Climate Messiah Greta Thunberg “Stares Down” President Trump

Greta Thunberg “Staring Down” President Trump. Source Australian ABC

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Read the description, then watch the video clip.

Greta Thunberg joins climate change activists filing complaint at UN summit against carbon-polluting countries

By Claire Knox, wires

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has captured the world’s attention in a fierce and passionate speech at the United Nations headquarters, accusing world leaders of failing to act on climate change.

The Swedish campaigner’s brief address electrified the start of the Climate Action Summit in New York.

More than 50 global leaders — with the exception of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and US President Donald Trump — were set to take part in the summit by announcing climate finance measures and transitioning from coal power.

Mr Trump dropped in briefly and listened to one of the speakers. Ms Thunberg stared down the US President when the two crossed paths.

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I’ve got to admit I’m a little disappointed.

I was expecting to see some great staring contest between Greta and the President, tension crackling in the air, one of them finally dropping their gaze, but watching the video I’m not sure President Trump even knew she was there.

I always understood a “stare down” to mean something which involves both parties.

Maybe one of the President’s secret service tipped him off, “don’t look now, it’s that kid…”.

Update (EW): h/t Breitbart President Trump has complimented Greta on her happy face;

138 thoughts on “Climate Messiah Greta Thunberg “Stares Down” President Trump

        • David “Camera” Hogg, the latest victim of being made a celebrity and then discarded as soon as no longer useful!

        • never heard of him either. I guess he must be in the dustbin of history.

          I an impetuous, frumpy, OCD suffering child as the figure head of the AGW movement is a perfect choice.

          The whole movement is a case of collective OCD with no interest in fact, science or debate.

          • She just reminds me of The Midwhich Cuckoos” from the film Village of the Damned.
            Not so much mind controlling as mind controlled though.

            James Bull

    • Maybe she was only staring because he was obscured by everyone’s CO2 exhalations and she wasn’t sure who it was. 🙄

      • Pop,

        The funny thing there is that this kind of line:

        ““Climate crisis “witness” Greta Thunberg “Stares Down” the UN, and in the same time
        accuses the UN for it’s lies and failure to discharge the duty in the accordance of it’s charter, with a clear warning of the consequences bound to follow.”

        Could be quite closer to what happened….! 🙂

        Oh well, again…


    • It’s said that Abigail Williams who fingered the 20 people hanged as a result of the Salem witch trials disappeared from the historical record. Some say she became a prostitute.

    • Hopefully she will take the whole AGW scam with her.

      I think the AGW brass have made a big mistake using the girl as a front.

      • Yes, perhaps when she’s grown up, someone will challenge her on her insane beliefs without the fear of looking bad by making a child cry. Her inability to defend her position will reflect well on the cause.

      • Time will tell, but just think, she’s going to be very disappointed when the world doesn’t end in 11 years.

        • No, it’s 8.5 now. She will get to drive a car in 2 years and only be able to drive for 6 more before the world ends (Carbon budget is exhausted. Where have we heard that phrase before recently?).

          • In the US kids can drive at 16.
            14 on farms.
            She will be 17 on January 3rd.
            I can remember well being that age.
            No one I knew would take it well to be called a child.
            The girls I knew who were my age were every inch of a woman.
            None, zero, looked like young children.
            They would tell anyone calling them children where they could go, many using language that would make a sailor blush.

          • My assessment is based on behavior, not age. I’ve also seen much older people behave like children who need to grow up. For example, most of the swamp creatures in Washington, who are still dominated by hires made by those appointed during the Obama administration.

          • Sweden is 18, and I guess there might be a reason for that. Anyone below the legal age of “adult” is considered a minor (Child) in the eyes of the law, regardless of how “adult” they think they are.

    • Fortunately for Greta’s place in history, it will all be over in 12 years. Nobody left to read about her.

      Her controllers don’t have a plan that would fix the climate even if they had their way. They had their way in Germany for 2 decades…they made almost no progress at great cost. Their stated goals and their plans are out of synch by at least two orders of magnitude. Their stated goals are not their real goals.

      Nothing short of a massive nuclear power build and World War III to force Asia into compliance will achieve their stated emission requirements.

      • No progress?

        Why, there are plenty of new Millionaires in Germany.

        And speaking the truth is taboo.

        I wouldn’t say “no progress.” Oh, no. There’s been plenty of progress. And exactly the kind of progress they wanted.

    • Greta is a puppet and should not be given any more attention than such. Who the heck cares how intensely she can stare at Trump? That is not how the world works, particularly the real physical world of climate and its factors. She is simply a focused protestor who has been inserted at very high levels to present an ad hominem appeal to adults with much higher intellect. Only those who find her position politically advantageous will pretend that she has a case.

    • No, I suspect she will be relegated to infamy along with Aimee Semple McPherson and the ilk.
      Much worse to have been the reason your name is sniggered at.
      Grumpy Gretta

    • I’d bet she ends up in the loony bin. There she can receive regular electroshock therapy. High voltage electricity from solar and wind only of course

  1. It’s all a bit weird, this adulation of a teenage girl.

    She has no insight into the sensitivity of the climate to GHG emissions.
    She has no insight into the impact of climate change adaptation policies on the poor.
    She has no insight into the effectiveness of adaptation policies as a by-product of routine infrastructure maintenance.

    But the media loves young, blonde girls. Very young.
    It’s all a bit weird.

  2. Greta 😐 of all the co2 children they could find it had to be her! The child who does not go to School, yet is 100% sure that the u.n and ipcc is right, even though not one of the models has had a right prediction.. According to al gore we should have all been under water by 1990@ish, so greta shouldn’t have been born…. If I could humbly ask, can somebody look in to the family’s finances, I am curious where they are getting their money from, and how much they have made since greta became a co2 seeing puppet?! Many thanks

  3. Greta Thunberg will, likely, be compared to Joan of Arc at some point, if she hasn’t already. Hopefully, she does NOT suffer the same fate once she’s outlived her usefulness to the High Priests of the Church of Climate Change Cataclysm.



  4. How low can you go? Low enough to employ children as your spokes people. This seems to be the new weapon of the Left …. climate, guns, vaccinations, immigration, race. This, along with all their other SJW memes, will come back to bite them.

    • Mark. I thought it was bad enough to scare children but to use children to scare children is a new low.

    • They went lower, they employed a mentally ill child as their spokesperson.

      I do pity Greta, she should not be where she is, she is a mentally ill child and all those who took part in foisting her upon that pedestal are child abusers. She does, however, scare me. You can see that she is driven by deep resentment, even hatred. This is what they are using her for, to foster resentment and hatred. The totalitarian left is driven by resentment, they want to make kulaks of us all.

        • You are technically correct. It is a developmental disorder.

          Doesn’t really change anything, though. She has mental problems.

          • Tony Atwood confirms that people with Aspergers can also have emotional and behavioral difficulties as a result of the struggles they face with Aspergers. These mixes can result in children and adults being quite gullible. Caution is required to keep them from becoming so focused on an interest that they no longer have realistic thoughts about those interests. So yes, mental illness can co-occur with Aspergers and is most likely because of the struggles of having Aspergers, not a feature of Aspergers itself.

      • The life of a leftist is a long chain of hate and resentment.

        I share some of their resentment and distrust towards the unaccountable, and unelected ultrawealthy using their wealth to gain illegitimate power…and using it to influence government policy. But the average leftist foolishly believes these purveyors of illegitimate power are evil Capitalists. They are not. Today, they are almost all Socialists leaning Crony Capitalists…who envision a New World Socialist Order with them securely ensconced in the ruling class.

        Our US Constitution was constructed as a shield against excessive government power. It does not protect us from the illegitimate power of the ultrawealthy. That was left to us through the legislature or through extra-legal actions “by the people”.

        The domination by the left in Academia, Entrenched Government, Education, Media, Entertainment, Commerce, Big Data, and even some Religions now did not happen organically…it was not the result of a natural evolution of culture. It was directed by social theorists’ influences on the intelligentsia in Academia. Their stated goal is a Centralized International Socialist Governing body that supersedes Nations. Aka Globalism.

        The EU is one embodiment of this vision of an unaccountable central authority.

        This Climate Crisis is this “Illegitimate Party’s” current “best laid plan”…working in association with the Democrat Party. The plan is “in full swing” now…but it’s not really working that well in the US. They have gotten lots of the “easily led” to say the “right things” to pollsters, but most of the US population is not persuaded enough to pay a lot higher energy bills or to pay higher taxes.

        The Climate push has been accelerated recently…possibly due in part because the North Atlantic has turned cooler by a good bit. This has led to lower global cooling in the past.

  5. My take of her reaction was that she initially thought
    He was going to stop and say hello to her but didn’t and it made her mad.

    • It would have been funny if he’d gone up to her, pinched her cheek, patted her on the head and walked away muttering “kids say the darndest things”.

      But, I think by ignoring her, he handled it in the best way possible. She is a child, throwing a tantrum (a very amplified tantrum), and should be ignored by the adults in the room.

      • If he’d done that, tomorrow’s headlines would have been full of complaints that Trump was sexually assaulting children.

        • He’s a sleeze ball who sleeps with porn stars when his wife has just given birth….but I don’t think he is a cardinal Pell.

          • Hahaha, and her lawyer is up on 36 counts of fraud, perjury, failure to pay taxes, embezzlement and other financial crimes and he lost both of her lawsuits, and she now owes the president nearly $300,000 in legal fees.

            Honestly, you can’t make this s**t up.

          • Pell sleeps with children who cannot oppose. At least Trump slept with consenting adults! You have no idea about the sexual assaults by Pell and the likes in the Catholic Church. If you have a couple of hours I can enlighten you…but you won’t listen. Trump (With consenting adults = bad). Pell (With innocent children = good).

          • Patrick MJD
            Wooow….. Hold that horse. I am not comparing them at all. Trump is a saint compared to Pell. Pell is the worst of the wort. But I will ever understand how the Christian right have embraced such an obvious sinner as Trump. Except when he blasphemes. That seems to be there line in the sand. He can fornicate, lie, rip people off (Trump university), but when he drops the odd G#d Damn… the garlick comes out.
            BruceC… so he sleeps with porn stars (there were two) one of which has a dodgy lawyer. Well she was not the only one…. remember Michael Cohen. Unless you think Cohen was telling the truth about Donald. Honestly, you can’t make this s**t up

          • The right in the US elected a strong leader to get tough and hardnosed with leftists.
            We did not elect a president to act as national school marm, spiritual leader, or holier-than-thou moralizing scold.
            We get plenty of that from the gallingly hypocritical leftists, who are simultaneously busily engaged in deconstructing the moral compass of civilization, and attempting to normalize every sort of aberrant behavior ever invented.

          • Thank you for so forcefully stuffing the hypocrisy back where it belongs. The double standard is evident to any unbiased observer with an IQ above room temperature. The list of PERVERTS and PEDOPHILES in the Democratic Party is quite long, and virtually NONE of them have ever been held to account. What a shame that the Geldings On Prozac in Congress are such doormats and Quislings, allowing the enemy to launch sustained attacks on the President and NEVER coming to his support…with a few exceptions in the House.

            Remember When Democrats Tried Several Times To Impeach Obama for multiple crimes?…nope, neither do I…hypocrisy on STEROIDS!!

          • Trump really brings out the hate in liberals.
            Not that it takes all that much to bring out the hate in liberals.

  6. Send her to Lawrence, Ma or some places in Detroit or NYC and tell them about the evils of Opioids. I bet a million her parents wouldn’t let her.

    • john: Here’s how I win a cool mill. I tell her parents that a study showed opioid crisis in those cities and others are caused by AGW, and it’s settled. Think they’ll check? I think they’ll schedule a tour.

  7. She’s got all the attributes of a good climate activist.

    From Wikipedia: “Pursuit of specific and narrow areas of interest is one of the most striking among possible features of AS. Individuals with AS may collect volumes of detailed information on a relatively narrow topic such as weather data or star names without necessarily having a genuine understanding of the broader topic.”

    And, “a person with AS may engage in a one-sided, long-winded speech about a favorite topic, while misunderstanding or not recognizing the listener’s feelings or reactions, such as a wish to change the topic of talk or end the interaction.”

  8. “Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has captured the world’s attention …”

    When this writer, Claire Knox, says, “has captured the world’s attention” what she means is the mass media of Trump haters-echo chamber of her fellow ignorant Leftists who have been brainwashed like her.

    Greta doesn’t look like she has captured Trump’s attention, and certainly not mine either. Adults, especially mothers, understand that 16 yo girls can be pretty emotionally unbalanced. Greta is likely unbalanced by the manipulation she’s been subjected to.

    Maybe someone should get her a Snicker’s candy bar?

  9. It is now a meme circulating as a “death stare”. Perhaps since she can “see carbon dioxide” she absorbs the toxic power and then emits it as a vaporizing ray?

  10. Anybody that cares what a 16 year old thinks about a complex issue like CAGW (aka Climate Change), is a fool. Did they ask her about her favorite Pokemon too?

  11. she was expecting to be the center of attention…..when Trump walked in ..all the reporters ran away from her and too Trump…at first she didn’t understand what happened…then she saw Trump

    Trump rained on her parade….

  12. Stare?

    All I saw was Trump walking past some people in the background as if they didn’t exist. And they don’t really … outside the media exposure. Nobody cares. Especially anyone who has already BEEN 16 years old, and remembers how completely full of themselves and full of … _ _ it they were at that age.

    Best the little tyke remain in school (not a propaganda factory) and learn about how the REAL world works. She’s becoming more insufferable than those high school shooting kid campaigners for an end to all guns.

    • All schools in Sweden are propaganda factories nowadays, and school results, in contrast to arctic ice, are really in a death spiral.

  13. Should we not be ashamed that even in the 21st century many people of the poor countries do not have even a square meal a day and do not have safe drinking water?

    How dare the civilized society to watch so many young teenage girls disappear everyday from their family in poor countries and are used as sex trafficking? Do not Greta feel for those same-aged girls?  

    How dare we allow drugs to ruin the youth of so many promising lives? What measures are taken by civil societies to ban and demolish drug abuse? Did Greta ever feel for those affected people and family and said a single word?

    How dare we watch war lacerated countries for so long where countless deaths of innocent people and children take place everyday. Does Greta have a single tear to shed for those in the media?

    • +many, Mark.

      Those are important issues. No-one has died from ‘Climate Change’. No-one has overdosed on opioids due to ‘Climate Change’. No-one has had their village shelled to rubble by ‘Climate Change’. No-one has beev sold into underage sex slavery due to ‘Climate Change’. There are some real problems to solve.

      As for “Climate Change” aka ‘Global Warming’, at most I’m going to have to hem up my trousers maybe a centimeter or two towards the end of my life to deal with “catastrophic sea level rise”, assuming I’m too stupid to keep back from the ocean a few extra feet as I walk along the beach.

      I for one would welcome another degree or two of Global Warming. It sure beats the heck out of the alternative.

      Good post, Mark.

    • The second these people turn a moment of their attention to real problems with actual solutions, even their leftist media adoring throng will yawn and change the channel on them.

  14. I trust that comments will be restricted to a discussion of the facts as presented by Ms Thunberg.

    There is no need to make any personal comments about her at all. She is clearly, at that age, unable to ingest the topics which she mentions, having barely any education in the sciences. Clearly someone else is pushing upon her these claims about “the science has been crystal clear for 30 years” and so on.

    One of the hallmarks of climate science is the huge uncertainty about absolutely everything forecast more than a few says out. They are not certain about anything.

    Debunking her claims is fair game. We should be looking much more closely at her parents who, if reports are correct, are climate action advocates with publication(s) to promote. True or not? It speaks to motivation.

    Liars hiding behind the innocence of children deserve exposure.

    Don’t speak ill of the messenger, analyse and parse the message. Refute what is false and vain.

      • That is true… Though she looks 12, she’s 16 and needs to be responsible for her larger than life terrorist rants

    • Crispin In Waterloo. I agree. I hope no one has taken the bait to attack Greta herself. She’s a well spoken actress playing the roll that she was taught to believe from her opera / actor parents who probably have faith they are righteous. What she represents, however, is very harmful to our society. It’s a travesty that the left continues to race to the bottom… literally getting children to believe in things they cannot understand.

  15. It is not about science it is a theatrical performance, most people saw her in action for the first time, She comes across very unpleasant and unlikable

  16. I am truly concerned for the young woman. She has been badly served by the education system and her parents. Folks with her brand of autism believe very strongly to the point of fixation. She is fully convinced to her core that the world will end in 12 years and the future will be a post-apocalyptic nightmare. I worry that in her zeal, she may harm herself as the 12 years expires and she is sure to face that event. I hope she can be coaxed into a different obsession before it gets to that point, but I fear by then she will be more useful to the catastrophists as a dead martyr than a live twenty-something woman.

    It is unlikely she will notice that the world has not changed much in her entire life.

    • Yes. I tend to agree self harm is a real possibility for this young woman once the circus moves on and she no longer commands much attention. There are a few risk markers there already to indicate this is a higher possibility. There is an additional danger that the young women who follow her on social media and have initiate their own protests under the “Fridays for future” NGO also try to imitate her action in such cases seeing the media attention this will grab. I was interesting to note here in Ireland that the marches were headed by young women in their teens.

  17. Great speech writer – emotive – just exactly what is required.
    Guilt, laid on thick in a spectacular way.
    That girl is good.

  18. “She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!” – ROTFLMAO. The “Troller in Chief” is hitting the ball into the upper deck. OMG does he troll people. Only in my dreams I can troll like he does. I am so jealous.

  19. Leftist Socialist Authoritarian types use propaganda tools all the time. With Greta we have the LAYERING of 2 propaganda tools.

    We have this bizarre (and not very persuasive) propaganda tool of this girl emotionally promoting the Climate Crisis which is another propaganda tool used in the Lefts quest to destroy Western Capitalist Civilization.

    They falsely believe that they can destroy capitalism and then consume all the wealth that capitalism produced to build up a Utopian Society with them in control.

    All that wealth will be gone in a decade (half of the wealth will flee the country in the first year). But the reeducation camps will be flourishing and the death camps will be busy once again.

  20. I know that some of her fans probably think that instead of virtue-signalling sail across the Atlantic she should have walked, but I do wonder how she’s getting around NYC?
    Any video of her getting in out of a limo? Or a taxi? Or the subway? Dismounting a horse?
    And where is she staying?

  21. I wonder who wrote the speech that she read? She is right in that she should be in school but she has only her self to blame.

    The reality is that, based on the paleoclimate record and the work done with models, the climate change that we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control. Despite the hype, there is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and there is plenty of scientific rationale that the climate sensitivity of CO2 is zero. That in a nutshell it the real science involved. Greta does not know any better because she has not even finished high school and has only a general science mentality.

    Those that believe that the use of fossil fuels is bad should stop making use of all goods and services that make use of fossil fuels. Greta has not done that. She is apparently wearing store bought clothes and eating food that has been moved by truck. I hear the she will be flying back to Sweden and that a new crew has to be flown in to take the sail boat back to Europe.

  22. “Staring someone down” has always required eye contact. Until this “journalist” got a hold of it.

  23. Really feel sorry for the kid, a pawn in the new age of Animal Farm. The reaction to the delusions says a lot about the shameful manipulators around her, the very low intellectual abilities of the climate fanatics who follow her and also about Guterres and the UN who seem to be reduced to considering public policy by unsubstantiated and spiteful rant and tantrum. The kid needs psychological help, the manipulators should be put away for child abuse, the socialist climate fanatics maybe sent to North Korea or Venezuela to rehabilitate AND the UN should be shut down before they do too much more damage to poor people in poor countries.

  24. I agree. It is surreal.

    It is Left wing out of control fascism.

    The angry 16-year person is basically a Young Zombie.

    Angry message.

    Get angry.

    Tell our politicians to send $100 billion/yr. to the corrupt UN. The UN will then dish out a small fraction of the $100 billion/yr for purposeless climate change projects in fail to launch countries.

    … and tell our politicians that they must borrow a gazillion dollars to fight climate change. It does not matter that Germany has shown sun and wind gathering does not work. We too must prove that.

    It is almost as if the media have lost touch with reality.

    … Impeach a President because he is requesting an investigation into …

    … son of Presidential candidate takes $50,000/month job from corrupt Ukraine company, yet he has no knowledge of Ukraine or anything except he is the son of a vice president

    … and same son along with son of Kerry, who have no investment experience, get a cool billion dollars for his investment fund from China when vice president visits

    … In 2013, then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden flew aboard Air Force Two to China. Less than two weeks later, Hunter Biden’s firm inked a $1 billion private equity deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China. The deal was later expanded to $1.5 billion. In short, the Chinese government funded a business that it co-owned along with the son of a sitting vice president.

    …The centerpiece of these deals is Rosemont Seneca Partners, an investment firm controlled by Hunter Biden and his associates: Chris Heinz, who is John Kerry’s stepson, and Heinz’s longtime associate Devon Archer. The trio founded Rosemont Seneca in 2009 and quickly began making deals through a series of overlapping entities under the Rosemont name.

    • Ask “Rob”, the registered scientist of the last 50 decades, he knows someone who has apparently but he will tell only after I pay him through PayPal. He even offered a $200 bonus because I am mental…or something.

  25. More than 50 global leaders — with the exception of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and US President Donald Trump

    More than 50. And only TWO exceptions. Surely a few more were absent? or is my arithmetic failing me? Wiki tells me 193 member states of the UN; so who else was missing?

  26. I would say Trump did well. He never got into an argument about climate.
    I think that alone must pee off the detractors!

  27. I wonder who wrote her speech? Makes for good sound bites but the science is absent. Why did nobody challenge any of her assertions which have zero basis in fact?

    • Ha! Walter, my wife was watching a clip of Greta’s speech. Out of the blue my wife said, “Who writes this crap for that kid?”

      Mrs. H.R. has no clue about anything ‘Greta’ nor who the heck she is. The name ‘Greta’ registers an absolute zero with my wife. I once tried mention Greta’s yacht trip and her eyes glazed over as the words I was saying whizzed past her. She didn’t know that it was Greta speaking in the clip.

      Zero Greta interest. Zero Greta knowledge, but Mrs. H.R. can sure spot a puppet on stage from a mile away.

  28. Who is actually gullible enough to believe that a simple autistic Swedish over-emotional 15 (when she started this) year old girl is capable of speaking in front of a UN assembly with the English eloquence and polished delivery of a Shakespearian actor? Well, I’ve heard emotional tales from15-year-old girls before–

    “A key event in generating momentum for the first U.S. War on Iraq, “Operation Desert Storm” was a fraudulent report of the murder of Kuwaiti babies by Iraqi soldiers. On October 10, 1990, the U.S. Congressional Human Rights Caucus held a hearing on the subject of Iraqi human rights violations. The centerpiece of the event was the emotional testimony of a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl, known only by her first name, Nayirah. Her full name was supposedly being kept secret to protect her from Iraqi reprisals. The girl relayed a shocking story while sobbing.

    I volunteered at the al-Addan hospital. While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and go into the room where . . . babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die.
    The massacre never occurred. The girl was actually the daughter of a Kuwaiti emir, and had been coached by the public relations firm Hill and Knowlton to give persuasive false testimony. ”

    Greta Thunberg, like so many who speak with coached emotion and eloquence, has no knowledge of what she speaks. She has no understanding of thermodynamics, has never plotted a temperature record, can’t work with Boltzmann equations, and apparently has never even read the children’s book Chicken Little to the end yet. She is going to be the spokesperson for the future??

    Anyone in that UN hall who believes her speech, just like those in the US Congressional Human Rights caucus in 1990, have no business occupying the seat in which they sit. I’ve come to the point of concluding that the entire UN is now more of a detriment than an asset; it should be abandoned in its entirety, the building demolished, and everyone working within and associated with it sent home to get a real job that helps boost their country’s economy instead of wasting it.

  29. She desperately needs to get a life. I wonder if she even has girlfriends, let alone a boyfriend. She needs a lot of age-appropriate activity, not this crap she’s clearly been brain-washed with. I am not sure she can ever be a normal kid-going-on-young-adult. She should go home and recuperate.

    • I think being “home schooled” may be a problem where she is, literally, locked away from the outside by her parents. She sees their world view.

  30. When asked in around 2005 if he would meet with Bono, PM John Howard looked tersely at the reporter and said, “The Commonwealth of Australia does not take advice from pop stars”, then turned and walked away.

    And that’s exactly how politicians should have responded to The Revelation of Saint Greta the Divine, she merits even less consideration than Bono.

  31. This is as thoroughly obnoxious and disgusting as you can get. This is child abuse.

    Never mind that my classmates and I knew more about basic biological and chemical science at 16 than this nearly-robotic kid can imagine. She only knows what she’s told and parrots whatever is handed to her. Ask her to explain something about – anything- about the differences between weather (short term) and climate (long term) and she can’t without some prepared response handed to her.

    The fact that she is angry about being bypassed by Trump is as plain as day in that photo. I think she expected to confront him with another prepared speech and got nothing. I also believe, based on what I’ve seen elsewhere long before she arrived en scene, that she threw a screaming tantrum when she got back to where she’s staying in NYC.

    She’s no ambassador for or about anything, other than what she parrots out, which was prepared for her. I sincerely doubt that she has any idea what it really means other than what she is told by “other”. I also doubt that she herself could have put together anything truly coherent enough to be valid, whether she handed it to Congress or to anyone at the UN.

    She is a puppet being exploited by her parents and nothing else. She’s physically growing into adulthood, and when she loses the cutesy charm of childhood, she will no longer be useful to anyone, either to bring in cash to her parents, or to make appearances and plead for someone to stop the End of the World.

    In 12 years, she’ll be 28, a full-grown adult with no childish charms to throw at people. If she does manage to retain a following (which I doubt), and she decides she wants the attention she got as a child, disaster will follow. /not sarc

    On a side note, I thought the deadline was 10 years from now. Someone moved the goal posts and didn’t tell me? /sarc

  32. She reminds me of those evangelistic ‘kids’ that we had in the south in the 1960s and 1970s…..all preachy and hyped-up on religion. They’d go through about five years of this hyped-up nature, then collapse and go into some rehab unit. She will probably go the same route.

  33. At first she looked hopeful he would come over and give her some recognition – then she got an ugly scowl on her face when he paid her no mind.

  34. sorry but I don’t think she starred him down or glared at him, she was po’d that he ignored her, she is so used to getting attention.

  35. I like the part where after sneering and damning and scolding her audience without mercy, going so far as the intone bitterly “I shall NEVER forgive you!”, she ended it up with a bland “Thank you”!

    It reminded me of an episode of the Simpson’s wherein Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, who runs the local Kwik-E-Mart, curses out Homer and tells him to leave the store and that he is the worst human being he ever met and that he is banned for life, then adds as Homer walks out the door “Thank you, come again”.

  36. Well the Polar bear mascot failed . I note Greta won’t be going to China , the biggest polluter on earth .
    Child abuse …sad really sad . first we use their future as a credit card then we scare them with this climate fraud .
    Where have all the scientists gone ? Enabling a fraud that in the end will kill hundreds of millions ….
    but perhaps that is the objective after all . Well beside the money of course .

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