Greta Thunberg Demands Canada and Norway Stop Expanding Fossil Fuel Extraction

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Greta wants to use her alleged influence over 20% of the United Nations vote to try to pressure Norway and Canada into a climate virtue bidding war, as they both contend for a seat on the UN Security Council.

Greta Thunberg looks to UN security council election for leverage on climate 

Published on 10/06/2020, 5:01am

Youth activists have written to small island negotiators, urging them to use their vote to pressure Canada and Norway into ending oil extraction

By Megan Darby

Greta Thunberg is urging small island diplomats to put Canada and Norway’s oil interests in the spotlight as the two countries seek election to the UN security council.

Thunberg is one of four youth activists to sign a letter, along with 22 climate scientists, raising “grave concerns” about the Arctic nations’ policies to expand and subsidise fossil fuel extraction.

Canada and Norway are competing with Ireland for two seats on the UN security council, both promising to address climate change as a threat to peace and stability.

Yet their support for increased oil and gas production is incompatible with international climate goals, argued signatories to the letter, published in full below.

They called on small island developing states, as some of the most vulnerable countries to climate breakdown, to use their vote to highlight these concerns.

While their numbers are not sufficient to wield veto power, the 38 small island developing states hold 20% of votes.

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“No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them there”Justin Trudeau 2017

I suspect Greta is overestimating her influence over small islands and the United Nations. If Norway and Canada need to win votes from impoverished island nations they’ll likely use their fossil fuel wealth to offer development aid. Cash for badly needed educational facilities and jobs will carry more weight than anything Greta and her friends have to say.

Update (EW): Michael Mann adding his support to Greta’s UN diplomacy effort;

91 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg Demands Canada and Norway Stop Expanding Fossil Fuel Extraction

    • And who could deny sweet gentle Greta anything she wants? Those kind limpid eyes, the dulcet tones of her soft sweet voice!

      What Kofi ANAN done to me during 1999?

      During #COVID19PANDEMIC #UNFCCC declared that they need $600 TRILLION to CORRECT the CLIMATE until 2050.


      IPCC needs $122 TRILLION for Climate Correction, BUT not C02 and GHG.
      3° C Temperature REDUCTION is possible by errecting ZERO DISCHARGE SYSTEMS in DESALINATION plants..

      “ONE SHOT MANY BIRDS” : via @Raveendrannaray.


      #unfccc #ipcc #epa #noaa #cop26 #WHO

    • “Scientists” ….. it’s the “usual suspects”, the vested interest shills of Grantham, Potsdam, and the clique of “2 degrees C” etc.
      Hannah Bailey – Scientist, University of Oulu
      Jonathan Bamber – Professor of Glaciology, University of Bristol, former President of the
      European Geosciences Union
      Eddy Carmack – Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Emeritus; Order of Canada
      Florence Fetterer – Principal Investigator, National Snow and Ice Data Center, CIRES,
      University of Colorado
      Jennifer Francis – Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Research Center
      Dabo Guan – FAcSS | Fellow of the Academy of Social Science | Distinguished Chair in
      Climate Change Economics, Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University,
      Beijing, China
      David Hik – Associate Dean – Academic, Faculty of Science, Professor, Department of
      Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University, Canada
      Alun Hubbard – UiT – Professor of Glaciology, The Arctic University of Norway, Tromso
      Peter Kalmus – Project Scientist, University of California, Los Angeles, Joint Institute for
      Regional Earth System Science & Engineering
      Anna Liljedahl – Associate Scientist, Woods Hole Research Center
      Michael E. Mann – Distinguished Professor, Penn State University, Member, National
      Academy of Sciences; Tyler Prize Recipient
      Mal McMillan – Reader in Environmental Sensing, Lancaster University, UK
      Susan Natali – Associate Scientist, Arctic Program Director, Woods Hole Research Center
      Helge Niemann – Research Leader at NIOZ, Professor for Microbial and Isotope
      Biogeochemistry at University of Utrecht, NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea
      Research, Department of Marine Microbiology & Biogeochemistry, and Utrecht University
      Hans Joachim Schellnhuber – Founder & Director Emeritus of the Potsdam Institute for
      Climate Impact Research (PIK)
      Martin Siegert – co-Director of the Grantham Institute, Imperial College London
      Will Steffen – Emeritus Professor, The Australian National University
      Julienne Stroeve – Canada-150 Research Chair, University of Manitoba
      Peter Wadhams ScD – Emeritus Professor, Dept of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics,
      University of Cambridge
      Gail Whiteman – Founder of Arctic Basecamp and Professor of Sustainability, University of
      Jeremy Wilkinson – Sea Ice Physicist, British Antarctic Survey
      Dimitry Yumashev – Senior Research Associate, Lancaster University

      None of these people have any credibility in my view, and by attaching their flags to the mast of rent-seeking eugenicist nonsense of Schellenhuber, they show themselves up for the sociopathic nihilists they really are, I do believe. But what do other sensible logical people think?

      • Isn’t it time to make these people choose if they want to be :

        A, a politician (at least somewhat accountable for what they say)
        B, a professor (Can say the weirdest things to promote thinking/science without consequence)

        A bit like the discussion on being a platform or an editor?

        I’m getting so sick of these lying/cheating people living high up in the untouchable ivory tower causing untold damage to the ordinary people without ANY form of accountability.

        Stay sane,

    • Not as suspicious as 97 – a recent poll suggested it was the most untrustworthy of number by 97% of voters

    • Again, you underestimate the idiocy of the prime minister of canada.

      One of our best commentators, Andrew Coyne, had what I consider the gold standard put down of Trudeau
      “A ninny with a cluttered mind”.

      • Pat,

        Perfect. Justin “Climate Ken” Trudeau” – a ninny with a cluttered mind.

        • How about Mr. Trudeau walking around wearing a mask? He has had Covid-19, like his wife Sophie. He was in quarantine with her. They caught it at the same Commonwealth reunion where Boris Johnson also got infected.
          Consequently, he is immune, can’t infect anyone and has zero need to wear a mask. He is just trying to lead by example, even when it makes no sense.
          What would you say if you saw Tom Hanks wearing a mask?

    • This is not correct from the get-go:

      “Canada and Norway are competing with Ireland for two seats on the UN security council, both promising to address climate change as a threat to peace and stability.”

      Norway is a shoe-in and will not be challenged. The competition is between Ireland and Canada.

      Our Great Apologizer has been touring around trying to get votes lined up. I am not sure we should accept a seat on the Council if it was gained by planning loudly to destroy sections of the economy dealing with critical energy carriers. “Bidding wars” are not virtuous in the first place.

      Limiting an entire sector of the economy with the intention of destroying should happen without a public debate on the intentions and consequences, particularly as it will make no measurable difference to the “climate”.

      Sweden has many notable attributes, saunas being one, cut glassware being another. If Swedish pundits are against subsidizing key industries they should lead by example in the fields of electronics and motor cars.

      • There is no better way to deflate politicians and alarmists than by uproariously laughing at them and with all around joining in in the laughter. Debate does not usually work but to deflate and defang them by laughter does. It avoids all sorts of illogical counter arguments, ad hominems and fake science. Comediennes and Cartoonists are far more entertaining and they can subtly discredit all the alarmist hogwash in a way few orators with cerebral and rational presentations can.

    • @Scissor

      Please tell us how you did this embed of YouTube, because I’ve been trying to do it for days, and since YouTube changed their iFrame code, I’ve not been able to get it working, even following the Rick Were instructions. See my thread on Test-2 test pages, see the screenshot that shows new code issue.

      Sorry if a bit off topic folks.

      • Nothing special, I right click the Youtube video address, select copy, then in the comment, right click and select paste.

        • Thanks for that suggestion, Scissor !
          Though it didn’t quite work exactly like that for me (see my saga at the Test Page if you like). I think it may be web browser and/or operating system specific. For me I had to put the YouTube URL between a set of chevroned “code” brackets, in a new paragraph. All the guff in WordPress official instructions about iFrame and prefixing with squared bracket and the word “youtube” in lower case is now apparently obsolete anachronisms. So here is video I wanted to post, from the late John Coleman of KUSI. Fraulein Thunberg should see it, and try to understand she is being duped !

          Many thanks for your pointer, without which I’d maybe never have found the solution.

        • So in these pages, we read many reports, and in the late John Coleman’s video, he mentioned specifically WUWT and his “good friend” Anthony Watts. So its worth seeing this followup brief interview with our Mentor on PBS television at that time.

          It’s thanks to his auspices, that we all can see these many articles in here, and are able to comment, and contribute in our own small way, with information and remarks that the mainstream media would never publish for fear of of offending their political masters !

    • Why are people like this not on the BBC or ITV he was way funnier than what passes for comedy that they put out.

      James Bull

  1. This world is becoming more and more insane by the minute.
    Imagine in an earlier time when a teen-aged drop out with a mental issue exercising influence in world politics!

    • Of course she is utterly delusional,and actually being abused by her own parents, using her as a puppet to voice their own crazy prejudiced views. They are too cowardly to come out from the battlements themselves, but instead use their own disabled daughter as a human shield. Absolutely despicable !

    • “This world is becoming more and more insane by the minute.”

      I think it is infectious, like a disease.

    • Karabar June 10, 2020 at 6:34 pm
      “This world is becoming more and more insane by the minute.
      Imagine in an earlier time when a teen-aged drop out with a mental issue exercising influence in world politics!”

      Well, there was Joan of Arc – Jeanne d’Arc. [OK, not global in those far-off days.]
      She came to a sticky end IIRC
      No sane person would wish that on the delightful Greta. Obviously.


  2. In reply to: Greta’s “to pressure Canada and Norway into ending oil extraction’

    Canada has already spent the oil tax revenue, in advance of getting the oil tax revenue. Canada needs the oil revenue to make payments on debt. When the money runs out, politicians are forced to make choices and this one is easy.

  3. from the 22:

    Dabo Guan/Tsinghua Uni, Beijing; Michael Mann, Hans Joachim Shellnhuber, Will Steffen, Martin Siegert/Grantham/Imperial College, some Woods Holers, etc.

    • They couldn’t get Professor Mickey Mouse from the School of the Blind this time? Shame.

    • Imperial College?

      This would be the same centre of learning that told the world that Everyone Was Going To Die from Wuhan Flu, plunged the western world into economical and mental depression and then basically said, “Opps! Sorry, might need to tweak those figures, but only after I break Lockdown for sex”?

      Yeah, I trust their name brand.

      • Yup

        The same guy who has historically fluffed all his predictions and said there would be 500,000 UK deaths from COVID-19 is now saying if the UK had gone into lockdown one week earlier there would have been half the number of deaths than there have been to date i.e. about 20,000.

        He’s been wrong on every occasion since 2000 and yet governments still listen to him.

        Go figure

  4. That’s almost funny. China is already buying off these small South Pacific Islands, but I suppose the greedy islanders that lived off the Aussies for so long (after protection from same and the USA since WW2) will now gladly take any FF monies from Canada or Norway, or by proxy through the UN itself. And then they will probably vote for Ireland that has no domestic oil production and they don’t have any free money to give away anyway. I suspect Canada will get in, just because PM Justin Trudeau is the most gullible and patronizing of them all. And currently spending like a drunken sailor due to the Wuhan/China virus excuse.

    Norway is divesting itself from Alberta ‘Tar Sands”, while they made their trillions in drilling offshore oil & gas in the North Sea and laying the worlds longest under water oil/gas pipelines in the same North Sea between Norway and the UK. While the Norwegians managed their Sovereign Wealth Funds much better than Canada, (who effectively have none due to Equalization payments stolen to pay Quebec and other lazy Provinces), Norway is still primarily a fossil fuel country, with considerable hydro resources to boot and a low population of only 5 million or so. What a bunch of hypocrites they have all become, while Greta (the Puppet) remains an ignorant teenager, knowing nothing herself of any real climate science. It has all become bizarre, especially anything relating to the UN as we have seen them now become a paid Agent to enable Red China against the World as the WHO has recently confirmed.

      • Kudos for daring to say it.

        That doesn’t mean what happened to him is acceptable. But he is not a hero because he was an unwilling victim of extreme police brutality. He is simply a victim.

  5. Since most island nations are heavily dependent on oil for electricity generation, working against more oil exploration and essentially higher costs is not in their self interest. I would assume that the adult members of these countries governments would understand this better than Ms. Thunderbug.

  6. Dear Greta, Please go back to school and learn something called the scientific method. I’ll give you the simple but accurate version: Predictions, predictions and more predictions. To call something science you HAVE to make predictions (about the future, see Yogi Berra) and they HAVE to happen.

    Please make a list of all the predictions that have lead you to hold the position you do.

    Sincerely, Alberta

  7. So what I want to know is, has somebody monetized Greta’s talent? I hope so. I hope she has a manager, and the manager charges fees and collects royalties for the use of her image. I hope she writes a book and it becomes a best seller.

    Greta is gong to be like Farrah Fawcett-Majors. Fawcett-Majors had a recurring role in an idiotic TV show (Charlie’s Angels) and, for reasons I have never understood, became a major star. Something about her looks and personality appealed to millions of people and, in the year she became famous, she took in 28 million dollars (in the dollars of that time) in endorsements for things like shampoos. Then she had a brief, rather tepid career in the movies and faded from public view. But baby, she made a lot of money when she was hot.

    Greta can’t last much longer, since most of her appeal derives from her youth but, if she’s well-managed, she can really clean up. I hope she does.

    This girl provides a valuable service. She inspires the climate change people, and look at how much fun we’re all having here on WUWT griping about her. I say, she deserves to be paid.

  8. Greta… Greta… I know that name from somewhere.

    Wasn’t she some sort of rich ocean yachting fan girl back in the time before Wuhan Flu became the New Black?

  9. I’m Canadian and I vote the Nazi youth girl out of my country now, along with her handlers.

  10. Useful idiot and nothing more. This will definitely affect her psych as she grows. Already she is becoming more useless to her handlers as the days go by.

  11. “ Cash for badly needed educational facilities and jobs will carry more weight than anything Greta and her friends have to say.”.

    Do you remember the idiot clown we have as canadian PM?
    He’ll fall all over himself to kneel to Greta

    Count on it.

    Norway will use its money because it has money, canada is flat busted broke under this group

  12. I’m done. I will not open any other ‘Greta Thunberg’ articles posted here on WUWT. She is irrelevant, as are the articles.

  13. It tells us more about the media.
    They will worship school delinquents with no knowledge.
    We saw what the media did with covid and he latest episode of vandalism.

      • But nobody else in Canada wants us to have a seat on the security council, just our childish prime minister.

      • Will he wear dark make up and speak in funny accents? I sure hope so. It would be worth the price of admission of Canada to the Security Council.

  14. “Michael Mann adding his support …”.
    Mann Bradley Hughes 1999 — Northern Hemisphere Temperatures During the Past Millennium: Inferences, Uncertainties, and Limitations — doesn’t mention ‘greenhouse gas’ or ’emissions’ etc. and the only references to CO2 are in relation to it as tree fertilization and possible confounding influence on results.
    The ‘hockey stick’ result is so startling compared with the 1990 FAR H H Lamb graph and common knowledge at the time that it is puzzling that no comment or inference as to the cause is mentioned in the abstract or conclusions.
    Of course the IPCC used the graph to great effect in its 2001 report and I seem to remember Mann trying to distance himself from its lurid presentation:
    There was also that curious alleged comment “we have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period” from someone to David Deming in 1995.
    Future historians will be interested as to what stage in life Michael became convinced that fossil fuels were so dangerous to the planet that they must be eliminated from use altogether as soon as possible, if not sooner.
    When was the epiphany, was it when young Michael learned of James Hansen’s 1988 address to Congress or only later when to his amazement he discovered incontrovertible evidence that the twentieth century was anomalously the warm in at least the past 1000 years and that was entirely due to human GHG emissions?

  15. Hmmm, somebody elses picture is getting painted on walls more than The Greta. Girl best be steppin’ up her game she wants some respect.

  16. She should forget about the climate scam and worry more about the immigration problem in sweden, I watched videos of the protests and they were vile, along side the mass rapes of swedish women by non swedes… Sweden is going down the toilet and she is worried about fossil fuels 😐

  17. It Is June eleventh here in Spain and the temperature is 16º Celsius. It is cloudy.

    I cannot imagine how cold is now in Sweden. Ant this child is worried about the planet becoming too hot?

    That is so stupid.

  18. someone might point out that having other sources ensures safe supply(for some) rather than be beholden to mideast consortia and at their mercy re price and supply?
    stupid B*tch embarrasingly ignorant and given airtime..why?

  19. I hope for Greta’s sake that she has a trust fund protecting her money, that way when she becomes aware and emancipates herself from her parents and handlers that she’ll have access to pay for the therapy she will need.

    As for the parents, they are no better than the freaking family vloggers on YouTube exploiting their kids for views.

  20. I see they’ve found some ‘yoof’ from the Marshall islands looking for a bit of limelight, have they had their childhood stolen as well?

    Has anyone told them about the typhoons of 1905 and 1918 that killed an estimated 500 people on those islands during the storms and 100’s more in the months that followed due to starvation and poor medical support.
    CO² PPM around 300.

    Can you imagine the headlines if this was to happen today.

    Go check out early satellite images (google earth) of Majuro Atoll or any of the Marshall islands, or even older WW2 aerial photos and compare with images of today, and apart from some unwise increases in urban development, and the odd movement of sand, there really is no change at all.

    Typhoons, and severe tropical storms are part of life in that neck of the woods, and it has always been that way.

    You really think stopping Norway getting a seat on the UN is going to prevent that?

  21. Greta’s controllers are poorly informed about Canada.
    The federal government with Quebec have essentially shut down Canada’s oil and gas industry.
    Which passionate insanity,

    • They aren’t necessarily poorly informed about Canada, I suspect they are very well informed, not only about Canada but also about the truth of the global warming scam. But they have a political agenda, and will use any and all misinformation to achieve it.

  22. And on the subject of Antifa (redux)…

    A bunch of white kids, in love with violence who want to intimidate their political enemies and seize power through window-smashing and running street battles with police? Hmm, sounds familiar…

  23. Sorry Eric, but for those of us who care accuracy, should not the headline over this article say:

    Greta Thunberg’s DAD Demands Canada and Norway Stop Expanding Fossil Fuel Extraction

  24. Do you know Spiteful Mutant theory by Michael Woodley (popularized by Edward Dutton)? Does Greta fits in this category?

  25. So she wants to live in a world without heat, light, modern clothes and medicines.
    Sounds fun NOT.
    She can try it if she wants but I’ll pass keep all the wonders of modern life provided by fosil fuels and their derivatives.

    James Bull

  26. What an expression of hate on Thunberg’s face in the picture at the beginning of this article.
    On another tack, some of these ‘Small Islands’ have discovered their dependence on the tourist industry, & may be less hostile to fossil fuels (which power aircraft which bring in the tourists) than St. Greta would expect.

    • Not yet it isn’t. 😉

      Seriously though – my heart really does go out to any sane people still left in the USA.

  27. Urederra, June 1st, 2 stations in Sweden, southern Norrland REPORTED 30 C for some nanoseconds probably…
    The SVT state television meteorologists think 30 C in south of Spain in mid June is “warm” , just like the BBC ones… Frosts some place(s) in Sweden 8 out of 12 June nights, in a “normal-warm” period… One of these nights
    the temperature was taken by “Vägverket” probably not SMHI 4-5 days ago SMHI forecast for Stockholm county
    “around +10” as minimum nightly temperature…IN REALITY +1 to +3 In the inner city of Stockholm the forecast wasn´t that bad…BUT: DEFUND SMHI or at least REFUND it… Some auditing is needed for sure….

  28. Imagine the Unlucky person that marries or hooks up with her?
    Maybe we should start a Fund-Their-Exit website.

  29. I liked the Photoshopped skit of Greta with a speech bubble : “Bugger climate change! I’ve found a boyfriend!”
    Might do her some good, at that!

  30. Greta is being totally unreasonable. How does she expect Norway to achieve the EV nirvana of a 100% EV fleet if they don’t export oil to earn the money to pay for this unquestionably worthy aim? Can’t she see the benefit to a country of significantly cutting it’s CO2 emissions by exporting oil and having someone else produce those CO2 emissions instead? If every oil producing country followed Norway’s example, which Greta with her noted influence should actually be encouraging, then total global CO2 production would be lowered signifi… bu​gger!

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