Monday Mirthiness – StrawMann

Josh writes on Twitter:

“StrawMann: a cartoon for all those times climate activists get the wrong end of the schtick.”

Save it and apply liberally as needed.


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Epic Josh, utterly epic.


Careful, Josh. Mikey might sue you for defamation of character over this one.

Philip of Taos

That’s definition of character, and he would be guilty.


You mean defamation of charicature?


defamation of a character?

R Shearer

Too much hair on top; not enough air between the ears.

Non Nomen

But “no balls” seems corect.

Bryan A

and the schtick appears to be properly inserted

Gunga Din

Well, “no balls” without some bucks to back him him up.
Those who have stood against his lawsuits, they’ve got balls.
(Has he sued Judith Curry for claiming he called her … The “D” word”…in his written testimony after he said he had not called her a “D”?)

Non Nomen

The abominable Mann didn’t have the balls to make his taypayer-funded data public and played possum when a Canadian court ordered him to do. Well done, Dr. Ball :=)


The slender shaft protruding from the nether-regions of the StrawMann seems the perfect illustration of Shakespeare’s (Hamlet) line , “Hoisted with his own petard” – –
That is, “to be injured, ruined, or defeated by one’s own action, device, or plot that was intended to harm another; or to have fallen victim to one’s own trap or schemes”. Also known as a “Hockey Stick up yer arse”.
One day (following an endlessly tortuous ramble through the sclerotic processes of the District of Columbia courts systems), Mark Steyn will prevail in the defamation suit of Mann v National Review, Mark Steyn, Competitive Enterprise Institute, and several other “meanies”. Legal fees and damages will dry that little sucker up like a puddle in Death Valley summer.


A petard was a primitive explosive used by sappers to undermine castle walls. Drop it by the base of the wall, light it, and get clear before it goes up. They were not always successful on the last part, resulting in an unlucky sapper getting thrown into the air (hoist) by the bomb he lit himself. And in the heat and confusion of battle, he might even touch flame directly to the powder by mistake and his plan literally blows up in his face.


The position of the stick is spot on.


But then where will he put his head?


Ouch !

Pop Piasa

He appears to be saying
“Hey can I get some help here? They’re picking on me again! Al, Gavin, Steve, anybody!”

The likeness is amazing!

You owe me a new keyboard and a quarter cup of coffee. I’ve wiped down the monitor, it seems to be OK.


Coffee and keyboard.
New, or is used OK?

Tom O

“Used coffee?”

Bruce Cobb

If he only had a brain!




If he only had a brain …

He’s got something significantly more than a mere nervous ganglion, but what he has got seems to have many of the characteristics of the mustelidae, with something of the gulo gulo, being a bit of a glutton for punishment ….

Mr Bliss

He’s off to see the wizard…


I was thinking a lit match

I see Mann was hoisted by his own petard

Love it👍. We need loads more of these plastering the facebook/ twitter pages. Only wish I had the cartoonists talent.
Would like to see, going the rounds, an obese polar bear being lectured by the doctor about having to cut down on the ice. Wordage for the bubble please.?


Umm … something like:
“… and watch your diet out on the ice, you need to lose some weight so avoid all that seal blubber….”


Shouldn’t that be a hockey schtick?

Bryan A

What makes you think it isn’t (now guess which end has been interanalized)



It looks very painful, but he is a pain in the ass.

Harry Passfield

Oh Mann! A well combined corn-dolly.

Peter Langlee

It is sad to see that the sceptics have resorted to this kind of sandbox behavior.

John harmsworth

What kind of sandbox behaviour would you suggest to deal with crap pail science?

Larry Geiger

That’s not sandbox behavior. It’s cornfield behavior.

Non Nomen

So you think that caricatures are against your party line?

Peter Langlee

This is ad hominen, which means you have no real arguments left.

Bruce Cobb

Go away, troll. Come back when you know what ad hominem means. The Mann sets himself up for ridicule and mockery, and deserves every bit of it that he gets, and more.


Then the warmists were out of arguments many years ago…


no, it’s ad homonym.

Tom Judd

Quick everybody, Peter Langlee has declared that thou shall not have any fun or r&r in the climate wars. Wipe that toothy smile, that grin, that smirk off your face. Don’t exhibit so much as a wee giggle let alone any abhorrent thigh slapping laughter at the picture of a beady eyed, balding, male menopausal pariah turned into a rectally amplified piece of goateed straw.


Even for a concern troll, you are pathetic.
Considering the level of abuse you warmists heap on anyone who fails to follow your religion, this is pretty mild. Mann himself is famous for insulting those who threaten his paycheck.
If you think we have no arguments, then you, like most of your peers have never bothered reading anything that hasn’t been approved by your high priests.


Hey Petey, you think this is “sad” how do you like the sound argument made by your guys.

Louis Hooffstetter

I agree with Peter Langlee 100%. We’ve been having way too much fun with this! Shame on us!
(Naw, just kidding.)

Peter Langlee

If everyone were thinking like you we would be swamped by these kind of ad hominem attacks. Everyone partaking in a debate has a responsibility to stick to relevant arguments, no one gets a pass.
My 2 cents.


Sometimes the only proper response is ridicule.
Suffering fools gladly never improved the quality of any discussion. Only those who use faux politeness as a passive-aggressive ploy would contend otherwise.


Wow, we have hundreds of people participating, and somehow if one of them issues an insult, in what passes for your mind, this proves that we all have no arguments.
Your desperate attempts to change the subject are getting quite amusing.


Wait, wouldn’t a strawman be more hayseed behavior than sandbox?

I have seen some vile things against skeptics in my local paper.comment image

Bruce Cobb

And the classic 10:10 video about exploding skeptic kids. Alarmist “humor” is positively vicious.

Gunga Din

I’ve gone “green”.
So, I’ll recycle this:
“When glaciers calve, alarmist have a cow.
That explains all the bellowing!”

Pop Piasa

GD, maybe those alarm bells are actually cow bells?


Political cartoons affect public opinion. link A picture is worth a thousand words. You could argue that pictures (and cartoons) have changed world history. link

James Bull

The cartoonist for the Daily Telegraph here in good old Blighty recently celebrated 30 years with the paper, many people who had been caricatured by Matt were saying how his cartoons were one of the first things they looked for in the daily papers. The only one who didn’t comment was Jeremy Corbyn with his people saying there had not been anything funny in Matt’s cartoons about the Labour party leader! I found this the funniest part of the whole article.
James Bull

Keith J

Caricatures are not ad hominum attacks.


Seems like it struck a nerve.


Concern troll is concerned.

Carbon Bigfoot

What kind of a Moron are you? We’ve been threatened with imprisonment and death. Asshole you are!!


I believe the appropriate term is “lampooning”.
If I recall correctly, some obscure college used to publish a newspaper titled National Lampoon. So I don’t think it is a new concept.

Non Nomen

But still working fine.

M Courtney

Don’t like the personal abuse.
Nor the Eastertide martyrdom of Mann. He’s not exactly Christ-like.
Far prefer when Josh plays the ball instead of the Mann.
Like this.


It’s a scare crow.

Bryan A


What martyrdom? He’s quite clearly a scarecrow.


The usual CBC fear mongering continues:

There is no escape from global warming.
That’s the conclusion of a series of pessimistic new studies released Monday in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, where the world’s top scientists determined that the threshold for catastrophic climate change is much lower than previously believed.

The “studies” are worth their own amount of alarmist fun at
In geoengineering the ubiquitous Dr. David Keith is involved while the rest of papers go for broke.
This beauty
uses the adjusted HadCRUt temperature (see Figure 1) and then declines all sorts of scenarios… The adjustocene at work while the paper by Richard Betts discusses the sex change of angels under 1.5C or 2C scenarii…
Hence CBC’s Jonathon Gatehouse (keeping) hilarious list…

Among the new predictions for the 2 C scenario:
– A half-metre rise in oceans by 2100 and at least an additional half-metre by 2300, leading to widespread flooding in the “highly vulnerable” low-lying deltas and cities, where close to one billion people live.
– Increased food insecurity because of “significant changes”in regional temperatures and water cycles, with India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Oman and Saudi Arabia at the greatest risk.
– A13 per cent drop in GDP per person, on average, by 2100, as the world is forced to reckon with the spiralling costs of climate change.
– Pernicious droughts, especially in southern Africa and South America, where the water flow in the Amazon could decrease 25 per cent.
-Heightened losses of plant and animal biodiversity and shrinking supplies of fresh water.

Vicious storms and pernicious droughts… How about ignoramus journalist?


…. if bedwetting was an Olympic sport !!


When you go through life, there are times when you ask yourself different questions , this morning my question was . What color will the bus be that Mann’s colleagues throw him under to save themselves and because he is such a A hole to even them , and when will it arrive?
Not sure about the first bit , but the second cannot be soon enough .


The image that first comes to mind is Wile E. Coyote realizing that he has run past the edge of the cliff. link
If it didn’t have such political support, CAGW would already be into zombie theory territory. I have no idea what it’s going to take to kill it.

If we google for the words, CO2 non-condensing, we get nearly 500,000 hits. Most of the first page indicates that CO2 is the temperature control knob. eg. “NASA: temperature is all about CO2”
If we limit the search to the last year there are only around 19,000 hits. The only link on the first page that even mentions the climate is “New Paper: CO2 Has ‘Negligible’ Influence On Earth’s Temperature”.
As it becomes obvious that parts of CAGW theory are bogus, they are being abandoned. They are no longer insisting that CO2 is more important than H2O. In his book A Disgrace to the Profession, Mark Steyn points out that no scientists have come forward to support Dr. Michael Mann in his various law suits. So it’s obvious that they think that it’s bogus.
The theory seems to be falling apart but it won’t die.

Joe G

Next up- the Flaming StrawMann and StrawMann Humping…

J Mac

I wonder how many of the Burning Mann revelers believe humans are ‘causing global warming?


Looks like the broom those “internal investigators” used to sweep the climate gate emails under the rug. 😉
Allegedly of course.


Brilliant Josh – good for the heart!
Arms out-stretched to save the world –
“Salvator Manndi”?


😀 Noice…
But should it be waving a hockey stick? 😀


The hockey stick is waving him.


Ok, this might be top comment in the thread.
And there are a number of good ones.

James Bull

He and his chums have been wanting us to “internalise” the hockey stick for years now it just looks like it happened the other way around.
James Bull


Maybe strawMann could explain how Saudi Arabia got some more snow…
I welcome them to a global warming ‘hole’. ☺ 😁