The Laughable Ocasio-Cortez’ New Green Deal goes AWOL from the Internet

Sometimes, something is just so over-the-top stupid, that you have to disappear it. That’s what has happened to Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with her “New Green Deal”, which made “greenhouse gas reductions” down to ZERO the centerpiece of her policy. It was so ridiculous, so embarrassingly bad, that it had to be disappeared:

Fortunately, the Internet never forgets:

The now disappeared FAQ on AOC’s website stated that the program will:

“We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast.”

The FAQ, which Ocasio-Cortez’s office removed from her website amid online backlash (although it is still available on NPR’s website) additionally stated:

IPCC Report said global emissions must be cut by by 40-60% by 2030. US is 20% of total emissions. We must get to 0 by 2030 and lead the world in a global Green New Deal.

“This is a massive transformation of our society with clear goals and a timeline” at a “scale not seen since World War 2.”

Let. that. sink. in.

But then, there’s this gem:

Economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work

Riiiiight. All the templates of a wealth redistribution scheme, right there.

Of course, she’s been excoriated, and rightfully so, from both sides.

The stupid  in this case, it burns white-hot like a magnesium fire.

But maybe it doesn’t matter, because after-all, according to AOC, the world will end in 12 years anyway.

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  1. Confirming all the cliches about the green blob in one swell foop? So the movement is a fascist socialism designed by people ignorant of both economics and technology?

    • Tom, all fascists are socialists. Hitler always described himself as one and Mussolini was former chairman of the Italian Socialist Party and editor if its newspaper. Most recruits into the SA came from Marxist organisations. Left wing academics have made great efforts to hide or obscure from the public the socialist background and beliefs of the N*zis. There’s another aspect of them they hide as well that was a significant factor in their particular cruelty.

      • SA recruits came from Marxist organisations? No doubt some did, but they could hardly have been socialists by the time they happily clubbed and killed German social democrats and communists.

        And Hitler’s party is called NSDAP; n for national, no hint of international communism there. And the name existed before Hitler joined. Likewise, Mussolini changed from one extreme to the other, his fascist party was not socialist. If you need proof, just check out the assisinations of Italian left-wingers.

        • They were competitors. They were all left-wing by American standards, in that they pursued establishment of minority governments. That is the American right is libertarian and the American center is Constitutional or conservative. The Nazis indulged in diversity or color judgments (e.g. racism). They denied individual dignity. They are the inspiration of such concepts as “Jew privilege”, which today is relabeled “White privilege”. They were politically congruent and selectively excluded people. They advocated for redistributive change. They carried out social justice adventures without borders (e.g. elective wars, regime changes). They were Pro-Choice/selective/cannibalized-Jew, etc. They planned or aborted lives they deemed unworthy. The Nazis, fascists, and similar, were in principle left-wing.

        • The idea that because the Nazis killed socialists, that they thus were not themselves socialist, would be like saying that because Sunni Muslims kill Shi’ite Muslims, then therefore the Sunni Muslims are not actually Muslims. Socialists are fanatics oftentimes the same way these other religions are. They don’t care if you agree with them on 95% of things, you deviate in one way and they’ll cut your head off.

        • Mr. Nielsen The distinction Left vs Right is not valid when taking into account that both systems are using the same symbols, language and control methods. Left and right denominations are out of date: As we have people who love to control and people who love much less control, when in a majority will rule or govern according to their preference. Less control means smaller governments, less regulations, better education and independent thinking. These “things” are virtually absent in controlled systems (Orwell).

        • Henning, wrong on a number of counts I’m afraid. The party Hitler and Roehm joined was called The German Workers Party. In 1920 (I think) Roehm and Hitler renamed it the National Socialist German Workers Party. Why national? Because they were distinguishing themselves from the international socialists (Trotskyists). The greatest enemies of them were Marxists and Social Democrats both on either side of them on the political spectrum.

          • Indeed, Adolf Hitler and Ernst Röhm both joined the German Workers Party (DAP) in 1919, whereas the party changed it’s name to the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) on 24 February 1920 (the same day Hitler publicly outlined the party’s 25-point manifesto for the first time in a speech at the Hofbräuhaus in Munich).

        • they could hardly have been socialists by the time they happily clubbed and killed German social democrats and communists.

          It’s called “eating your own”. Socialists/marxists do it sooner or later.

        • The economic policies of both Hitler and Mussolini were 100% socialist.
          You’ve drunk the left wing kool-aid that proclaims anything bad is right wing, therefore since Nazi’s were bad, they must have been right wing.

        • but they could hardly have been socialists by the time they happily clubbed and killed German social democrats and communists.

          The far-left always eats it’s own.
          That and Kyle in Upstate NY’s Sunni vs Shi’ite analogy applies as well.

          And Hitler’s party is called NSDAP; n for national

          don’t stop at the first letter. The second, the ‘s’, stands for sozialistische (translation to English: socialist).

          If you need proof, just check out the assisinations of Italian left-wingers.

          Again, the far left always eats its own. By your login, Stalin wasn’t a communist, just check out the assassinations of his fellow communists.

          Fascism of the Early 20th century was a movement that grew out of the left. That’s an historical fact no matter how much you wish to revise history to make it otherwise.

        • Socialism is the umbrella term, which is the opposite of Free Markets/Capitalism. The defining characteristic of socialism is that it calls for the power of the state to be above the rights of individuals.

          Under socialism, there are numerous variants, some with such tiny differences as to be laughable. Communism, marxism, nazism, fascism, progressivism, welfare statism, crony capitalism, and many more, all are forms of socialism. That one group hates another group, whether with the same or a different variant title, is beside the point.

          What’s in a name. Would not a socialist by any other name still be as stupid?

      • Correct. Hitler was named “Man of the Year” in 1938 by Time Magazine. They noted Hitler’s anti-capitalistic economic policies:

        “Most cruel joke of all, however, has been played by Hitler & Co. on those German capitalists and small businessmen who once backed National Socialism as a means of saving Germany’s bourgeois economic structure from radicalism. The Nazi credo that the individual belongs to the state also applies to business. Some businesses have been confiscated outright, on other what amounts to a capital tax has been levied. Profits have been strictly controlled. Some idea of the increasing Governmental control and interference in business could be deduced from the fact that 80% of all building and 50% of all industrial orders in Germany originated last year with the Government. Hard-pressed for food- stuffs as well as funds, the Nazi regime has taken over large estates and in many instances collectivized agriculture, a procedure fundamentally similar to Russian Communism.”

        (Source: Time Magazine; January 2, 1939.)

        Sounds like the DNC

        • Oh, fer Christ’s sake, Joey, use today, not yesterday, to analyze current political policy proposals. We all know that Hitler, Mao, Pot Pol, President Wilson, Stalin, etc. advocated deviant, people-killing policies.

          Today’s deviant, people-killing policies are deficient on their face: They will result in our spending on imaginary, impossible to prove future problems, while shortchanging the very people that would benefit from targeted spending on measures to reduce poverty and malnutrition. History has no parallel.

        • It wasn’t socialism… Germany had it’s own real socialist parties, the SPD and KPD (communists) which Hitler crushed.
          Hitler’s party’s name was a play on the word social , which in its original meaning just meant ‘allies’ and the German usage was a compound word Nationalsozialistische , which had a completely different meaning to the word socialist in English, which is the reason it was abbreviated to Nazi, a virulent right wing ideology.

          • It is fascinating the mental gymnastics that some people will employ to try and hold to the fiction that Nazis were congruent with the political right in the US.
            Or that at the time and the place they existed in, they represented the conservative/right side of the political spectrum.
            It is a lie, invented after the defeat of Nazis.
            Maybe to place them as far away from the Democrats in power in the US at the time?
            The sophistry that is used every time this comes up is incredible. Do not believe what they say about themselves or call themselves.
            Do not give any weight to the fact that they employed policies and tactic identical to the modern left.
            Focus on things like that they got rid of their own useful idiots, as all socialist regimes must do once established.
            Because there are always people who naively believe the rhetoric used to seize power, and help it happen, and they must be eliminated to consolidate complete control.
            Cannot have people around who want to toss out the leaders when things are not going the way it was advertised.

          • So…seizing the means of production is not socialist? Nsdap always had that in their 12(?) point manifesto-look it up. Hitler’s right hand wanted to implement it, while Hitler himself disn’t wanted to do so right away. A year after coming to power, Hitler ordered the assasination of that said second in comand, together with 100 other people, the night of the long knives. Nsdap was socialist in it’s core, different than communism(not internationalist), but socialist nationalist. Listen to Hitler speeches, how he talks about the ordinary worker, and how each must be supported etc.

          • Duker, it doesn’t matter how deluded a person is, or if their rationalization includes Left Vs. Right; socialism is always forced system that has no logical outcome, other than less & less & less freedom. “Socialism” is a tool to control people … to force them into something they wouldn’t willing do. In the end it is no different than fascism.

          • There was absolutely NOTHING right wing (viz conservative with emphasis on individual rights) about NAZZISM you stupid socialist idiot.

            The NAZZI government controlled EVERYTHING. How the hell is that conservative or right wing.

            You are either unbelievably stupid or irretrievably evil….or both.

          • …socialist parties, the SPD and KPD (communists) which Hitler crushed…

            Of course Hitler crushed them, every good cutthroat dictator makes sure to eliminate the competition. And remember, the “competition” is not the one offering a different product, the “competition” is the one offering the same product under a different name.

          • It wasn’t socialism…

            Yes it was. Not only is it in the name, it’s in the 25-point manifesto, it’s in the policies the party pushed for an implemented, and it’s in the numerous speeches Hitler gave. That you are ignorant of all that is your own problem.

            Germany had it’s own real socialist parties, the SPD and KPD (communists) which Hitler crushed.

            Of course Hitler crushed those other parties, they were the competition. You see the same thing in every country in which one socialist, fascist, or communist party takes over, all other competitors are crushed.

            which is the reason it was abbreviated to Nazi, a virulent right wing ideology.

            Sorry, but learn some history. Fascism a rose from the left-wing socialists of the early 20th century. socialism and fascism are both virulent left-wing ideologies (and thus so was the Nazis, the most virulent form of those virulent left-wing ideologies).

      • No, it’s boring.

        Every german household had to own 1 copy min.

        The allied troops often found “mein Kampf” in the households, shiny new, obviously never opened to read.

        • Yeah and the book was banned untill recently. Very embarassing when you read of the fertility of the soil, lebensraum and look at the Green manifestos! The same!
          Green is the new Brown. AOC’s GND is about mass murder – genocide pushing the polulation to pre-industrial levels as Dr. Schellnhuber, CBE of PKI procalimed with decarbonization.

          Its exactly what Germany is doing with the WBGU, a neo-Morgenthau Plan – de-industrialization, never mind de-diesel.

        • Johann Wundersamer posts yet another link to Google.

          Johann Wundersamer: We all know all about Google. There is no need to post links to it any more. To be sure, many of us choose not to use Google at all.

          If you have a web site you would like us to see, you could post a link to that site directly.

          • For the life of me, I can’t even figure out what he was trying to show. Something about radio propaganda?


          • It baffles me that he posts a google search, not a web site. Anyway, here’s a link.

            One of the search results is a wiki article on a radio manufactured with the express purpose of receiving propaganda.

            … dictatorship differed in one fundamental point from all its predecessors in history. His was the first dictatorship in the present period of modern technical development, a dictatorship which made the complete use of all technical means for domination of its own country. Through technical devices like the radio and loudspeaker, 80 million people were deprived of independent thought. It was thereby possible to subject them to the will of one man…

            People learned to read between the lines. My favorite:

            I realized how much trouble we were in because all our great victories kept getting nearer to Berlin.

        • Dude, you are clearly not getting the hint, post the link to what you want people to see not the search for it. Can’t say it in any simpler terms.

        • Correct.
          I am not even going to open the second one, after the first was a search engine page for a company I wish I could never ever patronize, and everything was in German, besides.
          For one thing, everyone sees something different when entering the same words on Google.
          And they heavily filter results, in many cases so inanely it is sickening.
          There was a Tweet a few weeks ago where someone posted a bunch of search terms that when typed into a google search gave results so bizarre it was difficult to believe.
          Using google for search these days is like using Snopes to fact check a Republican politician, or Wikipedia to learn the truth about Climate change.
          You get pure propaganda.
          I read enough Deutsche to get that it was some particular sort of radio.
          You could just say what else it is they found, Johann.

        • Johann , Re-read tony’s post as you clearly did not understand it the first time.
          There’s no need to post links to google (with or without search terms added). We all know about google, we all know how to use google, so stop linking to google as you are accomplishing *NOTHING* by doing so except giving people a reason to ignore anything you might be trying to say.

          You want to say something with a link , then post a link to the SPECIFIC PAGE you want people to see. No one cares about what search engine you used, what search terms you used or what the search results of those terms on that engine were. They want SPECIFIC information that can only be had from giving SPECIFIC links.

      • Yes, Schitzree. As you say

        Schitzree February 10, 2019 at 4:09 pm
        For the life of me, I can’t even figure out what he was trying to show. Something about radio propaganda?


        You can't even figure out what's shown here.

        Regards – Hans

        • Everyone can see you posting links to google searches. Such searches give multiple links (all of which will not necessarily be relevant for what you were hoping to find with your search terms). If there’s something you want people to see, give them the link to the actual page, not the google search that includes the link to the page because
          1) it’s rude to force people to go to google and sift through search results in the hopes of finding the information you are trying to convey to them, particularly in light of the fact that many people despise google and want nothing to do with it (there are other, less controversial search engines out there)
          2) it’s lazy to try and get others to sift though the links to find the one you want them to read rather than you doing so and then linking the specific link.

          don’t be so rude and lazy

    • Minted on the edge of all the silver 2 and 5 Reichsmark coins of Nazi Germany is “Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz” which translates roughly to “The community comes before the individual”.

      What political party is best described by this inscription?

      • “The community comes before the individual” — A good case can be made that both political parties are best described by that inscription.

      • Everything about the left in the US today puts the group ahead of the individual, and group identity the defining aspect of each person.
        Political correctness, intersectionality…you name it…take away the rights of the individual, personal responsibility, personal property, free press, free speech, right to defend oneself and be armed, limited government power and dispersal and decentralization thereof…and everything else that represents the progress that out system has made for the past 1000 years. And replaces it with the opposite.

    • Tom, in a word, yes, and in so much more!

      Technical, Financial, Social, Political, Unintended Impacts of AOC Green New Deal

      I just turned 70 and am claiming an Elder Privilege. Paraphrasing Anthony, sometimes something is so out in left field, it defies Logic and Common Sense and requires comment. And some questions. So…..

      1) First, this proposal must go through administrative procedures, cost/benefit analyses, environmental reviews (big issues here!), various reviews of the final proposal, public comment, and legal challenges (more big issues!!!) which will take 10 years in itself even with Trump Administration efforts at reducing regulations. Will AOC call for suspending the regulations that some have use for so long to delay or defeat projects they deemed unacceptable?

      2) We are going to transition generating capacity off fossil fuels in 10 years? Really? Then we must:
      Design and build cost effective alternative generating system. Are solar/wind/hydro good enough to provide reliable power at scale? They can generate power but all are subject to environmental conditions. Can we design and build a storage solution in 10 years that works? We definitely need a backup system that must be maintained and that cost has to be included somewhere. Will it be fossil-fueled or use Nuclear? And, note that the system will be even larger because of the added transportation load to the grid. And, will this system be more centralized? Is that wise? And, if solar is a big part, will we rely on rare earths from abroad or allow mining our own resources? Will foreign sources even allow such a drain on their resources?

      Design and build a cost effective transmission system. This requirement is bigger than realized. More on this topic later.

      3) We must transition building infrastructure. More on this topic later.
      4) And, transition transportation infrastructure, presumably, from hydrocarbon to electric while eliminating aircraft? What about shipping? And, what about travel to islands, between continents, time sensitive cargo such as medicines, disaster relief? Is there any way to duplicate the speed of aircraft? Defense aircraft? Space programs?
      5) Is this proposal Efficiency at any price? And what of social, political impacts and Unintended Consequences? (Discussed later)

      1) First, all initial cost estimates are likely underestimated because they usually are for large-scale programs and because of unintended consequences and the cost to individuals. Add in compliance costs. Then, add:
      2) Cost to build new generation system and maintain reliable backup capacity; need more capacity if transportation is added to the load; land acquisition costs.
      3) Cost to build new transmission system to get power from production site to user; again, land acquisition costs.
      4) Cost of building retrofit; impact on materials’ costs like lumber/steel demand
      5) Cost of transportation transition. Costs associated with decreased range and increased delivery time of people/goods/services.
      6) Cost of social programs: free healthcare, college, basic income for all
      7) Geographic financial shift? Money moves!

      This proposal includes a variety of “social programs” many of which are wealth redistribution programs. But:
      1) What about social impacts? We have always been a mobile society; and currently, we move people and things under our own control, almost at will. What happens when we are restricted in that movement? Will government mandate the restrictions and what happens after that?
      2) People are moving from high-tax states to lower tax states now. Will people move for more desirable weather or vacation opportunities like Disney, Universal, Sea World etc. if they can’t travel like they have in the past?
      3) The “American Mind”, as John Adams said, is one of freedom and adventurer/explorer, can we transition to less freedom and “mental” adventurer/explorer from “spatial” one?
      4) And, what of job changes? Job declines will hit the oil/gas, auto, and maybe the hospitality industries (travelers fuel the hospitality industry). And Job increases will be huge in construction but where will this demand come from? Immigration? The “unwilling to work”? Remember: all of these changes will hit within 10 years! What will be the unintended consequences?

      1) If more people move, how long before it affects redistricting and reapportionment? That’s happening now between high-tax and low-tax states.
      2) Again, will government restrict movement to “protect” the Green New Deal?
      3) What of the geographic financial shift? How will that affect political entities?
      4) How “reversible” will the program be if found unworkable? What’s the parachute?
      5) Potential for civil unrest? Unrest is a big unknown.

      Two Rules of Unintended Consequences:
      1) Always occur so expect unforeseen technical, financial, environmental, social and political consequences. Can these be resolved at all, much less in 10 years?
      2) The bigger the change, the more and bigger the unintended consequences
      The most concerning unintended consequence may be civil unrest. Reference: France with a simple rise in a tax. Stress on the civil population because of the drastic changes required in this proposal is much greater. The population may see material/product shortages from a manufacturing shift to a “war-time” footing as companies retool to make the things necessary for this proposal . Such was the case in WWII. Remember: 10 years!

      So, ten years? Maybe 100 years! IF, scientific proof emerges that shows CAGW is a reality which, in my view, has not occurred. And what of places that have enjoyed warmer weather and of places that have remained cool? Cooler may be ok for the warmer areas, but do the cooler want to get colder? I suggest continued study: improve methods and statistical analyses, improve models and databases, and by all means encourage debate, not stifle it!

      • The Dems are on to a winner here with this proposed Green Deal. Obviously it will be impossible to get down to zero emissions of carbon but a “greenprint” is needed in the US, just as there is one in Europe, for phasing out the use of fossil fuels wherever and whenever this can be done.

        The Millenials think very differently to grumpy old white men who are Trump supporters in the main it seems. They are very aware of what is happening on environmental issues and are now prepared to act on this awareness, both through public demonstration and at the ballot box. If the GOP continue down the path of denying AGW even exists and refusing to take action to mitigate its effects, then that is a large proportion of the Millenial vote lost (I am a 56 year old white man so not a Millenial and definitely not a Trump supporter).

        • Wrong.
          Watch what happens here instead.
          Americans are not sheep, easily led to slaughter.
          We and a few other countries have time and again had to come to the rescue after the rest of the world went insane.
          I am not so sure we will make huge sacrifices next time.

        • Ivan, you make many assumptions, or state opinions, in your response which you are free to do. But, although Caucasian, I am not grumpy and I said I just turned 70, not that I was old as many of the younger generations have learned on the basketball and tennis courts! Whether CAGW exists or not is still debatable. The science is not “settled” and that comment, with “consensus” science, has not proven very successful in history.

          Regardless, the proposal by AOC requires a critical analysis of its specifics, just as any sweeping government proposal should (Democratic, Republican, Independent, Liberal, Conservative or otherwise) and my comments list areas that I believe should require examination.

          We are an innovative people and at least some of the problems listed have resolutions but whether practical and cost-effective is unknown. But, in 10 years? With the world ending in 12 years, when her proposal will have no world impact within that time frame, and probably never. How does that save the world?

          Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been elected to the House of Representatives and deserves the respect of her office but she is learning a lesson, that her fellow (older) Democrats are likely reinforcing, and that is what the IBM sign in my office says: THINK.

          Polls, and I do not necessarily trust polls, frequently find that voters will like an idea but support drops dramatically when the requirements and consequences of an idea become known. Even with “millennials”.

          But, respect your opinion, as well as Menicholas’s.

          • Thanks for the balanced response – something you don’t see much of here if anyone dares to believe in the AGW phenomenon.

            I agree that AOC’s plan is not perfect and is open to criticism. However, what I like about it is that it has got people talking about the issue and at least is getting the American voter to think about whether some kind of deal like this is needed either now or futher down the line.

        • When you promise free stuff, you can always count on the support of those who don’t want to work.

          Ivanksi actually believes that most everyone agrees with him.
          Then again, that’s what usually happens when you refuse to associate with anyone who disagrees with you.

          • Indeed, that Obama fellow was elected and most everyone I know didn’t vote for him (the one exception being my lefty nephew-in-law).

          • @John Endicott – amazing phenonemon, in 1945 the Allies couldn’t find a single person in the street that was ever a Nazi or who voted for them in 1933.

      • In order for any of the GND to even start to work, the people in the US will have to agree to give over complete control of every aspect of our lives to people like a delusional 20 year old bartender.
        We will have to allow confiscation of our vehicles and perfectly good homes, abandon jobs and entire industries and allow confiscation of vast amounts of property and the holdings and interest of most of the largest employers and most economically important industries.
        All the airlines, gone, Boeing, gone, the oil companies and support industries, gone…
        No cows, means slaughter of every herd in the country, and we must assume they mean no pigs as well, so no more bacon, milk, cheese, ice cream, beef, leather…and all the ranchers and dairy farmers, well, I suppose they are all gonna have to learn to code.
        Or swing a hammer.
        The entire idea is so preposterous and absurd it is becomes possible to imagine that AOC is a white hat troll, sent to sabotage Democrats.
        Rebuild everything and clean up the environment at the same time as we eliminate all of the energy sources we now use, except the ones that are known to be net absorbers of energy, and use vast amounts of materials that can only be obtained using fossil fuel intensive vehicles and factories, and would require unprecedentedly large amounts of every single ingredient in a house, car, train…and BTW also get rid of the source of the protein that hard working people need to stay fit strong and healthy?
        Give everyone a job, and free everything from cradle to grave for those who do not choose to work.
        Tax the rich more and ramp up the printing presses while destroying the wealth creation ability of the economy at the same time as confiscating and replacing everything with bright shiny new stuff.
        The entire thing is almost too ridiculous to bother to talk about…it is from top to bottom a list of impossibilities. Except for one thing…and that is that every democrat running for President in 2020 has signed onto the proposal…and those people know how to steal elections.

        • What I love is how AOC and Bernie live high off the hog….him with his mansions and her with her designer clothes and accessories but then want the rest of us to live like we’re in The Flinstones. Do you think the elite will give up airplanes, or will that just be for us peons.

          • And what about that arsehole Trump who had his own private plane, Trump Tower, his old boys’ oligarch club Mar-al-Lago, his several golf courses that he cannot stop advertising as President – wow, he really does live high off the hog (compared to this individual’s consumption, Bernie and AOC are eating breadcrumbs)!

          • What about Trump? Trump isn’t telling us the world will end in 12 years if we don’t stop GW or Climate change or whatever they are calling it today. I happen to love America and our way of life more than I hate Trump. Those who have gotten rich (including Bernie & AOC) are entitled to their money if they got it legally. I don’t have a problem with people getting rich…my problem is with people who get rich but who want the rest of us to be peons that they can control and then they act like they are so above us and that we are “all equal”…obviously they are more equal than the rest of us & if you believe the Bern & AOC or any of these other socialist/communists (like Maduro or the late Fidel) really want us to all be equal then you have been DUPED big time.

          • What the f*** are you talking about them wanting “everyone to be equal”.

            What they are insisting on is that that be a fairer distribution of wealth from the top (i.e. the super-rich) down to the bottom, given that the income gap has widened considerably in America. Basically the rich are getting even more rich and the poor are getting poorer. You might have an issue with that but there are many Americans – particularly the ones who voted for a Democrat-controlled House – who don’t.

            I admire businessmen like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who have made their billions and are then willing to plough much of it back into society for the better good (and strictly auditing projects where they know their hard-earned $s will make a difference). However, there are far too many super-rich who just want to spend their $s on conspicuous consumption – Trump being one of them.


          • Why don’t you tell me what happens then in countries like Venezuela and Cuba when they moved to “socialism” which is what they call it but as was stated by Lenin “the goal of socialism is communism” and it will happen here also if we move down that road more and more. Class struggles will not get people anywhere good. But clearly we totally see the world differently. By the way I’ve been to Cuba a dozen times, so I’ve seen it up close an personal.

          • Who gets to decide a fair distribution, Ivan? Hard-headed private philanthropy is a boon. Ham-handed political handouts is a disaster.

            Socialism’s track record is not good.

          • “Bernie and AOC are eating breadcrumbs)!” Bernie has never worked in the private sector. how did he become a multimillionaire? And, I Don’t think they is eating breadcrumbs.

          • Mr Kinsman, you do realise that President Trump is currently working as the President for NO PAY?
            You sir do not live in the same world as the rest of us and your “anger” comes across very clearly, I suggest you try getting your information from different sources.

          • Get my sources from the same places as you do, and like your’s they say this man is going to jail by 2020 🙂 Biggest unethical sleaze ball to ever have the privilege of holding the Presidential Office.

          • Well, Ivan, just go on living in your little socialist bubble dream world if it makes you feel better. Yes, I held my nose and voted for Trump because I knew Hillary well enough to know she was going to be one of the worst president ever. I figured if Trump did half of what he promised he’d be light years better and I have been pleasantly surprised with what he has done. Still not crazy about him and I am glad to call him out when I disagree… So it would seem quite a few people are wising up and walking away from the socialist, baby killing, tree hugging Democrats. Even this Never Trumper:

          • Once again, Ivanski demonstrates that his primary motivation is hatred towards those who have been successful.

            Trump isn’t trying to deny others the right to improve themselves, the way AOC and Bernie are.

          • Yup, Ivanski hates people who are successful and wants government to take their stuff and give it to people like him.

          • There is a total of one person who’s saying that Trump is going to jail by 2020, and that woman hasn’t had any connection to reality in decades.

            As usual, Ivanski is so consumed by hatred towards those who have been successful that he can no longer think straight.

          • If the gap between rich and poor has grown, it’s because of meddling by socialist do-gooders. Income tax bracket creep (finally put to an end by Reagan) and the stealth tax of constantly inflating new money into existence–all to pay for the virtue-signalling social-program-of-the-week, have fleeced the middle class for decades. Far more former middle-class citizens drop into the working poor than climb up into the noveau rich. Socialist policies purport to be the solution to the very problems they create. It’s an alluring idea that never works.

            That so many otherwise intelligent and capable people continue to claim they will work THIS time, speaks to the strength of socialism’s siren song. Chasing utopia like an addict chases the high.

            It’s intellectual meth-amphetamine.

        • Not just cattle and pigs, but all major methane-producing mammalian livestock, especially other domestic ruminants like sheep and goats, plus their many wild kin, such as the roaming deer and antelope.

          Three stomach (rather than four) near ruminants, like hippos, also produce a lot of methane.

      • JRF in Pensacola one very major hurdle for the GND that I don’t hear much talk about is the rules regarding creating new entitlement programs also include budget cuts or tax increases to prevent an increase in the federal deficit. It’s not just the house rules (which AOC was opposed to, is there any wonder why) but the PAYGO legislation that they’re based on. There isn’t enough stuff in the budget to cut and you can’t raise taxes high enough to pay for everything in the GND. massive deficit spending is required. Even if congress was to waive the PAYGO rules (as they have done for a couple of other pieces of legislation) the size of the deficit required will likely cause considerable political opposition even among democrats.

        • John Endicott, good practical points regarding congressional rules and PAYGO! My little list of issues and questions should be considered just that…..little. So much else swirls around the GND!

    • This looks astonishingly like the UN’s Agenda 2030
      This may be as it is planned to be realised in the USA, and the DumboCommies have
      ‘spilt the bean’s’ – sometimes the saving value of the stupid is that they are honest.

    • What gets me is that all the news-wonks are discussing it as though it was a serious possibility. It’s SO bad I can’t even believe the Dem. party would let her publish it. It reads like a GOP parody of climate alarmism, penned by a second-grader high on bubble tea and Adderall. Thank God at least Trump refuses to take it seriously.

  2. The junior-high-school caliber wish list deserved mocking. The creepy, totalitarian aspects had some calling it the Soylent Green New Deal.

    • My kids Jr. High science teacher told my kids to re-educate their parents about the imminent destruction of the planet earth … if their parents didn’t stop “WASTING”; energy, earth’s resources, etc. The wife and I told our little darling to just nod, collect their ‘A’ and recognize that Those who can’t … teach. And Those who refuse to work at all … get FREE STUFF from She Guevara’s America

      • Wasting energy? I guess putting countless gigawatts into the production of so called “green” energy facilities that intermittently produce 1/1000 of the energy used for their existence is a good way to save the planet? Somebody has to round these “teachers” up and send them on a one way cruise (via container ship) to places like Venezuela!!

      • I would be hard pressed to keep my kids in schools where such propaganda is pushed nonstop.
        I was mostly self taught as a child, and was always way ahead of any regular levels of ability at each grade.
        Why go to a school where the teachers are stupid robots that are actively harming children?

          • A good choice for those with the time and ability to do so. Not everyone is so fortunate.

            If I had school age kids, I certainly would not want them in the local public school. It would have to be either homeschool or private school. If we couldn’t afford the later we’d have to find the time for the former.

  3. I certainly hope AOC makes herself unforgettable with this crack-brained scheme, so that voters will remember her when they have to consider who to vote for in 2020.

    • I agree. Maybe she is part of the mythical Russian/Trump axis of evil and her job was to undercut any credibility the Democrats had going into the next election. Is there a Steele dossier on her as credible as the one on Trump? Has she ever drunk vodka or tasted caviar – sure signs of working for Putin.

      • At least she won’t be able to run for President for 2 more terms (in NY NY). Although she will turn 35 on 10-13-24, NY State registration to run cuts off 10-12-2, the day before she turns 35.

        • Looks like the latest date to file are in in Mississippi, Arizona, Kentucky or Rhode Island and their cut off dates are in September, far before AOC turns 35

          • It remains to be seen if AOC will be re-elected even once.
            She just took $10 million from Netflix for the documentary rights to her elections campaign, even as she is fighting to keep Amazon from bringing 25,000 new high paying jobs to her district…and almost unimaginably huge economic infusion to a underprivileged district.
            She has gotten a lot of attention, and maybe she will keep flying high…and maybe not.
            She is, after all, an economic and policy illiterate sock puppet.

          • She needs her district to remain poor because if they were middle class her message would carry little if any weight. And if they were mildly upper middle class they would be negatively impacted by her Green New Deal and she would lose favor

        • The age restriction is for *HOLDING* office, not for running for office, so what matters is not how old she is when registering (or running her campaign), but how old she will be on inauguration day (when she would be sworn in). And she will be 35 by the time Jan-2025 rolls around. She’s perfectly eligible to run in the 2024 presidential election (assuming she’s still on the political landscape by then)

    • @Larry;
      There is almost no way she will not be elected. Half her district is Hispanic. “She’s one of us”, they will say, and obediently pull the lever. The district is 18% white, and Crowley was the last person of non-color who will ever hold that seat. In the last 3 presidential elections, the Demonrat candidate received 77% (2016), 81% (2012), and 76% (2008). Yes, after the disaster that was Obummer, his margin went up by 5 percentage points in round 2! She is attached to that Congressional seat like a barnacle, and no amount of hammering, chiseling, or blow-torching will dislodge her.

      • You assume she won’t ever face a person of color in the primary or the general elections. While incumbents are hard to beat, it’s not impossible or unheard of it happening. Crowley was an incumbent (and pretty high in the party hierarchy to boot) and he was defeated in the primary (he wasn’t the only one. History shows that many of Dem and Rep incumbent has failed to win their parties primary). And there’s plenty of examples of incumbents losing the general election, even in districts that traditionally don’t favor the party whose candidate beat them. All it takes is for her to fall on the wrong side of an issue that her constituents care about. Her opposition to the jobs Amazon would bring to her district could be such a issue (it remains to be seen).

        • Unless she really steps in it, I can’t see anyone mounting a challenge to her. Crowley lost because he phoned in his campaign. She is delivering (or attempting to) everything she promised. Presumably her constituents will be warm and cozy with that. If the national leadership tried to run a more “compliant” candidate in a primary, there would be political blood in the streets.

          • What, exactly, has she delivered? All I see her doing is spewing a bunch of semi-literate leftist crap, spoken at a elementary school level. Any street vendor working in her district is far more intelligent than Accusatory Occasional-Cortex is and they damned well know more about economics, taxation and infrastructure than this twit does. She is so empty headed and vacuous it is actually painful to watch.

      • Let’s just hope that if it ever gets enacted that minorities will not be excluded the way that they were the last time a Democrat came up with a New Deal for America.

        • Well then I’ll becomw a Jew so I can reap all the benefits of minorites, while still actually being white, and never be able to be fairly criticized duty my worldview or behavior because… Anti-semitism!

          What a great little niche I’ll create for my family. I’m not kidding either. It’s the only way of be able to protect what I have

          • You may find there a little painful experience waiting for you if you weren’t circumcised as a child.

            But putting *that* issue aside, you might wish to look at where the backers of the GND sand in regards to anti-semitism. Many of them (including AOC herself) have been supportive of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar after her anti-semetic remarks and/or are friendly with Louis Farrakhan (well known for his anti-semitism) and Linda Sasour (another left-wing anti-Semite). so being Jewish rather than being your key to minority status might make you twice as unwelcome to the Green New Dealers as simply being white would.

  4. “…we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast.”

    Twenty-four years as an airline pilot and I never knew airplanes farted.

  5. What do the Democrat constituents think about the direction(s) of their party these days? Between wasting time on trying to impeach Trump, character assassinations of everyone not a Democrat, holding the government hostage over the border wall, and crazy pronunciations like the Green New Deal you have to wonder what they’re doing to actually help the people.

    • Help the people..? Those are 3 exceedingly toxic words for Democrats and not in their vocabulary or job description.

      • That might be a feature, not a bug. Since the 8 scariest words in the English language are, “We’re from the government. We’re here to help.” So don’t turn them loose to “help” me!

        • The actual quote was:
          “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” – President Reagan Aug. 12, 1986

    • You got it wrong…

      It’s not “Help the People”

      It’s “Help yourself to the People”

      They get to take what they want, when they want, including people.

  6. The conspiracy theory would dictate that OC is a Republican agent infiltrated into the Democrats to deter voters.

    • Twitter is why.
      Hundreds of millions are on Twitter, including the politicians, media people, news networks, and “influencers”.
      The smart and relevant ones anyhow.
      Anyone not on Twitter is late to every party.
      I have only recently come to this realization but I am pretty sure of it.
      The entire Twitterverse lit up like a Christmas tree the instant her FAQ page was made public.
      I was checking here, but did not see any article posted about it for many hours after it started, and by then the FAQ page was removed.

        • Hey, don’t get mad at me.
          I never went on it until about a month ago.
          But it is easy to see that lots of people are on Twitter.
          You can talk to people directly, that otherwise you just read about in the news.
          Every breaking news story is seen immediately.
          I am not talking about Beyoncé, BTW…I am talking about people from here and news people and politicians and business people…there are scads of people with hundreds of thousands of followers.

  7. Most Greens of the beginning has been communists, many of them are still.
    Watermelons, outside green, inside red.

  8. Mr. Watts, you just don’t get it. That draft was a work in progress. It is a starting point. The Democrat-Socialists will refine it, hone it, make it better. In fact, it’s getting better all the time. Better, better, better. Getting so much better all the time.

      • … it can’t get no worse …

        Lennon contributed the pessimistic viewpoint, coming up with the line, “It can’t get no worse.” McCartney usually wrote much happier lyrics than Lennon.

        Well … if the world is gonna END in 12 years … I’d say … it can’t get no worse

        • I had never realized before how few lyrics that song has.
          Without the “can’t get no worse” line, the song would have been sappy watery crap.

    • Rick,
      It is a good thing that the new cars that we buy aren’t a work in progress! It is better to not release it until it is ready for prime time. That saves a lot of embarrassment!

      • Fortunately not until 2028 at the earliest and she will only have unit 2031 to mess things up before the end. Or kick the goal posts out another 12 years.

  9. I have watched her a couple of times on youtube, she does come across as a tad dense. Has her success had anything to do with being attractive then?

        • The love of Islamism by the green left is not well understood by capitalist conservatives. The reality is that this is a dirty deal with the devil to remove democracy. The green left understand all too well that if you can bring down the democratic pillars of freedom by creating a society at war with itself, then the opportunity to install totalitarianism is enabled. Importing large masses of people with extreme opposing views to those of the host country is the perfect weapon. Casualities in the bloody civil war that follows are a necessary means to and an end, even if some of their fellow green disciples perish along the way.

    • AOC is a nice little bird; the perfect canary in the deep mine of climate alarmism. How long before the oxygen runs out?

    • I read something today that called into question her entire “Bronx history” … that she actually grew up in the lap of luxury in a toney NYC Suburb. That IF she held a job as a “bartender” it was brief and unsuccessful. That she’s actually never had a REAL job earning enough to actually live on her own. She is a totally FAKE construct of a LEFTIST candidate … ovvvvvvvv cullllller … because … well you know … we haven’t yet had enough “brown” Congresswomen

      • A comment I read on another website (which I can’t recall) said:

        “If you asked patients at a mental hospital for suggestions on how to run the government, their ideas would make more sense than hers.”

    • When I used to take my sons to the zoo they would always enjoy watching the monkeys forever. It was quite attractive to them.

    • I would be willing to bet money that the “career path” of AOC has at some point intersected a stage with a predominantly male audience and dollar bills. Which I know is off target, play the ball not the (wo)man, but some things are just too obvious!

    • Find a full length picture of her. She really is quite attractive — if that is she doesn’t talk.

    • Jules
      Attractive? Well, she is relatively young and has a couple of outstanding features, but I would be hesitant to call her attractive.

      • That would require people to take responsibility for their own health care. Rather I’d expect them to assign a health care worker to go around flossing everybody’s teeth after meals.
        Got to create jobs for those who are unwilling to work.

    • And the community organizer parts from the first link

      “Ensure justice and equity for frontline communities by prioritizing investment, training, climate and community resiliency, economic and environmental benefits in these communities.”

      “. . . and must recognize that existing legislation can incentivize companies to create toxic hotspots in frontline communities, so anything here must ensure that frontline communities are prioritized.”

      “Promote justice and equity by stopping current, preventing future, and repairing historic oppression of frontline and vulnerable communities”

      “Use democratic and participatory processes led by frontline and vulnerable communities to implement GND projects locally”

  10. AOC a whistleblower ? Saying loud and clear where other steer the ship with less perceivable outrage ?

    A set of postulates of which none should be burned or forgotten. A clear warning message from an insider indeed.

  11. One thought strikes me, when reading these ludicrous policy ambitions, and that is that Orcasio-Cortez and her ilk cannot possibly be the least interested in the climate issue. Name puns notwithstanding, I refuse to accept that these persons are so mentally defect as to really believe such cuts are in any way possible within the given timeframe.

    Had they been truly interested, they would have proposed measures that might have been draconic, but at least feasible. But the phrasing, the wild claims, suggests that in their minds, it is just a matter of making the biggest bid, no matter what reality might dictate.

    Which again leads to the conclusion: They don’t believe in the climate crises. No, they don’t. And it’s worse than we thought:

    Anyone who truly fears AGW and its panoply of disasters, will perhaps call for exaggerated rectifying measures, but measures that still are within the range of rationality. Their fear itself stops them from going overboard in fantasy flights; extreme schemes could jeopardize all mitigation.

    But these Democrats have given the game away:
    They have neither faith nor fear.

    • It’s an old trick. You go for the extreme demands so that they will be rejected. Then your more moderate friends appear sane. The Greens have been using this tactic for decades, setting up extreme groups with extreme demands to make Greenpeace et al look like bastions of reason and modest demands.

      • So they make the Democrats look extreme so that the more moderate ? what, green party? Communist? Republicans? who exact? look good. Yes its a tactic, but it’s not one that they use to make your own organization look like the extremists. The whole point is to make your organization look good in comparison, not worse by association.

  12. Those of us in Aerospace got a good laugh at it when it came out Thursday morning. We were sad to see it go, because I for one am getting more “unwilling to work” with each passing day and making airliners that get double the seat mpg of a Prius takes brain power not required to be a member of congress or a bartender. It would be great for airliners to run on unicorn farts, but they don’t… and neither do the vast majority of trains in the US.

    After the GND FAQ’s went down the memory hole, Left wing pundits actually tried to pin the original draft on “right wing trolls”. Mark Dice said “The only thing I added was “Free Massage Chair”‘, and the rest of the document was left untouched. No “Right Wing Trolls” required.

    I can think of no better definition of “gaslighting” than the Democrat party response to the GND FAQ’s from AOC.

    • “It would be great for airliners to run on unicorn farts, but they don’t… and neither do the vast majority of trains in the US.”

      So… some of the trains run on unicorn farts?

      • In AOC’s world, yes, “High Speed Rail” MUST run on Unicorn Farts.

        The Lovers of HSR have obviously never been to Japan for more than a few days. HSR costs at least $.50 per person to go 1 mile. Cars are discouraged by high gas prices and very high tolls (to go the same distance in the same time it would cost slightly more to drive than go by HSR).

        Even if US HSR was twice as efficient as Japan, it would still cost $60 USD to go from Dallas to Houston… per person, 1 way.

        My 2000 Yukon XL 2500 gets 13 mpg. I can take 7 people and their Luggage From Dallas to Houston for $35 USD/Person all expenses paid, even if gas was $10/gallon (and not the current $1.95) and the door to door time difference vs. HSR would be a wash.

        • Wishing there was a LIKE button, that would promote your comment left, like Reddit does.
          I do get tired of reading all the comments to find the good ones.

        • On any given day, in the US there are nearly 100,000 airplane flights.
          28-30,000 are commercial airliners, and 45,000 more are general aviation and air taxis.
          Not sure how accurate these numbers are, but they are ballpark.
          Coast to coast on a plane takes what, 6 hours in the air?
          Bullet or maglev trains can go 200 mph and even slightly higher for brief stretches under ideal conditions, but I am pretty sure they spend a lot of time going slower than that.
          Now imagine how many tracks it would take to connect every city in the US, and how many trains to carry the same number of places.
          There can be 100 planes going to the same city all at once, but I am pretty sure it is one train per track at 200 mph. At what spacing?
          Then the rights of way?
          To get them fast means making the tracks straight, and that means massive imminent domain confiscation of land, and tracks for those things are ludicrously expensive and time consuming to build.
          In short, there is not one part of that whole idea that is possible or even desirable, even if it did not mean trashing our entire existing travel infrastructure to build an less efficient, slower, more expensive, more resource intensive, new one.
          And even if trains did not use more energy than planes per passenger mile.

    • Interesting. I just did a quick search and came up with an estimated 85 passenger-miles/gallon for a 767. Plus or minus depending on air conditions, seats filled, and luggage I suppose but that is reasonably efficient. A lower industry average passenger-miles/gallon is was mentioned at 42.6 likely (I assume) due to various models and occupancy. Another reference gives Amtrak 71.6 passenger-miles/gallon. I’m not sure how accurate these are but for a rough order of magnitude it is worth a starting point.

      I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the references. These were just the first ones I ran into.
      (I suppose they could come up with a computer model for it. /sarc)

  13. Laughable Green leader:

    “We’re trying to do everything so that Thuringia becomes an open, free, liberal, democratic and ecological state,” Habeck says in the video, according to the DPA news agency.

    Habeck was quick to reject accusations that his comment implied that Thuringia, a state in the former east Germany, is not democratic already. It was Habeck’s second misstep; in October, after Bavarian elections, he tweeted, “finally, there is democracy again in Bavaria,” Deutsche Welle reports.


  14. why not put a new page up at wuwt on the green new deal listing all the things that people will have to forgo and all the things they will be required to do? how about a little fun with this? done away with: atv’s, snowmobiles, private boats, nascar, sporting events, air travel, visiting grandma, houses with over 200 sq ft per person, pets, more than 2 kids, showers over 100 degrees and 5 minutes long, house temp 85 in summer and 60 in winter, lawn mowers, weed wackers, motorcycles, disneyland, ski resorts, golf courses, food that comes from farther than 50 miles of your house, meat, etc…

    • We should get someone to watch every sponsor or co-sponsor and ask every week about their travel home by train (ONLY), as well as the degree to which they make the GND details a part of their daily lives.

  15. Cattle are not the only animals that fart. Livestock of all sorts, wildlife and people fart also. Which is why I think methane should be considered a renewable fuel source.

    • I guess the wholesale slaughter of Buffalo 150 years ago was actually a good thing. Who knows how many years that gained us. /s

      • Why I’m not worried about cow farts:

        In 1871, while traveling along the Arkansas River, Colonel R.I. Dodge passed through an immense herd of bison. Dodge estimated that the herd was at least 25 miles across, and after consulting with local hunters and travelers, he concluded that it must have been at least 50 miles long. This suggests that this single herd covered at least 1,250 square miles. Dodge also noted that the density of the herd averaged 15 to 20 bison/acre. Based on Colonel Dodge’s observations, the herd he observed contained between 12 to 16 million bison.

        A few years earlier, in 1839, while traveling along the Santa Fe Trail, Thomas Farnham traveled for 3 days (and over the course of about 45 miles) through a large herd of bison. Farnham estimated that he could see for ~15 miles in both directions, which suggested that this herd covered ~1,350 square miles. At 15 to 20 bison/acre, it likely contained 13 to 17.25 million bison.

        The most widely-cited estimate for the bison population (west of the Mississippi) when Columbus discovered America is 60 million animals. This number comes from a paper written in 1929 by a researcher named Seton, who relied on an earlier estimate made by another researcher named Hornaday. In an 1889 paper, Hornaday estimated that the herd Colonel Dodge observed numbered only 4 million animals (not 12 to 16 million). Being a conservative scientist, (and wanting to err on the side of caution), Hornaday arbitrarily downgraded Colonel Dodge’s estimate because he was ‘almost certain’ (for no apparent reason) that the herd Colonel Dodge observed must have been wedge-shaped rather than rectangular. So he reduced Colonel Dodge’s low end estimate of 12 million animals (15 bison/acre) by two-thirds. When Seton later wrote his paper, he used Hornaday’s uber conservative estimate and also arbitrarily assumed that a herd like the one Colonel Dodge observed would likely range over an area of ~200,000 square miles. Then, using the total geographic area occupied by the plains and prairies of North America, he guesstimated that expanse of land could reasonably support 15 such herds. By multiplying 15 herds x 4 million animals per herd he came up with a population of ~60 million bison (Ta Da!).

        But because Hornaday essentially pulled the number of 4 million animals for Colonel Dodge’s herd out of his rear end, Seton’s estimate is likely very low. If we use Colonel Dodge’s more scientific estimates instead, we can guesstimate that the actual number of bison west of the Mississippi when Columbus discovered America was more likely to have been between 180 to 240 million animals (3 to 4x Seton’s estimate).

        By 1884, there were only ~325 bison left in the United States (no joke).

        In 1910, the American Bison Society Census estimated there were 2,108 bison in all of North America (1,076 in Canada and 1,032 in the U.S.).

        Today (2018) there are ~30,000 wild bison in conservation herds and of these, fewer than 5,000 are unfenced and disease-free.

        In 2017, the population of beef cattle & dairy cows in North America was ~106 million (~94 million in the US and ~12 million in Canada).

        I’m not worried about cow farts.

      • A cow cannot belch or fart out any more “carbon” than they take in by eating.

        Far less actually, because it is converted to cow growth, which is eventually eaten.

        A cow is CARBON NEUTRAL

  16. A pretty face and a nice figure certainly helps in Politics, or to that matter in any line of work for a woman. Its sometimes not realised that the very word “Woman ” comes from Old ” English”, “To woo a man”

    I am surprised that the Females have not banned its use, but wait , the word Female is almost as bad. Fe Male”


    • Michael

      I found a different etymology. Woman means a female person (man being a generic term for person). Weaman means a male person.

      Two men means two people, not two males. Man is derived from manus, hand in Latin, as in a farmhand or a deckhand. Farmhand is not a gendered word. Could be any of 25 gender identities. Same with deckhands.

      In one Hollywood B movie, a Western, one male says to another, “Take a couple of hands and go …” referring to gaining the assistance of two weamen or women or one of each.

      The fact is “men” is taken these days to mean both males and generic individuals. The “wea” only survives in “weapon” (lit: Male tool).

      Another example: chess men are not males. At least one is female.

      • What words actually mean to SJWs doesn’t matter it is what they say the words mean so they can beat you over the head with them.

        “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’”
        ― Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

      • Crispin, thank you for this summary. At my place of employment, a group of overzealous feminized . men and women were fighting hard to push social justice memes deeper into the company’s culture. They leapt right through the meaning of “man” by picking and choosing whatever historical narrative led to the white male guilt meme. I decided to stay clear of the fight– eventually the group had their reigns yanked a bit– but through it all, I kept thinking, as regards the etymology of the word “man”, I never learned as a child or in literary coursework in college that “man” specifically referred to males only. It has always referred to a person (man, singular) or people (men, plural).

        Of course, when SJW’s are at work, there is no room for reason or debate. Only aspersions, hyperbole, and threatening lawsuits unless something changes.

      • Well, look…they declared that gender is a social construct and has no real validity beyond how someone chooses to identify.
        We just need to hold their feet to the fire on this sort of thing.
        They want to use one argument one day, and the next forget all about it and adopt a completely incompatible worldview to foist a different load of crap on us all.
        We just need to make and keep a running list of the BS, so we can toss it back at them as needed.
        They really believe nothing.
        Words are just bludgeons, and rules are things to be used against those who made them and live by them, and ignored when unhelpful.

  17. Don’t forget about all the “big name” Democrats that jumped on her greeny “socialist bandwagon” just to get some “free” publicity.

    • Anthony: I think you should put this document up on WWUT permanently. At some point NPR is going to disappear it when it receives orders from the Central Committee.

  18. Never underestimate the ability to buy votes. Here in Oz we have compulsory voting and more than half of our population now get some or all of their income from the government. A recipe for disaster. AOC and her ilk cant rely on forcing people to the polls but she may be able to persuade them through the free money offer to people unable or unwilling to work.

    • That’s why BIG government always runs out of real money and has to replace it with a fiat currency. That’s why BIG government is like a cancer. There are no good cancers.

    • Huh? Are you saying that NPR isn’t … fair? and balanced? and objective? as they claim? We wouldn’t be spending PUBLIC taxpayer $$$$$ for a media propaganda outlet would we? Shocked I tell you … shocked!

  19. It’s disturbing that so many of those running for the Democratic nomination in 2020 are buying in to the green nonsense driven by the fear of CO2 emissions. If what passes for climate science isn’t corrected before a Democrat eventually returns to the Whitehouse, the economy is doomed, especially if they were to gain full control Congress.

  20. David Hockett, Cornell Professor and advisor to AOC, She Guevara, made the following statement on Tucker Carlson’s Friday program;

    In a head-turning moment heard around the Internet, Hockett replied flatly, “Uh, we never would, right? And AOC has never said anything like that, right? I think you’re referring to some sort of document — I think some doctored document that somebody other than us has been circulating. … She’s actually tweeted it out to laugh at it, if you look at her latest tweets. It seems apparently, some Republicans have put it out there. I don’t know the details.”

    So nowwwwww … that She Guevara has been thoroughly mocked and ridiculed for her CIVILIZATION-ENDING idiotic “Green New Deal” … her spokespeople are saying that her entire speech and “New Deal” were “hacked” … by some Republicans … to make her look … STUPID. OMG! The eco-LEFT are quite literally INSANE! They’ve NO grip on reality, or how our world ACTUALLY works. smh

    • No more cows.
      Which will take a little longer than replacing every vehicle, and every building, and building a new grid, and making half a million wind turbines, and a few hundred thousand utility scale solar installations, and connecting every city by HSR.
      Hell, the no more cheese and hence no more pizza aspect would cause nationwide riots all by itself, let alone no more burgers or steak.
      Last week a woman froze to death in her own home, a young woman, after her thermostat malfunctioned…and they want to get rid of all the fuel we use for heating and farming and transportation?
      She will be lynched the day everyone finds out that cell phone parts need petroleum.

  21. If only all the pictures of Naomi Oreskes were disappeared. The world would be a better place without a doubt, even with all the merchants of cow farts.

  22. This is like the push to use palm oil for bio fuel. The consequences of mining all of the metals required and the issue of what to do with the hundreds of thousands of tons of waste will be left for some later generations to deal with.

  23. “single-payer health care, a national tuition-free college program, a promise to provide every American with ‘healthy food,’ a national basic income program, a universal promise for housing and ‘economic security,’ and a plan to ‘upgrade’ every single building in the country, including every American’s home.“

    I love all of that. It neednt drive up the national debt though. Simply create the money without taxes or borrowing, taxing only as needed to control inflation, using the countries vast natural assets as reserves to back the country (land, energy, water, food, minerals, forests)

    Go back and formalize a new Bretton Woods to fix currencies exchange rates based on agreement for currency creation as a percentage of each nations proven resources

    As for elimination of carbon based energy. Pure hogwash. Focus on infrastructure development and manufacturing the things we use to avoid too many imports. That goal is thrown in there to enforce more austerity measures and controls. Its a trap and the rest is bait. Keep the bait and avoid the trap.

    • We know what happened the last time someone in government decided to choose a healthy menu for everyone: Michelle Obama somehow took control of the food every school kid in the country got fed, and from what I heard, the vast majority of it went straight into the garbage can.
      Right now the only people who cannot walk to a store and get any food in the world on every day of the year for an amount affordable on the minimum wage, are those who choose to live in the middle of nowhere.
      The only food crisis is that people eat what they like, not what may be best for them.
      And then they eat too much of it.
      Try talking that away Alexandria…I double dog dare you.

  24. Yes, the “Green New Deal” is laughable, but I’ve nevertheless been bothered that its underlying premise — that if we could go to 100% renewables, it would “save” the climate — seems not to be questioned much (even on Fox News!).
    So, in frustration, I made my own video titled “DRC discusses problems with the “Green New Deal” and posted it yesterday:
    If any of you care to watch my rambling screed, I would appreciate your comments — thanks!

    • Thanks Deborah…that was really good and spot on….I think we’ve all on the same page with this
      ….funny about your fusion joke….it won’t work until it’s economically feasible…..unlike all this other mess

    • Everyone here except Ivan and Griff know it would make no difference, it purports to solve a problem that does not exist, and renewables are not just expensive but an almost purely useless waste of money.
      In the shock of hearing about this ridiculous nonsense, people reacted to the details of the plan, rather than why we do not need any such plan.
      I talk about this sort of thing all the time, because even a few years ago it was not brought up: Even if the globe is warming and will keep doing so, it is not a problem, it is a blessing.
      So is more CO2…it is all good.
      I used to talk about this 10 and 15 and 20 years ago, but in the forums I was discussing stuff on back in those days, such details got almost zero traction.
      No one responded.
      So, we tend to take up arguments where they are, rather than where we think they should be.
      Tony Heller put out a new video last night.
      At the end he urges everyone to write letters and call our elected representatives and tell them we want the entire climate scam defunded.
      We do not want to even talk about it any more…it is made-up bunkum, top to bottom, left to right, front to back.
      Ten years ago, I think we got close to that, but then Obama was elected, and he directed that every federal budget dollar spent have apportioning in it to address climate change at every level and every agency.
      And here we are.
      The warmistas should be out of business and looking over their shoulders for malfeasance prosecutions, but instead they still seem to own the direction of the conversation, and have responded to every falsification and failed prediction by doubling down on the urgency and cries of doom.
      Nothing unusual is occurring with weather, fires, floods, droughts, heat waves, sea level…none of it.
      The sky is blue, grass is green, plants and trees are growing, birds and bees are atwitter and abuzz…but millions and millions of people talk about the ongoing disasters right before our eyes!
      The climate crisis that is even now consuming the globe in ruin.
      No one can point to it, but they know it is there.
      They cannot quote evidence, but know that only deniers doubt “the science”, that every actual scientist in the world knows full well has been proven.
      They are brainwashed, and unreachable.
      When anyone figures out how to deprogram these deluded nitwits, let me know.

  25. So, with the Green New Deal, there will be government money given to all of those who are put out of work by the elimination of airlines, rail (yeah rail), auto and trucking, heavy manufacturing, etc. If everybody is given money for not working, who will make stuff for us to buy?

  26. She is emblematic of a mindless movement that, regrettably, has proliferated western civilization – in major part because the movement has been allowed to proliferate academia, which is paving its future.

    A cutting analysis of the ignorance and hypocrisy – BRILLIANT:

  27. I think a Democrat Good Cop/Bad Cop strategy is starting to emerge. You have two wings of the party. One is the bat-crap off-the-edge-the-earth crazy ultimate left. These are the committed socialists and communists, the foot soldiers, the sign wavers, the true believers, and the merely insane. For them, facts and common sense are merely words to be ignored or twisted.. Their ideal is the ultimate socialist paradise, where everyone is equally upper-middle class, nobody has to work too hard (or at all), the world is optimally powered by cheap and abundant energy that comes from somewhere not dirty (and not yet invented) and is natural, etc. etc., and everybody everywhere grasps the ultimate truth of any political positions the anointed put forward. They are totally out of control, even from their own party. Lets call them the Bad Cops.

    Then we have the other wing (for the purposes of this illustration only, we’ll call them the Good Cops), the traditional bare-knuckles we-must-rule democrats, who will (as always) lie, cheat and steal, and project all their hatred, their racism, and their eugenics policies onto their hated Republican opponents. Their weapons are such as voter fraud, bribery, and corruption of federal agencies (IRS, Justice, FBI, etc.) Until the rise of the Bad Cops, they were considered extremists—as they were and still are.

    How then to made themselves look Good? How to appear middle-of-the-road and reasonable and thus con independents into voting for their left-wing policies? By inventing something even further to their left that is at once both terrifying and laughable, so obviously Bad that only insane people support it. Presto! Arise Bad Cops!

    It’s brilliant! How do you convince people to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to fight the long-term effects of man-made climate change, a classic Good Cop position that is running out of steam? You have your Bad Cop others DEMAND that we spend multiple TRILLIONS of dollars RIGHT NOW else we all die in 10 (or 12, or whatever) years.

    How do you, as a Good Cop, convince people to allow the imposition of a carbon tax that will severely cripple the US economy for no real benefit, while generating political good will by rebating a chunk of those tax proceeds to potential voters? Simple. Have your Bad Cop wing outlaw cars, airplanes, and all internal combustion engines. Totally unworkable, right? Something there for everybody to hate. Now the Good Cops’ crazy tax sounds better, moderate even. And we can still fly our private jets to Davos.

    The Republicans will wear themselves out rope-a-doping the Bad Cops, whom everybody knows are crazy anyway. The Good Cops will do some of that too, just to put some space between the Democrat Party wings and sound more reasonable.

    How do you make a poop sandwich sound palatable? Offer poop without the bread as the only alternative.

    • secryn February 10, 2019 at 2:59 pm

      Sorry no. This is a nightmare for the Dems. They have to distance themselves from the nut jobs without refuting their dogma. The Rnc will be zeroing on AOC and Bernie. Toss in Warren for laughs and giggles, thus the so called reasonable candidates will never be heard. The media is entertainment, and we are in for a three way food fight.


    • I can’t say I’m not impressed by this, but I can say I’m not impressed by her Green New Deal.
      She’s obviously smart about how politicians enrich themselves, but she’s scientifically illiterate.

    • That’s why all high ranking politicians from whatever color belong to the hated 1%. The only difference is they became rich because of being corrupt and not hard work.

    • But she’s asking reps from Common Cause, Institute for Free Speech, Brennan Center for Justice about the penalties for her being a “bad guy”. All of whom are always saying politicians can get away with anything they want to because it is a good meme for fundraising. I’m pretty sure if she asks the same questions to the FBI, they know how to put her in jail for those same activities.

  28. Here’s my concern Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been put up as a stalking horse……maybe in two ways.

    1.When such extremes are put forward other policies which might have been seen as ridiculous seem more reasonable and thus get through.
    2.While she is getting all the attention other bits of legislation are allowed to slip through unnoticed.

  29. Hyphen has published a list of goals free of methods and details. Any who object will be labelled anti- environment polluters. It’s a no-lose proposition. And we’re talking about her, so she wins. She may be as dumb as POTUS.

  30. The Green Deal is terrific! All liberals, greens, Democrats, socialists and Griff should immediately reduce their carbon footprint to zero. Immediately. This means no more exhaling any CO2. Any. At all. Lead by example and all that, wot?

    • A pilot scheme that uses the people who thought it was a good idea is the way to go. Nothing that utilises carbon in its manufacture or transport could be used by these twits (someone who uses twitter) for the say, 6 month long, pilot. They can report on how they managed at the end of that time.

  31. Her view of how to bring about economic stability to the masses is as close as you can get to slavery without actually carrying around your hanging noose for those that won’t play along. Socialism results in a codified class system designed to put people in their assigned places and keep them there. In another time and place, it is exactly the same system Democrats tried to impose on the rest of what would become the 50 states, District of Columbia, and territories. The Civil War erupted in full flames, led by a Republican convinced that such an imposed class system was antithema to the spirit of our original Declaration of Independence and our constitution: That all (hu)men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit [but not guarantee] of happiness.

    That so many people who identify as “black” support this idiotic woman’s notions is mind boggling. Are they so far removed from the long and very real struggle for freedom that they no longer recognize what class slavery looks like? God forbid that these people actually want to be fed, diapered, and shacked in exchange for an imposed class system and assigned duties.

    • Pamela Grey says, “In another time and place, it is exactly the same system Democrats tried to impose on the rest of what would become the 50 states, District of Columbia, and territories. The Civil War erupted in full flames, led by a Republican convinced that such an imposed class system was antithema to the spirit of our original Declaration of Independence and our constitution: That all (hu)men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit [but not guarantee] of happiness.”

      And what a coincidence that Democrats are very busy in city halls, banning the Pledge of Allegiance to the Union Flag. According to their true colors and origins.

    • Pamela
      It only took two minutes for your comment to show up. You must have special privileges! 🙂

  32. IIRC AOC is connected with the Jacobin Magazine a far left socialist group. Guess who brought the Terror to the French revolution? They aren’t even trying to hide what they really intend, just obscure it with smoke and mirrors before the real terror begins once they have power. Worked in Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, etc.

  33. I’m not sure which is scarier, the Plan or the back step to run silent, run deep with it till the reins of power are in reckless hands.

  34. Economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work…

    TRUTH AT LAST! Some of us have to work up to 7 days a week just to keep a job and have never had economic security…the new deal is the old deal………….

  35. Perhaps its a ” Sack clouth and ashes”” thing. What is wrong with these people that they seem to want us to go back to about the 17th century, although I suspect they think that they y will somehow be in the top positions.

    But back then the Pyramid shape was very different, not much room at the top, lots of room at the bottom for the phesants

    Look again at history, at every step of the way its all about energy. Slaves were the main factor, but even the Romans when they ran out of of lots of them, used their brains. They had their equivalent of hydro, the line of water wheels on a hill in France.

    But it was not until the fact that coal, the new fuel when the trees were getting a bit short, had a problem with the water level, that a very crude form of steam engine, the atmospheric engine, to raise water from the mine to a high point, then use its ” Fall “to perform work, that it was realised that this was far better than using cows, horses and humans to do the very hard work.

    True we did have windmills, but they were not very efficient and stem soon finished them off.

    At each step along the way first the top got rich, dare I say it, “Trickle down” economics finally resulted in it reaching the bottom.

    Today’s fear of automation goes s back a long way. Look at Constables paintings, about 1820 and the UK had a crude form of combined harvester, true it was pulled by horses, and again just like today, the workers did not like it, it meant that less and less were required on the land. This was the beginning of a move to the towns and cities as windmills and water wheels were gradually replaced by steam. The burning of Fossall fuel actually improved the peoples standard of living.

    But it was the discoveries by first by Galvani, Volts and finally Michael Faraday, , a self taught former bookbinder apprentice which launched todays world onto the high standard of living which we enjoy today, and its still fossall fuel turning energy from the coal or gas into electricity, which even the Green inclined need for their far better way of life from the 17th century.


  36. It went to the same place as Mark Jacobson’s extra 1400% of needed hydro capacity or his 387 concentrated solar plants for his first 100% WWS (Wind Water Solar) plan for the sunny state of New York.

  37. I couldn’t shake the vision of a 500 ft. electric crane plugged into an existing wind wind charger and waiting for a breeze to set the next turbine.

  38. The intrawebsthingy never forgets, plenty of places to get this document. Problem is no media is going to be flashing it on screens at people, they are working to bury it.

  39. In that whole silly document there is no mention of what about climate change we will be fighting nor any statement of how we will know when we have won the fight.

    • “how we will know when we have won the fight?”

      When they have total control. In the name of the “People” of course, just like the other “Peoples Republics”.

    • Emotional and personality disorders do not allow some people to “win”.

      They cannot truly win.

      You will know they have “won” when you have lost (and, like Venezuela, you have no access to toilet paper).

  40. It is named The New Green Deal because off all the Green that will flow to investments owned by Al Gore and others. They know it is much easier to make money off government spending then to earn it in the free market.

  41. I’ve heard at least one person say, she might be smarter than your average bear (at least politically) ??
    Why not ask for the sky, then settle for less.

  42. Remember Left-Right is not a well defined scale. AOC and her ilk have declared Pelosi and Schumer to be right of center, so “true compromise” would mean something that is left of where they stand. If they can get people to believe that claptrap, then the insiders on the right will claim that giving the Democrats everything is a compromise.

    • Everyone on the left I have ever known, all the way over to raving progressives, considers themselves to be squarely in the middle.
      I can barely believe they can say it with a straight face, but they see it that way.
      It is that bad…they are honestly deluded people.
      Worse now than ever it seems.

  43. IPCC Report said global emissions must be cut by by 40-60% by 2030. US is 20% of total emissions. We must get to 0 by 2030 and lead the world in a global Green New Deal.

    “This is a massive transformation of our society with clear goals and a timeline” at a “scale not seen since World War 2.”

    Let. that. sink. in.

    These people are under personal obligation to go live in countries that do not use coal or oil, for anything — including nylon etc. fibers, paints, wood preservatives, crop protection, rubber, plastic, and steel and concrete. There are plenty of underdeveloped countries to choose from.

  44. The best comments I’ve found on this topic.

    1) Trump’s tweet
    “I think it is very important for the Democrats to press forward with their Green New Deal. It would be great for the so-called “Carbon Footprint” to permanently eliminate all Planes, Cars, Cows, Oil, Gas & the Military – even if no other country would do the same. Brilliant!“

    2) Pelosi’s statement
    “The green dream, or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it, right?”

    AOC is very charismatic, and will eventually have considerable power, unless the DNC takes her down in the next election. (It might have been a mistake to alienate Pelosi by staging a sit-in outside her office.)
    She is getting lots of free press, like Trump did. Scott Adams has called her “Blue Trump”.
    With her charisma, and smarts, and followers on social media, if DNC does decide to take her down, she’ll become a talk-show host or political commentator and make big bucks.

    • Yes. The ze-assumed Ocasio-Cortez is not stupid because of zer gender, but just because ze is not properly educated.

      For that reason, I fully support zer as the candidate of the Democratic party in 2024 (will ze be eligible?)

  45. She’s definitely Blue Trump (she’s the person for the times for the left).
    GND will be back with a cut-n-polish.
    I like her because she’s exposing dysfunctional and corrupt USA political system which will bring the USA to its knees without reform.
    The balance is bullshit.

      • Not “scaremongering” at all.

        Just time for the GOP to face facts, particularly with the changing demographics taking place in the USA.

        • Quoting the Grauniad, fact checked of course, is hilarious.
          Why not quote HRM’s Chatham House , RIIA, expert opinion? The Crown has thrown the sceptre in with AOC who tried unsuccessfully to suborn Corbyn.
          Some at Windsor will not be amused if the GND is laughed out of D.C.!

        • The Democrats waited for everyone who remembered the dust bowl as adults to die off before springing straight up communism on everyone.

          Snowflake, things aren’t as bad as they once were and CO2 isn’t destroying the planet.

          We all laughed at “Economic security for those unwilling to work” until they took it out of the Document… then I realized, in a communist takeover, without this guarantee, the inventors and engineers (like me) are actually the ones “unwilling to work” and we get sent to “re-education camps” and if that doesn’t work “the killing fields”.

          It has happened every time its tried. If human behavior was modeled like AGW, you would see.

    • They think differently because they are incredibly ignorant as well as incredibly arrogant.
      Case in point, Ivanski.

    • Millenials think completly different to their parents in the environment

      Well naturally, as they have been indoctrinated by the green-media & so-called education system cults since birth. Their parents were usually overwhelmed.

    • Ivan,
      We know that our children are dumber than us. We just hope that we can live long enough to keep them alive long enough to learn the truth.

    • ” the GOP will lose their votes if they fail to act on this.”

      That’s life! If the GOP changes direcition it will lose votes from its traditional voters. If it does NOT change direction, it will fail to gain votes from Millenials.

      But since Millenials are somewhat reliably Democrat, there’s not much room for Republicans to merely become Democrat Lite. Cede the field to the Democrats; that’s where many Millenials will go, and recognize that many Boomers will go with the GOP. It’s an age thing.

  46. Let’s give Cortez some credit. She proposed something that might actually work at stopping CO2 emissions. It’s completely and utterly impossible on several levels, but unlike all the other schemes I’ve heard, if it could have been done, it would have actually accomplished its goal.

    I think that’s the problem most of us have with climate change. The costs of “fighting” it is are so over the top that whenever serious actions that might have affect it are proposed people recoil at the sheer absurdity of the proposals. They then go for solutions that are essentially useless but still extraordinarily expensive.

  47. The political concept of being of the Left or Right is meaningless.

    The reality is that all major political parties go for the centre, where most of the votes are. People a bit like Goldelocks don’t want too far to the Left or Right.

    In a ideal World we would take the best of whatever each side was offering, but with the exception of a major matter, such as in the USA December the 7th 1 1941 , such co-operation simply does not happen,

    Its better to think of Politics as a circle, and you will find that if you should go in one direction, you will end up back where you started from.


    • The last to think of politics as a circle were the knights of the golden circle, mispronounced down south.
      Instead think of parties, mispronounced, as poties.
      The rest is money!

  48. The confusion rampant here about “socialism” , “communism” etc. shows a complete lack of study.
    The US Army OSI was similarly confused in 1945 and set up a proper investigation. They found the “synarchists”, nominally a French word, that explained the apparent paradoxes. These were funded by a handfull of banks, Banque de Worms, later became Lazard Frere for example. In there they found the Brown Brothers Harriman funding of Hitlers NSDAP 1932 campaign by granpa Prescot Bush and Bank of England Norman Montague.

    So the socialists of Monday exchanged jackets on Wednesday with communists. The beef in that sandwich was the Weimar Republic.

    Which synarchists are today funding the GND, one might ask?

  49. commieBob February 10, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    It baffles me that he posts a google search, not a web site. Anyway, here’s a link.

    There’s a simple explanation to not post Wikipedia or a Web site but a Google search :

    ev’rybody knows Wikipedia is not reliable and maybe biased.

    ev’rybody knows a Web site is not reliable or even BIASED.


    and believe what you want.

    / everybody feel free to correct me where I’m wrong /

    • Here we post advocacy or arguments; of course I am biased and so are you. So, I post arguments that support my belief, and you post arguments that support your belief. People are then free to read your posts, and my posts, and come to some sort of decision; perhaps do some more research.

      So that is why it is better to make sure you post your argument right here to be seen and not invite people to go to Google to guess at what is your argument. Not many will make the trip and then it is not known what is your argument.

    • Too bad Trump has term limits. I would like to see him stay in the presidency until he feels like retiring. Alas, term limits will deprive the world of one of the great leaders of all time. So appreciate the next six years.

      Btw, Trump’s approval rating went from 43 percent during the government shutdown to 52 percent today (Rasmusen). The Democrats must wonder what they can do to make a dent in Trump’s popularity. What they have done so far hasn’t worked. They throw everything they have at him and Trump just keeps getting stronger.

      Trump’s having a rally tonight in El Paso. No doubt, we will hear “Build that Wall” a number of times during his speech. This ought to be fun. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is supposed to be holding a counter demostration to Trump’s rally. That ought to be fun, too.

    • Term limits will just mean that incumbents groom their successors sooner.

      What we really need is to reverse the various civil service acts that make it so difficult to dislodge deep state bureacrats. Ideally going all the way back to POTUS having unrestricted hire-and-fire. It’s much harder for a swamp of monolithic bureaucracy to form if the whole system stands to be flushed every new term.

      • “Ideally going all the way back to POTUS having unrestricted hire-and-fire.”

        That’s an idea that deserves consideration.

  50. wuwt is a minefield.

    Every contributer to syrien ISIS after 7 years of war is a winner.

    Every commenter about / capitalism / communism / fascism /

    under his clear name is a winner.

    Every ESL, english second language, including latin, Indian, far east, russian, Chinese origin is exempted.

    You know this website is a base of discussion for ordinary, reasonable people worldwide and your only a minor part of “worldwide”?

    Where have you outcasts slept the last 10, 20 years in the suburbs under your ALIASES?

    And today with open helmets YOU ARE THE WINNERS?

  51. If AO-C gets her GND in 10 years, her other prediction — that the world will end in 12 years will come true.

  52. C’mon folks. It’s not that complicated. Please disregard everything here. Ashton has simply now executed the biggest ever punk to date on America. And that is AOC.

  53. We really need to stop calling this ‘laughable’. It’s not. They’ll do it . The second they can. And if they can’t do it immediately on the national level, they’ll do it in states where they can.

  54. Sounds a whole lot like the Soviet Constitution.

    Build on FDR’s second bill of rights by guaranteeing:

    * A job with a family-sustaining wage, family and medical leave, vacations, and retirement security

    * High-quality education, including higher education and trade schools

    * Clean air and water and access to nature

    * Healthy food

    * High-quality health care

    * Safe, affordable, adequate housing

    * Economic environment free of monopolies

    * Economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work

    Compare to Soviet Constitution. Scary stuff. Not even the Soviets promised an income to non-workers.

    ARTICLE 118. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to work, that is, are guaranteed the right to employment and payment for their work…

    ARTICLE 119. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to rest and leisure….

    ARTICLE 120. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to maintenance in old age… free medical service for the working people…

    ARTICLE 121. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to education. This right is ensured by universal, compulsory elementary education; by education, including higher education, being free of charge… by the organization in the factories, state farms, machine and tractor stations and collective farms of free vocational, technical and agronomic training for the working people.

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