 degrees Celsius warmer than their home country.

    Scientists have proved that travel and temperatures are more dangerous than smoking 60 cigarettes a day, for 50 years. It is safer to stay at home, and take up smoking, than it is to go travelling in warmer countries.

    To ensure your personal temperature safety, the IPCC has emitted the following travel regulations. Travel will be limited to “safe” country groups. This means that travel may only take place between a country, and the other countries that are in the same temperature safety group.

    For full details please read the following article:

  47. I searched the GW Medical Faculty Associates web site staff listings and found no mention of this person. Is she even really an MD at all?

  48. OK – she is there, but listed as “Neelima;” guess “Neelu” is “for short.” She actually seems to have degrees and residencies from American medical schools, in case anyone wondered. No climate training in any obvious way.

  49. The ‘climate change effect’ on the human body starts in the brain with a throbbing pain caused by agenda/advocacy science assaults on the senses. It then spreads to the oral cavity and anal region. Finally, short-term memory is triggered when we recall that we saw the same deception efforts used the prior day and the day before that.

  50. Bring back the fruit and vegetable inspection stations.

    Q: Are you carrying any fruits or vegetables with you today?
    A: No, but I have a friend from California in my vehicle.

    -Please exit the vehicle immediately.
    -Charlie, get the hose.

  51. Just image the problems you can create by:
    planting a flower
    working at a steel mill
    working at a frozen foods plant

  52. Scientific American stopped being scientific decades ago. It’s no longer a credible science journal.

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