NOTICE: WUWT to begin migration to new cloud server – opening up new horizons

Hello everybody,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued patronage of WUWT, and to let you know that in the last couples of months the site has been under attack by a variety of forces, which has reduced the viability and visibility of the website. After consulting with technical people they have graciously offered to help me and we’re in the process of beginning a site migration. It is a daunting task, as there are over 18,500 articles and 2.6 million comments. In addition to that there’s about 13 GB of image files that are indexed to specific articles. At present, WUWT stands at 353 million views.

In the short term this migration may mean some interruptions of service, in the long-term this should ensure that WUWT continues to reach audiences worldwide without interruption or interception by some of the nefarious forces that operate from the shadows trying to reduce the impact this website has. It will also toughen the site against attacks.

Over the next day the process of migration will begin. If I am lucky, there will be very little interruption of service. However as these things go sometimes it’s not always hiccup free, and the chance of the site becoming unreachable for awhile while DNS cache is cleared. However, the technical engineers at WordPress seem to think it will go okay.

I hope I don’t have to put up this test card 😉

Another long-term benefit of this migration to a new server is that it will remove some of the limitations I’ve had by being hosted on Instead I’m going to be hosted on the same cloud server group that hosts many of the largest news websites on the planet. All of this will still be under the control of the people at WordPress, but the good news is that in the nearly 12 years I’ve been doing this, WordPress as a company has staunchly defended my right to publish articles which they have undoubtedly taken some flak for. There is a back story from 2009 related to Climategate, Al Gore, and Google that I believe I’ve shared in the past to give you an idea of the kinds of things I’m up against.

The other good news is that being on this new server group it will give me freedom to install plug-ins that I could not do before. This will enhance our ability to make conversation and commenting run a little bit smoother, in addition to offering some other features I could not offer before. Guest authorship of articles will also benefit from this change.

Thank you for your patience during this process, and most of all thank you the readers, the moderators,the contributors, and even my detractors for making WUWT the most viewed climate related website on the planet.

I’ll post an update again once the process is complete.


129 thoughts on “NOTICE: WUWT to begin migration to new cloud server – opening up new horizons

      • Real clouds have an albedo effect; AGW blog clouds have an ‘algorebo’ effect.
        Best of luck, Anthony. Please don’t end up like – which has been pretty much silenced after 20 years.

      • I’ve looked at servers from both sides now.
        PC and mainframe
        But still somehow
        Its DOS attacks I recall
        I really don’t know servers at all.

      • Hmmm…. I have a rather old computer, practically an antique. Still runs well, but I will have to take the old thing off the net some day and I know it.
        I have never, ever had any trouble finding WUWT, maybe because I type in the entire name of the site instead of just WUWT. Specificity counts in something like this.
        I am, after all, still operating on Windows XP and have stubbornly refused to change that because it works fine. But on the other hand, my 2003 machine limited in space on its hard drive, and I will have to get a newer machine with more room and a faster response just to keep up.
        I have a blog, but I can’t see anything on it it through WordPress’s changes to their format. I have to go in through a back door to access it. Otherwise, i would not bother with even thinking about a new machine.
        I can’t keep up with this stuff any more… and I can remember when surfing the net was such a big deal that you could be up all night on Friday, finding stuff… and now, it’s the biggest waste of time ever unless you are very specific about what you want to find.

        • Sara, you just earned a virtual thumbs up. All operating systems after XP are glorified code bloat, for the sake of reinventing the wheel and sales revenue per quarter.

          The MS interfaces and their funtionality are also much less intuitive or confidence-inspiring now, imho. All hat, no cattle.

          • MS is still dazzled by the ghost of Steve Jobs and wants more and more to Apple-ify their software, to the detriment of their own brand.

            I have Windows 7 on my current system. In the roughly 2 years I’ve used it, I’ve gotten only one BSOD. And that one was on me, from fiddling with some unstable emulation software.

          • I’m no techie but I’ve been using Ubuntu Linux for years, currently as Lubuntu. Easy to use and customisable. Also free.

        • Sara, is same here with 2002 Dell Win XP upgraded to sp3. You didn’t say what browser used but I went to Firefox 52.6.0 ESR (Extended Service Release) which is the last upgrade made for XP and available from Firefox. Also upgraded the Dell with a much larger 500 gig IDE drive and then cloned the old drive onto the new one using clone software from internet. Have a very obsolete Sony 20 inch CRT monitor that still works everyday (have tried a couple of LCD’s but they had less small letter/pixel definition, maybe my video driver/don’t know). New IDE drives are still available at Amazon and inexpensive.

          • I think my last MSN browser upgrade a few years ago was IE 10, not sure, but I got the message ‘can’t go any higher’. Now I get messages from Google that my hardware is too old and I won’t get any more Chrome updates.
            Well, next year, after I get new front steps and a new kitchen cabinet and a couple of other things done/fixed first – next year, I will get a newer computer and it had better be as sturdy and reliable as this one has been.
            If it ain’t broker, don’t fix it. If it still runs and you can fill the tank, drive it.

      • Clyde Spencer
        In other words, every cloud has a silver lining.
        Yes, I’ll go with that, even the climate change cloud hanging over us like the sword of Damocles.
        Chock full of opportunities.

  1. You do the world a great service and I have learned a great deal. Thankyou very much

  2. “Migration to a new Cloud….” – It sounds so diaphanous and airy!
    Looking forward to the new capabilities and Thanks (!) for doing what you do soooo well, Anthony!

  3. A suggestion is to allow searching of previous articles when you are on the site. As it stands now one has to search previous articles by Google

        • Curious George.
          My last two posts have gone AWOL in the move, so hopefully third time lucky:-
          1. Start with your favourite search engine e.g.

          2. Then type into the Search Engine any keyword string that you want to find in WUWT by using the site: command
          Your keyword search request should look like this:-
          Curious George
          3. This will get you to a list of threads that contain your keywords.
          4. Chose and open the thread you want.
          5. Use the Find command (Control F) to find your keywords within the comments list of the open thread.

          • Philip, thanks. I know how to search WUWT comments in Google, but not how to do it with the WUWT search. I hope Anthony might change it.

  4. I think it’s a positive … we all know that CAGW proponents do not handle clouds well …

  5. Thanks for the update Anthony, and good luck for a smooth transition. WUWT helps maintain our sanity in this corner of Africa where infectious Carbonophobia, spreading rapidly and profitably among the ruling class, is resulting in the proliferation of ghastly industrial wind parks that are blighting some of our most beautiful and scenic landscapes, as well as killing a wide variety of birds, including endangered and migratory species. We are heading down the same path as South Australia, and nobody, except a few perceptive commentators, seem to be concerned in any way. The wind industry, government ministers, and media morons clap their hands and ululate with joy at the billions of dollars of investment flowing into intermittent wind generation plants. They either do not know, or chose not to share the ugly secret that probably 65% of this investment goes straight to Germany, or Denmark, or somewhere else, to pay for the machinery and the towers. The Germans and the Danes have also been very, very helpful to South Africa in funding research and propaganda to promote the wonders of wind energy. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

  6. New Cloud…Hop aboard your Golden Nimbus and Fly away. A few interruptions can be handled if need be.
    Hopefully the transformation goes smoothly.

  7. Anthony, good luck with the transition, and thank you for making WUWT available to us all!

  8. Time to break out the Joni Mitchell: I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
    From up and down and still somehow
    It’s cloud’s illusions I recall
    I really don’t know clouds at all…

  9. so,…migrating from linux sercer(s) on amazon aws to your own aws instance.
    hope you have good server admin

  10. I haven’t noticed any problems reaching this site and I often look at it several times per day. I have seen some of my comments disappear though, and that’s frustrating.

  11. Terrific news, Anthony!!
    Whenever software vendors swore that users wouldn’t notice upgrade(s) installation, that always meant long weekend hours, workarounds and angry superiors.

  12. google currently is blocking wuwt as a dangerous app/site and is asking for more info. switched to Bing

  13. google is currently blocking WUWT as a dangerous site/app with no privacy and asking for system info and page content. Switched to Bing

  14. Microsoft Edge is giving me a “Certificate Error” when trying to access the site.

  15. WUWT just came up as the site being insecure, and so Firefox refused to load your page as did Chrome. I was able to load WUWT on Chrome anyway by allowing despite the danger. Firefox still will not load your page, What is this all about?

    • Just happened to me as well, was ob site reading this post 3 hours before with no issue. Just checked to see what was new and got the same warning on Chrome.

      • Chromebook just says what it always says about the site being insecure because “attackers might be able to see the images you are looking at and trick you by modifying them ” It does not go any further.

        • This is because some images are served over insecure HTTP; an adversary would be able to change these. This is a risk on an high value site (like finance), not so much here.

  16. Never mind, I just read this post which explains what has happened. Look forward to when this is over.

    • Me too. Firefox absolutely refuses to load WUWT.

      Right now I’m using Dillo, a really simple browser that doesn’t understand the smart things required to create a security problem.

  17. Is there some way that us lowly users of these nefarious browsers can get back at them for sending us pop-up windows that falsely warn us that WUWT is a dangerous site?

    • “falsely warn us that WUWT is a dangerous site”

      Did they really? What was the EXACT warning message?

  18. The WordPress VIP, and their Enterprise Cloud not only earn them money, but gives them a stake in your success & well-being. WordPress loves nothing better than to host well-known ‘fair-game’ like WUWT.

    When the tech-rep from NYT comes to WP with a security concern, and buttonholes the WP-rep on assurances, they can respond with “You know that What’s Up With That climate site? Yeah … you think you got security-concerns…”

    After you can pass the basic Security Quiz, your next step is Live Ammo & Concertina Wire. They’re drooling at the thought of WUWT on their cloud. What an ‘Ad’ for other Enterprise customers…

    Anthony Watts & Crew,

    Are you delving into the new Project Gutenberg block-editor? Lots of questions in the community, on just Why (really) and to what aim. My assumption is, Matt Mullenweg is up to something big, and the block-editor is a means to the end … which remains secret for the time.

    Not really much question, ‘What it is’. I gave “phpWebSite” an extended try, before WP came out. It’s an Academic project, and it was all block-structured & Edited. I liked it, but the project was not receiving focused on-going attention (and still isn’t; parked on GitHub now). But it was a great experience.

    My guess is, the WordPress dotCOM biz will continue as-is. This should impact mainly the dotORG scene.

    Plugins are the opioid of the dotORG crowd. 55K titles & counting…

  19. Also unable to access site via Chrome but succeeded with Firefox – for now. Chrome have a message stating-

    “Your connection is not private
    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more
    Automatically send some system information and page content to Google to help detect dangerous apps and sites. Privacy policy”

    When you clock on the underlined “system information and page content”, it takes you to a long page of general blurb where there’s an invitation to email them via Entourage. Is this censorship, or merely to do with your new site???

    • I got a similar message from the noscript addon I use in Firefox. I didn’t need to change noscript settings though, at all, I just had to empty all the privacy settings, are restart, then Firefox and WUWT came up, no further problems.

      Was most likely just the old cookie that needed binning, but I flushed the lot anyway.

      Takeoff and nuke it from orbit I say, you’ve gotta be sure …


      It’s: Common name invalid in certificate

      It just means that the Web server presented the wrong certificate to the navigator, and the navigator cannot authenticate the Web server via encryption, so the access is blocked.

      This is expected behavior when the name in the URL doesn’t match either names in the certificate: the common name (“CN”) or some alternative name (subjectAltName).

      Currently the certificate contains:

      CN =

      subjectAltName extension:

  20. Had to go to my Vivaldi Web browser, as Firefox denied me access to your site with no way to access it with their new security settings (since version 59). At least, Vivaldi allows me to, if I trust the site, go ahead and load it. That was the only way I could access your site to find out what was going on, during the transition.

    • Same occurred to me, I emptied all the privacy settings options, such as cookies, active logins, cache, etc., and restarted and the new WUWT came up in Firefox.

  21. Thank you so much Anthony, hope all goes smoothly. The net would be a monochromatic and depleted place without choice sites like WUWT.

  22. @ site designers and Anthony,

    It would be nice to have an Up-Arrow button, after you’ve commented, to take you up to the top of the page again, as it’s a pain scrolling up again with a touch screen. If possible. Cheers.

  23. My heart sank as I clicked on my favourite website this morning that it was not available. “Oh no”‘ I thought, ” the New World Orderers had got to WUWT at last”. Fortunately this was not the case but it got me thinking to sometime back in 2016 when I was watching a video featuring presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton and Mr. Al Gore, who was endorsing her for president. At that time a cyclone was off the Florida coast and was threatening to cross the coast and devastate the State. It was, he explained, all due to global warming implying, but not admittedly explicitly that it was my fault because I had opened a can of lemonade in Australia and let the carbon dioxide escape, and thus the impending disaster in Florida!! However all would turn out well, the cyclone would continue to move seaward to the coast, and no further threats would ensue if only the American public would vote for Hilary, and I didn’t open any more cans of lemonade. Throughout this Mrs Clinton was nodding wisely like a dashboard bobblehead. My despondence generated in me by watching this video evaporated into thin air much like my lemonade gas when shortly after I lucked onto WUWT. It was the opening up of a new world, and I have been so grateful to Mr. Watts ever since. Thank you Anthony.

    • I have had no problem getting to the website via Google, WUWT is my first port of call each morning.#
      I find it both interesting and informative, and feel immensely grateful to Anthony and his team for their hard work in keeping it going.
      That said, I agree with C. Paul Barreira’s comment, as older eyes find it difficult to read the small print. This seems to be common in many magazines nowadays, presumably to save ink, but this doesn’t apply to digital media. I had no problem with the previous font.
      There is also a trend in magazines to use coloured print on top of colour photographs which can made it unreadable where the colours are the same.

      • Does your browser have a zoom function? Readability is fine in Pale Moon when I zoom in a few times. It’s not like a magnifier, it actually increases the font size.

  24. imarcus

    Excellent idea, and many,many, thanks for the sanity of the site.

    Of interest, I had no problems finding the site on my imac, using Firefox. Checked on the W10 laptop and MSEdge went straight to the site.

    Hope [desperately] that it all goes well.

  25. There is a back story from 2009 related to Climategate, Al Gore, and Google that I believe I’ve shared in the past to give you an idea of the kinds of things I’m up against.

    Thanks for the link to cfact. Interesting observations and opinions there. I’ve also noticed the totally disproportionate Google search rating of desmogblog, rationalwiki, and even hotwhopper. But, some people like those, and probably that’s at least partly behind rating. It just turns very bad when Ph.D Joe-average suddenly finds himself smeared at those hate speech sites. You have to have some guts to be against the green mafia in academia.

  26. opened immediately as usual for me using xp n firefox in aus this evening;-)
    CME might upset clouds a tad more?
    enjoying the larger brighter page n print
    keep up the great work Anth*ny n mods;-)

  27. Anthony, you and the WordPress guys should pat each other on the back. WUWT has, for some years appeared to be totally reliable and was, as far as my experience went, almost never MIA. As a Unix sysop, I’ve been so used to reliability, reliability and reliability, I really hadn’t noticed but, looking backwards, you all should take a bow.

    Big changes, as this promises to be, almost never go without a hiccup or two, so plan carefully, don’t rush and it should be smooth. Despite having said that, may “Fortune smile on the endeavour.”

  28. The new font size is a bit small (on iPad). The comments are about right, but the article itself is difficult to read. Expanding the page places the text over the edge of the screen.

    But keep up the good work.

    About time I put something in the tip-jar, as I have not so for a couple of years now. How about everyone placing a new donation, to ease this transition. Where would the skeptic voice be, without WUWT…..?


  29. Great for you and even better for me! WordPress sites have been restricted for me at work for about a year now. I could see text but images and styling were absent. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when I browsed to the site today and everything was there – kind of like Dorothy opening the door into the land of Oz. Much appreciated!

  30. Looks like the site has passed over the major speed bump it hit last night.
    All the security warnings are gone. All the browsers I use: FF,Chrome,Brave and even IE, all function correctly.
    The articles load much faster. Thanks for the great improvement!
    Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for DNS changes to propagate, so some of you may still be experiencing the crossover.

  31. Just checked in this am. First thing I noticed was the font change. I like sans-serif fonts. Easier to read although the font in typing comments is small, it is clean. Haven’t had any problems accessing the site although I have seen a mixed content warning for a couple of months now. Apparently the images are triggering the notification. Not a big problem as of now. Good luck in the transition.

  32. Best of luck with the transition.
    I had not noticed any problems accessing WUWT using my “Brave” browser.

  33. David Middleton May 29, 2018 at 10:25 am directs us to a scarecat site to access a cartoon. Unfortunately this is what I get:

    “This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

    I have found a few other sites with the same problem – mostly well respected organizations that should have no problems. However, some above have suggested that this may be fixed by killing all cookies, caches, etc, and they found that this fixes the problem.

    Query: how does one kill cookies, and delete caches? And does not deleting caches remove essential information? If not essential, what does this remove? Please …..

  34. I got the ‘not secure connection’ message twice yesterday, but now it’s fine. I must have tried in the middle of the transfer to The Cloud. (Is there a portion that the Mud People will be able to access, too?:)

    I just have one question, about the typeface: it seems thinner and some what smaller. Was that intentional, or is it just an artifact of the transfer?

    • Sara, I think the “not secure” message is an old issue on WUWT & IIRC has to do w/certain links on the sidebar. The conclusion was that it’s not really an issue & the site is secure.

  35. Best of luck on your server conversion and thanks very much for your excellent service for the years! You provide a valuable service to all of humanity.

    I use IE nearly exclusively and have had no problems with security advisories about WUWT. I bookmark my preferred sites in Favorites and therefore don’t have to search for them. After years of browsing, I have quite a detailed computer filing system for my Favorites!

  36. Anthony,
    Firstly, many, many thanks for your work.
    You are a true star.

    Secondly, the ‘Edit function is hugely appreciated – even before wine is taken!

    Thirdly, I get ‘Not Secure’ messages from several sites [NOT WUWT, today], like Shipwrecklog [of (hitherto) professional interest to me – now I am retired it’s a pastime!]

    WooHoo; retirement!
    And no more Southern Railways – unless I choose!

    Again, many thanks!


    Mmmm Had to complete ‘my’ details below . . . . again.
    Teething troubles, I am sure.

    If you fancy a laugh – or an Awful IT Warning – look at the last month or more history of the switch of the UK’s TSB (challenger bank, Spanish-owned) from an old system to a new(er) one.
    A recent link is –
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dearrrrr.

  37. In My Opinion this is the best website ever and find it a great source of valuable data on our Climate for us scientists to share & view with others; thank you Anthony.
    (I keep myself anonymous as I’ve been ‘threatened’ elsewhere on these issues & my opinion)

  38. I get “ERROR: your url is too long” using Facebook login.
    To log in I must use the manual login. I have not tried WordPress, Google or Twitter.

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