MY EYES! Abandon all hope, ye who click here

For entertainment only. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry. I’m soooooo sorry. Really….sorry.

179 thoughts on “MY EYES! Abandon all hope, ye who click here

  1. I had to click the lick. Anthony, really, did you have to?

    Now I must gouge my eyes out with a hot poker!

  2. I can’t believe I’m the first one to comment here.. So, who the heckmis that guy in the picture with insane AOC?

    • AOC?

      At first I wondered why Mann was posing with a Kardashian. Then again, I have no idea what Kardashians look like.

      Yup, I just compared AOC to Kardansians.


      • Then again, I have no idea what Kardashians look like.

        Same here — I’ve seen the TV advertising “Kardashians”, but never bothered to see any of ’em & don’t intend to. I guess I’m just not up to snuff on modern poop-culture.

        • DJH — I agree.
          Kylie K. (age 21/22) is thought to be (by Forbes) America’s youngest self-made billionaire.
          Yes, that is a B.
          She is too rich, too young, and too pretty to be interested in those that post on WUWT.

          ~ ~ ~ and ctm:
          You owe us a nice post.

  3. The BBC had a policy of giving “no oxygen” to any alternate view but Mann made global warming. So it isn’t just this so called journalist, the whole organisation is infected.

    • Come on. You know the best way to get people to click is to tell them not to or suggest it might not be in their best interest.

    • As my late father would have said, “No sympathy for self-inflicted injuries.” It is hardly Anthony’s fault if we all fall into the group that MUST check to see if the paint is really wet.

  4. Now downunder we aren’t so aware of who is who in the US politcal scene so I put “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Michael Mann” into Google image search to see what turned up. He didn’t arrive until image 33, but I think I established the ID of the women on the left (perhaps) as AOC. I thought the low ranking of MM might have been due to Google’s algorithms giving preferrence to the first named, so I swapped them round and had another search. Blow me down if MM doesn’t drop further to 39th image.

    Not sure what that’s tell me, but perhaps Google has found other horses to back.

    Footnote: done from NZ but with the /ncr switch.

  5. Optics matter.
    President Obama allowed himself to be photographed with a Castro in Cuba with an image of Che Guevera in the background. That Spoke volumes about the man’s love of communism-socialism.

    Any rational, thinking, critical scientist would RUN from a photo with science illiterate AOC.
    That Dr Mikey didn’t actually run away but instead smiled explains a lot more than most realize.
    Incompetents them both. In different ways.

    • CCB:
      Brilliant thought and comment on the photo! What a hysterical meme-like photo that could have been, or could be! You must have a marketing mind? !! ‘A picture does speak a thousand words, does it not? Thanks for your comment, you made me chuckle out loud..

  6. AOC to Mann “you really are a bit stupid “
    Mann to AOC ’ well it takes one to know one ‘

    Mann to AOC “what’s it like to be regarded as a fool by so many people ?”
    AOC “well you tell me has you been doing that for far more years”

  7. Is this the couple selected to be the world’s first humans to be put into deep hibernation and sent to M31 to populate a new galaxy?
    Interesting choice.

    • Her very presence sucks all intelligence out of a room. She is like a black hole of stupidity. Sucking in all the surrounding morons. She is an isodope, a new and denser form of stupid.

  8. …..erm….

    Who is she?


    Who is he?

    Anyone important, or both just worth forgetting?

  9. Your apology is not accepted and a SAS kill squad is heading your way. I demand a proper trigger warning before seeing both of those idiots in the same picture!

  10. Well, we DID at least get a warning. Spew alerts do make a difference.

    Now, if they are the center of the Black Hole of Idiocy, the satellites should start whirling around them and…

  11. The sad thing is, it’s actually a great photo of them both. If only they weren’t the enemies of America, of science, of truth, and of all humanity, they could be quite likeable.

    • Yeah, Bruce. Atilla The Hun also was a nice guy if you overlook all that other stuff he did.

  12. “The waitress is practicing politics while the professor quietly gets stoned!”

    Apologies to Billy Joel

  13. But where is his right hand and what is it doing?

    On another note, yesterday the high temperature in Tampa was 98F which tied the record for that date set back in 1950.

  14. Rather like the BBC parading Mann in their TV pack of lies Climate – Change the Facts, this juxtaposition is a BAD MISTAKE. One or the other will come unstuck and the other will have this picture for ever

  15. Super intelligent duo. They know best. We’re so lucky yet not worthy.
    And she does have nice ankles.

    • That’s probably because his lights are solar powered and he is Indoors with no back up battery

  16. They will eventually be like the rest of us, bemoaning their shared stupidity of actions engaged in life. We have all been there with some stupid act or another in our history. However, the point of eventually developing wisdom is to not be in the running for the top most stupid act in your younger years, and/or the top most stupid act in your older years. I do believe we can award these nefarious trophies today. There is not likely to be anyone more worthy anytime in the future.

  17. The Eagles recorded a song about this:
    “City girls seem to find out early,
    how to open doors with just a smile….”

  18. Echo chamber nucleation!
    A lot like black hole formation; echo chamber nucleation is when all knowledge of the person’s collapse into infinitely dense material that reject a additional knowledge.

  19. In Canada we honour the comment from former Alberta Premier Rachel Notley in which she described the assault on petroleum as a “stampede of stupids'”.

  20. A waitress and a guy who counts tree rings. We are doomed if that’s the only hope for the world.

  21. It doesn’t matter how many times you say you’re sorry, ctm. You’re still going on double-secret probation.

  22. Couple to re-create Torvill & Dean’s “Bolero” for new TV show, “Dancing on Diminishing Polar Ice”

  23. Was this photo taken recently? Perhaps the two are co-celebrating the International Day of Pink (Anti-bullying Day) of April 8, 2020? He’s definitely got it going-on with his PINK-IF-IED attire. Poor mann, must have seen OAC as a public persona who could left his tattered ego through some moral support of a duo-selfie. Note: The Day of Pink “is the International Day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Transmisogyny across the world. They invite everyone to celebrate diversity by wearing a pink shirt and by organizing activities in their workplaces, schools and communities.” See:

    Perhaps, the ‘Mann’ still feels so over-bullied (from the long-going critiques of his hockey-stick) that he’s been driven to supporting another Liberal-cause celebre’ (Anti-Bullying) to make himself out as a ‘victim’ celeb’ by donning pink attire in public spaces? I find that in the U.S.A. neo-New Left media (for all intents and purposes) remain nearly immune to slander & libel lawsuits from one who is judicially found to be ‘public figure’. I guess Mann must be claiming he’s not a “public figure”, just a mere “scientist” crunching data to promote his defamation lawsuit in federal court?

    Defamation Lawsuit Backdrop: Quote: “kick-off for the lawsuit (brought by Mann) was actually a piece written by Rand Simberg at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), which referred to Mann as “the Jerry Sandusky of climate science” because he “molested and tortured data in the service of politicized science.” The editors (at CEI) eventually removed the offending sentences, BUT not before Mark Steyn picked them up at National Review’s online blog. Steyn said he wasn’t sure he’d have “extended that metaphor all the way into the locker-room showers with quite the zeal Mr Simberg does, but he has a point.” He then went on to call Mann’s work on the famous “hockey stick” graph “fraudulent.” So Mann sued Simberg, Steyn, CEI and National Review for defamation..” end quote. Source of quote:

  24. Oh, give then a break. After all, if it weren’t for people who sucked, Earth wouldn’t have an atmosphere.

  25. Remember when Global Warming and Climate Change was about the science and not political?

    Yeah, me neither.

  26. Is it possible that AOC & the ‘Mann’ might find each other
    ‘interesting’ & want to spend more time together?
    Might the ‘Mickey’ take an interest in AOC’s NGD?

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