100% Renewables by 2035 – Surprise New York Primary Winner Takes on Democrat Climate “Moderates”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Source Wikimedia, author Chillbedextous, licence Creative Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the surprise winner of the NY-14 Primary upset has just proven that the problem with establishment Democrats is they just aren’t committed enough.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is the Climate Change Hardliner the Planet Needs

Becky Ferreira
Jun 28 2018, 1:01am

Ocasio-Cortez upset the NY-14 primary with a progressive agenda that included transitioning the US to renewables by 2035.

Progressive challenger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the Democratic primary in New York’s 14th district (Bronx/Queens) on Tuesday, beating out her incumbent opponent Joe Crowley, who has been a member of Congress since 1999. The victory was a surprising upset and a key victory for progressives, who are eager to pull the Democratic Party left in spite of hand-wringing from its current moderate leadership.

“This is the start of a movement,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted in response to her win. “Thank you all.”

Cleverly branding her plan to confront climate change as “a Green New Deal,” Ocasio-Cortez set an ambitious goal to fully transition the United States to renewable energy sources by 2035. Crucially, she spotlighted the economic and social justice impacts of climate change, and warned of the “worldwide refugee crisis” that will result from continuing to marginalize the issue.

“Right now, the economy is controlled by big corporations whose profits are dependent on the continuation of climate change,” her platform reads. “This arrangement benefits few, but comes at the detriment of our planet and all its inhabitants.”

Read more: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/mbkze3/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-is-the-climate-change-hardliner-the-planet-needs

From Alexandria’s campaign website;

Mobilizing Against Climate Change

In order to address runaway global climate change, Alexandria strongly supports transitioning the United States to a carbon-free, 100% renewable energy system and a fully modernized electrical grid by 2035. She believes renewable fuels must be produced in a way that achieves our environmental and energy security goals, so we can move beyond oil responsibly in the fight against climate change. By encouraging the electrification of vehicles, sustainable home heating, distributed rooftop solar generation, and the conversion of the power grid to zero-emissions energy sources, Alexandria believes we can be 100% free of fossil fuels by 2035.

Furthermore, Alex believes in recognizing the relationship between economic stability and environmental sustainability. It’s time to shift course and implement a Green New Deal – a transformation that implements structural changes to our political and financial systems in order to alter the trajectory of our environment. Right now, the economy is controlled by big corporations whose profits are dependent on the continuation of climate change. This arrangement benefits few, but comes at the detriment of our planet and all its inhabitants. Its effects are life-threatening, and are especially already felt by low-income communities, both in the U.S. and globally. Even in NY-14, areas like Throgs Neck, College Point, and City Island are being affected by erosion and rising sea levels. Rather than continue a dependency on this system that posits climate change as inherent to economic life, the Green New Deal believes that radically addressing climate change is a potential path towards a more equitable economy with increased employment and widespread financial security for all.

Climate change is the single biggest national security threat for the United States and the single biggest threat to worldwide industrialized civilization, and the effects of warming can be hard to predict and self-reinforcing. We need to avoid a worldwide refugee crisis by waging a war for climate justice through the mobilization of our population and our government. This starts with the United States being a leader on the actions we take both globally and locally.

Read more: https://ocasio2018.com/issues#mobilizing-against-climate-change

I agree with Alexandria that the current Democrat leadership, whoever they are at this point in time, don’t seem to be taking climate change seriously.

Imagine for a moment that you truly believed anthropogenic global warming was an imminent deadly threat. If climate change really was an existential crisis, it simply wouldn’t make sense to campaign for or support the adoption of half measures. If you truly believed the future of your children depended on giving up your car, that your kids would all die if you and your neighbours continued to use fossil fuels, wouldn’t you demand everyone immediately give up their car? Wouldn’t you feel anger and frustration towards the self serving complacency of establishment politicians who kept trying to buy you off by offering tiny upward increments to their unambitious renewable targets?

The obvious explanation for mainstream Democrat moderation on climate issues is that most Democrat establishment politicians don’t really believe climate change is a serious issue. They offer a few token measures to win the votes of climate believers, while trying to avoid frightening off rich industrialists who are attracted to some of their other policies.

But hardcore climate fanatics aren’t complete fools. They might be wrong about climate change, but people know when they are just being used by politicians who don’t really care about their concerns.

It was inevitable that someone like Alexandria would arise – a true believer, someone who speaks to the hearts of fellow climate true believers, people who are fed up with being lied to and betrayed by the establishment.


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Sweet Old Bob

You were very kind to use that picture instead of the ones where she realized she had won the primary !!
What a nut she be !

J Mac

She is a hardcore socialist.
Here are her main campaign issues:
Medicare For All
Housing As a Human Right
A Federal Jobs Guarantee
Gun Control / Assault Weapons Ban
Criminal Justice Reform, End Private Prisons
Immigration Justice / Abolish ICE


So …
– bankrupt us with a medical plan that destroys what’s left of market feedback.
– bankrupt us with a plan that removes a great deal of market feedback from real-estate.
– bankrupt us with make work jobs without regard to actually doing the work.
– disarm us so the police can bully us around if we complain, and we can’t defend ourselves from the new criminal “nobility”.
– don’t bother punishing real criminals, that would just antagonize them.
– welcome in a flood of invaders who don’t share the values of our nation.


Just how many times and by how many ways can one country be bankrupted, anyway. It’s not very funny but it it is a real hoot.

Bryan A

Of course the far left wants a total assault weapons ban.
The only time a person really needs an assault weapon is when they need to protect themselves from a government that wants to take them away.

Internal warfare in the USA is tearing your great country apart. The left cannot stand that Hillary lost and Trump won, and they are willing to destroy democracy to reverse that decision.

I have done business on six continents and have been to Castro’s Cuba and Honecker’s East Germany, entering East Berlin via Checkpoint Charlie. Both countries had no viable economy and no human rights, and yet this is what the ”Progressives” want for America. Simply put, they want to destroy the economy and the country – that is their objective.

Do Progressives have any idea how well-off they are? Do Progressives have any idea how most of the world lives?

There are about 220 countries in the world, and about 200 of them are failed or failing, with poor economies, no human rights and no Rule of Law. Do you think this is an accident? This is the Marxist agenda – tear countries down so they can ride in to the rescue and take command. Witness Zimbabwe in Africa and Venezuela in South America – and there are many other countries falling into the same cesspool.

These self-styled Progressives, the US Democrats, the Canadian Liberals and NDP, and the Socialist and Green Parties worldwide are pawns of the extreme left.

Many of these imbeciles don’t even know it, but they are following a covert Marxist agenda which is deliberately intended to damage our economies and destroy democracy.


Allan they want the US to be Norway

Patrick MJD

Norway? The Norway that has a massive welfare state funded by…OIL? That Norway?


What I repeatedly observe, in actual politicians, in pop culture (movies and TV), and in social media “stuff”, is a pervasive belief in the idea that big corporations are the true evil.

Evil corporations are the ultimate boogeyman to the left. Just as an all powerful fascist government is the ultimate boogeyman to those of us on the right.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is quoted above, saying, “Right now, the economy is controlled by big corporations whose profits are dependent on the continuation of climate change.”

Words fail to describe my…annoyance…at this imbecilic, childish, and ignorant understanding of how the world works. If I weren’t so inclined to believe in the general incompetence of, well, everybody, it would be easy to claim this was just a ploy by those “damn Marxists” used on weak-minded fools to convince them to hand over true power: governmental authority…

I totally agree that rent-seeking businesses are disgusting parasites, but they exist at the whim of the government. That they exist at all should be a warning against unnecessary governmental intervention in the free trade between free individuals. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to pillory and demonize “corporations” because of the wealth they generate. By leveraging that ugly human failing called envy, authoritarians can convince masses of people to hand them even more power.




“June 27, 2018 10:48 pm
Internal warfare in the USA is tearing your great country apart. The left cannot stand that Hillary lost and Trump won, and they are willing to destroy democracy to reverse that decision”

A misunderstanding based on MSM hyping every minor protest. Coupled with urban police departments turning a blind eye to violence and hatred wpred by leftists, progressives and crackpots.

Which brings up the obvious; i.e. who is funding these shindigs? Ideally, the revamped DOJ is tracking the payoffs.

What your comment overlooks is Trump’s steady favorability rise in polls; even polls performed by strongly left groups, e.g. PEW.

Trump won the election with an overwhelming county vote, nationwide. Without the uran clusters causing states to vote for HRC, the majority of states are strongly pro-Trump.

That vote alignment has only strengthened and expanded over the past year.

ergo; identify whom is funding the domestic terrorists and protests, investigate, indict and convict them.

One of the many news stories MSM ignores, is socialist Bernie’s income each year the last two years.

Internal warfare is not tearing this country apart.
Much like climate discussions, there is a small very hard core group that has rapidly scaled into insanity.
The good news is that conservative numbers have increased; with more conservatives willing to speak out.

The more unhinged networks and legislators become in their attempts to distract voters from Trump’s performance and the ongoing revealment of rank government corruption and sedition; the greater the number of people who stop supporting progressives.
Antifa is a recreation of Hitler’s brownshirts with their violence against literally anyone with which they disagree. Antifa’s violence causes fear and concern among the citizenry’ fear that also causes people to distance themselves away from progressive leftists support for Antifa.

Thanks to desperate irrational despotic support from leftists, e.g. Podesta, Soros, Steyer, Bloomberg and others, voters are moving center. A position that Democrats lack entirely, nationally.

Thanks to committed leftist MSM, what seems like a violent revolution, is MSM hyped unlawful acts that should fulfill Thomas Jefferson’s remark that a little revolution is good for the country.

Tom Abbott

“Internal warfare is not tearing this country apart.
Much like climate discussions, there is a small very hard core group that has rapidly scaled into insanity.”

Yes, I think that describes the situation much better.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the violent speech from the radical Leftists doesn’t motivate some unstable person to take violent action, but I don’t think this will happen on a large scale.

The Silent American Majority is not going to put up with nutcases and radical Leftists perpetrating violence in the United States. The violence will be nipped in the bud.

ATheoK and Tony Abbott

I would like your opinions to be true, but they are not – Obama got elected and Hillary came close. This indicates that about half the voters in the USA have been infected with the Progressive/Marxist virus. Many of these fools don’t even know it – they think they are cool, and smarter than those they disagree with (they are not – see Dunning-Kruger Effect).

In Canada similar leftist scoundrels/imbeciles were elected: Justin Trudeau om Ottawa, Rachel Notley in Alberta and John Horgan in BC, and Ontario only recently threw out the uber-extreme Kathleen Wynn. Canada’s economy is failing due to the policies of these leftists.

Across Europe, almost all countries are led by these closet Marxists and their economies are also failing, and have been for decades.

In the USA, the leftist infection is much more prevalent than a just few violent paid protesters. About half the population in the USA is effectively on the dole, since they consume more than they contribute – these people will usually vote for anyone who promises them more free stuff, like Ms Ocasio-Cortez. She knows what she is doing – it is the standard Marxist formula that has dragged down so many countries in the world.

The solution is to get the unemployed back to work, which Trump is doing – and a key component is keeping energy costs low, so the USA can compete with China and other low-labour-cost countries. Trump is on the right track to saving the USA, and the Marxists cannot stand it.

When Marxists want to sabotage a country, they increase energy costs unnecessarily, which cripples the economy. That is the left’s strategy, and it is working, except in the USA, China and a few other countries.

A key leftist strategy is to cripple the energy industry – examples are endless regulatory snarls and successful anti-pipeline movements – these have cost Canada $120 billion in lost revenues – a huge amount of money that should have been available for industrial re-investment, job creation, health, education, etc.

The leftists were the scourge of the 20th Century – Hitler, Stalin and Mao killed a total of about 200 million people. Almost 200 countries that once had viable economies are on a downward spiral – Zimbabwe and Venezuela lead the way, but many others follow. That is the Marxist agenda, and it is working.

Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

I published my above comment at
and received a response that apparently is the new theme for the extremists.

Here is my reply:
So Kwasi Darko, you appear to be saying that Trump is the new Hitler. Unlike yours, my family fought and bled in WW2 – we know Hitler all too well – and DONALD TRUMP IS NO HITLER. When the extreme left spouts this nonsense, no sensible person will listen. They have lost all credibility.

Justin McCarthy

The “Left” would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven. Even if they have to create Hell to do it.


small correction:
She, as well as the other immigration extremists do *not* support immigration justice.
She supports the opposite:
She supports immigration lawlessness.
She is so historically illiterate and intolerant that she wants to deprive Americans of their rights and freedom by overwhelming us with undocumented unlawful immigrants. And seems to believe that her idea is good.
This cynical socialist wants unjust immigration.


Bernie Sanders’s gang member.

Gunga Din


tom s

She’s pretty on the outside but as ugly as a beast on the inside. I wish her only the worst. The absolute worst.

Sam Pyeatte

You are absolutely correct. She is a tyrant want-a-be through and through. It is funny to hear NYC residents say we don’t need cars. Just because they want to live in a three dimensional maze like rats does not give them the right to project that onto the rest of us.

Joe Civis

“undocumented” is their word to diminish what it truly means and the importance of the point “illegal” is the important operative word. Is a car thief the “undocumented” owner of your car after they steal it? The use of “undocumented” is an intentional manipulation to ignore and obfuscate the actual issue, the illegality which is the problem not the “gosh they just don’t have papers”.
/rant off




Leftists define justice as them getting what they want.


J Mac, I guess that you are right!
Her issues should be:
Medicare just for the rich. Poor’s go die far and stay distant to avoid infect healthy ones.
Bridges can be houses.
Federal jobs Guarantee (I agree that this one is impractical).
Guns for all / Assault Weapons for all (After all westerns are cool)
Let’s make money from criminals. I want my private prison and lots of convicts to fill it (maybe the last idea on guns can help!).
End Immigration and abolish ICE retroactively. USA for the Indians!! (ops, from when does it count? After Amerigo Vespucci? From now on?)

J Mac

J N,
No guessing involved. I am factually accurate. Her campaign issues, as I presented them above, are straight from her own campaign literature and web site. I did not alter or embellish them.

old white guy

Just one more delusional communist. they will continue until a specific level of misery is reached and then they will removed.


One is more than we need.

This seems like it will turn into a lesson on “How to loose a long time congressional stronghold!” I don’t think the moderate Dems will be able to force themselves to vote for this Kook.

Tom Abbott

What moderate Dems?


I’m not sure that there are enough moderate Democrats left in that region to stop her.


The Queens and the Bronx? Yes they will, without a doubt.

One “o” in “lose”.


..”Lo(o)se” ?? As in “very friendly” at a bar” ?

Walter Sobchak

Sorry Jake, it’s New York. The district is half Hispanic. She is Hispanic and that is why she beat the old white man. Hispanic voters and Yellow Dog Democrats will vote for her, and they won’t have slightest knowledge of, interest in, or care about her platform. A Hispanic name, and the Democrat Party ballot line and she is in.


I’m happy to have the mediagenic Ms. O-C be the fresh, new face of the Dumpocrap Party.

Unless in seven years, she’s the reincarnation of Obama.


This is why Demoncraps want Open Borders !!


A moderate Democrat in todays world seems to be one that doesn’t put on a black outfit and mask and go hunting conservatives with clubs. She’s a Millennial and truly represents that generation and differs form other Democrats only in her honesty in stating she will impose liberal fascism on the nation. The moderate Democrats simply lie and deceive following their history, ala “keep your doctor” while busily fundamentally changing America.
For those reasons, she’ll be the elected Congressperson from that district. Likely by a landslide.


I heard that the Republicans do not even bother to run a candidate in that seat!

J Mac

Ocasio-Cortez will face Republican Anthony Pappas, an economics professor, in November.

Jimmy Haigh

Socialists and fairy tales and unicorns. But I repeat myself.

Alan Tomalty

“sustainable home heating”

What is sustainable home heating? Is it a regular diet of beans so that you can fart your way to warming your house? If you are depending on electricity to heat your house because fossil fuels are banned and your power generator does not have a nuclear plant or a hydro source, how do you survive the long cold winter night when the wind isnt blowing?


Alan… I suspect dietary beans will be verboten, to keep methane emissions contained, what with methane being, what, 200 times a more potent than CO2 as an GHG !


By next month, it will be 300 times more potent.

David S

Get ready for shivering in the dark. And invest in blankets…lots of them.


Be prepared for the socialists to demand that you share your blankets with those who can’t afford them.

New York advocates for sustainable home heating refer to air source heat pumps powered by renewables including solar. Nothing wrong with that other than the fact that air source heat pumps don’t work when it is really cold and solar in New York is pretty much worthless in the winter. What could go wrong?


Yup, air source heat pumps ice up when it gets too cold. You’ll need an alternate heat source.

John F. Hultquist

Those sold in cold regions have resistance heaters. Ours is about 15 years old. Needs electric power. We, therefore, have a modern wood stove and lots of wood. Power does go out, but rarely where we live.


…..power hardly goes out because lefties haven’t finished their “climate change” policies yet.
This young dreamer will make certain your power goes out a lot more.

J Mac

Sustainable home heating is cutting, hauling, stacking, drying, and burning 3 full cords of firewood each year. It is free, sustainable Healthcare also.

Alan Tomalty

If everybody did that the pollution would be immense


Alan Tomalty

Precisely why the western world turned to electricity from centralised coal burning power stations. And with current, and future technology, particulate emissions from them can be reduced to as near zero as makes no odds.

J Mac

You really don’t understand humor and sarchasm, do you Alan? And you offer a straw man argument: “If everybody did that…” Shame on you.

‘Everybody’ won’t do it. Why? Because it is hard work! Alexandria O-C and all of her ‘give me free stuff’ supporters won’t do it because it is bloody damn hard work!
They won’t mine the coal, work as roustabouts on oil and gas rigs, shovel animal crap out of the barn and put hay and grain into it, or do anything similar because it is dirty, hard, dangerous manual labor ‘work’.


First they’ll mandate wood stoves as they use “sustainable fuel” while at the same time mandating home owners rip out the big bad electric/gas/oil heaters presently installed. Next they’ll limit the number of trees that can be cut per year because logging is “bad” for the environment. Then they’ll ban burning wood during temperature inversions because the smoke just hangs around at ground level and as we all know breathing in smoke is bad. Last of all they’ll ignore or out right ban mentioning how many people die due to lack of heating for their house so we’ll all live happily ever after or until 30 when we are turned into sustainable food.

Linnea C. Lueken

Just trying to picture NYC being run entirely on solar and wind… they’d have to take all of Jersey to do it, but maybe that’s the whole plan!

She and others of her agenda will be going no where. Trump forever!!!

Bruce Cobb

The Climate Cuckaloos are doubling and tripling down on Crazy Extreme Climate Whackoism now, because they know they’re losing.


“But hardcore climate fanatics aren’t complete fools.”

So, they are incomplete fools?

Greg Cavanagh

A great turn of phrase; but he’s saying that the hardcore realise their party is lying to them (as does everyone else).

David Paul Zimmerman

I wonder what her stance is on nuclear fission power plants? As far as I can see only nuclear fission plants are suitable for base load carbon free electricity. Any other stance is truly unicorns and fairy dust.


The rest of the New York Democrat establishment is 100% against it. Even to the point of shutting down working plants.

Robert B

2035 is less than 17 years away. Tesla has been around for almost as long with a lot of support from governments, can’t survive without it and can’t produce a product that consumers would buy except for the novelty. Love to know why she is so confident that it can be done.

I made a small edit to show the depth of her lunacy…

“…Ocasio-Cortez set an ambitious goal to fully transition the United States to renewable energy sources within 24 hours…“


She knows it is true because she heard it from a guybshe served a drink to.

Linda Goodman

Obama with boobies. Many CIA agents are running for office this year, some covertly. Her bio hints at her connections. All in the family? Wiki neglects to mention her father’s identity.

David S

”Obama with boobies.” Now that’s a revolting image! 🙁

Gunga Din

But he’d have let herself in the Army!


Puerto Rican babes are, like, super caliente.

And not all their dads work for the Company.


“…strongly supports transitioning the United States to a carbon-free, 100% renewable energy system and a fully modernized electrical grid by 2035. She believes renewable fuels must be produced in a way that achieves our environmental and energy security goals, so we can move beyond oil responsibly in the fight against climate change. By encouraging the electrification of vehicles, sustainable home heating, distributed rooftop solar generation, and the conversion of the power grid to zero-emissions energy sources, Alexandria believes we can be 100% free of fossil fuels by 2035.” She mouths all the alarmist buzz-words, but never once addresses HOW this magical transformation will take place. Even “…distributed rooftop solar…” may sound like a concrete proposal only if one ignores who will pay for them and how they’ll actually do any good, since most homes don’t have enough rooftop to power the entire home, so integration etc. Everything else is gibberish, kind of like the stuff you get out of a random word generator. (Does anyone else remember a Corporate Mission Statement Generator? Same thing.) Looks like she’s laying out an agenda too tall for even pixie dust and unicorn farts to handle.

Carbon Bigfoot

There aren’t enough roof tops in NY city to support distributed solar generation. Silly bimbo.


Excuse me, but “bimbette” is the correct name for someone so young and foolish.


She also does not actually know what happened in Puerto Rico or care at all, it seems.

Tom Abbott

From the article: “We need to avoid a worldwide refugee crisis by waging a war for climate justice”

Or we could just build a wall.

Building a wall will not prevent visitors from overstaying their visa. Also, no matter how high you build the wall, one can always tunnel underneath it.


It’s easy to find people overstaying their visas. It’s hard for most illegals even to get a visa in the first place.

Having sensors lower in the ground will make it easier to detect tunneling.


Now that thar is funny.


Talk about clueless!

No one knows how many illegal border crossings there are. While census data (LOL!) suggest 12 million illegals, the actual number, based upon realistic data, is 30 million or more.

ICE doesn’t look for visa overstays. It would be easy to find them if they put pressure on the residents or institutions whose names they gave to get the visas.

My wife is a citizen of the only Latin American country in the visa waiver program. Before 2014, she had to go through the visa process. I’m pretty sure that I know a lot more illegal immigrants than you do.

An illegal border crosser who was a care giver for a relative was deported, and back in a week.

The wall will not prevent visa overstays which is more of a problem than boarder crossings.

Besides Felix, Mexico said they will not pay for a wall.


So? Just tax remittances to Latin American countries via WU and other money transfer services.

We don’t need a wall along the whole frontier. But key parts of it do need improved physical barriers.

A good buddy of mine in NM works on tunnel detection systems. He says that the public estimates of crossers are preposterous. So do my relatives who live close to the border.

” tax remittances to Latin American countries via WU and other money transfer services.”

Felix again shows how clueless he is. Why should Exxon be taxed on payments to Pemex for oil imports?


You’re clueless not to know what WU is. I’m not talking corporations, but Mexican illegals in the US sending money home via Western Union.

Boy, you are totally out to lunch about illegal alien life.


There are many ways to make them PAY for the “Wall”


No, it isn’t. Not even close. The tunnels are used to smuggle drugs and arms as well as trafficked people.

As I noted, no one knows how many illegals cross per year. Is it 600 K, as per the BP, or two million, as in prior years? The BP and ICE go by extrapolating from those they catch.

No way to know relative number of visa overstays v. illegal crossers without knowing the latter, which is unknowable.


OK so your solution is then to give up because it won’t solve the entire problem?

Gunga Din

Hi Felix.
I gave a plus.


Remy Mermelstein

Media reports as evidence? On this blog?

Are you kidding?

Show me data that proves the media report wrong Mr. HotScot


Remy Mermelstein

Double negative.

Provide supporting data for your claims.

John Endicott

Remy, the burden is on the one making the claim, you made the claim so the burden is on you to show him data to proves the media report correct.


I’m not as inclined to distrust the Washington Times as I am to completely dismiss NBC [Fake] News.


I dunno about it being hard to get a visa. If you’ve got 5-10K to pay off a smuggler, you can get a visa.


“…overstaying their visa.”

“…tunnel underneath it.”

Both of which are potentially an order of magnitude more efficient to manage and control than a wall-less border, else, everyone would be overstaying their Visa’s and digging tunnels.

See links I posted for Felix.


Sure, but it also matters how many Visas are issued versus how many cross the border illegally, and how many individuals actually overstay.

Here’s the DHS report (emphasis added):

“The report specifies that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) processed 50,437,278 in-scope nonimmigrant admissions at U.S. air and sea POEs who were expected to depart in FY16—of which 739,478 overstayed their admission, resulting in a total overstay rate of 1.47 percent.”



Of course many of those weren’t from Latin American countries.

But as I said. It would be easy to track down visa violators, if ICE were willing to get tough with those who sponsored or were visited by the miscreants.

“if ICE were willing to get tough” is a lot less expensive than building a wall that will not do much to stem the flow.


Why not do both?

Get rid of middle and upper class visa violators and uneducated ripper-offers of the system, drug runners, insurance fraudsters, anchor baby mothers and unaccompanied teenage anchors.

The millions of illegals who actually work and contribute, without taking US jobs, can be admitted as legal guest workers, as under the Bracero program.

“Why not do both?”
Because dollar for dollar building a wall is less cost effective. For one reason, it does nothing to decrease the number of illegals that already are here.


You’re not factoring in stopping terrorists and drug smugglers.

The most expensive option is increasing the number of BP and ICE personnel.

DHS claims they catch more than half of border crossers. I call BS on that. That’s how they derive only 600,000 attempts per year.

IMO they don’t catch even 25%, which means well over a million a year.

Have you ever even been to the border? I’ve walked, driven, flown or floated ever single mile of it. For most stretches more than once. My brother lives on it. My friends in the NG patrol it.

I live in a part of WA State with a huge and growing illegal population, which means ever more rural crime. How many visa violators kill, maim, rape, pillage and plunder? Insurance fraud, maybe.

Sorry, sir, but you are deeply, truly and utterly clueless.

LMAO @ Felix: “stopping terrorists”
FYI no wall would not have stopped the 9/11 terrorists. They were here on visas!!!!!

In fact, can you provide us with a count of how many terrorists have been “caught” crossing the boarder?


You’ll won’t be laughing when they blow your A off.

My reply is in moderation because of all the links to terrorists crossing the southern border I supplied.

Out to lunch. Like, totally.


Frankly your argument us evil and irrational.
In banks, the security systems are not 100% effective and are exoensive.
But we have vaults, locks, alarms and guards.
In WW2 amti-submarine efforts were not 100%, but we used anti-submarine tactics and weapons.
Your argument seems to be “why bother”, and you lie about the source of the main problem.
As well as to dismiss the impact illegals have on the border.

So sycomputing, what you are saying is that building the wall will have no effect on the overstay rate, correct?


“… building the wall will have no effect on the overstay rate, correct?”

I would say you’re right about that, but they’re two different POE’s. From a management perspective, it remains much easier to manage Visa overstays than it does an open border. E.g., we could simply stop issuing Visas and by default that would stop the overstay problem.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe that with a willing DHS a border wall will significantly reduce illegal entry into the United States.

“we could simply stop issuing Visas ”

Can’t do that sycomputing, if we did that, Mar-a-Largo would have to shut down:


We could stop tourist and student visas to countries with a high share of violators.

And threaten businesses, schools, organizations and individuals sponsoring violators with jail time.

Good ideas, and guess what……much less expensive, and more effective than building a stupid wall.

So if any of the workers at Mar-a-Lago overstayed their work-visa, would we throw Trump in jail?


Contract workers such he used, typically Polish, don’t overstay their visas.

The marina where I keep my boat was built by Polish workers. Not a single one even thought about overstaying his visa. Nor could he easily have done so, even if he wanted to do so.

You are beyond clueless.

“Not a single one even thought about overstaying his visa” .
Please see sycomputing’s post above where he claims “of which 739,478 overstayed” …. almost 1.5%


How many of those he cited were Polish construction workers? I’m betting zero.

Do you realize how silly you sound?

The only thing that sounds silly is someone that extrapolates from a few Polish workers to the entire cohort of imported laborers. Yup Felix, every single worker on a visa is just like your Polish construction worker . I didn’t realize that your experience with one or two Polish guys applies to the millions of foreign workers we have.


Can you really be this dense?

You’re the one who suggested that Trump should be held accountable for his project workers. I’m saying that he doesn’t need to worry, since the companies with which he contracts wouldn’t dare let them go missing.

I have no quibble whatsoever with Sy’s estimate of the total number of visa violators.

Sorry, but did you sustain a head injury as a child?


Remy is trolling, not discussing.


I’m not arguing politics, I’m arguing management.

Take care.


And overstaying could be for a short period due to any number of understandable reasons.

Gunga Din

I know this is old news but..
And, since Remy likes links, here’s another one.

Why are so many trying to enter the US illegally and so few trying to enter Mexico illegally?
Even during the Vietnam war, the “draft dodgers” went to Canada, not Mexico.


Unless a single solution solves all aspects of the problem, we should no nothing?

Bob boder

Must be a lot of lawyers posting today!


We have a very dangerous third world craphole on our southern border….it’s wide open
They are trying to have an election and over 100 of the people running for office have been murdered…gangs are cutting people’s heads off like ISIS…burning people alive….and gunning people down in schools..drugs are rampart and so are very dangerous gangs
People are walking across…they don’t want to come here legally..they don’t have a visa..children are being trafficked and raped by the very people that were paid to bring them here

What kind of stupid doesn’t at least want to build a wall?


“What kind of stupid doesn’t at least want to build a wall?”

One that’s lost the support of the American people and needs Mexicans to vote for them if they’re ever going to win another election.

Mexicans don’t vote in USA elections. If you disagree, please provide evidence.



Not only clueless, but hopelessly naive.

Ever heard of motor voter laws?


Way back in 1996, B-1 Bob Dornan was “beaten” by illegal voters. It has gotten worse at every subsequent election.

If you lived in CA, you’d know this already.

Yes you are, I agree.
Got evidence?


Yes. Of course. Wouldn’t have said so without it.

The best estimates are three million illegal voters in 2016.


Felix, seriously, you provided a link to an EDITORIAL page.



Remy Mermelstein

Didn’t you post media articles earlier?

LMAO citing an article written by someone from “Heritage Foundation”
I’m sure that Hans von Spakovsky has no axe to grind, and uses “POLLING DATA???”

Sounds like one of those 97% things.

Show me real data like then number of arrests and/or prosecutions for illegals voting.


So the poll of illegal voters is wrong because of where it was published? Why am I not surprised that you believe in magical thinking and guilt by association?

You are aware are you not that it’s hard to catch people in the act?

All the evidence needed is that in Democrat precincts in 2016, which had lost population, voter participation topped 100%.

But plenty have admitted, often proudly, to voting more than once, if legal voters. In Dem precincts in Midwestern states, homeless vote in return for cigs. In OR and WA, where we vote by mail, college dorms and nursing homes, not to mention garbage cans, are lucrative sources of voting.



The two links you provided show maybe 83 questionable votes cast in Ohio…..now all you need to do is find 2,864,892 more and then we can say Trump won the popular vote!!!

PS, did any of the 82 votes cast by the illegals go for Trump?


A woman was indeed convicted in TX of illegally voting for Trump.

But the vast majority of the three million illegal votes went for Hillary, as you must know.

Felix: ” as you must know”
Neither you, nor I have any idea how the votes went. You see, balloting in this country is secret. There is no way to tell how any one specific person voted.


You miss the point. You can tell how groups voted, from a variety of sources, to include post-vote interviews.


They are already in the country illegally, but Remy assures us that the will obey voting regulations.


Now that’s stupid….plenty have been caught arrested and prosecuted…even the liberal news has covered it
You have no excuse

“plenty have been caught arrested and prosecuted”…….show me the data Latitude.


Now you’re just being silly. Everyone knows why the Democrats oppose the same kind of voter ID laws that are the norm across the civilized world: they’d lose most of their votes.

LOL @ MarkG: “Everyone knows”

So tell us why when these voter ID laws are scrutinized by the courts, the find that they are designed to be “voter suppression?”

The GOP is not stupid, they know that high turnout favors the opposing party.


Definitely, high turnout by illegal voters, whether aliens or multiple voting citizens, favors Democrats.

Why else would Obama let in millions of scrofulous “children” and “asylum seekers”?

Felix, children don’t vote.
Why do Ivanka and Jared sell green cards to Chinese investors that invest in Kushner properties?


Why shouldn’t rich people willing to invest in America get preference?

Same under Obama, Clinton and Carter.


Again you lie.
Wealthy investors qualify for a visa if they invest signifucsnt resources into America.
Only haters want mostly poor to move here.


hunter, the law that allows them to do that was passed back when Clinton was in office.


Because the courts are infested with liars.


Remy will believe anything so long as it’s what he wants to believe.
The claim that voter id laws are discriminatory has been refuted over and over again.
Then again, the left goes for feelings rather than facts.


“voter id laws are discriminatory”…

How racist…..they are saying a certain group of people are too f’in stupid ignorant and lazy to even get a ID

In this country….the democrat party represents the lowest dregs of our society

John Endicott

Latitude, you are correct that it is racist. There’s a video on youtube where a bunch of white liberals were asked to explain how voter id laws would be discriminatory against minorities, and then actual minorities are interviewed and react to the racist nonsense that those liberals were spouting. It’s a hoot.


Those who have moved here do. In large numbers. Even those here illegally.


Evil, America hating irrational dismisses imoroved border security.


If a wall won’t help, why do the Democrats oppose it?

You’re seriously expecting us to believe that the reason Democrats don’t want a wall is… because it would cost too much? LOL.

Dotard promised that Mexico would pay for it. That is a good reason to oppose spending our money on it.

Let him deliver on his promise.


He could, as I’ve suggested, via remittances to Mexico from illegals here.

Why am I not surprised that you and Kim Junk Un are of a mind?

How do you differentiate between a remittance sent from someone legal versus a remittance sent from an illegal?


No need to distinguish. All WU and similar remittances to targeted countries, ie those with high shares of visa violators and arrested border crossers, are subject to tax.


LOL @ Felix, so when GM of the USA pays GM in Mexico for the 15,000 engines it assembled and imported, they get taxed?

People buying cars here in the USA are not going to like the increased prices.


Why is it so hard for you to understand, after I explained it to you already?

I guess you’ve never been around a WU desk on pay day in a community with a lot of Mexicans.

This is five years old. Now the remittances are around $40 billion, so you could pay for the wall with a 25% tax for one year, or five percent for five years:


Let me put it into simple terms for you Felix so even you can comprehend. You can’t tax bitcoin. If WU gets taxed, then the senders will find alternative methods of transfer. If you can smuggle human beings from Mexico into the USA, it’s just as easy to smuggle suitcases full of cash from the USA into Mexico.


Do you seriously believe that guys working illegally for a yard care outfit are going to entrust their cash to a smuggler?

Or that they’ll trust Bitcoin not to drop 50% in value during the transfer?

What color is the sky on your home planet?

Is Remy your real name? [Snip. Unnecessary. -mod]

LOL @ Felix….guess you’ve never gone to a US Post office an purchased a money order. Did you know that you can put that money order into an envelope and send it any where in the world without getting taxed? How about inter-bank transfers? How do you know the money leaving the USA for the Cayman Islands isn’t going to an account owned by a Mexican National?
You need to seriously investigate how money moves, because you’ve shown how ignorant of it you are.


Pretty sure I’ve moved a lot more money internationally than you have.

And what do you propose that the illegal alien going to the USPS do for ID? His documents or lack thereof will be checked electronically you know, against a database.

Apparently you’ve never heard of the US money laundering laws which make it impossible for US citizens to get bank accounts in foreign countries, or to send money to them, especially Latin America, without extensive wait periods and BG checks.

As if Mexican gardeners will open Cayman accounts. They don’t even have bank accounts in the US.

You really should get out more. I’ve yet to encounter anyone able to type who is less in touch with 21st century reality.

“And what do you propose that the illegal alien going to the USPS do for ID?”

No ID needed for money orders less than $1000.00

“Pretty sure I’ve moved a lot more money internationally than you have”

Prove it!!!!


I’ve transferred large sums, enough to live on for ten years, plus house buying, medical and legal expenses, from the US to Chile, where my wife lives and works, and other South American countries.

Before that to Europe, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.

Do you want to see my wire transfer documents?

How much have you transferred?

Enough to build a dozen 5000+ sq foot data centers around the world. Oh, and they’re stuffed with state of the art gear too. On the other hand, wives can get pretty expensive…..


She’s expensive and worth it. Her family, too.

You personally transferred from your bank accounts these sums? Wow.


You constantly demand evidence, yet none provided will ever meet your endlessly nebulous criteria. You never concede even a minor point. Any nuance in someone’s argument you attack as weakness. You regurgitate talking points ad nauseum. You therefore argue not in good faith, but from invincible ignorance.

Oh yeah Felix, what about pre-paid Visa/and/or Mastercards? How do you tax them before they are sent in the mail to Central America?


You just get funnier and funnier! Thanks!

How do illegal aliens get credit cards?

Steal them?


Bitcoin is the most vulnerable.
The jey to digging hole is to stop digging, Remy.


Your bigotry and bad faith reeks in every podt.


A wall seems to have worked splendidly in protecting Israel against terrorism.

Please forgive me for invoking stereotypes – but have the girl’s utterances been stolen from a provincial beauty pageant contestant somewhere?


That’s not nice.

She only wants World Peace…..


Ha ha! Made my day!


“100% renewable energy system and a fully modernized electrical grid by 2035” — campaign website

So…what currently constitutes a “renewable energy system” aside from Solar, Wind, Hydro, and Geothermal? Last time I bothered to check the state of photovoltaics, they generally weren’t as efficient at converting photons to electrons as we would need in order to replace converting a long chain carbon into heat to spin a turbine. Wind is not dependable and its effectiveness goes down the more wind generators you place in close proximity. Hydro works pretty well, so long as you are near moving water. Geothermal has some serious issues with maintenance costs being quite high. It seems counterintuitive to switch from a highly reliable source of electrical generation to those of lesser reliability, especially when your population is increasing and by extension the demands being placed upon the nation’s power grid.



Didn’t someone, somewhere (possibly on WUWT) say ‘If the solution seems simple, it isn’t’.

Wind turbines and solar energy seem logical solutions until one speaks to an engineer who will immediately point out the indeterminacy, the back up required for that, which for a city can’t be batteries, the location (solar is next to useless in the UK) and the staggering amount of materials and land required to provide sufficient energy for a city, never mind a country.

This short article gives us some idea of what’s required. 2% is especially important in this article.



More proof that Americans are fed up with politics status quo. Progressives are becoming the mouthpiece for the Democratic party and the Socialists are wiping up the rear (pun intended). Moderates will be winning the war and established Republicans and Democrats will see a realignment and new order replacing them. “Climate Change” will not become a party platform in the foreseeable future due to general populace ambivalence. NGO’s will continue pushing the CC narrative until their funding dries up because the backers are tired of putting money into a losing cause. The UN will continue bleating their CC message of doom because it’s their road to One World Government but without NGO and major nations support their message will be lost.


And the Democrat party continues it’s swing to the hard left.


“In order to address runaway global climate change, Alexandria strongly supports transitioning the United States to a carbon-free, 100% renewable energy system and a fully modernized electrical grid by 2035.”

This is pure delusion.

This leftist thinks it is a runaway warming trend, which is a LIE!

Socialists/communists needs to grow up and drop the idiotic proclamations by advocating a political system that is a proven failure!

R. Shearer

She can just fill up her car with water, it does contain twice as much hydrogen than oxygen on a molar basis, and hydrogen is a great fuel.

Tom Graney

I think she aims to do for the US what Hugo Chavez did for Venezuela.


Yes. DSA was begun by communist revolutionaries who realized that violent revolution was not imminent in the USA. The strategy was to go mainstream and transform our country from within the system. One of the kooks who drove our DHS Secretary from a restaurant in DC was a DSA member and employee of the Justice Department. They are well ensconced. Read Stanley Kurtz’ “Radical-in-Chief” to get an interesting perspective on the serious communist threat that has been gestating for decades in our beloved country.

“But hardcore climate fanatics aren’t complete fools.”

So which bits are missing ????


They tend to be totalitarians. Environmentalism is a means to the end of controlling society. They are not fools but they are perverse.


I’ve always said – I’ll get serious about climate change when anyone else does.

I mean, if this is an all hands on deck situation, why would we shut down a single nuclear power plant before we absolutely had to? Why would we tear out dams? If this is a crises, then act like it.

If she can explain that, then she’ll have my respect, but not my vote.

Tom Halla

Ms Ocasio-Cortez is at least consistent–all her major proposals are unworkable.

tg mccoy

Oh great another “Keep it in the ground” idiot..

comment image


Most of her constituents are recent arrivals from “socialist” regions. A larger turnout may wrk against her though.


Phrases that come to mind . . .
We live in interesting times (again).
You can’t make this stuff up.
Popcorn time.
Eating their own.
Straight from the Pol Pot manual on socialist ascendancy.
The USA and Europe are a never ending source of extreme adult entertainment.


Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand Prime Minister) = free stuff + fight climate change.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez = free stuff + fight climate change.
See ya I’m going into politics; too easy . . .

Patrick MJD

Well, she’s just popped out a baby, so most NZ’ers will be teary-eyed and smitten by Ardern’s “mirracle” that NZ’ers won’t care for the extra they have to pay to save the planet, just that little New Zealand, bit of the planet. The rest of the world will continue to warm, apparently. Oh! And the free stuff that will be funded by taxes….oh wait, that is proven to NEVER work! D’oh!


While an very interesting outcome, actually far worse for Democrats than Republicans, it does show that socialists are more than a passing fad. However, there are 700K people in the NY 14th Congressional district. Only 27K voted in the Democratic Primary and Ocasio-Cortez got less than 16 thousand votes. Apparently she is a supposedly educated as a microbiologist. She was endorsed and financially supported by a whose who of far left moneyed NGOs, e.g., MoveOn.org, Black Lives Matter, etc. She claims not to take money from corporations. Which I assume means not directly from corporations but only when washed through groups like MoveOn.org. I guess Soros doesn’t doesn’t count as an evil capitalist. She fundamentally is beating the same drum, playing to the same old bases as any other Leftist Democrat. The 14th District apparently is much younger and even more Hispanic (50%) than just a decade ago. This should send a bit of a shock through the NY City and state Democratic establishment. The question is whether the establishment Democrats counter or move in farther left. Right now what National Democratic leaders are saying is that Ocasio-Cortez’s primary win means nothing.


Who said she’s a microbiologist? She studied economics (!) and business (!!) at Boston U, before going to work as a bartender:



She’s a culinary curiousity a
“nutty watermelon”.


You can’t fight every battle, and this one was a lost cause from the start (demographically).

“never interrupt your enemy while they are making a mistake”
‘specially if they don’t know it.
Sometimes you feel a little sorry for them.


I think she would be much happier in Venezuela. Completely unhinged.


President Trump wins again, Greenshirt fanatics are ripe for the fall.

R. Shearer

It’ll be interesting to see how well Jared Polis, the Dem running for governor of Colorado fares. He has pretty much the same renewable energy goals as Alexandria.

On a more personal side, he is rearing two little boys along with his husband.


All of these outrageous Trump teeets and speeches have the designed purpose of driving the Democrat party left before the midterms. I don’t care for it myself, but Trump lives under their skin and brings out their latent lunacy, and he knows it.
I’ve always been puzzled by people, on both sides of the isle, who think that the opposition president is some kind of idiot. They never are.
Trump is no idiot and as long as the ‘Resisters’ believe it, he’s going to have his way with them. Democrats just knocked off a formidable opponent.


GWB is far from an idiot, also, just an inarticulate speaker. Naturally the partisan press didn’t let a single “Bushism” go unreported during his terms.


Somebody put together a montage of Obama speaking off the cuff.
When he wasn’t reading someone else’s words, the man was an idiot.


Used to agree with you, but over the years I have seen GW make more and more inconsistent and ignirant moves.
His refusal to even try to seriously critique Obama’s destructive hsrmful policies, his willingness to go after Trump, his family breaking their word and not supporting the 2016 nominee.


This idea that one must support Trump in order to be on the right team is crazy to me. I was absolutely, vociferoulsy, against Trump during the nomination process, and was convinced that he was simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing. To me, Bush’s refusal to support was a credit to him. And frankly, I still stand by the rationale I used to make that decision at the time. He had all the hallmarks of a snake oil salesman and a chronic narcissist, and I will defend anyone who came to the same conclusion.

That Trump has managed to accomplish what he has is an incredibly pleasant surprise to me. And in as much as he continues to work towards things that I value, I will absolutely support him. This does NOT mean that I will avoid criticizing him.

In fact, I’m amazed that some people have apparently made criticizing him the same as being unpatriotic! Since when do we owe allegiance to a man?!? Pathetic. He’s no messiah. He’s just a brash, broken, faulty human like the rest of us. He will continue to make dumb, banal, mistakes that should be pointed out by the free citizens of this country. (Note: we’re “CITIZENS”, not “subjects”…there’s no “long live the king” required here!) We can all hope, that just like every other president before him, his successes will outnumber, or outweigh, his mistakes. Nothing more is required.



Tom Abbott

Trump has his personal idiosyncracies (as do we all), none of which are criminal, but he is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is sincere about Making America Great Again, and is doing a pretty good job of it.

I agree, if he makes mistakes he should be held accountable, but as far as I can see, he has made very few mistakes to this point.

I think we all got very lucky on Nov. 8, 2016.


Minor nit

aisle is something you walk down
isle is something you find in the tropics with lots of coconut trees.


Totalitarianism. Democracy is always one election away from it.


She’s likable, but she’s such a young, naive candidate. There is ZERO chance of totally renewable energy by 2035 or even 2085 unless some new form of renewable energy is discovered. You could have solar panels plastering half the country and still it is not enough. Paraphrasing President John Adams: If you’re not a liberal when you’re young you have no heart, but if you’re not a conservative when you are older you have no brain.


Wasn’t that Clemanceau?

Maybe Dizzie said it before him, but I kind of doubt it.

Leo Smith

widely attributed to churchill but socialism, not liberlalism


If you don’t vote Socialist/Communist before you are twenty, you have no heart – if you do vote Socialist/Communist after you are twenty, you have no head.

Georges Clemenceau


Which is why we need to raise the voting age to 25.

George Daddis

It is very interesting that Alexandria took out Nancy Peloci’s far left challenger by being even more left wing. The ideological divide is becoming wider.
I welcome a DJT vs Ocasio-Cortez/Bernie choice (whether or not she heads the ticket).
I believe that increases my party’s chances. However if the left wins, I will not abandon my principles but will join the “opposition” (not “resistance”) party.


Total nut job. And oil is abiotic BTW.

Eric H

Huh. So I guess billionaire-on-paper Musk, billionaire for real Pickens, and multimillionaire Gore are dependent on the continuation of climate change? Okay.

John Endicott

Indeed they are, they’ve made millions off of their demagoguery of AGW. Gore more so than the other two.


Thank the Founders for Federalism. Pockets of socialism like this are always interesting and entertaining. They are useful in allowing everyone to experience and see what socialists are and what they stand for.
Climate Change is only a means to an end for these people.


It seems that every new generation needs to be inoculated anew against the siren call of socialism, ie free stuff.


flash in the pan.


What is spooky is that lots of folks had to vote for this person for her to win. I guess ignorance and nonsense is even more rampant than even I thought it was and that’s a stretch. NY, NJ, most of New England, and all of the west coast I guess have no concept of history. The failed USSR, Venezuela, Cuba and all of the other worker’s paradises? But then look how good they have it in communist China, not. Of course they are more faciast now or some kind of crony capitalists with a one party system and apparently now a dictator.


Low turnout.

J Mac

You can fool some of the people all of the time, especially in the NY city buroughs/barrios, Seattle, LA, and San Francisco!

R Hall

Exactly what we need in this Republic, another committed Marxist to lead us into poverty.

The Democrat Party is increasingly becoming dependent on mental greentardation to support its existence… This is far more dangerous to liberty and prosperity than when they were only dependent on voter addiction to OPM (other people’s money).


Socialism, open borders, public unions, trial lawyers and identity politics is all the modern Democrat Party has to offer. It won’t be enough.

IMO the GOP might lose some House seats, due to activist court interference in elections, but it will hang on with no more than normal mid-term losses. The GOP will probably gain a few seats in Congress.

Nightmarish dashing of Communist hopes for a blue (should be red) wave of resistance against Trump.


“should be red” indeed. How did that happen?


That’s how it used to be, but the networks got together before the 2000 election and decided that they didn’t want to associate Democrats with Communists, although of course, that’s as should be.

It’s funny how Republicans simply embraced “red.” It’s just a color on a map and one of three colors on our flag.

comment image

I’ll leave it to readers’ to decide which flag I’m referring to.

Without a sensitivity to being compared to socialists, Communists or Marxists… I’m good with red. Just don’t make us pink, or rainbows or green… Well, green is OK… It’s what we color oil on well logs and maps. Green would actually be better than red. Natural gas is colored red. And… Blue is what we color water… All blue on the resistivity curve = Dry hole… How appropriate!


This is ironic, and actually counter-intuitive to me. I have to remind myself, often, that red is Republican here in the states, and isn’t a reference to communism. I guess some instincts die harder than others.



Justice Kennedy just announced his retirement.

I think Trump should demand a physical examination of some of the older liberals on the bench. Just to see if they died and are being propped up until after Trump leaves office.

John Minich

I sometimes enjoy playing with absurdity. Point one is constitutional law. Article 1, section 1, starts out with, all legislative powers herein granted…, blatantly states that anything not authorized for the federal government is forbidden. A green new deal is forbidden without the required amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The F.D.R. new deal was also in violation of law. The problem is that people will commit crimes regardless of law. Point two is about the “carbon-free” 100% renewable energy system. I think it can be argued that besides not using coal and petroleum because they contain carbon, for wind and solar generation, for building, shipping parts and erecting wind mills should meet the same standard. For wind mills, no carbon fiber, no Kevlar, no resins, no plastics, including nylon,, no lubricating oils and greases, no wood or other plant materials like cotton and linin , no leather and wool, and so on can not be used, because they all contain carbon. All organics and some inorganics contain carbon. The same problems can show up in various forms of solar generation. Also, in metallurgy that may be required for power lines, transformers, switch gear and breakers, poles and towers, shafts and gear boxes and gears, besides mining, refining and shipping, how does one obtain the required temperature to produce the needed metals and products? Except for metal hulls, even canoes are made of organic materials that contain carbon.


This is awesome. Being such an extreme, left wing nut job, she should do a very good job at marginalizing the Democratic vote amongst the New York electorate. Even in New York, the general population would have to see her policies as ludricrous and unworkable.

Doug Proctor

Can’t someone ask to sit with her for a national broadcast to explain, with charts, how this will be done technically and at what cost financially and company-termination-wize?

Repeatedly offer no-attack opportunity?


Leftists like her are completely innumerate.

Remember, numbers are tools of White Supremacy and the Patriarchy!

Tom in Florida

It’s never about facts. It is always about emotions. Especially when addressing the masses.


Yes, let the young lady do an impersonation of Capt. Queeg….

M____ S____

As dumb as she obviously seems to be, what does this say about the many people who voted for her?



Roger Knights

Nodding donkeys


When will these charlatans commit to actions within their own term of office? Such a farce.


Having studies this for an hour or two, Ocasio-Cortez is a good thing and mostly good will come from this.
Moderates lefties don’t like this development.
Just reading a bunch of tweets reveals many are pissed at the uniparty for aiding and meddling in OS matters (while the USA rusts & rots) + military complex overspending and aggrandisement.
They’re saying spend the money on us.
They want more free stuff and feel good enviro initiatives for everyone (except big business and big politics).
Many decades of excesses by the uniparty will increasingly be answered by growing excesses of the left.
We want more Trump.
They want more welfare and climate action.
Interesting . . .


Wow indeed! So whatdoyathink could I opt for some free housing in New Zealand as is my natural right of course? Nothing special, mind, I’d settle for a plot in Auckland Botanical Gardens or thereabouts. Cheers back.