A question for my readers

First, let me say thanks for stopping by on a daily basis, your continued patronage of this website in the fight against climate fanaticism is always appreciated. I’m considering some changes to WUWT’s formatting in the upcoming months to help keep important stories online longer, but before I do that I need the readers to answer a question that I can’t answer myself by looking at visitor data.

The question is: how do you see this website in your browser?

There’s three possible ways; the gallery format and the linear format, or mobile. Depending on your screen resolution and browser window size, one of these three presentations is possible.


(larger screens and full width browser windows)

Gallery View of WUWT


(smaller screens and smaller browser windows)


(On phones)

Please tell me which view you normally see:

Your answer will help me make WUWT better.

Thanks, Anthony


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I’d prefer gallery but Firefox gives me linear. And, I look at this site on my cell phone at times.


I use chrome browser on PC. Android mobile view most often.

Phil R

I use Firefox. I get gallery if I expand to the whole screen and linear if I reduce the Firefox window (which I do at work). 🙂

Richard G.

My Firefox shows me gallery for recent posts with linear below for aging posts.


I get the same view as Richard G. and I use Safari.

Gallery, please.

Rational Debate

I generally see the gallery view at the top, with all below that first set of 5 stories shown in linear, which is I assume what Anthony meant by the gallery view anyhow. Usually I’m on a laptop using firefox v56.x with about a 15.x” screen set to show my tabs vertically down the side rather than the normal horizontal tabs across the top. I tried to respond to the poll, but didn’t see a submit button and hitting “view results” didn’t do anything either – maybe because I’m a few days after the post was originally put up and it’s no longer active or something? Anyhow, fwiw that’s how I normally see WUWT.

Gallery on Firefox.

J Mac

Hmmm…. that’s odd. I’m running FireFox and I see the gallery view.

David A Smith

I get gallery in both IE and FireFox.

I’m running FireFox and I get the gallery view.


I get the gallery view in Firefox using my regular Windows 8.1 computer..

Alan Robertson

Gallery view, while full screen with Firefox, IE and MS Edge.
I only use Firefox, but checked the others.
Chrome, hmmm… that’s by Google, no thanks.


I prefer linear and via the link from my gmail, I get linear in my Chrome tab


Yep. Right now I’m viewing WUWT on a very limited browser called Dillo. It presents the stories vertically. I have a hunch that’s because it doesn’t do Java Script.
Firefox on the same (Ubuntu Linux) machine displays in Gallery format.
Ditto for Chromium-Browser, Konqueror, Qupzilla, Midori.
On any of those browsers, the stories display vertically if you resize the window so it’s only wide enough for one story.

Hmm. Firefox gives me my preferred gallery by default. 1680 x 1050 resolution – what’s yours?
(I avoid, if at all possible, getting onto a text-rich site with the cell phone. Way too much hassle to adjust for these aging eyes.)

michael hart

I also usually see gallery, but sometimes linear. Maybe it is due to firefox/chrome differences. I do use different browsers (almost always on a laptop), but I hadn’t given it much thought until now.


Running Firefox on a 22″ display, I get Gallery unless I zoom in; then I get Linear.

Good question Anthony. Actually, when I use my mobile device I always use the WordPress App

Ken Mitchell

I rarely come to the front page of the WUWT site, so I don’t have any preference between gallery and linear formats. I get email notifications of new articles, and I also subscribe via the Feedly news reader. So even though I rarely go directly to WUWT, I do manage to read half or more of the articles.


I’m like you. Today was the first day of a couple of years attendance I have visited the home page because I respond to the emails Anthony sends.
I’m running Windows 10 insider, with Opera as my preferred browser.
Today I see WUWT in GALLERY VIEW, as on most days.
From memory, my Samsung Galaxy 10 tablet is the same. I’m not sure about my iPhone 7 as I don’t usually use it to browse, but I can’t recall anything different on the occasions I have.
I should really post this independently…………Duh!

Lucius von Steinkaninchen

Gallery format, Chrome, either in the laptop screen or in a larger monitor.




I’m seeing Gallery on Firefox on iMac… Like it just fine.


Gallery. Thanks for all you do.

Richard Thomas

Gallery view in Firefox on my computer

Me too!

Me too!

Me too


I would just like clear delineation between the important top billing stories, and the most recent, so that I do not inadvertently see the top story, and think that no newer articles have been added.


Gallery format, Chrome, laptop screen or larger home monitor.




Seeing Gallery view on Chrome but it used to be linear. I actually preferred the linear.

Gary Hudson

Gallery, chrome

Clyde Spencer

Gallery, Firefox. But, linear is an acceptable alternative.

Al Miller

Gallery. Thanks for all your work on this front!

William Turner

Gallery, Chrome

Alan Tomalty


Meridan Bennett

Probably 60% mobile and 40% wide format PC (Windows 10, Chrome).


Gallery view, please…

Ian Dempster

Linear view on Chromium using Linux mint.


Linear using xp and firefox and 16 or inch screen
i prefer Linear
i run Linux mint on a laptop and i think it was gallery? on there in firefox ..i dont use it except when travelling


I get gallery or linear. If I zoom the website content, the page is linear. If not, it’s gallery. Depends on how large of type I need to comfortably read the screen and that varies from day to day. I use Safari.



David in Texas

Linear using SeaMonkey.


I prefer the ‘Gallery’ view. I don’t use a smart phone to read articles online.


gallery for me……I like it


…and one small request….at least I hope it’s a small one!
Can someone please clean out “tips and notes”?…..I can’t load it and it jumps around loading so much stuff you can’t leave any more
Trying to leave this…
National Association of Scholars just fried climate scientists a new one….


Latitude, If you are running Firefox you can get an add-on that blocks scripts and other unwelcome stuff (NoScript), and it will allow the Tips page to load much quicker. My browser can load the entire page fairly quickly. I just tried the page and it took 90 seconds to load entirely.


Gallery, but hardly ever see the home page — always have a particular post showing (along w/a bunch of tabs on other sites). I just put Firefox on “work offline” when away and/or computer sleeping.


Using Chrome or Firefox, Gallery or Linear look identical.

Tom in Florida

I use Firefox with a 24″ screen. There is a top post then the next line is gallery then linear below that all the way down.

JC in Canton


Jeff Labute

I don’t mind either format. I typically use MS Edge, or safari on a tablet. HTML5 is the way of the future, and possibly even an App.

I most often read starting with a notification in email, and click through to read the rest if the lede is interesting. What I see next depends on whether I’m reading email on my phone or PC, and these days I probably read about 50% on phone and 50% of PC. The ballot didn’t let me vote for two!


I most often view and respond on my iPad using Safari



I have linear from Firefox and expand that to the full width of a 23″ monitor, then increase the font size because my eyesight is now so bad.
Please fon’t use gray fonts or other low contrast hings like white on blue background, no matter how pretty look.

Old England

Gallery in Firefox and most sincere Thanks for all you do

Galery please


Via my iPhone browser

I have linear from Firefox and expand that to the full width of a 23″ monitor, then increase the font size because my eyesight is now so bad.
Please fon’t use gray fonts or other low contrast hings like white on blue background, no matter how pretty it looks.


For a long time, I was seeing linear view. Recently, without prodding, my screen has shifted over to gallery view. Same computer, same? OS, same screen — updated Firefox. I’m okay with either view,


Sorry for a double reply – the gallery/linear post was in reply to the site question. This time around, I want to second your request – gray text with light gray comments and captions is bad. Whatever you do, don’t go gray.

Gallery on Firefox. Thanks for keeping the site going

John Towers

Gallery or mobile sir. Read your site multiple times daily


All three ways.
– Gallery with Firefox on my iMac.
– Linear with Firefox/Safari on my iPad.
– Mobile view with Firefox on my iPhone


I get one row of gallery then it goes linear, apparently to fit adverts down the right side.
Firefox browser on a laptop.

Mike M.

I get linear.

Robin Pittwood

Mobile view on my iPad. I use an RSS reader (and I would recommend that strongly to other serious readers). Very simple and efficient.

I use Brave Browser running on Debian GNU/Linux at 1080p resolution.
The Gallery view is preferred. However, it’s surprising that WordPress doesn’t automatically adjust for the device.
And… since there have been a few articles on here lately regarding blockchain enabled websites… may I suggest trying out Steemit, if you are interested in moving to a new platform that includes blockchain technology. You may even be able to forgo ads entirely since blog posts can receive payments via crypto-coin.

Jm Hodgen

Firefox in gallery that goes linear as I scroll on large screen or laptop… prefer to read when I have time and space

Linda Goodman

Thank you for keeping us informed, Mr. Watts. Google Chrome shows me a modified linear view.

Steve Egbert

Gallery, Firefox

I usually see linear and I prefer linear.
Great tactical wisdom from Stanford tennis coach Dick Gould, applies in many situations: “Never change a winning game, always change a losing game.”
Change is inevitable in the technologically evolving world of internet publishing. Here I would interpret Gould’s advice as meaning: “Never give up important functionality.” If there is something that helped to create your success, try to keep it available at least as an option.
Classic, simple, linear should always be an option, in my opinion.

Linear and am quite happy with that


Running Firefox and I use the gallery view.

Jane Rush

I see gallery view.

Terence Hagan

I’m surprised you don’t have something like Google Analytics, it could tell you how your site was being viewed by screen size, as well as other useful stuff.

I see it in linear. By the way I despise websites set up for mobile viewing. Please don’t go there