Governor Moonbeam Loses The Plot

Here in California, we have one of the more deluded Governors in history, Jerry Brown. He has gotten his sobriquet “Governor Moonbeam” the old fashioned way … he earned it honestly through things like maniacally supporting his multibillion-dollar “Bullet Train To Nowhere“, and plenty more craziness-du-jour.

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But I never thought that even Governor Moonbeam could be this far detached from reality. Here’s what he said two weeks ago on C-SPAN.

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So climate now causes terrorism, and that’s just for starters. The real news is that “three billion people”, almost half of the population of the planet, will die from “fatal lethal heat events”.

I suppose that’s as opposed to those dying from non-fatal lethal heat events, but still … say what???

Riiight … welcome to Californistan, where even the Governor is clearly smoking something.


200 thoughts on “Governor Moonbeam Loses The Plot

  1. Global Warmism can only exist when it jumps the shark. Because the rest of us haven’t noticed. Anything. Untorrid. Happening. At. All.

    • Yo! Moonbeam… Baby!
      You’ve got it all backwards – like, I mean, y’know, you’ve californicated the data! Again! Like, I mean, totally!
      Twenty times more people die from cold than die from heat – about 2 million Excess Winter Deaths every year worldwide – one hundred thousand of them in the good ol’ US of A! That’s two 9-11’s per week for 17 weeks every year!
      Do the math! Oops, sorry Moonbeam baby – you don’t do math? You just go with what feels right, er… left?
      By Joseph D’Aleo and Allan MacRae, September 4, 2015
      Cold weather kills. Throughout history and in modern times, many more people succumb to cold exposure than to hot weather, as evidenced in a wide range of cold and warm climates.
      Evidence is provided from a study of 74 million deaths in thirteen cold and warm countries Including Thailand and Brazil, and studies of the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA, Australia and Canada.
      Contrary to popular belief, Earth is colder-than-optimum for human survival. A warmer world, such as was experienced during the Roman Warm Period and the Medieval Warm Period, is expected to lower winter deaths and a colder world like the Little Ice Age will increase winter mortality, absent
      adaptive measures. These conclusions have been known for many decades, based on national mortality statistics.
      In Europe, where green energy schemes have been widely implemented, the result is higher energy costs that are unaffordable for the elderly and the poor, and increased winter deaths. European politicians are retreating from highly-subsidized green energy schemes and returning to fossil fuels. When misinformed politicians fool with energy systems, innocent people suffer and die.
      [end of excerpt]

    • Rain was stolen today from SoCal through geoengineering desiccants. It’s the only reason we are in a drought.

    • Not true! I have noticed the change in global warming. When I was 5 years old, the snow used to come up to my waist! It was exhausting plowing through it on the way to school two blocks away.
      Now the snow rarely comes above my knees. I can walk miles through that measly amount of snow, burdened with a hunting rifle and backpack – despite being in my mid-60’s.
      I’d say it’s all perception, but down deep, I think it’s mostly deception.

  2. Jerry Brown has been called “Moonbeam” since his first term in the 1970’s. He has a long history of crackpottery.

    • He explains nicely why we need the train to nowhere and water tunnels under the delta.

    • Yeah, I lived a few blocks from where he had a mattress on the floor of an apartment (instead of the Governors Mansion) when he was hanging out with Linda Ronstadt. I’ve (unfortunately) had a front row seat to his entire “career”.
      At first I thought maybe had some kind of “cool factor”; after all, he bagged Linda and got the Governor’s job… then I realized that no, it was just the people of California laughing all the way to the voting booth…
      Jerry never “lost the plot”; he’s never HAD the plot in the first place. Just a bid joke gone on too long and lost the giggle factor…

  3. Cracked me up Willis. That’s a keeper. A few one-liners in there that need preserving. I have been laughing so much my dog’s looking at me with her head tipped to one side …

    • No, it’s still illegal (a State law cannot override a Federal law, and Federal law makes possession or consumption of pot illegal). The laws just are not enforced in CA.

      • If the constitution does not give the Feds specific responsibility and authority to make laws on something, then all other power and rights remain with the State or the People.

      • Stock – the Interstate Commerce clause in the Constitution has been used by the feds to rule over most everything. They can even put limits on what and how much you can grow in your own home garden for personal consumption. Pot is still illegal by federal law, and no state can change that.
        If Washington wanted to end the sales, all they need do is tell banks they are going to enforce the drug money laundering laws if they service businesses that produce, distribute, or sell pot.

      • Notice that the Constitution grants the Federal Government the Power to regulate INTERSTATE commerce, but there’s no Federal power to regulate INTRASTATE commerce.
        Amendment 10 ” The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
        Incidentally, that would also apply to gun laws, and to ALL drugs, as the writers of the 18th amendment knew. The Federal Government has been passing and enforcing unconstitutional laws at least since the start of the New Deal.

      • Jtom, that the federal government has given up all pretense of actually following the constitution is not in dispute.

      • Alan, unfortunately the supreme court has ruled that when you buy something grown instate, that means you didn’t buy something that was grown out of state, which means that you have impacted interstate commerce, which means the federal government can regulate it.

      • Mak W. I know! That ruling came during the FDR administration. That’s why I added the qualifier, “The Federal Government has been passing and enforcing unconstitutional laws at least since the start of the New Deal.”

    • He’s been hanging out with Tommy Chong for too long. Heck, Tommy makes more sense than the gov does.

      • It’s an environmental problem. Henry Waxman was a California congressman with a similar grasp on reality:
        “We’re seeing the reality of a lot of the North Pole starting to evaporate, and we could get to a tipping point. Because if it evaporates to a certain point – they have lanes now where ships can go that couldn’t ever sail through before. And if it gets to a point where it evaporates too much, there’s a lot of tundra that’s being held down by that ice cap”

  4. “fatal lethal heat events”…and for every one of those fatal lethal heat events…there is someone, somewhere living just fine where it’s hotter

    • Just consider the Jack London short story, “To Build A Fire.” In that story, a man hiking through the Yukon dies from cold before he can reach his camp a few miles away. If instead of being Arctic cold it had been Death Valley heat, all the traveler would have needed would have been a bit of a sun shade and some water to stay hydrated, and he would have been fine.

    • as are those experiencing non-fatal lethal heat events.
      sufficient to cause death.

      • PLEASE can we start teaching rhetoric in schools again?
        I know the lefties eliminated it for their own agenda but it’s becoming absurdly apparent there’s a real need for it to be added to the pile of ‘things we need to teach our offspring’ along with critical thinking and comprehension. In Australia the justification for it’s removal according to teachers was “it was too difficult to teach” . yah, I sure bet it was for them – hard to do things that stick in your throat..

  5. Strictly speaking, he said 3 billion people will be “subject to” said heat events. Not die from them.
    That’s loonie enough without exaggerating what he said.

    • “Fatal heat events” is what he said. That means heat events that kill. Three billion people.

      • Fortunately Moonbeam didn’t specify WHEN these fatalities and other bad things will occur. Given a few hundred billion years all the things he said will come to pass — but it ain’t going to happen next week, next year or even next century. And it won’t happen all at once. One a year for a billion years is a billion dead people.

      • It’s like what Spinal Tap said about their speakers. All the other bands’ speakers only go to 10. Spinal Tap’s speakers go to 11, so their speakers are 1 better.
        Fatal heat events are bad. Fatal lethal heat events are one badder than fatal heat events.
        Thank you, Spinal Tap.

      • “Spinal Tap’s speakers go to 11”
        A volume control is just a potentiometer (variable resistor) so when it’s at max it actually does nothing, the signal going straight through. At lower settings it reduces the signal. Hence you could label it whatever you want. 42 is apparently very effective.
        In any case, a volume control alters the gain of the amplifier, not its maximum power output. Too much gain will result in clipping of the signal. Actual max power is determined by the DC supply voltage and load (speaker, or transformer plus speaker) impedance.
        Just thought I’d set the record straight on that one.

      • If a fatal lethal heat event happens and no-one is there, does it still cause a death?

      • If they experience a heat event, and then die many years later, was it still a fatal lethal event?

      • MarkW – “Fatal lethal” is four times as bad as just ‘fatal’ or ‘lethal’. This is due to the inverse-square law effect. There is a diminishing effect the further you get from the hot air of Sacramento.

      • I think it has to kill only one being, not even necessarily a person, to be fatal.
        If we talk about a fatal traffic accident, it doesn’t mean that everyone involved dies, just one person but technically it could be a cow that died. link 🙂

      • So, actually, if just one living thing dies from a heat even ALL MANKIND is subject to a fatal lethal heat event. It’s WORSE than we thought!

      • Commie, by your definition, everyone who has ever been in a heat wave, arctic blast, flood, hurricane, you name it, would satisfy moonbeam’s assertion. That would be almost everyone on the planet for the history of man.

      • rh April 30, 2018 at 7:01 pm
        Commie, by your definition, …

        Is ‘fatal’ used differently for traffic accidents and climate events?

      • Lethal means capable of inflicting fatalities, (it could kill you): the capacity to cause death or serious harm or damage.
        You could receive lethal dose, but do not die (but that simply means the lethality rate was over estimated?)
        A fatal dose kills you. Fatal means it was the end for someone. But, if it wasn’t you, it wasn’t fatal.

      • If you have a fatal lethal event you die twice and that cancels out James Bond’s You only Live Twice.

      • Commie Bob,
        If we want to parse it, you are off to the right start. A fatal event will cause at least one death and 2,999,999,999 people may be on the periphery of the death event.
        But a lethal dose means your are dead; a lethal event is not survivable.
        So, he said (if’n we don’t change our ways) there WILL be 3 billion people subject to fatal AND lethal heat events. If someone is subject to a lethal heat event then that someone will die.

      • commieBob, but it’s not just “Fatal” it’s also “Lethal” – to 3 billion people. That’s a lot of fatal lethal deaths!

    • He said “3 billion people on this planet will be subject to fatal lethal heat events”. I can read the Queen’s English and that statement means 3 billion people will die.

      • that statement means 3 billion people will die.

        It is even worse than that. The entire 7.6 billion population of the planet will be dead in about a century and without doubt lethal heat events will kill part of them. We must do something.
        Of course lethal cold events will kill even more, but let’s not be bothered by details.

      • Correct. Brown should have said, and probably meant, “potentially fatal lethal heat events”

      • preferred dead, alive people are always so needy. But we will just stack them way up north, then the starving polar bears can survive. That should please all the greens, 3 billion fewer people and helping the polar bears that they seem to think are the most important animal on the planet. A win win.

  6. I can’t grasp the depths of this climate delusion…..
    ‘A lie, told often, can become the truth.” It can’t be that simple!
    Is Gov. Brown, like so many others, just ‘selling the long con’ or does he really believe the ‘Portents Of Doom’ in the adjusted data and inflated climate models he sees in his fevered dreams?

      • Yes but there are millions like him maybe billions. Everyone that believes in CAGW is just as bad as Governor Moonbeam. The majority of this planet needs serious psychological help.

      • I am starting to wonder which is more powerful? The BIG LIE as told by Joseph Goebbels and the CAGW crowd OR the Boy who cried Wolf. I had always thought that if you cried Wolf often enough then soon noone would believe. However the global warming hoax is different. Every failed forecast is doubled down bybthe CAGW crowd and the forecasts get worse and worse. Notice that Moonbeam didnt give a date this time. It is always we will soon all be overcome by CAGW with the emphasis on SOON. Without a date we cant throw it back at them later.

  7. Governor Moonbeam was a Jesuit seminarian, which is telling. As a teenager I was subjected to several incendiary “hell-fire & brimstone” sermons from traveling priestly Jesuit orators … sitting in the front row of the congregation, it never occurred to these folk that the intense concentration on my face was due to mental math exercises. This antidote worked like a charm then and it’ll work like a charm with Governor Moonbeam.

  8. Hmmmm. I’m not so sure the governor has lost the plot. The plot has always been CAGW will destroy everything unless we hand over control of everything to these planet-saving angels.

    • What a horrifying thought. I can’t fathom how moonbeam is still in power. Are Californians so deluded to vote for this guy time and time again, or is there some other mechanism that keeps him in power?

      • Indeed there is another mechanism keeping him in power. Until Brown was Governor the first time, public sector unions were against the law. He pushed through the law authorizing the formation of the unions.
        Ever since then, the unions have used their fat paychecks to contribute to the union, and the union has used its fat budget to buy votes to keep liberals in office, in particular Jerry Brown. The SIPEU has immense power in California, and their pensions are truly obscene (3% of their salary times years worked, after 30 years that’s 90%). These pensions will eventually bankrupt the state, but Brown doesn’t care, he’ll be out of office by then.
        More details here

  9. The democrats need something to blame for all the disasters their socialist policies bring about. And they’ve latched onto “climate change” “caused” by modern industry as their scapegoat.

  10. Jerry Brown is a “religious” fanatic of sorts who believes his own gloom and doom nonsense. If it’s not climate change, it will be something else. Maybe racism against little green men.

  11. Maybe it was a typo and Governor Train Wreck meant that 3 billion people will die from “fatal lethal heart events”. In his state, they might have heart attacks when they get their tax bills.
    Meanwhile, back in the real world, it snowed in Salt Lake City today, the last day of April. If anybody slid off the road, it could have been fatal and/or lethal, but it wouldn’t be a heat event.

    • > it wouldn’t be a heat event.
      You’re clearly missing the point. Late snow is absolutely a (reduced) heat event. Obviously there wouldn’t be snow in April if it weren’t for anthropogenic CO2 initiating global warming that caused climate change which induced that cold weather!

    • Max Photon,

      No problemo. Three billion can move into San Francisco. It’s progressive.

      …and live on the streets like the rest of the homeless and turn SF into a progressive, outdoor, open sewer. Yay!

  12. Jerry Brown started out as a Jesuit. So the prediction of the End Days in various incantations come easily to him, and when there are no facts, that is irrelevant, he has his faith.

  13. Every person who ever lived is subject to a fatal lethal heat event. First your body ceases to function and then the heat leaves your body leaving you fatally dead. Or if you are Canadian, first the heat leaves your body, your body ceases to function and then you are lethally fatally dead.

  14. Shoulda seen Bill McKibbin of fame on the Tom Ballard Show last night, every time he opened his mouth a new lie came out.

  15. You know that ethics scenario about the people standing on the track in front of a run-away trolley? Is it okay to push the fat innocent by-stander onto the track to stop the trolley that would have killed the five other people who were standing on the track? It’s murder right but it’s for a good cause right, you saved the five who were standing on the track. That is what bothers me about this kind of talk. You can justify any bad behavior if it is to save 3 billion people. I wonder if that is the point. He is setting up the moral basis for killing in the name of the climate. Soon there will be some bombings and the warmists will say something like ‘well we are sorry people had to die but ….’

    • I have always heard an old saying, paraphrased of course: “never trust anyone who is doing Gods work or trying to save the world, because the ends can justify any means”.

  16. Don’t double literals cancel each other? Kind of like a double negative nor a double positive?
    For example, yeah, right?

    • Rattus Norvegicus
      You do know Willis didn’t accuse Gov Moonbeam of starting the train to nowhere (he continues to support it).
      You do know willis didn’t say Brown earned the “Moonbeam” label recently; only that he continues to deserve it.
      Got it?

    • In a 2008 California voters approved a $9.8 billion dollar bond fund for a $33B high-speed rail project linking LA & SF, They did not vote for a “high-speed ready” rail project linking Madera and Bakersfield.
      The California High-Speed Rail Authority is currently being audited by Federal Government to see where the federal matching funds went. This project will never be completed. And if it actually was, no one would use it, when a cheap flight on Southwest Airlines from LA to SF only takes an hour.

  17. Moonbeam the Prophet is nowhere near as clairvoyant as Barry the One True One…”the cost of electricity will necessarily skyrocket”.

    • “We have to bankrupt coal mines and coal plants by regulation.”
      (passes lots of “regulations” on coal)
      “We have NOTHING to do with the decline of the coal industry and loss of jobs. Implying otherwise makes you a statist, a backward looking person, someone who doesn’t understand technological progress, the energy industry, economy, or anything.”

  18. Governor Brown has unleashed hell on the citizens of California. Three different prisoner release schemes have flooded communities with transients and felons. All the while taking revenue from communities to address the problems he and Sacramento have created. However, when it comes to Climate Change he may be crazy like a fox. It is no accident that the seat of disruptive technology and much of the venture capital to exploit disruption of energy markets is located not far from Sacramento in Silicon Valley. Given the political leanings of California tech, political contributions and the desire of the tech masters of the universe to disrupt another major industry (energy being the grandaddy of them all), it appears that Brown is attempting to turn the seventh largest economy on the planet into an exclusive domain for green energy. He knows a things or two about the utility of the Big Lie repeated often.

    • I guess those were “non violent” criminals.
      Like giving away crack to schoolchildren: non violent, right?

  19. Brown has always been a Marxist. Go ahead, challenge me. Unlike his father he went to the dark side big time.

  20. Jerry Brown, Governor Moon Beam, Emperor Moon Beam, what a joke. He does not even command an Army, let alone a Navy and no Air Force and Thankfully no nuclear weapons that he could launch against his Enemies in Orange County or Bishop, or even Owens Valley … so to soothe his “manly rages” of sexual dominance.
    Ha ha

  21. I have always found that level of crackpottery among people who don’t smoke…
    Or who never inhaled….

    • i was thinking maybe he NEEDS to smoke..or have a nice big brownie, to make him siddown n stfu;-)

      • Alexander Feht April 30, 2018 at 9:56 pm Edit

        On the WUWT home page the author is not indicated.
        Willis lies, as usual.

        Dear god, you are petty as well as unobservant. I said NOTHING about the WUWT home page. Learn to read.
        And I do love how you claim you want to avoid my posts, and yet … here you are once again, whining about one of my posts.

      • Saying something you don’t want to hear, doesn’t make him a liar.
        You on the other are lying about Willis being a liar.

    • Alexander Feht April 30, 2018 at 7:47 pm

      Please, clearly indicate articles by Willis Eschenbach, so they can be safely ignored without opening. Thank you.

      Please, learn to read. My name is right there under the title, in bold type. If you don’t see that, don’t whine to us about your congenital blindness.
      You’re the guy whose extensive knowledge of solar physics entitled you to tell Leif Svalgaard he’s not a scientist … as if. Having done that, do you truly think anyone cares about you being all butthurt because you’re too careless to read the head of the post?
      I hear they have a special “Crying Room” for folks like you at some colleges … go there, we’re not interested.

    • To be fair to A. Feht:
      The opening page of WUWT does not indicate the author.
      One has to “open” the post to find who the author is.
      In contrast, the name Feht appears at the top of his comments, and
      thus, can be ignored.
      Thanks for small favors.

    • You know adults can read the byline, see it by someone they don’t care to read from and move on. non-adults whine instead.

      • The problem is, there is no author’s name on home page. Therefore, I need to open the article to see, whose article it is. Is this a simple enough explanation for you, or you need pictures to understand?

      • Alexander Feht May 1, 2018 at 1:43 pm

        The problem is, there is no author’s name on home page. Therefore, I need to open the article to see, whose article it is. Is this a simple enough explanation for you, or you need pictures to understand?

        I’m sorry, but you seem to have mistaken me for someone who cares about your whining regarding how you wasted three seconds of your precious time …

      • Alexander Feht
        Good job. Just like kindergarten.
        You really put the flake in snowflake.

      • Oh poor baby, it’s such a burden for you to click on an article read a by line and move on with your life. How do you ever cope. Oh, that’s right by whining like the little snowflake that you are.

      • Alexander Feht May 2, 2018 at 2:53 am

        Yes, nothing that Willis Eschenbach can say or write is worth even three seconds of my time.

        And despite that, here you are again, whining while posting your seventh comment on my post … dude, I’m living rent-free in your head. Get a life!

  22. Moonbeam Brown got his nickname in the 1970s when instead of giving the states 6 billion dollar surplus back to voters he proposed to use it for a California communication satellite which would beam something similar to public television for the state. Statenwas grossly overspending vs. other states as well. It was his counter to prop 13.

  23. Meanwhile, a couple million Californians live out in the desert, where temperatures regularly go above 115F and occasionally above 125F, and a lot of ’em don’t have air conditioning. When I lived in the desert, I spent a lot of days working outside in 117F to 122F temps … and LIVED!!

  24. Climate change causes mass migration; which is good, because increased “diversity”.
    Right? Riiiiight?
    Or is a flood of people coming from a remote location, not speaking the language of the country, with no qualification what so ever, no shared values, and no desire to assimilate, suddenly a bad thing?

    • s-t : “is a flood of people coming from a remote location … a bad thing?”
      Are they carrying fruit? Try bringing an apple into California.

  25. Governor Brown’smate fanaticism cost a tremendous loss of life and property in California wildfires. The latest science shows human ignitions increased the fire season 3 fold over natural fires, caused more fires and ignited more fires with higher moisture content than natural fires. Yet Governor Moonbeam vetoed a bipartisan bill to bury power lines, and reduce human ignitions. Instead Brown misleadingly ranted about climate change as the cause of those fires, either to cover his sorry ass, or because he is obsessed with bad science. The sooner he leaves office the better.

  26. In California Gov. Brown was responsible for Unionization of State Public Employee’s and stealing Highway funds for the general fund in the 70’s. Deja Vu we elected him again…..

    • His excuse for the highway funds was that with poor highways more people would bicycle or carpool. To this day the state is suffering for the freeways that were not built in the 1970s. Now it is impossible because of strong nimbyism and the fact that the cities are now built up.

    Migrations caused by fatal lethal heat events?
    (Then nothing at all to do with fatal lethal groundless war events I guess?)

    • In August 2013, she revealed to AARP that she has Parkinson’s disease, and “can no longer sing a note.”
      That’s sad.

  28. The name “Moonbeam” is certainly appropriate for Brown. However the greater worry is that millions of Californians, despite his record, continue to vote for him. With saner Californians, who are fed up with the state’s flaky policies, leaving in large numbers, the hope for change is not good. In fact, California faces much greater danger from Brown and his ilk than from any purported environmental threat.

    • I worry more about the country in the next over reach presidency or Rahm Emanuel-crisis opportunity moment. That projection of power for advocacy sake is the main risk.

  29. Predictions of horror everywhere.
    For 40 years this has been going on tens of thousands of them.
    Only 1 of those that time has expired on has come true.
    Al Gore has become a green billionaire.

  30. If people keep voting him in; then this proves that democracy is the fast road to hell. Unfortunately I cant think of a better system to replace it , unless it is an all knowing benevolent dictator but those are in short supply.

    • The founders said that democracy could only survive w/an ethical and well-educated populace. So the cultural marxists took that clue and sought & are still seeking to destroy ethics and education.

      • There is indeed a seeming attack on both ethics and education in our public schools. The current generation is claimed to be less educated than their parents. Their ethics is evident from the amount of plagiarism on homework, to say nothing of their work ethic. There are notable exceptions, but they are stark.

  31. It’s not what the guy is smoking and I’m sorry peeps, but to suggest such a thing is childish ad-hominism. Is THAT really the best you can come up with but, the very fact that you do reinforces my theory – the one that diet is destroying us. The consumption of processed starch and refined sugar. Plus booze.
    The responses to his ‘craziness’ are just as ‘crazed’ as what prompted them. (Nice positive feedback there huh)
    And all as recommended by doctors, nutritionists, scientists and Government.
    If Governor Jerry really does have ‘something wrong with him’, and it is a VERY real possibility, it will be Type 3 diabetes – the advanced stage of which is called Alzheimers.
    The diagnosis starts at a lower level in the UK with, for men, a waist size of 37″ or greater – 40″ in the US. That starts you on Type 2 and Type 3 is simply the progression of that.
    No excuses.
    Didn’t it all kick off with Eisenhower’s heart attack – nobody knew of such things previously although his trigger was huge tobacco consumption.
    Here’s 3 things to think about:
    Were historic civilisations, eg Greeks or Romans, spending 18% of their entire Gross Domestic Product on healthcare. I’d venture they’d still be around now to tell us!
    There is a suggestion that a return to the diets we had in 1965 would pretty well eliminate nearly all the ‘diseases of modern man’. Hypertension, stroke, diabetes, dementia especially.
    Question- would this Climate Change ‘insanity’ have got such a hold back then?
    On the subject of Kwashkior; and the now widespread malnourishment of tiny babies via the use of Formula Milk by busy mums, who now have the ‘freedom’ to go to work and be bullied, stressed and harassed by their employer. OK. We know they’re stressed. They get fat, swallow vast amounts of Prozac and are increasingly killing themselves.
    So: we all know how modern teenagers behave and it is generally accepted that they are ‘genetically programmed’ to do so, or possibly something to do with ‘hormones’
    Is that a fact?
    How did teenagers behave during the Little Ice Age, the Roman Warm Period, The Medieval Warm Period.
    Come on now, don’t be shy. We know everything else about those times so what were teenagers like then?
    Otherwise I suggest that Teenage Angst is an expression of Kwashkior and no amount of money, intelligence or education can *ever* repair the damage inflicted within the first 36 months of life.

    • always forget summat doncha – its Honesty Time again. Truthfulness with yourself.
      Are you or peeps you know familiar with Peripheral Neuritis?
      Pins & Needles, tingling, hot, cold or numb sensations in fingers, hands and feet.
      Take care now because that is one of the first signs of damage to you coming from (excess) sugar and or (excess) booze.
      But just what is ‘excess’?
      Of course I hear the cry go up

      It’s what doctors/scientists recommend. They’ll only take my whiskey-glass from my cold dead fingers etc etc

      (Ain’t that beautiful, its the alcohol (bringing on neuritis) that’s making them feel cold and dead long before they actually are)
      OK. have it your way.
      But when similarly trained and educated scientists tell us that the weather/climate are going to he11, you won’t take a word of it
      How does that work?
      2 very real problems with neuritis.
      1. It cannot ever be reversed – nerve (brain) cells do not regenerate/regrow or repair themselves.
      2. The nerve cells in your fingers & toes are exactly the same sorts of cells that comprise your brain.
      (The ones you grew/created within your first 36 months have to last you forever)
      The more you think on that, the worse it gets eh not?

    • Peta of Newark May 1, 2018 at 2:53 am

      It’s not what the guy is smoking and I’m sorry peeps, but to suggest such a thing is childish ad-hominism. Is THAT really the best you can come up with but, the very fact that you do reinforces my theory – the one that diet is destroying us. The consumption of processed starch and refined sugar. Plus booze.

      Dude, it’s a JOKE! Perhaps your special diet has created a fatal lethal event that killed off all the humor-sensing neurons in your brain, but the rest of us recognize it as levity …

  32. I do not think that he is smoking banned substances, he is just a certified idiot. So why is he Governor of the Great State of California? Sadly, the logical conclusion would be that he is supported by people who like certified idiots in charge.

    • HAR
      Remember, under the icing of Hollywood & Silicon Valley and a couple other places, California ia a pretty poor state (1/3rd of all welfare recipients). You promise those guys free stuff and lots of them will vote for you.
      Just for the record: moved from CA to FL 5.5 years ago.

  33. Hah.. global warming is a big political issue in California. hahahaha. Oh, what a riot. Clearly this whole bit was satirical.. maybe he’s practicing to be a standup comedian after the governorship has run its course.

  34. He does work himself into quite a lather over climate, as shown by the fact that he loses control over his usually excellent speech. It truly is all about emotion with the climate cuckaloos.

  35. California also levies taxes on e-cigarettes equal to that imposed on tobacco cigarettes. The rationale : e-cigarettes somehow cause people to start smoking tobacco cigarettes. The facts are that vaping is the most effective means of weaning smokers off of tobacco and onto inhalation of harmless water vapors while vaping. Brown’s claims that vaping has dangers equivalent to smokoingtobacco are pure fantasy, but apparently the govt of California is incapable of viewing videos made by several prominent pulmonary physicians that highly recommend that tobacco smoker switch to vaping/e-cigarettes. I believe that Brown can be considered an accessory to the acquisition of lung cancer by tobacco smokers who did not switch to vaping because of the lies and high taxes imposed by this most disgusting individual ever to hold office.

    • Reality has nothing to do with a government imposing revenue streams. Governments are so addicted to our money that they will do anything to get more of it.

  36. He must be angling for more miles of funding for the high speed rail to no where and maybe a train station on the ghost line this time.

    • Promotion of rail travel is part of the UN agenda on global warming issues. Found under “Transport” in UN publications.
      Gov. Brown is just promoting more of the UN agenda.

  37. “…we’ve got to radicaly turn that around or the migrations we see today are child play…”
    Let’s leverage the racial fears of white conservatives so that they’ll get on board with sustainable living.

  38. Basically, he’s describing the plot to Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos is going to kill half the population. Frankly, Marvel does it better.

  39. In the Midwest and Northeast, this is the longest winter (latest spring) in 95 years. We keep looking for a heat wave.

  40. Brown is worried about mass migrations? I thought Cali welcomed illegals? Said it was wonderful. I am confused.

  41. He came, he saw, he murdered the truth. Fact checkers run for cover or get chased down the streets actor Kevin McCarthy style.

  42. And all along, most Canadians still prefer to live all cuddled up to their warm, southern border, not spreading out over the vast interior as much as they could.

  43. Moonbeam needs to pack up his self absorbed climate disruption illusion show , retire to his ranch
    and count cow farts .

  44. Doubt Gore has become a hot air billionaire but he hasn’t missed too many meals .
    Is “climate disruption” this years new marketing campaign slogan ?
    No shortage of eco – porn to get on CNN .

  45. In 2014, Governor Brown declared that the Los Angeles International Airport was in danger of having to be relocated because of a forecast of a four-foot rise in sea level over the next 200 years. Airport officials tactfully pointed out to the Governor that LAX is built at a minimum elevation of over 100 feet above sea level. A four-foot rise would leave the airport high and dry.
    The historical sea level rise along most of the California coast has been only about 7-inches per century, or 14 inches over 200 years. This 7-inch per century sea level rise is the very modest and very manageable sea level threat facing the state of California.
    One wonders if the excited 3 billion lethal heat victims claims, and the excited LAX claims claims originated from the same advisor to Governor Brown.

  46. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown says ‘If I don’t get what I want and get it now, I’ll scream and shout, stamp my feet, and breathe CO2 all over you”.

  47. Moonbeam should be forced to stick around and clean up the train wreck
    he has created . Too easy to bugger off and leave the mess for someone else to clean up .
    The guy admits very few care about his big boogie man yet he ignores the issues facing California
    like a turtle tucked into its shell .
    The real irony will be when this flake moves to Texas when the pitch forks are walking to his door .

  48. Good quote. Is there any clue to where he got his “facts”? I’m guessing that this is the most catastrophic CAGW prediction ever. Did he remember the details wrong or did he make it all up himself? One commenter noted he did not say when this will happen. Nor does he say where these three billion people live. If we try to take him seriously, there are roughly three billion people living in places that are hot now. Latin America, North Africa, Middle East, India, Southeast Asia. The rest are in areas that aren’t lethal-hot now, so they could get hotter without getting as hot as the popular hot spots now. People seem to thrive in the hot spots. And when the earth does get some real global warming (he says it’s coming), who says that it is the hot spots that will get hotter? OR, when we can no longer afford to run air conditioning, everybody will have to move the the coast of California.

  49. The trick is that “subject to” is meaningless. If one person is affected by an event we are all “subject to” it. More butterfly effect B.S.

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