Joy Behar: Climate Change Could Prevent Joe Biden From Curing Cancer

86 thoughts on “Joy Behar: Climate Change Could Prevent Joe Biden From Curing Cancer

  1. My mind boggles – at both of them!

    If these two are representative, we are doomed.

  2. Class! Please, some respect. That is Broadcast Professor Joy Behind! <<== darn spiel checker.

  3. Did not Nixon try to cure cancer also? And he did not have fight climate change.
    Why not campaign on something attainable like ending stupid wars?

  4. I mean seriously, what can be said about a country that considers itself civilized, yet gives cultural prominence to people like Joy Behar.

  5. Maybe Biden should find a cure for Stupid, including in himself, and that bimbo flapping her gums.
    Oh wait, you can’t fix Stupid.
    Never mind.

    • Joyless and confused.

      Co2 is NOT a pollutant. What a simpleton. Dumber than Rosie O’Donnel who doesn’t “believe” fire can melt steel. aka, a truther.

      • Plain old fire cannot melt steel . Only a very heavily oxygenated flame can melt steel in the open such as a oxy/acetylene torch or thermic lance , otherwise it has to be melted in a properly insulated furnace with enormous energy input . I am no fan of Rosie O’Donnel I assure you but I assume she is talking about how the substantial number of steel girders that displayed massive melting and even flowing rivers of steel (not Aluminium ) that were seen by many of the firemen during rescue in the collapsed world trade centre , still unexplained and completely ignored to this day .

  6. You’d think someone who can imagine “climate catastrophe” could imagine bigger than “cure for cancer by man with no medical training.” C’mon, Joy, climate change should be CAUSING cancer! So long as one is makin’ it up, why not play it scarier? Seems Joy is a “D lister” on more than one list.

  7. For how many years have people from all walks of life speculated that poorly insulated electromagnetic radiation causes cancer, especially cell phones and high tension power lines? Yet Behar and Co. think electric cars and other devices are the answer to so called man made climate change. In order to comply with such “goals” there is no way to cheaply manufacturer such devices in order to make conventional devices obselete. On the front end of the supply chain a lot of corners will be cut at the people’s expense.
    Also these chuckleheads appear not understand that the Earth had gone through at least four major Ice Ages and a few mini ones to boot, so what caused the climate to change back then??

  8. What’s stopping Joe Biden from curing cancer? REALITY.

    (Of course, Joe and Joy have no contact with reality whatsoever…..)

    • To solve either of the CO2 or plastic straw crises, one would have to invade China. If not, it is just Western liberal virtue signaling.

      • The Chinese problem is not straw crisis but deforesting. Daily supply of chopsticks for more than 1.5 billion inhabitants consumes a lot of wood.

        Sometimes China orders elaborately packed machine parts. The machine parts are thrown away, only the packaging is important: the wooden packing material gives good chopsticks.

        Contribution to environmental protection: less deforestation.

        • Mostly, the Chinese reuse their chopsticks at home and work and nice restaurants. Sometimes they even wash them.

  9. “Earth had gone through at least four major Ice Ages and a few mini ones to boot, so what caused the climate to change back then?”

    Our late beloved Alberta Premier Ralph Klein suggested that it was caused by dinosaur farts.

    That answer is at least as credible as the ones used by the global warming alarmists. None of their very-scary predictions of runaway global warming and wilder weather have materialized – the warmists have been wrong about EVERYTHING. Nobody should believe them.

  10. The great American statistician and philosopher George Carlin explained the appeal of leftist politics as follows:
    Carlin said: “Think of how stupid the average person is; and then realize half of them are stupider than that!”

    • If you’re a stickler, then he’s not actually right, since “average” implies mean, which is not the same as median, where 50% are below and 50% are above.

  11. The Cheshire cat grin of Biden goes well with the story. Or as AOC admits later, it’s just a joke.

  12. Joy lives on Bizzaro World along with all the other radical leftists, where everything is backwards.

    I think Joy’s delusions have her very stressed out. It must be really scary to believe the things she believes. Too bad she doesn’t realize what she believes is mostly fantasy. She fears imaginary dangers, from climate change and from Trump. She’s gotten herself all worked up for nothing, but doesn’t realize it.

    I suppose there is one real danger Trump poses to Joy: Trump is destroying the socialist narrative and undoing the socialist actions of former President Barack Obama. That’s definitely real, but nothing to be afraid of, unless you are a socialist. The rest of us are celebrating the possible destruction of the talking points promoting socialism as a viable option to free markets.

  13. If Biden is going to cure cancer he had better get a move on because he is no spring chicken and research takes time.
    A better idea: the billionaires who are putting millions or billions into the next election to secure the presidency for Biden should cut out the middle man and put that money directly into the institutes researching cancer. That way we do not have to wait for elections, congressional approval etc . But maybe curing cancer is not a priority for these people.
    A friend of mine who is a bit of a genius with instrumentation spent most of his career devising novel methods of detecting early stage cancer , particularly prostate cancer. At one point he said that despite so much research , eventually diagnosis comes down to a person with a microscope examining cells. He also said that most elderly men, in his experience , die with or of prostate cancer – which was a bit depressing.

    • mikewaite: It never occurs to Joy or Joe, is this- if Joe Biden can cure cancer, why does he need to be president to get started? If AGW is gonna slow him down, all the more reason to get started NOW! Right?

      These folks can do this because the progressive press will never call them on it, or ask if cancer matters when we’ve only got 12 yrs left.

      • The liberal mind goes something like this:
        The only thing stopping Joe from curing cancer is money. As soon as he becomes president he’ll have an infinite supply of money and will be able to do anything he wants.

        • You forgot steps 3 & 4:

          3) When it inevitably fails, send all records down the memory hole and eventually know one will remember your failure
          4) Promise to fix the next big problem after your proven track record of 0 failures.

      • MarkW,

        condensed to “anything [ Joe Biden] wants” is “have an infinite supply of money and will be able to do [ anything he wants]”.

        Leaves the problem: finding out, without help, anything he wants.

  14. This shows that the Climate Crusades with their candidate flag bearers will leave no age/demographic group unturned. The assault on middle earth has begun.

  15. I thought Al Gore already invented the cure for canker?
    (Joy should look into it. There’s definitely something wrong with her mouth.)

    • I’ve always said that if Old Joe is going to shoot himself in the foot he should take it out of his mouth first.

  16. Being English I am not familiar with the Behar, but it looks and sounds very much like our Moonbat. Are the two species related?

    • Not quite, Jerry.
      Moonbat is a polite rocket scientist compared to Behar.
      With Moonbat, it is baffling how he can spout some beliefs and insist on absurd solutions. Moonbat still speaks with English reserve and civility.

      With Behar, few folks question her ability to make moronic judgments and statements. People are more surprised that Behar lacks any common sense when voicing certain humiliating or insulting moronic statements.

  17. Interesting… A leftist politician makes an unrealistic claim and the first thing the left media does is make-up excuses why the politician could fulfill their claim.

  18. It’s odd how much The View is quoted every day. Basically four hacks flapping their gums for a couple hours everyday.
    Begs the question why Biden didn’t cure cancer when he was VP for eight years?
    Biden knows there is no cure for ‘cancer’. Cancer is multi faceted and complex and is attacked in many different ways for many different cancers.
    More pandering and feel good nonsense.

    • Which presidential candidate promised that if he was elected Christopher Reeves would walk again?

      • October 2004, John Kerry presidential campaign: John Edwards made the absurd claim at a Kerry campaign rally.
        John Kerry was not the swiftest boat in the water!

  19. I’m so stressed about climate change that I don’t think I’ll be able to file or pay my income taxes next year….

  20. The reason that there will be no cure for cancer? A certain industry [biggest lobby group of all, by coincidence], is raking in untold billions in treatments. Would they want to find a reason to stop this gravy train?

    • Of course, 100’s of thousands of researchers and doctors let their wifes, husbands, daughter, sons, brothers, sisters, and friends suffer and die, because they’re in on the secret.

      • So – absolutely nothing since the 40’s with chemo the continuing solution?

        And yes; I have lost many loved ones also.

        • 1975: For the five most common cancers diagnosed in adults, the 5-year survival rates were: breast, 75%; prostate, 69%; lung, 13%; colorectal, 51%; and bladder, 74%.

          As of 2006, the 5-year relative survival rates for the five most common cancers were: breast, 90%; prostate, 100%; lung, 16%; colorectal, 67%; and bladder, 81%

          And that’s 13 years ago.

          Combination chemotherapy is now standard in the treatment of many cancers and has contributed to increasing survival and cure rates. For example, the introduction of combination chemotherapy that contained the drug cisplatin led to cure rates for testicular cancer of approximately 95 percent. Treatment for this disease has become so effective that 80 percent of patients with metastatic testicular cancer can now be cured. Thirty-five years ago, 95 percent of these patients died, usually within 1 year of diagnosis.

          Thus far, three cancer prevention vaccines have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). One of these vaccines, the hepatitis B virus vaccine, has the potential to prevent some forms of liver cancer. The remaining two vaccines are directed against human papillomavirus (HPV) types 16 and 18 and have the potential to prevent approximately 70% of cervical cancers and some other HPV-associated cancers.

          In 2010, the FDA approved the first cancer treatment vaccine, sipuleucel-T ( This vaccine can be used to treat advanced prostate cancer. Several other cancer treatment vaccines are currently being tested in large-scale clinical trials, including vaccines for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, melanoma, and multiple myeloma.

          Therapies that target the specific molecular changes that cause cells to become cancerous and processes that are required for continuous cancer cell growth and survival are now part of our therapeutic arsenal. To date, the FDA has approved approximately 30 molecularly targeted agents for cancer-related indications, including trastuzumab and three different aromatase inhibitors for breast cancer; imatinib mesylate for chronic myelogenous leukemia and gastrointestinal stromal cell tumors (GIST); sunitinib for advanced kidney cancer and imatinib-resistant GIST; bevacizumab for advanced colorectal, non-small cell lung, and kidney cancers; and bortezomib for multiple myeloma and a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

          Refined radiation therapy techniques, such as three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, and brachytherapy (radioactive seeds), which are designed to deliver high doses of radiation to tumors while minimizing the doses delivered to nearby healthy tissue, are now widely used. These advances result in greater tissue, organ, and limb preservation.


  21. Ugh — that youtube image borders on nauseating. Reminds me of that “coffee-talk” character played by Mike Myers on SNL. Except that this lady is definitely not funny.

    And haven’t just about every presidential candidate for decades “promised” to cure cancer?

  22. Maybe Biden meant curing Ham and just got confused…he seems very confused about a lot of things.

  23. “I’m going to cure cancer!” That statement, or similar, slipped into a politician’s speech, has been an inside joke among speech writers since at least back in the Carter administration. I’m not the least surprised he fell for it.

    • World class stupid is not all that uncommon. What’s frightening is that her ratings are high and her contract keeps getting renewed year after year after depressing year.

      BTW, Joel, your comment above is the only one I can think of that could possibly include the words “bright” and “Behar” in the same sentence.

  24. Does the Climate Change meme embrace gullible stupidity?
    Or does gullible stupidity embrace the Climate Change meme?

    A: Yes.

  25. Behar proves one thing about “Climate Change”; “Climate Change” sure can not fix stupid.

  26. That title alone made me laugh coffee through my nose!

    Joe is covered when he doesn’t cure cancer! It was because of Climate Change! You can’t prove otherwise! The climate will always change as long as there is an atmosphere.

  27. As I recall Israeli medical researchers reported extraordinary results in shrinking some forms of cancer.
    I propose hiring Israeli scientists to find a cure.

  28. Children or people that are nice but think like children will not help us find our problems or solve our problems.

    The problem is those talking are just making up stuff up and they are not critical/independent/deep thinkers and hence are not interested in new information, observations, analysis, or facts concerning the science, how much money we have to spend, and things like cost benefit analysis and prioritization of problems.

    The left wing reports/hosts are friendly talkative, child like people (example CNN’s Don Lemon) who like to talk and roll their eyes. I notice that PBS news reporters have added eye rolling to their news reports to emphasize how right they think they are.

    Spending a gazillion dollars on cancer ‘research’ has not changed anything.

    Spending a gazillion dollars on fighting climate change also will not change anything.

  29. You have to love command economies, don’t you? Just command it and it will be done -poof, like magic! Researchers spending billions of dollars and searching for their whole lives must be just slacking and playing Call of Duty and eating doughnuts. But wait, if ONLY the command is given from the very top (presuming Joe becomes president, an iffy proposition at best given his past campaign history), all outstanding issues will be solved, all problems disposed of, and everyone Utopianistically happy! Cancer will be cured, and a practical containment field to hold a functioning, perpetual mini-sun will result, we’ll all be begging for EVs because power will be so cheap and reliable.

    A word of warning, Joe and Joy, recall that those commanding the economic socialist paradise in Venezuela forgot to command up enough toilet paper and electricity and chicken and dinner rolls. So while ya’ll are curing cancer and finishing off fusion power and the like, don’t forget about those little trivialities. Umm-kay? That’d be great.

  30. Tackling morbid obesity would be an easier task that could show results ? But I guess that would impact on sombody’s bottom line so it becomes a no no. Could also change the future of that gal in pink with the shoulder pads, whoever she is.

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