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We at the Global Warming Policy Forum like to keep a close eye on what the press and the broadcast media have to say about global warming science. Some of it is, it’s fair to say, pretty far removed from anything a reasonable person would recognise as, well, science. We had a very apt example, just this week, with the BBC caught making up spurious “facts” about penguins in Africa.

With the season of goodwill and merriment upon us, we thought it would be fun to celebrate the dedicated work of our friends in green public relations. We are therefore inviting you to take part in our special competition, with a chance to win some excellent prizes.  Simply tell us about what you think was the tallest green tale of 2018, and explain to us why it was so daft.

Nominations together with rebuttals should be emailed to 

Deadline: 31 December 2018.

Prize: Two GWPF books (Group Think and Population Bombed) plus a bottle of House of Lords whisky.

The GWPF team will decide the winner of the competition early in in the new year.

Good luck, and Merry Christmas!


  1. The cartoon, itself, is a tall tale. Penguins and polar bears aren’t found together except in zoos. Also, I’ve never seen a polar bear smile.

  2. The tallest tale is the one that has decades upon decades of reinforcement behind it — it’s so obvious:

    Human-produced CO2 is the control knob of all climatic zones of planet Earth.

    No further explanation required.

    • What a load of garbage written for the consumption of the simple and ignorant. acid oceans, 3cm/decade sea level rise…..just garbage.

      • It really is garbage. The Australian MSM just loves to post rubbish like this, sometimes multiple articles about climate change, global warming and how Australia can stop it by building renewable energy sources.

        Based on comments it appears most Australians are believers in climate change (TM) and also want action. This includes 5 year old school kids too.

    • You had me at

      I wouldn’t trust Fairfax… sorry, The Nine Papers to tell me what day of the week it is.

  3. Yearly rates of NCC and NCP across the Florida Reef Tract showing net dissolution in the upper Keys

    Chris is claiming the upper Keys reefs are dissolving because of ocean acidification/global warming….
    …and losing mass
    He samples reefs from Miami, south to Key West
    …the reefs he sampled to the south were all gaining mass

    1. Global warming/ acidification is all over the ocean…doesn’t pick one spot
    2. Current flows south to north….reefs to the south, that are gaining mass, would have been first hit
    3. Modern corals did not even evolved until CO2 was above 1000 ppm
    4. Ignores Hurricane Andrew that sand blasted the upper reefs…cleaned them off completely
    5. Ignores bacteria that normally consume calcium carbonate..and the process that allows the oceans to support life in the first place…reefs dissolving are normal…bacterial processes produce acid
    6. Ignores studies that show corals make the water around them more acid…less work they have to do

    ..and of course, Scientific American jumped all over it…

    • – What’s. The. PROBLEM?

      Have these Greeeens not hoisted-aboard their tiny little brains that, as the coral reefs dissolve, it makes more space in the oceans? Thus they can hold more water, directly combatting sea-level rise?

      Sheeeeeeeeesh… (/sarc, if necessary 😉

  4. I thought maybe I’d just review one of my favorite forums where I post Climate Change/Global Warming silly stuff. Didn’t take too long, this one’s from January 2nd 2018. Can I substitute the House of Lords with Chivas Regal?

    Scientists Expect Chocolate to Go Extinct by 2050
    MSN Food & Wine

  5. Back in the day when consultants were being used to bring enlightenment to management. I and a couple of colleagues used to play. Consultant bingo. It consisted of each having a card with four different buzz words much favoured by consultants at the time such as, pushing the envelope, run it up the flag pole, win win, and so on. The first one to get all their words crossed out won. The prize depended on the circumstances, usually involving beer or excused driving duty on the return back to plant.
    I think we could engage in something similar with global warming. The only problem being, there are so many words now to choose from…
    NB Hockey Stick, Polar Bears, and Sea level rise, are exempt from the game as they are permanently crossed off squares. 🙂

    • Our econ teacher in high school 40 years ago did each class verbatim.
      The first class of the day would leave the second class a “Buzz Word Bingo Card.”
      pretty sure the teacher never knew why kids would say “bingo” during class.
      He was a good teacher though

  6. The “elephant in the room” is the entire enterprise.

    All these climate science studies of the effects of CAGW, ridiculous or not, are based on pure speculation, because there is no evidence that CAGW is real. CAGW itself is a speculation.

    If you want a specific study to ridicule use the latest one to come out denying there has been a temperature trend pause. Even the IPCC and about 200 previous studies say there was a pause, yet here we have a study saying there was no pause. It’s possible for one study to refute a whole bunch of previous studies, but in this case, ridiculous claims are made.

    The Alarmists first need to prove CAGW is real before inundating us with studies of possible consequences.

    And then there’s the group of Alarmists who claim they can already see the effects of CAGW in Earth’s atmosphere! Talk about ridiculous!

  7. Every day is April Fools Day in climate peudoscience. And the reason that is the case is because there is money, promotion, travel, and generally a carbon-intensive lifestyle to be had from climbing aboard the crusade. It’s not as though anyone is going to stand up and call a foul, not when the institutions and professional organizations have already climbed on board. Yes, the way is clear and risks are few as in any bacterial colony expansion bent on consuming all available resources at hand.

  8. “According to preliminary research from NIWA, there are 125,600 buildings and $38 billion of replacement costs within 0-1m of sea level rise and there is near certainty that the sea will rise a further 0.2m to 0.3m in the next 20 years.”

    “With these sea level rises come increasing risks from storms and coastal inundation, as well as the increased risks of ever higher water tables and sunny day flooding.”

    This was published in NZ MSM as a quote from an executive of the Insurance Council of New Zealand



  9. The degree of insanity required for climate catastrophe reporting is directly related to how paranoid the warmist lobby are. They know that when then People find out that the whole climate scare was a ruse to dupe them of their money and ultimately their freedom, they will not be very happy. They know that they, the warmists will not be happy (will regret they were ever born) when the SHTF that it was all a con job from day one. Thus, the ever more insane claims will get ever more insane to hide the previous lies-classic tactics of habitual liars.

  10. Candidate for Tallest Climate Tale of 2018:
    Germany’s Energywende.
    It’s pronounced “energy vendor” and means energy transition or change.
    But it’s a tall tale because nothing has changed.
    Half a billion trillion euros have been invested and it has, to date, made ZERO difference to Germany’s CO2 emissions.
    Half a trillion euros to blight the German countryside and zero CO2 reduction.

    Le plus ca change, le plus c’est la meme chose.
    How do you say that in German?

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