Monday Mirthiness – the Greta mural in SFO causes “climate change”

From the DailyWire:

Giant, Climate-Killing Mural Of Greta Thunberg Now Graces Downtown San Francisco

A massive mural of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is going up on a building in downtown San Francisco in an effort to force citizens of the Bay Area to think critically about their contribution to global climate change.

“I think It’s a very important mission to try to awake some citizens that they are wasting a lot of energy and resources for no reason, and I think it’s very important to try to help in a way,” he told TIME magazine. “People need to know about these things.”

“I usually don’t paint political stuff, because it kind of gives you people who will love it and people who will hate it,” Cobre added. “But this one I think was really important.”

If Cobre truly intended to “help” the cause of battling climate change, though, he might have jettisoned his preferred medium, aerosol spray paint. The 60-by-30 mural is expected to require hundreds of the climate-killing color to complete. is supplying the paint, and would only admit to the artist using around 133 cans, which they say Cobre plans to repurpose into a sculpture to prevent the highly toxic items from ending up in a landfill. But The Blaze reports that a similar, smaller mural by the same artist took more than 500 cans to complete. The Thunberg mural will likely take closer to 700 cans to finish.

Just think of all the propellant CFC’s released, which we are told have tremendous GHG potentials as much as 7000 times that of CO2 and contributes to Ozone layer loss. Oh, the ironing!

Meanwhile, parodies of the mural are emerging.

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    • Hey, she could replace Tony the Tiger in Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes commercials. She’s ggrrrrrrRREAT!

  1. The promotion of St. Greta continues without shame. The poor kid now probably thinks she is a global player in the climate wars. I even have a few friends and acquaintances sending me quotes of her sayings. I am not sure if they are being coy and facetious with me, or whether they actually believe it. She is being made into a folk hero, without having actually done much about anything except rallying the kids to skip school every Friday. I would have agreed with that policy too when I was a kid.

    I feel a bit sorry for her as she doesn’t have the full understanding of science to actually make an informed decision about the complexity of AGW or even just plain old climate variation. I can only hope she actually takes up climate science as her calling in life and discovers that the path she was taken on by her handlers and parents was a political one and not a scientific one. If she really wishes us to listen to the science, then I suggest that she also listen to the science and explain why there are thousands of scientists including a lot of climate scientists that say the science is being misrepresented by a handful of high profile scientists and political spin masters like Al Gore or Micheal Mann. So far, there is little evidence in the weather or the 30 year climate trend that humans are causing much climate disruption, as compared to natural climate variation.

  2. How was that paint made and how much energy did it take?

    What petroleum products are in it plus the solvents to clean the rollers/brushes?

    How much fuel did it take to transport it from the factory to the vendor and then to the site?

    Did the artist eat cheeseburgers and fries?

    Will San Gran ban heavy equipment when the next quake hits?

    Give me some Benjamin Moore (I’ll provide the climbing gear) and touch it up!

    • She is the little annoying sister always under your feet, always nagging and whining. All you want to is “drop kick” her out on the street! Problem is mum is watching your every move.

  3. 😐 This has to be the stupidest thing I’ve seen this week.. Think of the hard working citizens who have to see her vile face everyday 😢

    Ive been saying it a lot and will continue to say that, we need factual speaking scientists to break in to the main news media stage, if vile greta and Mr broccoli can get such publicity then we can as well.. Why can’t we protest or ask to be on television? Ask, ask and keep on asking until we are heard…

    • The scientists have been cowed into silence on their campuses by the PC Gestapo. Only few, like Cliff Mass with tenure and grants, even dare to oppose the climate alarmist rhetoric. When they do they get reprisals from their department chairs and Deans worried about funding and attacks from the Lunatic Left enforcers. Who wants their offices stormed by those nuts? Padlocking themselves to your office furniture in sit-ins. Disrupting your classes with protests? Instead of standing-up to the bullies, the Left-leaning professors cowered and caved-in.

      And it is not just climate related. Dr Jordan Peterson at University of Ottawa became a focal point of the Left’s ire when he refused to bow down before Trudeau’s LGBTQ speech police. That has only backfired on them by raising public awareness of the suppression of free speech movement that is on-going across all of North American campuses.

      • Joel O’bryan

        That’s what shocks me, that universities, colleges even schools are falling for the climate scam, even though it threatens to destroy their own nations economies and way of life…

        • People in general aren’t very intelligent in a crowd or as a collective. These particular people relied too heavily on state sponsored “education” and never learned critical thinking skills, thus are prone to groupthink and fall for charismatic figures who they perceive as authoritative, i.e Bill Nye. This is a recipe for classic cult behavior.

      • It’s not that left-leaning professors cowered and caved-in, Joel. It’s that left-leaning professors instigated, encouraged, supported and sometimes joined in.

        Those left-leaning professors are the cause of it all.

        They teach political lies to the students, who believe what they are told and are made angry by it.

        And the left leaning university administrators, provosts, presidents are the enablers of it all, with their vice-presidents of equity, diversity, and inclusion, their safe-spaces, their obeisance to social construction, their canonization of critical theory, their abandonment of objective knowledge, and their effective collusion with faculty who systematically violate the university tenure agreement.

        • Pat,

          Yes some do, and did actively support it. No sympathy for them from me.
          But I believe most, although “Left leaning”, are now also horrified at what has happened by their silence. They know there is a middle ground – which is now a No Man’s Land. They probably thought it would just “pass.” They are realizing the Left eats it own eventually when there is no Free Speech – No academic freedom.
          And they do not know how to respond.

    • Her folks probably arranged it. She’s not really catching fire here in the States.

      Last Friday, Greta held one of her Friday student strikes in Charlotte NC and only drew 1,200, and that number might be an exaggeration in the reporting by the Charlotte Observer.

      Nothing like paying for a little “grass roots’ tribute to yourself to raise your profile.

  4. I wouldn’t think anyone in San Francisco would ever look up to see the mural what with their being too preoccupied with looking down to make sure they don’t step in poo or homeless people sleeping it off.

  5. When someone suggested to show that Greta had the moral high ground this artist obviously misread this as the mural high ground. Why else would anyone would think such a foreboding painting is appropriate.

    • The purpose of good art is not to entertain, but to encourage deeper analysis of physical reality. This is simply an Impressionism artistic style.

      Impressionism: a style or movement in painting originating in France in the 1860s, characterized by a concern with depicting the visual impression of the moment, especially in terms of the shifting effect of light and color. Thus a literary or artistic style that seeks to capture a feeling or experience rather than to achieve accurate depiction.

      • Hopefully it’ll stay there for decades and date as well as bell bottom slacks. It’ll be a monument to the age of stupid.

      • And I am to rely on an uneducated artist to give me a “… deeper analysis of physical reality.” to supplant my educated observations? Screw off!

        • Yes!
          Realize the Left is all about supplanting reality with feelings.
          Feelings from emotion supplant evidence. Emotions supplant observation.
          The emotions of Climate Change supplants science.
          The Brave New World.

  6. Greta is throw-back to that time about 100 years ago in St Petersburg, Russia. She would’ve been a very good Trotskyite – an advocate for anti-capitalist Permanent Revolution. Her scolding remarks of “How dare you!” oozes with anti-capitalism rhetoric.

    In that way she is a part of Trotsky’s anti-capitalist movement to this day – visible mouthpiece being exploited by anti-capitalist movements in Europe and taking hold in the US, mostly in the Democratic Party (see “entryism” below). Trotsky’s Fourth International (FI) movement largely died in Europe under attack by Capitalists and by Stalin’s Soviet secret police attacks during and immediately after WW2. Trotsky was murdered by a Soviet NKVD agent under orders from Stalin. But FI still lives in Latin America and in places in Europe. It now seems that Globalist movement, the anti-capitalist movement of the UN’s Agenda 21, has been taken over or deeply inflitrated by FI advocates.

    The FI-Trotsky movement, realized it could not create its own independent movement and compete with larger established socialist leaning organizations (US Democratic Party for example). So it has largely adopted a tactic of entryism.

    “Entryism is a political strategy in which an organisation or state encourages its members or supporters to join another, usually larger, organisation in an attempt to expand influence and expand their ideas and program. In situations where the organization being ‘entered’ is hostile to entrism, the entrists may engage in a degree of subterfuge and subversion to hide the fact that they are an organisation in their own right.”

    This what is happening to US Democrat’s today – entryism by anti-capitalist Trotskyites (that is Permanent Revolutionaries pushing a worker’s party the Bernie-Warren wing vs the Clinton-Biden wing). The “anti-capitalist” movement now is so strong within the US Democrat Party that they are effectively at war with each other for control of their party. We saw Nancy Pelosi genuflect to this reality when she put Greta on the House Floor to speak. A Greta could very well be the next Trotsky in a repeat of history, this time in the West instead of Russia.

    • Propaganda – pushing the need to be a part of something.
      Cultism. Belonging. Empty lives looking for something of meaning.

      Those are powerful forces that users have always exploited for probably 10K+ years.

  7. Hilarious to see all the weird twists and turns the believers take to get the word out. BTW I just cleared 6 inches of global warming off my driveway here in Rochester Michigan, way too early for snow now, Greta just won’t know what snow is.

    • ”I just cleared 6 inches of global warming off my driveway here in Rochester Michigan, way too early for snow now”

      Climate change.

    • The scariest thing is the nazi-culture that has taken over the global warming cult.
      Not too long ago this kind of murals (or posters then) was completely normal:

      Mods, if you think this goes way too far, please delete. Readers, if this offends you, I’m very sorry.
      But we’re getting the Climate-Jugend now. I can hardly see it any different. History repeats itself.

  8. Somebody put a MAGA hat on that mural of Greta and tweeted it out!
    A vast improvement over the original, especially since it had a HUGE impact on the climate by “melting” so many “snowfkakes”!!

    They were livid!

  9. I can’t help but wonder if, when Canada and much of US was covered with thousands of feet thick ice (The Laurentide Ice Sheet), these same people would have tried to stop that period of Climate Change (“OH NO, It’s Melting”).
    Of course they could not stop the melting of that ice sheet; and it was Mother Nature that indeed melted it. We are now simply in another period of Climate Change driven entirely by “Mother Nature”, and we no more have the ability to alter this period (or any future period) of climate change than we would have had to stop the melting of the Laurentide Ice Sheet.
    Jobs are available for folks that spend all their time protesting. There are lots of people that need help; maybe get a job and help the homeless get off the streets; do something achievable and worthwhile.

  10. So many people I have spoken to in Scandinavia have a very positive view on Greta. They say something like this: “Oh Greta, yes she behaved a bit stupid at the UN assembly, but in the end she is right about what she is saying; we have to do more for the climate.”

    Really scary, the sheeple story repeat itself:
    Way back in 1972, I met my parents in West Berlin. We went through Checkpoint Charlie into East Berlin. There were very few people there, it was a ghost town and the only well dressed people we saw were four soldiers parading in front of the National Museum. The occasional tram passing through the big square, Unter Den Linden, were all empty apart from the female driver. During my conversation with a woman from the museum staff, I was made to understand that she was sort of okay with her family’s and her own life, but was curious how life was in West Berlin. After telling her that there were too many cars and noise and anything I could portray as bad, she smiled and fell relieved.

    Comparing the the Greta climate at al behavior with the East Berlin story, it occurs to me that a great majority of the population fall nicely into line with the leaders of the pack, with good faith; that what sounds right, must be right. – If the flock falls like lemmings into poverty and no way out, so be it.

    • She needs to spend a month in Monrovia Liberia traveling the slums to see what energy poverty means. Makes the favelas of Rio de J look like gentrified US suburbs.

    • There is the huge Pacific ocean in between: weeks of risky sailing. What is wrong with nearby Central America? On horse/donkey back to the slums in El Salvador, Honduras or Venezuela would make much more Dark Green “sense”.

  11. Great Greta,it sort of rolls off the tongue
    Great Greta Priestess of Gaia ..
    Greeting from Greta?
    The new official religion of our progressive(Statist) comrades is pathetic.
    This is the best they can do?

    Although Greta is the perfect face for a bunch of humorless scolds,nags and nitwits.
    This is still child abuse,because although she is 16 or so,she is not mentally competent to function as an adult…
    Does this make her a natural for a Can-Ahh-Duh member of Parliament?
    Or is it an in as a American Demon?
    Enquiring minds might want to know.

  12. It needs a caption and/or one of those balloon dialog things.

    A caption:
    I’m stuck to this wall and I can’t get off!”
    I saw that squat!

    In a balloon:
    “Don’t blame me! My Dad does all my makeup.”

  13. It’s like a mural from 1984 with big brother looking down at you….except with pig tails. Where is that old Apple commercial with the hammer?

  14. She is also trying to get Facebook and twitter to shutdown “denialist” posts on her feeds. Welcome to the real world of public facing politics. I said you were not prepared for this “fame”, or should that be infamy, and you prove it every day.

  15. The incredible goofiness of the climate movement for all to see and yet this thing just keeps chugging on as if by magic, getting goofier and goofier as it goes.

  16. These Swedes are worrying about climate change? They should be more worried about the destruction of their culture and country from within. Native born Swedes are no longer “welcome” in Sweden. One the other hand, if you are an asylum seeker you are more Swedish than Swedes. It’s true. The country is being destroyed from within by the elites and politicians. Thousands of migrants arriving every day with no work to do or housing to live in, so they end up begging on the streets. There are many societal issues that I won’t go in to now.

    Greta, and handlers, knows best.

  17. The last time children were used to “save the world” was the Children’s Crusade in, as I recall, 1212 or thereabouts. Sponsored by Pope Pedophile the umpteenth, it didn’t work out to well.
    Most of the children were given ‘free’ passage to the Holy Land where they were sold into slavery… those that didn’t drown in shipwrecks that is.
    Looks like history may be reapeating itself. Go for it Greta!

    • This whole thing is quite medieval. We have saints : Greta, Algore , Suzuki , etc. A Children’s Crusade. The sale of indulgences to absolve sins (“offsetting carbon credits”). The elites making money while living extremely hypocritically. The suppression of science. Heretics who are vilified for not following orthodoxy (but not burned at the stake though. Yet). The chanting of incantations to save one from harm (the ubiquitous practice in scientific papers of the writers affirming “climate change” as the cause of all ills. So that their funding is renewed.) And, the promise of a return to a mythical Eden (“pre-industrial temperatures”) if we renounce evil (“CO2”).

  18. Here’s what that mural looks like when viewed through certain sunglasses.


    Don’t CONSUME.


    Don’t marry and multiply!


    Don’t Question Authority!

  19. “Cobre plans to repurpose into a sculpture to prevent the highly toxic items from ending up in a landfill.”

    — That just sounds like landfill with extra steps.

  20. It bemuses me that so many Lefties want to publicly declare that Nordic Thanos is the new Jeanne d’Arc.

    Perhaps if they did more than 4 days a week of schooling they might release that Jeanne (or Joan for the more Anglo among us) was burnt at the stake once her previous supporters found it more useful to start avoiding her like the plague.

    She stopped being useful, so they arranged for her carbon to be released back into the atmosphere.

    Part of me wants to believe the Lefties are subtly warning Greta not to get ideas above her station, and that what they create they can also destroy, but… Lefties. They not that smart.

  21. Anthony and Dr. Happer should bring mirrored lenses with them to Madrid!

    If the greta turns her scarifying glare upon them, they can reflect it back at her.

  22. Just think of all the propellant CFC’s released, which we are told have tremendous GHG potentials as much as 7000 times that of CO2 and contributes to Ozone layer loss.

    Just to be clear, CFCs have been banned. They’re no longer used for aerosol can propellant. The Daily Wire article doesn’t include this statement (has it been edited?).

    • Yes and no.

      CFC’s for the use as aerosol propellants have been banned since 1978 in the US (so unlikely that any were used in this mural). But they are still in use as refrigerants, and other industrial uses. complete phaseout will happen sometime between 2020-2030 (for example, they were widely in use for asthma inhalers up until 2009, with the last two types of CFC inhalers having been phased out in 2013 – a mere six years ago).

  23. The best response to this mural is not to deface or remove it. The best response would be to reproduce it on as many buildings, bus shelters, billboards, etc. As possible. What better tribute to this artwork than to copy it everywhere!

    /Not even sarcasm.

  24. I wonder if Greta is in hurry to get back to Sweden given its had its earliest Autumn in decades and some of the earliest snow in years whilst she has been away? At least one ski resort is opening this week, weeks earlier than last year.

    The only climate-related emergency there at the moment is cold.

  25. The Dystopian World of 1984 Explained

    These 15min are so much an explanation of Climate Change, Saint Greta, MSM and the political disorder, the riots and everything in between. For those who have never read George Orwell’s last book from 1949 or did not understand it fully, this video is worth using 15min on and then turn to WUWT or the sites it links to, to put Climate Change in relation to INGSOC

  26. reckon anyone across the way with a window could get rich quick offering paintball shots at greta:-))

    hell Id pay to do that if I lived there.

    faster would just be carefully pouring some ecofriendly canned paint down the wall from above

  27. Humour, sarcasm and satire are the strongest weapons against this ridiculous and irrational church of climatology. You can’t reach these people with facts. They have built their identity around this ideology and will smite you if you dare scratch it. However, with subtle, smart humour, you might be able to convince some of these corporate marketing victims to think for themselves.

    • I think that’s right.

      Plus they are dealing with short attention span, low information audiences so they will run but they can’t easily hide from satire stuck to them.

  28. A couple of notes about the TV broadcast about the mural. First of all, the nitwit reporter tries to be clever about the portraits’ “Mona Lisa smile”. Double Ugh. She really isn’t smiling in the portrait. She looks a little severe and disapproving.

    Secondly, there is a great shot of the artist at work wearing a HUGE respirator. What ever propellant is in those cans, he doesn’t want to inhale the toxic paint. So environmentally sound it could cause cancer.

  29. I’ve got it now. The Colossus of San Francisco.

    from Wiki…

    Jeremy Spensser (Ross Martin), the brilliant young son of a New York family of scientists and humanitarians, is killed when hit by a truck as he chases his son’s toy airplane. His death occurs on the eve of his winning the “International Peace Prize”, and he leaves behind a wife (Mala Powers) and young son (Charles Herbert).

    Jeremy’s father, noted brain surgeon William Spensser (Otto Kruger), is distressed that his son’s gifts will be denied to mankind. He conceives a plan to give Jeremy’s excellent mind another chance to benefit humanity by transplanting the brain (which he has revived and kept on life support) into an artificial, robotic body. William convinces Jeremy’s brother, Henry, an expert in automation, to assist with the process in secret.

    Because of its horrific appearance, the huge colossus (Ed Wolff) they’ve created is kept in seclusion for nearly a year, secretly continuing Jeremy’s work on new food sources. However, deprived of normal human contact and possibly of its “soul”, Jeremy’s mind slowly begins to lose its humanity. He kills his brother, who has fallen in love with Jeremy’s wife, and then speaks to his father of the futility of providing food for “the slum people of the world”, when it’s “simpler and wiser to get rid of them”. As Jeremy’s mind loses control of his mechanical body, other unexplained powers suddenly emerge from the strictly mechanical body, including mind control of humans and a death ray emanating from both its eyes.

    Finally, Jeremy’s out-of-control body goes on a rampage in the United Nations building, killing several people. Only when Jeremy’s young son confronts the cyborg is Jeremy able to restore his self-control just long enough to tell the boy how to switch off and destroy the body of the “colossus”.

  30. Look up fetal alcohol syndrome and feel sorry for the poor child,she is being abused by people, including her parents,who should be ashamed of themselves. Truly evil.

  31. Apparently the building is owned by a Republican. It is understood that he far from impressed with said mural being painted on his building. Now this should be interesting.

  32. Aerosol cans use dimethyl ether now, not CFCs, and have done for years. DME (CH3-O-CH3 ) has zero effect on the ozone layer, and quickly breaks down in the atmosphere, so no greenhouse effect.

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