Aussie Climate Treachery? Cabinet Resignation, “I will always put reducing power prices, before Paris”

Keith Pitt. By Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website –, CC BY 3.0 au, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Early hopes that new Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government would revise Australia’s economically suicidal commitment to unaffordable green energy just took a substantial blow. Australian federal politician Keith Pitt has just resigned from new Prime Minister Scott Morrison‘s cabinet, citing his commitment to lower electricity prices.


I have today advised the Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister of my decision to resign from the ministry. It has been a great privilege to serve the Australian people, particularly in a role which delivers much needed infrastructure to the regions.

However, I will always put the national interest and the interests of my constituents above my own. I will always put reducing power prices, before Paris.

I provide my genuine thanks to the leadership for the opportunities I have been provided. I look forward to contesting the next election and Scott Morrison and his new executive has my full support. A Bill Shorten Labor government will only result in higher taxes, higher power prices and less money in people’s pockets.


Keith Pitt’s statement is being reported in Australian media. In the absence of a more definitive official statement, Pitt’s intriguing reference to the Paris Agreement may be an early indication that Scott Morrison’s new government will attempt to continue the unpopular high cost climate policies of his green predecessor Malcolm Turnbull.

Update (EW): Keith Pitt confirmed in an interview with the Fraser Coast Chronicle that he left because of a disagreement over energy policy, though he directs most of the blame for local power prices towards Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

“I handed in my resignation, I was offered the opportunity to continue, but it is more important that I am here on the ground representing the interests of the people in this electorate – that is what they elected me for and that is what I will continue to do.

I can not in good faith tell people who are desperate for relief when it comes to power prices, that there will be a reduction due to actions which we have taken.

“There is only one person who is responsible for the prices of power, and that is the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk,” he said.

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236 thoughts on “Aussie Climate Treachery? Cabinet Resignation, “I will always put reducing power prices, before Paris”

  1. If there is any place in Oz named Waterloo, the climate alarmists and Turnbull seem to have found it…

      • Thank goodness the Waterloo in Ontario, Canada is not subject to the renewable energy technology policies of its Australian namesake, at least not to the same extent. At least the power stays one due to backing up the wind machines with $3.8 bn in additional infrastructure. Cheap, eh?

      • Australia’s Waterloo wind farm is a good example of the capital cost of wind energy, based largely on Wiki.
        Nameplate rating 111 MW – 37 x 3 MW turbines.
        Capacity factor 30% estimated
        Real rating 33MW
        Capital cost $A 343 million
        Capital cost per MW produced $A 10.4 million
        Life cycle 25 years
        But the RE industry asserts that wind is cheaper than coal.
        I believe a HELE plant would cost in the order of $A 3 million/ MW and have a 50 year life.
        To compare Waterloo with HELE costs nbased on life cycles one would have to build TWO Waterloos at a capital cost of $A 686 million for 33MW or $ 20.8 million/MW compared with HELE at $A 3 million/MW.
        Any comments are appreciated.

        • Hola Terence…….en donde viviría ….en una habitación en la Quinta Avenida en NY. que le cuesta $ 1200 o GRATIS en una habitación junto al horno en una fundidora de hierro.
          El Carbón….CONTAMINA

        • The ‘real rating’ should be 0 MW. The rating of 33MW does not apply to the wind turbines, it applies to the wind turbines in conjunction with the standby generation needed to maintain the stability of the grid. No standby generation means no turbines. On their own they produce nothing.

          • Thanks Moray
            You are correct about the real rating of wind turbines but the RE industry uses nameplate rating to favourably allocate costs and performance and the MSM does not disagree.
            I want to compare the real costs of wind and solar energy and compare them with equivalent coal costs and performance which should be simple.
            But the RE industry produces so much glossy propaganda that the average person actually believes wind and solar are cheaper than coal. They definitely are not.

  2. The internal struggles within the LNP will be a long term problem. After Turnbull took over as PM, he began a systematic shift to the left, which included branch stacking to ensure left-wing candidates succeeded at displacing conservative ones at the last election. As a result, the party is now riddled with progressives that cannot be instantly removed. Even the new leader Morrison, appears to be a closet leftie on many issues and his non-appointment of Abbott and Joyce to ministerial positions is a clear indication that he wants to remain in the Paris agreement and continue with the NEG energy policy, that continues with subsidies worth $60 billion, a large amount for a country of only 25Mill people.

  3. The Paris Agreement is the millstone around the neck of the current Australian Liberal Party leadership. It is fast becoming a self fulfilling prophecy that Bill Shorten will be the next PM & Australia will continue to be defined as the “lucky country” run, mainly by second rate people who share its luck. It lives on other people’s ideas, and, although its ordinary people are adaptable, most of its leaders (in all fields) so lack curiosity about the events that surround them that they are often taken by surprise. Donald Horne 1964.

    • Anything that makes our country more like the USA is to be avoided like the plague. Aussies live longer, are happier, have greater median wealth, free healthcare, $18 an hour and in total 6 weeks paid leave every year. America is a shtihole. I wouldn’t let my dog live there.

      • Then, please DO stay the hell out of our sh!thole. You can spend your $18 an hour paying for your ridiculously high energy costs. “Free healthcare”? That’s definitive proof you are a leftist loon who still believes there is any such thing as “free”. Someone is paying for “free”. Back in the 1970’s, when the lefty loonies began to take over environmentalism in the US, I thought seriously about emigrating to Australia. Thank God I stayed.

          • According to the OECD, general government gross debt (federal, state, and local) in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2015 was $22.5 trillion (125% of GDP).

            Australia’s net government debt as percentage of GDP in the 2016–17 budget was estimated at 18.9% ($326.0 billion); much lower than most developed countries.

            And in Australia, we’re educated.

          • Yeah, let’s compare net debt to gross debt, because that really tells us a lot, doesn”t it?

            Australia’s gross government debt is more like 50% of GDP, which is still better than most Western nations, but nothing like as low as you want to pretend.

            And GDP is a meaningless number in any case: if you pay half the unemployed to smash windows and half to repair those windows, your GDP increases massively, but it’s produced no actual wealth.

          • And GDP is a meaningless number in any case …

            In terms of straight GDP, tiny Canada exceeds much larger Russia.
            In terms of GDP (PPP) Russia comfortably exceeds Canada by more than twice.
            In terms of straight GDP per capita, Canada totally smokes Russia.
            In terms of GDP (PPP) per capita, Canada comfortably beats Russia.

            By most measures of GDP, Canada exceeds Russia. Which is the more powerful country? There’s a lot that matters besides GDP.

          • “Australia’s net government debt as percentage of GDP in the 2016–17 budget was estimated at 18.9% ($326.0 billion) …”.
            Copied and pasted from Wikipedia, the figure quoted is net debt: “… equal to the sum of deposits held, government securities (at market value), loans and other borrowing, minus the sum of cash and deposits, advances paid and investments, loans and placements …” (Government Debt Statement 2016-17).
            Comparing US gross debt with Australian net debt is dishonest.
            According to Trading Economics latest figures (2017) Australia’s gross government debt to GDP ratio is at an all time high of 42% up from around 10% at the end of the Howard government term in 2007.
            The same source puts the US gross debt to GDP (2017) at 105% up from 60% at the end of the G W Bush administration in 2008-9.
            The Obama administration and the Rudd/Gillard governments, both of a similar idealogical stripe, both sent their respective nations’ indebtedness soaring.

          • Also the final cost of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is not included in the government budget and is likely to be around A$70 B to ultimately be picked up by taxpayers.

          • So in other words USA debt far greater than Australia’s debt no matter how you cut it.

            Obama and Rudd-Gillard both came to power at the height of the GFC. Increased government spending during a recession was absolutely the correct thing to do.

            Australia is far better managed than the US or most European countries.

          • I don’t know what Bruce is on, but Australia, since the 2007 elections when we voted in the lamentable Kevin Rudd, is headed towards disaster at a faster rate than any other country in the world. We have the highest power prices..before 2007 we had the lowest power prices, we have the highest immigration rate per cap which has destroyed wages growth and delivered highest house prices, our debt is entirely since 2007 as before that we were in surplus and had a healthy bank account for a rainy day besides. Medicare is a predictable disaster, low income people were looked after under the old scheme and those that could pay did…now those that can afford to pay don’t by and large and so the cost is an unnecessary monumental colossus, and as we lead up to the next election the nurses union is already on the air waves telling us how we need to spent even more….same every election.
            Australias debt is much higher than quoted as things like the National Broadband network does not appear as a debt even though we borrowed the money to pay for it…because they say it is an investment and so therefore doesn’t count as debt. !? Add 100 billion for just that. There are many more such “investments.”
            So far as our lifestyle is concerned I am about to leave Sydneys Nth Beaches, previously the most beautiful stretch of coast in Sydney, because the bastards have shoved so many people into our coveted towns that they are now becoming new age high rise mass transport ghetto hubs al la agenda 21 and you cant park at the beach on the weekends anymore. And no end in sight, in fact they have really only just begun what they have decided for us. Completely against our wishes. Most of my friends who live here, are soon to leave because the idiots along the lines of Turnbull and wife say, “Sydney is not full yet.” We heard, “Let them eat cake.” And so Turnbull is no more…for that and many other reasons, but we are still very far from being represented…NO-ONE wants them to be doing the insane shit they are doing. But they just do it anyway. And that is what our conservative party has become.
            And the socialistic Labor Party is vastly worse. I could go on, but you get the idea, the country is in the very worst of hands and our once considered greatest lifestyle in the world is now a distant memory. Have a look at the old Nth Beaches pics …paradise lost.

          • “irritable Bill

            Australias debt is much higher than quoted as things like the National Broadband network does not appear as a debt even though we borrowed the money to pay for it…because they say it is an investment and so therefore doesn’t count as debt. !? Add 100 billion for just that. There are many more such “investments.””

            De-sal plants mothballed. I think one in Sydney cost AU$90 million, sits idle.

            Hi-rise building rot has set in in Sydney, I hate it. Developers are destroying Sydney. I see it everyday on the train to work. The rail corridor is being surrounded by hi-rise blocks. No expansion in infrastructure such as water, waste, roads and rail, all creaking at the seams. Even today, the whole rail network affected by a cracked rail in the CBD.

          • Gosh, Patrick. We ride the same trains?
            I hate it too. Australia hasn’t seen an architect since I was a lad. All that high-rise is so ugly!

        • Actually mate, about 32% of homes (and growing rapidly) in my state have solar panels on their roofs. My energy costs are virtually zero.

          I don’t mind the government taking 1.5% of my ~300K p.a. income to ensure that everyone in the country has access to high quality medical care. Having experienced several years of healthcare in Australia, Britain and America, I’d definitely rate the US as the lowest in terms of quality.

          • The Medicare levy does not pay for health care, it just goes into consolidated revenue. It only raises about 10% of total health costs, which are around $180B, or around 10% of GDP and around 6.2% of the budget. I seriously doubt someone as ignorant as you is earning $300K unless you are a senior public servant. If you are then you are paying around $120K in income tax. You would also have private health insurance to avoid the 1% penalty. So your total health care “insurance” is around $7.5K in taxes and at least another $2K – $3K for private health insurance. And you may still have significant out of pocket expenses if you need to use the services.

          • I have no problem having my (considerable) tax dollars support a robust healthcare system Deano- in fact I’d gladly pay more. Up here we call it, “not being a c***”. Maybe if you had worked harder or studied more in school you’d feel the same rather than bleating about how the government was stealing your money? Funny how the nutjob part of the right always blames the government/foreigners/lefties/*insert minority group here* for their own dashed aspirations and ineffectiveness. Can’t wait until the next election. Labor up 12% on a two party preferred basis as of today apparently.

          • “My energy costs are virtually zero …”.
            No they’re not, unless of course you are totally off-grid.
            Otherwise you pass your energy costs onto others, ‘bludgeing’ off the less well-off.

          • Manalive, exactly, Bruce is a typical mindless prick from the uber left and goose steps to the latest form of fascism with zero care or consideration for the very many little old ladies etc who cannot afford to pay for Bruces free power. The most expensive in the world and one of the main reasons for Turnbulls political demise. The other being immigration.
            You can be sure Bruce doesn’t earn 300, 000 as he is an obvious socialist and he will be on the doll and living in mummies basement. But if he was earning good money, what is he doing bludging on little old ladies for? Pay your own way Asshole!

          • “Bruce

            Actually mate, about 32% of homes (and growing rapidly) in my state have solar panels on their roofs. My energy costs are virtually zero.”

            That’s because people who can’t install solar on their roofs are subsidising people like you.

          • That’s funny because the Australian’s I’ve talked have mentioned how many pay privately to avoid the long queues for the free care because they are in pain/danger.
            Due the solar panel fairies install them for free using their rainbow unicorns?

          • The irony is that, like the UK, if you have private health cover, you simply queue jump the public system. That’s the truth!

            Personally, I don’t mind paying the levy, and it does cost me a pretty penny each year, for Medicare because I know, from personal experience, it’s there for most people. And, it would be true to say Medicare save my life last year, literally! I am not sure how I would have got my surgery costs approved before surgery with Medibank Private as an example. But I do object to it’s misuse, ie, the Brisbane flood aid via the Medicare levy. Bad call Gillard!

          • if you are seriously ill rich or poor and its urgent you usually get seen pretty much free. and we have a lot with private cover abusing the free system rather than pay the difference they CAN afford but dont want to cough up. diagnostics moved to private OS usually usa conglomerates are robbing us all.

          • subsidised solar panels?
            and while you think your powers free mate
            others who cant afford that cost -subsidised or not- are thepoor mugs giving you the virtual zero costs!
            consider the stunning BULLSH*T on solar
            my friend has panels, her repay is now dropped to a paltry 6c a kwh produced. avg buy power is 29c or so kwh
            her powerco sends her a BILL for 700 avg for 3mths
            offers around 300!!!!$ deduction for payment in full on due date!!!!
            so, you tell me whos ripping the hell outta ALL users and inc the suckered solar buyers.
            smart meters hiked te service n supply charges to around 120 a quarter . up from 30 or so before they were FORCED on every homeowner in Vic.

          • “…solar panels on their roofs. My energy costs are virtually zero.”

            So you’re not paying your share of the spinning reserve for when a cloud comes over? Nice of ya. Thanks for chipping in.

        • I’m happy to comply with your request Don and reduce the risk of being gunned down by some dribbledick with issues by a factor of 20 or so. Yeee haw!

          BTW I just love what Trump is doing to the swamp rats and other leftard vermin over there and hope to hell Mueller etc does turn out to be a load off crap.

          Free healthcare its free to many but you can pay a proportion. You might complain but its actually far cheaper per capita that your stuffed up, corporatised patient gouging mess. It is not free enterprise because the market is divided into fiefdoms and you don’t have effective choice. hat is precisely the problem we are having with our energy sector as the big boys shut down plants to create an unstable, gouging friendly market. Our big banks and finance sector have been basically stealing fees for no service because thay too have been able to end up in an oligarchy same as Wall St did in the lead up to the GFC. Too big to fail is too big to be held to accoint. You lot have that disease aplenty so get off your high horse cowboy.

          • American “healthcare” is the worst in the developed world. Massively inefficient and poor outcomes. I suspect the only reason they tolerate the status quo is that the population is so ignorant.

            [?? .mod]

          • “American “healthcare” is the worst in the developed world. ”

            That’ll be why so many Canadians head down south when they don’t want to wait a year for treatment up here.

            American healthcare is a disaster because government has spent the best part of a hundred years interfering in the market. Prior to WWII, most people paid for their own healthcare, but the wage controls introduced in WWII meant that companies couldn’t increase the wages of their more productive employees, so they gave the perks instead, like health insurance. That led over time to a country where people expect to have insurance to cover all their healthcare costs, and by disconnecting the cost of healthcare from the patients, it eliminated the normal pricing mechanisms. Add to that the various special exemptions healthcare has from normal business rules because it’s ‘too important’ to have to obey them, and you get the current mess.

            And no government wants to deal with it, even though most Americans would end up better off, because eliminating the bloat would cut about 10% off GDP and the MSM would be shrieking from the tops of their Manhattan skyscrapers.

          • That’s odd. When I was in an Australian hospital, hooked to machines that went “Ping!”, I noticed they were all made in America. All of the hi-tech monitoring machines that I used to disconnect from to go for a pee which annoyed the nurses because I would appear as if I had “flat lined” to them. Yes, I was told off and was given an extra long lead to keep me “connected”.

            Naughty boy!

          • labelled usa names prob made in china
            and sold to hospitals with maintenance costs at sky high rates
            or rented to them ditto.
            theyd do better to look to eu product but we do have the fda approved mindset
            thereby raising prices and banning many proven useful cheaper meds and services.

          • There is always something that can be improved, but those who live in glass houses shouldn’t cast stones. It is illegal for a doctor to advertise his prices but not illegal for optometrist, veterinarian etc. Our politicians claim they want to lower cost by giving us choices yet hide the costs.

          • what?
            not seen a vet or optician tell you the charges until asked/prodded usually
            special 10% desex or chipping discounts rarely.

        • we all pay a tiny 2% or so toward medicare, high wages pay a bit more
          we dnt have people homeless due to losing home to pay for insane health care costs usa charges
          though your bigmed investors n insurers are eyeing us off and ruining our med services like mri xray depts etc and the stupid mega doc clinics where you never see the same doc twice.

        • According to the OECD, general government gross debt (federal, state, and local) in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2015 was $22.5 trillion (125% of GDP).

          Australia’s net government debt as percentage of GDP in the 2016–17 budget was estimated at 18.9% ($326.0 billion); much lower than most developed countries.

          And in Australia, we’re educated.

          • “Bruce

            And in Australia, we’re educated.”

            I am sure you really mean “re-educated”. You were almost correct!

          • Well, since those of us in the states know the difference between net and gross, and “educated” you clearly doesn’t – judging by your post’s misuse of those two things – I can only concluded that Australia’s education system isn’t much to brag about, either that or you were too stupid for even the “best” of education systems to do anything with.

      • If it wasn’t for the good old US of A you’d be speaking German or Japanese or not be allowed to speak at all. The shithole countries, worldwide, are those run by leftists who historically own the records for murdering their own people.

        • It’s a shame that the education system in America is so poor that you don’t know what Socialism is.

          Apparently America has around 33,000 gun related deaths a year. That’s quite a figure. Add onto the the fattest, most ignorant chumps on the planet, it’s no wonder your life expectancy is now going backward.

          USA! USA! USA!

          • Actually, I have been watching lots of the #WalkAway testimonies, and I am struck by how articulate and politically aware Americans appear to be. Far more so than Australians. We are so apathetic (we’ve had it good for too long) and most people are completely ignorant about domestic and international politics. Our education system is incredibly leftist. How many of your peers know much about history? How many know about the atrocities committed under Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot? Ask somebody about the Cultural Revolution in China, and watch their blank expression. Say the word ‘kulak’ and you will draw a similar blank. How many know about what’s going on in Venezuela? How many think countries like Denmark and Sweden are ‘socialist’ countries? By your reasoning, because we have universal health care, we are a socialist country, as is the UK. Hardly. I was always critical of America’s gun culture, until I asked the question: Would the Holocaust have happened, if Jews had been armed? Remember, Americans have the War of Independence and the Civil War so they understand internal and external threats. Australians have no experience of such things. Australians are naive.

          • in the 60s i was taught world history, by the 70s it was asian history edited before PC was a thing
            now? may as well be none from what i see.
            didnt hitler do a gun removal prior to rounding up the jews n gypsies etc?
            Aussies should have remembered that when we gave our up.
            and we should remember Eureka stockade and fly the Eureka Flag!

          • So looking at your link America is the fattest 1st world country on the planet, with the highest number of obese people for any country. What’s your point?

          • South Pacific peoples are now because they are exposed to a “western” diet, which they did not evolve with. In my case, my ancestors evolved in what is now Northern Europe where food rich in iron was not plentiful. I now suffer from too much iron in my blood because the foods I eat are rich in iron. Putting it very simply.

          • Define it then oh wise one? What percentage of gov’t control bounds socialism vs. communism vs. capitalism?
            Here is a guy who agrees with your gun control.
            “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.” That quote is from the head of the old German National SOCIALIST Party Adolf Hitler 1935. Apparently someone forgot the only thing more deadly then a killer is one who holds office.

            So, I’ll take your 33K and raise you 33M+ dead as a result of gun control.

          • And if he loses a video game contest? I am against gun control because once you give that right up, as a law abiding citizen, the state takes over. One step towards a police state. Criminals couldn’t care less!

          • “Criminals couldn’t care less!”

            That’s right, “couldn’t care less!” as opposed to the way they say it on the edjumuckated side of the planet.

            BTW, plenty of muslims have guns down here.

        • Yes indeed, and most Australians are eternally grateful, and consider the U.S. to be our best friend. However, unfortunately we all have our whakos. Bruce is very much a minority view, and is somewhat typical of someone who has never traveled and gets their view of the U.S though anti american news services such as CNN.

          • “Yes indeed, and most Australians are eternally grateful, and consider the U.S. to be our best friend. However, unfortunately we all have our whakos.”

            Don’t worry, Dean, Americans can spot a troll. We don’t blame all Australians for what a couple of trolls say.

          • and theyve had to dip into that slush fund i gather, got some financial issues too
            norway and sweden are going to get worse as the immigrant problem grows
            talking to the arsonists parents aka swedish leaders best plan?

          • It sounds like Sweden is turning into a sh**hole. Swedish polticians are living in a delusional world where incompatible cultures don’t clash.

            They are putting their citizens in danger with their delusional immigration policies and they suppress free speech to keep Swedish citizens from complaining about it.

            The world is sorely lacking in leaders with true vision. Luckily, the U.S. has Trump, who sees the situations clearly. Perhaps Trump will encourage better leadership in nations around the world. Monkey see, monkey do. Trump is being successful and will inspire others to do the same.

          • Norways not a shithole? Then why do the government make videos showing women how to avoid being raped by our ethnically diverse melanin enhanced friends?

        • The speaking German/Japanese while it may be true is not a very good argument as frankly we would probably still be saying long live the queen/king if not for the French. When was the last time you thanked a Frenchman?

        • If it wasn’t for the good old US of A …
          who cut off the Japanese trade supply routes to start the Pacific War in the first place …

        • 1 Australian Dollar equals 0.73 United States Dollar…

          $18 Aus = $13 USA

          … about $5 on every $20

          Bruce doesn’t realize he’s really paying for it all

          • That’s the beauty of it mate. Everyone chips in to make sure even the most unfortunate get healthcare. Like all other developed countries no one has to worry about going bankrupt because of their medical bills. We don’t have the grinding poverty that you do in the US and so for the most part don’t have to worry about getting mugged.

            And how much does it cost?

            According to the OECD, general government gross debt (federal, state, and local) in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2015 was $22.5 trillion (125% of GDP).

            Australia’s net government debt as percentage of GDP in the 2016–17 budget was estimated at 18.9% ($326.0 billion); much lower than most developed countries.

            Maybe if your government didn’t spend all its pennies invading other countries it might be able to look after its own citizens properly?

          • Bruce, do you genuinely believe the least fortunate here in the United States don’t get good healthcare? Consider this, in many American cities, homeless and low income receive basic medical, dental, and vision care for free. Why? Because the more wealthy cities with stable economies and sensibly low tax rates can afford it. No social healthcare system can make the same claim. The money traces back to the tax payers every single time. If I hop over to England for business and need to see a doctor, I can, and guess who pays? The British citizenry. Yet just the other day, here in the Midwest, I took a noon-hour walk in the heart of my city of employment and walked past a mobile dentistry office giving away FREE dental examinations and low cost dental repair procedures to homeless and low income families.

            Consider also that many large hospitals in the United States offer FREE or low cost walk-in clinic services which provide basic healthcare to all who walk in. And why can they do so? Because (a) large hospitals can afford it and divert considerable sums of money to provide it, and (b) the wealth of the local economy and sensibly low tax rates make it possible for the hospital to do so. On top of that, the state and federal governments provide incentives for hospitals to provide such services.

            I consider you a minority of opinionated Aussies, thankfully. Nevertheless, your loud voice can convince simple-minded people around you of a highly distorted reality. Frankly, I don’t care that you sit comfortably on a social healthcare system. But I do care that you stop spreading misinformation about America, especially since you do not currently live here. Claiming that you have lived in America means as much to me as saying you’ve picked up stones on the beach– I really don’t care and it speaks nothing about you in particular except that you think whatever finite amount of time you spent in the US qualifies you to make broad assessments about it, which just makes you look arrogant. Imagine if I made broad assessments about Australia.

          • Bruce is spouting out cliches that he possibly learnt from his Marxist professor, heard on the ABC youth radio station, read on the Guardian or learned from a Michael Moore film. My bet is Michael Moore and the Guardian would be his main sources of information…it’s a certain type. Cliche after cliche after cliche. He is either very young or simply not very bright, possibly both. It’s cool to be anti-American if you’re on the left. They don’t know why it’s cool, it just is. Go and live in Venezuela or China, Bruce; you won’t be missed.

          • Sylvia, I hear the same cliches from mostly foreigners living here, because they hear the same. I shocked one highly educated Turkish coworker by telling him US was most generous by percentage of income. He flat out said no way. So, I sent him a link, to which replied with one showing third most generous, but he was honest enough about it to admit he was way wrong in his opinion and that 1st vs 3rd was not a big difference. I have pointed out case after case where his cliches were wrong, and he finally replied well your life experiences are just unique or some other similar dismissive drivel. I don’t bother talking politics with him anymore as Trump pushed him over the edge.

            Point is lots of news here is quite similar and many refuse to open their eyes and just look around.

          • Wow- I never thought I’d see the day when a real, live woman posted on this site! You must have your pick of all the overweight, impotent, divorced right wing losers Sylvia. Tell us, which one do you fancy?

          • Leowaj,

            the free srvices you describe say a lot of good things about Americans, i.e. they don’t need ‘Samaritans’ to help a fellow citizen, they organise to do it themselves. That is a fine tradition, the way it should be to help the unfortunate not fall through the gaps.

            Unfortunately the reason tht they have to is that the formal healthcare system is so infiltrated and controlled by large corporate interests who answer to a Wall St culture. I gather the US health sector nonetheless cost about twice as much per capita than does the Australian one. That high per capita cost structrure coupled with the health insurance packages being part of employment has kept wages growth excluding healthcare much flatter than your otherwise booming economy should deliver. In other words the ‘trickle down economics’ is trickling down the throats of the corporate leaches and not down to the had working families whose hard work and productivity is driving the boom.

            My only advice to Americans is push for compulsory voting as that is the only way the so and so’s have no choice but to listen to everyone. With voluntary voting the resultant polarisation drives away a huge number of people numbed into utter disinterest. I know that goes against the grain of your ‘rights’ culture but somewhere you gotta have a robust ‘responsibilities’ culture to maintain the balance. Death and taxes is all a bit negative to my mind. Death taxes and voting at least gives citizens the opportunity to vote some S/DOB LAST. Believe me, it is very therapeutic puttingthe bastards LAST and knowing that the bastards know that you will trurn up to vote and can quite happily put them LAST. That is how democracy really gets working.

            Even better is pencil and paper voting. In my State we had a referendum on whether to build a dam on our last free running river, the Franklin. We are 90% hydro power so it was not that desperate we do it. Yours truly got to write NO F%$&ING DAMS on his ballot and guess what? They counted the informal votes and the informal vote won. I am no greeny but the Franklin runs free. Now THAT’S real democracy. (unfortunately it was about the last useful thing the Greens ever did but that is another story)

          • If everyone turned up to vote in the US the Republicans would never win an election. When voter turn out is high, Dems win big. The only way the GOP can win is to gerrymander, deny people the right to vote etc. When it dawns on the chumps who voted for trump that their jobs aren’t coming back there’s gonna be a blue tsunami and a whole lot of impeachment proceedings. Pass the popcorn.

          • “When it dawns on the chumps who voted for trump that their jobs aren’t coming back there’s gonna be a blue tsunami and a whole lot of impeachment proceedings. Pass the popcorn.”

            U.S. GDP is expected to grow to 4.5 percent in the coming quarter. There are now so many jobs available in the U.S. that employers are having a hard to filling them and as a consequence overtime and pay increases are taking place.

            The U.S. economy is on fire and it’s all because of the actions Trump has taken such as lowering taxes and reducing regulations and revamping U.S. energy policy, and re-negotiating trade deals.

            That popcorn of yours is going to get moldy.

          • Bruce, O’Bummer brought America to the brink of the cliff of destruction. If the pro-abortion pro-rape Hillary had gained power, the USA might not still exist as a nation today. You have Trump to thank for a temporary reprieve, a hiatus along your road to oblivion. Feel free to resume your descent into hell when he is defeated.

            Just my opinion, of course.

          • “Consider also that many large hospitals in the United States offer FREE or low cost walk-in clinic services which provide basic healthcare to all who walk in. And why can they do so? Because (a) large hospitals can afford it and divert considerable sums of money to provide it,”

            I had a relative who had to have a heart procedure and it cost about $33,000, and because of her low income level, the private U.S. hospital forgave the entire debt.

            Healthcare in the U.S. is more expensive than it has to be, especially with the implementation of Obamacare which practically doubled insurance costs for many people, but Trump is going to fix all that in the near future. He’s doing it one tweak at a time. We couldn’t have a better financial officer in charge of the nation.

            Trump just said today that the U.S. and Mexico had reached a new deal on trade. I imagine the benefits the U.S. will receive with this new deal will more than pay for the Southern Border Wall.

            Trump keeps rolling right along despite the unprecedented resistance to everything he does. Who else could stand up against this withering fire from the radical Left? Noone I can think of.

          • Bruce…God your ignorant. Grinding poverty ya right. Americans are the most generous on Earth, even as a percentage of income. I don’t worry about getting mugged. Children get free medical care if needed because American’s FREELY choose to do so(Shriner’s Hospitals). We don’t need gov’t to do it for us. The US isn’t perfect, no one or thing is. But, at least we are educated enough to know the difference between NET and GROSS!

      • The blood sucking socialist parasites never admit they are the plague killing their beautiful host countries. As the emaciated hulk of Venezuela slides down the into the socialist sewer of historical inevitability, the Aussie parasites demand yet more blood from their once robust Australian carcass.

        Socialism sucks. And kills.

        • Socialism is impossible. In all of history it has always devolved into a dictatorship very quickly.

          • Totally true. She’s guilty of Uranium one, Benghazi, Solyndra, NSA spying, fast and furious, IRS targeting, cash to iran, giving nukes to north korea, giving nukes to iran, rigging a primary, kiddy fiddling, the email scandal and spying on trump.

            What I can’t understand is why after multiple congressional investigations zero indictments have been brought against her in 25 years and yet after 6 months 32 people have been charged/plead guilty/found guilty in the Mueller probe.

          • I’m guessing the readership are too stupid to know when they’re being trolled Franky boy. Your efforts are wasted.

          • Stay tuned, Frank. It ain’t over. There is one Federal Prosecutor who is supposed to be looking into Hillary’s crimes even as we write.

            Trump will soon declassify many documents that will tell the real story about what was going on before the 2016 election and what is going on after the election. The sedition at the Obama Justice Department and the Obama FBI will be revealed.

            As soon as Mueller wraps up his investigation, Trump will fire Attorney General Sessions and will put someone like Rudy Guiliani in as Attorney General, and I would recommend that he appoint Rudy. Rudy will know just what to do to expose all the criminality/sedition that took place during the Obama administration and during the 2016 election.

            Sessions seems incapable of taking appropriate action. I don’t know why he is paralyzed but I know he has to go.

          • Brucie Baby!
            Have you recently escaped from being kidnapped by the management of that brilliant publication we have down in OZ…Green Left Weekly?
            And have been programmed to become the next idiot troll on WUWT?
            Overseas readers probably have something similar to Green Left Weekly. Editorially it demands an Internationalist Green Socialista Paradise and Nirvana. The usual suspect stupidity.
            All readers please note that Australia is a private enterprise and mixed economy with more government regulation and welfare spending under a Labor Government than a Liberal (Conservative) one.
            The reason the current conservative government is in such disarray being that the recently deposed PM saw himself as some sort of Chardonnay Social Conservative and alienated the Conservative base which had backed the previous leader to the hilt to win a landside victory in 2013.
            With fault on both sides dissent grew in the Conservative party and the PM got knifed by Mr Turnbull who Just won the next election by a pimple. He did not heed the warning and continued with projecting a Labor lite image and policies, particularly on Global Warming and Renewable Banditry, even continuing as our power prices skyrocketed to world worst practice. So he has been replaced.
            What next? Who Knows. Watch this space via Eric Worrall.

            The foundation plank of Socialism being the means of production vested in The State or a ruthless leader and, in modern times, this also means social and cultural matters also involves The State declaring philosophical and political theory winners particularly within the educational field. Primary school lessons in Gender and Transgender for all and I ain’t joking!

            Today’s socialist in the west seems more in tune with Big Big Government regulation and taxation followed up by doling out ‘”free'” goodies to the cheerleading demographic like Bruce. There is nothing in the world like our modern Labor governments to dole out top jobs and goodies galore to its Old Boy and Girl Network. It learned that lesson from the conservatives and has institutionalised the practice.

            Bruce Says he is on 300 Aussie dollars a year or 220 large USA Greenbacks…That is about 100,000 more than a Parliament backbencher…As we say Down Under…Don’t piddle down my leg and than try to convince me it is raining…
            Your name is not Bruce but you still are a Goose
            Viva The Revolution Comrade and Tovarisch!!!

          • Bruce, just like you are too ignorant to know the difference between NET and GROSS, you are too ignorant to know what a dictatorship is. In a Dictatorship, critics of the dictator go to jail or are executed very swiftly. In the US, critics of our duly elected leaders get to bloviate 24/7 on TV and the worst they have to fear is a nasty tweet.

          • Dictatorship? Not now, Bruce. Trump got in. He’s draining that slime down the sewer. Try to keep up.

            How many of your leftie heroes have had the skill, the guts, the brains, or even the will, to negotiate with North Korea or Mexico? How many NK rockets have been fired over Japan, China, SK, Philipines, Indonesia or any other place since Donald met with Kim? Why are you only happy when criminals are running the show?

      • It really is fascinating how myopic your average socialist is.
        They can’t see past the lies they are being fed.

        • Marx brother in law was the Prussian Minister of the Interior, Baron Ferdinand Von Westphalen. That is to say, he ran the secret police that rounded up Communists, Socialists, and Anarchists. Any guesses who his best insider informant was.

      • Sounds like what a Venezuelan would say about 1 year after Chavez was elected as leader in that S. American country. Enjoy eating your golden goose… unlike eggs, they don’t replenish.

      • All that and skyrocketing energy bills to boot?

        No wonder major industries are deserting Oz in droves. Those guys pay a good part of the taxes that fund your “free” healthcare, you know.

      • Australia doesn’t have free healthcare. You pay a 2 % medicare levi if you have private insurance and an extra 1-1.5% without private insurance, meaning you pay at least 3% of your gross income.

        Mediacare is only free if you don’t have a job, which is the case for many activist lefties who claim the dole to fund their protesting existance at the expense of the rest of society.

        • There is still the 0.5% of that levi that Gillard applied to fund relief for the Brisbane floods. It was supposed to be temporary. But yes Bruce is completely wrong about healthcare in Aus.

      • I’m sorry to see such rudeness displayed towards our American friends. Australia and the UK both have big problems atm despite having been such good countries.
        Annie….a Pommy Aussie.

      • “free healthcare in Australia”. Ha,ha. Just try to get knee replacement surgery when your 80 years old. Reminds me of that old movie with the theme “When your 30 your through”, though it’s not that bad YET.

      • I hear your hospitals are so awesome that they have bare bulbs hanging from the ceilings and the queues are horrible. Guess you get what you pay for.

      • Bruce, You forgot about the dairy farmers working 90+ hrs a week for $2.46 an hour so you can buy milk for a lousy $1 a litre. Don’t you watch 60 Minutes? (Or was it A Current Affair?)

  4. It’s all over for Australia.
    I have been watching the breaking news all day with a growing sense of despair.
    We have gone from the ecstasy of getting rid of the Manchurian Candidate Turnbull, to the despair of seeing the rise of Mini Me.
    Today has been much like watching someone commit suicide with a butter knife.
    The “Liberal Party”, which in reality has become just a watered down socialist party, has chosen to die and take the rest of us with them.
    Australia is scr***d.

    • It seems to me that in the long run they can only ignore reality for so long before it comes crashing down around their heads. Sooner or later the people will get fed up as incomes and living conditions decline. I guess it’s just a matter of how bad things will get before that happens.

      • Not saying they are anything alike, but look to Venezuela to see how far in despair a brainwashed people can be taken.

        • I lived and worked in Townsville AU for the Australian Army from 2005 to 2006. I loved it. It will be such a shame to see it go the way of Venezuela. It does seem that socialist brain virus has a foothold there that will only be wiped out with the virus host destruction. The only hope may be for the noninfected to stock up on food and toilet paper. Moving to the US may help for a little while.

      • Yeah, just like the Venezuelans kicked out those dicrstors and regained their freedom!
        Actually Venezuela and Australia have much in common:
        Huge natural resource wealth.
        Small population.
        Decades of toying with leftist policies.
        Successive ineffective governments.
        Population largely confused into believing lefty lies and trained to be self loathing.

    • Macrobusiness had a good non-paywall summary on the Liberal Party and Morrison;
      OK, so they’ve done it: pushed the red button. ScoMo has no time and no space to move in.

      His platform has just sunk into the gentling lapping waves off Point Piper.

      His new deputy has been promoted for conceiving of and then botching the biggest policy fuck-up of our time, the National Energy Guarantee (NEG). So big, in fact, it has just cost the PM his job.

      His party is riven to the core and in its uttermost depths lurks a leviathan malice so deep and scary that Kurt Russell himself would piss his pants in Tony Abbott.

      Last but not least, opposite him in the chamber is the great Machiavellian force of the Australian Parliament in our time. Quiet assassin of four prime ministers, the blood-soaked and grinning Bill Shorten, poised at the very threshold of his destiny.

      You get the picture. Sco Mo is in it deep. Deepest, darkest, stinkiest deep. Impossibly deep. So, what is he to do?

      Well, at times like these I like to pare stuff back to its essence. ScoMo has been put into the Big Chair by 45 career-trashed desperadoes who will do anything, and when I say anything I put the emphasis on anything, to not lose the fat salary that they are way too dumb to attract in the private sector, the fat pension on the end of it, and the prestige that has fatally corrupted any notion of a future normal life.

      His job description is simple. Win the fucking election you prick.

      So, as markets bounce a little from the glittering prize that is ScoMo, it must be remembered that he is not there for them any longer. Any dubious commitment ScoMo ever had to markets in theory or practice is now entirely irrelevant. He is now a Labor slaughterhouse pure and simple.

      That means everything is on the table. Most especially immigration cuts, perhaps softened for the snowflake states with some gesture politics. But cuts nonetheless. They must be visible. Loud even. Or those renegade One Nation bogans are going to keep sucking on that vodka charged watermelon and tell him to piss right off. They must be large enough that he can condemn Labor for trashing wages and crush-loading the cities.

      To offset the little blow to housing for the faithful a little Property Council Exocet should do the trick in allowing First Home Buyers to get access to super for mortgage deposits. It also lands square in the lap of the banks to win them back.

      The managed migration and housing stimulus will boost ScoMo’s natural demeanor of corpulent clown to something more approximating the outlines of a barrel-chested “strongman”, at least for the few months leading up to the early election while the fog of war will obscure his full form.

      Consider this: the only thing now holding the Australian dollar aloft is the blabbering minstrel, Poop Morrison.

      • You raise an interesting point via the phrase ‘push the red button’. The concept is useful. It is of course an act of political opportunism. It is visible in other forms: pressing the green button means adopting what is perceived to being an ‘environmental’ tack in ideology. Pressing the red button is obviously playing a form of leftist game pitting social classes, as imagined, against each other.

        There will be doubt be other buttons to press. Is there a blue button? An orange button? There is a pink button, an immigrant button (does it have a colour?) and a big shiny BS button. All you need to succeed is the willingness to press buttons.

      • To those who look to government for their salvation remember this:

        Government is run by politicians, for the benefit of politicians. Always has been, always will be.

        The only time the politicians give a damn about public opinion is when they are trying to con 50%+1 to vote for them. They do this by promising the people free stuff paid for by someone else. Either the evil rich, or evil foreigners who are stealing your wealth.

        Politicians thrive by pitting one group of people against all others.

      • turncoat just announced hes quitting
        so his electorate thin already is going to teeter and prob end up swinging and helping lab/greens to get in
        trunbulltantrum time
        bishops gone from termite to rat leaving ship too

    • The immigration ponzi scheme will sustain the only industry left in Australia, housing. It is self perpetuating and will never fail.

    • Only after the next federal election because the LNP will be in opposition and Shorten will be in the driver’s seat in a renewable powered electric car in self-drive mode.

  5. Judging from the discussion thus far, Oz has the same problems with the Liberal Party as the US has with the Republicans–RINOs and various squishes.

  6. Who? The message and policy will remain unchanged. You think ScoMo will change policy 8 or so months out from a federal election?

  7. Why doesn’t someone star a new party ?? Maybe the “Libertarian Pro Carbon Party” or the “Conservative Fossil Fuel Party” ??

    • First it takes a lot of money.
      Second you have to deal with the opposition of all the existing parties, who on the surface fight each other, but under the hood cooperate to make sure that no other kids can share the playground. (This includes the myrmidons in the media who willing do whatever the political masters tell them to do.)

      The bigger government gets, the more it’s worth protecting from outsiders.

      • MarkW…Fair Call.
        The Big 2 would build a wall around their political playground if they thought they could get away with it!

      • MarkW

        We have the Libertarian Party UK.

        A small party, a bit clunky, but at least it’s properly right wing with the objective of kicking out most government officials ensuring they do their job of defending our shores, not interfering in our lives.

        For anyone in the UK, it’s only £25 to join!

    • That’s been tried here in the US but sadly it always falls short, way short. There are a handful of third parties, the best known of which is the Libertarian party. The closest they ever got to actually doing anything was when presidential candidate Ross Perot made it onto the ballot (and was actually a well known candidate) about 25 years ago. A lot of people voted for him, but all that ended up doing is to split the vote between the Republican and Democrat candidate and gave Bill Clinton the lead over G.W. Bush. Sadly a three-way split just doesn’t seem to work. IMO the only way is to try to change one of the established parties from within, which unfortunately has been done quite well with the Democratic party which is anything but liberal and democratic and is now just full-bore socialist.

      • Lee Riffee

        A tragically enlightened post.

        I remember Perot well. Like Trump, an immensely successful businessman well capable of running a country which is, after all, just a big business.

        I’m not sure if it’s an urbane myth but I believe Perot mounted his own armed rescue force to liberate employees of his from some middle eastern country where they were kidnapped. The US Government were doing nothing. My understanding is that his employees had to physically stop him from jumping out the plane with the commando’s.

    • They have. Cory Bernardi left the Liberal Party and started his own. Unfortunately, he went about it the wrong way. First he got himself elected as a Senator on the Liberal Party ticket, then he left to start his own party but didn’t relinquish his Senate seat. It was viewed as a dishonest way to behave. Realistically speaking, he probably wouldn’t have been elected if he stood on his own terms.

      • Another treacherous, narcissistic dog just like Abbott and Turnbull. Forget about which part of the political spectrum they may come from, what is at issue is their treachery to the team that got them the gig and the voters who voted for their team which is how most people vote in Oz, i.e. ‘above the line’.

    • Marcus,
      Predominately Oz is a 2 party politics situation. The House of Representatives, in Federal and State chambers, is normally the most powerful for legislation and the leader of both major parties are chosen by the members who win their seat in Parliament.
      The Senate is the house of review and, of late, has become a lot more problematic for the majority party to get its legislation through. There has been disillusion about the big parties and people have turned to smaller or one issue parties for comfort.
      Unfortunately, as in One Nation, the focus tends to all be on the leader who needs to be everything to everybody with a grievance. The Admin of these smaller parties is shoddy at best and has led to people winning Senate seats who are just whack jobs and incapable of doing the job.
      Fortunately The Green Joke and Rabble, which had a good run under Labor in 2007 to 2013 has lowered its vote to about 8% to 10% and is no longer able to hold the nation to ransom. Aussie politics, for better or worse, is about the Big 2 of Labor and Liberal Conservative…

  8. Voters can ignore Green Oligarchs and MSM. They just need to have enough candidates who have courage to challenge the establishment. Hillary had much more funding in 2016 and still lost. Media has no power if people and politicians do not follow them.

    • In the U.S. a growing number of us don’t just not follow the MSM propagandists. We despise it and the lying propagandists calling themselves, jokingly, journalists. This is not just a phenomenon of Trump.

      • True, but the reaction by the MSM to Trump helped open the eyes of many to what the MSM is all about.

  9. Will the last person in Australia who can still afford to pay their electricity bill please turn the lights out.

  10. “Keith Pitt .. was considering resigning from the frontbench over his opposition to the NEG.’
    “Demands by the rebel MPs, including Barnaby Joyce, to include a price guarantee in addition to the NEG were all but killed off yesterday by Scott Morrison.”

    A price guarantee on electricity price is just plain wrong IMO.
    It’s like something from totalitarian communism.

    • I admit I do not understand how there can be any price guarantees on electricity when renewables are increasingly planned into in the mix. Does it mean taxpayers subsidise the govt to subsidise the energy providers who then give price reductions to the taxpayers?

      • When Oz builds enough fossil fuel fired plants, they can blow up the last windmill. ( in reference to Oz blowing up one of the last remaining fossil fuel plants in either 2014 or 2015, in the south. )

      • Ok so first of all, did they miss the point that the whole Climate Change TM scheme is designed to implement socialism? It doesn’t make sense to lower the price of energy, ever. They need to give free energy to the “poor” and make anybody who is productive and not yet totally dependent on the nanny state pay a ridiculous price for their intransigence.

        Because “fairness”.

      • A price guarantee just means that the taxpayers (defined in most people’s minds as – somebody else) will be on the tab for most of the real price.

      • Ya… seems most people are plain dumb. They think if they just pay 2/3 of the cost of the Green Energy by paying even more than the total amount subsidized (due to “management/overhead” fees) in additional taxes, they are getting “Cheap” energy. Seems Progressives are missing out on a big opportunity here…. they should just make electricity FREE for all by increasing the taxes even more. All the Progressives would then claim that now they are not only getting FREE health care, they are getting FREE energy as well.

  11. It is clear that what is killing democracy and freedom are the cynical statists. Ballot structure and number of parties are no defense. They are merely tactical challenges for the oligarchs to overcome.

  12. I don’t understand Australian politics.
    Just when you think there is a movement to by-pass the climate control mania, it vanishes. Neither party can commit to reducing the costs of electrical power.
    Geologist Ian Plimer, published a book last year “Climate Change Delusion and the Great Electricity Rip-Off”.
    He points out that Australia is a major exporter of power in the form of uranium, coal and petroleum products to Asia.
    The Australian government insists that people, businesses and industry use very expensive, but politically correct, electrical power.
    Then cost-benefited Asian manufacturers can ship stuff to Oz with a competitive pricing advantage.
    Bob Hoye

    • Plimer’s book sounds interesting. It’s remarkable that an entire country can be persuaded to impoverish itself by exporting it’s irreplaceable natural resources while giving no thought to using those resources for their own development. It’s as though the Ukrainians voluntarily exported all their grain in the 1930s, willingly accepting widespread starvation, in order to meet the Soviet Union’s quotas.

  13. Totally way off topic . . .
    but I thought you ought to know
    The UKs Astronomer Royal has pronounced, full page article in the Sunday Telegraph,
    content` sentence right under the headline . . . . .

    Its called “Climate Collapse ” ! ! ! ! !

    the lexicon grows apace, now that is so much scarier than “climate change” no ?

  14. Keith Pitt: A man of integrity….. may he yet succeed in restoring sanity and reliable, low cost energy to Australia.

  15. A genuine question from someone who knows almost nothing about Australian politics: Why can’t Tony Abbott make a comeback?

    • Tony Abbott is so stupid he barely has the power of speech. He went into government promising stuff then reneged, so he lost his power base. Then he lost his job. He is too stupid to understand the connection between those events. Even last year he said that 23% renewables was the appropriate level.

      • DA.
        Yes. Mr Abbott is so dense that he got accepted at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He performed so ‘badly’ as to get 2nds in his exams and a Boxing Blue.
        Can this man be any dumber as to pass at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar?
        Your educational qualifications please…From Oxford.

        • RB,

          he just peaked early. He said today he still sees himself as young with lots to do but his problem is he has no broader social or politial credit left except with a tiny fringe group. ANd that is entireloy down to him and his arrogant self importance. Arrogant intelligence is a characteristic of Turnbull also. They were like two moons orbiting around normal humanity each demanding attention as the one true moon.

          • Peaked early? He is younger than Turnbull, and as for “humanity” show me another (former) Prime Minister who spends his own time as a volunteer firefighter, life saver and also vacations in remote Aboriginal communities, without media members slavishly reporting while he undertakes manual labour and generally assisting these communities as requested? He has never sought publicity for these actions, he does them because he wants to serve the public.

            Oh there is also the fact that he is supremely fit and undertakes marathon swimming and cycling events to raise money for charity. As a senior former Labor Party Minister, Graeme Richardson once said “if you are determined to hate Tony Abbott, don’t make the mistake of meeting him – because he is a bloody good bloke”

        • Getting a degree, even from a prestigious institution, is no guarantee of intelligence. I’ve known many people with impressive degrees who were surprisingly dumb when it comes to ordinary everyday life. And I’ve known some really brilliant people who never went to collage/university.

          Passing Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar isn’t the same thing as being savy in the political realm. Just because he can excel at one does not mean he will necessarily excel at the other.

  16. Pitt is not listed in the new ministry. He was in the old one (as Minister assisting the Deputy PM) and I assume he got wind of missing out in the new one. The new ministry has Andrew Broad in the position.

    The PM announced a separation of energy and environment as part of the new setup, precisely what Pitt was after. It sounds to me more like a typical Queensland LNP motor mouth going off to cover for being dumped.

    This story is classic fake news. Well done.

    • PS
      Minister for Environment Melissa Price
      Minister for Energy Angus Taylor

      Pitt’s announcement was some 4 hours before the ministry was announced.

  17. Hi all, I’m heading down to Oz for vacation next month and have 3 questions. What do you pay per Kh on your electric bill? How much is a litre of petrol? Should I tell anyone I voted for Trump? Thanks much.

    • South Australian households are paying the highest prices in the world at 47.13¢ per kilowatt hour, more than Germany, Denmark and Italy which heavily tax energy, after the huge increases on July 1, Carbon + Energy Markets’ MarkIntell data service says.
      Gasoline prices for Australia from 14-May-2018 to 20-Aug-2018. The average value for Australia during that period was 1.48 Australian Dollars per liter (~$4.25 US per gallon).

      And just for fun… just wear a MAGA hat.
      (PS… however, I am not Australian so I cannot be held responsible for what happens if you wear the hat).

    • Where I am in NSW we are paying 33c/kwh and if we had rocks in our head we could also opt to pay an extra 10c to be provided 100% magical Green Power! Even the global warmists don’t pay that option.
      Petrol today right here is AU$1.42 but 2 weeks ago it was more like AU$1.70 as it has very volatile(sorry) pricing. There are APPs which will guide you to the best prices.
      As for the Trump question that will depend a lot on where you visit. In some areas you may get a “virtual” tarring and feathering whilst in others you will be welcomed by the locals. Having said that we tend to be nice to visitors generally.
      Enjoy your trip 🙂

    • If you are visiting Sydney you can climb the harbor bridge for about A$400. You can also climb the southeast stone pylon of the bridge to get much the same view for about A$15 with the big advantage that you are permitted to take your camera. Enter from the Rocks area and find the path that you use to walk over the bridge.

    • With the US$-AU$ exchange rate as it is today, I would not worry about costs too much. There is a huge amount of anti-Trump sentiment in Australia, driven largely by left wing biased media, so I would be careful who you tell who you voted for.

  18. Eric – Morrison immediately appointed as his Deputy Prime Minster Josh Frydenberg, who is the architect of the energy policy which brought Turnbull down. So I would say that Keith Pitt’s words are accurate.

    I watched the immediate aftermath of the leadership spill live on TV. Frydenberg could not wipe a beaming smile off his face. He was the happiest guy in the room.

    Turnbull lost the leadership the first time some years ago to Tony Abbott over the same issue (Global Warming/energy policy). That Turnbull, a supreme narcissist, was prepared to die a second time in the same ditch tells you all you need to know about Liberal Party policy in this area. Turnbull then used a suite of dirty tricks to ensure the election of his chosen successor.

    • So the elections in eight months will happen with the left carrying the millstone of Paris and high energy costs around their necks?

      • Both right and left in Oz are in broad agreement on Paris and energy policy. They only differ (perhaps) on the level of taxes/subsidies. Only the right wing of the Liberal Party oppose Paris, and they (Abbott, Dutton) have been twice rejected by their own party.

      • Jean
        If the conservatives actually play politics they will drive everybody nuts with a negative campaign around higher and higher energy prices and Labor raiding The Treasury to reward their mates…The negative and false campaign by Labor about the conservatives reducing our Medicare System called ‘Mediscare’ worked wonders and nearly got Labor into office.
        Aussies have a habit of responding to real or unreal scare campaigns. With higher electricity prices at such a focus it should have been a cake walk for out current government of conservatives to have the opposition running for cover at the mere mention of the Electricity word and Renewables should have become another word for thieving.
        But they actually have been promoting renewable banditry and it has driven the conservative base up the wall.
        Unless they change under the new leadership and put fossil fuel and cheaper power prices at the forefront they will get smashed and Labor will raid Treasury to subsidise Wind and Solar and most other stupid concepts that come along.
        Search Engine …Pink Batts Scandal in Australia…to find out just how dumb and deadly political scoundrels can be.

  19. Climate has been chosen as the reason for Turnbull’s demise.
    To admit that global money lenders have no confidence in the Turnbull government would be slashing one’s own throat. 😉
    It may be prudent of us to ask – “How are the finances of the Australian Political Arena??” – “Is everyone in the black??”
    Also –
    A solution to energy problems would be that the energy companies diversify – that they place solar panels on every roof in Australia & storage batteries to supply the resident.
    All excess energy fed into the grid can be sold at top dollar …
    1. to light up the streets
    2. traffic lights
    3. government offices
    4. the technology that runs toll roads & more.

    The only problem here is that the energy companies cannot abide the sentiment …
    FREE to the customer. 😛
    At Cost Price to the consumer. 😛
    The Energy companies do not understand how beneficial it is to generate your energy from free sources outside your power generation plant.
    Renewable energy is not the problem they make out … it is the notion that they may have to GIVE AWAY to make money that gets them everytime. 🙂

    • You may have a good name, but you have no clue about economics or the stability of electric power grids

      • Rosie – nickname from childhood – Davis – page name.
        Thank you for you reply.
        How do you figure that I don’t have a clue about economics ??
        I am assuming here –
        If we trash what’s not good about the rampid gaming frenzy that we call economics & we invent new entrepreneurial methods – could it not work ??
        Windmill farms cost a small fortune in leasing the land, set up & running.

        • Only that there are better ways available to us, resources are diminishing rapidly, how are we going to hold on the the good ol’ days when we have lost most of the props to keep it going ??

  20. “Scott Morrison and his new executive has my full support.”

    This doesn’t make sense. He is resigning but at the same time gives the new leader his full support?????????????????????????

    • It is customary and expected that when a new PM is appointed by the party that they get a free shot at creating their own ministry. Therefore everyone, without exception, resigns their current role. It is then up to the new leader to determine who to put in what spot. Often people sty in the same role but not in this case.

  21. Turnbull’s demise like so many political leaders before him was precipitated by the political poison of attempting to marry reliable, affordable power with taxation of plant food. It’s an intractable problem that hasn’t gone away with the change of leaders and will continue to bedevil anyone who toys with it. Keith Pitt clearly knows that and has taken the only sensible decision under the circumstances while our national grid hurtles on toward a train wreck with the continual addition of widely dispersed unreliables. The MSM have completely lost the plot with respect to Turnbull’s demise but here’s another resignation to join the dots-
    Quit while you’re ahead with the snout in the taxpayer trough.

  22. Without additional detail, it appears that Keith Pitt is establishing a campaign statement and freeing himself to campaign outside of entrenched officials.

    Keith Pitt’s statement;

    “However, I will always put the national interest and the interests of my constituents above my own. I will always put reducing power prices, before Paris.”

    Is quite worrisome, in that Keith intimates Morrison’s early inside reorganization efforts are not aligning with Australia’s citizen needs and desires. Otherwise, Morrison’s efforts would align somewhat with Pitt’s desired agenda and Keith Pitt could achieve goals to buttress Pitt’s campaign and keep Pitt’s name in the public eye.

    While not upsetting, yet, it is worrisome until Morrison takes public actions; e.g. firing any supporter of low energy rates or demolishes a coal fired generator.

    Here’s hoping great and good things for Australia!

    • IMO, the Auzzies need their own version of the “Trump Hurricane” that is blowing away “The Establishment” ( A.K.A. The Swamp )| ! Otherwise, they will make the “Mad Max” scenarios look like child’s play in the end !

      • That was Abbott, elected leader by the party, elected by his constituents in a federal election true and square, formed a Govn’t, and he got shafted by Turnbull!

        Turnbull is, IIRC, the wealthiest MP in the Australian Govn’t t the tune of AU$200 million. He should just retire and let real people do the job!

  23. What is it , five different Prime Ministers in about five years in Australia ?
    Oh to be so lucky in Canada .
    Trudeau will leave just as the shit hits the wall .

    • Turnbull was our Trudeau although he did not do dressup when he went overseas… well not in public and I make no comment on his private life … or fetishes….

  24. Australia is 1/3rd of 1% of global population. Nothing they can do will move the climate.needle, or the CO2 needle, if that even matters.

    Committing economic suicide can get Australia into the history books, but it’s a damn fool way to do it.

  25. The old Labor Party used to claim they cared about the working people in Australia and elsewhere but that has all changed . They sold out to globalists and renewable bag men long ago . The middle class is well on its way to getting eliminated . Carbon taxes and grossly inflated energy costs are just guilt theft .

    • Well yeah, that’s what they claimed. But they took their lessons from Arthur Scargill. I was in a union and saw the process from the inside.

  26. Not necessarily so. From this mornings “The Australian” newspaper.

    “The free ride for renewable energy has ended with the appointment of Angus Taylor as energy minister.”

    ‘‘What we should be wanting is reliable, affordable power that brings down our emissions.”

    “As a financial analyst, Mr Taylor wrote a report on reducing the cost of electricity that suggested the government immediately drop the RET (renewable energy target) and save up to $3.2 billion by 2020.”

    This guy is smart, not ideological, he is conservative and realistic, so we live in hope.

      • Frydenberg is treasurer now and trying to balance the books. He will not be interested in anything that slows the economy like subsidiesed unreliable power etc. Whe energy minister he was beholden to Turnbull who was pushing for the Paris Target crap. He would have been dumped if he tolt MT to get nicked. He was probably privately talking to the plotters frankly as was ScoMo and a nmber of others trying to figure out how to get rid of MT with minimum damage. Not an easy trick to pull off. We shall see in a week if things settle down a bit.

    • Pitt jumped before he was pushed out in the reshuffle it seems to me and was just grandstanding. I had never heard of him and a couple of other grandstanders until they started threatening ‘crossing the floor’ or going to the cross benches. They are dogs imo and are in the dog house for good reason. The only result from their greasy grandstanding will be to help the Labor-Green gang get into power but hey, they will be able to both wash their hands of responsibility and bank their 30 pieces of silver. Like I aid, dogs.

      As is now clear ScoMo has dumped the Paris Targets and the NEG will just be about affordable power. That is why Angus Taylor is the minister responsible. I note that Pitt has been replaced in his former role.

  27. Eric,
    The politics of having to balance Conservatives against Progressives in new appointments to the Ministries by Morrison PM is typical of many similar decisions worldwide.
    Some good. Some bad.
    One important bright spot is the splitting of the Energy and Environment Department into separate Departments.
    Put simply,Environment is captured by bureaucrats who are green fanatics.
    Early days yet.
    Morrison is the man who walked into Parliament with a large hunk of black coal to taunt the Opposition with it.
    Perhaps he believes like former PM Abbott-
    “ Coal is good for humanity.”

  28. How much CO2 does Australia add to the global total? I.e. just what is it they are trying to commit economic suicide to prevent?

    • We are told Australia is the second worst “carbon polluter” behind the US. Australia contributes about 3% of the total human contribution of CO2. So a VERY VERY VERY small contribution. We’re not trying to, Australia has committed economic suicide.

  29. I heard Malcom Turnbull and Julia Gillard are having an affair. I read it in the National Enquirer, so it must be true.

  30. ScoMo (that’s Scott Morrison, OZ’s new Prime Minister) has appointed Angus Taylor to be Minister for Energy. Angus is relatively new to parliament and is a (hopefully) rising star of the right-of-centre Liberal Party.

    Before anyone writes off ScoMo’s energy policy, it might be a good idea to check out Angus Taylor. I have met him a few times, and he is an impressive person – clearly very thoughtful and capable. But more importantly, if you search the web for something like “Angus Taylor hates wind farms”, suddenly the future looks a little less grim. eg. from 2014.

    I hope that ScoMo has understood the situation properly. Let’s face it, he would have to be thick as a brick not to understand what the dispute is about, and one thing that he absolutely is not is thick. Appointing Angus Taylor suggests strongly that ScoMo “gets” it. So give him and Angus a chance to show their colours, and with any luck you will be pleasantly surprised.

    • If he is the new boy on the block, he will be quickly “re-educated” on energy policy if he wants to secure his pension.

  31. Forget about who is Green or whatever. Survival is the name of the Game, they will have to move on the cost of energy, and not at ex PM Turnbull was talking about some years down the track, but as of now.

    The alternative is Bill Shorton with hi stated 50 % renewals, although I suspect for just the same reasons, that of survival, that the Labour Govt. will be a bit like Hawwke-Keating, in that traditional Labour values will be dropped.


  32. well if they keep it up- they will hand it to labor..
    and if is bad now, it will only get worse then
    poor fellow my country

  33. It’s cold in Aus…but that is just weather;

    I am originally from England and England get’s cold in winter. It’s been cold here in Aus. Maybe I am older now and feel the cold more, I dunno. It’s cold is all I know right now and I am sure no tax on energy will change that.

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