Ex IPCC Chief Rajendra Pachauri headed for trial

An Indian court has ruled there is enough evidence for former United Nations climate chief Rajendra Pachauri to be tried on sex crime charges.

Rajendra Pachauri (picture-alliance/AP Photo/G. Osan)

Former United Nations climate chief Rajendra Pachauri will stand trial in a sexual assault and harassment case, after an employee accused him of inappropriate conduct.

Police registered the case against Pachauri after the 29-year-old female colleague accused him three years ago of sexual harassment, stalking and criminal intimidation.

The pair worked together at a New Delhi environmental think tank that he headed for more than three decades.

The alleged victim, a 29-year-old research analyst, has accused him of unwanted physical contact and sending inappropriate texts and emails.

Allegations denied

Pachauri has denied the allegations, insisting that his emails and mobile phone were hacked.

His lawyer Ashish Dixit said there was no case against him and he will fight the charges, the Press Trust of India news agency reported.

Earlier, an internal committee at his own think tank had found him guilty of misconduct.

Pachauri, a veteran climate change expert, took the helm of the IPCC — considered the world’s authority on climate science, in 2002.

Five years later, he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on the IPCC’s behalf, which the panel shared with former US Vice President Al Gore. Pachauri was elected to a second term in 2008.

If convicted, he faces two years in jail.

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70 thoughts on “Ex IPCC Chief Rajendra Pachauri headed for trial

  1. well…..at least he wasn’t 17…and it wasn’t almost 4 decades ago….and his accuser is not some liberal activist pink pussy hat radical
    …they have so overplayed their hand

    • ‘they have so overplayed their hand’

      You’d think – we’ll see. Never underestimate the power of hate-baiting.

    • Wow, it took them three friggin years after the complaint was laid to work out that they had enough evidence to charge him?

      At 78 they were probably hoping that he would die before they got round to charging him. That way they would be spared the embarrassment of knocking this “national hero” off his pedestal.

      Mind you with jet black hair he really does not look his age. He must be as virile as a box viagra too.

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      I’m guessing it’s something to do with last weeks troubles. I had this a year or two ago as well and at some stage it got fixed. I guess the fox got lots last week.

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    • Two years ? That must be the max sentence. He will get 6mo …. suspended. If they have banged him up already it is because he has friends in all the right places in India. Indian “justice system” is as rotten as a barrel full of maggots anyway. Don’t expect him to get anything like what he deserves.

    • The environment in the TERI office seems to have improved greatly since a sincere effort was made to remove toxic elements from it.

  2. This really sounds like a minor issue – and Pachauri probably still has some friends willing to pull a few strings for him.

    I can’t see anything major happening……

    • The kind of friends that he had- glitterati- dissappear immediately. No this guy’s strings have been cut without hesitation – think Weinstein- same thing. He finds himself, old, disgraced, friendless, taken out like yesterday’s kitchen waste. I predict his health will fail and off he goes into a history of the sordid, another irradicable stain on a crumbling Nobel Prize that has become something to put in your attic.

      • I guess Really Sceptical and fellow apologists colleagues will be coming to his defence and digging up a conservative with similar pecadillos. Liberal entitlement and hubris are the best predictors for this kind of unbridled behavior.

        • The “defense” will be along the lines of, “What about [Trunp, Cavanaugh, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Roy Moore, etc.]?

          The day that a liberal doesn’t lead off with a red herring, straw man, non sequitur, ad hominem tu quoque, etc., will be a historic event.

    • Yes, it does seem minor, especially compared to the financial and political harm directed at the developed world by the IPCC in collusion with the UNFCCC, politically biased climate scientists and environmental activists. Although, as far as I’m concerned, the damage done to the integrity of science by the IPCC under his watch, while not a crime, is far worse.

      • “It does seem minor, especially compared to the financial and political harm directed at the developed world by the IPCC….”


        So, where do we go to get our money back?

  3. Man overboard!
    Alas there are plenty more in line to take his place at the great global warming banquet trough.

  4. It is a pity he is not being tried for his real crime: pushing the lie of catastrophic man made climate change and hence policies that are mass murder.

      • If the intent is to railroad the world into an unelected Socialist mega-government, a railway engineering degree is perfect.

    • Railway Engineer? Aren’t those the guys that drive the choo choo, through any weather, rain, snow or sunshine?

    • ‘Pachauri, a veteran climate change expert”. What? He was a railway engineer.’

      That’s the press for you.

      • His Ph.D. was in Industrial Engineering and Economics, thesis: ” A dynamic model for forecasting of electrical energy demand in a specific region located in North and South Carolina”.

    • He was a railway engineer.Indian railways are notorious for unreliability, train rosters aren’t worth the paper they are printed on and have an accident rate that makes riding an Indian train almost a suicide attempt. I don’t say he botched it all, but his job with the IPCC wasn’t convincing.

  5. Whenever climate alarmists want to discredit a “skeptic” based on credentials, I’m reminded that their very own head of the IPCC, the supposed expert on climate change, has his PhD in industrial engineering and economics..

  6. “The rise in CO2 is now the leading factor in obsessive sex-addiction and unwanted self-exposure.” – UN IPCC

  7. So, the World’s leading “Climate Scientist”, with his degree in Railway/Production Engineering making him most qualified for the job, is about to be taken to court for being a sexual deviant & pervert! I wonder what that may or may not say about other manipulating, controlling, self-enriching alarmist warmistas, in the Climate Change mix????

    Still, he’s managed to make his squillions out of it! Just a poor misunderstood guy I suppose! NOT!

    • Everybody knows that hot processors misbehave and crash!

      The email server CPU was hot and misbehaved.

  8. What is it with all these lefties? Why can’t they keep it in their pants?

    Are they so hard-up that the only way they can get laid is to force themselves upon women?

    Or do they get a power-rush from engaging in abusive behavior?

    Seems to be a problem, particularly with the political left. Maybe it’s the lack of a moral center.

    Read below about “Slick Willie” Clinton and Jack “Mehoff” Layton:

    “MILLWEE: He [Bill Clinton] came in [to the editing room] behind me, started hunching me to the point that he had an orgasm. He’s touching, trying to touch my breasts and I’m just sitting there very stiffly, just waiting for him to leave me alone. And I’m asking him the whole time, ‘Please do not do this. Do not touch me. Do not hunch me. I do not want this.’ And he finished doing what he was doing and walked out.”

    Bill reminds me of my friend’s dachshund. When I was a kid I used to visit my genius friend Peter, and he would always admonish me to put my shoes in the closet and close the door. Seems his dog had a shoe fetish, and would make wild passionate love to your footwear if you left them in sight. Gives whole new meaning to the term “wiener dog”. If I ever encounter a dog like this again. I’m going to call him “Clinton”. 🙂

    Even notice how the press gives lefties a free pass when they (all too frequently) reveal themselves as sexual predators? Canadian NDP Socialist leader Jack “Mehoff” Layton was caught by the Toronto police in a raid of notorious massage parlour, famous for their “happy endings”, and was given a free pass by the police AND the press.

    A close friend recently told me about his former girlfriend, a beautiful young woman who was asked by the local NDP Party brass to accompany the NDP national leader while he was in her city. This was an earlier Canadian NDP leader, previous to Mehoff. She was flattered at first, but was shocked when he became a drunken groper and aggressor in the evening. It is probable that the local brass knew of his character flaws and tried to accommodate him – but they picked the wrong girl.

    • Most of their political; activism is a type of display, or posturing. They don’t feel capable of attracting women with their personalities or physical charm so they essentially act as if they are better than the rest of us to (hopefully) get laid.
      Probably most women see [through] this surface to the disturbed and dysfunctional individual underneath and maintain a stand off position, even if they support the work the activist/perve undertakes. The activist/perve, having lured a potential target into range, can’t resist imposing himself on her. There are lots of men who lack sexual confidence and can’t seem to make first base without clumsiness or aggression. Each failure makes them less confident in an honest approach and more inclined to aggression. The latest is those who call themselves “Involuntarily Celebate”, with some using it as an excuse for violence.
      Even many men who are powerful seem to have a fixation on “conquest” as opposed to natural and equal relationships. Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, JFK and Trump come to mind.

      • Hi John,

        The following is intended to be politically incorrect – it will probably inflame some gigantic bull-dykes who teach gender studies at the local community college – I’d better watch my back.

        Compared to Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, and JFK, Trump is almost celibate. As Chris Rock said: “Only two women? Wow, he must really love his wife!”

        It’s clear that Clinton, Cosby and JFK were numbers men – sheer volume mattered a lot to them.

        At least JFK and Trump liked beautiful women. Quality mattered to them.

        One wonders about Bill Clinton. I mean really Bill, you were effing President of the United States of America! Was that the best you could do? Really Bill? Really?

        Oh, she has a great personality? She made you laugh? No thanks, I don’t want a cigar. I just quit smoking. When? One minute ago.

  9. Is it my imagination, or is the #metoo movement deflating because the majority of those caught in its web are card carrying, socialist progressives?

  10. Fiddling with the models seems to be a common theme in climate science. It’s heartening to know that one model objected.

  11. This has taken so long to get to trial I assumed the old guy croaked .
    Innocent till proven guilty but lots of time to write smut novels in the slammer if convicted .
    Likely reality …. a hurt feelings check is in the mail or it wasn’t enough already .
    If the police take this on it won’t matter how much cash she gets it .
    How did a rail engineer ever get this political UN mouth piece appointment in the first place ?
    Lets see his “hacked E mails with Gore and his UN bosses . Maybe Comie could leak them too.
    Someone hacked his E mails … really ? … and wrote smut novels too . Amazing defence .
    Sounds like he was just misunderstood . Over and over and over again .

    • “Someone hacked his E mails … really ?”

      That would be Cozy Bear. He is too cozy with computer systems.

      “… and wrote smut novels too .”

      That one is Fancy Bear. He likes fancy stories.

  12. Whether Pachauri is a perv or not, the defense claim here is that the IPCC chief’s email could be plausibly hacked for months without anyone noticing (also personal mobile phone?).

    How isn’t it an attack on the computer maintenance team?

    Can you attack the competence of third parties in trial without opposition? Will some computer security specialist will be considered a party to this trial?

  13. Pachauri is innocent! A just released IPCC study shows that climate change leads to inappropriate sexual behavior by men in high positions!

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