Claim: Climate Change will be Solved by Feminism

Mary Robinson (5 mei-lezer 2014)

Mary Robinson (5 mei-lezer 2014). By Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei, Attribution, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to former President of the Republic of Ireland and former UN commissioner Mary Robinson, more feminism will solve the climate crisis.

Climate change a ‘man-made problem with a feminist solution’ says Robinson

Zoe Tabary
JUNE 19, 2018

LONDON, June 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Women must be at the heart of climate action if the world is to limit the deadly impact of disasters such as floods, former Irish president and U.N. rights commissioner Mary Robinson said on Monday.

Climate change is a man-made problem and must have a feminist solution,” she said at a meeting of climate experts at London’s Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship.

“Feminism doesn’t mean excluding men, it’s about being more inclusive of women and -in this case – acknowledging the role they can play in tackling climate change.”

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What can I say – somehow I always knew men would get the blame…


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who knew…global warming is discriminating
…shortly followed by racist and bigoted

Tom Halla

Socialism is the answer–what was the question again?


What kind of feminist uses the name of her spouse and puts 3 carbon footprints in the world? Didn’t they have the birth control pill in those days.


Robertvd………Robert …the V.D. is a bit of a burden isn’t it !?
Mary Robinson is a lovely woman AND she’s IRISH…….so.
……..”we” are fortunate that there aren’t a dozen more
‘carbon footprints’ in her wake !
Up UNTIL SHE MADE THIS STATEMENT I had rated her as one
of the FEW good politicians in the World….
..but obviously the UN has “got to her” and she has
issued this quite weird and absurd statement.
“What can I say – somehow I always knew men would get the blame…”
and JUST BECAUSE you are paranoid…….it DOESN’T MEAN that
they are NOT out to get you !!

David Chappell

Remember she is from the Irish Republic, a pope-controlled country, so no pills.


[Snip. Definitely not the place for those type of opinions. -mod]


Except that gay marriage and abortion are hardly prevalent in a pope-controlled country David?

The country, sadly, has now gone full tilt lefty where the easily offended are now the screaming majority who believe Ireland has a role to play in atoning for it’s part in causing catastrophic climate change.

Wonder what would Mrs. Robinson make of her former UN colleague Christiana Figueres being on the advisory board of an oil company?

David Chappell

What has gay marriage and abortion got to do with my reminding Robertvd that Mrs Robinson has always been in the dark days before the pill?

Sam C Cogar

Mary Robinson said: “Climate change is a man-made problem and must have a feminist solution,”

Yup, and ya see what happened to the US Public Education System when it was decided that it needed a feminist solution.

Joe Crawford

Sam, actually what has pretty much destroyed the U.S. Public Education System was the onset of the Women’s Rights movement. Until then practically the only jobs the really smart women could get were as teachers. Once the job market opened up for them in other areas the education departments of most colleges became the ‘school of last resort’. If you couldn’t get a degree, or were flunking anywhere else you migrated over to the education department, and sadly those that couldn’t even make in teaching became administrators.

Of course, as with most human endeavors, even in education, there are always the 10-15% that are the exceptions. We just need more of them…


“Sam, actually what has pretty much destroyed the U.S. Public Education System the onset of the Women’s Rights movement.”

The Women’s Rights movement has destroyed public education and not the gradual onset of an horrifically stupid and useless curriculum, developed by individuals with a similarly horrifically stupid view of the world, focusing on training individuals in such nonsense as transgender studies, etc?

What do you do with home schooled children, who appear to achieve significantly greater scores for standardized tests across the spectrum, and who are trained, for the most part I assume, by non-educators?

Read my entry above yours, and put on your thinking cap.


I think Mary Robinson is admitting women are not falling for it….and this is a call to arms


This is the only entry from you that I can find.


I’m wearing my thinking bald, but can’t find the entry. It must be because I’m not yet enlightened. Was it captured by the spam filter? Hint, some words, like ‘you denier’ will put you always to the queue. How did I evade that? Oh, now it’s Annmarie’s turn to use a thinking hat. Hint. You can do misspelings. And some other tricks.

Someone deleted my post, which is not surprising behavior based on my seventy-ish years of life experience, here’s the post:
Here’s the deal, there are many kind, knowledgeable, articulate, skilled feminist scientists hiding out there, but they won’t interact until men stop using “feminism” as an expletive and an excuse to vilify them, and worse (I know a woman who was beaten simply for being a feminist-in Ohio, USA.) So gentlemen, if you want help from the ladies, for example, as did Einstein (Mileva Einstein), James Watson and Francis Crick (Rosalind Franklin), and Tsung-Dao Lee and Chen Ning Yang (Chien-Shiung Wu), then stop using FEMINIST as a curse word.

You can see our little tête-à-tête posted on my blog, Flotsam And Jetsam, my website is (07-05-18)


Feminism IS a curse word. You give me on example of what men have but women don’t in terms of rights. I’ll tell you – Nothing. If anything women have more rights. It’s not equality you want – you want special treatment – special priveleges

Boys and men are discriminated against over and over. Girls are consistently encouraged, and they end up doing really well in school and university, getting good jobs – like a lawyer. Come 30, when they realise they need men, there are no men for them because women will marry up generally. All those men were snapped up long ago – and why is that eh?Yeah, that’s right, the boys didn’t bother and dropped out of school or university because they were constantly told they were useless, or stupid, or racist or sexist and male.

Take your revolting feminism and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.


Annmarie :But as someone else brought up, we don’t need a gendered term for this. We don’t need a masculine version of feminism, nor do we even need feminism. What we need as equal rights and treatment for all.


In my experience, feminists have no interest in equal rights.
They want government to guarantee that they will always be the winners.


Paranoia runs rampant.
They deleted the post, but they failed to delete the post that referred to the deleted post.
Apparently the conspirators aren’t too smart.

PS: It wasn’t deleted, it was just posted under a different name. (AdroitWaterBear)
Annmarie isn’t half as intelligent as she thinks she is. And she’s still paranoid.

PPS: Your previous post was well and thoroughly refuted.

PPPS: The biggest thing feminists can do to help women is to dump the feminist nonsense and rejoin the real world.

Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia

I have put on my thinking cap. Supporters of climate change should not just have 0 children, they should off themselves to save the planet. Please, don’t let deniers like me dissuade you.


So an imaginary problem needs an imaginary solution? BRILLIANT!!!

Paul S

Women have good imaginations


Some women have. I’m sure men, like Hansen, have excellent imagination as well.


My wife imagines that I am good looking.

Richard Saumarez

Words fail me! How exactly will women prevent climate change. The article says that women are affected by cyclones etc.

I am reminded of “feminist glaciology”.

Edith Wenzel

Same excuse as they use for being in a bad mood. And, people fall for it.

Women will prevent climate change by staying permanently in the kitchen


Retreating Glaciers are from Mars, Advancing Glaciers are from Venus.


I’m pretty sure you,have those backwards.



That would be white, cis-gendered het men, Eric.

Greg Cavanagh

The English language is changing before my eyes. That sentence is nearly unrecognisable from it’s contemporary companion.

Just because my club has a secret code, that don’t make it English.


The thermal combustion engine is a anthropogenic marvel of creativity and design that relieved the world of drudgery and massively improved quality of life. CAGW is a hysterical fantasy. Feminism should be admirably suited to help with it. They certainly can’t offer any help with an internal combustion engine.

Patrick MJD


CAGW is a hysterical fantasy.”

“All of this knowledge, and I use that term loosely, arrived in Italy in the 12th century, and for the next several hundred years, much emphasis was put on scent therapy and sneezing (hey, sneezing may stop your heart, but it does wonders for the womb–OK, sneezing doesn’t actually stop your heart, and it does nothing for the womb). And by the 1500s, argues King, “the hysteria tradition was complete.” While wombs were no longer thought to wander, they were very much to blame for the ostensible irrationality of women. Over the course of several thousand years, the womb had become less and less of a way to explain physical ailments, and more and more of a way to explain psychological dysfunction.

In the 1700s, the theorized cause of hysteria began to shift from the womb to the brain. But this didn’t stop the emergence of the widespread female hysteria commotion in the 19th century, in which countless cures for haywire wombs were peddled on the population, including hypnosis and vibrating devices (not a joke) and blasting a woman’s abdomen with jets of water (sadly, also not a joke). And consider those women of Victorian literature, who were so overcome with emotion–and not at all the suffocating corsets–that they collapsed after announcing they had “a touch of the vapors.” Yes, those same vapors. And how to awaken these women? Smelling salts. Yes, those same foul odors of Hippocratic medicine.”


Yes, I knew all this. You should also read some of the history of mass hysteria, a largely female phenomenon, to understand why people thought they needed a special explanation for bizarre female behaviour and why feminists should be well aware of fantasy issues. Females didn’t start CAGW but from their study of female problems they should have insights in how to deal with mass hysteria.
You can start here:


you might be surprised by how many women can fix their cars..providing theyre not the latest plasticpc run biscuitbarrels.
hell even men cant work on those


Not at all. Many women can fix cars and many men can’t. The behavioral differences between gender are fuzzy at the interface. However, mechanical engineering is one of the few disciplines where overt discrimination against male learning modes has not resulted in a predominance of female students..

Timo V

Aargh. More feminism, more socialism, more who knows what -isms, more feelings, more soft feel good things. Less logic, less common sense, less data, less proper science, less grown up thinking. I feel sick.

Greg Cavanagh

Less responsibility, more free stuff.

This sounds a bit misogynistic to me as it infers that women are more likely to internalize the emotional triggers used to support what the science can not.

Sam C Cogar

June 18, 2018 1:27 pm

This sounds a bit misogynistic to me as it infers that women are more likely to internalize the emotional triggers used to support what the science can not.

But, but, but, ….. being misogynistic has nothing to do with it. The female of the human species doesn’t have to internalize anything because her Inherited Survival Instinct pretty much determines her emotionally driven attitude and/or behavior whenever said “instinct” is triggered via an environmental stimulus. (ex: protect her offspring no matter what, etc., etc.)

Thus, females are highly more likely to make “emotional” decisions, rather than “logical” decisions. And thus one of the many reason that females and girly-men will support ideas and claims that the science cannot.


Why would women want to make the world colder? I have four of them and all of them put on their socks before sleeping.

honest liberty

until in the middle of the night they take them off because they are too hot right?
but then put them on before they wake up because they got too cold, so you think they were on all night?


Not since “we” got the ELECTRIC BLANKET !!!


A word that was old when I was young seems
to be the most fitting here. “Flabbergasted”.

Komrade Kuma

Is it any wonder that Putin and Xie, Erdogan, Duterte and co are flexing there muscles? If PC imbeciles like Mary Robinson is what western democracy lets through to senior public positions then surely it is little more than a joke of a system. They have a point. Fortunately its not the democracy bit but the PC bit that is doing the damage.

Robinson and co ( i.e. ‘Buckpass’ Obama, Merkel and the like) are just do nothing dillettantes who preen and posture their ‘moral superiority’ at every opportunity without considering just what the casualty count is for their ‘do nothing but seem high minded’ course of inactive posing.

Here’s the deal, there are many kind, knowledgeable, articulate, skilled feminist scientists hiding out there, but they won’t interact until men stop using “feminism” as an expletive and an excuse to vilify them, and worse (I know a woman who was beaten simply for being a feminist-in Ohio, USA.) So gentlemen, if you want help from the ladies, for example, as did Einstein (Mileva Einstein), James Watson and Francis Crick (Rosalind Franklin), and Tsung-Dao Lee and Chen Ning Yang (Chien-Shiung Wu), then stop using FEMINIST as a curse word.

Edith wenzel

So AdroitWaterBear. I am a women and I don’t associate with Feminists. To me it is a curse word. I like men. I loved my father, my husband and my sons, and now Grandsons. I won’t let a bunch of feminists destroy their feeling of self-worth. If you Feminists are suffering from ‘hurt feelings’ my Mother would say ‘buck it up – no one said life was a rose garden. If you have something to offer the world, do it, and you will be fine.”. I am saying stop looking for an excuse to complain.


It’s worse than that. They strive to tear down women who have conflicting ideas as well.


I remember hearing so called feminists declare that women who didn’t agree with the feminsts, weren’t real women.


I agree in terms of using feminist as a curse word. I disagree in terms of needing help from men haters. The conservation movement (environment, health, beauty), socialism and feminism have the same roots. It is the woman that is leading our culture. Just open your eyes. While creating huge benefits for the environment, health and society at the beginning of this cultural wave they are more and more screwing things up with ideology because there‘s nothing left to improve since the turn of the century. What the western world is needing is more of typical male qualities like competition, open fight for ideas, technical progress and clear decisions.

To be clear: I don‘t blame it on the women. They are no better and no worse than men. It is an ever lasting cycling of dominance between male and female traits in our societies. They had their turn, made many things better, now it’s our turn to prove that we can offer better alternatives with less ideology than the dogmatic nonsolutions hammered into our brains by infinite repitition in the willing media.


If “feminism” wasn’t so often a Progressivist code word for “socially acceptable misandry”, your position would get more sympathy.

J Mac

Well said!

George Daddis

Once anything becomes an “ism” it get abused and wielded as a tool for folks with a far afield agenda. Actual definitions get thrown out the window.

In my opinion a woman who desires to stay home (circumstances permitting) to raise her children is “feminine” (“maternal” should not be defined as an opposite). Conversely I’ve worked with some very feminine woman who preferred a career. (Yes, I was born mid 20th century and still retains those values.)

Equal rights for women is an absolute condition to be fought for by all of us, and in some areas there is still room for improvement. But as Dred noted, it is not necessary to be hostile to men to achieve that end. (A female academic was reported this week to have written an opinion piece saying it is perfectly OK to hate men.) There really ARE men on “their” side.

BTW, I have always been stumped by the contradiction, on one one hand, of the strident “feminists” (e.g. Friedan) who argue that perceived differences between men and women (e.g for business and science positions) are artificial, and on the other feel no hesitation to say that an important job (POTUS or climate advocate) needs a feminine touch. My personal opinion, consistent with those of my generation, is “viva la difference!” I have seen many instances in business where a feminine approach yielded results where we masculine clods mucked it up. But of course the reverse also holds true in some situations (e.g. downsizing.)

Remember, all generalizations are wrong, including this one.

George Daddis

As a footnote to the above, my personal model for feminine vs masculine thinking or reasoning is a pair of normal curves.
If you could conceive of a scale that went from purely rational analysis (Spock) to purely emotional decision making (fill in the blank), the mean of men would be on the rational side of center and the bell curve of females would have the mean on the feeling side. It is easy to see how the human race beneficially evolved with that slight difference.
That still allows for a huge percentage of women to lean rational (e.g. prefer science as a profession) and men to reason and act with more emotional intelligence (medics, male nurses).
This mirrors reality where there are NO absolutes re men vs women.

Sam C Cogar

the mean of men would be on the rational side of center and the bell curve of females would have the mean on the feeling side.

“Yup”, inherited survival instincts to insure survival of the species.

Emotional decisions by the female to protect her offspring, even if it endangers her own life.

Logical decisions by the male to protect the family, even if it endangers the life of an offspring.


Feminism as it’s currently defined is worse than a curse word. Whatever that might be.
As to the woman who was beaten just for being a feminist, I’m willing to bet that there was a lot more to that story.

I’ve known many skilled women scientists. I’ve never known any feminist who didn’t walk around with a chip on her shoulder demanding that the men do everything in their power to make her life better.


Please stop your crazy sisters from immersing themselves in constant
“manhate” attacks and we can try
to do better.


It’s true that Watson dissed Franklin.

But the daughter of a Chinese-Hawaiian college classmate of mine claimed that Franklin didn’t get the Nobel because of sexism. In fact, she might have gotten it instead of Wilkins had she lived.

But tragically, she died before Watson, Crick and Wilkins were awarded the Nobel, and posthumous prizes aren’t allowed. Nor awards to more than three recipients.


WHY is it that ALL FEMINISTS espouse hatred and contempt for MEN
( usually of the WHITE VARIETY ! ) while they assert that all they want
is “THEIR RIGHT to EQUAL TREATMENT ” when it is evident that
most of these men LOVE their MOTHERS ( always Women ) and hold no
antipathy to women in general ( who they would rather CHARM and SEDUCE
have SEX WITH ! ) and they come from a Judeo-Christian Western Society
which IDOLISES WOMEN ( especially beautiful young women )
and share a similar back-ground and belief system to these FEMINISTS
…………..ARE ALL FEMINISTS MASOCHISTS ?????????????????
EITHER WAY…………it is NOT appealing !
when dealing with MEN and YOU WILL ALWAYS get a positive response……
IF you prefer “VICTIM-HOOD” in the “SISTER_HOOD” then just keep the
FEMINIST ATTITUDE GOING !! But don’t come crying on my shoulder !


Only an individual as truly daft as a politician would say something so inane
..and not understand how foolish it makes them look.


Hang on. Women are very pragmatic when it comes to the pinch. Wait until the energy bills start rolling in and the EV car battery goes flat and the fridge gets switch off and—- Well I won’t go on.


It will be interesting to hear her elaborate on what feminist principles she will employ towards the perceived issue. If they only exacerbate the pinch then the problem will only get worse.

John Hardy

It might be useful to introduce Mrs Robinson to Professor Judith Curry….

George Daddis

I was tempted to vote twice for that comment.
OK, I TRIED to vote twice but our host anticipated my move.


Oooooooooooooooh !!!!
I don’t know about that !
Look what happened in THE GRADUATE when Dustin Hoffman was introduced
to Mrs Robinson !!!!!!

Sam C Cogar

How bout introducing Mrs. Robinson to this Professor, to wit:

Northeastern distancing itself from professor who said women have right to ‘hate men’ because they’ve ‘done us wrong’

In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Suzanna Danuta Walters, sociology professor and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies program director at Northeastern University, said women have every right to “hate men.”
Read more @

Tom in Florida

Now before all you gals get your panties up in a bunch, listen to the words!


Better version:


Here is another one: “Climate Change Will Be Solved By Planetoid Impact.” Ha ha

Remember the Earth was destroyed by the Vogons to make way for an interstellar transport system; only Arthur Dent and Tricia Marie McMillan (Trillian) survived. Ha ha

Thbbft. 😉


What an arrogant idiot. She is clueless and that makes her all the more confident.

If you argue with a madman, it is extremely probable that you will get the worst of it; for in many ways his mind moves all the quicker for not being delayed by the things that go with good judgment. He is not hampered by a sense of humor or by charity, or by the dumb certainties of experience. He is the more logical for losing certain sane affections. Indeed, the common phrase for insanity in this respect is a misleading one. The madman is not the man who has lost his reason. The madman is the man who has lost everything except his reason. link


Only the completely insane are completely convinced of their own sanity.

Edith wenzel

What can I say………….I agree with you that I always knew men would be blamed. Feminism has
gone too far. Never agreed with it in the first place. As a female I now abhor it, I am working on
a group in support of men.



I’m sure you’ll understand my sentiment when I say I hope your support group for men affected by feminism is never attended by a single man.

Sadly, I suspect it will be, and therefore, Godspeed to reprogram them! May I recommend a swift kick in the pants and then out the door they go?

“According to former President of the Republic of Ireland and former UN commissioner Mary Robinson, more feminism will solve the climate crisis.”

When I read something this incredibly imbecilic and sexist, it makes me wonder:
“Are they all really that stupid? Should we really have given women the vote?” 🙂
{Sarc (only partly) off]

I mean, look at the utter imbeciles that women vote for – Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau, Doltan McGuinty, Kathleen Wynn, Rachel Notley, Mary Robinson, etc, etc. These politicians are uneducated fools who would have destroyed their state’s energy systems, given enough time.

Cheap, abundant, reliable energy is the lifeblood of modern society – it IS that simple. When politicians fool with energy systems, real people suffer and die. That is the tragic legacy of false global warming alarmism.

When you get energy wrong, almost nothing else you do matters, because you have damaged or destroyed your society. When you get energy right, (a la Trump), almost everything else will fall nicely into place.


Most of the early 20th century suffragettes, as they were called, were not feminists, at least not the 70s bra-burning kind. A good number of men supported women’s suffrage, too, and weren’t barred from the club on account of having a Y chromosome.

Thoughtless voting isn’t the sole domain of women, in any case. 🙂

Dred N – in my above post, I did write {Sarc (only partly) off]. That suggests an element of sarcasm and exaggeration on my part. It is obvious that males as well as females suffer from madness and hysteria – nevertheless I thank you for clarifying that point.

“According to former President of the Republic of Ireland and former UN commissioner Mary Robinson, more feminism will solve the climate crisis.”

Nowadays, we no longer regard Ms. Robinson’s bizarre statement for what it truly is – “batshit crazy”. Instead, there are support groups that encourage this sort of insane radicalism, which causes enormous destruction to individuals and society.

Everyone would benefit if males and females like Mary Robinson would attempt to control their rhetoric and minimize the harm they do to themselves and those who love them, despite their narcissism and their willful madness.
Today, female hysteria is no longer a recognized illness, but different manifestations of hysteria are recognized in other conditions such as schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, conversion disorder, and anxiety attacks.

It’s Dalton McGuinty…although I do prefer your Dolton.

It’s Doltan, Destroyer of Jobs, Plunderer of Energy Systems.

Based on his destruction of Ontario’s electrical grid, Doltan was probably a closet Marxist, intent upon ending society so it could be re-made in his own perfect image…

Every night, Doltan would stand on his bed and chant, over and over again:
“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”…
“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”…
“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”… *

[Do I really have to say “sarc off”?]

* Verse 32 from Chapter 11 of the Bhagavad Gita.


mankind is a generic term meaning huMANkind,
its an abbreviation.
the same thing applies to manmade.
another friggin abbreviation.
has nothing to do with gender.
friggin harpies need to stop acting so stupid.

Dave Nunn

Mary Robinson left the role of Irish President 21 years ago. The role has little political significance and is largely ceremonial, on a par with the UK monarchy.


So she’s like Prince Charles then?


Having grown up in a house full of women, having worked for five women bosses (two scientists), I certainly don’t see any feminist solution solving problems any better than evil men solutions. In fact they all suffered with a big problem, to make any decision they almost always formed a committee of some sort. Three of them required consensus. For one I often took the opposite position from the consensus at the table. That caused all kinds of consternation. All I was trying to do is to get the “committee” to cover all their basis. Many times the consensus was just ill thought out. In the beginning my opinions were rejected then about 75% of the time I turned out to be right. That boss demanded to know how I knew and the others didn’t. Most of the time the others were telling her what they thought she wanted to hear.

So if feminist solution would be so much better then wouldn’t a LGBT solution be even better? Just kidding.


What do the alleged 25+ other genders have to say about that? 😮


It’s 57. Like Heinz.

Only if Palestinians are included in the conversation. It’s Mary Robinson, after all.


Which gender are the Palestinians?

Gender not required. With the warmist scam collapsing, it was a matter of time before race was brought into it:

Palestinians are soon to follow. My prediction/projection is that soon Israel will be accused of provoking the Palestinians into setting off the massive forest and crop fires in Israel with burning kites and balloons.

Milton Suarez

Es un decir….”lo que los hombres dañaron, las mujeres lo arreglamos”
La SOLUCIÓN a los problemas de la humanidad tienen que llegar de mujeres inteligentes o de hombres inteligentes…y son bienvenidas las Soluciones que den una mejor calidad de vida a las personas,principalmente a los mas necesitados.

honest liberty

dude, can you see that the entire comment section is written in English, by people who speak english?

I can loosely read what you are saying but if you have something to contribute, do it in English, you know…like everyone else on here who communicates with each other. good grief

I think what he’s trying to say is; “It’s a saying … “What men damage, women fix” (And vice versa, as anyone who has worked on an IT Support desk will understand)
“The SOLUTION to the problems of humanity must come from intelligent women or intelligent men … and solutions are welcome that give a better quality of life to people…”
Correct me if I’m wrong, Milton.


Yes, that’s what he’s saying. Like an increasing number of Americans, I’ve spoken Spanish since high school. In my case, that’s 50 years ago. My wife is a Spanish-speaking South American.

While Honest has a point, given the increasing number of people who understand Spanish and the availability of Net translation programs, Milton’s use of the European language with more native speakers than English isn’t IMO such a transgression.

Although with the given name Milton, I might expect some English capability. Javier’s English is excellent.


I normally just skip over any post made in a language different then what is normally used in a board. The same as most would do to me if I posted in English on a Deutsch board.

If you can’t read and write in the language, how do you know what the thread is even about? And which is easier, you translating your post once, or everyone else doing so individually?



I took 4 years of Spanish in high school, a year in college and I married a Mexican.
Even with all that, I need my wife to translate whenever we visit her relatives.

Copying a post to one of the online translators is more effort than I am usually willing to put into a random post.

Chuck in Houston

Lived in Texas most my life. With 2 years of high school Spanish to boot. That said, I can read Spanish pretty well, and I can follow the gist as a listener to a Spanish conversation. I however am not fluent nor do I attempt to be. I don’t mind comments in Spanish. Dutch is another thing entirely.



The grand science fraud is running out of combinations. A quantum computer will be needed to generate future trial balloons and headlines. It needs to be sooner than later with climate cooling in the offing.


This could be what sends young discouraged workers and voters in the EU over the edge, starting with Italy and Greece but also eastern bloc countries.


Okay, does this mean a moratorium on clear cutting American forests for UK wood pellets…in the name of feminism?

J Mac

“Climate change is a man-made problem and must have a feminist solution,….”
What a smug and matronizingly sexist hypothesis that is……


Getting rid of all males would reduce CO2 emissions.

Robert B

I guess the CO2 of the decomposing bodies is natural so the global rise in CO2 will not accelerate.


Ideally, the CO2 and CH4 would be sequestered in the ground.

Not to mention our lovable pull-my-pinkie emissions typically comprising of 59 percent nitrogen, 21 percent hydrogen, 9 percent carbon dioxide, 7 percent methane and 4 percent oxygen.


If I remember correctly, women fought for the right to drive cars.


Silly rabbit, sexism is for men. Just like how racism is for white people. 😐


Ireland’s solution, under feminist leadership, is the wicked solution, the final solution, Choice and sequestration, of lives deemed unworthy or inconvenient. In the interest of human rights and scientific integrity, the feminists should be seen and not heard, or perhaps heard and ridiculed.


Start with clear cutting all forests in Ireland to feed UK power plants with wood pellets in place of American forests.

Javert Chip

If this lady ever understands this has been an academic & political fraud (doubtful), the sound of her pulling her head out of her ass will be deafening.

Actually, she may have a point. Ten thousand years of patriarchy has brought us where we are. More gender balance in making decisions might be helpful. It is not about blaming the men. It is about evolving from patriarchy to partnership.


And precisely where do you think we are?
I look around me and I see a world where life spans have increased by amounts unimaginable 1000 years ago. Where thanks to technology in western countries, even the poor live better than did the kings of yore.
I see people enjoying a rich and varied diet, all year round.
I see people with the free time and money to vacation all over the world.

So precisely what are the so called evils of this patriarchy that infests your nightmares?
If you want to claim it’s wars, I counter with Margret Thatcher, Golda Meir and Indira Ghandi.


Actually, she may have a point. Ten thousand years of patriarchy has brought us where we are. More gender balance in making decisions might be helpful. It is not about blaming the men. It is about evolving from patriarchy to partnership.


No ! No ! No ! Really ! And Really No !
But the editing function cut me off !!
Damn it…….


They do NOT convey what I mean and just block up the thread !
Thanks , Trevor.

Malcolm Carter

Cue Monty Python’s ” What have the Romans [men] ever done for us”.

P Murray

Of course it will be feminism to fix the problem – I always knew this would be the case. At least it will be an entity that is expressed as being female – Mother Nature.


After you get that cleaned up, clean the bathroom and then get supper cooked.

Tom in Florida

Yeah, one year while planning our annual vacation my wife told me she wants to go somewhere she has never been before, I said “How about the kitchen”. The gash over my eye healed in about 3 weeks.




If the entire Internet stopped giving oxygen and daylight to the absurd bloviatings of idiots, and no one consequently paid them any attention, they might just shut up and disappear. Of course, then we’d quickly run out of stuff to read . . . /sarc.


Politics is the art of looking for problems, finding them everywhere, diagnosing them incorrectly and then applying the wrong remedies. -Groucho Marx


Yes SMC………………BUT his RELATIVE………..Karl
took him seriously and KILLED about 60 million Russians
and his mate Mao killed about 100 million Chinese
and Pol Pot killed about 30% of the Cambodians …………..
so while a joke is a joke…….you have to be careful who you share it with !


My daughter took a course in Deep Ecology at a Catholic college more than 10 years ago. Interestingly, while they covered several ecological theories , the one they emphasized the most was the role of patriarchy in the destruction of the environment. Ecofeminism has been alive and flourishing for quite some time at least as far back as the early 80s.

George Daddis

One of the principle aims of Progressives is to make the current situation unstable and perceived to be untenable. Then they can roll in their intellectual solution.
As the Communist Party, as well as Sol Alinsky, proposed one way to do this is to drive wedges into an otherwise content community. Any potential difference is ripe for exploitation (race, gender, nationality). Unfortunately this tactic has been very successful.
In my opinion, Progressives have taken this to the next step, COMBINING grievances (e.g. climate change and minority injustice). Just look at the signage at current protests for confirmation.


Except that in reality the poor and non-whites have much more to lose from CACA than does the developed West and the rich within it.


What’s “deep ecology”?
What you find at the bottom of caves?

Andrew Cooke

I am currently debating whether I should roll on the floor laughing or just puke. The fact that such a statement was made with a straight face almost leaves me speechless.

Let me see if I can get this right….she is suggesting that men should get out of the way so women can fix the problem. In other words, because men caused the problem, all the scientists, engineers and smart people who are men should not be involved in fixing it.

You know, if I thought Climate Change was a problem I would do whatever I could, get whatever help I could and embrace any incremental change I could to get as much accomplished that I could.

To me this is just proof that even the nutwagons in charge don’t really believe the clap trap they are trying to pass off on those they consider ignorant.


Mother earth is going through menopause and is having a hot flush.


La coddled feminist is in lala land.


Women are noteworthy for socially-responsible solutions to intractable problems. Take Elizabeth Holmes, for example…

R. Shearer

Today, glaciers as phallic symbols still allow Arctic wave motion to rock your boat, at least your small dinghy.


Not all women are feminists. Not all feminists are female. All feminists are chauvinists. This is about a political ideology progressing the minority good.

Robert B

Socialis/feminisim/environmentalism is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune–without the words, …
Yet, always, it asked unquestioned allegiance from me.
(Apologies to Dot)

“Feminism doesn’t mean excluding men, it’s about being more inclusive of women and -in this case – acknowledging the role they can play in tackling climate change.”

The word, “tackling” is very masculine, I think. Also, whenever I see the word, “inclusive”, with respect to race, gender, nationality, etc., I run the other way. A great wrong here is to ASSUME that the phrase, “climate change” AUTOMATICALLY means, “humyn-caused climate change”, which is a forced assumption via context. Please do NOT “include” women in this forced assumption, since to do so is the equivalent of raping a woman’s mind with propagandized verbiage. Again, a very traditionally masculine tactic.


Given that the real solution they want to “climate change” is to reduce the human population, she’s right.

Margaret Smith

“Andrew Cooke

I am currently debating whether I should roll on the floor laughing or just puke”

Just laugh. Mary Robinson is very light in the brains department.

SUGGESTION: First puke, and then roll in it on the floor laughing — it’s THAT sick AND funny, at the same time.

Michael in Dublin

I would expect a sharp lawyer to understand the difference between correlation and causation.

I would expect an honest prosecutor to carefully cross examine contradictory witnesses to determine who is telling the truth – even when the outcome is not what that prosecutor expects.

I would expect someone concerned with justice to recognize that there is ample clear evidence of scientific fraud in the peer review system.

How can a competent lawyer or barrister be so confident in her climate alarmism that she is willing to ignore these three issues so that she can simply keep plugging her political ideology?

George Daddis

Next question?

Roger Bournival

Let the broads build the walls to prevent flooding – problem solved.

Andy Pattullo

Well I for one am perfectly willing to take responsibility for my contribution to the current catastrophic weather I am presently enjoying on a sunny day drive to the coast.

Alan Tomalty

And please explain to me exactly what the difference is between a male scientist and a female scientist? And please forget the answers of female intuition and being in tune to more of their feelings. And besides since it is a non problem how are more females going to better solve a non problem?

George Daddis

As a GROUP females may be more “feeling” than men. But the intersection of the two sets of bell curves leave a huge percent of women that are “rational” thinkers.
Once a woman declares for “science” or “math” over the more empathetic roles of doctor or HR Supervisor her inclination has been revealed.
I do believe in the maternal instinct, and if “female intuition” is an aspect of that, I’m all in.

I grew up in Eastern Europe and the women in our extended family included engineers, a lab researcher, an electrician, a radiologist and a crane operator. All cold, sharp and rational with work stuff, but unabashedly into mothering and frilly, girly stuff on their own time. It was the post-War shortage of men, not idealism that got them into the professions.