Inside Climate News: John McCain’s Climate Change Legacy

John McCain, Public Domain Image

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Inside Climate News laments the collapse of recently deceased Republican John McCain‘s efforts to build a bipartisan climate policy.

John McCain’s Climate Change Legacy

The senator from Arizona brought climate science into Capitol Hill hearings and cap-and-trade legislation to a vote, but then moderate Republican politics changed.

By Marianne Lavelle
AUG 26, 2018

Among the many battles Sen. John McCain waged in his storied career, it is easy to overlook his fight for U.S. action on climate change.

He wrote legislation that failed. He built a bipartisan coalition that crumbled. And when Congress came closest to passing a bill that embraced his central idea—a market-based cap-and-trade system—McCain turned his back.

And yet, McCain’s nearly decade-long drive on global warming had an impact that reverberates in today’s efforts to revive the U.S. role in the climate fight. In the Senate chamber and on the campaign trail, the Arizona Republican did more than any other U.S. politician has done before or since to advance the conservative argument for climate action.

Today’s efforts to recruit GOP members into the climate movement—appeals to conservative and religious values, the framing of climate change as a national security threat, efforts to stress market-based solutions and the role business leaders can play—all owe a debt to McCain.

At the same time, McCain’s climate journey and its abrupt end serve as a cautionary tale of how far the Republican party has moved from a mainstream conservatism that is receptive to such appeals.

“What McCain did on climate is a really great reminder of where we need to get back to,” said Kevin Curtis, executive director of NRDC Action. As an environmental lobbyist on Capitol Hill in the 2000s, Curtis watched close-up as McCain crafted the first economy-wide climate legislation in the U.S. with one of his closest friends in the chamber, Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, the Democrat who would later turn Independent.

“Lieberman and McCain were really good examples of a Democrat and Republican intentionally, consciously and thoughtfully trying to work across the aisle to build a 60-vote coalition in the Senate on climate,” said Curtis. “The point of looking at McCain’s legacy, I think, is not to just look back to the ‘good old days,’ but to look at what we need to get back to.

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I accept the view that McCain was motivated by a desire to do good, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Since the heady victory of President Trump it has been easy to forget that much of the world, much of the USA is still firmly in the grip of the climate rent seekers. After decades of rolling back opportunities for politicians to steal public funds, the climate crisis has opened the way for a new era of dodgy donations and kickbacks from people whom I believe are cloaking their efforts to help themselves to taxpayer’s money with noisy proclamations of their desire to save the world.

Political corruption, once entrenched, is difficult to root out. McCain, despite his best intentions, helped bring us to this point.

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    • I think the meaning of “good” is unrelated to the phrase “good intention”.

      Seaching Google for the definition of “good intention” resulted in:-
      good intention
      See: benevolence

      BENEVOLENCE, duty. The doing a kind action to another, from mere good will, without any legal obligation. It is a moral duty only, and it cannot be enforced by law. A good man is benevolent to the poor, but no law can compel him to be so.
      BENEVOLENCE, English law. An aid given by the subjects to the king under a pretended gratuity, but in realty it was an extortion and imposition.

      Looks like the second one is closer….

      • “A good man is benevolent to the poor, but no law can compel him to be so.”

        Guess they never heard of welfare.

        • Is welfare actually good for its recipients? Most of the ultimate effects of welfare are bad: dependence, loss of the will to work or strive, furtherance of big government, militance in forcing other people to give money or goods to those who did not earn them, and the whole complex of phenomenal allied to these. For society as a whole, in this country it means higher taxes and a large cadre of federal/state/municipal employees whose sole job is administration of the status quo.

  1. Cap-and-trade was as bad a notion as the McCain-Feingold bill, which he did get passed. McCain was in the bottom 10% of his class at the Naval Academy, and his career demonstrated it was a deserved grade.

    • ….ever notice how a lot of politicians are in the bottom 10%
      We certainly don’t get the pick of the litter

      • Algore flunked out of a divinity school, and eventually got a degree suited for football players and sons of prominent politicians.

        • OTOH … I believe Jerry Brown was top of his class in Jesuit Seminary … stinkin thinking can be found across a broad spectrum of … “intellect”

          • Yep, nowadays you can’t use offensive language about all sorts of protected groups but people can still be as offensive as they like to Catholics. Can anyone imagine someone submitting an offensive definition of a Jew and it getting past the moderators?

          • The Jezzies have beeen heretical for 150 years save for a few bright lights. They have recreated God in their own image and likeness – that’s what Modernism is all about.

          • The word “jésuitisme” means playing with definitions in a not very honest way. “C’est un jésuite” = he is fooling you with elaborate prose.

      • There was this really rich guy who got fired from a job plucking chickens because he flunked grade ten. A lady asked him how much better off he would have been if he had been able to finish his education. He replied that he probably would still be back there plucking chickens.

        At each different stage of life, different skills make for success. That which makes a successful student does not necessarily make for a successful career.

        It is often noted that the most successful lawyers finished in the bottom half of their class. link

      • Ever note that teachers are often (90%) in the bottom quintile of their undergrad classes?
        These are the folks indoctrinating our yutes.

        • Maybe this is true for public schools, but independent (private) school have vastly more interested and educated faculty. My kids are far from being millennials, the mold does not fit.

          • No, it is NOT true for public schools. Your assessment of educational levels is also faulty. I also had chance to briefly teach in a private school. It was heaven, as those who were disruptive, disrespectful or not given to learn were simply shown the door. That does not happen in public schools, through no fault of the schools.

          • If there’s no remedial school available to take the troublemakers, the PubScho is stuck with them until their old enough to drop out.

        • I challenge you to cite the source(s) of such drivel. I suggest you start by reading this:
 As a retired teacher who was in the top 10% of my graduating class in high school and graduated Cum Laude from college, I resent the constant attacks on the many fine and high-quality public school teachers who work tirelessly to provide the best opportunities to learn for their students. I suggest that, should you need be critical of public education, you look for the cause of failure elsewhere. Students who come to school prepared to learn, do quite well, thank you.

        • I had a math teacher (kind of assistant) in first year of univ who didn’t understood linear bases at all, he believed that Ker H and Im H are in direct sum, I tried to explain him it couldn’t be true, never listened to me.

          Another teacher had to admit, after I questioned her like a shark turning around a prey, that she didn’t knew a thing about the matter she was teaching (I left her alone at that point).

          Regarding physics, the answers I got from teachers (not assistants, real professors):
          – repetition of what he just said (not even related to my question)
          “thermodynamics is complicated and nobody really understands it”

          That was DEPRESSING. I expected something else from univ.

      • They enter the service primarily just to be able to say they served, aka “punching their ticket”. Most end up in desk jobs for their tour of duty. McCain was unusual in that he saw combat and endured being a POW.

        • McCain showed a lot of character as a prisoner of war. He was tortured severely, and then when the North Vietnamese offered to release him (for propaganda purposes), he refused, saying the senior American in captivity should be the one released if there was going to be a release. So he remained in captivity.

          John had a lot of heroic company in the Hanoi Hilton. A lot of tales of human endurance.

          God Bless them all.

    • He was at the academy only because of the “pull” that his father and grandfather, both academy alumni, were able to exert.

        • McCain (rot in hell) had virtually nothing to do with the Keating Five.

          Go dig out the real court and congressional records!

          • McCain was the only Republican among the Keating Five. He had everything to do with them. The worst offender was Cranston, Democrat of CA. McCain and Glenn were not the worst offenders, but were definitely unethical.

            Keating, like McCain and Glenn, were naval aviators. USMC counts.

    • Yes . And he treated “us” like he treated his first wife .
      “us” being everyone except the “elites” .

  2. I am of the belief we should speak no ill of the dead.
    So I will just say, may he Rest In Peace.
    Moving on, maybe we can get an actual conservative into his now vacant seat.

    • The recently dead, that is.
      After a respectul period of time has passed, gloves are off and we need to be able to discuss a person’s legacy.
      Body in the ground and tears of the family slowed to a trickle seems to be the minimum time for such.

    • I wrote in response to people trying to leverage McCain’s death to promote their climate cause.

      • And I meant no criticism of what you write, just offering my own admittedly conflicted perspective.
        I have come across numerous article and comments on various sites that I would like to offer my heartfelt opinion of, but get not get past the idea that to do so is unseemly.
        Unfortunately, this is the time when much is being said that calls for weighing in on.
        I was just reading about how on Vox a very insulting opinion piece was published within an hour of his announced death.
        For me, it was about three days ago I wrote a longish commentary on him on my FB page, and wound up looking up just what sort of cancer he had, and found that it was a type of very aggressive brain cancer for which average survival time is 14 months from diagnosis. He was diagnosed 14 months ago.

        • I hear you. I certainly wouldn’t have jumped in so quickly on this issue except that others were already moving to try to make McCain’s death a climate policy statement.

          • Tell me when someone on my side has been openly critical of a Republican war hero who has just passed away? Seriously I would love to know, because I think you are talking nonsense.

          • Notice how Simon has to narrow the category. It’s almost as if he knows that he’s guilty, but has to try and hide it.

          • MarkW. Come on, stop avoiding, tell me when any respected politician has been nailed like McCain has here. It’s all just so sad you attempt to justify it. And you the man who is constantly flinging mud at the Left” for being inappropriate.

    • No. He was a disgusting person who worked to restrict our freedoms and engaged in self-glorification. And it’s important we say this now as we did before his death. How many times in climate research have we turned to “contemporary accounts” to disprove adjusted numbers or claims that cold or warm periods were not just regional. Recording history is too important to be left to those who want to soft sell a terrible person.

    • He was heavily involved in the fake “dirty” dossier on then candidate Trump. Nothing more needs to be said.

      • The dossier, the analysis of the intelligence agencies, climate science, medical science… the “liberals” support all the adjusted/made up/unverifiable stuff.

    • Now is the time to celebrate the goodness in the man. It should be acknowledged he was a brave war hero, who gave everything for his country… stark contrast to the draft dodging coward (private bone spur) who is the last person qualified to say McCain wasn’t a hero because he got caught.

      • Come now, all is fair in love and war. McCain thought he would use his power, celebrity, and influence to put upstart outsider Trump back in his place. The outsider who threatened the way of life of him and his ilk.

        Trump tore him a new one with the celebrated counter attack against the RINO never-Trumper. “I prefer the ones who didn’t get caught.” With zingers like this, Trump showed the forgotten people that you can take on the corrupt Washington elite with a street fight.

      • McCain’s service in the war was admirable, possibly even heroic.
        His service in politics was abominable at best.

          • This passage from Blomburg highlights how little Trump knows of how a president should act.

            “Trump has a duty to honor McCain not because he liked him (he apparently didn’t) nor because he is impressed by the former Navy pilot’s record of heroism (he isn’t) nor because he respects the senator’s lifelong commitment to public service (he’s incapable of understanding it). Trump is supposed to honor McCain because it is the president’s role, and the occasion demands it. “

          • I do not consider McCain any such man worthy of any such tribute. He “served the state” by sitting in the Senate for many years, spending many hours in front of the sympathetic TV cameras of the news media he preferred, giving opinions that they liked so he would go back in front of their TV cameras. Nothing more than that. And, in many of those years, he was corrupt and getting money for his votes.

            As a Navy pilot, he crashed or destroyed five USN airplanes in less than five years. It was only through his father’s and grandfather’s connections as former admirals themselves that he continued to fly, that he even graduated Annapolis.

          • McCain thought he could use his prisoner of war status to provide cover for his atrocious, anti human and anti individual actions. I’m glad he’s dead, he was a scum sucking politician who was responsible for much destruction. I will never praise evil in any form nor talk in fond terms, regardless of circumstance. The same can be said of David Rockefeller, I hope they both get no rest wherever they are.

            Simon, you are a tool, and a blunt one at that. Why are you still here?

          • “Simon, you are a tool, and a blunt one at that. Why are you still here?”
            To highlight the hypocrisy of nobs like you.

  3. Just because a great man nailed his colours to a particular mast, doesn’t mean it was a good cause.

    Sadly, in this case, it seems he was hoodwinked like so many others.

    The perpetrators of the CAGW hoax ought to be rounded up and thrown in jail.

    RIP, John McCain.

    • Big Oil has PROFITED more from climate hysteria than any other business on the planet. Which is why they are Big Green’s best partner. Which is what leads to campaign-funding-beggars like McCain support the AGW nonsense. “Maverick” my ass. How is one a “maverick” when he plays along with the popular, dominant, narrative? Less a “maverick” than a consensus-building Ewe.

      • Logically nuclear should benefit hugely from carbonophobia.

        In the real world, not so much.

      • Yes If one follows the money, the owners of big oil are also the directors of the foundations (et al) that are Big Green’s largest funders. They are also the “Owners” George Carlin liked to mention, and the so called maverick was just another of their puppets.

    • I honor his service and the give highest regards to the resolve he showed as a POW.
      His political career was nothing but one self serving disaster after another.

  4. He either entertained their belief, profited from its progress, or thought that a compromise with a speculative cause was a lesser evil.

  5. McCain just died. It is fine to acknowledge his different positions on issues, but to go further than that is simply bad manners and poor taste. There are plenty of others who hold the same or worse views who are still alive and are, therefore, fairer targets.

  6. According to Marianne Lavelle, John McCain stopped trying to get a cap-and-trade system made into law when congress failed to back it. But many people, including myself, did a 180 turn on the issue after they did some research and after the passage of time revealed the true nature of all the green energy schemes. Why not McCain?

    • Because McCain loved what adulation he received from across the aisle from being a thorn under certain conservative’s saddles. “I just want to be loved! Is that so wrong?”

      • I looked at him as a media whore. I think there were times when he was younger he had a different heart but as he grew older he seemed to began to loose control of his center and wanted attention

    • There are a lot of of Arizonians who are glad to see him out of the Senate. If this is what it took so be it. His naval history isn’t as grand as it looks up close, either. His Admiral father’s hands are all over it. After he was grounded after his first crash, his father used his influence to put him back in the seat. Had there been no interference, McCain would not have become a prisoner of war.

  7. He did some good things, like going thumbs down on Trump’s shameless attempt to deprive poor Americans of basic medical care and replace it with what?

    • Poor Americans (and illegal border-hoppers) received FREE medical care lonnng before Obamakkare shot an RPG into the heart of the American medical system. Now … poor people have to PAY … for the sex change operations and EVERY other politically-favored medical treatment despite having no need for such nonsense.

      I know … because one of my own family members went from 100% FREE medical care (State and County) including the $100/dose medication he takes. Now … he pays $100/mo. with only 80% coverage despite working below the poverty level.

      Saying that “America was the only industrialized nation in the world that didn’t care for its poor” was one of the most insidious LIES ever told about the greatest nation to ever inhabit the planet. Why d’ya think the world’s poor are flooding across our borders? McCain only extended the collapse of our economy under a mountain of DEBT.

    • Hatred for ObummerCare is largely what stopped Queen Hillary, and enabled the ongoing dismantling of the War On Carbon. You really need to consider who your true friends are. And while you’re at it, do some research, go discover just how many poor people are actually benefiting from ObummerCare.

      • The poor are and were under Medicaid. They get better care than most working Americans, although they deal with long waiting lines to keep being certified. Part of that is the increased paper work Obamacare put on the system. They were automatically grandfathered into Obamacare.

    • Please tell us when that guy approved that “basic medical care” before Trump was elected.

    • His record is very clear: He campaigned for years with repeal of Obamacare a centerpiece of his campaign.
      Just days before the vote he indicated support.

    • McCain was a RINO.
      He was not against Big Government. He was all for it.
      He just thought a Republican could run your life better than a Democrat.

      • McCain loved being the NYT’s favorite Republican and would do whatever it took to maintain that adulation.
        He was honestly surprised and hurt to find out that the NYT as well as the rest of the liberal establishment prefered a real Democrat to a fake one when he ran for president.

      • McCain was a globalist. He finally admitted this a couple of weeks back. It was at least carried on Arizona media. He sometimes supported Progressive policies with his vote. He claimed to be working in the interest of wounded veterans, but nothing was accomplished during his time in Congress. The system just kept getting worse. It took a Trump to actually get real progress done.

    • The idea that anybody has a right to steal from their neighbors just because they are poor is despicable.

      • Actually the real thieves here are Democrat robber barons in Congress. Trillions of dollars were wasted as there had only been a change for the worse until jobs opened up. Very little of it wound up in the hands of the poor. The giant bureaucracy ate it up from the federal government down to the city level.

      • The socialist welfare state is a race to the bottom to be declared the Most Victimized of Them All, and receive the second-biggest license to steal.

        (The State keeps the biggest license for itself, of course.)

    • Fixing the disaster of Obamacare was not going to deprive anyone of anything.
      Voting against even discussing how to reform Obamacare is killing Americans right now.
      Since you brought it up.

  8. From the referenced piece: “… appeals to conservative and religious values, the framing of climate change as a national security threat, efforts to stress market-based solutions and the role business leaders can play—all owe a debt to McCain.” Such misdirection is not commendable. The atmosphere does what it does with heat because of the inherent properties of air and water vapor. It will not be persuaded by “framing,” and so neither will I.

      • (x is a person who puts “country over party”)
        (x is a person who puts (Dem program) over (x own promises))

  9. I will pray for him but he was a disaster in the Senate. Speaking of McCain, my old roomate who was also shot down over Vietnam said you only get one plane, if you lose it for any reason you’re done flying, unless your dad is an admiral.

    • Oh, I dunno about that. Perhaps in the Navy. A good friend was a USAF pilot, and cashed his F-86D through pilot error. He was back in the saddle three days later, with a reprimand in his file is all. Moved on to F-102s. Years later Darryl Greenamyer tried to talk him into staying in the service and fly F-104s, but he was married by then and jumped over to the commercial airlines.

      • Why are you praying for the dead? Pray for his family. In fact McCain was grounded after his first crash. His admiral father supposedly used his influence to get his son back in the air.

  10. And now, unfortunately, Oregon appears to have a GOP hopeful for Governor this fall, that has fallen for the same climate racket nonsense and his name is Knute Buehler.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger was the GOP RINO that caused California’s climate law AB32 to become enacted into law on September 27, 2006. What’s really entertaining about this is that the left has been screaming that the California drought and this years bad wildfire season are the result of “worsening climate change”.

    Gee, after 12 years of the California legislature picking the pocketbooks of Californians to “combat climate change” since the enactment of this insane climate law and policy, you’d think they’d be scratching their heads about now wondering why atmospheric CO2 is still increasing and they are still complaining that “climate change” is ruining their state. You would also think the voting base would be wondering the same thing about now and whether they’ve been lied to and ripped off.

  11. “I accept the view that McCain was motivated by a desire to do good,….”.

    You can if you want; I don’t. I’ve never seen any evidence that good is what he wanted to do.

  12. Stevie Wonder Dedicates Song to Late Sen. John McCain,’God Bless His Soul’
    The same Stevie Wonder was blaming climate change for Aretha’s illness…
    Stevie Wonder brought to you by Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and the Rockefeller Brothers?

  13. “Today’s efforts to recruit GOP members into the climate movement—appeals to conservative and religious values, the framing of climate change as a national security threat, efforts to stress market-based solutions and the role business leaders can play—all owe a debt to McCain.”

    In this respect, it is good that his efforts now cease. And, now, without his misguided antiglobal warming efforts, other more reasonable views will get more air. As we are not warming, any effort to fight global warming will fail. The globalist goals, which do not have anything to do with global warming, will persist and simply be redressed and packaged.

    McCain had a lot of positives, but his RINO status cannot be disputed.

    • The need to appeal to “conservative” (usually totally misdefined) and religious views indicates a severe failure of any science in global warming theory. When you have to use these marketing techniques to sell your lemon, it’s a sad commentary on your “product”.

  14. The path to modern liberal fascism in Western Democracies go through the collective efforts of John McCain and Ted Kennedy.

  15. I won’t say anything negative about him this close to his death.

    I will simply say he was the democrat’s favorite republican.

    • I’ll see you and raise you another three:


  16. >>I accept the view that McCain was motivated by a desire to do good, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.<< no one funded by uber national socialist George Soros is intending to do good for anyone but themself.

  17. CAGW is on the cusp of becoming a disconfirmed hypothesis given the huge disparity and duration of disparity between un-manipulated global temp data (UAH 6.0) vs. CMIP 5 model projections:

    I hope that once CAGW is officially disconfirmed, a strong backlash against Leftist (and RINO) politicians will remove them from office for wasting $10’s of trillions on the biggest and most expensive political/scientific sc@m in human history…

    • Obviously this plot needs to be updated, ie., taken to 2018 (and beyond, year by year, as the future unfolds).

      Should temperatures only rise modestly from now to 2020, then it would appear that all but 1 model is running drastically warm.

      The 1 model that is presently tracking UAH quite well should be identified and analysed. Why does this model seem to be better than the others?

      Likewise the very warmest models should be identified and analysed to see what properties they have which may explain why they are running so hot.

      All models outside the 2 sigma bounds should be taken out of the model assembly, and, after analysis as to their properties, consigned to the bin.

      • The one reasonably successful model has been the Russian one. It never predicted exponential temperature increases. From what I’ve read it was not designed to manipulate temperature and water vapor.

        None of the models should be used for anything. They were never realistically designed or validated.

        It’s even worse to average models and expect to get anything useful. Averaging doesn’t apply mathematically and only gives an average of the garbage input.

        • His grades at the Academy might indicate that the science escaped him and so, like many, went with what his feelings told him.

        • I take your point that the models were never verified, but 1 way of verifying the model is to compare it with reality, ie., observation. Anything that is outside the 2 sigma bound should immediately be discarded as being disconfirmed by reality. That is not complete verification, but it would at least be a step in the right direction.

          Obviously, a careful mathematical exercise is required, but it would appear, by way of mark 1 eyeball, that about 1/2 the models are outside 2 sigma bounds.

          I would suggest that any model that is running above the average model assembly is clearly in error and should be disregarded. If this were to be done, then the average model assembly would be significantly reduced. Presumably, the reason that this is not being done is that if they got rid of all models outside 2 sigma bounds it would mean that there would be no scary projections and it would be clear that the models themselves are projecting an effective climate sensitivity of less than 2 degC per doubling.

          Of course, 2 things are clear.

          First, we know as fact that not less than 31 of the 32 models must be wrong.
          Second, the average of wrong is wrong (well it is always wrong unless per chance intervenes).

  18. McCain had more than ample opportunity to see the climate-change frenzy for what it is and, yet, chose to see it as a political issue rather than a scientific truth issue. He took the easy way out. Good guy, maybe, but he ‘wimped’!

  19. This post and comment thread is something more appropriate for Facebook and Twitter than WUWT. While I don’t agree with John McCain about climate change, I thank him for defending our rights to freely speak in this forum. There are very few who have endured more for that right than Senator McCain and may he RIP.

    • It is telling that your comment which is respectful is voted down here. McCain was a man who was not afraid to compliment his adversaries. He modelled that you can disagree with the argument and still respect the person. I admire that.

      • Don’t know or care if the Renee comment is “respectful”. It’s been said repeatedly, and you very well know Simon, that Anth*ny can & does post anything he wants here — it’s his site. If you, Renee or anyone else doesn’t like it, they’re free to forgo the site.

        • Please explain? I think I reflect very much a McCain type attitude. I have many friends whose political opinions I don’t agree with, but I respect their integrity. But like McCain I will call out a fraud as he has done with comrade Trump. The man who who was elected to protect the US and yet licks the hand of enemy.

          • Comrade Trump

            ROFLMFAO. Trump is the antithesis of socialism/communism. Again & again & again, the projection is strong in you & your fellow neo-Stalinists…….

          • Trump said “would” instead of “wouldn’t” and the MSM and other radical leftists went wild claiming Trump was saying Russia did not meddle in the elections, and then when Trump corrected himself his critics refused to accept his explanation and still claimed Trump was saying the Russians did not meddle.

            Then, Hannity showed about a half a dozen video clips of Trump saying the Russians DID meddle, but that hasn’t stopped the meme from continuing to be perpetrated by the radical Left. They are trying to turn this lie into the truth.

            Did you see those Hannity video clips, Simon? Probably not. That’s why you are still perpetrating this misleading narrative.

            Trump said the Russians meddled, long before Helsinki.

          • When “Trump corrected himself” it looked like he was a POW coerced into a false confession.

            (I still think Trump is hostage in the WH, somewhat.)

          • What’s your issue with the polite exchanges with Putin? Or with Putin in general? Or politeness in general?

            Bonus question: Do you have issues with implying that the US might in any way shape or form need to provide excuses or regrets for bombing Japan? cause I have issues with that idea.

          • Do you think Trump’s decisions help Putin? How?

            Do you think the so called US intel community should get more respect than the Academies of sciences, universities, the ABA, the medical boards, Big Medicine, the medias?

            Do you think that Trump is hurting the “intel community”? What do you think happens next, after all the MSM talking heads get their TOP SECRET access revoked? What about the intellectual ineffective admirals that allowed parts of the US military to get so inept and stupid?

  20. John McCain wanted to please everyone.

    He could not find access to the basics of real life.

    Many said in the 70s he should have accepted the offer of release, as commander from home, he could have served his troops better.

    Obviously he did not agree. He was probably honest with that.

  21. Political corruption, once entrenched, is difficult to root out. McCain, despite his best intentions, helped us to this point.

    Although nothing bad should be said about the deceased, it is precisely this naivety that is exploited by the world-betterers for the benefit of their own income.
    Only recently did a green politician in Baden-Württemberg campaign to “move capital” towards climate protection. So cast out the devil with the Beelzebub. Not a word of justice or equitable distribution of resources. Veneer everywhere.

    • Why can nothing bad be said about the deceased? I don’t understand why dying makes your bad behavior off-limits. Does that apply to dictators and other truly evil people?

      • This is a saying that is generally applied here in Germany to the memory of the deceased. Of course it is not always valid. Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot did not fare so well. A certain gray area already existed in the case of Mao Tse Tung, who was also responsible for thousands of deaths. And if the story is even further back, so much the better if you call Ivan the Terrible or King Bluebeard. Centuries cover their misdeeds and their “size” (or not) remains.
        Thus, Charlemagne may call himself great, although to be powerful, he had his siblings murdered.

        • Such persons have gained the immortality of infamy. From that standpoint, they are not really the deceased alluded to in the saying.

      • I think that it is because the dead cannot defend themselves. If they are to be put on trial, it is rather unfair that they cannot offer a defence.

        Of course, one cannot learn from history unless one examines past historical figures of note, and if one does not learn from history, one is destined to make the same mistakes.

        Personally, I think that a certain amount of pragmatism is required. It is simply good manners to allow a respectful period of silence so as not to cause further distress to those who are personally involved and grieving, and thereafter one should be at liberty to objectively examine the person and what they have and have not achieved.

        • I can see where new accusations would be wrong, but things the guy did and was accused of and known for while alive seem to fine to me. If the guy was able to defend himself then, I think that’s good enough. (Maybe a short period without negative comments, but really, if the guy took flak all his life, how can the relatives not know? I guess it seems more cruel to pretend the guy was a great guy if everyone knew he wasn’t.)

        • Yes waiting until someone powerless dies (or have Alzheimer) to raise accusations against him is abhorrent.

          I don’t think any serious accusation against McCain, from bad pilot to irresponsible pilot to false hero to “songbird McCain” to disregarding the veterans to conspiring with the FBI, the GOP, CIA, NSA, UK intel agencies and DNC against Donald Trump, waited until his death to be published. So it’s legit.

          (Also, McCain was not powerless.)

  22. Senator McCain was a great patriot who tragically did the wrong thing consistently.
    I admired his love of the United States and found his multiple failures on many fronts to be very disappointing.
    May he rest in peace.

  23. Notice the hypocrisy and vacuousness of the concern trolls’ arguments. They have no problem criticizing this site, and Eric Worrall’s post, but nothing to say about the article itself extolling McCains so-called “Climate legacy”.

  24. I guess with legacy writing one must not re-check the data updates against the model predictions for that would muddy the story.

    • “When you include the good things you ought to have done, and leave out the bad things you did do, that’s memoirs.” -Will Rogers

      Legacies and tributes, too.

  25. John McCain and good intentions, they do not seem compatible. The Climate Change movement is a religion mascaraing as science.

  26. Thanks for the post, Eric — agree w/your assessments. Whether McCain had good intentions, any “climate policy” is ridiculous by its very premise. Illusions of grandeur & irrational that we can “control” the climate, but it would be a huge money-grabbing/exploitation opportunity.

  27. “Since the heady victory of President Trump it has been easy to forget that much of the world, much of the USA is still firmly in the grip of the climate rent seekers. After decades of rolling back opportunities for politicians to steal public funds, the climate crisis has opened the way for a new era of dodgy donations and kickbacks from people whom I believe are cloaking their efforts to help themselves to taxpayer’s money with noisy proclamations of their desire to save the world.

    Political corruption, once entrenched, is difficult to root out. McCain, despite his best intentions, helped bring us to this point.” ~E Worrall

    I deeply regret voting for him. Obviously, in retrospect, voting to keep the other guy out does not work, because you will get more progressive globalists from both parties that way.

    Also at the time McCain ran — and I am not excusing myself — the destruction of economies from renewables (Spain, Italy, Australia) was not clearly demonstrated, but it is a proven fact now.

    Maybe if we get really really focused we can avoid the swamp placing Smart meters on our homes to ration electricity and water. Also we need to make sure that any company we have invested in is not selling Smart meters. (Like Bain for example. )

  28. Sadly McCain was not a conservative Republican but more in line with the old Rockefeller wing of the Party or more like an old, now extinct, moderate Democrat. And if he had been a true patriot then once he knew his diagnosis was terminal he should have resigned from the Senate. While I honor and respect his military service I was never fond of his political actions in Washington, D.C. which often help advance the “Progressive agenda” in the Senate.

  29. Yet another type of ‘Climate Change’….
    US Socialist Democrats 2008: McCain mentally unfit to be president.
    US Socialist Democrats 2012: McCain a racist and a woman hater.
    US Socialist Democrats 2018: McCain a bipartisan American hero.

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