WEIRD: FBI closes National Solar Observatory over mysterious ‘security issue’

UPDATE 9/12/18 4PM PST The issue may be related to Mercury (the metal, not the planet). On a tip from a science journalist friend who covers telescopes and who has been there, I verified the observatory uses a vat of liquid mercury as a float bearing for the giant solar telescope. According to an internal NSO/NMSU document, that bearing is “high-risk” during maintenance. If there was a major mercury spill, it might explain why the Feds are there, with FBI providing security. The amount of Mercury is said to be in the “tens of gallons” range, which is next to impossible to come by in the commercial market these days, and if it were weaponized, it would make a very nasty dirty bomb. Perhaps there’s some security issue with the mercury on-site.

Also, the observatory is in transition, with it’s management shifting to New Mexico State University:

As part of the restructuring connected to the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKI), the National Solar Observatory (NSO) will leave the Sunspot site in October 2017. However NSF, NSO, and the larger solar physics community in USA see extended scientific, educational, instrumentation and public outreach advantages in maintaining, simplifying, and upgrading, certain aspects of the telescope and the site of Sunspot. As such, the New Mexico State University (NMSU) are leading a national effort to form and lead a Sunspot Solar Observatory Consortium (SSOC) to maintain the operations of the Dunn Solar Telescope (DST) and Sunspot site for a minimum 5 year span beyond Oct 2017.

Maybe there’s been an issue during the transition..  – Anthony

Solar telescope facility, and nearby U.S. Post Office shut down – Blackhawk helicopters seen on site

Dunn Solar Telescope at NSO, Sunspot, NM.

This is weird. The National Solar Observatory has a singular mission, or so we’re told:

The mission of the National Solar Observatory is to advance knowledge of the Sun, both as an astronomical object and as the dominant external influence on Earth, by providing forefront observational opportunities to the research community. The mission includes the operation of cutting edge facilities, the continued development of advanced instrumentation both in-house and through partnerships, conducting solar research, and educational and public outreach.

It’s been closed by the FBI for “security reasons” and there’s no mention of the closure on the NSO website. Not even in their news feed. Even local authorities are baffled. What could possibly be going on there that would require such a secretive response by the FBI? Some sort of suspicious package at the post office? Spies? Something they spotted with the telescope that it too explosive for the public to know about?

From a variety of wire and TV news sources. h/t to Dennis Wingo

The mysterious and sudden closure of the National Solar Observatory in New Mexico is sending alien hunters into a frenzy as the facility remains shut without explanation. The research institute in Sunspot was evacuated last Thursday along with a nearby United States Postal Service office for unexplained ‘security reasons.’

A spokesperson for the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) which manages the observatory said the evacuation was a precautionary measure due to a security issue. “It was our decision to evacuate the facility,”spokeswoman Shari Lifson added.

A statement made by the Otero County Sheriff, Benny House, to Alamogordo Daily News in the aftermath of the announcement has contributed to intense speculation around the incident, however. House said that they were asked to standby but given no further information.

“The FBI is refusing to tell us what’s going on. We’ve got people up there (at Sunspot) that requested us to standby while they evacuate it. Nobody would really elaborate on any of the circumstances as to why. The FBI were up there. What their purpose was nobody will say.”

The sheriff also claimed there was a Blackhawk helicopter at the site and work crews on towers and around antennas

Source:  RT


From KVIA-TV :

SUNSPOT, New Mexico – The National Solar Observatory in Sunspot New Mexico has been closed since last Thursday.

The post office near Sunspot also remains closed. Its employees have been temporarily transferred to the post office in Cloudcroft, a USPS official told ABC-7.

ABC-7 has confirmed the post office in Sunspot will not be re-opened until further notice, and cannot be re-opened until approved by local law enforcement officials.

ABC-7 Monday spoke with Shari Lifson, who is with Aura, the company that co-manages the Observatory with NMSU. Lifson told ABC 7 there is no time-table for the Observatory to be re-opened.

ABC-7 also reached out the FBI, but did not hear back from the federal agency in time for deadline. The FBI did speak with local law enforcement about the length of the observatory closure.

“They spoke with my sergeant initially and they said that they would be down for a few days so that could be anywhere from a few days to months, from my past experience,” said Sheriff Benny House.

The FBI did not tell Sheriff House the reason for the closure.

Sheriff Benny House did tell ABC 7 that his local law enforcement did not have anything to do with either the observatory closure, or the Sunspot post office Closure.

A spokesperson for the United States Postal Service told ABC 7 that they were given specific instructions.  “We were told on September 6th that we would be evacuated along with the surrounding area, we were not told why,” Rod Sturgeon said, “We were told just to be out of the area.”

More here

UPDATE:  A few minutes after publication, the photo was corrected to show the Dunn Solar Telescope at the Sacramento Peak NSO facility.

195 thoughts on “WEIRD: FBI closes National Solar Observatory over mysterious ‘security issue’

      • Close to what some people are saying. One theory says, Chinese spies were able to set up equipment there and used it to spy on White Sands missile test site. Another says, mercury leaked there and also at the post office.

        Will we ever find out the truth?

        • If the FIB is involved, no. This would be over-reaction for Merucry, even with chemophobic hysteria.

          • There is very little wrong with mercury provided it is sensibly looked after and the area where it is exposed to air is ventilated

          • if any of your govvy alphabets are…then no.
            Im wondering if it might have something to do with trying to adjust things?
            ie the new russian sats theyre stressing over? trying to track it..
            dunno woulda thunk it could be done very quietly and not being so over the top about it .

      • I had a brief discussion online with a retired astronomer/astro physicist, who said the same thing happened at the house across the street from her and her husband’s house a couple of years ago. People would come and go all hours of the night – NOT daytime – and one day, the house was surrounded by FBI agents and vans and the residents were removed from that house. All that she could get out the FBIers was a security threat.

        The date coincided with 9/11, as did this event this year at the Sunspot National Observatory. If anything, she said, some grad student’s background raised eyebrows ( and doubts) and the ‘security issues’ most likely were related to the anniversary of 9/11/01.

        That makes sense, and of the other observatories reported as offline. construction of some were not finished, and others were likely under maintenance or had received some kind of threat, too, related to the anniversary of 9/11/01.

        You can do what you like with this information, but it at least makes sense, although the activity does also coincide with those joint military exercises.

      • If the Cloudcroft PO is closed, that should rule out Mercury.

        On the other side of the solar system, I heard that people are having second thoughts about making Pluto be a dwarf planet. Perhaps someone mailed a document about Pluto and auto-correct changed it to Plutonium.

    • Naahh! Youse guys got it all wrong!

      It’s been 41 years since the “wow” signal erupted and then was abruptly shut off, like someone hit a switch. Came from the Teapot region of Sagittarius.

      But I know what REALLY happened. A passenger starship located in a system somewhere in UGC6093 in the general direction of Leo was attacked, and the crew (all but two) were turned into sandwiches by the Space Aliens who look like geckos with big teeth. The remaining two crew members sent out the ‘wow’ signal to get help and the only reason it ended up being caught by the Big Ear in 1977 at OSU is that it bounced off a rocky moon orbiting a planet in the general direction of the Teapot. Unfortunately, the ‘wow’ signal wasn’t picked up again because that rocky moon moved and Earth wasn’t triangulating with it. And anyway, it kept bouncing off Pluto and our Moon. But it was a repeating signal and this time, the Solar Telescope picked it up. Now the Feebies and those other guys are worried that the geckos will come here and make sandwiches out of us humans.

      That’s why they chased everyone out of the observatory.

      That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • Tom

      Most likely. The terrorists have been confined largely to driving cars and vans into crowds and stabbing people. At least in the UK, and largely thanks to the unacknowledged efforts of our global security forces.

      Probably a parcel bomb intercepted at the PO destined for an ‘obscure’ but important target.

      • They’ve not been resorting to bombs because vans are much easier to come by and are proving to be quite effective. Not because they can’t make explosives.

        • NoDal

          Their bomb making ‘factories’ keep getting found by the intelligence services, that’s why they have resorted to using vans. More effective to carry a small pipe bomb into a shopping mall than running people down with a van. Even more effective to fill a vehicle with explosives as the IRA were inclined to do, but they expose themselves by buying materials in the first place, so they don’t bother.

    • With two post offices closed and the observatory? I would think more likely a toxin, anthrax or Novichok or ?, addressed to someone at the observatory. The close way information is being held is not tyipcal of a bomb threat and no explosions were reported. In fact its really unusual. There are no attempts to score any political points nationally or internationally. The sheriff talked about crews running around the antennas and towers, which would not square with the toxin idea though. And why target an observatory?

      • Antennas? Perhaps HAARP was relocated there from Alaska and is messing around with Hurricane Florence. I better go see if there have been any odd changes to its track. 🙂

  1. Clearly someone on the staff voted for Trump and the place has been closed down until the culprit has been found and linked to Putin’s fiddling with the presidential election.

    • That was my thought, Mueller thinks there’s something there that links Trump to the Russians, perhaps a bottle of Russian salad dressing in the break room fridge.

  2. Possibly the start of a distraction from the crisis for the FBI/DOJ caused by the mid-term elections and their desperation to keep people diverted from their attempts to subvert a duly elected President?

  3. SOP Hantavirus/Orthohantavirus:

    If the FBI shows up and tells you you have to get out of your home and go someplace for a month and won’t give you a reason, it’s virology under the authority of the CDC.

    Everything else they’ll give you reasons for.

  4. Possibly the start of a distraction from the crisis for the FBI/DOJ caused by the mid-term elections and their desperation to keep people diverted from their attempts to subvert a duly elected President?


  5. Surmising this has nothing to do with the Sun. There are a number of sites doing similar observations. Nothing huge in the way of radio telescopes. If crews were seen working on radio antennas then it’s a fair assumption that is due to something local in the radio spectrum.

  6. And here I am in North Wales and for about 2 hours this afternoon there has been extensive activity by at least 2 military jets circling round and round and at quite a height (can just make out the shape). Sound from the jets is extremely high level (have to raise voce to speak to my wife 5 feet away) and very low frequency rumble affecting the fabric of the cottage and rattling the roof tiles.

    Now where we live (Herefordshire) we are used to seeing military jets training, they can fly quite low over our house sometimes less than 500 feet, so we know how much noise they can make compared to flying height. The experience today was VERY unusual, don’t know how they can make so much LF noise when at such a height.

    Weird indeed.

    • Air combat manoeuvring. Get a lot of Typhoons doing it over me, next to a disused RAF base in Lincolnshire. Sometimes the Yanks have a couple of F15s playing too. High levels of LF noise when they use afterburners.

    • There are joint exercises being held in the next few weeks during Norway. Those jets are probably part of that traffic. The USA has already deployed Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs) to the AO. That’s no secret. Posted in military news last week.
      Has to do with Russian/Chinese war games, and our response to them. Very annoying to the Russians, too. Vlad probably has his undies in a bunch that the USA is showing this kind of audacity.
      That could be the reason for those jets you’re hearing.
      In fact, if there are antennas and towers around this solar telescope, it may have something to do with the joint Russian/Chinese war games.

      • Man! I should not write stuff when I’m half awake!
        “There are joint exercises being held in the next few weeks during Norway.” SHOULD READ “There are joint exercises being held DURING the next few weeks IN Norway.”

        I will add here that the total troop census for those exercises numbers 30,000+, not including equipment and logistics support.

        Whatever this is, I am very sure it has to do with the Chinese/Russian joint military exercises. Since the Feebies are involved in this “shutdown” and have mounted antennae around the observatory, they are setting up a listening post, possibly in anticipation of those joint China-Russia exercises.

        There is also the possibility that there is a very real perceived threat of some ballistic rocketry POSSIBLY aimed in our general direction, the kind of rocketry that would have us doing “duck and cover” drills when I was in grade school. If that’s the case, and you didn’t grow up in the ear of the DEW system, consider this antennae/towers business a substitute for the old NORAD/DEW system, which was partly up in Alaska. They were warned about something, and want everyone who may be endangered by it out of the area.

        History is your friend here. As much as I hate to squelch all the space aliens stuff, this activity coincides with the US military exercises in Norway, which are the US response to the China/Russia joint exercises. Why choose the solar scopes? Perfect reception area for those “ears” the Feebies are planting. White Sands is a missile testing range. It’s also a military base, as are Groom Lake and the nearest Texas/California/New Mexico bases. There is also the NORAD base at Minot, SD. They practice the 15-second minimum interval takeoffs routinely as well as “scrambles”.

        Sorry, no space aliens this time, and no chemtrails, no giant alien space craft orbiting the Sun inside Mercury’s orbit, no “greys” or squishy wierd 2-leggers will show up, except for that guy who keeps bumming you for cash at the corner stoplight.

        Yes, something is going on, but we won’t find out exactly what until these two sets of joint exercises are over.

  7. My goodness gracious, there really isn’t any thing to see or worry about here, these aren’t the aliens you are looking for.

  8. Ha, you think there’s solar observing equipment in there?! Nah, this is clearly a case where an insider tried to reveal the REAL instrumentation in that building — a sun-powered death-ray weapon of mass destruction. They had to eliminate this threat to national security by closing the place down, while they investigate who this insider might have informed (local terrorists?, foreign governments?, ???). The whole program of alien solar death ray technology has now been exposed to risk, and the only way to put a lid on this threat is to shutt’er down, until a full security sweep can be conducted to weed out all possible contaminating influences.

    When you propose a conspiracy theory, go big or go home. (^_^)

    Probably something as mundane as rats — natural infestation?, … terrorist rat attack?, … prank? … That’s why the FBI is there — X files. The mind can go wild, and that’s the purpose of this post, right?

      • There would be no knock, if I were on to something. Rather, my door simply would fly off its hinges from the battering ram impact of the FBI SWAT team. I hope the FBI has a sense of humor. Uh, … my computer screen just did a strange jiggle. (^_^)

  9. My guess is it probably has to do with a DoD test of some new technology (stealth weapon, missile launch etc) at White Sands and/or Holloman AFB that would be visible from those locations.

    • See what I posted above about military exercises and war games. It’s possible that a threat was detected that would be hidden in the war games, e.g., a missile gone “off course”.

      I kind of long for the days when things like the Minuteman missiles were buried in a circle around Lincoln, NE.

  10. Someone’s been reading recent posts by Javier and others and realised that there is a credible alternative hypothesis to CO2 control of climate, namely a clear solar influence. So they now need to do to the solar and sunspot data the same thing that they’ve already done to ocean, land-atmosphere and palaeo climate data i.e. f*** it up.

  11. Or the FCC discovered transmissions from the observatory in Chinese…..

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) this week sent a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai raising concerns regarding an H&H Group application pending before the Commission seeking a permit to use XEWW, a Mexican broadcasting station, to broadcast a full range of Mandarin Chinese language programming into the United States. Due to unresolved concerns that XEWW will be used to broadcast Chinese Communist Party (CPC) propaganda, Sen. Cruz has requested that the Commission deny the H&H Group’s pending application.

    “The Chinese Communist Party is waging an information warfare campaign to undermine American democracy,” Sen. Cruz wrote. “The decision before the Commission risks allowing the CPC to broadcast government-approved propaganda into Southern California, one of the most densely populated regions in America of Mandarin speakers, to boost that warfare campaign. The Commission should reject the application, given the unresolved and undisclosed details surrounding the application.”

    • Correction to Senator Cruz’ statement:
      “The USA Democratic Communist Party is waging an information warfare campaign to undermine American democracy,”

      Your biggest problem is not the Chinese – it is a lot closer to home.

      I am an energy expert, and I will compare my track record with anyone.

      Do you really believe the “green” movement to destroy the integrity of the USA energy system is simply because the Democrats and the greens are THAT stupid? This is part of a greater strategy to undermine western democracies, and it is working

      Look at what is happening in Canada, Australia, South America, Europe and all over the world, except for the USA, China and India:
      – Cheap abundant reliable energy is the lifeblood of society – it IS that simple.
      – Destroy the energy system and you destroy the economy.
      – Destroy the economy and you can take over the government.
      – Over 100 countries around the world are on this destructive path.
      – Zimbabwe and Venezuela are just the worst examples, there are many more.

      Anyone who preaches global warming alarmism, climate change hysteria, green energy nonsense, etc. is knowingly or unknowingly part of this conspiracy. The leaders of this conspiracy know what they are doing – the minions are probably just the usual imbeciles, who follow any dog that barks.

      The Democrats and the greens do not belong in office – they belong in jail.

  12. It could be something as simple as murder or mayhem on government property.
    It ain’t like anyone has seen any HazMat suits, have they ??

  13. My covert and unnamed source tells me we were on the verge of proving the sun is responsible for climate change and the proof was sent via snail mail to avoid the Russians from getting it early through hacking.

  14. A rogue sunspot was discovered by the FBI, who duly shut down the place in their desperate effort to catch it.

    • Yeah, but they used CO2 to stop the Blob. That wouldn’t be allowed nowadays. CO2 is a dangerous and poisonous gas. (Well, it really wasn’t the CO2 exactly, but the cold that CO2 extinguishers spray out with the CO2.) (And do I really need a /sarc tag?)


  15. The USPS website for Sunspot shows nothing unusual. The website has a satellite view of the post office.

    There’s not much in Sunspot beside the post office and the observatory. It looks like some residences as well. Some online stories say that residences were evacuated. Is it possible that the whole of Sunspot was evacuated?

    Ever since the Oklahoma bombing, I have treated any possible attack on federal facilities seriously.

    • A site which directly overlooks The White Sands- Fort Bliss ( part not in El Paso) contiguous military testing area ?
      Its most likely to be a foreign intell listening post has been covertly added, maybe by staff- who could ‘post any data out’

      • This would seem very plausible. If some errant outgoing intel had been detected or suspected a physical search of the relevant property would be needed. Foreign spy hardware could be tiny and well hidden so a detailed seach of Sunspot, Post office, telecom towers, etc would be needed and you would expect a full evac’ and FBI presence for such an operation.

        Proximity to miltary area would be why the foreign entity chose this location for their spying. The search for spy hardware would likely take many days and no timescale would be given for re-opening. Furthermore NO DETAILS would be given out.

        I think all this fits quite well.

      • “The truth is out there somewhere”.

        Well. That is the assumption on which rational metaphysics is based.

        It behoves one to remember it is, just, an assumption…

        • Seems as though the assumption is objectively verified? Given, that is, that you would agree it is true that rational metaphysics assumes objective truth.

          Thanks for coming as always, Leo. 🙂

    • I made a wise crack above but, I agree, there must have been a credible threat.
      (Or maybe that post office has copies of Hillary’s missing emails? 8- )

  16. Since Sunspot is a little higher in altitude than the surrounding area, all of this might have something to do with chemtrails.

    • Chemtrails huh ? Do you refer to contrails, left in the wake of aircraft ?
      I’m so tired of this conspiracy confusion. Never a week without someone asking what chemicals do airliners spread at altitude.

      Silly as it gets. It’s water, more precisely, condensing water from the engines exhaust and airframe penetration which in the right condition becomes visible. Water. Clouds.

      • It’s safe to assume that all comments on this story are tongue-in-cheek. Including mine claiming that activity around antennas means that HAARP as moved here from Alaska.

        Besides, Russell said it only might involve chemtrails.

      • How come I never hear of someone whipping out a prism or spectra graph and finding out what the alleged chemicals are? You know, doing actual evidence collection? If you can see them, they are reflecting light, and the chemical signature would be evident.

          • Long ago those who flew unpressurized airframes report that, on occasion, a slight opening of the lateral sliding window would create a localized powerful to take care of whatever is in the cup, aspiration airflow.

            Modern freight dogs know that a plastic spoon inserted in the joint of a door has similar results.

            However I doubt that the so ejected fluids qualify as masking agents.

  17. Sounds like fake news. If a facility does classified work, moving equipment around would first require people without clearances to be moved out. Mercury is used in atomic weapons? Uh, since when.

    • Yes. Mercury (metal) never used to be a problem when it was widely used for a large number of applications. The toxicity and hazard is really quite low. Soluble mercury compounds are a more serious matter but that is not the case here.

      • Having visited Almaden (S. Spain) and seen the guy floating in a bathtub of Hg I can confirm the hazards are generally very over played. The “mining” village is still there, the residents are pretty healthy, you can stay in a hotel there and it all sits on top of that lovely red soil.

  18. Elemental mercury is not much of a threat. It is not acutely poisonous and it has a very low vapor pressure at room temperature (~10^-8 bar).

    Salts of mercury are very toxic, as are organomercurials such as dimethylmercury [(CH3)2]Hg.

    Even if the NSO had a mercury leak, it would not be dangerous enough to cause an area-wide evacuation. Certainly not involvement of the FBI or any secrecy.

    Not space aliens either, because every telescope in the world would be a security leak.

    Willie Soon let me know that he and Sallie Baliunas are about to publish a paper on the solar atmosphere. Maybe Wille and Sallie collected their data at the National Solar Observatory, and the AGW Deep State is exacting their revenge. 🙂

    • It may have relatively low toxicity, but it does build up in your system if you suffer chronic, long-term exposure to the vapor. 20 years of 1,000 hours per year exposure to saturated mercury vapor is not going to do nice things to your brain.

    • When I was in the 7th grade our science teacher used to construct a very large barometer using about 2 quarts of mercury and a 6 foot glass column. He would load it using his bare hands and said that after a while he could taste the mercury.

      • Back in the early 1950s, whenever we grade-school kids got ahold of some mercury from a broken mercury thermometer, we would always rub it onto pennies with our bare fingers to make the pennies “look like dimes.” I still have a quart of mercury in my garage, which was used in the extraction of gold.

        • When I was a kid we have a cubic inch of mercury to play with – doing all sorts of things. It was originally in a delay switch for a paper towel vending machine. A float rose while the mercury dribbled out of a small hole creating a time delay.

          It was a lot of fun and many kids in those days have enough mercury at home to coat pennies and dimes and generally chase it around a table top.

          We never added salt.

        • For me it was air conditioner thermostats, dozens of them from a hotel dumpster when they renovated the rooms ~1973. They were very clever, a long spiral metallic coil that expanded and contracted visibly with changes in temperature, and a glass bulb with mercury tilt switch perched on the end. The dial was marked so that when the set temp was reached the mercury bulb would be at the top and rolled gently against the contacts to close them. The blob’s reluctance to roll back gave it a bit of hysteresis. I broke a few to get a few oz to play with but felt a twinge of regret because I save useful things, and when I showed him a bit in my palm Dad told me why the Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland was mad. Saved the rest and kept them in a padded box, I’d gaze at the jiggly mercury bulb switches like jewels. They were finally lost n the Storage Unit Auction Disaster of 2005.

  19. Tens of gallons of Hg is now a major security threat as a WMD source? My how times have changed. EPA and OSHA must be in absolute hysterics. If only they knew how illegal gold mining was done in South America…

    • UK remoaners, including scientific and medical bodies, are acting like radioisotopes used for internal imaging are a WMD risk. You know, like drugs that doctors inject into potentially healthy people. You can’t have that in the hands of terrorists. They could do medicine without a licence or something.

      This proves again how decrepit and eurotrash are the medical bodies.

  20. Perhaps it is related to the “National Emergency communications test the media is announcing that will occur in a few days.

  21. Metallic mercury isn’t all that bioactive. It is more salts of mercury and other water/fat soluble forms that cause problems. Just like your gold ring won’t kill you but a few milligrams of gold salts will.

    Anyway, it would make a poor dirty bomb. Probably could kill people with a shrapnel effect.

    • Who said a dirty bomb needs to kill or harm any biological being?

      A radioactive dirty bomb combined by an attack could be a huge lawfare bomb in Europe where you can’t send rescuers (even those willing) if they have even a tiny risk of cancer from radiation exposure, per European treaty (EURATOM), which is above our law and even our national Constitution!

      Imagine the scenario where you would have to fight something above the Constitution to save lives. Imagine the civil unrest that could be caused.

      Imagine a situation where the most reasonable attitude is to treat anyone who mentions a law as a terrorist.

      BTW, even UK alleged “leavers” defend EURATOM. Was Leave.UK is sham?

    • Self-serving ‘trace amount zero tolerance’ fear hype that has been the natural result of creating the Department of Homeland Security which provides a haven for security guard wannabees and the most deceitful, self-serving merchants of fear and other useless eaters… I refer to ‘dirty bombs’ as ‘insurance bombs’… aside from the actual blast of course — each would trigger a locust swarm of over-reacting revenue gobbling hazmat response, and the threat of them makes for a great extortion racket for insurance companies, if you would wish to pay dearly to have coverage from a dirty bomb attack, a specific exception to their general indemnity from terrorist attack.

      So a carefully managed false-flag dirty bomb event would make a fine (zero casualty) jump-start for an insurance scam. Sort of like the inside job Anthrax attacks after 9/11, which was intended to generate contracts for scanning equipment. And just happened to jump-start DHS also.

  22. The US Postal Service doesn’t always deliver to the door in far-flung places so maybe the 10 gallons of mercury was POSTED to NSO and the NSO folk had to drive down and collect it. That would explain everything!

  23. Artisanal gold miners use lots of mercury. They amalgamate gold with the mercury and when it’s half-solid, they boil off the mercury over open fires. Large areas are contaminated with metallic mercury without any obvious health effects. Seen it done in Nicaragua and Colombia, and no doubt it’s common elsewhere in South and Central America.

    I’ve seen it done in Canada too, but I can’t say where because, well, it’s illegal now.

    So toxicity of liquid mercury is obviously quite low. Mercury vapour though, that’s another issue, and the organomercury compounds are worse. Search for “Minimata Disease” and see what you get. It comes from eating fish that have accumulated Hg in their flesh. Two native reserves in northwestern Ontario were badly affected in the 1970s due to mercury being used in a paper mill upstream from their fishing areas.

  24. Why does RT carry this story and not the American media? Just asking, as an outsider. Because it doesn’t involve Trump?

    • Both RT and Al Jazeera carry more than a few credible stories which are NEVER reported by the American MSM. What does that tell you?

    • …so badly that distraction must have being needed, so much so that FBI had
      to use a BlackHawk from its air fleet!!!


  25. Could it be that the operators of the observatory spotted some idiot in a red Tesla convertible riding around in space with the top down and then spotted the same thing at the post office and called the FBI? Upon searching the packages being mailed at the P.O. they discovered a package containing plastic straws in a plastic grocery being smuggled to California. APB out for the red Tesla. Major crackdown in progress!

  26. My money is on the fact that somebody high up at the facility, had put his packed lunch in the fridge first thing that morning, & now it’s missing, & nobody will be allowed to leave until it’s found, & somebody is going to pay for this outrage!!!!!

    • except its a fairly low level G and incoming isnt that high, 6.7 or so protons a second
      ive seen far higher counts and wind speeds

  27. saw this last night on Zerohedges page
    the person reporting it also stateda slew of others were shut around the globe
    inc Australia
    i did click the link to see ?re the aussie one and it went nowhere
    tis curious cos if it was mercury then climing all over towers etc is sorta the wrong direction? 😉

  28. My guess is the FBI was acting on something they learned during a surveillance operation, and decided to secure the target rather than try to arrest someone because of the downside risk of a successful robbery. Or, someone actually did manage to make off with some quantity.

  29. Then why were the web cams from observatories around the world shut down at the same time of this take over?
    These solar/space cams (webcams) were all taken offline at the same time as the National Solar Observatory evacuation:

    AXIS 2320 Network Dome Camera in Sydney, Australia, the SOAR Observatory in Chile, BRT Tenerife Telescope in Spain, the Mauna Kea observatory in Hilo, Hawaii, the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope in Hawaii and the JAT Observatory in Fariless Hills, Pennsylvania.

    • It’s normal for webcams to be down. It amazes me how people have completely missed the mark on this story, going off on tangents. They said from the start it’s a security issue, not a safety hazard. People trying to link it to the post office also drive me nuts. The whole town was evacuated – of course the post office was closed. It was obvious from the start it was either someone using the facility to spy or some top secret aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on the landing field behind the town.

  30. The mercury is out to get us. Be afraid, be very afraid, but the FBI (government) will save us w/Spooky Mulder and Scully on the case.

  31. There is a battle going on between Trump and the deep state. Both sides have lots of cyber-warfare assets in play. There is not much to see on the surface of a cyber warfare facility except “towers and antennas”.

  32. In the early 20th cent. there was a lighthouse on the Brittany’s coast (France) of which the light system worked very efficiently with burning petroleum gas. The whole system was floating on a flat basin filled with mercury (probably tens of gallons, too) on the top of the tower, and so rotated in a perfectly horizontal plan.
    This worked fine until the lighthouse underwent a terrible storm with very strong winds for weeks. The tower, though very strongly built was shaken and the mercury began to overflow down the tower in the two keeper’s appartment. But there was no way for them to escape since no boat could even come close enough to the lighthouse. Only a month later the storm weakened enough allowing the men, severely intoxicated by the mercury vapours, to be rescued .

  33. “All your base are belong to us. And your Mercury. ..” == statement released by militant “Pluto is a Planet” activists.

  34. Since 1976 I was involved in mercury issues of all sorts. The hysteria over mercury is truly mind boggling. Some college students at one of our universities several years ago found metal mercury in an abandon van and took it back to their dormitory. The state closed the dorm, spent millions cleaning the building and testing all the students in the dorm even though it was ever only in a couple of dorm rooms. Turned out the metal mercury was destined for the Amazon were native gold miners use it to extract gold from river sediments.

    Every so often I go searching for anyone that has been documented to have been poisoned by mercury in the USA. Note the standard for the level considered to qualify as poison is very low. A year or so ago I found an entire family. It was an illegal immigrant family where dad was heating mercury in the kitchen for some use probably gold plating. Interestingly the parents didn’t have high levels of mercury but the kids did.

    For years during a big mercury debate with FDA they would bring up that a woman in New England had mercury poisoning from eating swordfish. According to FDA she ate swordfish three times a day for months. Even though demanded by the management council FDA never produced the actual medical records.

    I do know for a fact that US EPA intended to use mercury from coal fired plants to shut down such power plants and other industries using coal combustion (e.g. steel) if AGW didn’t work. Before anyone challenges me on that “little” issue I set in three meetings where it was discussed with my mercury staff, that is until the realized I was not one of the flock.

    • I remember reading a story a few years ago about a mother changing a florescent bulb (In the early days of CF bulbs) in her baby’s bedroom. She accidentally broke it. The package said it contained mercury and should be disposed of in a certain manner.
      She called the number on the package.
      Long story short, by the time the hazmat team was done, she was left with about a $2,000 bill.

  35. My sources tell me that this observatory spotted a Russian flag on the sun. They are about to claim ownership – and that free energy is not going to be so free from now on

  36. It doesn’t take a week plus to search for a security threat/clean up mercury/investigate spying, but what DOES take a week plus is thoroughly scrubbing data – not just from HDDs but from paper copies and file cabinets, etc…

    The NSO didn’t discover aliens, what it discovered in its routine study of sunspots was a causal link between sunspots and global warming. Since the political system/govt has gone all in on humans as the cause of global warming, and their agenda has been mostly successful and eliminating any and all questioning of this, an impartial observatory that discovered the ACTUAL cause of global warming would present a clear threat to their agenda and goals.

    THIS is why the NSO has been closed, the FBI is wiping all data, both digital and paper, from the site to ensure that the discovery is not made public. The extraterrestrial angle is just noise and distracts from the real issue..

  37. The observatory is supposed to open today (Monday, Sep. 17, 2018). The Washington Post (9/16, Zapotosky) reports that the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, which is “in charge of the New Mexico solar observatory that was mysteriously evacuated and shuttered for more than a week attributed the closure to a threat posed by a suspect in a criminal investigation and said the facility will reopen Monday.” The group said in a statement Sunday that employees will return to work after “recent developments in the investigation” convinced officials that the staff was not at risk. According to the statement, “officials had been cooperating with an inquiry of criminal activity in the area” and “became concerned that a suspect in the investigation potentially posed a threat to the safety of local staff and residents.”

  38. Its confirmed that there was a operation against criminals at or near the site and the Feds were expecting a major fire fight or something worse. They evacuated everyone to prevent cross fire or hostage situations. That confirms my previous post that the best guess is a illegal cyber-warfare entity was active at or near the site. The feds were expecting a bigger fight than they got.

  39. From Fox News 9/20/18:
    “The National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, abruptly closed Sept. 6 over an undisclosed security issue. The lack of explanation fueled conspiracy theories, given the facility’s close proximity to Roswell – the location of a supposed UFO sighting in 1947.

    An FBI officer said she was “investigating the activities of an individual who was utilizing the wireless internet service of the National Solar Observatory … to download and distribute child pornography.”

    Officials on Monday said the observatory did not communicate with the public during the investigation because they didn’t want the suspect to be tipped off. “[O]ur desire to provide additional information had to be balanced against the risk that, if spread at the time, the news would alert the suspect and impede the law enforcement investigation. That was a risk we could not take,” officials said.

    Investigators determined the observatory’s janitor had used his laptop to connect to the facility’s wireless internet system, an FBI affidavit said. Federal authorities obtained a warrant to the search the suspect’s residence, Reuters reported, citing FBI records.

    On Sept. 14, FBI agents removed three cell phones, five laptops, one iPad, an external hard drive, and other electronic devices, from the suspect’s home, FBI records showed. An FBI spokesman said the case is still under investigation. According to the FBI, the suspect has not been arrested or charged.”

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