#AOC recants: ‘…world ending in 12 years due to climate change’ – it was “a joke”

Ocasio-Cortez recants with insult: I Was Joking About World Ending In 12 Years, and you’re an idiot if you believed me

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said that she was joking around when she claimed the world was going to end in 12 years if we do not take serious action against Climate Change, a declaration she’s been widely criticized over. The 29-year-old socialist mocked the Republican Party for taking her claim about the end of the world seriously, which she suggested was a combination of “dry humor + sarcasm.”

AOC in a tweet published on Mother’s Day:

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She looked dead serious to me when she first said it:

241 thoughts on “#AOC recants: ‘…world ending in 12 years due to climate change’ – it was “a joke”

  1. Occasional-Cortex is a monumental moron and she should not take anything that she hears coming out of her mouth at all seriously as it is completely misguided by her brain.

    • Presumably we can be reassured that her GND is also intended as “sarcasm” , I mean no one is really going to spend that much money, right? It’s obviously a joke.

      Maybe she needs to explain that to the rest of her Dim-Dem mates who didn’t get the joke and all EU leftists who are trying ape he “humourous” agenda.

      They must be idiots too.

      • You would be referring to Harris, Booker, Sanders, and a couple other of our “brainiacs” who endorsed her GND. At least they were smart enough not to vote for it.

        On the other hand, they weren’t smart enough to vote against it. And these folks are running for president!

    • There’s no takesies-backsies on this. She said it with a straight face and that earnest wrinkle in her forehead and got hammered for it, and now she’s saying it was a joke.

      She has confirmed her status as a political animal, something that switches positions and public pronouncements with whichever way the wind blows.

      What a dork!!!

      • with her status confirmed sata – we just have to establish WHICH political animal she is – I see a lemming

      • Agreed, Sara!

        Ocasio not only made the statement, she doubled down repeatedly shortly afterwards.
        Now, it appears someone or some people made a heroic effort to teach a little reality to ocasional.
        Causing Ocasional to broadly demean others:

        “Like the “world ending in 12 years” thing, you’d have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it’s literal.”

        A) Blames everyone else for Ocasio’s idiocy.
        B) Labels Ocasio’s followers as “sea sponge” stupid.
        * i) N.B., Followers that rabidly attacked commenters against the ‘Green New Dead Civilizations Deal’ on multiple social media and news sites.

        Such a sweet politico, Not!

        • She’s a bit slow on the “make it up as you go along” thing. She needs prompting constantly, so she can forget about an acting career (outside of the House of Representatives).

      • Really?
        Surely you mean its a dork who would take what she said literally?

        This girl is really making neo-conservative heads explode. I like the cut of her jib.

        • I was wondering when this hack troll would show up.

          She DID take it literally – and so did her moron followers – you can help her back track and lie all you want – that’s your job as a troll, right? No – she’s really THAT stupid – THAT’s what’s making intelligent, rational people angry – deservedly so – because she’s an elected representative and will act on it.

          And look at you – trying to prop her up. See no one HERE took her claims seriously, but we know damn well SHE did – and you know it too.

          She’s literally barely cognitive and you progressives want to put this little twit in charge of environmental policy.

          I’m not surprised you would support this neo-fascist, socialist – you’re a kindred soul.

          • Yeah it was so obviously a joke that at least one other liberal lunatic took up the chorus; remember Robert Francis O’Rourke (Beto? What the hell is a Beto anyway? Coming in second to an alpha? For him that makes perfect sense). He proclaimed far and wide that the science was settled, that we had only 10 years to turn away from the brink of global disaster. Someone help me out, I know there were more AOC parrots repeating her doomsday warning.

        • Oh Loydo, you have no idea, are very confused, and are simply not qualified to dine at the grownups table.

          While she’s a massive headache to mainstream lefties, she’s making no conservative heads explode, except maybe with massive ear to ear grins. We WANT to her keep talking, be on every talk show, express her true self. She exposes you people better than any investigative journalist ever could.

          She is a gift from the Gods, and may single handedly get Trump re-elected. Keep talking AOC!!!

          ~ Proud Americans

        • You’d have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to spout that kind of nonsense in the first place!

    • I just re-watched the video. She was, without a doubt, dead serious. The cheers and applause she got for the ridiculous statement reveal a roomful of monumental morons. God help us.

  2. Well, I heard another political wonk say that we need to take action within 5 years or else, etc., etc.

    I think it’s a shame AOC is denigrating sea sponges. After all, they’ve survived millions of years and are doing quite well.

    • While trying to back-track off of completely serious remarks, the only ‘sea-sponges’ that believed her, were her own base.

    • Exactly right, and she doesn’t even get that she is calling her supporters and the Democrats stupid, you know, the ones that actually believed her.

      No Republicans believed her. Mocking her with faux-belief is typical Saturday Night Live comedy fodder. It doesn’t GET any better than that to have such an idiot as a “leader”. “Social intelligence” ? How about some actual human intelligence?

      FACT CHECK WHAT??? That she has no idea what she’s talking about?

      It took her this long to figure out that her GND and “the world ending in 12 years” were 10 Pinocchios?

      I have friends that live in her District. What an embarrassment for them, but they say that Nancy Pelosi is absolutely correct. Put a capital “D” on a glass of water and it would get elected in that district.

  3. Yes, we fact check and we also never forget. I guess those are passe in pop culture politics.

  4. Scare the chjllun and when the damage is done come back with a “JUST KIDDING! Ha Ha!”

    Only leftists get to pronounce doomsday, we are all going to die with certainty, declarations, inciting children to run to their parents in tears and then claim “Never mind, it was just a joke” and walk away from it. Of course it requires a major assist from the Propaganda Press.

    These propagandists are so obvious it makes you want to wretch. What is most insulting is what it tells us about how stupid they think we all are.

    • …we are all going to die with certainty…”

      100% true!!! Only the timing as open for debate.

  5. Was it also a joke when she said she’s never before encountered a garbage disposal? That she found it ‘terrifying’, and was ‘not sure if this was environmentally sound?’

    And the hell of it is, she auditioned for this part – she’s there to purely and simply to push a message and an agenda, so there’s absolutely no possibility of her ‘learning’ anything.

    I never found her amusing – she’s an elected representative and she’s going to act on her own idiocy – AND she’s got a following.

    THAT”s something I find terrifying.

    • It is actually quite common for native New Yorkers to have never seen a garbage disposal. They were banned there for decades. Because it was considered bad for the centuries old sewage system.

      Get on her for anything valid …like policy positions…but when you’re looking for every little thing to attack her on it just becomes mean and purposeless. Try to go for the policies…and have a rebuttal with a better policy. Then I and others whose views differ from yours might actually listen to what you have to say…

      • Oh, I think it’s valid – it’s not a ‘little thing’ for her to find ‘terror’ and concern over ‘environmental soundness’ in these same little things – these are ‘deaths by a thousand cuts’ that progressives specialize in – banning everything that ruffles her feathers. See that IS indicative of policy.

        And based on your above comment alone, trying to rationalize away utterly stupid remarks, I write people like you off already – you DON’T listen, you’ve already spun and forgiven every idiot remark this little twit has to say.

      • I’ve never had a butler, but by 29yoa I was aware of their existence in other homes. Garbage disposals are fairly common in the rest of the country and on movies and TV.

  6. “Ocasio-Cortez recants with insult: I Was Joking About World Ending In 12 Years, and you’re an idiot if you believed me”…..!
    Sooooooo, she just called the fake “liberal media” and all her faithful followers idiots and praised all the Republican “skeptics” that knew she was nuts?

  7. It’s terrible when a politician’s statements are taken at face value. She is reminding us to take lessons from other well known examples of humour+sarcasm such as “There was no global Medieval Warm Period, it was regional,” and “You can keep your doctor.”

  8. Be suspicious of anyone who says the world is about to end; be even MORE suspicious of anyone who says the world is about to end…and goes on to specify a date!


      We have only about 5 billion years before the sun becomes a red giant. We’ll probably all be dead by then, but the world is still going to end.

      • The expansion phase that the Sun will go through to become a red giant will take Millenia to complete. It will be relatively even slower then the ‘sea level rise’ that has Leftists in such a panic. I have little doubt that any descendants we might have Billions of years from now could move the Earth further out to keep it in the habitable zone. If they remember it.

        Kind of like how me save historical sites.


  9. I can see how people could confuse sarcasm and humor with being serious when you say your words with a completely straight face. AOC is one of the most reasonable and well informed people in politics at the moment.

    • ..but what does 12 years really mean?

      global warming > we will be able to grow bananas in Cleveland

      climate change > hard freeze hits south Florida and kills all the bananas

    • BTW Duncan….it was the UN that said it….AOC was just repeating what the UN said

      …and she was dead serious

      • Com’on Lat, the UN was just joking. They tell this joke every decade. You can’t beat the UN for stand-up comedy, although the EU is pretty good at it, too.

    • D. Smith said: ” AOC is one of the most reasonable and well informed people in politics at the moment.”
      And you said that with a completely straight face.

    • “AOC is one of the most reasonable and well informed people in politics at the moment.”

      What she says is mostly scripted.

    • “AOC is one of the most reasonable and well informed people in politics at the moment.”

      Yeah, she’s right up there with Sheila Jackson Lee who thinks Americans planted a flag on Mars, and Hank Johnson who was afraid that Guam would capsize if we got too many people on one side. (That was later claimed to be a joke, too.)

    • So “reasonable and well informed” that when her Green New Deal was posted on the internet and was quickly noted as being insane and idiotic, a spokesperson claimed it had been a Republican hacked version and then she later specifically blamed an employee for posting the wrong version.

      She doesn’t even know the 3 branches of the federal government.

      • Oh yeah?!?
        Olive Branch, North Branch, and….

        …OK. You’re right. But two out of three ain’t bad.

      • Don’t forget, she was talking about the 3 CHAMBERS of the federal government.

    • Please reconsider you’re support of using children as pawns, whether it’s Greta Thunberg or Ava Martinez.

      • “Please reconsider you’re support of using children as pawns, whether it’s Greta Thunberg or Ava Martinez.”

        I understand your point but the main person being used is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It will be interesting to see if she is ever able to figure that out.

      • Lighten up!
        She got a pink mini-Tesla out of it.
        (Which is more than we’ll ever get from anything AOC advocates.)

    • “Eight year old Ava Martinez delivers another perfect parody of AOC.”

      Outstanding parody. Is it possible to have Eva replace AOC in Congress? Eva appears to be much smarter than AOC and does dry humor + sarcasm much better.

  10. Like the “world ending in 12 years” thing, you’d have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it’s literal.

    Sea sponges should be offended by being compared to her.

  11. Interesting. The leftists are trying walk back their insanity. Of course, they’re pointing fingers and blaming everyone but themselves for their abject stupidity. I wonder why AOC seems to have changed her mind on the end of the world

    • Because her handlers have told her that too many people are calling ‘bullshit’ and she needs to realign her alarmism to a more distant doomsday-date.

      But, no, she wasn’t joking – she was selling it for all she was worth. Truth be damned.

      • Thirteen years ago, the same climate worries were afloat and the good crew here at WUWT actually addressed those concerns and saved the world.

        What really happened with AOC is that someone informed her that we’ve continued to address climate change since that time and that we’ve kept disaster at bay, always 13 years or so into the future.

        I’m sure it was something like that, with her.
        (No Nobel prizes around here for saving the world, though.)

    • Because Crazy Bernie and the other minions of chaos running fo Prez are starting to get target lock on the Left’s trust funds, inheritances and offshore stashes, that’s why. Capitalism may be deplorable but lift up the rug and it IS paying their bills. That’s why the Establishment is all lining up behind Sleepy Joe–like Jeb! he’s the “safe” choice not to mess with the till.

      The GND would put just as big a hurtin’ on THEM as on everyone else. They only sound stupid; underneath, they’re cunning as a weasel. Be willing to bet Nancy is trying to put out the dumpster fire and ordered the walk-back.

  12. Yes, this is known as the “Late Night Talk Show” defence, as perfected by Jon Stewart: when dealing with Super Serious Matter and caught in an obvious porkie, play the “I’m just a comedian” card.

  13. There’s no question that one would have to be an idiot to believe anything she says.

  14. what is “social intelligence”?

    Clearly, she is backtracking… obviously stung by the criticism.

  15. Well, looking at that video, you got to admit, there’s a joke in there someplace.

    I don’t think it’s the one she claims, though.

  16. So the stupid cow thinks it’s funny to shit-scare people,
    I know one person who attempted suicide because the 12yr claim pushed them over the edge, AOC is a despicable slag.

  17. Is AOC like Michael from the Office?

    Michael: I declare bankruptcy!
    Oscar: I just wanted you to know that you cant just say the word bankruptcy and expect anything to happen.
    Michael: I didnt say it. I declared it.

  18. The people that took her initial statement seriously are on the left. Did she just call those people “idiots”?

    • That is what is called “A Very Good Point”.

      Its like the (now) incredibly overused phrase “dog whistle”. If you are hearing something that someone isn’t actually saying…doesn’t that mean YOU are hearing the dog whistle?

      • She also just undercut the IPCC, because they are the promoters of the 12- year alarm.

  19. Don’t you love words like “address” climate change and “tackle” climate change, “start now” on climate change? Can you imagine the world if these people were to run it? I think they should be told to shut up or face the music.

    • Remind me, does the ‘Raising Awareness’ come before or after the ‘tackle’?

      And what exactly are we to do if we discover it is ‘already too late’? Do we go home, or to the pub?

      Now with AOC telling us she was only joking this entire process is getting very confusing. In fact one might say, ‘It’s Worse Than We Thought’.

    • “Don’t you love words like “address” climate change and “tackle” climate change”

      Wa state governor Jay Inslee, a Dem hopeful for president, uses “tackle” and “defeat” all the time with respect to “climate change”. It’s the most infantile thing I’ve ever heard.

  20. “I think the part of it that is generational is that millennials and people, in Gen Z, and all these folks that come after us are looking up and we’re like, the world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change. And your biggest issue, your biggest issue is how are going to pay for it? — and like this is the war, this is our World War II.”

    She endorsed this “world-ending-in-12-years sentiment outright”. Even if she did not believe it deeply herself, she still endorsed the sentiment seriously, and so she is a liar, when she says it was a joke. If she put it out there as a fear that people should consider voiced by her generation, then she put it out there to be taken seriously.

    Why would she even mention it in a serious tone, if she where not putting out there as a serious belief? She did not indicate then that she did not believe this. She did not indicate then that she was being sarcastic or dramatic. She said it like it was a real, serious concern. She said it seriously. Period. She did not qualify it in any way, other than to put it in a context to be taken seriously.

    • And the Extinction Rebellion morons took it on in full force. So she just called them idiots.

  21. Hey AOC,.. Disinformation and fear mongering is NOT a joke. It’s PLANED and deadly serious in its’ intent.
    If it was, as you say a joke,.. you would have let followers know immediately, out of respect for them and others.

    Just another reason to NEVER take you seriously and to know that you are a very dangerous person to give power to. Your agenda is also not a joke. It is deadly and suicidal to everyone else but you and your elites.

    • “It’s PLANED and deadly serious in its’ intent.”

      Ya gotta love a nice, well-sanded joked.

      • ” well-sanded joked”

        Isn’t there a law or something that comments on spelling mishaps always contain a spelling mishap? I wonder what mine will be?


  22. What someone told her was that if we don’t take action in 12 years, the world will end. Who knows what she heard out of that. Maybe she heard it correctly and misspoke, or she understood it incorrectly and thought the world was ending in 12 years. Either way, she’s an idiot.

  23. “I can’t be trusted.”

    Meanwhile, in the ‘I find this hard to believe too’ section of the BBC … yadda yadda I dived deeper than anyone before and saw a plastic bag down there . . suchlike.

    I guess someone dropped it around 600 years ago if it was just the bag.

  24. She’s had to try and walk it back because 12 years is to close of a time horizon for the end of the world and people will see that it’s a hoax.
    At 30 to 40 years to the end of the world those who are cashing in on the hysteria will have made their money before people catch on.

    • The big problem is that with her age now most claims she will be alive to see the dates arrive. With advances in medicine you have to assume she will live another 70 years. To cover herself needs 100 years forecasts again.

      • Her being alive in twelve years is really iffy. If she loses another brain cell, her brain will be incapable of controlling autonomous functions, and she will forget to breath.

  25. In this way, she’s a lot like Trump, talking off-the-cuff and choosing words that look pretty bad when taken out of context. I suppose that’s a big part of what people like about her and Trump, they don’t come across as polished politicians.

    She probably really believes the IPCC; ‘we have 12 years to make major moves away from fossil fuels’.

    I think it’s better to talk about the science than her choice of words.

    • Bad analogy – Trump has solid fundamentals behind his ‘off-the-cuff’ remarks – this woman’s logical base is non-existent. And the basis of Trump’s appeal is what he’s DOING.
      Substance versus propaganda, even though Trump has learned propaganda – or in his case, it’s really more ‘marketing’ and encouraging positivity.

      And Ocasio-Cortez very clearly said, many times, ‘the world WILL end’ – not 12 years to ‘make major moves’ – and she did so from the position of an elected representative.
      I don’t think she CARES if what she says is true.

    • …choosing words that look pretty bad when taken out of context…”

      That’s just it, AOC’s words were taken entirely in context, the whole paragraph was quoted in its entirety!!! And the one(s) before it and the one(s) after it!!! And still she sounded like she believed every stinking word that was coming out of her mouth, and that’s what made her sound bats**t crazy!!!

  26. Translated as I made a complete A$% of myself and I am trying to find an out. I wonder if she was kidding when she was happy Amazon left NYC to. Just kidding Jeff come back.

      • Anthony’s moderation settings. Comments from each previous 60 minutes post as batch process, usually just after the top of every hour. Maybe around hh:02 to hh:08 after each hour, all the previous submitted comments show up all at once.

        His house, his rules. I’m fine with that. I just think he should make that clear and transparent in his posting guidelines.

    • Why does it take so long for comments to appear?

      …..I thought I was shadow banned….LOL

      • Latitude, you’ve been here long enough to know that WordPress as a spam checker that no one under stands and that there isn’t 24×7 moderator coverage to liberate misfiled messages.

        “WordPress works in mysterious ways.”

    • The end of the world is nigh. The prophecy predicts a progressive (e.g. catastrophic) process of cooling, warming, disruption… change of something or other.

  27. When your thoughts aren’t your own, who can tell what you mean when you speak?

  28. “This is a technique of the GOP, to take dry humor + sarcasm literally and “fact check” it.”

    This is a technique of democrats, take everything they are guilty of and accuse the republicans of doing it.

    • Indeed, one need only peruse any of the left-leaning “fact check” sites to find pages and pages of taking “dry humor + sarcasm” literally in order to “fact check” it. Many (if not most) of the “hundreds of Trump lies” that the MSM touts is exactly of the taking “dry humor + sarcasm” literally in order to “fact check” it variety.

  29. I would rather have the “social intelligence”, whatever that is, of a sea sponge than the intelligence of a sackful of hammers like the political hack AOC.

  30. What else has AOC been kidding about?

    How do we tell when she is kidding or not?

    Was she kidding about doing away with airplanes?

    Was she kidding about doing away with cows?

    Was she kidding when she called Trump a racist?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • She hasn’t been kidding about anything.
      THAT’S what her handlers are trying to hide.

  31. Civilization is more apt to end because of fools like Cortez. It’s scary to think that there are probably more people out there just as completely clueless as she is.

  32. Most people don’t wait 4 months to respond to criticism and say “I was just joking”… But then, she’s part of the cabal who insist that President Trump’s clear joke (and claimed as such immediately) that “maybe Russia can get us Hillary’s e-mail” was absolutely serious and worthy of impeachment.

  33. I think we’ve all encountered that person who says something vile and stupid, that they firmly believe, and then says they’re just kidding to escape a, well deserved, beat down. IF AOC was attempting to troll her detractors she waited far too long to say she was ‘just kidding’. She’s already been delivered a beating in the public square and is now just trying to milk some pity-points out of her, idiot, base.



  34. Occasional-Cortex Disorder making statements about the idiocy of other people.

    Oh, the irony!

  35. The Green New Deal is a joke, right?

    Ha ha ha, AOC,that was a good one!

    Natural Sea Sponges are some of the simplest multicellular organisms alive. They do not have brains, digestive, circulatory or nervous systems and, once rooted, do not move.

    Now who’s the sea sponge again ?

  36. The Big Green blob was NOT amused with her illiterate comments, her joke of a GND that she and Markey put out that got laughed at in the Senate vote.

    The minds behind the Green Blob, make no mistake, are NOT comprised of idiots. They are deadly serious with gaining power and control at any cost. AO-C was put in her place the month or so by some very serious people in the Democratic Party ranks and their powerful allied-forces behind the Climate Scam.

    Hitler and his band of thugs were the butt of jokes after arrest for his Beer Hall Putsch. But it wasn’t a joke once he seized power in 1933. And no one was laughing when he enacted his Final Solution, or atrocities across Europe with his armies and butcher-thug SS. No one was laughing in in 1945 as the death camps for people the national socialists considered “inferior” came into focus.

    Understand what these people that are now controlling AO-C are dangerous thugs who will stop at nothing for power and control. And people like Creepy Joe Biden, a man who has been in Washington for 47 years, are their useful idiot puppets.

    • Today’s Democratic Party socialists are so determined to take the White House from Trump in 2020, they are literally using pages from Hitler and his Mein Kampf playbook from 1924 to his becoming Reich Fuhrer in 1933. Mein Kampf was the introduction to the German people of all the things Hitler believed and wanted to do.

      The Left is going to publish something similar this fall on a Big Green Deal to the American public.
      They also have their black-attired shock troops getting ready.

      What we have going on right now quietly, is the ANTIFA groups are being recruited and organized in preparation for 2020 primary candidates’ rallies and general election rallies to oppose Trump. To incite violence at his rallies, use fake “conservatives” to start problems, to make him look like he is the problem for Middle America to recoil from.

      ANTIFA is of course known for their signature all-black attire, with hoods (and face covers if they can legally get away with that in that jurisdiction). Ground Zero today for Antifa organization is Portland,OR on the West Coast and No.Virginia for the East Coast, but they have national plans for all the states where Trump will have rallies and must win if he wants to be re-elected (purple Must-win states).

      Hitler had his brownshirts in the early years before he became Fuhrer, called Sturmabteilung.
      Mussolini had his similar thugs who wore black, called “blackshirts” in Italian, Camicie Nere, CCNN, singular: Camicia Nera, or squadristi (singular: squadrista). The founders of the paramilitary groups were nationalist intellectuals (much like many of today’s Antifa leaders consider themselves “intellectuals”), their in 1920’s Italy were usually peasants and country people who were resistant to urban elitism. Today the US Left calls simply “deplorables,” for their support of Trump and conservative ideas, their resistance to unchecked illegal immigration, and resistance to the climate scam and the Left’s social Marxism in general.

      The modern US political model is of course to FIRST write book. Hillary has done this numerous times to try and define herself. Obama had his books of course. Every contender for office of President that has any serious possibility and support now has a published a recent book about his/her self. Hitler of course had his Mein Kampf to introduce himself and his ideas to the German people.

      What we can expect probably by the coming Fall of this year is to see a Mein Kampf-style Big Green Book from the Democrats. It will be a hyped, flashier, more competently written, filled-out version of the idiotic AO-C/Markey GND (with the absurdities left out), or at least cleverly disguised. It will be authored and endorsed by ALL the Democrats’ candidates that lays out what they are going to try and sell in 2020 on all the regular climate change alarmism and imminent extinctions, and collapsing environment to voters. And the NYTimes of course will be enlisted to promote it on their Best Seller’s List.

      We’ll be able immediately recognize the Big Green Book-Mein Kampf book because Barack Obama (or someone of similar public recognition) will ‘write’ the Forward to the book with all the typical alarmist rhetoric and why action “must taken” to fight climate change. But make no mistake, it will be the Left’s climate manifesto to ultimately seize power through legal means the ballot (just as Hitler initially did, and as did Hugo Chavez) and before “Moving On” to destroy the foundational individual liberties in the US.

  37. Thanks for posting this. I missed it on MSM. I always look for something from her to make me laugh in the morning. Used to be blonde jokes, but AOC has usurped that position. She is the embodiment of “open mouth, insert foot”.

  38. Clearly the old adage, “you don’t have to be an idiot to be a democrat, but it helps”, has just been endorsed.
    It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

  39. Here is the thing she seems to have forgotten about her little “joke”: When she said it, it was the lead in to her presentation of her Green New Deal, and the start of a full court press on the subject by her and many other US politicians, with them all using similar language to proclaim Global Warming to be her generation’s WWII, or their Moon Program, or whatever other humongous project they could think of. And it was also roughly contemporaneous with her rollout of the GND in printed form, presented as a detailed congressional bill, and complete with widespread endorsements, including the endorsements of, IIRC, every Democratic presidential contender. For the better part of a week, the text of the bill itself, the infamous and subsequently deleted FAQ page to the bill, and hers and other’s statements re the end of the world and the GND were collectively the top story across the country, with an avalanche of coverage and articles on the whole thing.
    She is simply lying when she claims she meant it as a joke.
    I mean, it is a joke, like pretty much every word she utters, but she did not mean for it to be.
    It was a scolding, and she meant to be taken perfectly seriously and, in fact, given over control of the entire economy and the government and the budget from that point onward because, as she explained a few days later, she is “The Boss”.
    I cannot wait until 2020 election day night, because I think there is an excellent chance she will be booted out, right on her “only joking” fanny.
    And when that happens, I am gonna have the best laugh in a lot of years.

  40. What would be good would be to compile all the people subsequent to AOC who seriously expressed the worry that the world would end if global warming wasn’t addressed in 12 years, and then let them know that AOC thinks they have “the social intelligence of a sea sponge.”

    For example, all the little kiddies who visited Dianne Feinstein and criticized her for not backing the New Deal because there were only 12 years left. They probably wouldn’t be happy to be told AOC thinks they have “the social intelligence of a sea sponge.”

  41. It may be 12 years. It is snowing in New England on May 13, Colorado is extending the ski season, the oceans are cooling, the Sun is going into a deep sleep, has been colder than Heck in the Dakota’s into southern Canada…

    In a few years the ice sheets may be forming in the polar tundra and start moving south.

  42. Well, if she’s only joking, she better let Bill Nye in on the joke.

    Seriously, wondered why that twit is trending. You’ll never guess why!

  43. It helps to put it all into perspective.
    Since the beginning of human history, and without fail, everyone who has ever predicted the end of the world has been wrong.
    I see no reason why this trend will not continue.

  44. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said that she was joking around when she claimed the world was going to end in 12 years if we do not take serious action against Climate Change

    Well, I take everything she says to be a joke, just not necessarily one that she’s in on.

  45. AOC is a lower order species than a sea sponge. She said it first.

    [Please do not denigrate sea sponges in this forum. .mod]

  46. When low information voters elect a low information Bar Tender to Congress, the depths of inanity are limitless.

    In this case, she just angered 50% of her supporters; whom, like her, initially believed this Chicken Little horsehocky. We were correct in taking her literally: She was wrong and just made matters worse by reversing over her fan club.

    Two-years of this half-wit is 729-days too long

    • When Democrats wanted to razz GW Bush, they said he was born on third base and thought he hit a triple.

      Here AOC won a “rotten borough” where she had NO Republican challenger to speak of, and she’s a genius.

      2000 Gore (D) 70 – 23%
      2004 Kerry (D) 74 – 25%
      2008 Obama (D) 78 – 21%
      2012 Obama (D) 80 – 18%
      2008 Obama 76 – 23%
      2012 Obama 81 – 18%
      2016 Clinton 77 – 20%

      Democratic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 78%
      Working Families Joe Crowley (incumbent) 6.6%
      Republican Anthony Pappas 13.8%
      Conservative Elizabeth Perri 1.6%

      Even the NYT isn’t amazed:


  47. So is she saying she has no credibility and she shouldn’t be taken seriously when she speaks? Because I’m good with that.

  48. So obviously then the press should stop fact checking all those times they fact checked Trumps hyperbole or sarcastic comments… Yeah, not holding my breath on that.

  49. OAC is right on one point. If you believe anything she says, you have the intellect of a sponge.

  50. Is it really a joke if not a single person in the audience laughed when the comment issued forth from her mouth?

  51. Ye are being gaslighted! Remember, not just CO2, but Russiagate, or the Kavanaugh circus? Maybe Venezuela, China Trade? Ok, Bolton has no lipstick under the ‘stache, a.f.a.i.k.

    And AOC is right – ye fell for it! Pretty dumb! She makes Mann look dated!

    Listen up! Here a classic movie clip – Gaslight :

    Weird how the Gen X or Z zoo can do that to otherwise well-meaning skeptics?

  52. Apparently all mention of this on Facebook since earlier this morning has been scrubbed.

  53. I Was Joking About World Ending In 12 Years, and you’re an idiot if you believed me.
    She was speaking to her base at the time……..just sayin’.

  54. She got part of it right; “you’re an idiot if you believed me”. It’s safe to say that this is how she views ALL of her followers. We have yet to see ANY reason to believe ANYTHING she says! WHY? Because she is an idiot. It’s jut that simple!

  55. Here’s what Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said: “The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?”

    Maybe she believed that literally. Or maybe she meant we have 12 years to implement the “national, social, industrial, and economic mobilization on a scale not seen since World War II” or else doomsday will strike later in the century. Either way, she wasn’t kidding.

    More importantly, both claims are horse feathers, Bjorn Lomborg explained a few days after she said it: https://nypost.com/2019/01/27/what-science-could-teach-ocastio-cortez-about-climate-change/

  56. Here’s what Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said: “The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?”

    Maybe she believed that literally. Or maybe she meant we have 12 years to implement the “national, social, industrial, and economic mobilization on a scale not seen since World War II” or else doomsday will strike later in the century. Either way, she wasn’t kidding.

    More importantly, both claims are horse feathers, as Bjorn Lomborg explained a few days after she said it: https://nypost.com/2019/01/27/what-science-could-teach-ocastio-cortez-about-climate-change/

  57. I was taught at work to never say or do anything that you wouldn’t want shown on the front page of the newspaper. If AOC didn’t really believe that the world was going to end in 12 years, then she should never had said it in the first place. However, the left’s modus operandi, and especially the social justice and eco warriors, is to wildly exaggerate the problems (lie) in order to achieve their ends, then when caught in the lie and called on the carpet try to laugh it off as a joke or sarcasm, and state “You really didn’t think that was true? I was just kidding.”

  58. It’s one thing to not know what a garbage disposer is. Quite another not to know what a joke is.

    (I already stole the excellent ice cream joke above.)

  59. I swear I’m not making this up:

    Yes, I’m a conservative Christian (gasp). But I read the “Babylon Bee” before actually hearing this piece of news. I honestly thought that it was true satire by the “Bee” (the whole “sea sponge” thing). Because that’s what it sounded exactly like. When I later listened to the “Matt Walsh Show” podcast, and realized it might be true, I had to go on the (multicolored logo search engine) to check and see if that was true. Good Lord it was. I seriously thought it was satire. This woman has made truth and satire indistinguishable.

    Thank you Democrats for 4 more Trump years.

  60. Back to her original ” world is going to end ” statement; I forget now, was that for a particular time and time zone? Greenwich? PDT? AWST?… at 5:00 in the afternoon?

    Sure, we believe she was just joking! (Wink-wink, smirk!)

  61. Alexandria, your supporters took you at your word. They glue themselves to all kinds of things, go on rampages and are suicidal because of what you say. Now you say that those very people that support you and that went bonkers because of their 12 year lifeline are all Bozos? Because I never took anything serious that you said, I always knew that you would say whatever you think the people you need to vote for you would like to hear. Right now, you told them that they should go bang their head against the wall. That’s how stupid you just called them. You know what – you were right.

    • “Alexandria, your supporters took you at your word. They glue themselves to all kinds of things, go on rampages and are suicidal because of what you say…”

      That’s a good point: AOC just told the “Extinction Rebellion” that they have the intellect of a sea sponge. I wonder if they appreciate that characterization of the intellect?

      • “That’s a good point: AOC just told the “Extinction Rebellion” that they have the intellect of a sea sponge. I wonder if they appreciate that characterization of the intellect?”

        Well, “intellect” is a three syllable word. They used up their syllable quota when they spent days thinking up their name. So they have no idea they’ve been insulted.

  62. (Psssst… somebody should tell Kamala, Liz, Spartacus, Kirsten, Amy, the Bern, Inslee, Yin, Fidel Jr., the Mayor of Podunkville and O’Dork she was just kidding. Haha. Just kidding. Get it?)

  63. Well I’m certainly impressed at how well she can backpedal with her foot still firmly implanted in her mouth.

  64. So, did she just insult all her followers by saying they have the intellect of a sea sponge? After all, they all believed her.

    • Yup. AOC may have realised that Trump will be in the White House until 2024 which will mean the world will end 6 years from then. Even the most eco-anxious will find that hard to swallow.

      It looks like her career in politics will be over soon after scoring that massive own goal.

  65. So you were joking and it IS okay to have children??? I hope that V job didn’t take! LOL I wonder if this means AOC is preggers.

  66. And ‘Beto’ O’Rourke At the Iowa High School In February-
    “ If we do not abolish all fossil fuels within 12 yeas, everything on the planet will be dead.The scientists are 100% united on this.Just as Americans of the past had to fight get at Normandy, we have to fight this now and save our planet.”
    This guy is actually standing for President of the United States.

  67. The “only joking ” defence, usually used by teenagers and the otherwise brainless (even if only for a minute) when they realise they have said something cosmically stupid and are still trying to get away with it.

    Her electorate must be so proud they sent her to congress. What an asset to the country.

  68. As a member of congress, she should not be joking. So from now on we should assume that everything she says is just some sort of joke.

    • I’ve considered her a complete joke since day one. That her constituents were stupid enough to vote for her doesn’t say much for them.

      • Americans should consider themselves lucky: for all the disproportionate publicity she gets from a compliant and lazy media, she’s only one of a handful of rookie Reps, with one vote (and as we have seen, her party doesn’t even support her when it counts).

        Here in Canada, we actually elected someone dumber as Prime Minister, with a majority, and in our parliamentary system of government, he has the sort of power that a US president could only hope for…

  69. I don’t believe any on this side of the argument believed the lady.
    Folks on this side criticised her for making stupid statements.
    Just who are the idiots who believed her? Her own supporters?

  70. Ah, I get it now. AOC says we should not take her seriously because everything she says a joke.

    • It’s the Harry Mudd paradox.

      “Everything I say is a lie”
      “I’m lying”

  71. Evil Canadian Maurice Strong arises from the grave: “Hey, just kiddin’ folks”. Fade out to Looney Tunes.

  72. I have known less than successful teenagers try to pull that one on me. They eventually grow out of it but at great cost to themselves and sometimes to those around them. The collateral damage of her kind of thinking can be enormous as we wait for good sense to kick in.

  73. So…does this mean that other things she has said could also be just a joke? How do you tell the difference? I am sure her constituents will be pleased at being duped.

  74. She got told to retract it. It was going to be an election lance for the Republicans against the Dems. Still might be.

  75. AOC is the joke, not her insane statement. “Like, the world, you know, like, will, like end, like, in 12 years, you know, if we don’t, like, address, like, Climate Change, you know?”

    The video of this profoundly stupid AOC pronouncement shows the inane crowd applauded (not laughed at) this imbecilic statement..

    For AOC to say three months later this insane statement was a joke shows she is just a sock puppet of the far Left who is willing to say absolutely anything to stay relevant…

    Make AOC Bartend Again….

    • What grandkids. If you follow AOC’s advice you won’t have kids let alone grandkids. Or was she “joking” about not having kids as well? What else has she been “joking” about and is there anything she has said that she classifies as “serious”?

  76. To be fair to AOC, the truth is that she said we have only about 12 years left TO GET SERIOUS about climate or we are doomed.

    Still batsh!t crazy…but she did not say the end of the world was only 12 years away.

  77. Always remember you can add “We’re all gonna die!” to any string of true statements and not change not change the truth value of the combined statement. If people infer a relationship within the statements that’s not my fault.
    “The Climate is changing! We’re all gonna die!” “The Sky is Blue! We’re All Gonna Die!” AOC is a member of Congress. We’re all gonna die!” etc.

    See all true statements.

  78. The world ending in 12 years is a joke no matter who says it. Some people don’t get it and you have to explain it to them. Like AOC and Greta. You can’t protect these people from themselves.

  79. In AOC’s defense, I always did take that “12 year” comment as a rhetorical flourish, not a serious forecast.

    Having said that, she is rather loose with these rhetorical flourishes, and it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Or perhaps there is no wheat in her comments at all. I’m thinking she made a bet with a friend a few years ago, and her political career is all just one big goof.

  80. The insults heaped upon AOC (however bad her insights and policy ideas) here is on a par with what I get on climate activist’s blogs with their rants against “denialists”.

    I’m disappointed!

    • Another faux concern troll raises it’s mangy head. It’s too common to be a disappointment!

      • Another unjustified insult. Thus you sink to the same level as the likes of climate activists who can/will not debate issues but try to silence dissenting views by insult and suppression of voices.

        • It’s not an insult when it’s true. Your concern trolling is entirely transparent and isn’t anything this site hasn’t seen before. But do keep on concern trolling, it’s always good for a laugh.

          • I’ll let you have the last word.

            Any one caring to read this exchange may judge whose behavior is more troll like.

  81. AOC’s (and many others) sayings and doings are proof that totally braindead doesn’t necessary mean that one is dead…
    I shouldn’t throw rocks, sitting in a glass house – living in Sweden – but one has to question from where do all these morons come from? And why the f**k do they get attention in media? Sweden IS going down the drain in a pace one cannot believe and yet ‘our’ politicians repeatedly ‘guarantee’ that everything is ok…
    Skip Your poss. plans of coming to this country for (at least) the next 2-4 decades, we’re heading for some extremely tough/rough times.

  82. Report from Berlin (German Association of Employers) – no-one believes in the Great Energy Transformation, but only behind closed-doors because of MSM attacks. This is after major damage done!
    AOC must have heard something.
    Recanting is one thing , accountability is quite another!
    Over at NTZ, full report.

  83. Other instances of jokes going bad:

    William Shakespeare from “Henry The Fifth”:

    KING HENRY (to the French Ambassador over the joke of a gift of tennis balls from the Dauphin)

    We are glad the Dauphin is so pleasant with us. His present and your pains we thank you for. When we have matched our rackets to these balls, We will in France, by God’s grace, play a set – shall strike his father’s crown into the hazard.

    Tell him he hath made a match with such a wrangler, that all the courts of France will be disturbed with chases. And we understand him well, how he comes o’er us with our wilder days, not measuring what use we made of them.

    We never valued this poor seat of England and therefore, living hence, did give ourself to barbarous license, as ’tis ever common that men are merriest when they are from home.

    But tell the Dauphin I will keep my state, be like a king, and show my sail of greatness when I do rouse me in my throne of France, for that I have laid by my majesty and plodded like a man for working days. But I will rise there with so full a glory that I will dazzle all the eyes of France, yea, strike the Dauphin blind to look on us.

    And tell the pleasant prince this mock of his hath turned his balls to gun-stones, and his soul shall stand sore chargèd for the wasteful vengeance that shall fly with them; for many a thousand widows shall this his mock mock out of their dear husbands, mock mothers from their sons, mock castles down, and some are yet ungotten and unborn that shall have cause to curse the Dauphin’s scorn.

    But this lies all within the will of God, to whom I do appeal, and in whose name tell you the Dauphin I am coming on to venge me as I may and to put forth My rightful hand in a well-hallowed cause.

    So get you hence in peace. And tell the Dauphin his jest will savor but of shallow wit when thousands weep more than did laugh at it.

  84. If only the rest of the climate crusades and play time socialism could be resolved and admitted this fast. The policy world and media would be a safer place.

  85. I am with Mr. Watts. I saw her proposal of the Green New Deal as a real platform for her. However, I can also see the other side.That is, by AOC making her own “deplorable” statement like this, she shows that she is the joke and those that vote for her are the punch line.

  86. It was a “joke ” ? No it was an audition for CNN .
    The Democrats don’t think her mouthing off is a joke .
    No other person , except communist fan Bernie , has inflicted so much damage on the Democrats .
    Keep talking and “joking” AOC . The best campaign money the Republicans never spent .

  87. So now the imbecile claims it was humor, huh? Well, she said it in numerous video interviews and each time she was serious as a heart attack. So not only is she a moron, she’s a liar too.

  88. In the socialist world :
    Global warming becomes Climate Change and bald face lying becomes joking .
    Watching her rant it didn’t seem anyone got her “joke ” .

    If only Amazon was smart enough to know AOC has such a wicked sense of humor .

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