Dr. Susan Crockford on Tucker Carlson

Dr Crockford’s appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show.

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    • They do appear to be disreputable white bears, not the politically preferred bears of color, or even bears of very little brain.

      • Actually, only Polar Bears’s skin is black. It’s only their hair that is white.

        • Hair isn’t white, same way snow isn’t white… they are transparent but collectively they refracted light to appear to be white….

    • They were Russian bears. Vodak from the trash heaps – raised.
      You want Coca Cola sipping pansy bears, go to Nome.

    • Diversity. Black skin black supremacists, or white fur white supremacists, is politically confusing. Also, there is a matter of social justice for seals. Irreconcilable, thus pro-choice. Sometimes they are political congruent, convenient, while other times they are not. To their shame, they have indulged in unplanned parenthood, and spoiled the CAGW native risk theory.

    • He now has an opportunity to apologise to Dr. Crockford however, I don’t think he has anywhere near the amount of integrity to say he was wrong and apologise.

  1. I have no idea how anyone
    could count polar bears,
    or why.

    They all look the same to me.

    I am confident anyone who states a number
    that is not in a range of at least +/- 50% is lying.

    And since leftists are character
    attacking Ms. Crockford, my
    first assumption is she’s doing
    a good job.

    Certainly better than the
    climate “science” Dream Team:

    Since polar bears eat seals,
    and I like seals, I could not care
    less if the total number of polar
    bears, outside of zoos, was zero.

  2. I read her novel Eaten. Food for thought and frightening, in light of their growing population, if you happen to live near their natural habitats. I highly recommend the read.

  3. Plug on Susan, we are behind you. This bit of the climate scare scam needs to be made common knowledge.

    • Isn’t it refreshing. If only people could get away from the politics and actually focus on the actual population numbers, but then they would be seen as denialist planet haters on the big oil payrolls. Strange how I’ve never taken a single penny from big oil?

  4. Slowly but surely people who actually know something about reality are being seen. Whether what they are saying actually is being listened to is the real question.

  5. Funds for researching polar-bear decline are becoming extinct. That’s probably the real worry for some people invested in the idea.

    The relevant icon, then, would be a scientist in a ragged lab coat, standing pathetically on a shrinking pile of dollars.

      • They were hunted with airplanes, snowmobiles, and scoped rifles.
        Stopping such hunts allowed better survival.

    • Since we stopped hunting the seals and sea lions, the salmon population has plummeted.

      Since we stopped (intensively) hunting the polar bears (and stopped hunting the seals) the bear population has exploded.

    • the polar bear population first “exploded” …… the first time they used airplanes to do the “counting”.

      And even with the use of planes is no guarantee it will be an accurate count.

  6. Well -done Susan. Great job on Tucker, and of course your courageous research and book – thank you!!

  7. Polar bears are clearly white supremacists. With their white privilege they have exploited their brown brothers and sisters, forcing them southward into the jaws of global warming. Those that could not flee were forced into the depravity of miscegenation with untold numbers of unwanted and unloved grolar and pizzly the result.

      • So you’re saying they’ve sold out to the white supremacists so they could have their white privilege. They have turned on their black and brown brothers and sisters to keep their honest cousins in the chains of white power. Deep in the burning abyss where only Al Gore can survive in a fire suit to get some news footage for the few of us still alive to hopefully be overcome by white guilt. We’re in the polar regions lording over the burned wasteland that was their thriving planet. We laugh diabolically knowing that the only outcome of whites with wealth is complete annihilation of all life on earth.

  8. Most polar bears are climate change deniers. It’s something to do with them being left handed.

    This has the seal of approval. Just before it was eaten.

  9. There’s an interesting article in The Daily Telegraph today about Attenborough’s latest documentary claiming that somewhere in Russia, walruses are being forced to climb 250 ft steep cliffs because of a lack of sea ice due to climate change and then, believe it or not, falling off the cliff onto the rocks below because of their poor eyesight.

    Susan Crockford claims they were probably chased off the cliffs by polar bears, who then gorge themselves on the carcasses on the rocks below. Does anyone have a more plausible explanation as to why walruses weighing on average 2200lbs would be tempted or able to climb up such steep cliffs – unless of course they had a polar bear on their tail?

    • Attenborough’s latest documentary
      A sad story actually. The walruses would rather jump than listen to another Attenborough documentary.

      Truly, quite sad but there you have it. Like the frogs that croaked after researchers spread a fungus on their boots. Why frogs would wear boot is still a mystery to this day.

      • That reminds me, early one morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas, I’ll never know.

        [An auspicious start to your commenting here. Now ferd can rest easy since someone got his joke. -mod]

        • Seriously, no joke. Attenborough has replaced Hitchcock as the master of British horror films. True, “The Birds” was terrifying, but nothing compared to “I am the Walrus”.

    • I’d like to know the explanation of why lack of sea, for whatever reason, has forced walruses to climb cliffs.

    • They most certainly can’t climb steep slopes. Presumably they have come up an easier way and have then been stampeded over the cliff, trying to get back to the sea quickly.

      Walrus have very poor sight and hearing, but a keen sense of smell, so you can approach them extremely closely without being noticed if you move slowly and quietly against the wind (I’ve done it, so I know). Also they are easily stampeded when they perceive a threat, so you have to be very careful when close to a hauled-out herd. Even on flat ground young animals and females can be crushed during a stampede.

    • The location is supposedly Рыркайпий which translates from Chukchi as “Walrus place” according to Wikepedia.

      The name of the village means “Place of the Walrus” in Chukchi,[10] or “Walrus Jam”,[9] to convey the meaning that there are regularly large numbers of Walrus in the vicinity. Unsurprisingly, marine hunting has traditionally been a key source of food and employment for the local indigenous people.[9]

      As with several of the rural settlements throughout Chukotka, Ryrkaipiy was the centre for a collectivised farm centred on reindeer. Indeed, it was the central farmstead for the largest of all the reindeer herding farms throughout Chukotka, named Pioneer. Unlike other rural settlements in Chukotka such as Alkatvaam in Beringovsky District and Tavaivaam in Anadyrsky District, following the collapse of the Soviet Union and payments to the farms from the government effectively ceased as Russia moved to a market economy, the workers on this farm were able to keep their reindeer herds going and these herds are still the major source of employment for the local people, despite living on the coast.[9]

      As with many Chukotkan villages, there are strong efforts made to keep the traditions of the indigenous peoples alive and although Ryrkaipiy has modern facilities in the shape of a hospital, post office, high school and daycare centre there is also a traditional Chukchi ensemble and cultural centre and Northern Star Native Women’s Club.[9]

      Towards the end of November 2017, the village received coverage in international news when the sudden death of a large amount of walrus, and the subsequent drift of the corpses towards the village, attracted a large number of polar bears, causing a state of high alert with children forbidden from walking to school and public events cancelled after one bear broke a window in a house.[11]


    • Attenborough should serve as a reminder that many men as they age beyond pensionable age tend to lose emotional control, or in simpler terms become daft. A worrying prospect as I find myself hurtling towards phartdom at a rate that seems to increase yearly 🙂

      Although in fairness to Attenborough, he has become a prisoner of the image he built up over the years, and the current trend towards convincing folk that the world is full of non threatening Unicorns and Rainbows. Viewed from that perspective I maybe ought to have some sympathy for the man.

  10. I was about to send the following to wwf.se (Sweden) in Swedish, but after looking at their condition for contacting them in any possible way, I decided not to. They claim to store information about my text number, credit worthiness, etc.
    Here is the English version of what I would have written:

    Date: 20190-04-09

    Dear WWF Sweden,
    I wrote to wwf.se a few years back, recommending that you stopped using the polar bear as a “poster child” for Manmade Global Warming.

    It is over fifty years ago that the polar bears were endagered, due to over hunting. Over the last fifty years, due to restriction in hunting, the total number of polar bears has about quadrubbeled.
    To substantiate this, the world renouned polar bear specialist Susan Crokford has written the book: “The Polar Bear Catastrophy That Never Happened” and please also make yourself more informed by reading papers from many other non-politically motivated scientists.

    I understand that you attempt to do a lot of good for some of the most endagered wildlife. Concentrate on those animals and leave out far from endagered animals of your funding campaign program. It is immoral to decept your contributers with false claims and is leagally boundary in Sweden (false adverticement is illegal).

    So could you please remove following images, in this context, from your website:

    Further, I will respectfully ask you to corret or delete any false or controversal claims about the polar bears.

    Any logos with polar bears used as poster child, you may be careful with too.

    Yours sincerely
    Carl Friis-Hansen

    • No career-conscious Swedish policeman or prosecutor will ever come even close to WWF. I guarantee it.

      • Okay, tty, I may give it a try tomorrow. The WWF will most likely not change anything, but if they get enough of this king of email, they may feel bad for using the CAGW band-wagon for profit – or is it wishful thinking.

        • Definitely wishful thinking. As long as the lies continue to bring in the bucks, they will keep using them. They will only stop using misinformation if it causes a drop in donations. They are involved in a noble cause, don’t you know, so anything that works will be used. The ends justify the means in the minds of those with a noble cause.

          • You are spot on. The money tap has to be turned off in order for these organization or for that matter Climate Scientists and universities to cease the narrative.

  11. I expect to hear the good doctor speak tomorrow here in Calgary, at a Friends of Science presentation also including a talk by Dr Willie Soon. The name of the event is “Polar Bears and Solar Flares”; if past behavior of the environmental fringe is any indicator, I expect to see some rather lame protests.

  12. I believe she misspoke regarding Arctic Ice. She gave the impression that it has been at record lows since 2007.

  13. It seems strange to have to feel the need to thank a scientist for being honest but an act of courage has to be acknowledged .

    Maybe the walruses were just trying to get away from humans and mistakenly assumed their big cameras were rifles .

    Perhaps the walruses were simply auditioning to be the new earth has a fever mascot as no drowning polar bears were available .

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