AL GORE: Migrant Caravans Are Victims Of Global Warming

From The Daily Caller

Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor

Former Vice President Al Gore said the recent Central American migrant caravans seeking asylum in the U.S. were fleeing the ravages of global warming.

Gore said the so-called “dry corridor,” which includes El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, “is the most vulnerable region in the world to global warming.”

“And they’ve gone without a harvest this year. Some have gone without a harvest for two years,” Gore told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in an interview Wednesday. “That is one of the principal causes for them making that long journey.”

Thousands of Central American migrants have joined caravans headed for the U.S.-Mexico border in order to seek asylum. Most experts see them as economic migrants, coming to the U.S. for work, not fleeing global warming. (RELATED: Liberal Democrats Most Likely To Believe ‘Climate Deniers’ Deserve It When Hurricanes Hit, Researchers Say)

This isn’t the first time Gore linked global warming to recent migrant caravans. In December, Gore called the caravans a “recent, startling example” of global warming forcing people to flee their homes.

Migrants wait in line to get transportation during their journey towards the United States, in Ingenio Santo Domingo

Migrants wait in line to get transportation during their journey towards the United States, in Ingenio Santo Domingo, Mexico, January 23, 2019. REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini – RC118D968120

However, Gore is not the first to label the caravans “climate refugees.” It’s part of a broader media narrative to link the thousands joining U.S.-bound caravans to global warming.

For example, The Guardian ran a story in October citing alleged experts who “say the big picture is that changing climate is forcing farmers off their land and it’s likely to get worse.”

That same month, The Huffington Post said the migrant caravan “foreshadows” what’s to come with global warming. And E&E News called the caravan a “preview of climate migrations,” that is, people driven from their homes due to man-made global warming.

Conflict scholars have largely debunked many of the claims linking global warming to armed conflict and migration.

To stem the tide of migrants, Gore said the U.S. needs to bring more economic and job security to Central America and work with the region’s governments “so they are not driven away from their homes.”

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68 thoughts on “AL GORE: Migrant Caravans Are Victims Of Global Warming

  1. What a clown. The guy needs to be in a nut house. “Global warming” has nothing to do with the migrant caravans…’s cartel gangs and Marxist “leaders”. Pure and simple. I honestly wonder how many Democrats have cartel money in their pockets.

      • Regardless of any global warming implications it is important to consider the dire effects that a prolonged drought can have on a society, particularly fragile developing nations. As usual, it is way easier to play the political blame game than to actually help these countries solve their problems.

        • Then they will agree with a.) ending phony “birthright” citizenship, b.) ending all immigration from countries and or regions that did not found the United States and c.) reducing refugee numbers to zero in exchange for “ending” global warming. Weird how they won’t ever agree to change those things in exchange for the thing that they claim that they always want. It’s almost like they actually want power and the ability to enrich themselves using that power, but their ability to get those things is permanently reduced to zero with these changes in exchange for “ending” global warming. I guess they’re not THAT worried about the weather!

    • How far is it from the ‘“dry corridor,” which includes El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, – and – “is the most vulnerable region in the world to global warming”’ to Venezuela?
      Surely there is water in Columbia and Venezuela?

      Looks to be closer than to the Rio Grande.


      • Are these same three countries in the” dry corridor” the same ones that are so overgrown that you can not identify a ten story pyramid built by a pre-Colombian civilization while standing next to it? When I visited the region it was called a tropical rain forest regularly drenched by storms from both the gulf and the pacific coasts.

  2. Al Gore always strikes me as being a particularly odious character: It seems that he is quite happy making stuff up, in order to try keep his global warming charade chugging along for a bit longer.

    One thing I often wonder about is why almost all of these would-be immigrants are military age men. Perhaps they are just economic migrants after all…

  3. “To stem the tide of migrants, Gore said the U.S. needs to bring more economic and job security to Central America…”

    Doesn’t Gore realize that bringing more economic and job security to Central America would involve the generation of more CO2?

    • I think Al means that they need more socialism. You know, like Venezuela, where they are leading the world in rapidly eliminating CO2 emissions. (Even cutting down dramatically on respiratory CO2, long the holy grail of green socialism). True success story of the Americas.

      The UN should hold COP 26 in Caracas.

      • The UN should hold COP 26 in Caracas.

        And do without toilet paper?? I think not. Pampered delegates from world governments and NGOs are used to much better conditions. I hear that a decent shrimp cocktail is hard to come by in Caracas these days.

        • Yup, all that reduction in CO2 emissions! It’s a heartwarming thing, no?

          Maduro should be considered a saint in the CAGW religion.

    • The migration will continue until the joint venture in crime between the corrupt politicians and the cartels end. The problem isn’t weather or climate, it’s the continuing history of South and Central American countries inability to elect honest politicians who will enforce the law. Unfortunately, it appears the U.S. if trending towards the South American model as justice becomes more customized based on the individual targeted.

  4. Hmmmm. Let’s see: A veritable treasure trove of free stuff, yielding a relative life of luxury and a comfortable future for illegal immigrants presented by a government (historically democrats) seeking perennial votes, and cheap labor…..OR… hand-to-mouth in countries controlled by corrupticrats (no different than the US on this description) and drug cartels with no chance of upward economic mobility, overall freedom, or dramatically better educational opportunities.

    Hmmmm. I wonder if the lure of Free-Stuff outweighs AlGore’s insane global warming conclusion?

    This poor “explanation” is a further lame attempt to difflect from the democrats real desire to build a durable voting bloc via Free-Stuff. Facts don’t matter. Only emotions and expansion of political power do.

    John Q. Citizen in Fly-over Country has little tolerance for admitting thousands of “manufactured refugees” with very limited skills just to be nice. Enter AlGore. If alleged climate change can be offered as the source of discontent of these travelers….well then maybe further smoke can be generated to cover the real reason behind such migration, as well as the desire of leftist politicians.

    • If there were a constitutional amendment that said that only people born to a US citizen mother could ever vote, the Democrats would instantly lose all interest in open borders.

      • Both parents should be US citizens in order to be a natural born US Citizen eligible to be President.

    • Actually, there is some hope. It turns out that Hispanic immigrants start abandoning the Dems by the second or third generation, by which time they are prosperous and middle-class. Interestingly, many also start self-identifying as White.

      • Hmmm …. maybe we can bus illegals crossing our borders to processing facilities in Minnesota. Let them wait in lines outside the centers for a few minutes and they will soon be pining for their tropical homelands.

  5. He is involved in a big economic operation already, its called “Climate Change.” Others” would call it a giant sized scam.

    He is the same as a man walking around with a Sandwich board with the words “Repent before its too late” So the reality is its just another faith based religion , the “Climate Change Church” of paster Al Gore. And its a very nice money maker.


  6. The same people who are behind the invasion are behind the scam. Problem reaction solution. See how the works?

  7. So what Al Gore is saying is that the US should build that wall right quick. China, Russia, Africa, India are all building out fossil fuel infrastructure that dwarfs the western world, so 2.0 degrees is locked in. The trickle will turn into an avalanche according to Gore. The refugees will be stacked up on each other likes hordes of zombies trying to crawl over it on the rumour that on the other side the streets are paved with gold and every home has an air conditioner.

    • “So what Al Gore is saying is that the US should build that wall right quick.”

      That was my take on it. 🙂

  8. “is the most vulnerable region in the world to global warming.”…..

    Wait, I thought it was the Axrctic circle. No , wait…I thought it ws the Antarctic. No. no wait…It’s the Pacific islands. isn’t it?

      • It depends of course on where he is blowing hot air at the moment. And also on where in the world something slightly out of the ordinary is happening that can be exploited.

        It’s a coupled non-linear chaotic system, but one thing can be predicted, he will never shut up until he assumes room temperature.

        • Usually all you have to do is look at a chill map and expect he is preaching global warming in or near the most inclement weather. The well known Gore effect.

  9. The migratory flow is the result of all of us amazing stupidity because we could not spread the anti-concept in time. Otherwise, it also causes climate change. The responsibility, of course, is primarily for those who are overpopulated and have no right to come to our neck.

    • If we take a deeper look at the reasons, then we must clearly mention ideological beliefs and economic aspects. Economic actors should not have any direct political influence in either the public or the global sphere. Take only the introduction of new technologies like LENR where the resistance is great for understandable reasons.

  10. Climate Change has always been the refuge of incompetent politicians as the ultimate “The Dog at my homework” excuse. Moonbeam used it seemed like every other week.

    • “Moonbeam used uses it seemed like every other week.”

      Fixed it!

      Gov Jay Inslee in WA state is the same way. He’s going to run for president in 2020 on a mainly CAGW platform.

  11. .
    ❶①❶① . . . The Upside-down Comb of Death . . .

    What, you may be wondering, is the “Upside-down Comb of Death”?

    In simple terms, it is like the “Right-side-up Comb of Death”, but upside-down.

    “Right-side-up Combs of Death” became an overnight success. Even bigger than Furbys. We have had people working around the clock, trying to keep up with demand.

    Many people have complained to me, that standing on their head, and looking at the “Right-side-up Comb of Death”, was giving them a headache. I don’t like to see people suffer needlessly. So I turned my computer screen upside down, and took a screenshot of the “Right-side-up Comb of Death”. When I turned my computer screen back up the right way, I had created an “Upside-down Comb of Death”. Nobody needs to get a headache any more.

    There is only one problem. The “Upside-down Comb of Death” makes global warming look so insignificant, that people are getting eye-strain, trying to see the global warming.

    The “Upside-down Comb of Death” displays temperature ranges, for more than 24,000 real locations on the Earth. And I am talking about REAL, ACTUAL, ABSOLUTE temperatures. Not those weak, pale, temperature anomaly things. But real, actual, absolute temperatures.

  12. Mr. Gore, yes, climate refugees exist. Our crew deals with them in the early morning when we pack a full house of frozen to the bone passengers and fly them to the Mediterranean sun. We can even hear them cheer and applause as soon as we touch down at destination.

    Where shall we apply for subsides by Mr. Maduro since it looks like he’s into climate refugees convoys business ?

  13. To stem the tide of migrants, Gore said the U.S. needs to bring more economic and job security to Central America and work with the region’s governments “so they are not driven away from their homes.”

    — I thought that practice was called “offshoring jobs.” But if you want to bring more prosperity to these country, how about not promoting socialism. How about pointing out the failures in Venezuela, instead of trying to bring those same policies to the US.

    • “To stem the tide of migrants, Gore said the U.S. needs to bring more economic and job security to Central America and work with the region’s governments “so they are not driven away from their homes.”

      The United States is currently giving tens of millions of dollars to these countries with no discernable positive results. Trump says he may consider cutting off their US funds if they don’t stop the caravans.

  14. I have my own theory about the caravans after reading a article about how about 200 immigrates split off from the main group once they got close to the border. The article said that the group got “kidnapped” by a few people in the group. Interesting. What if those 200 people were carrying large amount of drugs for the drug cartels? A few weeks ago there was a drug bust along the border (U.S. side) of 700 lbs of cocaine. Interesting, use a large group funded by open border NGO smuggle drugs.

  15. Excuse me Al, but if you did any homework you might find that scientists are finding some evidence that prolonged and severe drought (and deforestation as well) in the Yucatan and Central America may have played a role in the collapse of the Mayan civilization between AD850 and 925.

    “..Most of the Classic Maya cities fell between AD850 and 925 – largely coincident with a century of drought..”.

    But now, according to Al, we humans are the cause for the climate change down there. I guess placing climatic and meteorological events in historical perspective isn’t part of what he does. Sigh.

  16. I knew this was going to happen right after Global Warming totally blew an interference call in the Saints – Rams game.

  17. I’m seeing one of those alernate history TV dramas, where Al Gore actually becomes President and the US is a smoking ruin overun with alarmist zombies chanting slogans.

  18. I think I understand why Al was so concerned about the ozone layer so may years ago.
    He lives out in the ozone.

  19. While Al Gore has the wrong cause — Global Warming — he has the right cure – “more economic and job security to Central America “.

    My personal experience bears this out. After ten years doing humanitarian work in the Latin Caribbean, my take away point was that to really help overcome poverty the people just need steady decent paying jobs — they don’t need US wages — just dependable steady wages — a weekly paycheck that doesn’t evaporate at the whim of the first economic hiccup.

    The economic migrants are not streaming north to get on welfare (though many will end up there) they are coming because there are jobs here. Many hope to work and be able to send money to their relatives back home.

  20. There’s a good mental hosopital in Tennessee: The Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute. Wish you luck there Mr. Gore.

  21. Well AG now has plenty of billions from his scams and lies. Perhaps he could use some of it and put his money where his mouth is.

  22. Getting away from Gore and his nonsense if a 1st world country refuses to accept these so called refugees, who are largely economic ones, then they will have to sort out their problems back in their their own country.

    True this may well be a violent and bloody affair, but it is the only way. But the Media much prefer to screen pictures of mothers holding high their babies. How can you be so cruel to refuse us entry.

    Democrats or the socialist equivelents in other countries want such people. They add to the socialist vote, at least in the short term.


  23. “And they’ve gone without a harvest this year. Some have gone without a harvest for two years,”

    Does the Border Patrol keep track of the occupations claimed by these ‘refugees’? Just what percentage of them are ‘farmers’ who went “… without a harvest …”?

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